The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 3, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1892
Page 1
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V * VOL, XIV-NO frfc M.ARSHAI1VMICH., SATURDAY DECEMBER 3,1892, Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all jn leavening strength Latest U, & Government Food fte- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO O ; 106 Wall Street, N. Y, FINIS IS^EITTEN i " ^ On th& Life-Record of the Wai Street Wizard, " 1 1 * DEATH MftKES Trfe CLOSING ENTRY Jay Gould Crosses the Dark River and Goes to the Unknown \«. Country. • -« " ; $500 REWARD^! .'We will •----.:•?—•• Headaoho, In or CostlvenoBs we. can . VeseUblo Livor Pills strictly complied with. too Meets the'End Fully Conscious of the Death Angel'. -JRresence, With Thodo WJiom Uc Loved and Wlio Ixjved Hljmal r ./nis Bedside—His Itemalnsto Beat Ift the Minisolcam He Hiid Prepared in Wood- Inivn.Cemetery—The Ddath Bed Scene- Some of HI» Most Kstlmablo Character- S> JutlOg—Hls Erie Deal from UU Own , iPolnt 6f, View—Bia'ck Friday. - JNEW Yo^HC, Dec. "3.—"Jay jGould is dead,* was the .announcement "made in Wall street yesterday 'about 11 a, in., and tho, voices of the shojiiting crowd were Btilled fa***, moment. The first thought , was as to what effecfthe event would have on the market, but it-was soon'found that It. woiUd have'no appreciable effect, The reasqn.waa jgiven by, John T. Terry, who has been connected with Mr. Gould for years, and who te a director in a number of the Gould properties.' He says; "Mr. Gould said'recently that he had 'trusted' (to use his own expression) the three stocks in which'he was most interested,-and that they could not be sold." • The three stocks referred to ura Manhattan^ Western Union and Missouri Pacific. The general opinion on the street is that Mr. Gould has had his ^ioasaiu.gaod .order for a long time. At, the House of the Dead. Meanwhile at the , Gould residence the silence of death had prevailed since 9; 15 A Uaaranteed Uura for Piles of what Idwd or d««eft-Ext»rj»al, Internal, Ulina or Bleeding, UAtngChronc. Recent or lleredikary. 'Ftfa re S e &X ul ' P°»^vely:n*w be,-n know/io kll. I for So.U); £ent by n . ttt , one > paid If uot cured, (juarantoo A. O, Ayde, MawhuJl, Mich . .—. i by mall pre- A written! Uuuraiitoo ti boxes. ( by Call for sample ' Health is Wealth, sneeiac tor Hysteria, Dizzi His, TServpuV Nei ira \3 > nJnea,., Braia *i Misery, decay, and , Barrenesu, Loss orp H prw d fey over-exertion of tbs J3raiS" abuse pver,34aulgence. Bach bo coutalus * «m iea ? en( - ,, 1 - 00 ft box or « bwi for $6.00,. «»t by i^aU prepaid oa receipt of price WIE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES .To can anj case. 1 w"itb t'ach order received by *cure. uarantee .loe,- not uarantees Issued only jay A'. O.* Uyde • " y jay A' ^y; S loh. a. m.. for at that hour the great fiuajncier had passed away. Early yesterday morning Mr. Gould rallied for a little while, but relapsed into unconsciousness. \ A.short time before his death Jus again,rallied and bepaine conscious! He asked for* his chil- drt-h and 'they were all sent for and soon were in the room, for they instinctively knew that the summons was the last from their father.they would ever lie,called on to obey. Those present of the family—all of the family, in foct-r-were Mr. aud-M'rs George Gould, Mr, and Mrs. Edwin'Gould Miss, Helen Gould, Mr* Hotfnrd Gould am Miss Annie Gould. The servants were tu senibled near by. ' A Last Look at the JLoved Ones. An expression of satisfaction passed ove the face pf tbe dying man .as he ghfticed ground and saw that all were there. -Then with his eyes on the .group, perfectly con sciaus to the last, he passed away afe peace' fuliy as a babe going to sleep. He died in the bame room in which his wifti'hreathed her lust. The members of the family were devoted to each other. The death of the Jaethw-\$as-a Beveje-Wo^to all of them and this last, bereavejnieiil. }^ them all prostrated. ^MjssTlielen; 11 'Gould, besides was }!!• when her father was taken dowi and hardly able to, leave her bed. to attenc op her father. " ""• " .Prepara.tlons for <tut\ _ r - rju _. It' has, been definitely settled that the funeral services will be conducted' Jby Dr Paxton^^ssistedby Chancellor McCracken, of «ie University of New York, and Bev. Itpdenck Terry,/of 169 Madison ayenue, •The-pholr from Dr, Paxton's church will also toe preset and render the singing. Mr. Gould will be Juried in Woodlawn ---- Bolid slab ol marble, anu the ceiling a solid slab of granite webbing six tons. Alonjj the sftieaof the ipterior are the catacombs. The interior walla are of pink Tennessee marble. The crypt is lighted by a stained glass window at the end, which pictures a choir of .angels. The roof of the whole building consists of granite slabs each weighing 'fifteen tons and thirty-two feet long. Especial care was taken by Mr. {Jould, who watched the construction himself, that there should -oe np ostentation. B*U?* C08t *»t«». and. the mausoleum W0,000., It is the main point of interest to those who visit Woodlawn cemetery. -HE FORESAW HIS FATE. Mr. Gould's Break Down at a Railway • - : ''•"••_ . . - . ..••. The real condltoft' of Mr. Gould's health was not reveal until » year ago, when he broke down in the famous ^Missouri PAclflc meeting. T^soccurred in November,' 1891. The ^Missouri Pacific railroad was Mr. Gould's pride. |Ie had built it up and had made ifr a dividend-paying road. Hp -jif — —--»«•«•««• $***& ***O *wt*\*« J^-jr "His- very; jealous of the reputation whicfi the Vanderbilt *oads enjoyed, and always pointed to the Missouri Pacific when he was charged with being a railroad wrecker, and not a railroad buider. But ho wanted the dividend passed that time and thV 'excitement '.of rinding himself opposed brought ou an attach of-falntness and he, fell to the floof. • -^JJ? 8 .?*? ?B$*L n I TMngiteOrdeirr- Mr. Gouid fnjmedlately -set to work to have his properties in such shape that hfs sons could easily handle them. He foresaw his impending fate. The tangies which beset the Missouri, Kansas and Texas and other railroads of Gould in which 'he was fighting for ah advantage, were straightened. Every one saw that he was'mark- ing oil t the path which his sons must travel when he was gone. Lastsummei 4 Mr. Gould again broke down at a directors'meeting. He was said to be consumptive. His sons said that he wa3 suffering from a bronchial affection. In his private car he went to the southwest ,and lived there for three months. . • : The Break Down Was Complete. He returned to New York in time for the Manhattan Elevated and Western Union annual meetings in September. The once alert and brisk man moved lilte an automaton. His shoulders drooped forward. Jreat wrinkles hollowed his cheeks, and a ack.-lustre stare replaced the. keen, pierc- ng glance that was so familiar in his dark yes. He moved and acted like a man tehty years old, bent with the cares of life. But he :::was still full of financial plans which be put aside until he-could're- pin his vigor. v That'day never came. He W said to have suffered since the day before' Thanksgiving, -several severe hemorrhatos «f the lungs. He, We hia," sufferings bravely and patiently to the last.' ,. ' - WAS A REMARKA8W, MAN, PSIGE TWO CENTS Look at the elegant Hn&of hotfitay goods at M. B. Powell's before par- ohastajf elsewhere. Many old soldiers whfc contacted chronic diarrncea whife in the service, have since be$n permanently cured of. it by Chamber Iain's Colic, Cholera and tMarrhcea Remedy, For sale at Greene's drug store. "Royal Knb,"1>6rt Wlno. V No good thing should bo outlawed because ". here and there a graceless person treat? it basely. It is just as necessary to administer invigorants to the aged and feeble as it is to strengthen a dwelling that is beginning to' • decay. Not only may life bo greatly pro-longed by artificial support, but the declin-" ing years of those .near and dear to us be rendered mdre comfortable, and age -TO- • lieved of many of its usual paras and'penal- lies bs a judicious, use of "Royal Ruby" Port Wine? each bottle is guaranteed by the undersigned to be 'absolutely pure and over ' five years pld 'at bottling or money paid foriji will bcr refunded. Quart bottles $1{ pints, 60 cetite; never sold in bulk. See that you fcet "Royal-Ruby." . For sale by M. B Powell. Bottled by Royal Wine Co., Ghica- ' «o. "v • > ; • . ••> Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Yonr tlfe " Away." Is the name of a little book just received, ' telling all abwt No-toi-hac* the wonderful, harmless guaranteed cure for chewing, smoking, cigarette habit- or snuff dipping. No-to4>ac is the only guaranteed tobacco habit cure in the world. Sold by druggists. Mention this paper. The Sterling Remedy • Co., 45 Randolph St., Chicago or Indiana" Mineral Springs, Ind., and get a book mailed free. KIRKS DUSKY Dflparalleled •*' * '• Career> *>fo « Prodigy in Financiering. , The American newspaper "takes gptjat interest in the'career of every man who rises to any eminence above 'his fellows, be the sminence bad or good,, And of- all who haye so risen pr6bat)JyHhe "aforesaid newspaper lias never devoted so~"murfi' space to any one as to Jay Gould, In spjte^pf all this nobody koowi now inucjfe '$ worth, or in what his wealth consjsts-^that & definitely. Everybody knows that it is •iB, bonds—oj things he Jtnows^bat-what bonds is not known except in a few promi- •eient Uoee^—To-writea history of his career would require shoo**— there have been half * dozen bpoks written already.-In the papers, • W £ome. TblD^s Tolerably Certain. ^& m J&^*&*VJ°** Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, _. Chapped Hands. Wounds, Burno, 35tc. % • Bemovea an* Prevents AMEBIOIN HMILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use, ~ T^' , good as new began .life as a poor boy, reached, a position tn, finance which"' interests. ^> It is .said , bonds ajifrjL «tockji thia coua- (TSON JUSTICE OF THife6^ANr> CQNVeYANCER. WRtuarefuJiy. |tiai^ ssjte to keepj»d|r «,—. ^-i.^__-u -^ valuable,] H&Viyou , wealth^hold good ^Sl . tb,e stories •*j« ^-«j" "i^wgv* ,)*WMSF*.F*«NH^ \OL vM-tap irLUciu HUaor^ aa^ *^ 4A««Msr JJMn^tllt iak^a- a, thafc GouI4 was an yell husband and ^4^Y«4Mk «»««^l _^4rl. ^ltJU-_» •_ _Ii» « «" J ^»^ir i wi^™ ^H3*spm SyiTefSffF* WB8. AU-EM'? PARI»IAM~ Face Bleach cam b^obtained, fle4id ia almfr m^f tiiat any ow W er heard of, ut while Mts. Gould lived ahe waa his al- , OQIsAMUJiS. FAC&WASSACECREMil . . jo, diaineter u,t the widest part

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