Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 11, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 1961
Page 5
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*»O ff«xoi) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, June 11, 1961 WEEK IN BUSINESS GNP May Hit Record High As Recovery Speeds Along By JACK LEFLER AP fttrmtess W*ws Writer , VEW YOKK (AP>— The economics-recovery rolled on during Ihe "week and expectations of -more rapid improvement later in the year mounted. The- gross national product (GOT) — total of all good* anil services—-may be Felling a record in the current quarter ending June 30. Waller W. Heller, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, said the G.N'P /or the quarter might reach an annual rale ~of nearly S510 billion. It \vas a tittle under S50Q billion in the previous quarter. Heller said Ilia! by the final onarter the rale may'be ?3?0 billion.- The National-. Association «f Purchasing Agents reported thru now ort!«rs. production ami TU- ployirient kept on increasing m ~M;:v, ProHncers of machine tools, construction equipment and other manufacturing machinery efjuip- m~nr predicted a good gain 'in sales by the fourth quarter. Thi-. \va? despite indications that investment for new plants an.i e-rvMpmem is not speeding ur>'. The- National Retail Merchants Association surveyed ijs jnc-rn- licrship of 31 5C"0 . department, speciaity and variety stores and found high optimism about prospects for the second hilf of '.he year. The majority of merchants' look, for a fmir per cent sr<ir> ir sales'.and a five per cc-nt jru-rea.-e in nmf!! = . The First National City Bank-. of'New York commented that th-:> industrial performance in lb<> !i!=t U« T. months hss "erased any linger i n ° doubts (h 21 ! be t ; torso ni y is in a vtrv onctmriiain?; reixnind irom recession lows." Dr. Karens Nadler. ecutw.mie consultant to the Hanover Bank of New Ysrk, said he expects a "moderate ro- eovtry" but that "no major boom is. in the making." The momentum of recovery has aroused anxiety in the Kennedy administration thai il will hririg a revival of inflation. - HolU-T said direct price or wage eonlrol is not under consideration, barring a wartime- situation. Prf' c idemia! assistant 'Wait Whitman UO«<OU T asserted: "As •v e so into the new wage negotiation*, the qur.stk>n is' whether svc- will negotiate our way into in- Hciifiis or whether we can excr- i-i^e dirripHnp unthoui wage and prire controls." \Vith labor contract negotiations ncarinp in ihe automobile inuus- ;rv. Generc! Motors, Ford and Chrysler omitted ihi usual-annual raises June 1 for 13S.OOO salaried employes not covered by union contract >. Aatcmobilo- production moved up d'irin^ ihe week to an estimated 12S. ( X}<) passenger cars. T!:i> «as only 8.7 per cent below she- comparable. 1960 week, one of the year's slim me *l mareiTis. The industry was particularly hat>r>v afxiut sales in May. The r'Vr.Jv?-") csrs sold was the biggest •TffjtHy ;cia! 01 the year. This brought deslers' new car stocks down ;o about 900.000. iowost firt-e !a<-! October. Hsrold C. Liimb. vice president '<{ Republic Slc-e! Corp.. predicted riecl r-rtxhsction will increase ?u-adiiy and should approach record Jir-iEfHs ir: the next year. Ti)i_- Memorial Day .holiday iipJu-d thfr U-Mc-ck rise in steel O'.itpitt Jiai She decline was onlv 1.2 nc-r rent ?H?!OW the previous "'C'T'rC. Pr;r>\c of stainless steel snd ni!- eousitry pipe were' reduce*!. The industry publication. Iron Age, j i considered is a dampening effect, "on the likelihood of iiny general price rise in the near future. \ I Moving against another seg- .' ' ment of the electrical equipment industry,- the government's Anti- i • trust Division obtained price-fix-; ! ing indictnsents against «ix corn- J Tpanies which 'produce transmis- •sion equipment. ' i The firms are Oliver Electrical Manufacturing Co., Battle Crt-ek, < Mich.; Utilities Service .Co., Al- ; j lentcrtvn.' Pa.: McGraw - Edison Co., Elgin. ni. : , Jostyn Manufac-. tiirin? -&• Supply Co.. Chicaao: : A.E. Chance Co.. Cenlralsa. Mo.. i and Hiihbard & Co.. Chicago. i R. Sargent Shriver Jr.. director 1 of the Peace Corps. ca'Setl on • business and labor to make manpower available .to help undevH- . opt-d areas of ihe y.-erld. • The immediate genera! reaction was favorable. Briefly around ih? buftn-jss scene: Martin Co, iis? developed : & radio telephone it believes is the forerunner of a vest pocket : wolkie-talkie with .unlimited range ;. . . Boeing Co. expects to sc-!l an additional SCO million '.• .~.r;h of. .lot . transports in Europe this year. . . ; General Precision Equipment Co.. announced an electronic t!ata- proi-essing system capable of performing 2.',S million operation* a .second. The New York Slock Exchange's 'I-volume last week Jointed ]y : 7if3.- . 550 shares compared wj;h ll.7£V>.-. • S5f} in ihe previous three-day irad- , ing week, (cut shon. by the ?,!•> ; morial Day weekend^ snd v?th : ; 39,105,340 shares in the full five- ' ; 'lay week before thai, i Bond volume- increased to S29_- ; 932.000 from ?»S.e03,00«' par value i the previous holiday week, vith • the daiiv average about rlu- same. Tornadoes Strike Eastern Kentucky And Maryland By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A wide-spread pailem of show) en and thinvdv-rstorm* lingered iovcr much ui the eastern half of ftfie co«nfr> Saturday following an [outbreak ot vw.teni weathti ihSi [dealt d&aih jiK-r% ard de^truc- liun la?<? Friday. } BrieC but \ lolont iornadoes hit * without warning m t astern Ken- fljicky and Maryland, injuring n 010 ihvP M iwr-i«Ps Jnd inflict>ns prof-tttv I'^'i!. "«. m Ihe millions. ''Hurry, papa's half et already" chust (pardon) just in«ans that dad is half way through a sttck-to-the nbs meal at the 12th annual Penn-ylvania Dutch Folk Festival at Kutztown. Pa., July 1 through 8. Treasored-heirtooms \ie for attention with craftsmen demonstrating old-lane skills— water witching, soap making, while-Bashing, photo at left; hex sien painting and threshing, right phoio Alia gabut <*very to often) stage pageants depict the life of Gav, Pitin and Hook-ahd-Eye Dutch. For the gourmet se\ en sw«*ts and seven soars, Ijqtt boi (potpret, schnih urd gnepp and shoo-6y pie. Accent is on hosp trhtv. Tar- sooch^s mull" Oaite it esjce) is a bid to sr.ier not only toothsome food bat also the SOO-vear-o^d. fo^lore ILC Dutch display with pardonable pride V i! uhtr. eh in!, a 17\i utu\r on i» er a h ' kilied L^n > > K \\re t-eti .. a "i P^tiU Co nt\ K\.. and rjM* A>N \i^^ lo ind dead i> re i j ^ •> i »turn5 ' t;-ee' aft- ibt.ul 1 i n n *!*? , *-^ -..irn kt. mucky cominiinity of t^''- swirlcii Rocket Across Rio Readied at Me Aden Miss Correct Posture Is From Sen Anaelo * Tip's For Your Garden HOW TO LICK HOUSE PLANT PESTS The best insurance against • house plant pests is a reguisr program of care and sensible -regard for temperature and humidity requirements. "Hot, dry'"air anti ca> fumes encourage the. spread of insect pests -and diseases, so "ivo plant' as much fresh air as p»~- sjbie. l.?olate any diseased or insect-ridden plants. Once z Wer-k spra3" your giants vigorously so that cJogged-up pores won't prevent :;them from breathing properly. Aphid's often appear in s warms on the foliage of plants in overheated rooms. The tiny bugs may be.brown, green or black." Control by spraying with nicotine su!fa?e. If necessary, repeat" treatment si- tc-r several days. Mcaly bugs look like a ma>s of fuzz. Painting them with a solu- :ion oi equal parts of alcohol and v.ater kills them. Scale is an insect \viih hard black or brown skin. - feeds on sterna and undersides of leaves. Scrub Ic-svc? with strons solution. using toothbrush. Lei plant stand for 2 or ?, hours, .then syrinse with cold -water. \Vhke f!y thrives on heat on ov'tr- \vaterin». To control, spray with mixture of nicotine and soap and water.' taing care to cover under- sidc-s of leaves throughly. Black flies live on. organic material in the soil, won't harm plants but have a nuisance vakie. Apply nicotine solution'to'soil.'Repeat. Fieci spider mites can't be seen bin crumpled, yellow gray leaves mike their presence known. Control them by spraying all parts of plant with cold water." Building Payoff Scandal Uncovered In New York City NEW YORK <AP) — T«ir;y-two school construction Inspectors — ;abou1 one third of ihe. staff—have been suspended in 2 srowing scandal over payoffs by contractors. ^!ayor Roh*-rt F. Wanner announced the suspensions Friday, saying the 32 xvere si-cusc-ci of .">c- cepting gifts from concerns'work- ing for • ihe-Board oi Education. Investigation Commissioner Louis 1. Ktipisn iolc the mayor- he had uncovered 47 incidents of board of _cdueat:on employes accepting Christ mas liquor, gift certificates and similar stems from contractors whose n-ork they were supposed u_> furervis-;-. By 8. F. KELLUM , Plan- tail for the flight some MCALLF.N • AP)--The McAllen time between J«me 2S and Julv 1 American Legion post plans to at 3 spot Mjmh of Mission de conduct another" international pending <«n ihe *.* eaiher mail-carrying rocket flight across | She Rio Grande this month. O£fi^ On Jl ' H ~ 1<m and ^ vears ciaLs are hoping thinss go a little! 3 -" tho I-«2"'n f 'rcd M\ rocket^ stromher than the one 25 years carrying -some. 2,000 letters --.cross .j 20 . the nver. The stiint gained inter—"- : — ; national publicity for the area. ; The improvised wooden rcckets j with homemade "firecracker" fuel r were fired at a spot on the river • near here. Some misfired, some : fe!l in the river and one struck ;a.?aioc>n in Reynosa, across from ; McAllen. One was reported to ' hsve set a corn field OH fire. ; Although some customers in the ; Mexican bar on that early morri- ; ing 25 years ago reponeilly s:\vore ;off strong drink for life, there urere no injuries and covers from the flight nc'.v. are collector's j items. ~ i The- rackets fired in 1336. we're ; made by Keith ,Rumljel. then 15. : a Sharylsnd schoolhoy. RHmbel ' now is a rocket scientist with the : Atlantic " Research Corp. i Legion officials said the com- {memoraiive rockets will be fired i at a narrow point on the river ; where there are no buildings. It I is also a good way from the near- : est cornfield. They said plans call .for the firing of 10 10 12 rockets i in chiSters fr,'*tn both sides of the river. The rockets are scheduled : to strike into the banks of,the* river. Classified Ads Brinj Results 5-3233 NOW! We Will Be Glad to Check Your Coverage Without Obligation. Call Us. The Time to Insure Against Fire Is Before It Happens If and when fire strikes your home, it will be too late Jo check your insuronce'to see if it's adequate to~ cover your loss. The only way to protect yourself financially Is Jo .get the right coverage . . . now! DON'T WAIT until its TOO LATE NWTON- INSURANCE AGENCY Across From Post Office & PR 5-3233 Six Oil and Gas Leases Registered By County Clerk Six oil and gas leases were recorded the past two weeks in the tiJTice of County Clerk Alicemae Fiizpatrick. \V. L. Whitehead leased to Lou Emma Whitehead "Brown and Jack VV. Brown-100 acres, Survev N. pi. 66. Block A'/.. Trustees of Estaie of Henry A. Colgate, and F. >V. Holbrook teased to Shell Oil Co. 2.240 acres. GC«tSr' Railway Co. land. Block G. Surveys 15/17, 19. 21. 23, 27. 28, IS. 20, 22. 24.- 26 and 25. Wayne West and wife • M^try Frances Wesi leased to John O. Spice. BSock TN, Surveys 9. 1C-. 11 and 12: Block DB. Surveys 1 fSW 2). 32. 35 snd 42. 31. 17 and IS. • I-ee Ray Hutto, et a! leased 3,- 164.5.acres to John O. Spice. Block AZ-2. Surveys 45 pt. and 48 pt; Block AZ-1, Survey -45 pt.; Block A-3. Sur\-eys 17 r IS, 19 and 24. Nora Hallum leased to John Spice 3.3S7.5 acres. Block OV-I. Survey S: Block GV, Surveys S. 10, 11* and 13. Roger D. Prosser leased to the Superior Oil Co. 10.S71.4 acres. Block A-J. surveys 21. 22. 24. 25 r 26. 35 and 36. Surveys 6. 7 and S. Block C-l. Survey 4 (NW pt.). Block QV. Survey 11 (NE/2). Survey 23 fW pt.V Block TN. Surveys 13. 15. 21. 23. Surveys 1002 (N 2). ?, (S pt). 5 (E-pt.). and 4 (E pt.}. SW -VVrONIO t? 1 — Miis Beih Lollar, a San Angelo High School senior, held the titfe Saturdaj of Miss Correct Posture for Te^:^ She won a $500 prize and a :np to the national posture «>nte.-a i" St LOUJS also The Teias S*ato ChiropraetJC Assoeiauon s p o n •=ored the content Mi«is Rose Kinnej. 19, of Tjkr was second. 'Miss Charlotte. Siahl of AmarHlo ajid Miss Glenda'Tip- ton of Nacogdoches tied for -fourth. •Sweetwater Man 'Awaits Execution TEUTON OKln < \P> — bhclbs 33 u r S-vjpt-atci Tx ^ av->itca in ti-e deaUi 10 v "-anir da\ ni dite \\ita <K • 'eiJnc i hair on \ f s, -3 He \sa-- =p'it tt nitct tu'm ill x F r i dq\ for t} o msirder la^t A,iirusj^ 01 t r- r;\ ' j.ii'' in 24 ,> 1 3 \'QT gtilf pro J"t!ae Ro^er' La'idet rejected .a piea Jor a now trial. '. Rogaett's lawyer gave ;io:;ee of : an appeal. un or- d-rn _ « C'll'lt. ' -h re s i lt t f • ' Th - n'.urJ-er OUi tii''' T-D'U-- including " >t!fding a • ^x ' hen ihe rt ' \\t-re repori- \ ^ i^in'eti into n !t ,i '^jr Bali ~n' 'HI sio> and :re<t bin only six ' < - *'»o violent » ' i ^r'shi sun- v - j* i. 1 " tlio dev- • r i '> • • it" .itJif-r nrtra bu: d aloi!. moss c-! them x.IMEM befdiSe you can say HART STRETCH HOSE-Doo'!! . enjo>- the f.' end cc~-fcrt pi stretch ny • "\^£ .^\_ J-J. 7^. Ion. Sc;t,'Ic-g-wscrino, COOi, at • .Vcn ! v>-firiVie, bunch G: sao. Pier-" nr Half of US Families Make $5,600 A Year WASHINGTON (AP) — Half, of ] all American families had money incomes of at least 55.600 in I960 —S2CO more than in 1S59. \ But the increase, ihe Census Bureau reported Friday, was worth only' half as much in purchasing power. The reason: Price increases di'inns ihe vcar. for FATHER whatever he's lik* ...he'll like. The because ihe fresh, aabife aroma of Dunhill appeals to er*rjr »o*. .Choose Dunhill After Shave^and Cotegoeia rtMt gwJque 99jd!?-» capped bottle. Gnv^iwM BoA m^Htls-hana- • some gift-set. H«TI reaRy appreciate it.'' Gift Sefs @ 3.W; 5.00"; ' - ' • . •Hut fidtnt tm. "-.'."'.. ' L b Beaufrful GIFT-WRAP! GUAtANTEE "Th« Store That Knows MOST About Gifts" CUFF LINKS— :f Dad is a of cufr sir.Vs, you'll no trouble }/-,easing him "from opulent cold, Sitver, semi-precioui srone assortment _ . ' SPORT SHIRTS of easy care drip-dry ccilcn :.-; eye-cctching co;crs, pcfierns. W comforfab!-e. Perfect gift for .oil Hart "Schaff her Suits from $75 up. Other Famous Brand Suites in Stock From $39.95 up. Distinctive FREE Father's Day Gilt Wrapping G!FT SLIPPERS of nch i. ieciher cssursv comfon^, qruJ >ly1e ofco!. Popular rnoc-toe dSigh in sorfdlt; tan, brown. Dcd'll admire ifie Tne v,-orkrnarvihsp $5.95 up See Ihe finest gift selection at UVALDE - EAGLE PASS - DEL RIO

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