Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 11, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 1961
Page 3
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•vt •"•ssssb ^- t IJ'SMS'IM •>?«: "*• ,?-,"• ~ OA Dtt RIO NEWb-HERAlD bimrta>, lime 11. ENJOY AIR CONDITIONING No Need to Suffer During Hot Weather The day when ati you could uo was jusi put up with ihe hot vvi.'aih<:i' is iuiis guiie. Del KU» air iMitJitioijing Jiitfit'hams are •empha- sising today in . pointing up ihe whores and hows of having mium- tain weather when an<! \\hero you . brings a welcome relief, j Air conditioned homes s«uy Filtered air conditioners take for-•-cleaner since atl ihe windows are j eign uialter out of the air, along j closed. Much of the heavy house- f 'with stale air, ana replace i! with: work is Uiiis eliminated. The coin-., filter-clean air. . fortub'e family is more, cheerful. ( Xo matter what the weather dues, there is air eomltuoneti com- tori. At the store or oifice. at home, or traveling in The ear — you can be air cooled to ymir comfort. A lot of "estrai" yi> with modern air coiuiiuOnina. too. expert* point out. For people troubled with allergies, as millions an-, air ctmiii- London to Moscow Telecast Features Queen Elizabeth MOSCOW (AIM—Queen ^-liza- beth II and tlie historic iriKipinc of the color ceremony fascinated thousands of Moscow telf-viewers Saturday. " liul Soviet authorities put -strong competition on ihe opposing channel—Premier Khrushchev. President Leonid L Breznev and President Sukarno of Indonesia. There is nn rating service here to register which TV program drew the most watchers. Reception of this firs; London- Moscow telecasi'.was superb. There '.vas no advance publicity for the show except s listing in the TV" program published by Moscow newspapers this morning. ^foreover, it was earned on the secondary channel white the main channel here carried a Soviet-Indonesian friendship rally in the Kremjin. at which ail top government' figures were on view. Kennedy Sending Brother-in-Law To Visit Guinea WASHINGTON (AP )— President Kennedy has named his brother- in-law. Sargent Shriver. to substitute for him on a personal visij to the A/rican country of Guinea. The two - will dis'cuss possible- Announcing this Saturday, the State Department said Shriver — head of ihe Peace Corps — will visit Guineas President Sekou Toure June 14-15. Peace Corps acuviies in Guinea —projects in which youthful Americans with s.pecial skills would help in development of the country. The announcement said Kennedy .named Shriver to go for him be-" cause the President "was "'unable to lenve the country at this lime."" Official* said Kennedy, who - has just returned from a European trip, had too Iseavy n schedule'ID leave .'agein at this time-. '•'"°' Toure is a left-loaning Around Town... Continued from I'age 1 MEXICAN HOT DOGS, MADE of corn tortillas and dressed'wish 'chili, will be sold by ihe Methodist Youth Fellowship'of. the SH:V Felipe Methodist Olitirch Sundav to raise funds for. \\w fellowslu;i. The Mexican hot dot;s will b'.' available at n<xm Sunday a! i"i rhapoy Street. • * » a » ' A NEW TEXAS GEOGRAPHY being prepared by a Xew York' publishing • concern will iucludv pictures of Del Rio. A; "the re quest of the publishers. Mayor A. I". Kennedy mailed two sMdures of the city. One is :i beautiful \U'\Y of Sail Felipe Creek and.the'olhor •shows the new Municipal lUiild- in?. The sprincs are mjpsrinu l-i see but do not appear to advanlape in .pictures, the 'tiiayor said, so he chose the more photogenic 1 • creek.. A COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL marking the 125i!i anniversary of the Battle of the Aiaino will be struck about August i. Ruy C. Small reports as president of the Shawnee Hills Medalists., The "heads" side of the medrd bears the legend. The Battle of the Alamo. 125th anniversary, ISSfinS-U. A long rifle and powderhorn under the Lone Star flag is in the foreground. An outline of'the Slate of Texas with a single star.shedding its rays on the site of the Alamo appears with a legend on the inverse side. The medal will bo ; struck in-bronze and-sterling wi:.h :a few platinum pieces available on special order. i !!».*• i PAUL AND JA NELL MURR are the parents of a son. Paul ! Garrett Murr Jr.. born May 2G in : Junction. He was welcomed by a ; sister, Lissa Ann. who was a year ; old on May 2-i. Grandparents are '.Mr., and Mrs. A. G. Murr of Junction and Mr. and Mrs. H. \V. : Skelton of Del Rio. The proal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. U. ;TiciweH of Del Rio. Airs. Ethel McWhirt of Skiatook. Oklahoma, and Mrs. Edith .Murr of Fort Mr- Kaveil. : Another health factor is the 1 ' st'wui sleep That gives along with ' today's modern cooling. A Rood ! ; night's rest mskes. the next day more pleasant. • Surve\s have indicated specta- -fular- sains in efiiciency and pro- - ddctions after air conditioninii.i rquipmvn 1 , is instat:od in p!;!ni?' and statistics shov. <•• ales' ifu-roasv-s in sir <:>m<liuo!ii-(i sii>res. Thi-re iv:<!K is no reason to ', !H' h>>! uiu' s\>.i--;iy, d:»y or nifiht, ?)ei .Kiii .rHer. - ?i:isils fs'int.out. With • air i-or.iiijionini;, there- is ;i lot ^*&&g^&&*x^3¥&&9 ^?4-%^r M * Y-<-<V'^^ i^jr-f -.* i >^H^if 1 'i*' * (*, ~ f MAS, ft-- «. --••• . * Eta Soys West Al _. JL !• _ ^% _ I0.M&-.I ^_Bi . r General Staff '•i'A^- "^^^^^^^^^F-^-^ " --T" '"""' FIELD FISHING — Paul Kennison shows his daughter, Frances, carp gigged in a flooded field near their home at . Wesi Alton, Mo. A right and an archer in the rear aim al fish sirandcd by high water "of the Mississippi. WKTHKRBY, England (AP) — Sir Anthony Eden proposed Saturday that' the Western nations set up a poltical general staff to deal} witht Communist pressure around the world, Calling for gieater unity m the West, the lormer British prime t minister suggested that political | 'representatives' of four to six nations meet either in Paris or Washington. _ Such a staff or its equivalent. | Eden snid, "wilt have- to come i some day." ' I- : -.' -f '•The sooner, the better our j chances of survival." he declared. ; "Then perhaps the West will cease ; reecting to events and start to; shape them." ;• -': Eden appeared rst t» rally of Young Conservatives of this York-. j sliire area, making his first major j public speech since he resigned tho premiership in 1057. ^HOUSTON; RefmUig Co. fs«id\Wwlne«i plains tq develop a large indu residential cily in southeast ris Count j. "This project means more t bay area and southeast County than anything sine* Houston ship channel was b Robroy Cairoll, president Bay Area Development Coi Y< Law'Deah Reported Affairs Past Choice i^T.«>\ r SAP)—President ( Kennedy ss isp.dt-rsiiXHi lo ha\c- clifisen On i"! !>. Spaeth, rfejn 01" vhe ; Stanfe/rd l.'riii ersiiy St-lnx^l. HS as.-is=.a::t ^vcn-'iiry 01 stale, for inter-Americsn .affairs-, .-''finfii'.ni-cirn'jjt -of 5!>e appoint-.. The-. po>" ; ;.i.- bt>cn '.scant since • Thomas ^iann le't ii in- March so bocunv 1 flvrsiinss^uar tii Mexico. The Xf.s York 'Times said today Spaeth. 34. b;;d !ji-en p:cV;eu afler as leas! 20 uthers had IK.-OJI ap- : proui-iitn; or con,-- : ,den-i: by White ; lioiist 1 u;iii-s. 'lit'poris of S;>;H ;h"s appointmem stirreci >pr-:u!f.i«iri thai i; v.ould be fo!U>v...-tl witissii ;i -.-hos-i lime hv residnai!-3n c*: .-Vlo'lt l"i-?rk-, one of. former Pre* ; c-om Franklin. D. Koosevels's brain .tniss. and now 'head of Presides; K^nnf-dy's spe- ciHi task force'on l.aiin American alfau's. i'er'x 1 hr:s said on niimf-r- oi!^ ijcca^ion's hs~ ~T.iy in Washington is ic-:»i.x.'rurv. Aqua-Jet Marine SEATTLE shaped like deired down Lake Washington Fri-i •Jay on test runs to show how it can be used to develop new mn-!' ie{ rine desti^ " |Man Survives Wreck, __JKHIed by Live-Wire I ' lMMlj\DELPIUA ^—Gcorye =\'. I Hunter, !". Philadelphia, escaped •• j injury S a t u r d ay. when in- j backed his car into a utility poie • in suburban Ridley Township. He 'I got out of the car to see what ; damage had been done, tripped ion .a live wire that had been 'knocked to the ground by the i:n- marine. models, fastened to a'mct-j« )act ancl was elcdrocut<H L:-..^_ DICTATOR'S •iilfiured above is jUlo 42-vear-old daughter 'ol slani Dominican ii.ictato. Rafael Trujillo. | Three Police Lodged ' In Fort Worth Jail FORT \\OKTH tAP» ~- Sheriff 1 J.on Sv;ms-said Friday that three : suburban niue ,M<ni»d p o i i c c. Uharacd with .'assault lo murder. ! would remain in jail until he is sausned Jhsi IwiS bond ™< 10 >* a!1 Ray Horton; 'Humble vice; dent, disclosed Humbfo's p] Htiinble owns, about 35,000 in ah area bdunded rough Spencer Highway, the Gulf way, Farm 52S along Clear (. and the Southern - Pacific Rai "While no definite tlc-c huve been reached, it i s from studies that some sue velopment program shouli started, and tt is: cstiniatv next two years should see ,1 5r;im well under way." Fait From Pickup Kills Valley Boy DE op] thti of for "n tai qu ui« lie Tl«e ^lnnlot-r nfticcrs with assault to murder in a-.o M;v. iJ:. shoolinii of \Vi!!«a:ns. Williams was w it; the back as hv Rhte Muund Home. SAX BF.N1TO. Tex. <AfM- ; rit-k Hamilton, 11, died in a aro I pital Friday night alter f; om the rcsr of a pickup • Herbert The child was the son ••>{ minded- 1 ™ Mrs - Joe-Hamilton of Ss; w-i'ked "to his l niu< - !!is death was the 2?th • fatality of the year for the county Lower Rio Grande V area.' rack between ihe two jaws. L?!—A research loo! a hydroplane tliun- i al The a>.ju;<-.iet, as Boeing dubbed i jit."is powered by • ihe same type] lait'.e which drove the FSO ; ' fighter. The hi? engine, equipped j The. new tool is a boat built by ' with .a ' noise muffler, is mounted ' Boeing Co. It is shaped like a | on the stern. lobsu-r claw, with the lips of the' The craft is built to travel up ja\\i; as {v. in prows, each with a i to iw knots, but skipper lieorgo cockpit. In one sits the pilot. andi.V' held it down to about 40 an engineer .sits in the other to knots Ivecause of Chopy water. iv;u! instruments connected with i From the siiie. the ooat looks; . _ .... : :... ;!ike a rai-ing hydroplane, : but it [ is iarger—weighing 11,600 pounds! and measuring 3S feet in length, j Two fiiet tanks carry one ton of' gasoline, \\hieh will nin the boat about an hour 31-high speed. i The boat wi!S take the place of Leona Gage Gets Another Divorce » IA/L t- 1 6X05 YVfteQl Up WASHINGTON" (API— Tin- culture Dcnaruni-t-t fort-c-.^.n day a Texas wheat crop of ?3 ""or. bushels, up sharply fro a5 - 25 '"'llion '.climate <>f M The national crop v, as "'a-ed at L:V,:; luii'tion :V^-K-I -^ "''»ion from t!-e May 1 Kri- "mil- ^n Barsker .Dies Saturday ' HOUSTOX <AP! — Gero ?e M. Iri.v:nc. -JO. vioe-prcsjd^nt ami 2en- cn-.} tn;sE cfftccr of the Bsnk of tiio S •;!ihy. t <? died Ssiurday in a ho'spitr.-t atu-r a ^hort illness. Irvini;. a arsd'.ri'e 01 Baylor l.'ni'.'L?r=i:y ir; 1^24. pract'^'d- law in his hotne T-.-^T, -.->:' PaJesiine. T', A X.. before Rv>vi:;^ 10 Houston ir. \i'->. F!-.'-;c-r V':ir'.>3",i Irving, and IT WAS GOOD PRACTICE NAl'G'VH.VK. • Cran. =.?— Tlirec l.':i and oror. ;i ^:; <>k! lY'iice" Dc- LOS AXGKLES (AP)—A ' judge awarded Leona Gage, onetime beauty contestant, a divorce on testimony thai her second husbntirl u ' s rfrsr.etied having married her. Miss Gage. 22, won the decree by• rivifiuli irom Nicholas Covace- vsch, 23. a dance director and a tost tank, in which marine models ii?ua!iy ;:re tried out. In this case. Lake Washinaion will be the Models Such as experimental hydrofoils win rvde through the waier between Jhe iwo cockpits. [ end li'.eir aciion will be recorded in She engineer's compartment. As Miss Maryland, she won the KEEPS TABS ON "COWS Miss United StiHc-s title in the 1957 SHENCERVILLE. Ohio 'uP> — vers'.cn of the Miss Universe pag-TDairy farmer John MeConneJI cf ( ear.;, but >!ie judges look away EHtin. Ohio- us<i5 what he calls: the titSe when they learned she a "glance hoara" lo keep tab on : ] -.vas married to -Air Force Sgt. his 52 Holsteins. ! Ger.e Ennis—v i u ( a i i n g a ban McConnell lists his herd on a! against married contestants. b .a. i ;i;!U places i> in the j >!iss G:;;4e and Ennis IsUer were pr..^. c-imtiits beside each cow's! •divorced-and she wed'Covac'cvich ;>»:"<'.•'> ^ sU»w «hat_ phase of the ; Xiiv. V7. !;; -r iS. T'ney separated ln£i milk-pnHiacini: cycle sht is. in and i March If). ..ifjt <;ei pitnmciitm has been, i r! ' e \\.T:-= snrwic rain and hail cut into 0-c 'i-^.r, in Ifif Parihantilc and Hi'j;h-P.l:r Thr- state - prmiticvd SJ/115. bushels last ycur. HEAD TIIE• CUVSS1FIKD Thermos ta tic controls Comfort "Weather wheel'' 5 yeav warvauly Exhaust & ventilate system Heavy duty compressor PRICES START AT with just 000 ••^:.,:>j.. ! .:-. — '.^.. •• ' COMP-PAH-PAH " ; ; i-STORRS. Conn. •:,? — University of? Connecticut bandsmen will i:f> living in a new dormitory next fall, and its narhe wiii be appropriate: John Philip Sousa. READ THE CLASSIFIED' AflS Among the Tanaia people of Madagascar, a wido-w :i;ust divorce her dead husband before she is allowed (o remarrv. BUSINESSMEN learn to fly... while you travel it's the modern PIPER way I Make your time and money do c'oub!« duty! Learn to ny u-hiic tntvciini; 10 and from business "tppoimmcnts. En route, one of our qujtif.ed inslnicrorj will check you our »t the cootroU of the easy-to-fif P'P" Tri-Pacci. In thii comfortable,' 4-place lirplme, -Kith coortUnated controls lh« rmVe flying u jhnplc »s drivtrig a cir. fou'll be ready to jolo ia._ less iim« than you'd thtnt possible. lot »ur mnd l«t at §U« T*v viilt DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE MO AMKMtT-Pt 5-3(11 U' pOr^ 7 L '- - " ' '** — *—1 ill?':;::!::!' '^"vii t '-^ E v * i>«oc>ra' • • • - ..t^'t't- ••.,,' Illl- : " : : : :- /^' 'W 1^^ §i ::!: :' : ^: : ivi ; ili;!ii;'i!ip'ii:!i:r:j >8 : ' f: : - ): I;,!:' iHiiliiiiinjSjliii-' c :; i o comfort can he- yours •with Arctic Cir<-l<-'s cxcUirtive Corobex-treafcrcl* pa'ds :u'ui Ivlicroglnst linr-rs. More convenience with SyncrofJow* pointers t.p_djrcct air where you want it. More stylo v. iih new grille and panel designs. See us about a model for your home. V f —• " -Sones EASY TERMS Home Appliance 201 S. MAIN PR 5-S50O from RUSSELL HARDWARE HSVclf ^SOOBTUtol^lOOBTU 230VoIf 10,200010 to 24,1 Immediate Delivery 4nd Installation ... Over To Models Now In Stock! colder air and more of it! more powerful fans to push air farther! Cools and AIR CONDITIONERS NOW AVAILABLE IN ALL CAPACITIES more air control to direct air everywhere 1 l $v •»-?•-. Every Friedrich is more^mful^han ever—and we're ready lo prove it ^wai[s! You'll get your fyst . ,., J .Qur.s|ipwfpo[n.VfHhour glass-model Fried' J- ;r^:you canleeli^e.difference INSTANTLY! You'll ?.. ^bf^ure a second lime when we inslalf your Friedrich: ihe greatest indoor comfort you've ever known! And the longer you have your long-lasting Friedrich, the more satisfied you'll be! Come in today for demonstration—or cail us for a free home survey now! •"YOUR ASSURANCE OF SATISFACTION" 506 E. GIBBS Pit 5-3502 BEFORE YOU BUY SEE AND TEST THE NEW FEDDERS Top rnlod for outstanding performance by independent consumer tests each year since 1!)S4.' "World's Largest-Selling Air Conditic ioner DEL RIO ELECTRIC 444$. MAIN

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