The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 5, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1892
Page 2
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\ , DECEMBER 5, 1892, TBE DA11Y CHBCfflCIE' PINKBETON AGAIN. Detective Firm Pfepafes a * Long Statement $ SALIENT POfiTTS OP •Which Will Be Partdf tti« Homestead Investigation,, Record—Men Only Sent' to the- Mill Uttder Promise itiiU They Should Qe DepiiUzetl—Defense of t belr Reputation's and' Charges Against K. of * Irf factors- *•> - " ,."">.*_ " , NEW YofoK, Cod 5.—At the request of 'theJJdited Stat$»*enate investigating com- mittce JloberffA^nd "WllHam A. Pinter- ton have prepare^ a stetement-is-eonneo- tlon with their JEesttmopy 1 before the com- mlttee as to/the nature of their business and tha occurrences a"t Homestead July 6. 18&3. The Statemient was given to the press s Satuitj&y night, ahd^contaihi* !k,00p w6rds, and begins by reviewing the trOubje^at the Carnegie .mills in Homestead and the ^ .uses which led to'the battle between the iftnkerton men and .the strikers July 6 last. Continuing, the statement says that the Pinkerton watchman had started from. ^ewYorkor Chicago the Carnegie company applied, to the high sheriff o? Allegheny county. He conceded that he would be practically powerless to handle such a large strike and to protect^the lives'of nonunion employes if any attempt should be made to send any such workmen to Homestead, and even then the agency refused to. send men unless the sheriff would ^promise to deputize them. • ' ">•• • Th« Vital 'Principle at Stake. '* He recites the condition of affairs at Homestead—the practical absolute control Of the advisory committee, etc.-^and theff says:-. "TJiere was yital principle at stake in the contest between the Amalgamated associatpn and the 'company, ». ' A se* of Ifr. M f D. Pusser, a i^erehxnf of Sibralter, N.. Of, was sot badly afflicted with rheumatism for a yeaf or mord as 5 to be Unable to work or go to soihadl. fila father* concluded to t«f Chamberlain's fain Balm on the boys *Ib soon cured liirft s»'u J he kas sifcce walked'onc and a half nV , n school and back every school dafr. 50c*at bottles 'for oale^il Gtt)ene!a drug store. 1 1mve~a1ltne season's- ice bills made out and would-be pleased to have those owing ina-call and settle!. J. P. ftbckwbeat, and ail kis'da. of custom grinding" dofte'at CrrA. Chesher's mill. For pain in the stom*ch, ccQic and cfcolern morjjua there is »othmg better than Cham~ berlain's^ Colic, Cholera and Diarrao?« Remedy. £or sale at Greene's- drugstore. , _] ___ _*!L e Pla«se to Get Wood, , Is at C. T, Grant's ^ wood yard,, corner of State- and ^Hamilton streets. J£ar£est and best lot of wood in the city Note thj& prices: Oak, '"$2 ger cord, slabs, $1.50; beac^mapie-ahd hiekory^.is. Full ni^aswre guaranteed. Delivered free to' any part ' ty proihptly VVhen in need of W0o<rgive me a call. '••"..''• -c.'C. T. namely: whether the latter shbuld be allowed to employ non-union men. This the Amalgamated association and its advisory; committee were determined to prevent by force if necessary. The company refused to arbitrate its differences because its offl- •clals desired to manage their own business, and more particularly 'because twice before they had arbitrated and the Amalgamated association hadjefused to abide by the decision of the refvrees." Referring to the attack of the strikers .on the Pinkerton men, Mr. Pinkerton says: "The attack was made not because the strikers we're suddenly excited or exasperated at the presence of our men, but because they believed the barges contained nonunion laborers." ' v " Makes an Odloua ComparUoiKlf True. He defends the character of his watenmen from the assaults made upon them, and says their recommendations are on file in the Pinkertou offices 1 and can be seen if necessary. He then strikes back as follows: "The labor leaders are constantly attacking the character of the men employed by our agency. ' One of the most virulent of these men and the man who is perhaps "cicpsirto Mr. • POw^rlyTTaamay Twister Workman James Hughes^ is now under conviction at Rochester for blackmail and extortion. Mr. Powderly 'and the Knights of Jjaborhave repeatedly abused the governor of this state for not pardoning Hughes, and saving, him from serving his term of imprisonment. : This man Hughes, as we are informed, was originally a professional thief, and worked as a pickpocket; forger, and burglar,, Haa )Se.rTed^ermB ol imprisonment, and it was in prison that he was forced to learn the only trade that he knows, namely, that of a qloth cutter. He is now the president, in the United States, of the United Glothihg Cutters andTailors' District assembly No. 231 of the Knights of Labor and a national organizer of assem- ' WAS "MURDERED. Die of Starr atlon Ha4 Prphablv Beea OlabboA *•,.'.•":''!. Bobbed, , , Mich., Dec. 3.— WiUiam IKan egan,whp was recently found in^a raving '' oondjtipil a£ Jackson and who was "adjudged insane and brpyght tp the aaylum in irons Tuesday 'was found cold and* dead in his room here yesterday moroingTTFwa^ reported" th^t' lie had starved himself io deatti,\Whlh he arrived here waa exam : ine4, but a sUgbt bruise On hi» hapd was the - only injury discovered. A-voet^raerein ex , Wyed an Murjr a*^»fi b>»e ftf 'iae biain. large bttrich of clotted blood was found anc tthic*: pjjrt pf iua|aal&w5|y»J!y - ' The coroner's jury has r eturn that h« 4ied f ronj iojuriw repeiy«d ha arriTed>«e, but how is uninowa. It stated, however, that he carried a h>rge sun ojf »on*y on. his pereoo, was a mieer tau doubted, -the safety of baoia^ and that he had bear clubbftd &nd robbtd. Medical ex pojcts assert that the bloy which would have produced the.ierelts diaclpaed would haye . rendejexl the victim unconwioue lor esveral howa. will be informed of th* f )K^» with a new to apcwtoMug Ma OF MILLINERY GOODS . FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. - ' " I Will Sell at Coat^or Cash 6,11 «-• '.*,"«** Trimmed Hats and Boimets,; All Untrimmed' Soods, . /V-, • Feathers, Fancy. Feathers,. " , Ribftons, Flowers;, Lace's, In fat;t EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS. . , ••• « MISSfHANNA, is in Charge of my .Work Room ' She is lately from the wholesale house of Pollock, Pottibone & Chapman - and haviog; bad a iafge ^xperionqe <5aii give you satisfaction and on short noti«e. is the time and : , The laws of health nro taugfct in tho Schools; but. not. i* a way to be of .much practical benefit and uro-neVerjillustrated by living examples, which in many cases might I easily be done. ' If some scholar who has just contracted a cold-was brought before be school BO that nil could hear (the dry, »ud cough and know its significance; see he' thin, white coating on the tongue and at«r, as the cold developed,.see'the profuse watery' expectoration and'-thin watery discharge,, from the nose, .not one of thepi would eVer forget what the first symptoms f a cold were. The scholar should then be given Chamberlain's Cough Remedy freely, hat all mifht see that even 1 severe cold could be cured in one or two days, or at east greatly mitigated, when- properly ,reated as soon as the first symptoms «p- tear. Ibis-remedy is famous f»r its-cures of coughs, colds and croup.. It is made es^ pecially foe these diseases and is the most prompt and most reliable medicine known for the purpose. : 60 cent; bottles' for sale at jQreeme's drugstore. •*• liraoo tfros. carry a mil line 01 staple groceries. All Roods new and fresh. On account of the national horse show at Chicago being abandoned until later in the season there will be no re duoed rates on. the Michigan Central on " ;.,3, (5 and 0 as advertised elsewhere. C, NOVER'S 2 doors west bf jft). ; Is tlie place. Save money by buying vour boots and shoes at Grace Bros. "Seeing is Believing.*' , And a ^ood lamp j, must be simple J 1j when it is not simple it is »not good,- $mpk, Beautiful, Good— these ) wofds mean much, but to see "-The Rochester" will impress the truth more forcibly. All metal, tough and seamless, and made in three pieces only, it is absolutely safe and unbreakable. Like Aladdin's of old, it is indeed a « wonderful lamp," for its marvelous light is purer and brighter than gas light, - ^softerthiu* electric light and more cheerful than either. •EK. If the lamp dealer has n't the ffennlna lenrt tit Jia for OUT OCW •^ 1 «*»** w ***- J '-—*—*-• c BOCHKSTER AJBP CO., 42 P«r^ Place, New *<£k CMf. "The Rochester." THE RED FLAG. CiEciimati, Jata & 1893. Time table Uklng effect Dec. 3, •frfclns paaa Marshall aa (ollowB : =- JUUN8 OOOift BA8T. 3, Toledo Eiprega ...................827 , m S.Clnclunfttlgxpreaa,..,..... ....... 8,41 iin aU an4B«:preB8.... ;....... ,i..}2 58 p a *' So, S!2.'M&11 and Express,.... ...... ..... .11 15 am " SJ, Clnolanatl & B. Cr-Eipress.... ...B2J p<n " '.' 9i. Kxpresa..... .......... .U.",.v.... 13 33 ** 28, Jxwal Freight... ...;;. ... ..... .,.,$*T , .. ... .. All trains daily except Sunday. , Direct connections are mads »t Toledo and CincLnat 1 wit h ftll roads diverging' ' Tralne 91 and 22 make go pd conneatton at, Mon; teith with th& G S. & 1., and at Allegim with tbe C. &W.M for Grand Rapids, j&lmilfegon.sfld «U points -north, " "• : '.' ' F. B. DRAKE, G«i,M'S' r . C. M. 8CHINDLEE. Gen. Paas. Agt O.B. MIZE.Agt., Marshall. .. rl for house work. , rGBOTCOIiBMAlir. Bast Mansion Street. 2 Stores. 2 Stores THE RED PLAO, ^sX/^OQC^ -QO: TO- WOOD YARD, ^Pher you get the, best Wood on the noarket at the Lowest Prices. ^H .ylte 0 la ;Sbf OjdJSheridaBi Bttildjpg, situated .between jjpha -.""' \Vhalen.'8.»n,4E. B. J^lls.V Givau's acaU,' '"". •• >,' , v Hase a_large stock of , GOODS. ^ y v ;-The only house in the city* parrying a full line of Pripgref & Smiths celebrated^. •". ' — — . •ahoear- E«egy patg ' > > * ^)ur stock consists of all qualities so that WJB are able to me"bt the detnanda of 'our \ ,, Gloves and Mittens We carry a fln,e stock oi Staple & Fancy Sigliest Pries Paid for Prduw , . Pay Sour Taxes, I will be at the store of £. K. Sim moos on Monday, Friday and 1 Sat-, urday of each week-, dicing 'December for the purpose ef rectjiylug state, cpboty aud school taxes, 1 , ^ E, S, It^wjis, City Treasurer. We carry a full line of Pjngr«e 'South'*, j^, C, -McGraw & Co.?e Itennard & Son 1 ^ fme^ me ytfa ahe ojluog v> . 4 two burner i)unglec gasoline «tov^ but little used, trill be sold at a bargain. H. M. finest line of, ladies' pursue -and casei in Uie «ity at ft A pogltiKeoeLr« for coughs and colds* - iu -Marahali. Jo«nerioo«h' pled bjr. John Bailee. • It lfc»s ieoeatly been att«d up and Upaljftted«ia ajverw flaeJbemblaatloD (at cott»rH. . . - 1 1 will. CJ wore at or fflnglr 4 •» ?w ,- &< "-''-A Mwi)q wreet, BatUe Cteefc ' dd5 A »U8IN)SS8

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