The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 8, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Page 6
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE 1912 fvMlsiiM <h!ly anil Sunday eicept Saturday by Review Publisher*, Inc., 307 E. Pork Ave., Freepert, Teiaf. Jomei S. Naben, •'resident. JAMES S. NABOBS . .. ••.IE..., .j...^., .......... ........ ~ ..................... ------- - GtENN HEATH ..._ ...... _ ...... _______ GEORGE L. BEACOM _ ...... _____________ ..... .'!_."' ADV. EDITOR DIRECTOR ERNIE E. ZIESCHANG • Advertising Matiaqer MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager ROIERTA DANSBY Manaqina Editor LEROY 8YRD Women's Editor SEORGS "ERGU3ON Spirts Editor NANELLE H. MALIORY Office Manager PAGE 6 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA^COUNTY. TEXAS.~WED.. AUSUST ANY CONTRIBUTIONS GLADLY ACCEPTED World wide newi coverage by Th« Auaeieted Press. Meaibar ot ro,ta! Daily Newspaper Association, Texas Press Association. : "" SUBSCRIPTION RATES J y ^." rrier ' doi| V ond Sunday, SI.50 per month. Mall rates upon re- BiJeit. All moil subscriptions payable In advance. Entered as second class matter March 21, 1952, of Hit Frzeport Tffcas, Pesf Office, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1870. Hal Boyle's People By HAI> BOYLE Federal Edicts Evict Almanac form of home surgery. NEW YORK fAP)-LIIe hoard ot remembrances. Boys wore lone Hack stockings The more you have to rcnicm-!that usually had a hole in the' her. he more you have liv«l; right knee caused by playing mar-' none is pom- who is rich in mem-; hies. w«« mar °''? s - , The bigRost showoff in the hloet,- \ on hav. made quite a journey, was the kid who had saved up i through time ,f you can look back!enough pennies to buy a Boy Scou^ and remember when- , knife. He wore it dan^linTfrom a lou had to crank a telephone string around his neck so eTrv .o gel the operator, ann when she body would be sure to see it " responded you said, "Helo. cen- Eveiy farmer was reported to tral -and then told her who you keep a shotgun primed with bacon "o u ,', , lin(1 to fire at youngsters who Boh Hope was an obscure young tried to loot his watermelon patch song-and-rtance man living out of at ripening time. If vou got hit a ,™!.' d _': V " !.. ta '" k -... .... .. , lhe Pte« of bacon rind stung like Bishop, Reporter By JIM BISHOP Pair Or Scribes Made A Decision 4:30 (J) Kocky «nd Hit Friends About Sports Mann "tan .urn lio here two o'clock?" 'using a Yiddish WOIT). "You cnn he said. Yes, T said. I wasn't due write. I emi talk. We go to llolly- nt Ihe office until 7 p.m. so two,wood. I Ret the contracts. You would he fine. He said "See you," svenaiin*. We split down and hung up. This was a warmish the middle. We'll live )ik<» kings." day in the Thirties. It was a dis- 1 asked him if he had & rontracl mal lime of desperate men and in Hollywood — someone who hungry children, a time when a (would give us a job. lathe would sell his pride for a I "\vho needs II" he said. "We couple of dollars. . ci> out cold. We'll kill 'em." I arrived al Ihe dd Park Con- gave it a lot of thought — shout l.-al Hotel at 1:.V1 and found the four seconds. "Nothing riolng," I room. Jerry Wald opened the said. "I wasn't fired, Jerry. You door. He was a fat kid who work- ( were. T got sixty coming !ri every ed for the Kvrning Graphic, I;week and a wife who can't add worked on The Mirror. He was'the stubs In a checkbook. T'm live years younger Ihan 1, but he •slaying in the newspaper husi- I had moved much faster. He had! ness." a radio column. 1 wrote piclure We talked a little more, but the captions. excitement and left his voice. We "What's the excitement?" I parted friends. He asked me not said. He had big dark eyes, andiio say anything. T didn't. Years black hair which looked a s Afterward, "when t was earning though he had slepl in it. He,s7;i a week. I used to take Ginny drew an imaginary line with his land G.-iyle to the movies and we hand. "We're at the crossroads, i sati witn haRS f ,,n of M OU nds mid Jim. Today both of us begin a j Hcrshoy bars and popcorn, watch- new career." j,, E t |ir title ot the picture and I sal. The room had two stuffed J1ncn _ hvn storic! . hi( , h _..p ro . _4:« IB Kith-Ik's Clubhouse 6:25 QJ) C'nsper, The Friendly Ghost • 5:30 m Whlrlyhirrts: "R o d 10:15 m Lot* Show: Our Ufp." "In Thll Belts Davis, Brant. A vicious woman runs off with her ,_ . sister's husband Gone." A tycoon ndviffjt 7^-7^. «>" CTiT.TS;;^*— the boys to postpone their i" '•"- *° AB <. *™ ai Report fishing trip 10:30 (jn Rlvrrbont: "Treasure, O Operation 1.1ft _ _ rT Hawk Hill." A man ~5:4f>' SjTAImanac NcwVTrtl B ' vf5 ''"' ^J" 1 * p. e P"«w • - - - — map revealing ths loc«Ji:45 B Hiinlley-Brinklfy lion of a treasure tarllra killer Tom Kvnns. Sporls: Guy 1f:30 0T| Not. For Sir*: "Th« . Sax-nee _ WHn'oss." Sergeant Steve e:0<rm NewfrNfekT'Grm liVit' T)akker Miiployn military Weather: Sid Lasher What'.« New to fcrrtt out a chairs, a coUoo table, a small duced by Jeny Wald." enough Movies were silent, and hack- a thousand bumblebee ground music was provided by a ; Nobo( i y was on a dic , ' d jf neighborhood piano teacher-usu- didn ' t ordc ., a second h , . > ally-dumpy and middle-aged, so,every dish sel before you the (tie natrons _wouldn t bother her. j hostess took it as a. personal critj- During exciting scenes she always | cism o , her cwking _ and mj nf played the "Overture from \Vil-! crv - " lism Tell." , 7 When you asked a stranger what, ( 0 , rime it was, he reached in his vest 'the' pocket for his watch instead of'evening train looking at his wrist. regarded as Elderly men always kept their character change in a snap-shut coin purse. The locaj dmggist Many a farmer made up his more UJnres than the ,».-*, mind what and when to plant ac. tor _ and djdn ., ch cording to what the almanac said.consultation -and not by what the government j On]y cjty '^^^ got up by alarm clock. In town and served the same pur- The World Today SKY SPY FINE, INSPECTION TABOO By JAMES MAR1.0W hide, as cf now, toward the latesttlie past few >l 11 tall I>f-itc.e X'n.i *. A .,~1...-i l - t, . . . r- " »»-'* , ''"'" N " v " Alml . vst ^Ainerican effort -ain arrive, and the! leave, was widely j a pretty shiftless < to reach agree' UP desk against a wall, an d a bod. | !t( , hr,., imf , ,.)<.„ ann - f anlol| , Wald had a faculty for turning on]Among his many successes were the excitement and turning it off, I Mitred Pierce. From Here to m will. Mostly, it depended on theiE^,.,,^. and n ^ p Man wh(1 Cam J ,'ei-ho he fell from his audience, to Dinner. Jerry talked of art, but! He got a i-ool one from me. |,o was primarily interested in '' I used to meet him in Lindy's success and money. He complain-' and U 1 lift's. He fancied himself rr | O f nilhlossncss in an industry j I as a newer Winchell. running jf,i|i ,,[ bodies over which Wald | ,(1-0111 one Broadway spot to anoth- 'climbed on his way to the lop I ier. always asking questions and' i Faw him a few years ago and I jotting notes. Jerry Wald had two-| lr ushered me into a palatial pri-t I horses pulling him at all times- , V alr-office. He was producing! ambition and talent - but he;p f . vton p| ai .e. which might have' never held the reins. They wore. I)rr , n a comedy on sex. "Well,": nmaways. | lf * said, when we were nlone "We're going to Hollywood." he'"are you sorry you didn't do it, I said. I smiled. "We are?" I said.'p,,,/?" I said'no. Jerry laughed! | He kept to Ihe cc;iler of the rug. i) 1C arti!y. If I wasn't sorry, then' I "I got some news. Don't crack to I was nuttier than he had thought, lanylwdy. I got fired from 'Hie He had taste. He didn't com- IGraphic." "You got what?" "Can- pare our earnings. We talked of ned. That place is lousy with jea- other days and for a moment, he lousy. T h e y said I offended f c lt toward newspaper work as a I Lucky Strike. You know, criticiz- man might about an old love who ling their program. betrayed him. He still spoke • "Thai's a gocd start," I said. . s wiftly and plausibly, and he rek-5 ihat th,™, i Jm ' y K rilincri - " p had a rich. Could put the excitement in the ', mro "' n captivating one. "So who cares?" tone, or remove it. m the American he said. "How much does The "We got to get together soon," of detecting under-!Mirror pay you?" "Sixty." "How;he said. "I mean for a real talk." like to make six bun- I nodded and started toward the 0> News: Walter Cfori-"' kite n Channel 2 Newsrcel _«:2« Q Weather: Wlsslnger '6:30 C3 Sipcord: "Ons foFthe Money." Associated In- (uistrics hires RIptord, Inc., for a hazardous Job 0) Alvln Show O The Written Word: "Wood Blocks and Metal Type'' O Wagon Train: (Color) 'The Itobie Redman Story," Repeat, Hale sends Shannon to guide threa ' wagons walling to Join the train __ 12:0"b (B Wanted 'bjr flMfBL ?lRn Off 0) News nnal, D«tly Word llMIomult Dr. Brother* KVltFo ttebbie" Drake S:S9 Q) Sign 'On, Anthem, Prayer "6:00 |0 Operation Lift: TV course teaching people to read, write oTIirCadet Don 6:55 0) SiRn On * If 7:00 O_MorninK Devotional 8 Morn ing Report " Today 7:00 |B"Keyhole: ''Hollywood _ 7:t . 5 -.OL»Ir.jCaboo«,_Englneer Racketeers." Actor Ben 7:30 O MorningEdltioaNewj Buc appears a» hlmseU ' Groucho : Arts Around Hi: . m Best of O The Ar "Role of th 8:00 I Cadet Don Capt. Kangaron Arts" the Critic In the 8:30 7:30 |0 Top Cat: "Farewell. Mr. Dibble." Repeat. T. C. fid clan *et out to *av« - ble's Job from hli ei ir-beaver rlvnl ,01 ? s cckmale: "A Chant of SIU --e." Repeat People Arc Funny m Calendar __ B Say When 9:30 © Morning Movie: "Man of Two Worlds." Frances Lederer, Ellssa iJncll 8 1 Love Lucy Play Your Hunch g DI'-wery " 10:0 ° HI The Verdict Is Yours Tlier.ebe'l: "The Walt- O Price- Is Right (Color) ing." Yuma enter* a «a- JQ.JO loon and finds three peo- ' , pl& insirio • ~- • • — 10:55 fD Harry Reasoner New* Tlie Brighter Day Concentration. a technique ground tests the two sides after ;«'ould R:00 (0 H a w a 11 a n Eye: .i":"."-. < »'_ti".^: "Thomas Jefferson Chu." 11;0 ° (D Tennessee Ernie Ford Repeat. Tom L o p a k « fearc'hes for Communist agents in Formosa O Focus on Physics: "The Atom" O Mystery Theatre: — "Chez Rouge." The pro- 11:4S CD Guiding Light prietress of " 8 Love of Life __ Your First Impression 11:30 (0 Yours for a Song ~1 Search for Tomorrow I Truth or Consequence! 17 years of trying might agree on' tlrcd a Wrok? Prctly cood ' hah? exi1 ' We wouldn't have that talk. a test ban. Okay. We're both going to Holly-;! knew it. He knew it. " ordered. You could order a fine set false teeth by mail. They not fit very well, but then a fellow didn't have to wear them exceptij n ~ in church, while attending a fun-ju^t. led him to hold a girl's hand I of the United Stales. eral, or other formal functions. \ ne number of ca ,, uses jn ' her , Seasona , qu - Ml , K;; has ^p,, No Panics Or Retreat; Just Normal fins/ness once the (lie ;ed in March and April. Despite the downturn in steel On Monday the Russians more, belittled tlie pi-oposa United Stales had in mind. In the old days the nations kept j tabs on one another's big weapon- I development by man-spying. j Now, Uirough sensitive instru- u ' ood -" '° t A few weeks ago, Jerry died of T ' 1P Mnile , a hcart allac ' k - Some people can't _„ hp ^jdj^,,-^.,, „ pr(x ) ut . pr nas onp « nightclub karns that her life has _becn threatened ~8:3~onJD~WcirVan" Dyke: Repeat. Boddy has an offer of a belter Job and wants out of his present con-- 11:55 B NBC News 12:00 (0 Jane WymanPresents § News at Noon Topper 12:15 0) The Lee Shepherd Show 11— I 8:00 O Highway Patrol Farm girls wore dresses made By SAM nA\vsOX AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (API-Business as a wise youth went court-.usual i-ather than jitters or retreat it wasn't merelv romance!' 185 marked the summer in most lot;i ' production for the year to. , . "— - T-VADVF fTiM^TMr-o i i ^i , " romdnce ! - date js ahrad of tha( for ^ ]ike sky: A nuclear blast above ground ,p ARKE CUMMINGS selects these paragraphs from the her' Seasonal quietness has been in.P^'ort "f 1961- Many steelmen are ca n be detected thousands of ]T._. pr ? Sp ^ :t , U , ses of tl ? ree ? e ^ clu ^ s he scarcely thinks he'll Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF ing corns wa» the most popular join: 1. Flabbiness doesn't last long at the Casa Blance Th» !.„-.„. c, . , Hideaway Club. The 9:30 ke. break of Mav and June has Day on. : The United States was less sure curfew is strict , y cn _ failed to panic either the consunv All tlie talk about economic "n-; . ,, ™ m ^. nts were kocn enough forced, and members er or the businessman. certainty hasn't hampered the au-1;L *, ?. dlff £ rene ?' "" an und "- arise at the stroke of That is the most common read- to industry. It has enjoyed one ofi 51 ^,. f'sturbance, between an 5:30. ipalm told him how much she evidence in many industries hut nmv expressing modest hopes for miles awav "dime ,C"ribbon' Xi\ M ^ h " moth - -^ ^^.^ ^^ ^ *«** mar ' 1 '^ ™ ku ' ° ! °« m from ^™* hair.. jhouse—and whether she'd make People walked so much that par- him a good hard-working wife. Remember? After a 4 - mile J^u^WASHINGTON »iicii 13 uivr iiKj^i v_i;iiuiiun itrrtu" • - ""••»«•)"„• • *«. n«a c»ij>j> tru LMIC ut ^. . • "•• ing of the current statistics. And a its best years in sales and produc-1rf™ quake and a secre ' Russian cross-country jaunt few signs of a fall pick-up already tion. It now enters its usual lull! r /_ r through the hills followed are being sichted, along with for changeover to new models—!,... r . me y g3IS "ie United bv - Dlunep infn pleasant predictions bv manv bus- and its traditional uncertainty as! States has ar S ued ^^ the only -' ** p ' u " se lnl ° MYSTERIOUS HABITS GOVERN COIN USAGE inessmen that the fourth quarter to how the public will accept iw ' a - v to P rei 'ent cheating—if there 1 should be a good one. 'hem. always a gamble. !! s a test tend treaty—is to have; Consumers are spending about Construction continues at a high | inspectors inside the territory of !as usual for this time of year, .level. Building of new homes!" 16 nuclear nations. .Some say they are inclined to be spurted in the spring and levelled! The Russians, calling this a spy members at each »eet- MARCH OF EVENTS '-cautious. But businessmen are off in the summer. But commer-jsystem. have almost consistently' . ~ starting to bet on a good retail rial structures and apartment'•' a ' ( ^ no. Which boils down to this": ' ri devils Pool's icy water 2. The Classical Society does more than demand Latin essays of its Conversation is car- on exclusively in PENNIES WANTED HERE, DIMES POPULAR THERE By HEXRY CATHCART Central Press Association Washington Writer TT7ASm;NGTOX—Washington, visitors and migrants who have T\ lonff held that the nation's capital is nothing more than an.:overjrrown small town, have .some backing for their opinion. An'^fficial of the U. S. Mini ha.-> just classified Uie capital as a Vtv.'o-bit" to\vn—but not in. Uie derogatory sense. It'seems that, for some unexplained reason, Washingtonians Use more quarters tha-n any other coins and the Mint must import between XI and J2 million o* the coins each year to satisfy the demand. Some other cities have other mysterious habits regarding coin usage. Baltimore, for instance, is a nickel Uwn. So is Louisville, . s: sale pickup in ihe fall. Business houses continue to rise at an un- ^' you're soinj; to spy it will have ka'rn> and the waiters loans at commercial hanks have slackened pace. i to he in the sky, not inside Russia. Understand no other ; taken their first upward jump. Per apparently as manufacturers and peak. & iM'tieu pace. • * u "* JH »ie hKy, not inside Kussia ""^vtoioiiu m> uiiit^L jdn— 'ersonal income totals are at a j R«ently this country has de. EUage ... 3. AH subscribers to the PJatter Club are Supplied ik. Savings have increased de-| v e lo r«d its detection instruments eac 'h month with a record by each of these outstanding Ihe Man "Who Kills -the pressures and itraln of job closing in on him fD U. S. Steel Hour: "Male Call." Larry Blyden, Gary Cresby, in a rollicking comedv set on a peaceful Island in the Pacific during World War II O Songs of the South: "Homemaking" O Bat Masterson: Bat •goes to the aid of a voung couple 9:30 g Of Poets and Poetrv B J'^V'd Brinkley (Col- TO:00 CD Night Edition News Ray Conaway. Weathe:-- Tom Evans. Sporu: Guj Savape CO News: Nick Gearhart. Weather: Sid Lasher O PJay Oiess R 30 O'clock Roundup 12:55 © ABC Midday Report 1:00 CD Home Edition KCWS 8 Pass word Jan MuiTay (Color) 1:25 Q NBC News 1:30 (D Dragnet Q] House Party B Loretta Young 2:00 (D Day in Court (jj Millionaire B Voung Or, Malone 2:30 (0 Seven Keyjf §To Tell the Truth Our Five Daughters 2:55 (Q Douglas Edwards News 3:00 (D Queen, for a Day g Secret Storm Make Room for Daddy 3:30 m Who Do You Trust? m Edge of Night B Captain Bob Show 4:00 CD American Bandstand O Mahalia Jackson B Dick Tracy (Color) merchants prepare to produce and spite high retail sales and a con-i te a Point where it is believed the quartets: the Screamers, the LoonyS, the Hoooies, the slock up for the fall and winter linuin? modest rise in consumer!United States feels fewer inspec- Breakers ... trade. instalment debt. tors would be needed in Russia, i • • •• KmploynKnt h;t* risrn. Sfiine of So. as the thiiTt quarter nears:* in ^ fe\\'er here. ' " — • ——— this has been in manufacturing its halfway point, this summer; Therefore, this country was industries, rtVleclins the increase hviks like most summers. Then i ready to make new proposals and in industrial output. Much of the why the continuing gloom in many ; scnt U.S. Ambassador Arthur H. new employment has been in the.circles? 'Dean back with them to the 17- sorvice industries, as consumers Mostly it is because the econo- j nation disarmament conference at demand and pay for more sei-v- my has advanced moderately Geneva, ices of all kinds. rather than at an accelerated pace j Nevertheless, President Ken- The stock market has managed,'as hoped at the start of the year.jncdy made plain at his news con- its summer rally, keeping up a!Partly it is because of the psycho-(ference last week that this coun- 'ti-y would still insist upon the Ky. And New York City usea up all kinds of long tradition despite the glijomjlogical effect of Ihe downward re- coins, except half dollars, for which, it ap- that shrouded Wall Street in May i vision of stock market values, pears, they have no affinity. In. order to meet a shortage of pennies in some areas, the Mint has even gone to the Itn'jtlis of mounting a campaign to "empty your piggy banks." In Buffalo recently there a. severe shortage of pennies, and the ; Washington Mint had to ship $27,000 in coppers into that * area. ; "Tiro-bit" Over-all, the Mint directs the movement of town. some $5 million in coins daily to meet the varying; demands for change throughout the Country. Meanwhile, Louisville flatly refuses to use dimes and Baltimore needs more than 15 Ions of nickels each year. *.- * * * * • XAME SISIU.ARITIKS .Some people who merely scan the lu-arilines have been confining Eilhe Sol Estes, the Pecos Ponzi, ivnh Sen. Estes Kefauvcr, of Tennessee. Unabashed, Kefauver has been responding to .such ims-Uk-ntifications in good cheer. But the errors remind him of another name similarity that las become his favorite story, Kcfauver's Senate colleague from Tennessee is Albert Gore. Last year, Gore received an angrily-wurded letter blasting him 'or the activity of "your riders." The. pu/.xled Goie wajHed to answer the letter but couldn't figure out, at lust, the basis of the complaint. -Finally, he hit on It. The writer, a southerner, was complain- ii about the Freedom Rulers who moved into the South in an * -I to desegregate ml••!state bus depots under the sponsorship ti he Committee for Racial Equality, commonly referred to p- 'ORE. ;e gentlemen had mistaken the letter "C" for the letter "G" • i- decided that the desegregatiom'sts were being actively backed %y i.'ia senator from Tennessee of that name. and June. Steel production is rising. Partjiiioment, the uncertainty is due to of this is the seasc.iial recovery | the involvement of all economic from the low point of ihe July va- planning—whether tax culling, in- •jnddB wed )ng 'u.«op.wrj|s uoiiu.) creased government spending, cntly reflects a return to the mar-1 more icentive for private enter- ket of a few of the customers who I prise—in politics. In many news have been living off their uiiill-up; items' today it's hard to tell where inventories' since the threats of a I economics ends and politics be•strike "r nrice ri-e were dissent- pins. principle of some inspection. And, to no small degree at the Dean, back in Geneva, dis- Zonn YOU'RE TELLING ME! • By WILLIAM RITT — . Central Frets Writer FOLK who must double up I Swithun. patron saint of the- ^Thi on work because of vacation weather—news item. Well, what done absenteeism can sympathize!did you expect—snow? with Cleveland's Mayor Anthony i , , , ! Bill Celebrezze -,vho has just been appointed U. S. Secretary of Health, Education AND Welfare. Slitike&peuro may not hnt:e united hia famous question: '•What's in a ituine)" if he'd realized the population center of the U, 8. would noitie day 09 neur the Illinois town ot Oen- tralia! Celebrt~^e'a MIC job shouldn't be too difjwult, 4111/5 Zuduk Duinkop], if Tony will H.E.W. to the line. j : : : '•'•'• The geographical center of Hie) A world congrett of Socialist j U- $• it, incidentally, near Smith Youth in Denmark resolvgi that Center in Kantai. Thar, too, sort eldilari iheuld ttep down, let' of figureil youth run thingi. We might agree { ! I I —if traHic-occident itatittic* weren't to revealingl cussed the latest American offer Sunday and Monday with Soviet Delegate Valerian Zorin. And Monday Zorin blushed it off. He said that Dean returned to Geneva what appeared to lie- based on the ".same old American proposals" which Russia had turned duwn before. fcaid he wanted to talk to someinore bfc-ie presenting the proposal! to the ful conference. All this made probpccts for a teii ban look as dim as always, although the need for it grows more urgent: Unin-d States, not to be out- in developing new nuclear techniques, felt it had to lesume Icslinz after the Rusiians resumed last fall. This country is still lefetiiig. Now the Russians have begun, a new test series. This may cause Ihe United States, not to be outdone, to feel it has to have a new series, too. This, in turn, will mean more Russian tcsli if they think they'n- being outdone. Future generations, if there are any, may look lack on al this is the most blazing example of international insanily in the history of mankind. But as U now! both sides seem to Hunk they're perlertly normal, if uneasy. I ACROSS I 1, Chewy | candy 8. Pouchllke cavity: anat. 11. Worship 12. Labor . 13. Muddy 14. Available (2 wda.) 15. Consumed 16. Admittance 17. Comedian Raye 38. Quickly: clang 21. George . movie star 25. Malt kiln* 26. Common viper 27. Poker stake M.Kull ot clods 29. Decanter 81. Upright, engraved Blabs S3. Glut: colloq. 36. Warm drink for invalids 37. German river 38. Conbcnt 39. Northernmost region of world: ancient geog. tO. Heartsease •41-Ant DOWN 1. Columbian Indian CROSSWORD 2. Mine entrance 3. Chief 4. Young fish 3. The (Old Eng.) 6. Group (of people): colloq. 7. Unprece)- dented (hyphenated) 8. Narrow inlets: geol. 9. One's helm 10. Conjunction •• U. Kight: comb, form Id. Branch of learning 18. Goes before hi time n. Blue gra-ir: genus 20. Moved swiftly 22. A thing; added 23. Nourished 24. Attempt 26. Ocb! 29. Algonqutan Indian 30. Narrow passageway 31. Medieval story 32. Revolve CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker « ta Marter»' Individual Ptay) 34. Belgian Congo river S6. Hut* M. Crown ST. Unit of realitanoit else. 30. *ym. 4.783 SOUTH ''/A 10 14 4 A JOS 4AJ8J Th« bidding: But South Weat Pua 1 NT Pass North 3 NT j Opening- lead — flva of spades. | Thia band occurred in a team • match. At both tables South ! wa« declarer at three notrump ; and Went led the live of apadeg. i At the nr»t table, Kust took i the ace and returned a apade, | the Jack losing- to the king. I We«t returned a spade to the queen, East discarding a heart. ! Declarer entered dummy with a heart and led the que«n of cluba. When East followed low, South went up with the ace, caught the kuig, and thus made five notrump. South'B play of the ace wax clearly correct. H* could afford to squander a 30-point trick if tt turned out that East had the of clubi, but he could not (G 1M3. King reaturee Smdlute, afford to allow Weat to win with the singleton king if that happened to be the can. The contract wa» bopelew tf West had the guarded king, but wa« makaWn if East had the king or West had It alone. At the second table, South went down against different defense. A spade was led and returned, but at this table, Went allowed the jack to win the second trick. West was careful to play the four of gpades on the Jack, acting- as though his original holding waa the K-0-8-5-4. He wanted to persuade declarer that he had no entry card and waa hoping that Esrt would obtain the lead In time to return the deuce an* defeat the contract. South fell right into the trap. ' He crossed to dummy with a leart and led the queen of clube and finessed. Went took the king and canned his tipades to defeat 'he contract two tricks. It was much harder at thlj table for South to guens the real situation. He ngured, reasonably enough, that there was a far greater chance that East lad the king of clubs than there was for West to have the sin- . gleton king. • If declarer had known that Eaat had no more spades, he would very likely also have reused the finesse and played for he drop. But West* highly maglnative defence proved la be too much for him. r is'

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