Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 12, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1961
Page 1
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2-D€l RJO (Texas) NEWS-HERAtD, Monday, June 12, 1961 KEMNfDY REVOKED IT' OOP Chief Says Ike Planned Air Cover forCuban Invasion ffi'tes^K.^i^-^j±r«*z Sf-oU said that when Kennedy ] treaties, the violation of our a°ree- i-'failcd to support the Cubans with i ment with' the Orqrmit-.hon or t American navsl forces, American'.American States and gos-i" in : supplies and American air cover,'with American troops to CiVbn " CONTRACT BRIDGE •-'^ ,*_• £ W£<_ <- . B *** l^ NV>rth' dealer. r — Ttepub- tn .\VtiioK_) Chairman William MiJter' •says President Kennedy 'r.-jcJiidfd and revoked: the Eisenhower-plan to have the Cuban freaSorn fighters protected hi Anu'rieen air power," That. 1 . Miller said Sunday, was a -'-trastc >msiake" by Kennedy. "T}:*-n. the second mistake he made—ami the most tragic of a!! —was to- announce to the world I'urt IK- bad rescinded this, order; ir:M the American? wouldn't do a <:nch- ihlnz to help the Cuban ir?r,<<sm fighters/'. -Miller said. MiUrr'5 comments were in n t*-'s -M-ior.-radio program record- Pennsylvania stations, the _" !v-o"' senators; Republican SvjU and Democrat Joseph •k. aha appeared. • has been no word from ^<«.»rce.s t.ha! former Prt-st- 'vvigh- D. Eisenhower fav- XORTH 'AS76r. XQ .1 S 2 <-o!i I that's when the invasion failed."* \ | The Republican comments fjl- [ • lowed a statement by Clark that ' ; "the whole Cuban mess is the" I result of a plan conceived by Mr.; :" Clark said former I ; Viet 1 President Richard M. Xixonj ' knew of the plan "in full," al- ; t.ho'.ish "the knowledge was j denied by him in the campaign.".' Scolt said Kennedy made up his ' mind, to support the Cuban inva-, siun "without any help from Eisenhower or Xixon." "Van. ran drag Nixon ail the way back from -California and -you'll never chanse my mind-that fir had a thin;? in the world to do wish it," Scott said. 4 -110 t V 1095• 3 50 3 43 A3 EAST actor Team Goes socmr 45 • A976 Tht- bidding: North Rast South 3 4 Pass 2 £, 3 * West Pass PJLSS ** [dlwtiond,* caFh«H}» the nee of- hearts, discarding a diamon.i. nntl led the o t t;ppn of hearts. ci>=>- carding his last diamond wh^n n,m ployed low on the heart, j Declarer then ~ot to his hand j by ruffing- a spade ap.d msdr tne i test of the tricks for a score of } 3,.100 points. > When (be hand was played , at the second ' table, with Jals ; and Trezel holding Uie North- South card'? for France, the bidding- went: North Kast South \Veat 1 V Pass 4 + Pass •i NT Pass 7 Jb Four diamonds, as played by I this pair, was an asking- bij. I and the. four notnimp response 1 showed two aces. Tr^zei there, upon bid seven clubs, for better j or worse'. "" ^ r* * *"" -^ ^ ' •* ''K. •-.- *• Traffic Mishaps and Drowninas f ,-T.I, -^ , • . . ^^ ~ ' ' ''n- " '• "' V - •-»•" •k, j --.?. i-J 4 •£••> m *>*,--•<>' m ' ~ r" t*- ?, * — •••• « v mm""-^A \^^~'^ Toll in Texas TM*< IATID Charles Ftoore, 1C. of w — — — - «»^ "^v«« i \^nmiK» r Kiuit. T *u, t»i »./*_•-*-!»•»Traffic ; accJdwis accounted forjville near Waco, drowned Sunua> 14 of the -to violent deaths in Tex-i In the Kraios River while playing f as during the weekend. Ten with another youth. ! ™* ne ?' ,.. George Jinks, 36, Dallas, | Shootings, stabbmgs and other drowned in Grapevine Lake when .-violence accounted for the other' he leaped frojll a boai ailll ^ Deluded"- * ta<all<lfc!> m yemp ( cd to swim to shore. 1 A ' , . . j , ] O. E. While, 4i, Irving, clic-d - A car struck and killed Miss Sunday of injuries received Satur- nby Garner at Odem. near. San,',!-,, :„ „ ._..„, C Mtsmn in DM- in tun } ',\ • and a parked vajpr^east of \t lf Spring killed a bapyjgjrl Sunday She was Clara -Hopper, mfani | Ruby Garner at Odem, near- San-' da v' I Antonio, Sunday night. She had IBS < fw***n. an ClAt*rv* TT.nV. t5 A i~.^. n i a._-_i^ * {been an Odem High ScbooMeach- |er more ihan 25 years. David Hawthorne 27, Harlingetb Henry Welch, 18, Worth Sunday of a stab daughter of Mr. apd -Mrs. Hopper of Big Spring,''JJl.r pai- ents and Mr, and ,Mr^, Claude Aaruii, occtipufiis of iinother Q iii u were injurpd. Patrolmen^sajd thf Hoppers' light foreign auto arnj a second car collided wjth t fhe Aaron vehicle as it pulled oni^U.S. ti> All three smashed r against t nt , parked vai». r ita l-'atls after a inarf and f was slabb^d"""^ ^«r"«"'T" irt= the Uiruat received ' aiuli* a, 7- ~. --- -------»-«....«,, i . ;. f 1300 ** 1 !? to death Sunuay ^ , t ; were found dead Sunday ,^n a gain Sao Antonio. Police said. * ' rage al an unoccupied, residence , ^roy_ farmer, «. Jif.uston. *n* Th , were j R _% hft5on 47 ; found slabbed to death Sunrlay m , Alrs ; Shjrley W iJliani* a. ditch in northeast Houston. fo|ind ln c ..j r . \t, GULICK fAP) - A f.zcns-was set up with President ' : ROSA MARIA FLO RE S. : daughter, of Mr. and Mr?' ••Eugenio Fiores.of 303 Maxi', was valedictorian at ihe . tour- ; Kennedy's heJi> after Castro > ; Larriar Junior HK'h Prime Mi J-i.i;-' Oasiro to swap 500 tractors lor l,2v*i Ciihan invasion prison- i'T c . 1 hi- 1. .S technical team repre- M-r : ;in.£' t'-t- Traetors-for-Fr/-e<lom r:rnn;J!tc^ cabled. Caslro Sunday ni«?;t thai :i would arrive in Ha- V^FJS at & a.m. Tuesday, aftw an <.-\ i.-rrrj^hj. jtop in Miariii. ;.Tisf -_path ~ to Havana secmcil «-•£!: ir>-<] I.L any official ohstacir-s. Heprt'sematives of rxjih the U.S. ir»i r*;h~n governments- said ihe ti-sm could xe; the Jiecessary K:U it" "remainr-d to he seen \vhvihf-r Castro would agree to i?•<- Is-rn-,fr the cammiitee is offcr- i^T.. Tnt pr-n-Cornmunist Cuban l,?^ '-K-vfi. iaSking piih'iclv aho-il ti^iU ihe Americans say they will A sEokesman said the U.S. te.nni o; friar non-governmc-nt farm ma- chirery experts hopes to complete £rr.-^rri-?»:nenis in Havana in ahom s day. returnmy to ihe United 3 v I'ass 6 A Opening lead—jack of dm- | Again the jack of diamonds mor.ds was led, and again declarer The element nf luck is not i made a11 the tf'-ks. But France altogether shseni even in team ' scored c-W points^ having bid of four matches, despite the ! £ ra "d *lam, and guinea 750 /so: fait each* t^am plays ex- | P aint * on the deal. RC'!y Eh.- same hands. " j It was a'lucky contract to i* a hand, for example, ! «ake t reo_n<ring as it did, .......— ;t a match between among 7 other things, that Fast Frvi"<- t > nnd Sweden, whiclt i have the king of hearts If West sN.wt h.v.v luck 5s sometimfs .1' had had the king, Prance would c3f.~r.sive : ictor ] have lost the match m.nead of V. 1—1 'he Sxvedi.h pair rLun- winning it. •t=ll r -,-J I h^d the, Wohlin's bid of six clubs was •-.V ~, •'-' Tl r-ards they reached perhaps on the conservative *=-:>- r v •, -A-iih Ihe bidding fe- side, but ic ihonld be noted that q.• -.>-,- ,-u-^jj. Tne Frer-ch West if the \Vest player at enher :•.:<! t ...> ^.-^ of diamond-? and table had been sufficiently ln - hr.^ ro ironWe making spired to open a tfump^ not .-r^t-?. even a smnJl slam cou!d have r:r- \/,-i ^e ace. tr-:mped a been made. '^ *"' " — ^—>ir« ^«-»"Ti-->t« j^- j j»he stabbing occurred while Haw T .thome was visiling his. foriner [wife. Mrs, Shirley, Hauthonte. AJ ; 23-year-«Sd man was-arrested: Edward KeUy, 6, son,of, Mr, and-. At B, died in an auto accident JMrs. W. B. Kcily of Ablle'ne*! day nor * h of Houst « n ' J • " * * | Katharine Amierson, | drowned Sunday in a the home of her parents. Mr jnd Mrs. John Anderson of Houston _ _ „ wfir iiiunti in u ecu. ju H closprl , f.^^ °!™ an :..:f'„."!!!' e*™^ »' th I})e cSrVA^tor nil" " ' " nin.s. .lames Mathis, 2u, was. shot d, at Jackyboro Sunday and Elmer Lynch, 58, Hillsboro, died j9 months old,- was electrocuted !Sunday vvjien he toucned ~a_ t€te- " —^..^.., —, ..L.^t^utv {vision antenna "pole, beside the Saturda y about two hours , home of his parents, Mr, and Mrs 1 b * in ° stiuig three times by ' ; Alfonso Castorena. Investigators'- Di " na Jackson ' » montii<s. of ; found a live wire against-the tin- r Sunday of injuries iroof of the house {apparently suffered \\hen sho uas b»aten. No charges had cide. sin Two small brothers wandered filed. Her father, Amos Jack«on. .from their home near Port Isabel - . I and drowned in a ship turning ba- !S stationctj a{ Laredo Air Force ' sir. Sunday. Fishermen ,found the George Livermore, 57, Lubbock > his brother. Tommy, 3."~They' were • ° }l °P erator > dle(1 Sunday in a one ; the sons of "Mr. and Mrs. Pat Pat- Car accident W£- st of Gmhrie, T<?\. ton. " j Nancy McCowan of Plamvieu Josquin Flores Jr died Sun{Ja >" in a one-car accident U.S.-aided invasion for 500 tractors.: The committee " has been soliciting donations lo pay ior liis .tractors.. • One principal difference, between- Castro's proposal and the ; committee's counter-offer so far has heen in the type of tractors involved. Castro also has talked about politii-a! prisoner €-.xchanges. a .subject unacceptable- to the • committee. He has been vague about what prisoners he would return. The members of the technical .team, are-Prof. Hoy Bainer. head of the University of California agricultural engineering depart-, nu-ni; C. If. .Hansen. asst. professor of agriciillura! engineering at Michigan Slate Universsty : J. B. LHjedhaK. agricultural en- jrinc^ering professor 2! Purdue University, and Duane P. Greathouse, director'of she" United Auto Worker Union's agricultural implement department. An inter- : preter will accompany ihe group. ' BACKWARD GLANCt — 25 Years Ago! uu-*i| t iiu r lores Jr la Was s —•^••^a j J<t u UUL—L-UI occnit'iu fsiabbed to death Sunday behind f about 15 mijes southwest of \t-r- a drive-in cafe a* Brownsville. Po-, "° n on U ' S " 70 - The car VJS <irn - IJce held a man, 20. ! en by flcr mother. Mrs. Ida Mc| Homer Anderson, 37 Marshall ( Cowan - wno was injured. |-Vegro. was kiHed Sunday in a car* Jess ^^e, T0 r a retired M'c=- ' crash near Marshall. " j ' 2uue do § warden, died Sunda> of Robert Stevenson, 14, >. T e<To '5 Su nsh °t wound suffered Satar dro«-ned Sunday while swimming, f' The lawyer j sou{n oi Waca, i _^_ crash involving three tars June 8. 1936 The school tax rate in the Stickney's Lawyer Launches Search For Mystery Woman • HOUSTON (AP) - The lav 'for convicted kilter Howard B. i JStickney is trying,to find a woman ;p_|-_ U*U he says can prove evidence wai = • Olive flOKI MOTOROLA HEADQUARTERS • 1V61 Meioiolc V/ • 1941 Motorola Slefto • Used TV's • Expert LOOK! I Molatoio TV's $1 39.95 _ ? I Motoiola 5l«rEos &.9.9S up • Used TVs $35.00 STAY SATISFIED — SEE Sam's R * D '° & IV U . ' 'I (AP)_William . s . assistant man- po ter ir :! ; 13. P. !r« its i-ah!e jo Castro, ihe .srotip --•'i s? had power to . negotiate nly on details of ihe..cpmmiltee rris.-in of a swap and is in no •stion to discuss any other mat- "hf Tractors-for-Freedom Comlee is headed by Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt, labor leader Walter Keijther and Br ; -Miltoa Eisen- '•er. brother oMhe former prefs- nu The group of private cili- EXPERT UPHOISTERY ,<?^» pP |[^j WORK of all kinds. • Guaranteed .work done by Johnny DuPree BEALL'S CONVENIENT PARKING LOT Dead in Jail Cell FORT WORTH (AP>—Ira Curtis PricsL 24, under a 99 year sentence for trying to rape a oretiv 19-year-old secretary in a church office, was found dead Sunday in jail. Sheriff Lon Evans said Priest had been ill recently and no evidence of fou! play was apparent. Other prisoners said Priest became nauseated and the latter wore unable to awaken him. Pritst pleaded' guilty to trying to assault ;he secretary in a church April 12. A negro porter heard her crit.-s and rescued her by smashing Pries' over 'jhe head^ a wooden chair. GUIDELINE : ELMIRA. \-.Y. <.?. —.Sign on a muddy road near th« jp,cnnsyl- vania line: "Choose your rut carefully — you'll be in it for the next 2U miles." , AZANETH de LEON, daugh- \ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Abel^de ; Leon, 400 Bean Street, was ; salutatofian of Lamar Jun- :ior High'.School at the pro- Emotion exercises for "the eighth grade in -Memoria! .Stadium of San Felipe Independent School District. Her average was 90.251. Drought-Breaking Downpours Fai! In Coastal Area By THE ASSOCIATED. PRESS ' Drought-breaking downpours of up to S'-l> inches broutrht cif,!lars lo Texas, coastal farmers and '• stockmen Sunday. Streets at Free- r*-r? were flooded for a lime. 'The rain was word) nearly S! ; million <o Brazoria County farmers and ranchers," said \Val'ter L. Crosby of Beach Port, . 5 m;.iea , >. he says can prove evidence was San Felipe Independent School j withheld from Stickney's m'urder District has been raised from Uriah .'; 95 cents to SI on the £100 val- | The lawyer. Bob Loonev of ; uation of both real and person- | Houston, said Sunday he hoped to al_ property held in the district, i produce Ihe unidentified woman }. The raise m the^ rate was <>f- ] at a .habeas corpus hearjn« , lecteti at a meenn gof the Bosrtl Wednesday"in Corpus Christ! when ^ "^ V ——'^ '»a»- i f of Educauon of the Saa Felipe j Judge Cullen Briggs is to nile on 1 * ger °J the -B|«e.'Bonnet. Hole! i T Independent School District on < a petition from foonev ! WSS shot and •"gravely wounded^, January 21, 1336. j Briggs stopped'Stickney's exe-lf^ day - P f^ charged: his wife] ; '*-, j eution minutes before"the Houston I ' u a .^ u - t to murder. ; Three De! Rio Boy Scouts re- ! ma " was scheduled to die Friday ! o j" P anendants reported' turned Monday from the camp j night, •-for./ the- Galveston beach In;"-^ 35 ,^" ^f 0 ! 1 condition -i L near Mcrt/on. where thev spent murder of Mrs. Clifford Barnes • „ ^ ,, ~ s - - Mirtha Sanders., -'-••• ' '-•-- * N^-McKiy, ihe-man. whc pros-ilVt.i^* e _™ Upte Wcnl ! • - - * ?nilt to celebrste his birthday! KENS-TV 6 CBS Monday Night WOAI-TV Chonn^ 4 NEC 6:00 P. M. KONO-TV ChannM 2 ABC 00 P. a week. Jimmie Xetts, >iax .Martin and Johnny vvalk were ecuted Stickney, said the idea of c; rf ihe Scouts who -were at the i evidence being withheld was fan-' „ „Cairo. Itastir- an<i nrtl- fr,V». | getting tastic and nol-'true-. divorce. v -'ss there in 1320 gh they arc | Loonev said T. L. Parker a for-L She Said Sandere -.'finick- her I mer invesfwator for the .d«trir» du "° s . a -? ar e ument after they! investigator for | attorney's office, took a statement,' — ~ —-* . ' «»^-*~i j — *»•»_•« _*v> ^ o UIAIUC, luiir. ti ,b <. a I e. m ell L j V-arren G. Harding was. nomin- ! from the mystery woman during; ated. ^the nominating convention or the Republican party is a grand spectacle. "The delegates." he smitesi "actually feel that their selection may mean the salvation or the ruin- the investigation of the case, „ '- ^ Ieft a "° °? \ ^do«- screen after backi ° find the Looney said the u^man. had not found Sunday night, told <' was shot e. Mrs. Sanders' bond | 5, was set at S2.5«». j i — — -—.. Parker Stickney had a seizure ihp '' -.,- . . ' ation of the United States. And m<*ht of the slavfn* ^HIM ' Michelangelo designed the dome i - *' — -i_ ., j "'O* 1 »• Vl vi ic AIa>IU"iiilu ill rs_ ...i_r_*_ _ .**.~ - ^ t from H "^ pres!de " 1 - & a i B "nes was. alive at the time, t r e m e n dous responsibility/' Judge C. K. McDowell, his brother, has to Cleveland to attend the sessions as an alternate delegate at the convention. Plans to Retire i SAN ANTONIO (A P) |Gen. William E. Shambora (ret.) soars 435 feet above the al- I tar of St. Peters Cathedral. The J ; altar is crowned with Bernini's! 95-foot-high baldachin, a bronze j • canopy held aloft by four spiral * ..- Maj. j cohimns. .. ! . 2—Whirlyblrds 4—News 6—News . . 8:15 4 —Comment 6^-Douglas Edwards 6:25. 4^Aimanac Newsreel 6:30 2—Cheyenne 4—The Americans 5—To Tell Th<- Truth — 7:00 P. M. — 6—Pete and Gladys 7:30 2—Surfside Six 4—Tales of Wells Par^ 7:30 S—Bringing Up Buddy _8:no P. M. '4—Whispering Smith. 6—Danny Thomas 8:30 2—Adventure iit Paradise 4—Concentration <C) S—Andry Griffith *! — Hennesev 4— Barbara Stanwyck 0:30 2- Peter' Gunn 4— Two P;icr-i West C— .Jius.: AlJy.san 10:00 P. M. - : 2— N News J0:15 4— Weather 2— Weathtr. C — \Vtrather 10:-20 6— Byline 2— L'dth Ccnturj- Theatre m-,- . " Thc Leormrd Man 30:2.-> 4— Sports jO:30 4 — Court of Last Re.sort G— Bu!<i Journey - - 11:00 P. M. — By ijue'St 4 — JBCK Paar Shorn .12 :00 4— Midr.iRht News (C) Denotes Color Program ! .,... retire as vice president for Larkin West of UvaSde was. in j Public relations and development Del Rio Monday purchasing cat- ; at st - Mary's .University Aug. 31. tie. He bought several head ! he said Sunday. He will be suc- irom E. K. Fswcett and made j Deeded by Charles E. Doughtertv, Gunter Hardie an offer of S33 j director, of public relations and for the two-year-old heifers with j development at St. Ambrose Col- calves. jlcge, Davenport. Iowa. Burnam Holman spent Sunday in Eagle Pass. * > •» -i. J. R. Russum returned home San Anto- Claaelfled Ads Rrinjr Results J&HlfAN Thru Tues. K 5^443 ATRIUMPHAtyr PAGE FROM THE GREATEST BOOK OF ALL TIME' ORSON .WELLES - mm ROSSI mm •• m J^^^ thru -Tuesday CARTHAGE i FLAMES jAMNEHEYWiM. IJOSCSUAKZ -TECHNICOLOR 'i' : «» v '^ '•.- _2 '* J „-, . - , f '• . <~~?-flj~ .-••••*>:'i "" l . o-^-. mc-hes of ram.' -5.05: incheJr-'of 90 minntes>l?alacijcis,r/:e4jvex3 i^spjead^ throughout -th.e, .centr.jJi-SrKi Tne rain .gauge on Crosby's farm measured .8'.-> inches rfuring a 2-5-hour period. -''Corn, canef^nd^-hay .^jpi^cia)- < ly needeil rain.""he said. "The dry price of cattle. Some^slflrKmen were s«-!lin» their eritUc because they, diini'j.. have ^rass to fe«d them." " —Corpus. Christi measured 2,37 : inches of rain between .noon and ;0 p.m. Sunday. Other official reports included: Victoria .87'of an inch, ttalveston -.3!; Austin .10. f.V<!!«-fie Station .05. .',nd Hntiston .01. Mayor J. O. Posscl Jr., of .Bra-' 7oria. 15 miles west of Frwport. said the rain "was wonderful for us. Pastures and crops were suffering b'.si the rain camrr too lair for some corn ih'a't was planted. earlv," be added. Light rain continued Monday in the Ei Paso are.-a and skio? were panly cloudy over East Texas, the interior of South .Central Texas and the Panhandle. Elsewhere, Texas skies were clear. • Temperatures at da%vn ranged from Dalhart's 03 degrees to 77 at Cotulla, J.aredo, Corpus Chris•i. College Station,. Gatveston and Beaumont. There was fog at Alice and Lufkin. the showers fell from Corpus to 1 Houston and extended info the ceRlrarportions in an area bounded by/Austin. College Station, Ty- i Jer and Waco. - . ' i S. B. Buchanan has returned from Austin, where he was a student in the University of Te.-cas during the fast. year. - - • » ' : • Miss Althea Jones left Sun-.j day for Austin, where she plans ' to attend the first summer ses- ! sion at the University of Texas. \ She was ' joined at Uvalde by j Miss Mary Jones, 'who will also ' attend the University this sum- j mer. -ri i ; .1' --'->»{ i IT'S HOT NOW '"""' j DES MOLXES, Iowa (»—Bur- i broke into' the ComhitsWon j Cafe the other night and escaped i with S285 in cold cash. Police! said the money reported $Men' had !>een hidden in an ice creain freezer. JUST WHAT YOUR DOCTOR ORDERED Fill Every Prescription With Professional Precision and th0 Most Up-to-Dat* Pharmaceutical Supplies C«H Pt 5-9415 «*r Ff«« DEI RIO PHARMACY POSTER HOG. BUSINESSMEN learn to fly... it's the mocfern PIPER way I M&e your time ted jncnty da double <fu.-r! Lcara to fir while titrtliag to »nd froaj bassnesi appointro«j]U. Ea rottf_ r o=r of out oua]i£«! itatructon will check jt>u oet u the. controls of Iht tuy-uvfiy Piper Tri-P*cer. la.ihi*-. comfonible, 4-^_ce xirplut. -with jiinpfc u drrvioj * cti, yoa'U b« 'to JcJo in if*f liatt riua ffu't possible. WM*r*« DEI RIO FLYING SERVICE DEL WO JUNE 20th Hut Does It Mean To Del Rio? DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 312 PECAN : PR 5-3568 TWO CONVENIENT PLANS • PERMANENT " . RENTAL " ' .' GOOD .PROGRAMS' EVERYDAY-:- - • • •.'•*.• : Call Today For Hook-up. Tueidoy Daytime - - 7:00 A. M. _ !_ • -2— Animal Kingdom - t — Today ; 7:10 6--News 7:15 2— Exercise 7-?n l~5 Urm 8lld Allen 7:30 2 — News 7:45 6 — Little Rascals - — = — 8:00 A. i\I. _ *•!« ^* o y b i le WUh ^^^ <>•„„ B— Captain Kangaroo . 8:30 2— Our Miss Broote - - - 9:00 A. M. — -_ 6 — I Love Lucy 2— Early .Show "Centennial Summer" 4— Say When S:30 4— Play your Hunch 6— Video Village" -- ~ 10:00 A. M. _ +— The Price Is Rlent (C) .„ _„ «— Double Exposure 10:30 < — Concentration 6— Surprise U-.30 fi- AK -Tne ^ 2—Number Please r- 1:00 P. M. -—— 2—About Faces -5 —Jan M u rra y Sh o w , , n "—Face' *hc Facts t .^u 4—Loreita Young Theater G— Party 2—Man From'CochLse — 2:00 P. M. 2—Day In Court 4—Youns Dr. Malone 6— Millionaire 2:30 2—Seven Keys ..6—Verdfct is'Yours' *—From These Root*; —— -3:00. P. M. '. 2—Queen 7or a Day 4— Make Room For r. Daddy ' .- -,_ ^-Brighter Day 3.IS 6—Secret Storm 3:30 6—Edge or Night 4—Here's Hollywood 2—Who Do You Trust 4:00 P. M. : .: ... 2—American Bandstand 6—Life of Riley <—Family Movietlnw "ParneH ' . •«- ••. 4:30 C—Popeye the'Sailor 2—.Best of Hollywood "Wyoming ^ — 5:00 P. M. —... ; 6—Quick: tfr_i?i McGraw , •• 4—Highway Patrol ' : 5:30 4—Mr. Magoo' Cartoons 5:4o 4—Huntley-Brinkle* ...-.,. , ...-:..;. R«Dort ' ...,,..;,',/.. '.' Proflrom. Subject to Chan^. Wtth««f Mtotkti — i — - 11:00 A. M. - - — 2 — Gale Storm 4 — Truth or, Oonseq . 8— Love of Life 11:30 4— It Could Be You (C ) ' *—- Search ,.Pbr.v Tom orro-w 2— Love That Bob 11M5 6— Guiding Uaht 11:55 4— News — — — 12:00 Noon -— - "Always Leave Them Laughtlng" Part II 2^-Camouflage 6—Amos N Andy

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