The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 4, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 4, 1960
Page 1
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WILDCATS WIN OVf* iLQIN IN GRmWAKTiRHNALS GAME . 5ef DEM/IS CM PAGE 8 VOU 48 NO. 243 BRAZOSPORT FACTS ^^^ ^ — : .. jncpyvm, Aexas — 9™?.WeKore Files Growing Fast itlon only Thursday, the Brazoria in fo,ir h n JTl,t?J±?..%?, d lmderobs .? rvationf <>' 1 medical rea have to be S hn«m i,™,, .„ u ...... . .. Although It actually began operation only Thursday, the Brazoria County Child Welfare Department filer) already lists 42 children under its care and supervision. Six of those children have been placed in boarding homes, as temporary wards of the two district courts in Brazoria County, Mrs. Marian Lockley, supervisor for the department, said. "These cases come irom all areas of Brazoria County," Mrs. Lockley explained. "Some of the children have been abandoned by their parents. Others need clothes or a more thorough medical observation and care than t h e ir families could provide." Calls reporting the cases come from many sources, she explained. Ministers, attorneys, other social agencies, law enforcement departments, schools and out-of- county or out-of-state requests to Investigate account for many of them. . . • The six children already receiv- 111 u _, tte county- Work will begin next week to establish and license other foster homes for use when needed, Mrs. Lockley explained. ; None of the children needing foster care are placed with persons who have applied for adoption, Mrs. Lockley said. Requirements for a foster home include this stipulation as well as that the applicants be a married couple and that they have some other source of income so that the fos- er home care cannot be turned into a money-making proposition. Foster care is generally considered a temporary measure, Mrs. Lockley said. In some instances the child may return to his home as soon as a court hearing can be held. Other cases may require the termination of parental rights by district court and under observation for medical rea sons, until a physician re com mends his release. placing the children for adoption, ta other circumstances, the child may remain In the foster home Mrs. Lona S. Fuqua, of Lake Jackson, Child Welfare worker and Mrs. Lockley will assist the boarding parents in caring for the children. This will not only include ad vice and supervision, but also such tangible aids as taking the child to a doctor when necessary helping enter him in school ant the like. At the same time, they will be attempting to help the child's natural parents to resume the regular family relationship if this is possible. In cases where it is not, they aid the natural parents in adjusting to separation from the hild. At present there are 36 cases in which the department will work to help the families give their children better care so that court action will not be necessary. "Sometimes the parents actually have to be shown how to be par ents," Mrs. Lockley explained. Another important phase of th new department's work will be in cases of disputed custody, in such cases the court often ap points the Child Welfare Depart ment to investigate and to givt an unbiased opinion as to wha each home has to offer. Home visits which are required in connection with adoptions wil be another of the duties of the new department. It is expected that county children available for adoption will be offered to adoptive parents from another county, with the children from that area available for adoption by local couples. * This is considered an important recaution to avoid situations in vhich the natural parents know *o has adopted their child. Mrs. Lockley, who is regional Child Welfare director for a 13- ounty area, will serve as super- visor for the county departmen temporarily. A permanent super visor is expected to be employet this summer, after the colleg term ends and a, qualified persoi is available. . Requirements for the supervise include graduation from nig school and college and at leas one year of graduate "training in any school of social work. A grad uate of a school of social work preferred. Mrs. Fuqua will serve as Child Welfare worker, a post requiring rath high school and college grad- Jation and some working exper- ence in the field of public re- ations, such as school teaching r other work dealing with the ublic. The third employee of the de- artment will be the stenographer, who must be able to fulfill the egular state merit system re- [uirements as to typing and shorthand ability, as well as passing a general aptitude and intelligent* test given in Houston. When the department gets Into full operation, an average case load of about 150 children is expected. Mrs. Lookley said this if based on one-half of one per cent of the 30,037 children under 18 who live in Brazoria County. The program will CDS' about 35 cents for each of the children in the county, according to estimates. The state will assume a jradually decreasing portion of be expense of personnel for the irst five years. At the end of that time, the imnty will take over the entire burden of financing the department Funds have actually been set p only for the remainder of this calendar year by County Commissioners' Court Since two of IB commissioners are retiring, ley left action concerning the epartment's operation during 1961 to the new court. Gov. Hodges Given Cabinet Post YULE CONCERT FEATURES RONDOLETTES :al group from Braioioorl Sanlnr ..«—.. ._ ... . . n J9 '° UP from called the HondoleJis*. will h. et- lured performers at the Bratosport Com"unity Band's annual muiical welcome to I ,j 2L lmM I8a « on - T h* concert will be held Thurtday night, Dec. 8. at Ihe L»ks Jackson Junior High cafetorium. It It span- sored by ihe Lake Jackson Jayceei. It i. a family event, open lo ihe public, with free refreshment, at intermission. From left, silling, ar* Ginger Thomai, Becky Turk, Nancy Israel. Standing are Judl e Luckenbach. Charlotte Kroll, Margo Davis (who » accompanl«t and also (ings) and Beverly Brown. They are rehearsing "Christmas £°i ?!'' "' bt H3me for Christmas.' _The Littlest Angel," "ThiriyTwo Feet and E.ght Little Tails." and "Silver Bells." AT TUESDAY MEETING Trustees To Name Schools '•PI ' " M' '' ' '"'^rr-^-XSS-Sm**?-** • ForJtetarted Students Brazosport to obtain Eilts for th B slt^Ll-^i... ,_ „. other items on their susirei Si to obtain gifts for th retarded children in the Austin j State School to Insure that there will be no "forgotten" students f there at Christmas. The toys and other gift Hems are being collected chiefly through f the efforts of M-s. Eunice SpIUers of dute, The gifts are being sought especially for children without families or whose fami- ' lies are financially unable to remember them properly at Christmas. Mrs. Spillers has arranged for gift items to be collected at the Clute City Hall, in F. M. Sander's office there, and a box will be placed under the bell tower of the First Christian Church in The Weather Mostly cloudy wjth slowly t '-.In-. /.• '. . , . 1 :. •"':;•*_•'. ^tu. u UllwUg" Sunday, Scattered thunder showers Saturday night and Sunday, High Saturday 56. Low Sunday morning 54, High Sunday Freeport. Six churches in Clute and Lake Jackson have indicated they wil conduct drives to aid Mrs. Soil lers' project. Persons having suitable items but who are unable to get them to one of the collection sites may call Mrs. SpUlers at AN 5-5696; Mrs. Sam Jones at AN 5-5517, or Hrs. Luther Jacobs at AN 5-2417 and the gifts will be picked up. Items must be given by Dec. 6. The following day Mrs. Spillers will take them to the school in Austin. .<•;• The school requires that all Infant toys must be new. Rattlers, ubber toys and stuffed toys without glass eyes are especially welcome, school authorities said, i Other items on their suggested list of suitable gifts for the stu dents are sewing and embroider] sets, balls for soft ball, footbai and basketball; books such as the Golden books, comics and color books. Suitable gifts approved by the school for older children include rouge, lipstick, powder, scarves, cologne, hand lotion, tooth brushes and paste, earrings, ties and tie pins. t For the older residents at t h e school, cigarettes, pipes and tobacco are allowed. There are more than 30 Brazoria County students in the Ausin School, Mrs. Spillers said, and some of the gifts are needed for Brazosport school trustees be-llished for choosing names m the naming of area schools This would require'all schools ?IT^°H rd of . Education meet- not yet officially named to be mg Tuesday mghl. renamed uniformly according Several Brazosport schools to set rules Oth e t dyh haV ° ° mdal , namCS - Junior "'«" schools '««« to Others have names applied fo be named for distinguished de- t? 0 n Ve h,,r C( % "jSft, ""?""" Ceased Americans; and elemen tion, but not officially adopted by the Board. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the"Sttftfcnt Activity Room at Brazosport Senior High School. \ Two educational program reports are scheduled on the agenda after the completion of other business matters. One of these is based on a iiem. Scnooi Additions Ready In 60 Days Services follow-up survey of Brazosport Senior High graduates — tWir college enrollment and employment after leaving school. The ether report Is on the school ystem's speech therapy program. Trustees will discuss the ded- cation of the new elementary chool at Lake Jackson, and iear an oral report on building onstruction. Besides school naming, business matters will include a budget amendment request, re-, quest for elementary Spanish ' tary schools for distinguished, deceased Texans. A Lake Jackson group objected to this policy, stating that they wished the junior high to continue to be designated by the town's name. Also, a Freeport group had mada NEXT SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - President - Elect Kennedy has named North Carolina Governor Luther Hodges as Secretary of Commerce. Kennedy made the mn me policy. j *™™? ce ™ nt * «* Palm Beach, Fla., home of his Trustees had agreed that they! ?t *' r ' and Mrs ' J °seph Kennedy. Hodges stood would re-examine the policy i at Kennedv s side as the appoint - — .-• - - • - - -- ment was a plans for a school name that would have been with the policy. in conflict itself before they began the ment was announced. actual naming of individual! Hod ses is a 62-year-old formei * V "" M ***" t-n-flll.. i..J.. .A *-.i" '*, «™ . -, . . schools. textile industrialist. The Cabine post pays $25,000 a year. Kennedy read a statement say ing he was making the appointment with great pleasure: 'The Three Hoshafon men wei* charged after a stabbing am >t shooting in Rosharon Friday nfght L. C. Banks, about 40, and his son, L. C. Banks Jr., 19, were both charged with aggravated assault. Capt. Jack Tyer, 01'the Brazoria County Sheriffs Department, said the younger, Banks had held Sammy Lee Hall, about 28, while Banks' father stabbed him several times with a pocket knife. Capt. Tyler said Hail got a .410 shotgun from his home and Both Hall and Banks were,several Texas Highwfy Patrol treated at the Angleton Hos-1 officers helped with the inves- pitsl and were, released. Hall ! tigation. had received seven stab wounds across his back and shoulders. About a dozen shot "had struck Banks. ^Charges of rudfe display of firearms were "Jiled against Hall. All three charges were, filed in Justice of the Peace R.! Clyne Thomas' court in Ciute • Bond in eacli case was <se at $200, and all three men hav been released on bond. The incident occurred abou i» . — — •« .LUC uiuiucub w-mreu. auou a returned to shoot the older. 10 p.m. Friday on a road i "IS. ,u toe right arm near R °sharon. In addition to Tyler . f ItlP fMnrmr \ T\ . ™. .__ _ class equipment, census enu-l meration dates, personnel matters, textbook ?Omr-,Ut«y -•.«! setting a aate for a personnel conference. School naming was scheduled earlier in the year but was delayed when a number of people objected to the policy estab I Deputy Sheriff Gene Smith am ing their Monday session. oupt. j. c. Rogers reported holding sufficient funds to assure that windows for district building completion of all unfinished and [additions have been received by unsatisfactory items .^w^Rw-ws-Rfffr tnl after suffering n heart ntt irl ^* 1 ** a * t * Bartholme, school arch-Mton Agency. Thursday at his home in La'ke '-—^L^E!!? to Dre P are a fervices for Uie^eaTwas'authortlJ^ffi 11 Barbara. . .- , | ~ |«W by the trustees. 'CATHERINE STONE, CHAR LES PESSARA, CECIL, OWENS MARY CULBERTSON, and SUE BARNETT,.all ol FP. to sing with I— . ,_ - J^^is^^Fiind Transfers scheduled for Dec. 22. . ,-..- ' ••»•• *• ROBERT TREADWELL andi —•—— ——w >-u"uiiiaaimier5 , KENNY MAYBERRY, dtte. to Owrt met for n brief special scs- Reports from the lunchroom celebrate Sunday birthdays. , . . Mon this week, with fund trans- transportation division, and tax Set For Friday A.lons-ttae Brazoria Count A.lons-ttae Brazoria County dent ' Raymond m &- die<1 2 ' on - e< i 81 " D™bury Friday after, «te«Ied illness. He Approve ROW, A request was approved to Gal-j for 2:30 p.m. SundayV < the*An! iwav and Farmer Insurance [gleton First Methodist of Bus dty to put an in- The Rev. Vemoti C "- J ~- on the junior high officiate. Burial wUl t'he" Halgh. a rice fanner had been i™ V i n y oulnafl y s ' - • . ?' "™ *"**' wlm wnd trans- transportation division, and tax Halgh. a rice fanner hi MR. and MRS, E. B. JONES, fers a ™ acceptance of right ol departments were presented to the a county resident for 21 »o X ', N ™' and A1R - and Th ea j iemcnts bpln s I 1 * business board. He was born in Des Moines IRb. C. L. JONES and phlMn>n at hand. ii..n~..i j, . . . n«« 01 1001 «, "*""«= of Clovls N. M. H..L. MRS. C. L. JONEs"(wd"cTiidreiT of Highlands, visitors !n the J M. FREEMAN home. i being the business board. - ----• . Follmving a discussion of the use I "' A transfer of accounts witliin \ ot the naw waiool site at Brazoria °* -*r«/»in»«f f~\nn itin» n — i • I *!«,. «._...! . ' ..... «**••»! Il«r, He was born in Des Moines, Iowa] "~~ 21, 1893. He was a member dmrch, a World IHfc . s- * * £!*• S>«" naptisis xaii Bids On Addition Bids on a 35,614 square f conditioned. auditorium and educational build- ing for the Lake Jackson First for At a church business the follow- Church ing night, the building committee » .,»',„, . v! . is expected to make a report after Ld ™ ?? *$* T " Xe[ved openine bids A recommprHnti™ d a PP ro ved by church members, n UUIIHRT 01 accounts witliin P< In <2 new waiooi site at Brazoria w "^ "euioaist Church, a World Precinct One was approved by the trustees agreed thn: it would War * veteran - and a member it the Court. Oil rettimmnnrintinn nl not ha Ipiicrai tn» * n ~t,,~, the Anplptnn Mncnnln I ^t» A <IOA i'»f-ii f , "iJyiuvt.'U Dy "'« "uaicca J for U > LJ g Dnle ^' "" rc( -'°'nmendation of not be leased for pasture. »Ji±?.SS?^ J '^ t -M S^wel^s |the Angleton Masonic Lodge at that time. Among selected bidders for u , t >roject are Jorgensen Construe- ion Company and Harry New- on & Company, both of Freeport. A number of other firms were also invited to submit bids. Specifications for the one and wo story L-shaped building call or an auditorium wing ol concrete slab with beams and piers, steel, frame, masonry exterior walls, built-up roof over precast concrete channel roof deck, and air conditioning. The educational wing is to have a reinforced concrete frame, face, brick exterior walls, built-up roof over precast concrete channel roof dech, and is to be air con- could start by first of the year, according to the "" ReV " John R Beari - Leagues To View Foreign Aid Film A program on foreign aid wUl be. presented at a joint meeting of the Freeport and Lake Jackson Leagues of Women Voters Monday at 8 p.m. in the Brazosport Savings Civic Room in Freeport. The public is invited with husbands of LWV members get- tteg a special invitation. A color film made by the U.S. Statr TV">urtrv«'-n^ ;-rH -»-- HUed, "Fighting Man's Ancien Enemies" will be shown dur ing the hour-long program ... At a time when the strength and -accelerated growth of the American economy is vital to our own prosperity and to our ability to fulfill our commitments to the cause of world freedom, the Department of Commerce has become one of the most important agencies of government." i Kennedy noted that the Dcpart- j ment employs more than 36.000 people and is spending more than a half-billion dollars this year to carry out its functions. Kennedy then said: "Governor Hodges will bring to his new position experience in both business and government. During the last four years, under his administration, the state of North Carolina has secured one billion dollars in new investment in manufacturing activities, in addition to huge sums for electric utility expansion, Afiir-h of Mrs. Ann Cathcart, presiden ol the Lake Jackson LWV, wil provide narration for the film The various aspects of the ^eague's position on foreign aid will be presented briefly jy Mrs. Anne Treichler and Mrs. Mary Brock of the Lake ackson LWV and by Mrs. Gloria Mulcihy and Mrs. Nan lavis of Freeport. Mrs. Kelly urner will give the welcome. There will be on display ooks on foreign aid which arc vailable in local libraries. uiau'e possinie- Uirough Gov ernor Hodges' background in industry. "We are fortunate to be able to secure a man of Governor Hodges' ability and background for this important post" Hodges' selection came as no surprise since it had been rumored for weeks that he was in fine for the Cabinet post This was Kennedy's second ap- xrintment to his Cabinet Earlier his week, he named Governor Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Virginia, visiting with her niece, that Precinct. V wS™™W';., R| 6 ht -° f -"»y 'ascments 'or attHn^^^^ U, an of his was also a 29-year member the Amerifjui Legion. ^Survivors include his wife, Ma" ' : of Danburv: lour daughters, Choir To Meet , Mrs. Helen Bracey ol Angleton! KlWanlB Auction 5? rs -. 1StlI ' ah IsabeU Argeanas of «uuuiuu iFarmington, N. M., Mrs. Ruth GRACE state Highway 333 from Lake rarmington, IM. M., Mrs. Ruth Jackson to Highway 28 were op- Tne Lake Jackson Klwanis Woods of Martin, and Mrs. Esther [proved, accepted and ordered club R <«llo Auction is set forr""P °* Danbury; sons, Donald filed at the County's expense. l *° 5:3 ° ?•">• Sunday, with 51 ^. Danbury ancl Russell Halgh ol These casements were ft-om .T oiticles to be sold to th« hiBh. Wheeling, 111. The Creek Youth Choir of Jones] St.' Thomas Methodist Church will meet st 5:30 p.m.] Sunday. All young people from , to be sold to the high- ST . »,„ „ luck " Sets Saturday .5:22 p.m. Rises Sunday 7:01 a.m. Sets Sunday $32 10 through 18 are invited to attend. Also at 5:30, the teachers and immjsslon on Education will ..™, meet to. make plans for'the Mrs. church Christmas party, according to Marion Green, Sunday school superintendent; At the. Sunday eyen|ng service, the study "Majo* Methodist Briefs" will begin. The pastor, the Rev. Rogar Wbid- ion, will teaca toe study. ter for business." He also has contended that .everybody would make more money i£ Kennedy were elected President In his statement, Kennedy said that in almost every area of commerce Department activity there are new aj-5 urfont ' " He added: * I •^ "Never has it: been more important for America to seek toaginative ways of .stimulating the growth of its business and industry. Through its business and defense services administration, ts activities in the regulation and luidance of transportation, and ts many services to American business, the Department of Commerce will be in the forefront of this effort." The President-EIect continued: "Never has it been more im- rartant for American business to ncrease its participation in world rade, and to demonstrate to the vorld the strength and vitality of our free enterprise system. "It will be the task of the Department of Commerce to meet these challenges by stimulating the flow of exports through its Bureau of Foreign Commeres, "i™ei*..—""«^ i>uiiiiljjjuuuu ill international trade fairs, and by helping American industry find new world markets." Kennedy went on to say that it als4 never hat been more Important that the nation's economy be equipped to meet rapidly shifting needs of national security. He said the Commerce Department, n its foreign commerce role, will lave a big share of responsibility or maintaining American strength in the years ahead. Kennedy said the Department also can aicourage scientific progress and nventiveness. Summing up, the Hodges has used a campaign SumnU rf "/' the Pcesid &*. oan that "Democ- lect sald a dminlstration of the Department's many activities will be among the most challenging tasks of the sixties. Kennedy's younger brother Edward arrived in London by air today enroute to Africa. Young Kennedy is to make a three-week information-gathering tour on be|half of the President-Elect. Edward told newsmen it's un- kely he would take a permanent position in the Kennedy adminis- :tration, as he put it, "I have not been offered anything and I would not accept a post if it were sug- igested." SHERIFF'S RADIO DISPATCHING MOVED Mrs. Lena HulctUnson of Anglelon, day dii- psickw tot *h» Bfaioria County SherUf s P«partm»«t, U in n»«. »utioundings with Ja» recent changa in $»««• {or th» tndio conlrol c»et«r. It w«s tmnnly locale i in i«s ionw olfic«, Btit «»cently a wmdor built fqr access to th, SJwrjff'j Department «l«v«tor, hac been ep'.ivarled to a radio tooltol loom. Sine* U iace» on th* mala corridor, the dispatcher also can se*vt. as Ihe department receptionist. The room is finished in blue and white, with acoustical materials in the walls lo improve radio transmission. The old dispatching ojfim is converted to an interrogation and identification equipment room. —Photo by MARIE BETH JONES WASHINGTON — John F. Ken- ,nedy Jr. — eight days old today- was carried to his mother's room this morning lor the first time, Mrs. Kennedy has been visiting her son in his special nursery Jacross the hall from her room at at Georgetown University Hospital to give him his bottle for [several days. The baby's doctor. Dr. Edward B. Broocks, reported today the baby is doing fine and was taken I to his mother's room where she gave him Ms morning bottle. [Society To Meet The board of du-ectWs of the I Brazoria County Society for Crip[pled Children will meet at 7:30 jp.m. Monday in *hs Angleton IBank of Commerce Community • Room. ~

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