The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 24, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 24, 1897
Page 3
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OYSTERS snlcidws to K. Uonttey isi visiting Mitw Plxky, ot f£alatna*orV is ft guest at ROBCOK Hoag's, ( A apoftod acMo? was killed hear th« Tontine hotel t!Ua afternoon. ^nke,is Vieit- Sitcom. , rtBctttley will take part in thn bicycle r»e&& «i ttellev we tomorrow. c* ant! fid. Cathewf. left tins for ft trip flown th<?-rivf-r They Wilt HO k& far by boat nft frosmblr- »nr\ return on|l MMiiffon Oonttal H. R. Co. warned not to ritlf betovwrt thu ilunbln tracks tetw<'0tt Kwisiagfon nnd JJUfs. for »' wsli day. i Winm«r wa's in Battle CJtcek to- * , ^ *• . ** Bertha Davisis visttiunp Marshall Bev, aod MM, Sidney B$ck\*ith, Chrome sufferers from hay nw betaking 1 IMttwolveij 4o B#y Veto. Mips Mart BlsikeBlee and Mi* ttorrfe Ha1$ey loft Saturday fot- a tMt in tltf east. I --"<./' _ i IL 1*. iHy &«*' ft flottflower in l»fe yard which raeasarts 14 feet si* ' ' DHroit $tWti to <S who. lasted -A <# riding th&r are 221 business' failure* rnport- thronghWit thft United States 2l4two tfbeftsr f*go-, ago, 132 two jmts ago, 233 third wwfc of August, the ttorUtcfrn' Mle&ferftrt «rfe Cash whfrli tioupt ibby Jfeiith teft last evcfiing for^ Bufffilo, . ,,., ,Juds?e Laae was it? Jiattle |6rcek oo business today. &frp. I'lotft Johnson, ^f LanRtaff. Is visiting at Dr, Siuiley's. Mrs. C. A. Gairdttnier ontertajiy the Uirthday club t*ni(»rjro'ft\ ' - M,iss Mabel Lotto went to Ifimier this afternoon for A wipk's visit A company has been orgnniznd fit Lan;to manufftcture horsolesa^carriageB. Mrs. J. I\ &tnilo> and Mr*. H. tt. Newman were huowrt yesterday from (iull lake. . Dr/Stniloy hap irneKtcd in a 101-acre farm abont three miles northwest ot thu dty, _ ^ / Miss Maudo Soulr is spending tho remainder of her -vacation \\ith .friends in town. r " * Mr. and Mrs, A. \V. Haxo'aiid children arc visiting friends near Belhntie. x Tlu\v will be absent a week. .An exchange wittily predicts that hot ft few Ci. A. K. \oterans will be "otf before ever they reach Buffalo According to tho rejH)rt ot the state v treasurer Michigan h«*d#780(tX).>on hand at the close of the fiscal year. Miss Elizabeth Thurston returned from Gull lake yesterday where she was tho gaeat of Mrs. J. F. Smiley. 880 cefttft in this market. A tramp WJ*a awestod at _.., ..od tafei'iiM Albion of havingaet Jlre house. ef price c, on hojief ul that, in view of the numerous i of crop failure eteewh^rft OTI ae- <jf the' bugp, they will for trfftr^rop ihai vvilt irare therrt * decent margin of profit, not hftd Battle Creek .Journal: yes in MatBhall with' the thmi prieo'n county jai'Uthey , u.v* i, } „»-... ,^,jno.arjtlTnrnkey Main? jwho.wef«sear(;hihfffor twoywng mfi Our readers 'wWo^eend mail to OttH lake I whrt had madtr.tjhree attempts ti» paBB ; Mr. and Mra. Dickey who have been wi'upyinj* the \Vandel <'t>Uan« at (Jull x lak« returned to their homo in Chicam> '6. R, Tibbetts, son of ex-Miuor Tib betth, of Coldwatnr, comJuittttl suicide at the>St.'Loi'ii8 hotel Sunday by taking a djwp o,f morphine. , The ue*v tarritT has incroa$ed the price •~ of violin, ^nnio, guitar, and cello strings forty-flvn pet cent. This will be cheering ^ - --• \ • to luUbicariR. > ha\e'started ft cru< hat pin, owing pHople having rccontlv had their oyea «ou«W out b> them. „ It tasaid that the \\hw- of the crops in the state of •.Nebraska Ihifc ecpialh tho value of the \\urldVk prodvn'tuto of gold ami silver. Such IH U\e importance of agricultur^ to th»< iiali<in. x » John Williams, of M iwkegdn, BUI-H the ^ _^ Central 'for. y2." t .tK)(\ elajm- his valuable trotter, Cliarlca U. was ..._ , poinwi west on the D.\T. A ahoiikl remember that tlie -mail goes at .tlVsS> ft. tn. instead of '<J :•"»•"» $s heretofore,' The mayor and rwordor any that the correspondent «jf the €hroniclp mu^t be a "back nutifiber" if ho d«feft not knmv the dtffrrentie bvtweeti Square yards nnd cubic yards. A stock company i£~"b"(Mt>g formed at CJoldwater *o manufacture a device for lowering eolHnfl into the jjravo. The machine is Controlled bv the undertake and i« floiseK's^r The, state- <«onvtiitlori of (rood Ttrn- plars held il« opening Ression this worn, ing tf}th a good attendance. The prospects arc favorable for an interesting series of meetings. Doeff the marshal know that there is an eaijj. end „ to this cit> ? Dye.s he know that there is a fnrk there? DOCP hv know that Ihere IB a splendid croj? of burdocks in it just going to wd? * .1/ickfion 1'atrUit: Mr. and "Mrri. U? \V. Goodoll went to Marshall yesterday to rtpofld two \vpekH with the latterV mother and thence 1 hey ««> to Travorw City to vinit Mrs. G-HMlaU'e Hitler for_ threp vecfcs. Among the distinguwh<-d vmittfrs attending the Grand Lodge of < l<«»d Tern plar<MH Gen, Walter H. I'njne. I*. (J.C. T., of Ohlo^who Will be one of tin church tonight. MnVriage licences ia«ue<l. »Claud F. Mudica and Pearl Aurancl, both of IV- konejia; Alston J.'Brainenl and Dertuis l>oth' of Clarendon; La- and counterfeit a51vi l r dollar pass dn> bu the tiekft ag«it, and whc \vore suripo^d U» h*vp com*> to thin f Hy A telephone n»»9Bat(p ar-nt, !u v r<* to th polifo station to^ulted Jo th<> arrfs| o the partis by roticntnt- n Btttfe and Gregory and they ww hold until Hamilton and ihoupe Arrived at 12:40 . Upon promise to 'rectify the ; mistake which B ft ft fu , 0; S ull,, * • * The tVU-brated Hi»<'<»1aHsis» f , Will *Jo At ^" -*•-' " Marshall, Note! Royal, Way, SEPT. 3d Ottc !>%V OAly In KftSriH Mbttlli. nde*ftmln»tlO* Frtie Wflctrttjllj Ou Tuesday i\ug«st 24th the M. C. R. ft. will run an ^xeurflion to Petoekey, Charlevoix and Traverse City for #» miihd t rip. Tiekcts gm>d goinpf on train fraving Marshall 8:23 a. m^eonncetinijftt Jachwm with tlift njiedal ttttin. Return by any regular train» f"«eftpt Nrirth Shore until Sept. 2nd inclusive. A Wftrtie «>f Agetit. anil Wortlijr ot "tag" h»8 bwn going on in th* oifcy, and otir eTRXi-nfl have b«»n th? gainers thertby. \ Inrge number of the hmiw* have benii "tugged 1 * by th<? liattlft Crtek 'Sanitarian* IJealtfifF'otitl Co., And the eltissdns generally wtre presented by their groWf* with a neai little «SWtafjfirn? jrpfjettBfM of fehe j" made ito th* factories »3 Company, particularly Crystal %rterial art- school with tho parent modes of drops tailoring »rfe taught, has arran#<jd to open a brunch ifl each eou,n ty in the fltnt«. Mr. V, F. Htinf, the ett- of 6el}eot&i& hjESfCrfot' th^ for Galhown our housewives' only kaew it, they greatly decrease their fcxjtfsfthoKlr' mid at,tfia earn* tnne tfd<r*J ttoe, ri not} health of t&& fotuJly by inij th& wad^-to-servd foodff trf tho " "fS tie t»rs tbo Hioir\ftttenHpn to tugB pti - aade g^uist thi\d«ull> to a nrimberof E. . ffty"i-rt(> .T. ArjdruB, of v HO'IIUT, nnd Mary K. Ziuimcrinnfi, of Bivrry Co. ing p >rmanetyLly crippled' b> at NeW Bulfato, wliA« m bad twitching Chicago R*t't>rd Bifcys Ui;\t thf farmers of Nebraska are H<vt4p<.'llnod to attribute their good crops to the- Hucee+is of .MeKinlfrj and are ovidwteing their faith in free silver by contributing ljl>cral" ly to fall campaign expenses. \ I>r.. .Tames O, DucWr, of charged with conspiring to wife by engaging » man *•<> throw sulphuric iieid in her face, was iKtld to the grand jur> lost" evtvilng in bondu of $3,- ,"»tMi. Dr. Duekci'won unable t<¥ procure. T>oir«Istt)/n and was takeji to jail. Mrs. formerly ,a M IBM Hheldon, of the parties wore released as they ap- , etf tn bo innowut, Th<>y Claimed lo be farmer boys from pouth <'f Dee,\tur. The Detroit Tribune in not inclined to _ tho MeKmh'y administration nor the n*w tariff bill the cwlit for tho advance in tho price of wheat. EditftrJall) that paper remark* that the fact that Russia, Tudia anil' Argentine, the three great nonrcs of tho «orlcl u wheat suppl> outsiilf of the United Htntex, are suitor ing From tremendous crop hhortages is entirely overlooked in the effort tr> justify the "McKinlc> and pwsp«-nt>" cry of 18%. With the government, of the czar abont to prohibit graih export.* for- tlie year-raid with a crop '» Argentine scarcely sutljcivnt for tho home demand the price of wheat in tho United States would boom, even if Gen. C<>xey wesuj the chief executive and Mr: l)eb.« Bj»oak er of the house. Fur the 8,vkp pf har Uionj. it may be w.ell .Kio«j«h to i-oncecle that th 1 election of McKinlf> ami-tin- pasi-iiKe of th« Dm^lov bill art- «hr<vtly resjxniaibte for i the Vjoitnteourt >ield of tho western prairies, "nut toiwlude that these. <H4'fits ha\e any mlluenee in ii^iw tho prieen of grain in the markets ot (he world rc-tiuirw u strain of the inwitrhia- tirtn to which pober-in'mdetl, ppoph- of any political puisuamon are unwiuftl. ' Attehtioiv Jhhn Cur./.inKFi7ia~riii^<ived through 11. L. Day & Son n ear of tho "Ht>rcule«" brand of German 1'ortlftnd cement, and fa preparwl to pujtdimn the bept walkn and guarantf" it Ui»t-md with an j other cement 6« tlijP market. ' H. C. Jwntri Allen 1' ().( Hi'lixlnt' Mich i Myss. l ;Notiini8 gave >nj^ rhcmni- twm miorMjuleU ,rehcf ai l>r. Thouiis* Ke- v»te oil nil » , , rhrotnt' cough, Bf.Kfe aitRnotk) lever uU-?r». HrU-luV Alwe, rhHn sBH of kirtm-ys anrt Winder, «t mm atut <V Et'i'lPi'«j arul uevcr cured by a ni;w 'taiffeM, t to,cut &«>•"« itjf «thftt*ttnily,' Irtdlra' aftd" ^ii-je* J bays' a'nd <uenff* #arft}eflt0» ehirts» etc. me institute the cutting courts* r .^ . o desiring - tfr take the e^Wi«i|?t ni tfKar« entitled to brinj? any 8«'* P r _.b86rtttd,ttiHke it under instructions of the best lady tailor*. A t»H will con- vjce all of tho genuinConse of; the merits of the institution." ' Mothers arrtf fathom ^«d yowr datigli- tprsi wives paye^our husbartda front ?10 to $50 ppr year by .learning to c4w for your own wardrobe.. Solicitor)* 1 will call on each family in the dt>. Onr terme low that any one raay avail th^tn- selves of this opportunity. ' s^ Mr; Hunt wilV remain in -the city a week and would Hk« to meet tfaose who would like to act as manager of county schools; The schools bourn will be from 8>^ to 10:30 a. to, and troin .;.30 p.'tn. beginning Tutw^lay a. m,, .^^.^^.,.. u^'x-j:! ./' ' '" .;•/Wot B«J«oa*e " A3SD of Shorthand and x f of . rt"»<»! •*» ii>t»'r«»l external, . • .ng, «ct»l nlc<5w, flsorcs.flstulB rn i t»kcn for n«rrou« nn;l luue .ill Citrwd Romembiy we Ouro itH forma fit i.ilt» without pain luturtuptton or i«!».-i«, ^tttti irttha»t-tlw «B » » of I!R» u^» i Uottip und tic convinced. TO YOUNG, tttUULE'AGKD^ANDOLBMKS HatlcrltiC from »«>-'«'< torrhtu^. i'mpM«Ky- ; lo*t tnttnhoo.l-0f froift *cfiko<"fi« brtiitfiht on f fora rtf in^icl-mlon* i« youth or ovpr, indal !n IRtHt v< «»fK, rtn Siven pcrinitiit>nt relief.. Atwt«l«U5 t»rt<« jfniir-iuit«M'd{ ftlnUljr conrtdentlttl, Tttrnw uliU i-Mieors N -f«n>rt feuiio, of t«rt* yunnft m<>n til aim best pqiiippw O.l»<m ot . One» m the* «nd titttYiioul. e\frjr ftltrt ci «u»r»nli •» to c-iiic »ic1s Uui«1a<-»Rv pilw, 'ft|i IJJF VV' « ! civt «(ipci L-ascsni" if> <n s ottocr tcr VMO I. » >u* nwd'Vl^tt s " f T-'lt blraitn'l r i j' -i .ir 5 oiini'i * o. » rn .. tor Thitoc « IKJ tiro «nV>J<»!.. ciil.onu w Aug. 37. -So lady is so rich that ahe ahottld rteirU«t this all important duty. We will give private Iwteona to those who do not care lo attend tho regular I(882. Incorporated1896. GEORGE INGERS8LL, . GENERAL , nA« ol , in ij»i(l fltrictnre. oUBntum to dtateult folied it will . mi'' U»V« mi'iix u >(iMy8i-« . ri\ lull -l-j- - Gilt PJro ami CyHone We a«aiu annonnc6 that wo reprepont none of the doubtful class of insurance companies. We re-pi-esent six of the leading eompanies^f tho world', ha,viri>j asset* of thirty tfiX million dollars for protection of policy\ holders, tho old /Etna having eleven trillion, The best is none too good: the be^t ip tho cheapest. Special favors granted. All Idfwa promptly paid by I). C«miin$rhflni,afl;»!nt. llnvlni? hod oipUtcon yeara oxpcrit-nee M Jut1(t«*«if l y rohatc»lll give «|>*oiM attenUort to .iraotlcu In Probate OoilttB. Parties hftviiig biiainpiis ifl prohste «<ran» rtsy an»! It to'their fiitervst ttt f*('iiiTOlt him. WILLS, ifTirtii »! i **« TI «*»if * * '« " •*•"— -->-• — -- - - -i- r ^n.Vmm'TiU"'^";: l .l"nt"w.-r< <; H.^.^S I will bo s^l my ofPcointh'^c.urthous ji,. mm iir*.. i .^. th ^ , iap) ^ ( <)f » $ j^ Uur ,M, roin jj : ;50 jio 10 a. m. on MopdavB ant> i ,n\f^.tfc if i f»»t »<*Yttl!r*tf 'thi'HrV. t-nwi .. 1.. . ^ «^->J ..< , .41> <-m li<-xii *«ia rtf utt't'li JIM) tulit no (l.»* tliO if >on r " Itouwn. DRS. B:. s. * CO-, i, IHIcti. Ta union it Maj Mrs. P. Merrill wvnt to I'-^toiikey toiJa>. (jaTSaf<K>uipanU»d"b> Cf"tt. Merrill, who* ia euterod, iu th«- Xorthurn MivLigftit t^rftjia t<nfnmjujent held at Bay View Friday a»d/Saturday of'this woek. Uie the 'fhe eoroiie**.8 jtJry ttt Miehi^up Cfiitrul li«yl,ro<td Q<. employes, wuro uol tu l»la.ino Any woman ib a fool that 'will stand over a red hot <:«ok etovo this wenthtir \\henuheean get on« of our 2 bnrnor gasoline atovos fur #.V»Our » throo burner for &7,0tt Positively no d;m£<T with tliis stove. BOSLBY'S. ^iur»da>f>. and at otlior hours of when notothorwise en^.igtd. - W. LOCK-TON, Pros. Atty. JlinK I have a "Hne a.'portiiK'nt of canary i for Bftl6\C»H and se«^M^«- Mt8S b!l.tiKK FtOol»-, ^; M onfot> street. Deeds, Mortgages and / Other Legal Papers Carefully , Drawn. Titl«H to-ltoul Kutatt- \( ill attend »<i 1h» linrphaj-e, *n<i, »*'(!• n, r«»l Hto, pnymBntot taxes, tlcfl Loarw oil, real entato uoRotlHted .' A««nl for nKtM)<TUno ol Life and Lite lumir e i<omi>auiua. ' O V F I CK <it KES 1 1 > MIS ClB. Corner Miw1*loniind'.0ra,«rt;si». .. - lnrr ' / I Mangled and Torn (i. A; th<* hfjus* 1 of Kdvv^u Val- jnur, <»f Battle, Creek burne<i whilt wae awa/ a»A Ijewiif Marnfif?, a .stn, w.iw found with-a wuitof Mr. ntotht<a in "Itiri '[Hi^odbiuii. lie I * . _ j . . f .. j* i.. t GRACE AND BEAUTY linked in tho IvandBOoio and perfect clothing mude at tliis eetablieh- The superior cut, elegant and stylish mntariiil »«'! nrtbtin fiuiKh nwike iwi yt th& jattrisrue^ Wo are now niaiiK ui> «uit« and overcoats ffoiu fm r fall and winter goods at greatly prices J, J,' BK SHANE. -4 f Vae arrested and pleaded guilty V> ' ' and V>AH •county iftil for niunty tlaya fc>U u, , who was killed Aoii pow tlie lateat didpatcfi«» a *ery large tfiop trf gr»tn d in tlie Agreat joe republic. 1 were th« meii land barned Prof' Webb's »e«idmwie. ta iindei tba« What is one to The Farwyris' pitaiic ot Macitou Bettefa "\yheat sold for i a _ &0 yeats ago," e?id ex-Senator. on u. tk J&lwaukee ruiU fitcurgiott ticket fe» those ty go. Tho «igui leaves at at »*e. Fa«? for the r Th«a i Journal w^tfceF was eU»sed coutt«M- tion list .to th^ (Jaziatt*, and the type mid material to the Deuiocrat, and Vou C. Htitid^rsuu, af tor iO ye^rs.of editorial wojk» retires tu private liJEe. Jolm'L. Ballivan buibj up aa e for mayor of Eofttoo. Th*» 'rald aaya that his dwiikmtioH .of pripuipal U»« thu rtyfat riag, aad if it and hit-tor. j'~- arid piled for TJj 1 gold mlii^ji* and prints cents i*f yard: white «u|jar nd you hear aa uiuefa mhnut i»ard Uuies J» But away M«fc to. tte ' and h%h rooum. t backed chairs iu tfeeir aays: the in th* small to.nri>* adjaeent fcoJBattle Creek &»¥ti been fi»y- iwg from t*o t<y six ceiita more fur wheat th*u th» bu^ere^H thw city, gixa^y to tto detrimw^ of lucal merchauta, t» trade iW'mus Ufeuu drawn away froiu here, /ditizeas h«re are iudiguaut, and IoW« Mil- Kvul llaiiway, are hautlred* of cJiWttiiitB MxsiliUfee la^iuiucatly littwj Itff auutmtr boiuss, aos^tj at] <*f• waiek- ^w «r rwty friMB th^ "full draw fo^r thw ttannei bturt «ostuuK,- tut «very moai. 'Awuutf Uw hat &{« tifcuifee Jatuilia* to ftg tha perCqiitiaia of uprtb^ry it Mbprte. Ntwriy *U of tbe VV'i lioiutH t>t iiit*reBi prfe wtlUitt a -short MUwauktse, »u«l no&e so f»r away {ro;u thw of the necessity o! ureinent. Uuscrupulqus mm got into it Bought to do business by giving bl|r inaoiwi to me ke it a speciftibusmess, so between tht man- via. U, TV, ArM, I?J. \\ill be fan from iopbhal to fjuffalo via Detroit A Urand'Trtmk, railway day. Fae for TK-k^V*> wx r a«4 can bt at T p round trip will . Dress Tailoring school rtf Jl yoo a 1 qt. Ai^etk WtMtoFttny it a ,-3cper yotl yd, lace curtains would »i^«x th% heart of any fconscieii^ous UoaeKser. Porta- nately auphS"8tS sary, We undeniiike to thorougty wash and iron any Uu&iauptaiii, ao eitttrH8ted to our care and if «a whole ^iuid souod brought tu. u«, Anybody can launder a 'ft takes Hit »re dona at the TiteHHto ToMM«ljr>\ ' Hatch Block. of them « few faoar« of fr^utiat ttttii«,on)r the fiacst toodia tte north weBt— keo & SI give BoetoH 8 befcttr municipai that tuwu is Ukely to day. aywptouiii ' OM foot * seh&att aiaong th« iu to build a grain ulevtiior ttw' Detroit, Tittindy- 4 Milwaukee [depot apd hirt an esparieuced wheat USie Ql feeling— Burdock BUS«i BIU*>M ta «nr««* »»y troftt*^ 41 dwlJ, heSSyll»«5t*«JfBi«Jw teit wiaplv fwj*i th*^ iaruitr uil thwre its h» it, wxpcctiug tq ' pf people we iiibjeat ta Wwtsl of it»'»«*iw* foxwj«. Dr. ot *U4 Stt^wkwrry i* tut mt- ie | Ors jfl way ot trade.' Do yt>u waut a good cetueut 'walk? €5ag 98 Cteorge Atey. I '^Ul SewfJ ft two ceat au«J £t» » cupy ol "Va- dejioriptioi* of the aad A lifts of summer b.ofa^i8 rates lo? 's profit and a big profit^to a sppiaf s«^» t, t'tocfcjso, IU. the cOj>tomer gets poor value, ho uses ? will d^tfitUf. If you .fit |ii this line at a little advance on made clothing prices see our lines; be measured .^^ . ""^t i Jt o/oly takw» ku da'ye -by usiug 'ford'e Tobacco taru to. oiitirBly rid SOT, o| (4«f dsstune *0 m*6* lobiwcp ia (arui. U if «Ujiiriwite«nl k«. do BO or the money is rofuuded. OtU and it at Hyde's drug store., ^ Start right aa4 reineailieif mj any tojdwie witfe ii« must be satisfactory, as T I f A. UM 1 ^ i PPP» 19 S.W>UlWtUi*B,lfc^«. t * U

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