The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 2, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1892
Page 4
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jS ; WJDAILY .T.* .,, ..'•''• -'•*•*-- •• ..j JJ.J'TI. U-- -. * «r" pAUGHT A COUPLE OF OUTLAWS. Oak of Those Rate 6ccnnfttne?i Takes Place lit aiUaiasippi. , MERlDAN, Miss., Deo. 2. — The noted Kempefcounty outlaws, /Tom ancTWalter Colbert, for whom an exciting 'chase for a .month has been made, haVe been captured, & November Tom Tolbert, an escaped con- Tict, andhifebrotW John opened J&re oil Tom Donald and Will Spluks.'deputy pher- Iffs. The fire was returned and John Tolbert Was killed. A posse "waS next day attacked by ,the Tolberts Odd Tom Cole killed. So enraged did the county become that old man Tolbert was lynched. Since then the chase 'has not been relaxed, Wednesday a posse, visited the house of Elisiia Johnson in 'Keshoba county, twenty-six miles from here, where the Tolberts- Were concealed, Got Off Full of fiqekshpt. While searching the hoose^Tom Tolbert Jumped out of the back, window, and being discovered a battle ensued. Tom received B!X or, eight buckshot, but managed to make his escape. Later, however, realizing hte need of attention, he decided' to surrender. which he and Walter did. -A desperate attempt was made by a crowd to lynch the prisoners. Tom Tolbert, who is a burly man of 22, will be delivered to the wardens of the Jackson penitentiary to serve out a life sentence, Tne xeward for his capture is 1500. Walter, a slip of a boy 19 years old, will be taken to. KeHiper county to, stand trial for the murder of Tom Cote. ' . The. annual meeting of the Coonty Agficnltural society- for Ihe election of officers and the' transaction of such other business as shall come bo ' fore tho society, will be hold in tbe'Hall in Stuatt's^ock Monday. l>eo. 5, 1892 'at 11 a., m J' R. CqMMt.N«». secretary. A View of tbe World's Fnlr Building', • n the form of a large sized lithb- gr-^nh, in eight colors, with k<jy to sampV oan be had by sending your address with twenly.cedta in ttos-tftge 8tanTj)s to Geo, H. Heaflbrd, 0. P. /., Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 1'a.uHl'y, Chicago, 111. Aa the supply is 'limited*' application must bo made eai ly. Should the supply become exhausted the postage, stamps will,,bo returned to applicant. Hi. T<—I B l I I have all the season's ice bills made oat and would be pleased to have those OWIUR mo call and settle. ... • •' . • •• J.F. MARSHALL IMPROVED Th« Alioclnted PTCM • CHICAGO, Deo. 2.— The Western Associated press continued its session it) this city yesterday, and concluded flhe preliminary work of reorganizing under the name of the Associated Press. The new charter is taken out under the laws of ,nHnots. The folldw ing board of directors wafl- Tinttnimoualy. ejected: Victor F. ' liawsoa, of Chicago; Frederick DriscoU, St. Paul; C. W; Knapp, St. Louis; Albert J. Barr. Plttsburg; M. H. De Young, San Frandsco; Eugene H. Perdue, Cleveland; ^Washington Hentng, Chicago; Vf. ' A. Collier, Memphis; J. T. Scripps, Detroit. Hade Her a Wife at the Lost. LOUISVILLE, Dec. 2.— A sod marriage ceremony was performed at the jail yesterday. Stephen R. Hite, who is to die upon tha gallows one week from today, and his mistress stood up in the death section, and Father Brady made .the woman a wife. Elite wore for bis wedding suit the one In which he- witl die. By his side stood hfa pretty little daughter and three other doomed men, with the death watch, as t CUonday patent, oootftins no Atropla) and safe cure for •'• largestbQc, the lowest pkcea . HYDE'S Drugstore Dfunkeness, . * ,* » 1 , Morphine, Opium, *, *> • ' . ': ' • Cocaine and Tobacco Habit. Look at the elegant, line of -holiday goods at M. B. Powell's btfoce nur- elsewhere. •• Many old soldiers, who contracted chronic diarrhoea while intho service, have, since been permanently cured of it by Chamber Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rerpedy. For sale at Greene's drug store. * . "' "Boyal Kaby" Port Wine. No good thing shouAd be outlawed because here anti there a graceless person treats it basely. It ia just as necessary to administer ! invigprants to the aged and.'feeble as it is'to strengthen a dwelling that is beginning to decay. Not only may life be greatly prolonged by artificial support, but the declining years of those near and dear to ua % rendered more comfortable, and age' relieved of many of its usual pains and penal; ties bs a judicious use of "Royal Baby" Port Winej each bottle is guaranteed by the undersigned to be absolutely pure and over five years old at bottUag OP money paid for it will be refunded* ftuart bottles $1; pints, £0 cents; never sold in bulk. See-that you get "Royal Buby." For solely M. B Powell. Bottled bjr Boyal Wine Co., Ohica-. For treatment and explanation of the Gold Cure consult Dr; L. E. his office in the Cook block. Patient? treated privately if so desired. CHEAPER GAS FOR LIGHT. . TO dONSUMlJES \& GAS FOR]FTJ£fc. "The Gas Company anpunces- theJfbUowing reduction in prices'ofGas for 'LIGHTING wherever Gas 4s used ALSO for COOKING or HEATISfG, to. take effect on and aftar \ . ,/ '., SEPTEMBER Ifltl602. GAS STDViJ UA.tES,$1.60 per 1000 cubic Ft. For.aUda8,con,sumed where.a GAS RANGE, w^scd, •'.„.For all gw cansmmod where COOKING or HEATING'STOVES are used and the monthly consumptioni Is riot lew titan 10^ cnbjo foot . ,. ' , R at B for Gas used for LIGUTiNU Otf-CY remain uuchangoJ andjaro aa follows: Ifgf --.--. Less thau/fOOQ;;C|ibic ft. in one month., :/ £8 00 per ldOO»cubio ft. 5000 cubic ft. nrid • less.'tlvan 10,000 cubic ft 1 .month $L 90 per 1000 10,000 or overil month^1 SO per 1000 oybiofU »(oubio ft. All the above rates are subject 13 a discount of. 10 cts per 1000 oubio ft when the mantim bitt is paid in or before the lOtlibftbo mouth next following. . Tbs above special rates are,made ti indnao consumers to use gas for cooking a.nd hooting as-well as lighting. . ' " „ ' ^'" Experience, Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For ~:>' • ' - ., Cooking Over Eve'ry Other Fuel, in Cheaper £tove Cheaper JPiiel, * ' . Safety, Clciiiiliiiess, , . Qiiickriess, Convenience. BS^Over 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL.^ar SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. . , A diaoonrt of 10 per cent will bo made from'reghlar prices on all bills for Gaa Fixtures or inside piping ordered and completed from . ' • Sept; 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893. The MARSHALL I.1GH T Co. F OB RENT—A part of the house'knpwn as the Hart property on Jefferson street 1 . Knquire at farmer's ibedB near onion school. You can always find tbe best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. Call and Try. Them. DR. MOTH PEMYftOYAL PILIS. The only safe, sure and reliable Female Pill e^er offered to Jjaxljea. "Especially fecommeuded to married Ladies. Beware of Pills put up in tin boxes as they are dangerous. Ask for Dr. Mott's Pennyroysil Pills and ^ake no other. Send for Price $1.00 j>er box, 6 boxes for $5.00. Dr. Notts Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Son •osuccew fta4 fortune. ng, Dctioit, Mich. . Don't Tobacco .Spit or Smoke Your Li Jj- fe " la tbe naoie'of a littl^booV-instr^ telling all ab*at No-to-bjic, the wonderfuj, harmless guaranteed,, cure foe chewing, amoving, ^rigarette habit or. snuff-dipping. No-tq-bao is |he only guaranteed tobacco habit cere in the world, • Sold.fex druggists, i this paper. The Sterling 1 Remedy Randolph S^t.,-Chicago or Indiana, Springs, It^d., ,BjQd -got. a book mai?ed free^ been ,*• »* ^"S* -y " • •-* _- -" O*8» W* 1 •>' f snnHfc I&RX ^-^JT*^T^ Tlie best Perfumes always in stock at G. H. G-reene's Drug store. Ladies are invited to call and test them, tor Comfort, Support and Vine Form, ai»d comblnen.tho beet/eatunu of Cor»ot andVaiat. The JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0, WAIST IB Much-worn by women and mlBsoa -naable k to ., . linytl^'W*!**- This long experience and a careful study of tbe beat methods enables us,to cure every 4!lll*nlklA ^JlJ.S^, U7o trA«>n n rskfjifA nt ... We keep a record of i catio treated aud tbe reaalt obtained add can refer you to people wito have been oore4 by pur method of treatment. t.onvultAtion tree and Koa.«oiaabl«. We have viaitcd tbe same offices every eight weeks fat the past twents-flye yean, We axo prcpircti to show Bucgesaful results in trjcftjliif; diseauwe of tbe liver, heart, langa, ^tom- aci, hicinuye, braio, narves. rh^amatlsKi, neural- giu, aoliilltyr catarrb fits, yoatbtal'indiscretion, cunverg, old i-orou, uimuc«, 4'*oetl8, dyspep*)*, dropsy, chrouic,dla/rha3a, ouztma, loss olfvoiou, broiichitia, A*tUi)ia, p.ueumopia, consumption). «!;r>Julu, eruptidiia. plmpk-a, luunora, blotebeg uud all -dJBettsea oi lopfi staudJu^t. Address Di-s Brewer & Son, W6 Chicigp ATS., Evunsten, HJinuiH. Will by w tbe Iteration House on. Wednesday; Dec, 7lb, (AiarUtttc, Thursday, Dec. 8th. and UHtleCredJ.Dto.9tb. , »- Dr. Btewee's buruHeart/lieguiator gtreo !m i>r. brbwur'e Suce Oepuro for Dioeasea of tbe laicraayh, liver, kidneys and Hood, $1 per bottle. . 1 >r. Brencr'a Sure btuoukea PiUu for dyspeptic* 25 cunts tttfftx. *^, ."* *rr , 'toed'it one of the beat iibwn and [ffil. b^ipi-npaii njigP ^V .S3^ &^1 «m testify f Meol^^pfaa, lol: * a ^«i<»h Bemegy,. .t Bftvin* tie. jjaat eight years i.canaalely^aayit haeap «<iuai.for either WMa w &iogf,'*m *n^ j&ftaA botttofi fer Bale at Greene's irue 8^«'V ' ; '- ^ , .i&lo'at Greene' * f*S* t j, „ . j 'J^_ wf *VT* <»™ tp"* Witk IQWT Q8X; '1%: bjdn&f f . i f- - tul i-« fT 'i Detroit «..») ? 83 81? B40 and af reasonable %Vus^ fitted without charge for fittiog at ?i¥sL :.*S»»* Mull- 1MB -m* 6 00 2-69 SAj 4 DS aeawest st«ite HARSH ALL, MICH. ....IS 18 hi.». * ^> P.m. iao 9 85 8 17 506 ?S5 8»j*« „., >.». Ip-jft. p-in. 440 ?» 8 45 X52 g 846 » W 4 W 440J 5 00 5 SO 5W ioia ft.fl». .m. 12 SS2 756 ».M |«7 iw ftOB. *» ( •u«wa»».n ^^^^^^" HUMPHREYS' pare! uliy prep private - • mad foe yegat to* i EnrofikuMTl as-Miu«-i*, JM .1,1 PUe -Trial 8Ue. 2ft Cta. SPECJFIC

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