The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 28, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1893
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VOL X1V-N0 286 FRIDAY,, JULY 28, ,1^1) CENTS' Henry Robeftjbhfl AtTatigned Before a CorHfnis&oner. QtJILTT OP MANSLAUGHTER, Msottitdy Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof. all in leavening strength Latest V. S 1 Government Food Re* port. , RO^AL BAKING POWDER CO, 106 Wall Street, N, Y Sales of State Lands For . the Tear Show a Large Increase — North ' Itvfralti Mine Closed Down— A Stove Company Wants the State *<> Kefund £35,000 DETROIT, July HUMPHREYS .was arraigned before Commissioner* Graves of the United States court yesterday on a charge of . maliciously breaking open a TJniteM States • letter box, placed at the cprner of Adams avenue anc^ Witherell street by order of the postmaster general for the reception and safekeeping of tTnite'd States mftil matter. He pleaded not guilty. Chief , wed and for over thirty years very rfngl entire mcccas. Every i care for {be disease ew* without druggliw, tho nglo Speclflo is one 6r a rorce or- payers who were brought to Detroit by thei Warren*Schar£ Paving company to make repairs on Woodward avenue, and his Home is at .Washington.: ! Mlne'CIosed Down. NKQAUNEE, July28.—-TJi^North Buffalo, one of the group of mines of the Buffalo Mining company; controlled by the Schlesingers, has closed -down and 100 men, principally Swedes, are laid off without pay. The mine owned by the syndicate now working here is the Queen, which employs 200, men. Three months! wages arft'Wne this week, only a small portion of which has Wen paid; The claims due for labor amount to- nearly $75,000. The situation is one of grave concijtn, not only to .miners, but to the merchants, tojtrbom large store bills are due from the men. Bring To'nr Carpet*. The carpet cleaning Works on J^t change street will be open on and after Monday* MaYch87th. Go to Boughton's for wall paper. New stock and new styles..... "* Robert Schelly is prepared to do kinds of tin ^ork, Miop 1 opposite E Lr Murphy's. Cantata Ayery's.Mlstake. JACKSON, July S8.—This iriistake of Cfeplain H. S. Avery, who poaVeyed the idea to the stove company; that 15 lota belonging to th,e state Jbtfa 'been con. , • veyeoY'to them when purchasing land dl'erk Sjwan testified to the fact that the near the prison, -was di^tHWed here by i ." "_ '.t» __1 n _'T'T n !<•»;! GLfnl-nd . ln*t«vf 4-V..V B+tttn Vu-irfT-rl "• rtt , -- , • i|forrcdlicta(f thauritent and are in fact and oeeatbe Sovereign of the World. inrornixciMi.i«>i. • „ « 1— FeverSf Congestions, Inflammations.. .25 a— Worm* 'Worm Ferer, Worm Ckjlte.^. .25 . 3-Teethlnffi CoUc.Crylng.'VPakcfuliieBB .25 • 4— Diarrhea, of Cttfldren or Adultt, ..... .25 7-CooghB, Colds, Bronchitis....... . ..... .25 -• 8-»N«*r*lffla, Toothache, Faceache....^ .95 9-Headochei, Sick Headache, Vertigo.. .25 lO_Dy«pepsla. BUlousnesa, Constipation. .25 ll-Snppreiiaed or Palnfnl Periods... .25 J2— Whites, Too Profuse Periods.;.......* .25 t3-0ronp, Laryneltl*, Poarwmess...... .95 14-Salt Rhenm, Erysipelas. Eruptions.. .25 15-KhenmatUin,.EheuniaUcPalns....~ .25 16-BSalarta, dhilla, Eerer and Ague...... .05 10-Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25 20— Whooping Cough ............ . ...... ••• •«•» 97-Kidney DUeacea .................... • •?.£ flg-Nervona Debility. .............. ^'V alt 2« 30-Crlqary Weafeneu, Wetting Bed.. .25 HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZElj Oil* ".The Pile Ointment. "-Trial Size. 85 CU. Bold by Drnccliti, or lent poitptld on receipt of Jwlca. Ba, Braranu' MAKVAI. (H4 p««e*,) HAILED MB*. |TO«PBBIlB'«KD.CO.,lll*IltWmiMi8».,»BWTO!«. SPECIFICS. CARTER'S V/Jtl?* *» *"7 "*. *•** VV*"**** 1 ^^^ boxwasa'regttlar'trnited States-letter box. He also said ithat' two other bexea Were brokpnv open i in the aame neigh- >b6rhood and. that aVjweek before another b.ox had 'been - Broken open aud rifled of its contents on Madison avenue. * ' Patrolman Qu;nn related the capture of Robert John. He said that he had- been instructed to look ont for letter box robbers, and that in consequence'he had paid particular attention to the corners where letter boxes were placed on his beat. He said that One letter ..W8B found on the prisoner. He thought that Bobertjohn's accomplice must have got away with most of the letters be* cause he had been informed that the box usually contained, from 15 to' 80 letters whenever' the mail was collected about the time of night when he caught the prisoner. Eobertjohn was rather sullen and grunted "naw" iwhen asked by the commissioner if he wanted to put any .questions to the witnesses. He gave the same answer when asked if he could furnish bail. At the request of Assistant District Attorney Finney he was held to await the action of the grand jury in ?1,500 bail. In default of a Dondsman KobertJohn was taken to the county jail. the state board of charities and prison -"Board, urider .Govetnor Lace. Thftcompany desires _tha^ tfte state res fund to them $2,600' of .the purchase money, and although no decision was reached, it is believed that the auditors will accede to their wish. Has Rciolveil to Do Better. GRAND BAWDS, July 28.^-Lou Monison, one of the most notorious members of the demi-monde here, 'nas' resolved to break away from her life of shame and devote her remajntag. years and future to doing goodTTaer determination is not a sudden impulse, but the result of the good work done by, the McMillin's mission, whose special field is among the poor and lowly in the very worst part of the city. The Morrison woman, who is worth $100,000 and. who .runs one disreputable house and is the owner of others, has long been one of the objects of solicitude on the part oi the people connected with the mission, and ner promise that in iuture her life will be a different one, has oheerea the missionaries to renewed ardor. Aaked to Be Released. LANSING, July 28.—Superintendent Walter H. Cheever of the Lansing u you want the best refrigerator on earth for the least money uo to Boslej-'s. , Buy the. genuine Philadelphia lawn mower i>t Bosley's. Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and ef • fectunlly remove every trace of them.. Aii/ ruggist Wr'U get it for you. $100 f o'r a code oi Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner yousness and Sleeplessness the* Vegetable Cure will notfcure. s ' .i Yegetable.'Cure .will break, up Colds and and CoughfyLaGrippe and its aftereffects Tremuloua Weakness'of the Nerves, Erynip- elos and Constipation.' 12'oz. $1.CO. Lawn mowers sharpeutrtl and repaired at Bosley's. tict your tin war" roendqd at Schelly's tin shop. • Get your, wall papur and Geo Bnuxutou'd new jJtoro. puiuts a • • > Chiifes on babies, nuro uipples ami in Earnmution of the breatit iustnntly r« with Lavcuilar Oinuui-nt. STATE w reneva*!! tbetronblea Iscfr to » Wlioua nt»lo of the system »uoh « Nausea., Drowsinesa. Dlatrew aTtaif Inthe Bide, ko. WhUe th«Jr mort ancpeea haa bean shown in ouncg yet Certer'a Littto UTfst HOB siDg complaint; butforta- B»tely their coodnuatidooD nQteodhere.&nd thow Wiooncetry tae:u #ill and theaayttlapiUB'wJ.* aUalD TC many w. ys tMt ttey will not be ' wit liagtodo ,;ii.b.:>ui t ucr-i. Bet after aU*tek***l The Sales For the Year H\ift\f a Decided Increase. 'LANSING, July 28.—The report of the commissioner of the state land Office for. the year ending June 30, which is now being prepared, will show a'largely increased business over the two preceding years. The number of acres pf land sold in 1891 was 19,574.84, and the gum received therefor, 869,198.69; in 1892, 2Q, 169.69 acres were sold for $42,251.05. For 1803 the report will show sales of 83,a20.89 acres and receipts of •9166,718.40. Licenses were issued during the year for 1,051.35 acres of swamp lauds, making a total of 81,758.54 acres now standing licensed" tp settlers. Nearly 1,200 acres reVtaigd*p the state by forfeiture for nonooiupIKiTice with the forms of Bale. Matured swauip land credit in road and ditch contracts aniouwfe to fe,5£0.23, for the lower peninsula; and $36,358,51 for the upper peninsula. Credits for swamp lands under special actsiof the legislature, amounts to $8,870.65. Just as sure as hot weather comes thera will be mote or le.<s bowel complaint in thin vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaple medicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A"25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the roost severe and dangerous cases. It is the best, the moat reliable and most successful treatment known and Upleasant to take. For sale at Greene* drug store. The Pyramid Pile Cure is.a new discovery fyr the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has it. Good summer wood at |1.75 per cord at C. t. Grant's. the : Tpledo and Ann Arbor I A, new remedy has <•, created a sensation The mill was burned to the | among physicians by its wonderful effects .A !„ „ *^ n »i«»« *v. a «l<,nf "Afc«. n gpeedily curing every form,of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure,. It is cheap, and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist wiu get it for you. schools has been elected to the chair of history and political economy in the Wisconsin state normal school at Milwaukee. He has asked the Lansing school board to release him, so he may .accept this position. Saw and Shingle Mill Burned. CADILLAC, July 28.^—Fire destroyed the shingle and sawmill of Frank C. Sampson at Boon,; 13 miles northeast of . ~ " * " '. * * -Mf« ^_^t_ ~.__ 3- • A _« A ••Thnw •Here, on innda^isVtotal"lolffljthe^plant not being insured. Sons of St. George. NEGATjSTEEj July 28.^-The £° annual state convention of the Sons of St. George opened Thursday morning. The session of the grand lodge ended today. Saturday 17 lodges of the tipper peninsula will take part in a grand proces-. •ion, ending with a banquet. \rom»ke u T.-mj Jjv*u <ai»t h&io ty r, >^.^.^t. O^l p!U4OU£O*fc V&S1& L »er ",;Va we visy fittaJl aajt t, <>u^or twoTillisuoalerfdoie, " > ac ' . 8M STATE ITEMS- There are 150 school madams attending the teachers' institute in Monroe. John Croker offers to build, the Big Rapids Jail for*U,837. It is thought his bid will be accepted, IL W. Bullock, banker of Asjile^B, is en- dfeavoring to organize a stock company Guilty of Man»lau^»ter. ^ I |nere to manufacture, furniture. *,*»««., July 28.~Frank Visneauj- Thomas Mapk^of Muskejgpn was convicted last night at;- 8:80. o'clock of-manslaughter in the killing of WU1- iain Abar. The jury had stood 11 to 1 for hi*' conviction .funoe 5 o'clock. He was immediately sentenced to prison at Jackson for three*years. . , . ., Frunk "Visneant who wa* tried m the recorder's court yesterd&y jfor- the naur- *— of his .friend, .'V^ilUaan, ^ibar.jat ^__. /onsly about hi»' cbini hto *yW6hining;35ritb.^x<fite^ent —* ~-'^ dM»r4thej: |«grky -^ .the longjnorning»nd the afternoon, when gieir yjejii w$ he wag taken Gasolin*t&toves cleaned t E, Shcley'd. ', . ' repaired ' If you want a first class 'iun;;h call on , the new resturaat, tirst- <16or wftgt ot the Tontine. i*u6 -*j,**isy*i' *««.**^i-*«^»f»f r ^ -•'jiT.TT— i- - • • N. B. lazier,, the Teheran wtto disappeared fronV^rand HftV^Sb baa been lo^tr •d. He* was with relfttiyea In *Newf Jersey, . Employesin the Cplunfbiavjma v<""'~ ndlls have been cut - 6 per cent of wages on account o* tie low woolen producta. If you are lingering frooi fevers, lagrippe, tatai-rh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asi^uia, heart nervousness, al«eplessueas', '^spepoia, «iqk beadacye/; paralysis, erj?si|.fclas or s^aly s|in," cyustip^ation pc pilub call ou |>r. SbiBirpsteen for bia" ?eHHa.Me cure, Children Cry for iwpmUL' W IJTO* iftther copner, wftae in Ifce |hape of map of metal worth ft/Wft, ' ~ T:K: r. S*lo^f <I.t«U«f? Wal»M t*>*« W*eh. •J5e waistB for 50c; |1 waists for 7C>c; $li50 waists fpr |1. .' j ''

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