The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 30, 1959 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1959
Page 6
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PageS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Bmosport and Brazoria County, Texaa, Sunday. August 30,1969 Shippers Make Bid • ' • m ;.a,VU:,' • . .'•:'• ' ' - .-.-' ; - : . Ten Vets Cast Forecasts By Bill McMurrq 'New look' For '59 Exporters „ .football season must be placed in a class all by itself. ' there is always much more excitement, the color Is well above other ssorts and the overall atmosphere seams to bUnd rSbt in with the fall weather. -r. la short, football season Is the greatest. At least It seems thK way for most Texsns. : ..For Brazosport fans, the upcomfagl959fbotball8eaBOoato- uld be much better than usual, In the first place, the Shippers wffl have a style of offense thatis icterestingtovatch. Withtheirnew split-T that features :rs, floaters and a split-end the "Big Red" offense offers e-open attack. . . is new offensive, installed by Harden Gooper.soda d*uUe unit— one for offense and another for defen*e--shou)dmakethe Sorters a much better balanced outfit, ;£VBI in defeat the 1959 Espoiten Some Depth .... ' •'EAt the first of the season the Exportercfitase wiQ fet-Blsy iifg catchup with thedefense, or aoCooper seems » thtok. Tbst- means the, defense will have togoharder » keep *dr enenoit from scoring. By the tiraetheK-AAAA race gets here tbe Bmorter ofitess and defense should both be ready. Thatmeaos that on Cfct, Tnd, the night Galena Park is in town, the fireworks start. ' That could also be thetimetheShipperstip their hat and say goodbye to tbe lower divisioo teams in theeight team 12-AAAA league. . For the past few seasons tbe Shippershavebeen a fnH-tfaw resident in the bottom bracket .with the also-runs. It's time to move out and Cooper could thespark that starts the Sbfcben on an uphill climb. ~'\ tSome say that nextyearwillbetbe"Hg" coe of Brasoapoit. Sigp and look around before you start thinking about next yeu. KFicm our corner itlooksasif the"Big Red" could very well carve out their best football season in several years by the time fcfetball comes in an end. . ' rlnthepast, key injuries havedoneacrippling Job en the Strip hqpes. That was due to hardly any depth. £Tnis year the Exporters arenotrunningoverwirh depth, but Cgpper does have enough players that no one oridder has a "are" Job. ft wfll be a battle week by week to see just wto wffl stan on Friday night. Tbat'sgood. Corapetitioniseesea- tifl for a winner. , - r^-- ;.">•., \ - . =Speed. No coach ever has enonghspeedand BnsospoR hat been short OQ speed for no telling howmwy years. Cooper can boast about no'10.0 flat halfbacks buthedoes have several boys that can take a pitchout. catch a pass, pickup * punt or kfckoff ajid go all the way. '• ' $plit-T Offense * • . ' -; Do wnfield blocking is a key item on the Exporter worksheet this year and you might see spmeof the "Big Red" back* rolling along behind those blocks and accountingfor long TO scanners. - • • •-,....... : Power in the backfield. With Pat Patterson. Robert Stert- ipg. Cooper Ford and Bob Tatearound, the Ships should be able tb get that first down on a 3rd'and three play, •—Passing. .There's a bigquestion, but Bob Walker could come atotig fast enough, to give the Exporters a outstanding quarter- Sack, Bob can hahdletheballandthrow real good right now but Mil have to improve on the long chunks. ' • ]Above all, the. Ships should be able tomowthe football this yeir. - . • . . .' ' • .• ; <Cpoper took a page out of the Baylor University offensive Bodk before taking the Brazosport jobarid just how fast the Ship Offense.can catch on is the big "if" right now. ' '.. ; .With a halfback flankerorfloater, plus a split-end, the offense will be interesting andwillmaketlielocals a major pass- jhg* threat-at all times. - . : On the defensive side you have such boys a* Joe Cousins, Kenneth Bear. Jack Pybus. Bubba Wittenberg. Patterson. Sterling. Ford. Terry Forbes, Kenneth Lee, AllaoSuorkej. Bud Ja- eJegon arid others;-, r rrhis group are big enough. If they gtt poshed around to their, own fault, but if they can hold, the Exporters wOlbeabfeto Win. Before the season starts we hope to h»v* a name for** |95? Exporter defensive unit. Any .suggestions? : .-The Exponers catchth*"Big Three" of District tt-AAAA "i-who are Baytown, Galena ParkandPasaoTeua«here*t r _. r Field. That means a lob Three surprise* tare «•*> n? Could you stand it. r is- "'.'•' Others Seek Varsity Jobs BT BILL McMUHRAY F«eit Bpeiti Editor Determination—Eagerness—Desire. Those three, words could very well describe the 1956 Brazosport Exporter football team as the current gridir6n campaign moves into the fall spotlight. Ten lettermen head a determined group of Exporters thit will hiake an uphill bid for a better finish than last year's so-so 4-5-1 rating. Boasting the desire needed to carry them into a top division perch in the rugged 12-AAAA schoolboy conference, the Ships must possess that eagerness quality from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Th« ten returning vets ov not tell the complete story for head coach Harden Cooper and his "Big Red" prospects for '59. Up from the ranks come a twann ; of hopefuls that will blend together and give the Exporters both depth and a fair •mount of speed, two essential parts needed for a smooth working football unit. What the assortmnet of ten •lettermen and other varsity candidates lack In talent and experience they will makeup in desire as injected by Cooper. Three lettermen backs and seven linemen return to the Exporter camp with the experience tag as Cooper and his Brazosport staff open their play-for-keeps schedule. Support Needed . ... ., • jQje thing is for sure. The Exporters arc ntwadbe for a fcefcer season this year, next season, in 1961 and on and on. : The jumping off place is 1969 and Cboper and bis staff are a£? ? ^f j * th 7 must * to king the Exporter* uj» from th* dark cellar into the spotlight. 5* Not just the coaching staff, but Exporter footballfans throu- fffiut the area canplay an important roleto the "new" look that V« hope the Shippers will have. Md^rueTan t y < Sri. fanSmeaiB * te "•* «*"'***« • ifMake plans nowto attend the Exporter games lids aeaocaaod wcourage your neighbors to support "their"tetm : By working together we--theentir«Brazospoitar«a--e«dB • i Tickets On Solo.... : With the 1959 season rotting down tfatbeoMStrtteh. an* : fans should start to think about their tlctes to tbsfiM home •Eiiporter games. » -ThesetickeuarenowonsaleattheBraioaporiSctoolBus- 6 * " *" be: s! or.acorjor ;thp full five games. You saveno money but you assure vourself ;a good seat for these games. . '^Exportewgietoffioaspodstart, the home atteadaaoe u =^ lcrea8e ty. sw ««l thousand. There are lots of IPs ia < *° aM , Exporters have their work cut out for them, b« so *> : eainey, twc«stoo schools, m :aur family. More about that in maZr*$m? Pat Patterson, a rugged ISO pound fullback, heads the backfield threesome, while Bob Tate 185, and-Noel McAnulty, 150 are back in the fold. Both Pat- tenon and McAnulty are Juniors and Tate Jg a Senior. Patterson, sidetracked into the line at the first of last year- went into the starting fullback position for the 1958 Texas City game and has held that role since. The nower running of Patterson, nlus Ms speed, leadership and defensive ability leave the Ships In good shape at fullback. Both fate and -MeAnulty are bidding for .starting roles at the halfback'coles and both should McAnulty, Ford, Hart and Strong are the four Exporter halfbacks seeking the flanker post in the Ships spttt-T attack Willenberg heads the end prospects, while Larry Masters, 170, Don Hynds, 140, Brent Gil 11am, 185, Donald Pisklak, 185 and Douglas Selman, 150, are nil after starting jobs. : Hynds and Gilliam will prob ably be the two sharing the offensive work on Cooper's split tnd pattern. Kenneth Lee, 210. Bobby Lo well, 195, Janies HamiQ, .205 and Windell Stlnson, 175, add to the tackle support of Bear nnd Shorkey in the Ships mid die line. . . Forbes and Pybus return a ,ard roles, but Roy Can6r 170. Bud Jackspn, 160, Joe Cut "'"''!.-170. Roger Pate. 180. <Ro bert Cates, 155 and others wil be out. Cousins, Oliver. Oav l u Brandenberg, 160, and Terry B , ox '. «J. give the Exporte plenty of depth at center. Such performers as Pelter son, Forbes, Pisklak, Lee, Cou sins, Jackson, Pate, Pybus, Can on, Sterling, Shorkey, Bear, Lo wen, Masters, Gilliam, Hart McAnulty Minter. Longino Clark, Tate and Hynds coul see defensive service for Coop Petterson and Walker handle the Exporter punt in * ^'k Tate - Patterson. Ford ""'' "-" try 'for ft .Li-™--—- positions, eleven o the offensive side and eleve on the defensive club, were u 'or grabs when Cooper blew the opening whistle on Frida but by Sept.-llth theTEsporiers will haw two solid units. • A date with Jesse Jones i Houston ..on . Sept. llth wi serve to usher in the 1959 foo : ; By the way. this might be the last year that AeEawrttrs jpfey in an eight team league. Next year it might be ten dubs •^j 0 *e!2-AAM league, atleajt^t'sbiS^ word goSg :»round some of the camps staceths recent Texas Cbac^ 'School. • - give the Shins a scoring punch on the outsMp. Bubba:, Willenberg. a 165 peund defensive whiz and an able pass-catcher, i s the lone returning end jn the Brazospart camp. • A pair of 190-pound tackles- Allan Shorkev and Kenneth Hear— are on hand to give the Exnortem a fair amount of wp<«rht in thf forward wall. 'Two guards. Terry Porbes 190 arid Jack Pyhns, a firey 165 pound nerformer. return and win add tn hoth »h« offense anrt defense. At center the Eyonrters seem well set as Joe Cousins, 180: and Doyle Oliver, 170,. are both Cninin, is a keen defensive grldder and will prob- abTy hold down a middle guard slot-on the line. "Thou, are the ten lettermen that will clay a maior role in the football parade for 1 Brazos- port this season, but there are numerous other youths seeking starting berths. At the all Important auarter- back slot. Cooper has three prospect-! gunning for the slot. At 1BO nounds. Junior man- under Bob Walker is probablv running ahead of Charles Griffin. 140, and Roger McCary. 135. at the present. Walker has the football knowledge, can pass, call the right plays and is a known leader. As always the quarterback job is the most imnortant of the club and Walker could be or become the best sfenal- caller the Ships have had since the schoolboy days of King Hill Robert Sterling, 165. could turnout to be the surprise find in the Exoorter camp at a fullback spot. Sterling is a hard runner and a rugged oertormer and is due a job on the defensive club. During the spring work Patterson. Sterling and Cooper Ford, 185 all worked at the full- bark post, but Ford hat been twitched to halfback and will catch service there. With Tate and Ford the Exporters could field a pair of strong runners that can also catch passes, block and turn on the speed on outside clays. Ford is another gridder in line tor defensive work. Lynn Longino, 140, Ford Brown, 140, Donald Strong, 140 Fred Hart. 180, Forrest Clark, 140, and Walter Minter, 185, add to the Exporter halfback punch., Ixmgino, Strong, Brown, Ford and Tat* give the Shipper* five breakaway runner* that could rtH'Up th* "big* play. Speed at m* halfback pott, plus the power and speed of Patterson and Sterling from fallback give *« Shipp** •..weU-balaaMd attack. . — . .. ..u'j..; ball season for Brazosport. By MARtENE McMUKRA 1 (EDITOR'S NOTE—"Halitlms", a column about tht colorful bands and pep tquadl ihtoughout BiatarU County. liarii ill IS5( football run en The Facii sport* p«g» loday. Th. n«w <«B(ur», writlen by Matltn* MeMuway, will b» a tcgulat Sunday Column,) 118 Due In Exporter Band Football fans take notice! The 1959 season is almost here! This year we are going to bring you a report from thic corner entitled "Halftime" which will include activities taking place at the Brazosport games and other halftime highlights throughout the county, , It's time we gave the bands the "pat on the back" they deserve for the many hard hours of practice that they put into their halftime shows. The Brazosport High School Marching Band, 118 strong as compared to 102 last year, will be led by Drum Major Carol Ann Dunn. Head Twirler Charlana McCool will be assisted by Donna Bellard, Ginger Bally, Jolene Reedy, Kathy King and Carolyn Collier. According to. Band Director Fred McDonald, the band already has three weeks of summer nractice behind them. They will be ready for the first game on Seotember llth and plan to attend all the road games except South Park In Beaumont. Again they will wear; the colorful red and white uniforms that contrast so beautifully with the green turf. , The Exporters will have a "new look" over last year in their, style of marching. McDonald says they will use a more original step which has not been seen on the Gulf Coast before. More emphasis will be placed on precision drilling for the nine game Exporter schedule. The pace will be quicker and the step llvller. You have probably seen some of the Armed Forces crack drill teams in action In parades and on the football field. They mark time, move simultaneously as one man, have flawlessly straight ranks and use different steps as they march along. This Is what the Exporters Dian to exercise more this year along with the traditional formations that the fans enjoy so much. Four basses will be added to Ihe present three maklnc seven should Rive the of volumn and in all. That band a lot det>th. For the first time BHS will have an Assistant Band Director. Ray Wanieck. During the nast school year Rav was head Band Master at Velasco Junior Prior tS Ms coming to Brazosnort. he was associated with the Edna Public Schools. He is a graduate of Sam Houston State Teachers College in State Fair Trip In Oct. McDonald; is in his fourth year at. BHS. He has ten veart directing experience ^behind Mm;'five years of-which were spent at Texas City and one year at White Oak in East Texas. Like Ray, he also is a graduate of Sam Houston State. Other activities on the band's schedule will include a trip to ONE OF Th* ton returning Exportor l*it*tm*n will b* tackl* Knuwih B»r, abov*. Bear wat on* of th* prli* lin*m*n wtlcom.d back by teach Hard.a Coopu on Friday wh.n Braiotporff fill workout* got undtr- way. Th* Ship* hav* a doubt* workout plumed Monday and th«n drop back to z*Butar afternoon drills. Dallas and the State Fair. The group was selected by band directors from over th,*-state,-as he outstanding band to represent this reeion. Our region Is one of.IB in Texas..This trip is planned for October. This year's group starts off with a high standard to maln- ain. Last year the band was a JweepstnVes Winner in their 'egion. They, gained this title ;y competing with other bands at regional meets at different olarcs over South Texas. They were judecd in marching, concert and sight reading. They earned a first division rating in each, which is the W«hest rating you may get. As In fonthall. the band !•< In AAAA which Is the toughest hi«h" school competition In the state. At any rate we will be ex- nectinp a fine performance From them. As snorts fans, we should all get on the band wagon and support mir hometown band along with our football team. Leading the cheers for Bra- 7.osnort will be Head Cheerleaders Tommle Etie and Mary Simpson. They are both Seniors. Juniors Anna Sue Robinson, Claudine White and twins, Larry and Garry Moore will be leading the "yells" right along with them. Thesp boys and girls have attending a Cheerleadlng School in Dallas the past week so we should be hearing some new cheers from the student section. Miss Virginia Tolblrt Is the sponsor of this group. The cheerleaders will attend all the Exporter games and their uniforms will be the same at last year, that being red, white and blue. Looks as if Brazosport is going to have a lot of good leadership during the 1959 season. We'll be looking forward to seeing them on the field. 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