The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 8, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
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5 COUNTY STUDENTS PREVIEW THEIR COLLEGE WARDROBES-STORY ON PAGE 10 Single Copy T« Subierib* Colt IB 3-35H Freeport T B 5 VOL. 50 NO. 137 ~ Jen Miles Of Beach Swept By Machines ''lean, smooth sands slretdied! for approximately in tulles of' •Siirfside Reach lale Tuesday n/lcr : ffiflintainer* donated by conlrfic- Tori nnd public agencies completed Ihree pnssoN. By 3:M p.m. the 10 hbidcs had ', swepl away Ilic si-awced and debris, nnd leveled Ihe sands from the jetties lo B point abonl a mile east of the San Luis nreii development office — |h» bench hnnie of John Cnssirly. The huge operation was tinder, the direction of (', (',. l.elmw, •^vhose C&M Corporntion bad also contributed one blade. Other nuintniners had lieen con- Iribuled for Ihe day by Wilson Equipment, Rundick Construction, Muse Brothers, L. R. (.liilds, Freeport and CluU and Couhly Precinct 1. Their work WHS preceded Monday by debris clearing parlies headed hy L. K. IW,HVHla. Scout units, b e a c h visitors- f r o m Uhrnuehout the county, and >urfsirl« resldenls had joined this •Worl. Bill Saudi in, chairman of tlie Cnmmitlee. said today that efforts would continue to Improve the I heach nnd methods of keeping it ; attractive. I He appealed also to people who now use the beach to help keep It in Its present condition. Kor the future, the Tourist Com- j^nittee will study several methods! .used by other state? to keep' beaches attractive as tourist re- > sort areas. The comniitloe will also continut to seek the help of the Slate Parks Board in developing and maintaining Ihe beach. At the Chamber committee's request, the Parks Board has already included a $r>0,000 item which the Board hopes will remain in the budget approved by the .J.cgiKlatiir*. * Sandlin hopV* Hint .jttaU• aid will provide at le;>*t one Mem of permanent machinery for keeping; the beach i-lear. and some form of additional enforcement of the litter laws. Th* Sheriff's Department has pledged additional effort toward reducing violations of these lawi, i SERVINft BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETOM. WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA. SWEENY. OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON Clos.lfied: II J.Jill—All Ofh»r Officet: IE 1-3511 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freepoit Associated Prest Member WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 8, 1962 Freepert, Texas Weekdays 5 Cents Record Sch Sunday 15 Cent! AUDITORIUM WILL DOMINATE HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS In thin perspective that arrived Tiimriay from nrrhltectn Knclti-r and Tharp, the new Rrar.mport Senior High aiiilllnrliim, fv.mblned «llh nn enlarged llbmry, »ho«i «. bulk and heluhl that dominate* Ihw school cftinpiii. The side of the structure In the Inn-crnund l« parallel In Highway MS. At the left I. the prevent gym, and in the background the four wing* irf ih* nHinnl. Ixiu In the foreground Is the new library. On the le\el ab<ive II it the open, covered mall from which the audiences will enter the auditorium. The hlch tn-irr al center left provide* Ibe me H n» of llftlnit stage backdrop* and I'lirlnlnc (Hit of »lght above the «tace. The t«<i combined high srhnnl facilities will take the hulk n( a t'oO.OOO bond l««e, with th« reinnlniler to be u«ed for air conditioning one wing of the school and tor renovation of the old library tn form classrooms. Prelim* Innry rira«init* of the above building are now being completed, nnd ennotnictlnn will be pu«hod. Tni*tee« <v>n«lder It doubtful, hnup\er. i( the auditorium 1* rompleted for Ihe I9« graduation Weathercast * Clear to partly cloudy and eon Hniisd hot through Thursday. Low tonight TS, high ThuiiaJay 9«. KOHKKT (BOB) COLLINS Harbor Board Oundidals Reward For Safe Driver Urged AUSTIN (AP)-Bad driven H« referred to R. D. Collins Candidate For Harbor Post * . ' . - • T^?"* -' ' - * ' : Rotiert D; fR'M Collins. * Free- Port resident for ?.S yearF. has announcni&lf* eandidacy tnr tlii> Navigatioit District ' positional-large post left vacant hy the death of J..,g. Rush. "I beilevt that we should strive for equal f|pis>ht rates for the Brazosport Harbor," Collins said in announcing, "so ihi* harbor would he as attractive to shippers as any other harbor on the coast of Texas." Collins, who lives at .YC West first in Freeport, worked for thn Freeport Sulphur Company for ZJ >ears and for 1S years on construction in this area. Mis (our children are nil araduates of Freeport High School. "Havinc been hrie shire the deep water h.irbor became a real" persons who points unsafe drtvini; plan. r _ ,. .„,.,„„ 1Tvvolllr - „ Ihreew out the plan last it}'." he stales. 'I ar n deeply ini rested in the bor and ' capacity w<*ild l^p increased of the har- to s.-<> us hv ac t*» new Insurance rates, i"" 1 " {^h« »at« Board of Insurance i' nie ** was told Tuesday. month after 34 yenit and set Th<i Tesns Assodation of In- new rale«, based only on auto niranr* Agents said that unless i . ,-,.„.„,... ,„ ,.,.. . tht board gives safe driver* a f ^* A " IKl 1 " nlol >- lo taK * "' deal." ft p»r cent credit, insurance com- ~ ' . ". . . Collins, who is presenilv nervine panie» will begin offering divi- j.;. ' J" .. ? v<> as a memhei-of the distr'i. I Sclcc. Sends to accident-free drivers ^'" ,""" 'H , / !! •'"""' " VP Sprvl •nd refusing to insure drivers "" P ,'l'" r ° "7, "i"" '"'"^i Was -,, •_, . , , I'-' \^ r t'Pi't afler two years nnti f-,.. with nrridrnU <»n thfir n-conls. , r . . - M ' '°t "Under ihe new mien. ( ' on »- ,vafe rinvin' * ***** AIIr< natii^ft *r« making plans to tiv«* 'n . ,, - , , £» p,r cent div'dL, ,„ ^^^^'«™K fl ?™ — A^U, 0 ; ^iati^7p,*«i,»n! """"" ;" Hi ™!: ""• «--""- % l:: Bra^pn,, .,,„ ,u,,,,oss n,,,^,' for Ilic , lh« board. 'cralTnci."ine "" " K * S> '" A n "'" lh<>r for ""• P 1 ''-' ^ >' -: '^ district. He has a.-c.-plnl the ' the Ralph Hanson .\mcrn';tn linn nf business m»n:i(;ei Brazosport School Calendar Krp<. < 0<K. t — Half t)a.v H..||i(.iy NOT. W — - i:30 p.m. Nov. 2S — R a.m. Ore. SO — }:3(| p.m. »lan. S — 8 a.m. tun. M Keh. it — V.W p.m. Feb. 2S — K a.m. April It — ?:.Tfl p.m. April 1R — H a.m. April 19 — 1 p.m. April 53 — S a.m. Hay XI , JSe: IK ClaiWK Kff^a Cmintj- Kalr ThankxnMn^ Re«~« Begin* Thanlugixloj; Rccem Ends Cliristnm Rpcnw Begin* rhri»tm»» Rece»« Ends Ftrot Semwrtrr Ends navhlnjtnn Birthday Holiday ClasKe* RAHume Ea»l« Rec«w Begtiu Ea.«ter Recess Ends San Jarlnln Hnliday Begins Cla*se& KesunM Second gcmenter Ends Smith Chosen C of deader In Brazosport • The appointment, of Lester G. ;Smilh as executive vice president | of the Brazosport Chamber of I Commerce was annoumrd today ;'hy Fred Palmer. Chamber president. ; Smith will report for duty at the i Chamber offices .Sept. 1,'to sue- iceed Sam Quay. Quay has already j departed for his new e.vy.ijtive ipost with the Laredo Chamber of • Commerce. I The new Chamber executive, jage n, combines training and ex- tperience in management, agricul- jture and chamber of commerr? jwork. He comes to Brazospor jafter nine years as executive vice j p r e s ident of the Montgomery i County (Contw Chamber of Com| merce. ; He is a native of lola. but his i schooling up through college grad- ;uate status was at Bryan and College Station. Krom Texas A&.M. he holds a bachelor's decree in : marketing and finance, pine 14 hours of graduate studies "in Economics. Other professional studies include graduation from western C h a m her of Voted RECREATION, ADULT HOME/MAKING CUT , Added teacher salaries and the first payment on the duiTonum-lbrary bonds helped send the 1962-63 Brazos$5 r 076 C ,094 9t adopted Tuesd «y +o » record figure of ! To meet it, school trustees set the tax rate *t * I 7ft jTh.s is three cents hieher than ------- LlfLTlIL^lH^. 8 - lout that *' LESTEK G. SMITH \ew Chamber Executive to audiences : eviry f -ipi.Tion, they pointed : rg A \j passage of the bonds an d ply mean a. four-cent tax Th e rain hil/o . •-••"•*••.uvi. i But Valuations went up substan-^?™ **.*> „ ,-- - n'ally during the year, and trus-.ices dronnert <™ -,, . * etv ' tees have spent weeks paring less^ 'personnel TV ,*<- , n? * essential budget items. The re-im a £cd almr-t T ™ sp ° rlah ° n ^ jsult is a budget which, except i crease ^ ~L !°: a " c ' Wlth *" '"' i for the increased bond payments, !fj72. g * 14? ' is reduced over last year in pro-i pi-, n t „_„ ,! portion to the tax valuations. :,„ . n L°P er ? t i on u ' ent "P S17.02S. i The biggest increase in the budget was, as usual, in the instruction category. This is up S20S.OOO over last year, with $150,000 of, QUUeu Irlaja the amount paying for 21 addi-• schoo i s and ,,,„,' tional teacher positions, and S47,-1 cellaWis *** MIAMI, Fla. - A Cuban news 000 for automatic longevity pay PJantjriamterianc* was reduced total of $335,743. H400 was due to rates, 55,200 for long- Pay increases, S5.700 for maid service in two mis- .,„..,,..., ---—-- --.. = —.. ,~j r-iant mamterii specialist claims that more than increases. Miscellaneous supplies S1.S90. Fixed ch 4,000 Soviet troops have landed i accounted for the rest of the in- ,54,465 due to in Cuba recentlv. He attributed ! crease. boiler insurance nr<-m;,,~ "j -, information to travelers '^.^^^^^^^^ three W^Ji^talK" 1 Cuba that he said position to know." "«ere. in »! , ! indent of schools, said mat teach- WASHINGTON . State Dean Rusk called in Swiet Institute in Dallas, graduation ^ l ""< l:w * lu '-' 1 *u"*wij L . ^uuij from the advanced management to P" 1 rew Pressure behind U. I studies for chamber of commerce -.eHorts to reach agreement on ; executives at the University of P act to outlaw atomic testing. Houston, and enrollment in the post jn-aduate semi nar in advanced m a n a g ement studies at t_'H. His previous work includes the •post of assistant county a sent for Rusk County in 1947: manager of the Cameron Chamber o( Commerce in 1947-1S, manager of the New Braunfels Chamber in WASHINGTON — Rail unions 5 are expected to announce today that worker* operating the na^ tion'* trains nil! walk out a week from Thursday if the carriers go ahead with plans to rut thousands of jnh*. _ - - - —"- .rt:ai, ,- . , , . i student activities bad a 19 iic ling supplies are included in the inmviso Th= <• • , • w >' 18 ; small fraction of expenditures bud- C au se of ' mor ant ' c 'P ated . costs he- Secretary o£|S eted on a formula basis. That is. ed to be greater tan 'fh,* 1 *.?* there is a set amount provided ^g administration foresees a fl K. D*^^.-i.^S^rS^^ *»»?£*» t™f a $I " of the tot^ge,-, ^ nr^yjisrs . nvity figure, Dr. Richardson said I this included the pay of coaches iabove their teaching duties. It also included supervision for music programs (other than specified in the budget. ., _..„,„„,.-, u. STOCKHOLM — Mrs. Sherri 1!M8-19, manager of the Cameron Finkbine finally saw a Swedish:Chamber again until 1953, Tuesday and is expected! he moved to hisp resent position to seek official approval early! in Conroe. next week for abortion of the baby; Smith is married and has r.vo she fears has been deformed by children: Rebecca. 10. and Sie- thalidomide. phen. 6. He is a member of the Board of Stewards of the First Methodist Church of Conroe. Professional affiliations indude .the Chamber of Commerce Managers and Secretaries Assn. tvice Police Probe Clues In Two BP Break-Ins teaching), detention halls and • similar activities. Dr. W. D. Nicholson pointed out that the salaries are largely bal- :anced out by gate recipts. A sharp slash in community i services, down 58,575 to a budget I figure of $3,475, brought a query !from Arnold Seidule, chairman ; ' of the Lake Jackson Parks Board, f reeport police are following up The reduction, Dr. Richardson a lead in a weekend safe burg- «"<!, meant the end of all school a Rathke Takes Position With Harlingen Schools president, 19»Bi: Texas Chamber i cV Commerce Managers Assn. ': (director, 19*n-fi2i: and ..\merican ; port i,)innii--i"niM' -^ Bia?nsi«'irt si-honl adniinistra by (Itncrnor .l.inn^s tive siaff mrnilvr with 14 >ears nf work in tin- svsicrn vvill leave Aug. 10. Ian.-, and Clute police have put sub ^ idies not directly connected BUENOS AIRES — Reports out an all-points bulletin on a car' W u- nthe Schoo! P r °S ram - This from northern Argentina said to- whose occupants are suspects in, Ses'to th?Tm ^ *"* ° f .. subsid day Gen. Frederico Tornzo Mon-. 0 . ... , «•«>">. les to the summer recreation pro- tero had declared himself com- Sunday msht bur K la1 ^' attempt, igram and the adult homemaking mander in chief of the Army of . A ^rs'aO' of S i m mons Build-:Pr°Eram. Argentina. ' lnl; Su PP'. v "s safe was discovered . As ' ar a 8 the school system l Monday morning when the Free- ^ concerned, then, the summer . LONDON -The British govern- :port busincss opened. Burglars i Program will largely be swimming 'Chamber of Commerce Kxccu- ment today extended until Friday- P unched out * e ^^ of the "™ch can be operated ona break- lives. midnight the deadline for El Al : f fe '. "'f pu!lpd the ou(pr stpel *' m ^ sls - There vvill be no playa member of ihe Airlines to take fugitive spv Rob-i^ 001 " 5 nvet -' ! loose from the inner S™^ supervision or movies. Club vtontr.nrr.n,,, „« ( s»Ki.» .- .i.- n „" n-t.," 00 !'. The fire day between thei Adult homemaking will still be He h.'is also ^(•!^l•^l on ihc ,„,. K , ^ iVLVIA 'niORPK, lo hral* a biilhday '> MR. and MUS. SIDNKV V10R, ohflerv inp. an tomorrow. .. Report Slated For Freeport City Planners .of I Legion pixsl of hVeeport. (" 'is also past post cnmnurdri is a nicnihrr of St. Pauls i-o|>iil Church and has served I v csirv man. i Kiir III .vejirs Cnlliii>: was illins ll:iilinqcn school svsicm. . He sliuhtly larger iban the Bra/os|i.irl I Hiring his R, i/i>s|»iil In I the Merchant Marine i .h o I d s ,111 assistant c i license for any tnmui^c. Tv^o oilier i-andidMirs, (Shcpi Mi Ki'ilhan :nnl Paviie. hfi\-e also tiUsi four \ear.s iri the Miirvs i-ttue. he lu,s limi'linxini opera- and n;ini fu he lion iia:isp»rl:itiiui. building and 'Hip Knvport Planning CiHiiinis. sli>ii nnd the Cily Council are anniversary scheduled lo niecl with Dallas con : siillanl rnpinccrs Koch, Foul i>i grounds ni.imleivince duties At the Tuesday me Bund nf Kdiu-aiiim, i eplcd his n-siL'n.iti. and cpoit City v lo ln-.-.r ihe cilv'« The tithcr npcil Navu;.inon Inn \\ni, liip Hr.wo.s|n>rt P.IVI is in'ini; souuhl hv lu-.' ,-an,lMi. J. T. Su^s. Hip incunil>cnl, V iVi.'i Vi-lnri.1. IVitdhne (nr tihns rfoi caintu fur NHMKutmn IXslrici po»i l). l fi fives. He is ali _. _ t] Com-oe Lions Club. Montgomery ert A. Soblen to thV U. "s. Theij „ y~- - • ?"^'../ U - M Qub ' Conroe C «'"- ™ K ^ however, is under insttuc-i*r*"*? P ^.^ _ a '°"! Conroe Jaycees, Legion Post 4H. and of tlie tion from Israeli officials to re- American turn Soblen to Israel if he boards their plane*. KENNEDY AT MID-TERM-2 Keeps His Eye On Each Issue Freeport police reported available, if paid for by those who | take the coursrf But it will no allow- i longer be subsidized by the sys- ins; the door to be opened, .tern. The burglars took S565 in cash, ' The abolishment of the summer strewing checks and other con- recreation subsidy does not pre- tents of the safe on the office dude th e use O f school buildings floor, officers said. ; for a recreation program financed Police dusted for fingerprints ; by other than school funds, Dr. but found none. No burglary- tools j Richardson said in answer to a were found at the scene, they re- j query by Seidule. ported. Summer program cost 1 ; once Oute police issued a pit-kup; rose as high as $13,000 for the Tuesday for occupants of a light j summer. This has been gradually blue 1933 Cadillac, to be held for reduced. As it came down, the investigation in connection with a'^City of Lake Jackson has develop- burglary attempt at the Kl-S'ed a city program. Other cities in Pharmacy on Highway 2SS in! the area have not yet taken over Dow Dividend The H... IXm On- MR. and Mlt.^. JAMKS M. and (;„,(,. ,„ n,,, Kri ' I.AYTON SR.. formerly nf Lnke Hall ,-ii 7 p m 'ilniisd, Baibai-H, hiiildmc "> new cnunliy ic|vut iiiiinbi'r si\ nf I Aome ntf Rlack'» Kerry I load near cunipieheiiMvp plan "ra/oria. . . T)I C I» S | ,-cpon by M,,. him tn MISS LINDA OWKNS of UHCO, liip cit> wan conceinnt with cilv gti«-«l rt DARMAH BKAVKK nf-utility planning. In this new ir '-' • • , purl utilities and other city tin MR. and MRS. RALPH BUKI.L. pimcmcnls and pml.lcms will In- SUSAN and KKLI.V. on a Ivvn oinlincd mi a yc.trK Iwsis ID <-ovci weeks varatlim. While Ilicir jwr t)u- nc.\l <ive vcais. enlR are away. KLI.KN «n.| 'Hie i-ninpiclicnsive rc|»nt will'-il I'mnpiiMy lixU.v ilc, 1; «ALrH JR. nit enjoying « MSII also U- concciiiHl willi luiHticial dividend of U) mils per h h fiom their grandmother, MRS. planning, milliniiiK |Msxil,le nieniu >"• ''..ininoii Mu. k iM.val.l HfcNRV PKKBLKS. alonj; vvilh of fiiwncina the pnm,wi«rt pro (H friend, MRS. RUl'll KINKK, K ranis. holh of Dalian. . , , K och. Kovvier «d Ciafe Imv,- And Around lit* C<ninl.V: I KM -II working for Ihe City of Free VV. S. RIGCJS SR nf Bm/nru,!,»irl for .some time on nJinprrhcn Tldfi •hll m Gulf Ciwsl Mi-du-al Center .sue plans lo project Uie nctxif of at Wharton hut thoii K ht lo be a n,,, ( .,i y Bll d sel „,, „ pmyrain Mi K h 11-44 p m bit impiov*d new. . . O vcr the live veins lo aniic-i Tixlay OR. {,. B. BHOW.N of Aii K li'l<.ii, [Mlt- and meet the noods. llu : li 11 II n ,11 ke.«piii K » golf date with CKORGK The Thursday nighl nieciui K , .„ 1^ -t as pm BLAMIA i,f the lidiishm o,|,.is \ w |,,,ld in the city i-,.iincil uxnn Thui.sdHy at a lloiiMon cijunlry club le nf it» Cily H,d| will lx> ..|i,-ii lu Nn in'-h h,|e ^ tul1 *'- ' ' l»'i piil'I'C.' I Low 3?j9 pm. •loiiN i:\niKK Taken Harliniifii Post d •IIHK misicc! .11 with i and ^i atul.iiuins IV H KM;^, (iircclor of sis ond- .n\ cdiii-.iiion, lold liusiccsof the uniMial iiJincidi'iii-o of Ralhke'R tu'jiiiniii;; w:ih Ihe s,vsu>m. llu'ic was a need l"i an assisl- i-it b.tiui diicrtor, ;<,' ,i,iv:i:iicnicn! inr lnni>cl( and the IniM, and for H p,iil time shop l^ticlils for his lamil.x. icai-hi-r :il liie old KKVI^II lligli "U,. | la vc lued in Mils coninui- 'S, hoo!. Tin-if wen' minis to hue m t\ s.iu-c July UMS, In- said, niic u-ai her "You'll never tind a "niirun; this tune we have cnjov- ic.iihi r with thai ivinkinaliiin." t -d main of Hie iitKxl things of life Kin^ loinonihei s icHing the super ; KDITOR'S XOTK — H» na- ; 'i|uentl.v cited. It is not the only Clute Sunday night! lion's Congress and its executive,one, however, .have been waging war 0:1 and off "A strong feeling has <*» most of U.S h, s ,orv, I, s srmving in O»gre«." says RepJ^f^ „,, burs , ars ^^ ^.iin increased ;too early to toll wmeh will be- John Undsay. R-N.Y., "that thei tinR ttowah the building's wooden,vear. Most of come dominant durin, - ' k "n,,^tvo =,-„ .,»„„„ .„ ....... „« . . . • comparable portions of the former Polii P Chief G. P. Littleton and school program. ^ 'Sgt- John Cole had been locked i The capital outlay budget figure 'in the pharmacy about an hour for the coming year is $139,407, i._* .i._ i i i , , . rtnMn -, • $49,000 over this this is for new Tlie Rr.)/ii,sp»it. hut tell lie n-.llM lake the o|>[x>i tunny for ptv-iess IS lo stockholders ol the C|OM> of business on St \\ilhin a \\cek Kalbke i|iplu-d tin a le.n hini; p,isilion, !lslin>; the »uiioti-s mixture of degree in music and slvtp . \flcr se\eial vr.d's nf le.n hin^. he U\ aim 1 :uiinuii>iiaiive HS^ISI•ml lo the then Supi. Ten ell (>;:;;, then uciini: diirctnr education dunii ... , -' ' —--UIIK uiixwi^ii uie uuiiain^ s woocieniycar. :Mosr 01 mis is to Piesidont ~ >ni >eays are li-ying to shut off .floor. Before entry was made, Uie • equipment in the schools John K. Kennedy's icrm in the , ; **' , nlariet , baslc !bui-glars were frightened off. ;equipment in the schools. The prin- \Vluu. l|.'K,se But alirr nc-.rlv f ^T "7 ° -T™^ T1>e officrrs suspected the burg-icipal item in this is for $10,o e,u t,,es \P^r,-c Re I',, '™ m , ,? T >'^»«,laij- attempt would be made wheniooo wort), of furniture. An item n V.M rin i, s,! ^ of *ve plural , '" " ""' ^ B ™^ « ** Ha "' p V totaling nearly 59,000 vv-,11 pay for articles o, K „ ,^v a , niiH., P ,,- - , . Strcel <-°"tacted Cole about 8:30 a large increase in the science one fact "," ^r^VreSd^ moi/iaC^ ^"ZL^ £.d'*SKn^ 'SSC?^^™ " "" *"* ^ ^ his admim-su-anon. u |, hh thl , y describe as calls for On diecking, Cole found they debt service, lo a tola! of $fiSi- KV nnMiv tiiiiMv ^vveepiiig new poucrs. WP1V burglai-y tools. He said he 563, is due to the first payment on and feel thai we are leavins manv u \sm\rro\ VP vi l '^"' n'" 0 ' '.' oldw f 1 "'' R ' Anz -' : tried to replace them by the feme the new bond issue. -LHH! l.iends ik-rst-mMv n-id o V ~ 1Ullul *»>"' lle «Kt-niiedy) inliented in t heir original positions, and the ,C- S ' oialv > ' s ' v " Mary " f ttar m '™™,«gh povvci-s to make his of (ice, stake-out in the pharmacy was 1 . I) I) I H H cahiiu-is, iKten charartonznl Uie.a dictatorship, hut one o* the con-inlanned ',',":?*! -'">nnoi, S pjmer of the presidency sislm t patterns in this adminis- When'the bui^lars suddenly left as a tv\IUc-a\e, and he went (ration is Ihp demand for more the scene without their tools, the >-,,...,,i ,,, t ,n,,,, ,,,-,,i n i..,,,.^ -i °" '" ^'-^ ; : power." officers <-ouId not leave the phar- i,;'. 1 B °'" 1 ' No m:i " !>hould Sttl "« a Klllle ' The slruwle Ivlwecn the esc,-,,. m acv until a pairolman with ihe ' "' aw as though it were a riding live and legislative branches of kcv was summoned to unlock the H-.thU- is a ,e 51 dc f rroeport no ,,- government is an ancient one. door from outside as required. nia.iiirs I'uosilas lu 1 would IVA have i"tvonw)e"iut.iiuin fojuvnunj; !h nf KI:I Vrliisi-i liial he v. an iiln'"'s 1! U ,'iV 1U T U H'' °' !!' l-^^l ™* y ' ''''""'" * Pl « illpnl K ''»- " A'"» «»<- "'~O «'»o,, S S u,de:,,s t ',,l e sa id Wednesdav that the an illn,«, di.i Umuh.^He and his wife Mar-| ne d y identify as one factor caus- O f the amazing .Vnierican system suspects had been slaying al a II..- was principal at the:gi,relt,\ a former teacher, liave| U ig his diflictilties vvilh vun^n.-s .-.iinpiiN tx'iore takiim Ins," two children: Janiee, l>. and. ihe allegedly injudicious use of I" 111 '" 1 - 11 IXivid. )i. , lne "Kutle-aNe " His handling nl .- i.i!.l MI hisjciter of He -s .1 nu inter of the Texas. Die steel pricc-ri!>c .as. I.IM " l! ll> "'' '- s Ht'hiiit- an.l Ainerie.i!! \.SMIS. 1.4 Sch.x'l spnn.t. when the .idiiiini.-traiion pi iliil.nd.-ni ,,( Mluuls, Hil-in, -s (Hli,-i.,ls, TSTA and moved like an aw i.some .lucier- -viM-iml of ii ,vm s - M A. .„,„„_ 1S lh< ev ,m,,| 9 m ,,M ue- ( Continued On F.HK« 4) Sun Data Sets Rise Set!, p m .motor court separated from the! !pharmacy sue hy some woods. A' siiort time after the burglars left' Hie pharmacy, ilie suspects checked out of llie conn, he said, just helot? a lead look the t.tfticpi-s 'lo Ilie court .Sunday nijjhf. BULLETIN Kret*i>ort'ft DUtrii'i Tun cliuin plan Cubs \\on the fir^t round nf the Slate Teen-Age Basfbali Tournament Wednesday morn- Ing, du\iuiii£ the Ne\\ Hohton Bears, 5-1 al kuty Field in \Vai'u. Mack Parker \\as the \\innini; pitcher. The Cubs are exp.-vt.'d to iet- aciiuu in'\i mi Thtirvihty aflf riinon.

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