The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 3, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1892
Page 2
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tHE DAtitfCHROKlOtliJ; DECEMBER S, ,A ' TBE XttttfttSti* SUBSCRIPTION. , ' i Otttly, one veaPUtrodlrft t».«...«4 75 JHHiy^ «t«ltycrjNl. 10 centn por SttbgctlpUong received (it, the office nt •lion 151 8Ut« street, ' > J.M. Mar Wl. Ailch, v MICHIGAN'S BUlLtMG i At the Wortd'K tfalr-Whftt the ' . took* tike. ' "' , Mrs. Julia A. Pond, 'member of the Board or World's Fair ( Managers for Michigan, sends the following minute description of the Michigan building: The building is rapidly tiearing completion. and Is ft structure of which all will feel proud. : It js large, tonjfprtable, conveniently arrangetf and stands in i% group with our sister states, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. The building has 400 feet of veranda, 12 feet wide, and contains in addition to the large corri dor, the secretary's office, bureau of infonriation, check room.postofflce and newBoffice, gentlemen's reception room ,35x41, gentlemen's reading room 25x86, barber shop; ladies' -parlor 82x43, ladies reading room 11x20, ladies' retiring room 21x23' and toilet rooms. Tlie rooms will be heated FINANCIAL SHARPS, Contfftife • to Wrestle With the ' • Silver Question * feOTHSOHILD'S PLAN IS "LAJTO OUT," fcatln 1 Union Did It With It» I-Utle Objections—Anotlier. Proposal That Develops Much Disagreement—That of Morlti tevy to 6e Given, n Taming Over Next—Iteport of the Commltte.e to" tli» C<jnforence--InterrogaU}Hes Pi anil Anstsftjl-cit'—frothing T«t 11 BRUSSELS, t>ec.' S.—In, thqir the international monetary yesterday the special committee -pointed to consider the various plans declared .that the proposal of Alfred de ttbths- ^child was extremely" interesting, and worthy at some Wtne^of serious, attention. ~" OF MILLINERY GOODS OR THE NtXT 30 DAYS, I Will Sell at Coat for Cash all '' . Trimmed Hats and Bonnets, All, Untrimmed Soodsf . '_J_ feathers, fancy Feathers, „ Ribbons,- Flowers, Laces, committee Imd decided, however, to espec- lolly recommend to the conference the Md^ ritz Levy plau t .fpr the withdrawal from circulation of'all bank notes and^gold coin of tho nominal value of 30 fr?»ues and the tissue Of a paper and silver curreuyy having the same purchasing power an gold coin below 20 francs. It is understood that IJiq delegates ,from .France,-Italy, Belgium, when necessary by four large grates. This-floor- Sweden^^No^way-and Russia iyere opposed is intended as a place, of comfort and convenience for Michigan people while attending tne exposition. The second floor also has 400--fte't-of-Veranda, 1» feet wide, and,'in addition to the grand hall, 48x61, it has an exhibition room 32x76,, in which will be placed unclassified state exhibits of prt; .vate collections, etc., a large assemby hall 34x61,' and committee room 14X44. IFhe third floor includes rooms for, employes. "The exterior will be painted light'granite Mth white trimmings. The beautiful and inviting interior of. the buildings depends much upon the , women of the state, and we appeal to every local committee of women, appointed by authority o:f the Board of World's Managers for Michigan, to unite with us in earnest effort to raise motley forthts purpose. This is the only pur- ' pose for which we have, or will,'solicit contributions of moneyi and we have an abiding faith in the disposition and ability of our local lady managers to aid us according to the population, and wealth of their respective counties, f , Every citizen of Michigan will take pride in our state building and desire to see it compare favorably with state buildings around us. For this reason we do not specify the amount for each county, to raise, confidently, believing that all will make . prompt and generous response upop an occasion of so much importance, and for. the Success of an object in which we are all interested and which wq hope to enjoy .together at the World's Colombian Exposition ( in 1893. In affairs of public enterprise we have never known Michigan women to'fall. We feel sure .of-their cooperation now. -The time is short and we must work diligently in order to have the furnishing of outbuilding complete and in readiness for the reception of jruests on the 1st of May. Chairmen are requested to appoint additional menjbere f> their committees, and also to appoint aubrcomraitteea in such numbers^at such times, and in such localities, a* will, "in their judgment, serve to expedite business and promote the prosperity,of the work. Mrs. F, W. Dickey, chairman of the cpunty committee, wakes the' following suggestions: • \ We appeal to the ladies ef our county to inter eat themselves la,the above communication from our lady manager, Mrs. Pond, and trust that all will take a, pleasure and pride in contributing • towards {b> furnishing and adorn men t^-of our . state home while in .attendance at the World's fair. Calhoun must not be. out done by her sister counties who.are already enthusiastically at , work. Kent county |s raislng~|5,000 for the fur •• niahing of the parlors. Wayne is' to furnish ' flag? and Jonift-aends one large and beautiful silk flag and othef ipnnties are doing equally as w,ell Alady.from Menominee promptly responded to the call by sending f 173. LaoUes have been appointed throughout thp roi ln *y fact EVERYTHING FOR THfc NEXT THIRTY DAYS. : j KliSS|HANNA, is i« CJia^of my Work Room She is lately from the wholesale house of Pollock, Pottibpne & Chapman; and having bad a larjje experience' Can give .you satisfaction and pn short notice. is the time and to .the Kothschild plan. .•Objected. To by the-to tin Union. 'ThCdeleg^tesof the Latin union disapproved of- the plan on account of ;thepi;o. position to make 48d the imiximuni ^purchasing price of silver and refused to be onclliated even whey this figure was raised o a higher one, jfJue American delegates are determined to persist in advocating heir plami'of biinetiillisin and believe that he conference will remain in session until here has been an opportunity for thorough iscussion, ' Bertram Currie, an English; felegate, is using all his influence to bring he conference to an early conclusion, apparently in the interest of monometallism. Tho Special Committee's Import. ^ The repprt of the special committee said, .hat before considering the.plansjjf- Roths- :hild, Moritz Levy -and Adolph Soetbeer ihey had tried to clear their way by getting answers from delegates to four vital questions. The first question had been: 'What measures will the silver producing countries take to restrict or K'gulate production?" Henry W. Cannon hod answered ;hat no artificial means of regulating the production of silver existed in the United States and legislation to that end was exceedingly improbable. Deputy Don Jaquin •asasus had'"made a similar reply for Mexico. , '' As to Prospects of Production. The second question had been:- "What are the prospects regarding the future production of silver? *. Deputy Casasus had answered that in Mexico the production had reached its maximum, the sax having been reduced from 80 bo' 7% per cent. Cannon had answered that the silver production in the United States was confined to six states territories. C.MOYER'S 2 doors west of P.O. • Is the pl^ce. and in order to bttrg' a genera} internet small suns from Hie ma^y are preferred tp larger sums , from the /etc. We would suggest that our ladies wbo wieh to help la malting the interior of our Ifichigai building •compare favorably with those pf other •states, leave at either The man or phronicle offices their contributions and their names $ffl be published together with tin amount, and you , J»«l B<HW >Mre f evidence, that Marshall ladles are i«)t tp be found ^wanting ia Pflbite enterprise. Wire yiU be ih fiwt to call i "The annual 9! Cajt«>u& society for T $cBoe oj pfficera and the transactioii & such other businfw'a^ ahail ogpe be fore Jb» joci fia Stuart's bl »tU^ p. ' ot « la*i§- j£j colors, wUh-Saj 50 «wne •an be bs$ ^ y aenaiag^yonr address wito twenty centa In.^amK stamps to Ge6: flU HeaffordViGr. JP. A. Milwaukee & $t; F»uJ R»y, C As the tuppjy i» limited, » ttw»t be made early. Sboiftd.!...__,^, bwwpe wbauBted tiie poatage atamps ydl be murngd to appfa>t> I tore all ,the f iBMo'n'f ice billr , eot *^d would b« pleaaed to faftye thpj« • eeing ; And a good most be simple j when it is not ' '.not good. SitopJe, Beautiful, (. (words mean much, but to "see "The : will impress the truth more forcibly, tough and seamless, and made in three it is absolutely safe and unbreakable* J&e Aladdin's of old, it is indeed a «^wonderfuf ikmp, M ^or its marvelous light is purer and brighte* thatf gas light, _ softer than electric light anymore cheerful than either. bh _ I ^p k /°r t1 »l^ 8 '*n>P-'TH8RoCHB8TBR. If the lamp dealer has n't the Stenn|ne Kocncsler, ana the style you want/send to us .for ournew illustrated catalogue. '. LAaiP CO., 42 Pafrtt Place, Bfew York City "The Rochester." Pay Your Taxes. be at the store of/E. E. Sim IUODS oi Monday, Tuesday and Wed' nesday of each week daring December for the. purpose .of recelvluft state, county add school taxes. £. S. MWIS, City Treasurer. We -carry a, full line of Pingree & Smith'ff, A. C. McGra\Y & Co.'s and Kennard & Son's fine shoes. ' . (TRACE' BROS and three terrftbriesT The exteusion of Rocky mountain railways, had opened a large number ol mines whose total production, although unknown, had reached or exceeded the nlghest previous average.' Policy of the f7nited. Spates. • The third, question had beeni "What ia the policy 1 of ^the United States concerning silver purchases?" Cannon had answered that the Democratic and Republican paf- ties and the bankers of New, York had declared in favor'of a repeal of the silver purchase act of ISSK), and this act iu all proba« bility would be repealed if no international agreement were made at the present conference. ' \_ • , «.' India's Policy Jiet at All Certain. The fourth-question had been: "What is the policy of India in the matter of silver coinage?" Sir Guilford MoleswortU Jiad anewerjed that as long aanope of anintei>- Mtumal agreement existed India would be reluct ait to"alter her .present money system, but if ,the coiafei-eucQ- collapsed and consequently' tlie last chance- of .united actioa were lost India would feel obliged to .act for herself. The adoption of the single^ gold standard bristles .with difficulties which ejccited the apprehension" of, Indians Tnercttntile world, yet t>he felt assured tHat her adoption of gold monometallism woiitld- be still more disaetrous to the countries' already l^viQg the single gold standard. <r Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria, \Vten Baby was sickv we gave her Castoria. When she was a Child, sbe cried for Castoria, , >Vhaa she became Miss, she dung to.Castoria. When she had Children, she gave them Castoria, For Sale- A two bqraer JJungler gasoline stoye but little used, will be sold at a bargain. MEUBILL. and H, The tioest line of .ladies' pUrses card eases in "the cityvat •" ' ' • , < M. B. f*C the prompt,, pejujaneirt ture oi Files in ~ u honest Swede tells his story in plain but unmistakable language for the benefit of Jhe public. "One, of my children took a severe cold "and got the croup. I gave her a teaspoonful of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and in five minutes later I gave her or^e more. By this i»ne she bad to cough up Jhe fathering in her thVoat. Then she -went to sleen and slept good for fifteen, minutes Then, she got up and vxopitecl; then she went tjaeiLte,!?? 5 and flepL^opd Wr the icmain- derof tne aight. She got the croup the sec ond night gnd I gave her the same remedy with, the same good results. I write tola because I thought there might be someoue jr the same need and not know .the true mcrjts of -tl4s wonderful msaJicip?,' 1 '" Charles A. ThompsefiB, Dee Moine* Iowa. 2$ an4;fiO cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug eto«j ; Qu .account of the, national horse tifapw at Chicago being abandoned unja] ' - ~ PItoher'8 Castoria that th& pyramid Pile Cure , will promptl-y. and trace of them. Chlld^nCryfor Pltche r T a Castoria. Ireeb meat out to order *t ._. a»d eoldfi Hi 8. Pow«i*'«. lime; tyf&. Ihan to saturate^ Sans BaJLm »n|L ."Tr/ i¥,w piempt i^i ntipll pure Green's drug utore, with : it affordsi. umatism> For mone at by. Bros. ; «treet,«ie¥r(i.8te«Ie pjpiy L^OR -UENT—My store on State street, the I? beat locatibirtB Marshall, formerly ooou iled by John Butler. It has recently bean fitted up and Is painted rn a very fine combination at °lon-. CUIUS.FUED VOGBl,. CiDcinnati, JaclosoE i Idaiai Tune table taking effect Sept. 12, 1892.| Trains pang Marshall as follows: TIIA1N8 OOINB VAST., Toledo Ezpreas ..627 .m 3, Clnolonatl Eipresa , 8 11 ^m <!1, Mall aad Kip rcsB ja&4 pa 27, Local Freight. .^_,«.. • -.'. ,6 » p m TEjUMa eoiNu ifitm. So. !a,Mall and Express, ,...1059 am •• V Ctaotonatt £ B, 0. BxpieaB!'. . ., .A 2t n w «• 34, MipresB ....1838#,B> " 883 LocalFrelght ._.....Bar.iia All trains dally ezpeptBupday. VB 'Direct oonneotio^' are mado at Toledo and CluclnatI with all reads diverging ^ • Trains 31 and 82 make good oonneetlon at Moni telth whh th& G B: & I., and at Allegan with Uie C. & W. M for Grand Rapids, Muakegon aad »U joints north. ( .. • q. M! safilNfiLEB. Gap. Pass. A«t O, B, M^E, Agt., Marshall. > " ., OH SAI.E^Stoolc of'groceries, fixture? and . good win. stock of crockery, fliturea-and od,win.' Will be' sold together or «lngly with. Ute*>fBtort! at reasonable runt. Satlafactory rc-UBona for eelliug, Addreea box 1119, Mar«h»ll. Mich. > , M EN. WANTED-Salary aqd expenses. Per manent place. Apply-*QW. Oalygrowera o£mjra>;Wijtoi;k uu both American aud Canadian aoila.. Hftrdy T*ri«tle» our epaolalty. , , . jBKowS eaoB, co. Nur»(iry»en u Ohio ago. Hare a large eto^ o4' AND FELT GOODS 4-full Uap of

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