The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 5, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1892
Page 1
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MARSHALL, MKJfiL, MONDAY DECEMBER 5.1892, Jt.*• * , » . .• A Tatribte Ocean Disaster Mar-* fowly Averted. Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking 'powder LifebjgStyf all in leavening strength Latest If/ 5* Government Food Re^ gort. ROYAL BAKINQ POWDER CO ' 106 Wall Street,.N. Y, $500 n fl "J»i >0 » ra ?"t OIOK neannoDp. I r 5S?"J? atl ?. n Of. OoBtlyonoBg we-"caS CLOSE CALL OF THESTEAMEBSPfiEE So*on Hundred Souls Who Almost Looked Eternity riTjtlto Fncje—Her Shaft Breaks f-nna Knocks o Hole In Her, and She Reaches Port Nearly Foundered—The Story Told by Pa*seiigers, Among Them '» wight I« Moody—Hour* of Terror Ended by the Welcome Cry of "Sail Ho." -Mnrooir, Dec. 6,—The steamship Spree, with 184 cabln> 221 second cabin, and 1B& steerage passengers, and a crew of Zif men all told arrived at Queenstown Saturday afloat, and that-wap all. She was overdue" at New York fof several days, but no par-, tlculatf apprehensions were felt regarding her» though It was supposed that she had met wfyh some accident to her machinery.' There was need of apprehension, however, for It is a piece of good luck that .there Is not a terrible ocean tragedy to record instead 6f a time of terror to the human freight of the great steamer. .•"•> '•"',• De*p Down In the Water. , . She was towed into port by the steainef I-ake .jHnrou._and- presented -a forlorn appearance on entering Queen$town harbor The stem wWTso-ffeefr in the water that the steamer could Jbe .boardqd from a rowboat. The..'passenger*: were overjoyed at their deliverance, arid- loudly cheered the Lake Huron, for having rescued them. As soon as the Spree reached anchorage a correspondent of the International Telegram company had an interview with General (X O. Howard, of New York; General Bufus King, of Albany, and Evangelist Moody. They told an interesting story of their experiences. They left Southampton on their way to New York on Nnv aa nt & «>«i««i. Iboard, ^ncludlhg two jsaloon U l? for thdf s from Southarabton. The Glad Cry «8»H fcoj" The grave danger Was that the bulkhead one, * hoi" Mkn . thrilled every breast In the vessel, vT1 e S*l th /? otite and *«*» vulslv6 sobs ofjoy. The ship proved to be the :stearashlp,Lake Huro^from Montlat P°°l. cbmiiianded by Capl L « lk8Ha «>n answered the • .. ~ ~* -—•* *.*.MAIUA uiiBWCTcu tne signals of distress, and promptly ran.up' alongside the Spree. Whin the dawn of «*ttornln g made It possible to begin the work of assistance six-inch hawser^ere wUh' great difficulty passed from one steamer to thither and firmly fastened, and then the *"£ ^SS: ° f ***** th - e S P»» *> a port of a $• A Wera over( P ) miles to go, ana the distance was-safely accomplished Saturday as stated in the foregoing. A Guaranteed Cure tor Piles of what Klrtti or aejrree—External, Ipternal, Blind or Bleeding Itching, Chronic. .Beoent,, or Hereditary Tbfa K K^J n»» positively never been known to fail • $1.00 a box, « boxes far $5.00; sent by mail prepaid on receipt of prioC A written (iuttrautee MHtlveiy given to' eaeb purchaser of 0 boxes whenpurchased at one time, to refund the 85.00 pafd If not cured. Guaranteo jdoued by A, O. Ayde, Marshall, Mich. Call for eaniplc. lealthlTWeaS 0*. B. O. Waste's NKBVK AND > *«« l; VW>tefld epeciflo for , '.ePWlBtonB, .Jjlttt, Nervous- Nedwl che, Nervous Hosttatlon -caused 'by JSe . MeiUal abuso ', decay, 1, Loss ----•^-— r+ ——>"w*d*J &ud tatfKf tU^kli\J by over.exertlqo of the brain, ae IJllllrvAMAn D>«~1. l,^—r-2r*^^ '_> uox contains o&& of price.] WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES xo curs any caae. #11 as for six boxes, accoui •ead rtu»puroh«3ier oar wm*en uuaraMatf to re order received by i "" " "" «r«» wll ZT*j t™ if^^vwtf UJUT wni^eu KUttTttWai ' tuna tne money if the treatment doea not a cure. Uuanmteqg Issued only bv A, O Uvrin I V A «• ^^^*rf **J J^iS , * **JfWU I *ole A^ent MUusball. Mich.' , ' way to New York on Nov. S3 at 6 o'clock p. in. For two days the steaming was fair. The Main Shaft Goes to Smash. At 6 o'clock on the morning of Nov. 26, while the vessel was making high speed thfoutjlt a heavy sea. the main shaft brake and there was a terrible crash. The steamer trembled from stem to stern. The engines stopped instantly, and the passengers, hast ened to ascertafo the nature of the disaster There was nothing like a panic. Perfect discipline was maintained. The officers assured the 'passengers" that there was no dange,r,.and the passengers had entire coii- JMenee in tjhe officers. All the boats, however, were inad^,: ready for instant rise in case of necessity and supplied Srith a good store of provisions. An examination showai that the shaft had been broken ten fetft frow the end.. , , The Water lioods tKe Stern, The weight of the screw caused a'straiu and suddenly water flooded the stern anA drove all the second cabin passengers and* the stewards from "their cabifis and tnei dining saloon. The second cabin passengers were obliged to leave their clothes/and bngfc'ageinthe t floode<i tabins in order to efecupe, The flood eontimigd and 'the ofll- •cere, fearing, the worst; ordered'all movable articles to be. removed and the bulkheads closed and shored with h^avjr beams.- <£&& second cabin passengers toofc refuge with the first and were received with all the hospitality possible under the circ&m- stances. : Was a Time of AwCul Terror. -^~ T. he weather grew moi» tijreatentng'aod Khe steamer without sajl" t^ v steady or to (fUtoe, tossed helpless yjihe" trough 'of &HJ thundered witti every roll of the veswL sounding like a knell.of judgment tt>'4ha" ,inpre terrified among the -passengers ' Tlfe' " "" w?r« wpri«d laborious& J4 to keep The Frightful Scene When the Peril Was t Appreciated. , • The Queen's hotel at Queenstown is filled with.the paasengers of the Spree, and many have bee& obliged to go to Klhnur-' ray's, the European and other small hotels or lodging houses! Most, of the passengers have thrilling stories to tell. Not a few however, acknowledge that-they had no con. ception of their peril until they had been landed. Twice, at least, the officers gave up hope of saving the ship, yet each time they believed it would be impossible for the boats to live In the'tremendous seas On Sunday night all the oflicers were convinced that to abandon the ship for the boats would be ,certain death. Everybody toeloquentinpraiseof Dwight L. Moody. His«ervices did more than .ariyth Itig eisL- all say, toward steadying" the courage bf the pasBengers, In.every group of foreigners during-the preaching sat somebody who translated the evangelist's words as they came from his lips. Mrs. Robinson's Experience. Mrs. J. W, Robinson, of Chicago, told the correspondent of the International Telegraph company, the story of her experience on the drifting steamship. She said: "When the shaft broke I was sleeping irf my state room., I was aroused by a crash, then felt a heavy shock which almost threw me off my berth. I knew that something serious hah,bappened. I got up. immediately, dressed as fast, as I could and ran into the corridor, where Tfound'the rest of-the passengera frightened and huddled togetjieft When we learned thfe' cause of .the .trouble; noriia of ua realised thej danger we were in; When we got on the deck.^ however, we saw a frightfu 1 scene, ' Hundreds were struggling %r life preservers, shouting or groaning, or running about as. ifcrazy. t^repSrations to lower the boats increased their terrors For two days and nights we were tossed about and arifted away from our iJ^urse. .#• '*. Sad Suicide of a*Vienna. Man, • ''W'e dtt}.jnjit go -to bed eithei Stttjjjpiiay or Sunday nj^t,- The sea wafterrESa The shipi rolled so that we. had to cling to tables or chair&ito prevent our being dashed, to the floor or against the partitlona. A German lady whp tried to.leaye the- cabin when the sea was at its worst was thrown against a pillar 80,,-vwlently that she broke her arm. The surgeon set it with the, greatest difficulty, aa it wasajmostlnjpoekbie towmain quiet even in one's berth, T^e«uicide of a Jtaung mata from' Vienna -depressed iia all. Me \vaa•n7c«1t>iu-.o^^ ...„„' ; j /, T" - at the elegant Hn0 of holiday goods at M. B. Powell's bafowr tfir- ohasing elsewhere, Many old soldiers who contracted chronic diarrhoea while in the floryice, have since been permanently cured of Chamber Iain's Colic, Choleraand thatrhoea Remedy. J«r sale rt Greene's drug store. * "Boyal Hnb»" Port Win*. No good thing should bo outlawed because here and there a graceless person treats it basely. It is just ttsnecessary, to administer invigorants to the aged"and feeble as it is to strengthen a dwelling that is beginning to decay. Not only may life be greatly prolonged by artificial support, bttt the declln* nfe years of those near and dear to. us bo rendered more comfortable, and age relieved of many of its usual pains and penal-' tieata a judicioiwuso of "Royal Ruby" Port W|ne; each" bottle is guaranteed by the undersigned to be absolutely pure and over n>£ years old at bottling or money paid ' for it will be refunded,." Quart bottles »l£ pints, 60 cents; n^ver sold in bulk. Sec that you get "Royal Ruby."' For sale by M. B Powell. Bottled by Royal Wine Co., Chica- ' go. Dob't Too aeop Spit or Smoke Your ~ " Is the name of alittle book just received, telling all ab«f No-to-bac^ the wonderful, Harmless guaranteed cure for chewing,. smoking^ cigarette habit or snuff dipping.' No-to-bac is the only guaranteed tobacco . habit cere in the world. Sold by druggists. Mention this paper. The Sterling Remedy Co., 45 Randolph St., Chicago or Indiana Mineral Springs, IndV, and get a book mailed fred. ' .. f KIRKS r -presse ia a. He was wealthy and waaengaged io marry a Viennese youn .' second sane from 'lady, FourWo W eain became -temporarily in- ty and lack of TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, •_.•". , . ".-. ...... Chureil Cbapped Hftnda, WowMle, Removes and Prevez^ta Oandxufl. lURIOlM HY SOAP. Best for General Household Use r ., — ' ^ _ r • : . Tj^OE SALBc-A safe, food as new. b *• . ' . JOHN W i« Jn bed a£the. time ol the acci to realize her was, 'JL A.TILLOTSOH JUSJICE OF THE PEACE AND' - ' • CONVEYANCER. -,• ;All boaia^a attendeol to jwomptfy- and <sar«|ul^r. ^ tiaf a saje.ti? keep judr docket aj«io{Jier - • you CHUDEEN VIOLA CREAM !. -. saw such, a scene, 1 ' she aawL the office fiajtain W * our Tr^ . -We jfeaied.that «t VtTj with, the^ajnde* of the teas,eacit!Bment the Honor t^ tho Oflicer^ ejral .Coward, fiene^al °ftf Passengers expj-esg t*e h of the noble and. devoted coaluct the offictas and the crew of the Spree. They iav« presented tto foilow#og testimonial toCapt^lfl WiHigerod,- « ' ALLEN'9 PARISIAN of. tar was kept' Tba s^Ip path of yfesehi, and waj» ahnost j» des fc Moody, We sMl be plewad to,

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