The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 23, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 23, 1897
Page 4
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¥Jf! DAILY flHROMCLBi AUGUST 88, 1891 |..tWit«ntit>to» 1(14 tSftl* Rfnte J, M. MO8ES, DAKOTA* Whnt A .Man Cmii f hi With fit ,000. Ae can buy itifl fter« 1 i» of^nod fanit jfor $1,000. Pfty $WX) down; tehisnee in Mmse , , o buy Done, So It Is Altaged, by Prominent Citteans 6f & Mich• ; -•- , gaff 1f*>wm ' «at»*» for . s -«rtff -pay nil fa«n- ' «»# fiwtfiiy expenses,, 1'h* increase pfshwp KM «r»l" will iwtf tiff tte Wottgftg* foefdPe It fS'due. tti 6Ve years ho «rilt Mfr&Vfatfef aft ViM for Stetl well stocked, F<jr flosctip *i«* Unta ainlprices address H. I". Huat«r, J&akotS. 29I? * Bi*jtis8ofi Jlotel, lot ' JAMnfeall, i " * , W*W Writers ftnfi; "~ " of tho Wt»_ Century. is nil thfeftatfeft of ft'terfcturS there, W matter hooR like "• BIBLE HISTORY In thlsl'ooit nlone can be/ounathelnfor- ' Hi.itTon Bought by/evefy[ Billle reade'r, whether oiu' or xannKi fjchoiarly or unlettered. If l»!./fnaet'a. ft great worlt. jr(<«*fif iliwoy«M(M In n IT timolMiWn brought t TIM wrirl,l of todnr, fttre to tape irllji (be <n<m who | , tiv«), jaHMt»A T nnd *r«t« durlnsr th* early uorinil* rovvtfA by IHhllcnl Utdtorlsnt. Thorn <U«f inrt>ri$« liave i'ewiltwt in thetriiiropliflntvln' illoatian of (lie snrrprt Toliime from th«ctl«r«M brhttunit *««tn«t It hs 1 open foe* nftd pret*na«d " 'irtfth Rv*ry inMtiliiffnt nerxon will orderUi* *ik, (M th« ntotter crtntrilnotrln It 1* nf »lt«l liportitnca <rnd tannat be fonnd In sn* other . Vbook on earth.' j/\ * Write Tor elcserlptlvc onrt beautifully / S uiUHtrated pampulet circular.) THE HENRY 0. SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. is»*^.CHlCA60. \ \ TO •\ MACKINA: PETOSKEV @ CHICAGO.. Trti^a PCS WCCK DCTV.CC'K Toledo, Detroit ^ Mackihar PI-lOSKfcY. T.UC "SOO," M - AMI DOLUT1I. / EVENitta BSTWEtN . Oecroit and CkVelanc i Knrllcst TcJOti-. u'.'CJ* • lor u Dun 'ay/ftp* June, July, •mbi.'Or.'. -y 2 Xiw SteeJtrassctigcr Stca^^n it •« "• i lit 'K.cfi Puilt for our f ' ( led Sen.l fo SCfXNTZ, O P. A i, DETROIT, "ICH ^v&wit J tw:#m$ steam Hav.» Koutt HOUSE Cor. Bates and Larned Sta., DETROIT, MICH. Only a Blfjck from Wi>«wlw>i»r<l gt A vcs. Vtl-y Outr«U. . All dir tlue*. • tl. JJKS.Vnpi Fast Trams **TS®ifWm •' -* . . '•Yw ••'•':• ;GrR. & I. Kltlw! While iti tfr* Ban*, Wiio tt frtr tfat Tb«t a;JrRllnM) ttr Bj IM>- Itetrott. A«g. 2S.— A special to Ifhe Free, l*rcs& from^sjieperfl^ Mien., saxiv; Attorney ®cjrai«fttiC, othe¥ cdynty . ofth}**^, held A ytstfetaay at Moom f^lestsli'nt cl>hswJJ: ,«Bfl rhake fu^her plane for the tr/qptjiffe «if; .Cashier' Strut's li ttrtM»''4BM0te that th thfeArtest yptl tn*j(ullty mett^"" It r(Sepfotn»n^n,t tnen la murderers, l*ut the .itt« /4b cvcjry Tnoro£ttt»' clt^y &nu night, ..^ - Jsc&jte. A*»*Sta At^ UKely 'bfttfte kt any nionient now, > Mich.. Augf. 23.—It now appears* tha< the murder tit Elmer "BJ. caahter of «thfc Farmers^ banK, -prwrfiSpnt of the village, who ahpt at 4i30 o'clock Saturday is nofsucn* a mystery aftM" alt Friday afternoon lip held * conversation over the telephone with J. PV Uyan, owner of the baflk, and in that c0i*r versdtion Hyan ordered him to come td Mourjt Pleasant, the^county spat, and " ' with hint all itlw books and money In the bank. This he refused to do. hut agreed to go there Saturday morn- Ing with all thf valuable papers'. "The People's bank In Mount Pleasant failed last<wepjt, and it was supposed, that tho Farmers' bank here was affected. It is- supposed by the sheriff that this conversation over the telephone'-was heard by the crime; persona ttrho committed the " - / "' SlRad of » Fierce StrnKBl«». ' / ' Be this as -it may, Cashier Strllblo left his house at 4 o'clock "'Saturday morntrtgr t(r go -to Mount-Pleiasfrtit. • This valuable papers' an<J books-^vhlch he to icarry with him were locked in the Wink, 'and he told: hly wife he-would stop thera and get them, then go to Mount -Pleasant* antj^eturn in time to open the bank for /business/ Whatever may have been t#fe-iHa*» of tho robbery Struble suspoctgcl nothing. 'as' he opened the door of Nathaniel W. Struble'a hardware fltor&Mn. the , , rear of which the bank wiwf locate'd, and continued his way bijck to the vault. 1 He had even oponorf the vault before he was nwarftv of any one being presenti This fact clearly-. demonstrated, as the entire rfurnituro of the bank is ruined, Bhowl'ns i of a fierce struffgle, and Struble'a | Inanimate body was 'found half insid* i the. vaUU. Uobhern'Took Nearly 'Everything i The crime was not discovered until after 7 ^o'clock Saturday morw^-j , when E. A. Wisdom^ rl<jik in the i hardware store, came down to open- the s»tore'..yCh'e- unusual, conditions about the bank aroused hjs suspicion, arid he en- j tered ' to\flnd the- office a ' wreelj, and | Struble'- lying uncon8c4ous,on the floor. The money In the vault waa all Bone i <>xc«Dtlhff $1<J ip silver, but Jthere wcr« evidences 'everywhere to is'how- thut Struble had mad^ a g'allant di'fvnse of Persons sending 3ft a Are nlhrm arc r&> quested to stay ttcar ihf> alarm box until tn.6 tlepftrtoent atrivcs so as to i&ftte in^ fdrmation OB to th«t 6xa«t location of tho . E. MAB-CII'', Chief, It is always gratifyittR lo receive fofiti- ( moniate tor OhatnberlaJtf'R Colic, Cholera fnd^piarrfioea resipiy, -and wlien tiifi endorsement ii ifrom ft physician it te especially so, "^hcroift no satwtfaefory 1 or Kftffoctivn romedy ttian dislip, C&otefa «r«l piarfhoca- wf ites I5r. E. B._ Kobey, phymclan jrtrtnftd'yin his ciwfl femilj* it iti l^ift dt»g Stofe for slxj'earsi he shoinjd cerlainly know, for sale at l r *o <fw*-, Onnrt . ' m»«n, tnnke « ttlftl lit fjjniWtt' ' ' Kxpi-rtwnm* nf Ate ln<jl»n»l>« \ • ih» O«n««jrtinn. , tioubl6 is roftfe cotamfofl of. morg Utiderritobd ihftii .liiSfV«U& 1 jttd h»»iai?rit Wnfe tb»t their blnmeftnd arc BtraWtgd that cured by aotre mpuiomo, »ntl ft ,dies} the «al soAt of Hie mi«(Sh , sight of; the «tomftab i» the orgiinV to be often do the any ot the-usftal syiaipf.oaasi of sto weakues*! ' / not^tt tte stridsftch «o *nuch B« it» ' nearty ev«ry other drgnri; in some cases the heart and is irreigulrir; in/'others thB -, jo wtheW the bowsls are cdnsttputed, with heridacb^s; »tHl otherc are troubled with loss of flfc&h and appetite. with atfcumulatiofl of gaft, sour jisijags and heartburn. • // Mr. A. W. Sharper ot No 61 Proapdct St., Jtidianapolid, Ind., writes i» follows "A motive of pure gratitude prorops me to write ihese te* Hnetf regarding the new and' valuable medicine, StuftrtVDyspepsia Tablets. I have been a Buffering from nervous dyspepsia f < r the Iwt four years; have used various patent medicines and other reme^ 0810* without any favorable result-. Thw aofnetimes gave temporary- relief until the the medicine wore off. I nttnb- utetl this to my sedentary habits* beintt a boodkceper with little physical exereisc, but I am gl»d to state that tbfr tablets have overcome all thcee obstacles for I gained m flesh, sleep better, and Km bettor in every way. The above* w written not for notoriety, but is based on actual fact." Kcepoctfully yours. , A. W. SHABPEtf, lit Prospect St^Indinnapolv, lad. It i* safe to aay that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any 'stomach weakness or disease except cahcor'of stomach. They cure sour stomach, gas, loss of flesh" and appetite, sleeplessness, palpitation, heartburn, constipation and hgadaches. Send for.valu.abto.Htli*• oook on stomach <|i«eH8ert by adUrgffi«nig Stuart Co., Matshall, Mich. ' •. i ' All druggist* sell full sized packaged at tjO hi?'Ufa a yd the money-with which hr Intrusted. There was a bullet-an_ Stiubl«£s wrist, a hole In th« door Mi show wTmt- another hart niiss'ed.: uti- othtir 'bullet-hole in! the unfortunate cashier's back, alid two more Just pvi.-r the heart. Murder$ui>poM-tl to Hnv«»,lV«;n Corftiult- , tett by O«|H>8tt«rJt uf the Hunk. The officers gove out at fWst that Sti'Utft*, aftur being' borne unconscious from the 'bank to his home, had died without making a sign . From a mn. yersatlon with the sheriff late Saturday night it appiars that tills statement fs not true. $>trulilc diec) at 11 o'clock, toiit a .feW mlnut«>»' before death he rallied, aijd in the pi'enftiri. of a notary wade an ante-mortem statement. In wh{ch h>* swore that he recognized three of (h« rc4iii«.T&, a,pd he gav«> th*4 to ttoe prosecuting attorney and sh but these otlielals retuse't« divulge iaforinatton. 'The startling feature of the *ase is. U is repoft*4 ,th.ft** the , o#rtnlt(se4 by e^vtr^-«ie- wtof> f f taring the banfc was about to fail, followed Strwbte to tfce bank, den^rfded their moa^y". and For HftljB or Rout Tho. SJonlgomrry homestead on Mar- ebaJl'avenuo; alyo some dioico lota on Marshall it,venue and Liberty street, Monigomoi') *« fuldition. Inquire of GKO. A Kemturfenblc. Cnre of fhronlc III•• _ urrlHWiu , In 18C2, when I served my couniry as a l>rivat(* in Coropahy^V. UHth Ponnpylva- nia VoluntiTrs, I contracted chronic dl- nrrhor-a. 1 f bus gi\ en nitj of trouble e\x-r since. ?I Unve-tri(»d a dozen different modicines and povoral pronu* nent doctors without any pron*ifte,nt relief, Not long ago a friend sent roe n fe* Viottle xtf Chtimberlnin's Colic, Cboltra and JHarrl^oefi remedy, • and after that 1 bought and took a 5(i cent bottle; and novv IXsm say I ara entirely cured. 1 caniwit be thankful enough to this great remedy, and recon^-mend it"tft^l ettffering veterans. If la doubt write 'toe^ Yours gratefnjly, . 1 Sold ftt Greene's Look after the Bwkr 1 Pall, Strain, * OonuUut BHtitq; or St^oplRff Poiiffmt JteWff s ^ Jfrf»m|f)pflff ^J- How fe*v rewatd Will be paid fot the attest And conviction of any one dotected^refilling our bottles. For sale iff W. T. 1>«AK.K ami A. O. MYI>E. , . w. L. Blankenhor n \ " " - -A THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, « , Will sell strictlVpure Wright & L^wther Oit, raw, 30c, boiled, 3&. per gal. Lead ait $5.50 per nundred Ibs. Varnishes, BL^rd Oil, Calsom Black Board Slating, Paint Removing, etc. We abstain from using inferior qualities ot mixed paints, being able4o mix our own, colors from pure lead and other substances. ; SHOP BAST STATJB STREET. _, OAVEAT9, 1 TRADE MARK*, I DESISM PATKMT8. COPYRIOHT9, ete. 1 fr<'M' H.'tnttKK>)c wrlto to .'Ui! UnnnlriwAV, 3KW YORK.. i .«t Unrcnii ff>r wctirtnirpntc'DtH In Amf-rti 1 * I..i ry f>«l''ijt <Rk>nnut l>y uiH 1'rcuelit before thf puliiiu by a notice gireu fn>w <jf ohurgo to lh« iamiltu GlS THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAH-PRODUCED "BEN-HUR" CI6ARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke that leaves a grateful rememberance. 11 dealers lOc Straight nnd 3 for 25c. Manufactnroil by CEO. MOEBS & CO.. Detroit "BECOME 1RULWOMII" Study tk« of coirwt h»WW. Dovelpf -.. AKW.EY IMSTITUTE?, 0 .* £^ £522?' "'^ I?* 1 L " lw WleWWMX.1 tti/fo bjifldln^. jjl m<xl«rn turjiru»u. [nTormatlon, utttoloorue. etc. - —*- -imij, Kk, o, •iik. Teacte' Kev. I.. ;«?>yrrt, /'ft • It^f JxUfy JV^-4 5 * &?. Y ,'' itflN^'-Mtf^*. /X ^.' ^411*. frtttiplwo, fttf i LA«Vf/j/«, [U ,' <$t- j.#y.i>fj .V<1, t*?^ JtytiTifJt, O/W^i?, £bou^Au^l-4-B^I po^itlt>t4« t4> >W dHflt ' Wit^^a IhQ Q(i^f fOW UtUUtliH, ftU ttpl»lUfAt1OUd tl> l- T Nf / >'& 46KNCIES, Saltuburs; Pa. ^ - ', Ijirj^st clrrtildtfnn ofnnr wrli-ntlflc pKpPTtn the •workl, biiloriUliUr (UiistraM-d. N<, iiiU'IUpcu* tuait «hm>u In* wllliout It. \Vwkly, 03.OOa yr ; Jl.DKKlitumtitliK. A'lilrww. M0!«f & COP>, ...iHiiiiiVr. 301 JUfouJwaj', >i,.w Xor U 'Q O 4^« TTH IT" |* U Jtl, JJfl * FOR EITHKR SEX. Thin reiwcdy being In- jert«Ml^ ttlnectly to the «cat/of those «H»ea»e« or.,tlio Unulto-Vrlnory <^PKan«. re.auIres 110 chiuiffe of diet. Cure cnarpnte«d In i to a dayK. Nmall plain pack. A0O, lUT XQAUt 9l.»OO Hold ttoly by A. o. HYDE. • /• LADIES rOKUKHoi- OR. FELIX L£ BRUN'S Steel § Pennyroyal Treatment ia tht iriRindX <tnd only FKENCU, eixfo dnd reliablo rare ou tbe mftf- kot. 1'riun. $l.(Hi;/BBHt by ujail Gonuine gold udlrfv A. O. HYDE. . xi . aM^auKTBccjc^ci. RexTablets are sold unde'r a positive guariintee to core or refund ttae mosney, and we stand: t>y our guatan tec. Cu K ES all Nervous Diseases. Impotence, Vartcoc^le, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Eml&alons and Wasting tMcenpeA* and all effects ol self- A, g^n«in«: B^rve'tonlf. S^wws Impedi- a*e impraveinent. The grandest njinedy ef modern times, Don'jfeuy ) in»tt?tion8' TABLETS. Price $& > «.' L, Butaoiei', Stsliedttle is'now injerleet / JfvfA dg|: itraiu S^ 7 Uayes BSnTT t,9l4 tfefiw that fce forepd the shooting by reftujlng to give up th$. itwnwy, and JD the tight lore the masks* fiHwn tkeir faces and rfccog»laefj then}. 'It Is auppKst-d they left him bfeH<?vtag hr wqiuld IH" aeaa before fee could! 1 the roaitis 0ver the bantc, heai<J tJbK&. Jftct that tfe« "banK was •*m <?thfer i>ar.t8 of the v f ydtT von strain»migd[f „,, „_ *' - ertwjHjlEiOo nwi'nbifh u j positfou for frmg totpr' a tiiiM.% your Jwpiv heginu to adjc, ud. you Ijcwmc Iii,(ki«i, fired jnut woury, Iwtt do you uuderstinid tl»e real WHisef Wo tiling ^H>t, oli»e. you would not; use plnstf'r-5 aud HiiiniwiL on tltf back, wUinh »>ji!y relieve but do not rowli liu* ayise. If you would «d yourself of tlje pnin aod, cure tbc n*ot of th<;.trouble, at <^b« t*Ue t»Mt»g effect Inty i, tttff, FQr Bftlo:M}M»wiMai, Mluli, by A. a. HY1)£. Is, Iwr* are»»w toujp- over ^haalts, but he" refusjcs to «ny Btftttjroent ** to*' the amount ifa* IH large , , n* ft very fair bswlna»» *j>4 M*e' Strubj^, that (£« re6ber» c. t. wxpswo&p* " IF.-A., •' Mich. town W. widow and two efaUdreHv Ud wtth «xt-ittti»itist. ami «nd owjrdtrer are **ui ihe ne*re»t tree will cwnty ffojja ^U" «tpenjw of itiff and j>i;rliE^ Jifc it»i;lf. you will taktt a »Uit;y rt-iuijdy that lin^ .uct-a tried uu*l fuv«« Uw* it wil| purw Mr.^Jolm rUJbst^u of 661 Itutadl Detroit, say*; " Aa a result of *;» '" "g tlte war I b«ve suJferet witii rlieumatistH aud kidney troubk', 'would start iu my hip' aucl te j»y back. "JHgt" vtjiiic denoted kidiity diR$rd£f, ia my back vias of t^u »o l>sil I up wo/fc until tlio twv«;rjty of the away. I have usttd ftwpy dec tljlug% but Waived v^ry little L Squm flip ago I *Wrtwi ft Kidney BftB IHW t^ey t»*# w « wondcrf i»l change is nw. My feuct all right uow ami lowc it all to J ' ^*W# ™ '%XJ|>^i ^^^Kwff^^^ffP Bwye » Iteonard tdeaa^bte refrigerator fujr St. liOMig, Aug. 83,— qirptelt jMdsrfe J**. £!, Witiirow holds th^-t jwol rooms are couimon gtttabltBjj; houses within the aamittv ol the statute, an will 4«fu£ «A order on the sheriff to Diinow Ito dcaltra- WAS »,«ua)iUe.r of we Fifty wgijJitiiit, wlikh served ol"Wt(¥ bunpr »fld dfetlnc Kidney Fiis «u» Jte »«le V priiHs. Jw e^tts. v Halteil t«, TIM£ TABI.E. JULY 4, 1897 Nervous Debility. 5r ^ . ' 9 «R»E»ND HUH Tob*b*d If. B, POWEU, 0«*(jaiit», IKOH , ?

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