Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 11, 1961 · Page 8
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 8

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 1961
Page 8
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HK> (T«Q») NEWS-HtAIlD, Sunday, Jun. 11, 1961 TEXAS IN THE CIVIL WAR Sees Yankee Son Die As South Re-Captured Galveston By CLAYTON H1CKERSON Associated Press St*ff Writer The capture- and recapture of Galveston. now thc slate's "Pleasure Island." have been called the "most important Civil War engagements 1 ' in Texas. Federal Commander W. B. Ken- "shaw started a blockade of the ...Texas coast in July 1SG1 after Texas' secessionist "Gov. Edward Clark 'declared a stale of war existed from June S. On Oct. -4, 1802, -Rrnshaw with four 'gunboats took Galvcston brother of Caleb Smith, Lincoln's secretary of state. Before Magruder fired thc first shot at 5 a.m. on New Year's Day. 1SG3. his Confederates had placed timbers on the rail, bridge ind hauled six siege guns and 14 light artillery pieces into position on the island. With these guns for protection, the Rebels then removed the timbers from the rails ami crept across the bridge with a heavy railroad gun an a flatcar. All this was'done, as Union regiment from .Massa- his side. "Father is here! '••••; i , taken, tho blockade was broken exclaimed,; (or a time.-•'•and Galveslon never' in . Island with liule resistance from i , sctts P rotccti »g 'he island the small Confederate force. , ' cpt °" tho res »»s « f the dying Yankee, now "buried in > again fell to Union forces, at least! (lalvcslon's Episcopal Cemetery. • until the war's end. i In the confusion that occurred ': Thr. Confederates captured tho as the horsemen swept over the ; Harriett Lane, the Wcslficld and I Harriett Lane, the flagship \Vest-jfour other ships, several small i field ran aground. Renshaw, fear- ; cr.iil, 500 tons of coal and about- : ~" • his ship..would bo captured j 500 barrels of rations. . . i -the Harriott Lane, decided .in j Tilo re xj, ( ,| s n -~ (t 2fi mc|) ki ,, od ! scuttle her, but in the ensuing ! a n.l 11 1 wounded, the federals 200 action the charge he had laid Ua^inllics plus 3R8 taken prisoner went off. prematurely ami killed: Thorc v , as great' rejok-in- in him and 11 of his men. j Texas as riders took Ihe news to Ashore, thc outnumbered fed-; such places as Jefferson, Mar- erals. their sea protection shat ' OKI!!, i^irs Wnrtlr, Henderson and ***v- -j-tiftrn v, W1I<IV\_»*.. 1 rill; J Ul tl_ . j »>• Rcnshaxv had under his command j ear s fcve b ' n§ °Iho Harriett Lane. which had!- "There was surprise and conster-! A three-hour truce-was htirried- comc to the aid of Ft. Sumtcr. j nalion anwne thc Massachusetts! ly arranged by Magrurfer and the the OsWego. the Clifton ami the! ~ p " im ° nl as Maunder fired that j surviving Union officers. Then. Weslfield. The Texas Confederates j first sic S e S"n. . "\o\v I've done with truce Mails still fivin". the had nothing to match this arrav j'">" rfu '- v 2S a private." the Conof frigates. (federate general sa id, "and 1 will Gen. John Bankhead Ma "ruder l°° 7IOU " an ' ! = Uciul to nl - v brooded about the loss of Texas' j as a " cncral - ' - tered, decided surrender was the j Dallas. And there.-was chagrin in [better part of valor. \ W.ishinshm. An assistant secretary of the • Xavy iT.lted "the behavior ».i| Uu- i Union Xavy too coxvardly lo put 'on paper." and iho Union naval Clifton and Oswago steamed out ' «-oium:indor, Adm, David Glasgow of the harbor, much to the Con-i Karrngu!. had bitter comment federates' surprise and disgust. ; abo:U-' Renshp.vv's failure to de- But Galvcston Island was re-; stroy the bridjje. "Gem of the Gulf" and determ- th e same moment, the mined lo retake the island that j federal fleet anchored near the was to become one of the Somh's I p ? ! 'tan islrnd was alarmed by Presence in Galveston I5ay of and tllu Ba - v °» City. Confederates aboard the most renowned resort areas. Only on^ thing was", in Magruder's favor Capt. Rensliaxv ~had neglected to destroy the railroad •• Ba >' ou City, .using too heavy a bridge --onn^^tint! Galveston with ' P ow der .charge, blew \tp her bow the mainland.-- although it was * " un on the first shot. The howit- under tne muzzles of his gun- ': ze>rs aboard- the Neptune City did boats. - . ; little damage. Another piece of fortune fell 1 . ?° il - wa ' s lhnl whcn tne Con ' Magruder's way when Coi.Thoma* .' ' f ac "' ° naval flre Ulrl!ed feeb!c Green and Co. William R (Dirty ' Shirt Bill) Scurry srrived in f^ n , ' . ~. . Oalveston en route to the war in Louisiana- " ^gruder to«d Green and I Scu, r> of his plans to retake Galveston regimer . rs p o s j t j 0 n on tho the Harriett 'Lane and her sister ps W ' ere able tn Ulrn heavy .fire on the Confederate land bal- ter ics ' horsemen all, to take part in the h ^Ken' ctabd ~-, ,. , tts or shot. m *h U: rf 3 J'' 1 f- -° Ver , wc |.Whilc the rebels recouped, the months after the Union forces naval part of the battle grew had taken Galveston and a New •; hoUer F app ™ achi " g - ® y ,. Nte ^l The "Yankee nacship, Westfield. - M3Ud " ' the Harriett Lane scored hits the South's little fleet, tlie Bayou City and thc Neptune." These vessels were refurbished mail packets that had carried mail between Galveston 'and thc mainland. Although the Texans had a hard time -getting their cotton through the Union blockade, they used it to great advantage here. Ma Cruder used colton .shift navsl craft. The Bayou City had a 32-pounder mounted 'in its bow, and Ihc Neptune had two howitzers %vhich Green and Scurry had captured in N'cw Mexico.. • Defending Galveston for tin- Union were thc same four gunboats which had taken the island in October phis the Sachem. The five-gun paddle-wheeler, the Har- .riett Lane, had more firepower than the entire Confederate sea force at Gatvcston. liensha-.v had made one other mistaken Besides neglecting to destroy thc railroad bridge, . he had allowed "wherry men." men in smsll rowboais and sail boais, to min«)c .unmolested among thc ships of his Heet. These, many of them, turned out to be Confederate spies. When .Magnsder opened the second Brittle for Gal-. 1 veston. he knew almost the number of shells and -balls by ' each federal gun. So did Majs. Leon Smith. Ma- ^rudcr's Xavy commander and a ^jxas Western Training Site For Peace Corps WASHINGTON (AP) — Texas Western College of El Paso has :been designated a:, thc training site,for thc Peace Corps Tangan- .yifea" project. Sargeut Shrivor Jr.. Peace Corps director, said Tuesday Texas.'Western is thc answer to.a request from Tanganyika asking for 30 survejors, geologist ana. civil engineers. "We had lo find a university with a good college of engineer- j ing, .where Swahili was taught and , Where-the. climate and terrain was j like thot of Tanganyika." Shriver j said. 1 [ thick of UK : -jmen aboard her. many stili wear- J ing spurs from New .Mexico, used .their sotguns and Texas Rifles I with unerring deadliness and re:y swept the Harriett Lane's Confederate ships tried repeatedly to ram the Union gunboats, but pass after pass failed. Finally, .however, the Bayou City rammed thc Harriett Lane under the gunwhalcs and the force of the collision locked the two craft together. "Cowards v.-on't follow ;nc!" dared Maj. Smilh. "papinu al>o'ird thc Harriett Lane. Thc wild Texas cavalrymen needed no urging. They canic from behind their cotton bales with cuns blazing. Aboard thc Union ship, they found thc commander. Mayhcw WaimwriEht. doad and his srcoiul in command.' Edward Ix?a. dying. Lea's father was among .the Confederates boarding his ship. .The father. Maj A. M. Lea. sroin2 his son' bleeding on the deck, rushed to the boy and knelt by Picnics .. . backyard parties.. indoor gatherings ~*t* ... all call for What you can do to fight... DISTANTLY OBEY ALL LAWS EPOST TO fSOPER AUTHORITIES I YOU HAVE ABOUT ANY CRIMINAL ACIrVHY NStSl ON GOOD GOVERNMENT AT ALL LEVELS A« YO'JR INRUtNCt FE'.I IM SUPfORt Of ADEOUASE PAY,' TRAIMINu AND FACIIIES IOR LAW ENFOSCEMENt OfFiC£R5 " DUCAIE YOUR CH,\OREH TO RtSPtCt LAW AND GRKX - •^$£^r- ""- *>iX i^'X^--J ;-^f;,t: J£V ''-' '•', "v V'^r ' '^ v -- " \ <-- <• '*-..' V: V4y- v ^ ' M , ; .-y" 4^%7'XR^;-- PLAYING 6AMl»,*y y l£^~^ 7:1 Indicted ODESSA, Tex, County grand jury turned a murder indictment other day police officers- w, E. Johnson and Ray, Steiq«f?ive«| to a homo, of a man \susptcted of having left -.the~ scene, of Jtn accident. The' man's wife s»M h* wasn't homo, ' - ' " • ' , The officers decided to' lake a look inside -anyhow. After looking under a couple of beds, each officer approached a 'closet. No one was inside the first. But j^hen th« second door was opened, there Winkler stoot i ih c missing man.' Thursday re-1 .< } > OO| " he said, in the police- gainst 17-year-old John Mack Herring of Odessa. Herring is charged in the death of his 17-year-old classmate, Elizabeth Jean Williams of Odessa last March 22. I Ilcrrina told officers at the limo I that Elizabeth Jean pleaded, with 1 him to kill her and they had j planned the killing together for j three days. I Police quoted Herring as say- ling that he got a shotgun and that ; they drove to a stock lank close I to the Notrees Community on the Eclor-V.'mklor County line. Police also quoted . younR Herring as saying that ho, kissed, the girl goodbye, that she held the gun to her head and that he then pulled the trigger. . a " man's' face. N'ew species of frogs usually arc discovered by llicir call not their pfiysical characteristics. DR. OSCAR YALDES DENTIST ACVKA. MtXtCO i ICE P«rftdly *ixtd for drinks . i\: «nd king coolers. _ ir •"•... 2. -i" f Day and Klghf Size* H !•*> 35c Coflr«rW«ntf/ located o/ — • A & S DRIVE-IN FOOD STOKE 1306 E. Gibbs -S3? Use The Classifieds Hi-oiler chickens, ho^s. lc fallen quicker in -air-coiuli- ioncd surroundings. 'Studies' have also shown that cool cows .give more "milk than cows housed in hot barns. WE'RE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH Daily 8 a.m.-'to. 8 p.m. Sundays . and 9 a.m. to 12 Noon 5 p.m. la 7 o.m. DEL RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BLDG. 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