Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 13, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1961
Page 2
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bft Wio " ..Tje-c- 1961 GOVERNOR'S COMMITTEE MEETS Sates Tax Group Leader Urges Teachers to Join Fight Openly DAILY CROSSWORD as spending," H, DAVE CHt-AVEiNS j\ .\LftrTl.v i A i 3 1—.-\ c-uueu s <v«n.-; Sealy noted that of *ht> 33 siatts •• * n- it- tii-ip .(iv Ltjiisia ii> i ; wlueh pay higher salaries in •oht- ihe suitr's jsuuioy crisis met. ju-airiieis thai) Texas, "31 have a R-if u'uii\ .sh To.\a.«. ui.ctie.s ~ui-; retail sales tax.'* j'iHi a 1 |\!ve ih:;i they jump • inin \ Sealy said that is "especially JK- i;»-\ i.jJii vf.vniV- : important to the teachers and (ii'\. I';-;-: e Dame's K-»-Miember i parents of Texas" that the Legis- fiii;!.-.siu -I a-u: VM'-ii'ace" pauel. ' lature ami the governor be given isaoe up h:rv*M>-i!! hearts o! srite I direct words of advice on taxing, i-tt'u -i;: ;brv, >;:vin> .ru is.\ iiivii ; Seaiy .stud that the Oiln.Ci'- :-y. ^st-'T '•••. :?.!) :!u' sv.vt'TUM 1 ;u a ."" """. " ' ! Silil 5U;i!;I:.-a Uti ;\. > lirst session fis of a hint from der that "revival " chirt'ni, ib.;- Julv V-'-V^J I'i^iV 1 .. !•: l?v^t'!!!S. SlUCi'Sl- •:l i?';t '• .:. •" '•"> ~tvak on- 1'iainU' :•_'-:--,'-. :•"' v; ; .-' poii-'y and ira- v::'-v:n" -r-d S-.::U. i/hnirnian of •J-.e ,•:•:.•.;-•:".,;'-•.('•: kntnvft • a~ "Citi;••"•;> , r -:.r ;•; .S.;!-'* Tax". Ho spoke .'••••r-.':r--v :,' \ invt-iins of ihe Texas Communists Back Indonesia's Claim To Dutch New Guinea TOKYO (APJ — Communist China today joined the Soviol : I'nion in. supporting Indonesia". 1 ; ckum to Patch Xe\v Ouinea. Ttse announeenients of support in '.he ;;overnnie!5t-cx>n;rOiU'fi Chi'. nt'<e press were linuni for the ar- ri\ a_l of Indonesian President Sn- karm) in ' Peipir.ji. or. his way- home from another vorid lour. Soviet backing \va> annosinecd iy ti eoniisuinuv-'e issiseit Monday niyh! just after Siik.irtu> ended hi* \ i:-ii to the- Soviet I'nion. !ndone?:3 contends that \Vest New Guinea, which'is ealis AVest • Irian, should have been inelndeli Aikin program for state support j of the public school program I "now supplies one of the primary • pressures for stabilization of the \ Texas tax -true-litre." i Sealy and his organization urge ! the sales tax as the most realistic ' means of stabili/ini; taxation and ; puttinp it on a growth 1)3-".is to I meet future needs of the schools > and ether state functions. Tile commiites? named by Dan- ' iel \vas specifically asked to • plan '•• a (;roerara for "support of rer oii!men<3aiions made for iniprov- ing the slate's puhlie school, higher edu-ation, welfare hospital, correctional and youth coitn- eil. proarnms." TJie stud\ grouiJ. inehides repre- ! sent-'itives from the stale ediu-a- liona}. welfare anil eleemosynary : hr.ards. almit; witih office "I pri \s\» orL»ani7;ilicm? such as the IV'wei'fii! Texas . State Teachers Association. The special session was called when the r"£u!nr session met for MH days and failed io retire the deficit arid find new tax money • of ahout S^So million for the next two years. ACROSS i.wiwt \:^'fungus S, Fossil-rich limesione division • 9, Trifle 10. Nullify 12. Woe is nset aS.Lfuwdrj- package 14. Duct (anat.) 15. INjic 16. de Frvince IT. Si 39. Wise men 40. Thick so\ip .41. Dispatched •J2, Penise . , DOWN' 1. Smoked saxis^e 2. A catch 3. Island off South Jutland Grange 20. Chinese " river 21. Ordinal 5. Praises 6. Tavern 7.. Firewood support S. Gliini 9. Confederate president 11. English . city 13, Trash (colloq.) IS. Soaks flax 38. Check 22. Dismal 23. Artillery fire 24. An "event 26. Coronets 27. Spanish. 28. Wrote 20. Custom anu ess Yesterday's Ans«er SI. Thorax 32. Girl's name 37. Know 38. Cotoi 40. Pair (abbvO suffix . Piiu on . Repeal (mm.) device 25. Man's nickname -'S. Early Chinese cosh ,"0. Rreczc ">". Vehicle St. Strike So. Pro?erip- liou-ieyni SC>. Scandinavian sea monster 3S. Suspended IT. Dad Will Pay More Attention To Stwi" MIDDLETOWNV Ohio (AP) — Sgt. Carl Ranis,,of .the Trenton Police says he'll pay more attention to his son's warnings from j now on. , , j Eniiis said ihe boy, Chris, 6, | (look a hits of his father's ice ' cream l>;»r. The <icrgeanl took it ;hack and swallowed "a sizable! portion, although the boy criosl. ' i "Wait, daddy." : j Asked what was wrong. Chris; I s;iid. "Xover mind now. daddy.; ! you've already swallowed my j i-hwe lootli.". . . . • . ! Pojfee Set 1% Diri^i For Young I WEATHER INFORMATION | i U.S: Bepartment of Commerce; • Weather Bureau, Del Rio. Texns. i Max. Min. Pre. ; 0! 0) 0 i .01 0 ' 0 0 Ainari!!o _• f»i 62 67 i Brownsville Chicago DEL'KIO ', „ Denver 5)0 98 91 S»5 'r. :ii<- pre^f?-; rrisi~ 1 dotibt ;'':;• 'ic •.-;;•", at'i'ortl i!;c luxury of K <;ifr' :^U;t>!<io— the' age-old at- r^ -:iv 1'if k'!t;n!i <nmo. ono <?lsc r::p for "the liiny work." j when the- Dutch granted '; independence in 1949. The Xc-therlands insists that the island's primitive people are an '. ethnic group separate from the Indonesians and should be a\] lowed lo define their own future. •;i ;h<r;k wp ali noc-d Jo stand ":p :-.!;i.i ';•;• c^uniec! en saxinsr as } .The European population in Angola is about 120.000. Total pop; ulatioh is -S.KiO.O'CiO. Houston Stock Show To Get New Quarters HOl'STOX !AP^—Directors o! the Houston Fat Stock Show Monday decided to build a new home for the show in northwest Houston. They announced agreement to buy 107 acres of land for $2,093,500. Classified Ads Bring Results DAILY CKYPTOQl'OTK — Hero's how to work it: A X Y D I, U A A X K . 5s . L O X « F E I, I. O W One letter sinvply stands for arolhcr. I-'i this sample A is used for J.he tr.r*>i. k L\s. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- tro!»V;ii-s, the lehjTih 3*30 fonv.atifin of the words are all hints. Kach IMV U;e co<!i> letters aiM different- A Crj"! 1 ' 0 " 1 " 1 * 1 * 1 Quotation PDXXX'G NMGXJCXI, PDCP'G V M N XXJXJONCYTX — G D C A X- G K X C X X. i>>s^nj;t>'v. c-o-p'- 1 '!""^: >- r o o^a : : CAN BE PERFECTLY I'KKK TILL -AT-1- .\MK 3'_P.KK—SPKNOER. > ' '.H;-.- Ki«t ^^iUir^s SvHilu'4lB. Inc.) Kt Paso Iloiisloil _ Laredo _ ._ !R) ..l.ixs. Angeles Tl> Miami lioacit Si Minneapolis S5 i New <.)rteans -_.._--!>0 Ne\v York SS l\>rt!;nni, ilrec. ~:S Vhuerix -.. Snn AKfieki _. ' San-Ai'«t«?nio 31 79 fi-1 Tti 75 7! 73 0 . Washington „ .Maximum and .Minimum -tempera-- Uircs and amount of precipitation for 'J4 hours ending- at 6:30 .am. •CST. On ' chert, T stands for a ; trace of ra ; ?i. •HOUSTON (AP)-A Dallas man and woman and a Galvcston motel manager told police today tnoy were robbed and Kidnaped by a young hantiit who said he was wanted for eight murders. -Police set up a drasnet along the Gulf Freeway. A half hour later, Albert Helms, 45, said he was forced into his car by ;i young man. The man toUl him to drive to Pearland, where the man forced him from the car. Police', started hunting when » dark-haired . mud-spattered ami barefoot brunette. -!», rushed into the police station. She said she * and the two others were robbed; and kidnaped from the Ualveston j nioiel at 1 a.m.. l>ul «ot away j when their station wagon ran low j on <4a.s. '> They .jumped from the car at : a service sta!ion on Ihe Gulf Free- ; way. she said ; Picked m> later at the service . slation by. police wore the Dallas i Kennedy-topez Mateos Meet Rumors Baseless MEXICO CITY (AIM—Mexican Ministry of Foreign- Relations, sources said Sunday a report that the. Mexican 'and L'.S. presidents midht meet at the' border soon were without foundation. It was said that if President . Adolfo Lopez MfHi.'Os was contempiaung such action, lie already would have asked congressional permission. man, 28, and L A. J. Andi a night -m»n»ger of tlw B Motel. iu Galveslon.- . The Dallas couple the motel s»S >Ir. and \ \Viiltam. The kidnapped i) police this story: The -.young;-bandit roh drcVvs of ^3,'then forced into" the couple's room. He Ihen ordered them Dallas man's station \v,-, told -him to drive to Ho back roads. During the trip tho bar he harf killed.8 persons \vanHMi in IS states. Classified Ads l\rii\g Results SICK SUPS SPEC Preseriptiont • First-Aid Itemi • Drugs YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSlNES! Coil PR S-241S tot Ftt» DEI RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BLDG. Tractor Overturns j VFKXOX (AP) — JaJiies Gra: ham. GO. died Monday after u ; ir-acter overturned on the A. T. ' Beck fartu. near Vermin. WANTED 1003 RADIATORS TO BE CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL R!0 RADIATOR SERVICE- DO W. Ogaen Dial PR 5-W15 'i Say H With ADAMS' FLOWERS Dr. C. L. Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya PR 5-3762 NEW WATCHES UK£ EGGS GE7 STAIE! Obtain Fnrih Wolchei from Del Rio's Onty Wardicnoker al — TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. tOEOYA OFFICE SUPPLIES Typewriisri • Adding Machinet SAIES and SERVICE Hallmark Cords .• Art Supplies Del Rio Typewriter Co. 61? 5. Main ' Dial PR 5-4512 NEED A BUSINESS PARTNER - WITH.$1,060 CAPITAL WrTtt: J. H. WILltAMS, KOIEl MONTERREY, CrUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 i i Z MU9TGETA CAR LIKE THAT' LOCK, f^R. ABERNATHV; THAT >OUN'G COUPtE .— Ax:O v^j_, i sur'pc-seo ~i 151 t^A- c/^r-- ^^-£X^ ->.Wx } O ~&4>^ 's\ , r ' y '-j? J I M-HDTi-SiWWi- i'KKOw HOTM1H6 V^JWTJ 1 .. 'SX; VVSRS- \TKr WKOS3 T^Ci.' =«rt<^E=5 IBE»mFIEt> yvc-J 5HOLILP 100:< 15 STILl V.!?5!S£: --:rvr r « ; i» ?*>:/ HSa; W VOJ WlSri TO SPE EARTHMEN ^ V/E WIU. K ^.S THEY Rf ALLY ARE ? TriFN \ OO fT.' O o o o • '« /<•£ SKRAS6 CCff£. AS f&KXKff. OH. BOY-MEAT BALLS I ^T^ C - v.lArV-vls }"* r'V^vi^Ss ""T sJppi= r! C DIQ >CX) \ CH,FAKPC?N ME. I J A'AWG»iT, LEI SW -OXY ONY, AL1.O\V ME,- "~S. CSJT TH" T \i>^--"-— ; ^=^iV A«,V. «AVOt) DO HONEST. OOP i XTHAT TO OJTH /'/ D-o.srT FCu.o\v"iCu \ ! -rrp-E ctf f' HEKS: s'isor TO -1 CKY T\v£xm- EIJEVS'ME; rvs / FOUR. OUBLE- t CROSSED.' HE NEVER ANV USE TV\tKJTN'-/ TO FRESHNT /- H!.' 1 s3ET £VM \VTTmH'," VEH C FOUR?-/ HBXft, THREE-A / JOS AT HMsirV A ' tSLC ^ r s% > i NL •'• r^--~~?\ ff • ri^-tl t" ••-; ; '/i .' \ ;i PvM^^i H y *\'f I ' " —~S / A' *• / \str-» - / ) "I \t W -^ I VJlLi, NpLJ. He LOOk'S Li-;E . VASSILY/THAT'S ^i-T^'-A-Vf r^i : : il, --r- : \ VJ 1 s • : / //- ^NAr HAR'S WOCKAROJI BAMQUET WAITlNJ' FO'THEM "• 1GGORANJT 5EASTS, 1M TH' NJEXT TD > .s'SJ.'. r ^^ ^ TS ' ^ MORE <^ GHM'FALLV \MNrSHtS j IT ID TH' THEV CRAVES,/iM'TH' ^ALTCKETHER, ^J TO.^ -BUT I' THINNER THEV GITS.'.' j BST>SE{si THE \ > FLiDATED FlFTfAM'SiKTH 7 ( Ov/ERHAlD.'/ TOVN5S//' Slrv:^f

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