The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 2, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1892
Page 2
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t. - f THE BA 2, 1892, im tfyitt- delivered* fc P. O»..*4 16 Id cent* per wr«efe 1 j8a'b8oripU*>«(t recol*a4 ktlon ifii 8t*t*«te«tet.v , . ,|. M. the office ** t»n PUbllcS If, Mftr all S 10b, Frobat* Court. Estate of Thomas B. Barnum, deceased; administrator's report tiled anct order assigning real estate to heirs. Estate of Charles Barnum, • "deceased; decree assigning real estate to heirs and order discharging Homer Hall as administrator. Estate of Smith'11. Bristol, deceased Edward Sutton appointed administrator. Bbnd^of f 1,6^ approved and l«t tors issued. Order for herfins claims before court and appointing appraisers ' Estate of Maria Reniaon, deceased resignation of Peter Bluo as administrator filed and accepted Milton Eeaisen appointed administrator. Bond of f300 approved and leltera issued. ' Estate of Elizabeth A. B. tfoag, do- ceased; order dis«Kafgl»K El.!* H Brockway as executrix. . • • Estate of Wsa.' L v Sturgis, deceased Wm. Sturgie appointed administrator Bond r of $9,200 approved and letters ia sued. Order for hearing claims ' before court and appointing appraisers. Estate of Nellie J. Cady, deceased; tint day of bearing claims btfor'e court, i Estate of Daniel-Berger,' deceased; tirst day •! hearing claims before court. Estate •/Kenjon Johnson; deceased; • order allowing claims and closing hearing. '. '••':• -"*•;" .'-.~ ' ; - ; . ^ ' Estate of Ansel Dubow, deceased; order allowing claims and closing hear- PltfCKOFA.WOMM - . -— -—-i: ! A Chicagd-Wife's Adventure with, Threfc 1 feurgtars, EOtTTS THE BASd ALB WITS A PISTOL OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE !kXT 30 DAYS, I Wilt<Seai afloat for Estate of Eudbra A. Lapham, minor;, license granted guardian to sell real os tate, Estate, of Margarot Anderson, deceased; first day ol hearing claims before court. Estate of Jacob Shaw, deceased; petition for probate of will. Order for hearing. Dec. 24- Estate of Henry Cater, deceased; pe- heir*. Putting a Chunk of Kentl :*» Oae of Thorn MMasked Villains Who Tackled a J?«ml- iilne Tartar—Latest Schctho of the "Profession"—Silling a liouse JPuHof Anres- thetfcs Tfirongh the Speaking Ttthca-f Caught Breaking Ifttp ft.Honae—Another Express jSobhcry-rT^o Uobbcr Caught This Time. ••', " CHICAGO, Deci. 3.—The frisky footpad »nd baleful burglar continue to do a .land office business in this city; but occasionally they meet ffioro than their match, and such Was the case yesterday morning at 5:30 when they tackled the saloon of' Mr. Berger, 508 West Erie street. And to the honor cif the sexf be' it said,,the person who was too much of a man to .submit supinely to robbery .was a woman—the "wife of tho sa- loonist. At the hour mentioned three men entered-the room, putting on block-masks ad they did eo. Mrs; ,Be'rger wfls cleaning the mirrors behind the bar at the time, and Aid not at first notice that the men were masked, as the' saloon was dimly lighted with one gas Jet. , ' 8h« Know What It Meant. The men approached the bar together and drew their revolvers aa, they did so. One started to the reac, as if to search cash .drawer himself, and the, other two leveled their weapons at Mrs. Berger's head, their muzzles almost touching her face. ,"You know what this means," said one of the men. .,,_•' , "Yes/I guess Ido, 1 ? Mrs. Berger coolly replied. Meantime .she did not lose her presence of mind. .The man, w^q had started behind the bar suddenly stopped, and gesturing with his revolver, he said: "We know you havo money there, so don't make any ooise. -If you do we'll all shoot." . But She Was of Good Pluck. Still the saloon-keeper's plucky wife was aot frightened. Tberu was a large revolver tying on the shelf behind the bar, but she could riot turn to seize it without opening the way for the men to carry out thei,r threats. "There isn't a cent in the drawer," «be said, as she placed both hands behind her back and rested them, on the ihqtf. The motion was not noticed by the robbers, BO natural was it, aud they were lurprised when the, next Instant they were themselves confronted by a revolver. Mrs. Trimmed Hats antt Bonnets,. . . All Untrimmed Srdods, •Fearers, Fancy Feathers, . Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, '-.-- In fact EVERYTHING IFOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS. MISS HANNA, is in Charge of my Work Room She is lately froiii th<v wholesale house of I'oliock, Pottibone & Chapman nnd having had a large exporton/: can give you satisfaction and on short notice. , . Now is the titae aiid 'S 2 doors west of P. O,' • Is the place. • tition for decree determining Order for hearing Dec. 28. Estate of Louisa H- Boner, deceased; petition filed for probate of will. Order for hearing Dec. 80. "feeing i£ Believing." "' And a 'good lamp must be simply j when it is not simplest is knot good. • Simple, Beautiful, <?<«&/—these \ words mean much, but to see "The Rochester 'J. will impress the truth more forcibly: All metal, tough dnd seamless, and made in three pieces only, it is absolutely J<z/<r and unbreakable,. jLike Aladdin's of ojd, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its marvelous light is purer and brighter than gas light, softer than, electric light and more cheerful than either. Loot for thisstamp—THB ROCHESTER. If the lamp dealer has n't the Renn I ne Rochester, and the style you want, send to us for our new illustrated catalogue, land we will aeiad you-* 'lamp safely by express—your choice of over 3.000 Ivarieties from the Largest Lamp Start in ike World. , • '. • ROCHESTER LAnP CO., 42 Park Place* New Tork City. "The Rochester." CooatT Sunday School*. TBKONSBA, Nov.. 30.— The Calhoun Count) Sunday School Aaaooiation eommenced a two days' session at this place yesterdaj'. . The attendance was larger than usual and much interest is manifested. Last evening the secretary made his annual report (jover- iujj; the work of the past year. His 8|ati3tica indicate. fitty-one Sunday Bchools, with an enrollment of nearly 4,000 children. The - school census allows 12,693 %biI4ren ia the county Of achool age, thus more than two^ thirds of the children in the county are out- aide of the pale of Sunday Botiool and church influences. The plan of the association is to divide the county into four districts^ with a corps of ofBcere in .each distriot, to orga- nise and prosecute the work. The plan nest your involves the practicability of organiz- , ing » Sunday school in every school district, This would increase the nuujlec of echopls - to 1Q5. One township in the cpunty bar neither Sunday school nor church organization and this ia one of the most enlightened "6nd~progreasive counties in MicbigoD. The prewdenl'8'.addeess, Bev, W: E. Par- t - sous, of Albion, on "The Feasibilities of Jibe Suaday School," waa full «f th.ough> a»d emphasized by S clear- and forcible deli very. Thffseasipa closed this evemag with f ^ ' '" Berger pulled the trigger and one shot went wild, striking the ceiling. ' -Brave Burglars Were They, There was a general scramble 'or the ioor, and two of the men tscapeu. But Mrs. Berger did not intend to let the third off so easily. Following him she seized him t>y his coat and threw him to the floor. Her attack was so vigorous that great pieces of the robber's o cJflTbesT~were torn away, and is he fell hls°revolver slipped from his hand, leaving him defenseless. In a moment the robber managed to scramble to his fe«t, ind as he started «ost on Erie .street Mrs. Berger flred again. - She is certain that the bullet entered either his breast or right arm, for he gave a sharp cry as if he was in pain. He did not , stop, however, and snc* ceeded'in escapiug, . : ,Vil.lX NS A Scheme to Fill Speaking" Tiiibea with. Pny Your Tiixns be at the store of £. E. Sim muns on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of'.each week during December for the purpose of receiving state, county and school taxes. E. S. LEWIS; City Treaaurftr. We carry a full line of Pingrce & Smith's, A. ,C. McGraw & Co.'s ami Kennard & Son's tine shoes. GRACE BBOS I/OR RENT—My store'on State street, the X 1 beat locution in MarBhall. {ormurly ooou • pled by John Butler. It has teoontly been Ullcd lip and la painted in a very flhe eotablnatlon of color*. CHUIS.FRBDVOUEL. Whe/i Baby was sick, we gave her Costoria. When she was a .Child, she,cried for Castorla. Whan i(he became MJss, she, clung to Castoria. 'WMb hhe had Ohndren, she gavethejca Castorfe. Twp : ;-liyeS. -were placed in jeopardy Wednesday night through the fiendish thr genuity of burglars who wanted to pillage" the building at Baxter street and Belmont avenue. - The plan adopted was. to adinin- !ster the deadly fumes o£ e^Jjer and other inaBBthetics through speaking tubes, and because of its failure Willia.m Egkert anji hia wife are allv^- today. At 11 o'clock Wednesday evenlug Eckert and his wite tejt that" a "s&dden' drowsiness was over- them, Mrs. Epkert'tainted . .' - - fat Sale.' ' ' / \ v-S. A two burner Dungler gasoline stove but little ustid, will be sold at a bargain. .' , > H.M.MERRILL. Cincinnati, Jactson & Macliw Time table taking effect Sept. 12, 1892.| ' Trains pass Marshall aa follows: • . '""" TUAIN3 GOING-BAST. No. v3, Toledo Express ..8S7 , m • 3, CincinnatiKxpre§s 811 *m " xfl, Mail anil Kip re* liiMpn " *!, liooa). Freight..,..,., 5 50 p m TajLlH8 OOINu WB$T. , . So. i£!,Malfand' Expreas, .K)ti» a M " % Oui(jlnnaU& B. C. Express.......6 21 pm " 34. Kxpress ; .....w......1233am " an, Local FrelffSt ftaTaHj All trains daily except Sunday. Direct connections are mad a at Toledo and Clneuiati-witti all roads diverging . . ' TrttlnB 31 ana 22 make go od conneatlon at Mou; teith with th6 G E. & I., and at AWeg»n writh the C.&AV.M'for Grand HapidB. Mnskegon and all points north., , s '..-,Y. 8.PlUKB,Oen,M'g'"f-/ 'V U. M. SCfllNDLKa. Gen. Pass. Am , Agt.,J4araaaUr nrsp Ijne^ fef ladies' purses and card case* in tbe cUv. at M. B. Po WELL'S ? ' '' ~"" .„.. • Anhunest Swede tells ..his story iu plain B. F. MataaU; fell to the'floor;, but Eckert hod strength snongh to stagger to the nearest' window ind thicow it open. - The air ^revived him ind he began an iuvestigatidiv r j|e found that the strange ojiojc was proce^dlQg f rom She speaking tube;" E " ' 1 '' The Ba«cah|Make TUelr Kttcape. He descended to the grojipd Jloor and juart bottle of ether-CQBneeted by, ("ease of'store at rcanonaWe rent. SatiBfactory roiwona for sfiliug. Address box 1119, Hardball. EN WANTfiD-S.alary,»«d«pense8» Pec : but uliwistakable lang^^afor the of the public. »'One • af.igg childreu took a aevere cold a.nd gpt thj&cjr<Jap. ,1 gaye Wr ji teaspoonful of Chamberlaia'a Cough ReoiiS& dy, and in five minutes later I gave her one more v . JBy thin tiimn she had to cough up the gathering in her throat. Then she went to Sleep and "slept good foe firjtoen.u>iuute» Thegflhe got up and vptnited; then«he went bjtok t« Eed* an4 elept good fpj^ the ._ der of ihe night. She jgot the croup'th r ""night aa4I'^avej^er the*«Bje (ihe same good resuita. I writo K tbw because I-thought there might .be spr^one in th"e' aaiie need and'not know the tr'uo'uicrits -" iL! £ ~' v -fal.mediejwe.'* Charles L, f ots&\»^"<jt uianeirtplacu. ' Appij' aow." Only jjro<ver» of nursery atocl; off bptbAmeriCtm and Can&di»u Hur<jy varieilus our epeoialty. " AND FELT GOODS. to tb.e, moath, ol rb,e tratcbinan '.TEKgNSHA. of on r BjmdaU is tgecttaj a jaey upon the. arrival.'of the police two men tJ*e' jhadow-oCa tree across the street arid run" ^Jau«t«ckJjonaisjiSflf aJftq ' 'of W pn«ajt«(i the, fomjli rel&f same treatutejoit will cure rheujuatii ale a,t'G^een^84cu; store. £eBoy- Tolle* and of Alfeio», ha» Miaa Oartie Thayer, who has beau •lok lor ,tba paat twq weeks, ia. thought to be ' ll kmda of fresh nie&t cjit to order " A , money ~$$ .a»d shoes at Qj^ce Bros. ^B t|ie i»ar of; AJ^e^pr.! gtfeew hj|f uptiMsry 90$ let wd the shot was promptly wturiaed. men ran and fora fsw moments there was; a lapjid exchange of lead between the tj^levesaod the officer, .By ^bJi? tdc^e he was taXsb^gte&dJtetenceajad P9*? im&e, , ^oon MrsiiirKaa awa Bat.oitf tf ijto-adcsm Mfc fcton j^ifceIA ifflfcSSS!* ' stomach with a brick amd laid t him out. | and pricfraypiy to O W ANTKD—W Jfois ' . t On-the rear htepof the aldejman'8 h,ouae, Bfee^w^f I fajmcft of CrlpvesandMitteiis We earry a fine stock cot Staple & Finoy Sroseriii

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