The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 2, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1892
Page 1
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r- • £• • «rr *\ .**$ - » a ^ i -1 * - 4 "y n' A ' , " •* . , W .... tf,. . . u> t t . .... T. .-•*• - ' ' * » A < * fl ~ " • • ; /.,; "^— f / V -I *^ . A VOLXnMfO MARSHALL, MICH,, -FRlftAY NOVEMBER 2,1892. * pRicfcTwo cms *; IGOULDTNEXTBEIB t: Death Hovers Over the Wall Street Wizcfd. THE SIOK MAN LYINGEftOONSOIOITS. Absolutely Pure. croain of. tartar baking powder Mighestoi\all in leavening strength ,-' Latest (/\S*. Government Food Re- . Family Close at fiand. and Nettrly i Hopelesi*^it'o . Physician* in Consthnt •Attendance, and the Saminnjn* of 3TW» : ""<>ri'm *crror Looked .for at Any .Mo". ment— lili Lungs Believed To Bo th* Sent of Ills Disease, But the Doctors Kc'tlcent'-Optlmism of Ilusscll Sage;- NEJV YORK, Dec. 2.— -There was ' no «tt- tempt made last night to conceal' the fact that'Jay Gou)^ v was seriously ill. At midnight he was unconscious, and, it was Bald ight^ dto at any ra6mcnt.The menu ibersof his family Were all in_tha. ROYAL, PACING POWDER-CO 10G_W>11 Street, N.Y/ „ , . Liver Complaint; Dyspepsia, SljiV He dfgeitlOB. CoDatlpattou or CosttvciHi >»t Ctiite »UU Weal's VegeUrtstSvL reWarfor.any ,oa«o o eatUnba, I n ciHiss we can SvLiyer Plllu when (ha directions are Strictly compiled with. ' They Me pOTeljr Vegetable and neverVall to give MU«f*oU°U- Sugar coated, Largo boxes cou- tttnlng 80 pills. 25 centH. Itawaro of counter- felU and imitations. Tlie genuine mnuuflkcturcul bv THE JOHN C. WB8TXJaMPANY v , Clhcago, 111. Tor sale by A. O. Uyde^Mnrihall, Mtefif ohice yesteraa^e looked naggard and hid eyes showed the lack of sleep. Beyond tho statement that his father'v^as worse he declined to say anything about his .illness. Russell Sage discredited'"yesterday the report that Mr. Gpuld was setidu'sl sick, aw} said: "He Is simply suffering from another -of hi? billons attacks. Mr, .Gould overtaxed himself during the - weell preceding ThanksKiving by attending.three meetings d^wn-town. Qexrfge Gould told m^ that • after his' father's last trip down-town ho was compelled' to go to .bed and he has been there, ever since," Few Caller* Admitted. Dr. John P. Munn. who has been foi many. yearsTMr; Gould's physician, paid his first call at the house at 9:30 o'clock yesterday morning. ' There were many other .'callers, but Only a few of them were admitted. No one but tike rriemberspf the family" and physicians were admitted to thu house in the evening.' Mins Helen Gould ia Confined to her bed with » severe oold, Mr. Gould^son3, n George, Edwin, Howard, rfhd Frank,' ami hia daughter, Miss Annie, were in his room during jtjie evening. LATftn—Jay Gould'died thii fiiorning at "Totir o'clock. - .' KIRKS \ A Unaranteed Cure for Pilau of what kind or decree— External, Internal, Blind or Bleeding Itching, Chronic, Recent or Uereditery. This remedy bw posiUvely never been known to fail. $1.00 a box, B bozea for $5.00; sent by mail-prepaid on receipt of price. A written Uuiirnntoj; positively glvea-to^o&^uir.cU&ser of ti boxes, when purchased at one tigifej-to refund the §5,00 paid if not cur«d. Guar&nleo xenued by A. O. Arde,JI*wnaU, Mich.. Call for sample. IS by hl^ bedside, and all Inqulrleg at the ho.use door were angered "by the butler, who said: "Mr. Gould fa very, lo^i'' Dr. Munn, . his family physl- IAY c»60Li> ••> cian, several times during the day called on Mr. Gpuld and, was with him all ,,the • evening.. Br. Jane^ way was in consultation with Dr. Munn yesterday and this fact strengthened .the rumor that Mr. Gould's recent hemorrhages were from the lungs and not from the stomach. A later report of Mr. Gould's condition said he was still unconscious, with little hope that he vould live. Signs That the Worst Is Feared., Dr. Muiin refused yesterday to make any definite statement about Mr. Gould's ill- 'iiess. Georgo Gould" admitted last night that it was serious, and at 9 o'clock sent down vjord from the sick-room: "ify father's condition is very 1'ow." Every room in Mr. Gould's . house at B79 Fifth Juvenue \yus illuminated, nn,d" this in itself wo? unusual enough to attract attention from passers-by on the.street. . 'Two coaches -were iir front of the house all, the evening. Mr. Gould's coachman- and butler were on duty, aft night. There were; other eigns in- .dieatlng; that the .worst wan "' " . B. pi" WSgT'aNBBVB AHD B»AIN >.'a guaranteed apeejfic lor Uyateria, I)izn- Convulslons. Fiis, Nervous Neuralgia, he, Nervous Prostration canned by the use ' or tobapco, • V\'akefulne«H, Mental l>e, Softening Q( tie.Brain resulting In iu- jdlaadtnK to Jftl8ery t decay, and~deatU, PrematmraOld A)(e, Barreue6g r ..,Ijpea of power ia eitlwriex, Involuntary Loaned aud Spurmator- rhucA caused by over-exertion of tb£ brain, self abuao over-indulgence. Baeh box contains on* mopthV<reata»ent. v -«».OQ a box, or fttx boscs fftr fS.OO, rent by m»U prepaid oil racelpc^f prlo^, . WE G JARANTEE SIX BOXES To cur* any case, With each order received by ' ut tor »ix boxen, accounted with $5.Oft'we wil aond Uie pui'-tiaser.oar >yritteu^utee>to re^ fund the mouoy if the treatment 4t>w not oflec a cure, yuariiuleoa issued only^y A. i>. Urdu PruggUt *t(d *ol e Ageut .M*r^(in. M,tch I Mr. Gould's illnewa was discussed by the J brokers and Wall street men who gather; 'j every night at * the Windsor hotel, ,an^ it was the general opinion thai it'was much more serious than any -of .his previous attacks. When Mr. Gould has suljered from his periodical attacks of nervous.dyspepsia previously the members of his family have bep slow to admit that he was sick at all. He" has suffered from these attacks of dyspepsia followed by nervous prostration nVis*!!-** .titrtrt£i •• TTtiii'W ?N?rvn£k f\f tJiam Vlllia , - • A Wedding In High Society. • PnraBUKG, 'Dec. 2,-r-There 'is ito be a novel .wedding in this city Pec. £, in which 'the "tijgh" contracting 'parties will together have a height of 14'feet 2 inches. The woman's height is 7 feet and th,e'man's 7 feet 2 incbiea. The .bride to be la Miss Emma Mossnum, daughter of James Moss< man, & wealthy .grain raiser of Saak.Cen- ter, Minn. The prospective groom is "Colonel James Gilbert Uhzalo Rudilanfl, a native of Chlhuabua,"Mexicd. ... Attached a Jollet Company.,,. NEW YonK, Dec. 2..—The .sheriff yesterday received an attachment for 190,000 againsi the Joliet Enterprise company, of joliet, Ills., in favor of thflllinois Steel company. The attochroe^t was granted on -the ground th»fr r '£he defendant Ta a foreign corporation. Qeputy Sheriff McGin- uisij has'served papers In' the case .upon of fleers of the Third National bank. Another Defeat for the Amalgamated, YoUNCSTOWN, O., Dec. 3.— i'hp trouble which has existed for the past eight months between the Mahoning Valley Iron company and the Amalgamated association, or a contingency of it, has been settled. By the executive board of this district classify-' ing what has always been known as a jobbing mill as a plate-mill, the workmen lost " r fight and will suffer a big .reduction ia wages. As, gear as can be learned the cut will average from So to 40 per cent, Vf 111 Not Beopen the Strike. Deerar-A~ Ilomegtaad patch-- to The j 'LeaderJBay8;'^"There to*' truth In the report that the strike Carnegie wbrks^wlU be reopened. A meet*mg of 'the men was held, but the only; matter taken; into,, consideration, was that of providing relief for the families of the strikers who are in need, of assistance. $hej[juestion of reopening the strike was •not considered. --* ' Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. . *' \. Cure* Chapped Hands, Wound*, Burns, Etc. Bemoves and Prevent* Dmdrnff. AMERICAN FWILY SOIP. Best for General Houeehold Use, ' " F DR 3ALB— A safe, good 11. A. TILLOTSON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER."' " All business attended;to promptly and carefully. Has a safe to keep j»d* ment docket and other valuable paper* in . CARTERS Siok Haaaacha and relieve all ibatroaUw tad-'.ant to abillou* lUtaot the ir«tam,*aoh — about twice a »°ne of them, has, ' reaJly lieeu rocsidered^to be dangerolis. by' his'-family physician, Dr/ Munu, andyef, owing tp Mr; Gould's financial "relations,, much has been made of tliem.— * * BEEfi=f)FTeN RE?CJ8TEO DYINtS. False Rumors Current No Less f boa Twen- "Not less than twen,ty-flve times has Mi*. Gould l>eun reported to be dying. On each of tb^gccasions Ml£"Gop.ld^ .sgn and his pliyslciauaiiaye assured all •he was not seriously Hi inquiries that reason • , little faitb. vas put in ihero^oif tha^liave " The Paper Served cm CJeveland. WAsimJO.TpN, Dec. 2.—It was teamed yesterday, that the paper served on Presi- dentelect Cleveland Wednesday was a no^ iulcitton-that he was a def emdiant^any. In the suit of Willis "B. Smith against, the New York committee of foreign bondholders that will be called ia the chancery court next Monday, and that he could ^se his own pleasure about comu^g; ... ' Drt Scottr§ Foner»U ' - --..''- W&BBISG'IOS, E>ec\ a^The jtuneral service ofTEley. Dr. j^ha W, §cotrtook'.place at thja, "Whites House yesterday. $»Bt five weeksfroi. tfce day when Ma daugLsVA jkie wife to them will find thenaJlttlepUU v ^ta r "floated around WaJl«trJMt,tor tM|$st few days7abonib:MT."Gould'8'pceaen|; illness, 'Jt was said that he was simply i>ui?erin£ from ' It. has l«wi ^uo|ast,ed d\iriag thg jeazs in an, invalid that, hia Inngs^weraiaw-wat of the disease. _ firould wentl^^ ojpee in -Wesjter^i , Uoioft 2>u,UdJ^ig .-ysfiterday '"' ^ijowjever, tie stated thal^hls father „ ^ aod'he WAS reaitj &eripu^ly sick/' T^s was -the first ftutbeutic infbrniation «^ to Mr.' Gould's cri^cal cpnditioa that; eon were J the same placft. .t largely atteiifled by friends and at its con' body was forwarded to Waah- ' ' "" «bl* la id many way«*li%t;JWy wUI ^not b) jrifc |iag tod* withou *~* • Lithe toftoeol liTM that herol»wbo«« Ona or two matna-doia. . bin I-/ tUirgentUKtlon please all who rn. lii v,.iUat26c6nU; flvfl for $t Sold ,erg»t|wr* or esut by m«Ut turned __ jj'ielQdfeJ , Thp day „ Afthough the tide was still "HS ttiv'or^a^r^^'sflemed -^ ^^tfeflt—-T— •AJftsPS^SE—f -ac i •; ..... u jf BO, tend tlie- ' "• MR8, AU.EM'8 PARISIAN Face Bleach " Gbulddidnotresji well Wednesduy iilght", '4ftd it, was then, that Me famiiy began "to get aedoualy alarmed about him. A few days agq it was stated that Mr. Gould had mader hia preparation to go to El Paso for tip vdu&r. This trip was abandoned beeaule ift the opinion of Dr. Munn «tr. Gould was not strong" enough, to, take it in hie state of fiealth, George Gould and somtt of tie other members of the. family were up pa; Wedn^sdiiy aigb-t with the sick m*», by Rwft^U 8*se. , I appeared at Ijjal \ ^' 4.tliqroujgU,KUalile increaseot *K» ( 962,09 in the .public debt ' Hundreds of young men W Weat Eearf street, h Inabilities, |3() t OOOi assets, fiO.QQO- Buckwheat, tag tU kinds of custom Q. A. Fre«b ejsterijat

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