The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 25, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1893
Page 3
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1? .visitors to the. world's fair jdll find the CBBOJneiE on sale at Qeo. F. War *•"- news aud cigar, stand in theMIch- building. wfent to Battle Creek Cb"' Prosecuting •Attorney Clark was in this city today. ; Miss Lizzie Parr is eaniping with Mrs PecKatBVacelake,. . ; . Mrs.'Pbefwi and Mrs. Tyler have re turned from Gull lake. >< " l3ir. W; H, Nelson and wife from P«& Paw are ^topping at A. S, Cleveland's. MrrCaugbey, of the firm of Gillett & Hall, ot Detroit, was in thh city today. Jdhn Powell Bought thTlirst new wheat today^ ,He paid 60 cents per bu Of ages The C. J. «& M. advertise an excur sion to Put-in-Bay Aug. 9. Fare for the trip only $3.00. Mr. and Mrs; tt ft. Col well, wh>have been visit ing in this city, returned to Grand Rapids Monday. "Mesdameo Norman/Brown,•i/.' B. <A1* baugbi Htd tong and George Green" field fiad/a picnfo at Brace lake today. A recent Issue of the New York Clip per says tjiat Carrie Watson, formerly MsUns city, is dyinrf with consumption nearxpenver, Uolo. J. C^^urphy, of the Brush Electric Co., wasHn this city today, settling some bujjinesXmatlfers with the electric . comimssioners.X pavid Sturgi8,'a\€sident of Marengo, died Sunday,. July 38, aged 70 years. xThe funeral will ba helo\at the house Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. The deal between T. B. Skmner aud Edgerton Bros, for the Bolting Brewery was closed Monday. Mr. Skinner de clin«d to state just what he would do with the property. The worms that created such havoc last year'among the shade trees, and especially in oak groves, have not ap peared..lhis season, and the hope is entertained that they will not. The Tekouslm News is going to ad vertiseita past due subscription accounts for sale Aug. 4. The list, the flows says, will contain the names of some so called prominent citizens. Monday, Constable Prentice receiyed gpry 1,000 clergymen between the . _f v 45 and 65 it is^fouod that only 15.93 die annually, but of,every 1,000 doctofs between the ageg of 45 and 65 no fewer than'S8.02 die every year. That is to faift the mortality of medical almost double that of clergymen, and the>rate is increasing; >•< > Very iittte wfaeat is being?ibrottght to thodity nowadays. All of lire farmers are busy ,;f*|iii their harvesting. New W heat Will ipirobably be offered inside of two weeks. The crop looks very well. Corn is a little late, but the recent show ors will help it albng % Data are rather backward-for this season <6f thVyear; The potato crop looks very promising. A new car safe to keep robbers away from the valuables has jus^been patent ed. It has a key and a combination look. The messenger has the key, but not the combination. When* robbers show themselves he springs the combination and then nobody can opea the sa*e until the train reaches its deatina .Uon. the man who was arrested yesterday at the instance^ Mr. Kelsey, feels bad and wants to get oat of jail. The sheriff says he cried all night, and makes a great JUBS most, of the time. He had Shot iff Walklhshaw telegraph to his mother and brother at Chesaniug today and he hopes to fjx matters up when they arrive. TeKonsh^Newe: King & Falling re turned from Marshall last Saturday where they .have been for the past three weeks engaged in fnlBlllng a large con tract of painting for C. S. Miller, of Miller's Corners, N. Y; They used five birrels of oil, six hundred pounds of An Extraordinary .. A splendid two story dwelling and ooe SIOI|F dwelling, with one aorb of land, including excellent fruit garden centrally located. For terms apply to ». CUNNINGHAM. If yot* want a ; house built, in sho& or dermal! on Wm* Shipley as he is pre pared to put you up a house ready for Plastering in ten days time. Shop on jEagle street over Lynn's. Residence 161, Hanover street. Sinith is making the new porcelain enamel photos. They just fill the bill or a; nice picture. For the accommodation of people liv Ine-in the west end A, .Watson -vill sell Keuchle's bread and cakes fresh, at 10 o'clock every morning. Some of the Graft* Hesays of whooping cough hew and Chambtolain'i has been the oiil, medicine bot , *• bottles for saleal Orewe's drug street. Hon. W. tuciii, estate ' tough Remedy in my family eBitation in saying it IB an excallem believe all that is claimed Jjfc W' Hicted by a cough or cold will flnd it a jend." Thereis nodangerfrom whooping cough when this remedy i. freely given, if and 60 cent bottles for sale at Qreene'B drug Bioro, ,. Pitcher^ C^storla. Farm Wanted. . I have a customer with caih for a small farm, 40 to 60 acres, and worth from $1,500 to $2,000. If you have one for sale come and see me. Yours TVnly, H; M.MERRILL. i B feu? for . T«sitorff to the Worlds hMU ' a neat li«le book, of abont 9.000 The new Lavette safety'moiling en velopes at Smith's studio. <hi 118. of hotels, , illustrated at lara« SB bicycle, No 3,990, stole* from the sani larium sonie time ago, the thief having been convicted at the last term of court. The examination' of George Carl, alias Smith, who was arrested yesterday on complaint of N. J. Kel.sey, was adjpurned this inoruiug by Justice Tillotson until Friday. Kalamazoo Gazette: Grant Avery, a dangerous inmate of the asylum, aged ab9ut 35, will be taken to the- asylum for" the criminal insane at Ionia today. He came to the asylum May 15 from Calhouu county., A separate shaft has been put in the electric light power house for the%can descent diwiarno and was used for, the first trpie iftst night, «ind worked very mceiy. s U pt. Joy dQe8 not -anticipate any further complaint regarding these lights. ' i, Jackson county is preparing to build a new^ail, and 4he. pjrfeouejrs who are being heldfor trial in the circuit court will be sent ber,e for 5 safe keeping' lead, two barrels of Venetian, and two barrels of yejllow ochre. This is is the largest job of painting ever done in C'alhoun county. You ca « buy goods at your own price this week at Shauahan's. Receiver's Sale. Unless previously disposed of at pri vate sale, I will on Thursday, the 31st day of of August, 1893, sell at public sale at the front door of the court house in Marshall, Mich., all remaining as sets of the National City bank, consist ing of a 7-12 interest in the property known as the Eagle block, also the Bui'- laid Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being located in the city of of Marshall. Also one large bauk safe (double door, steel box and time lock ) 5,000 spring and summer samples have arrived. Gall and select yom summer suit or pants^Better cho.ce than piece goods. Call and exam«ne before buying. Quality an4 price to suit at fl TKD'S, the tailor, Over Fletcher's store, ft n- all foreign flavor and adulterant., naturall/ npened and matured by eleven ymu 4 rtora« in wood, it U a "Rya as is a By*" and eotta n0 m ^f than ^'«rtw brand*, Try , ™ you will never be satitfled to OM any othtr A pure old whisky is .Iwayl free fusil oil, which 1. a poison; be taken into theaystem'. A m from the spirit by oxidation, -and 1* e vertedinto fragraat ethen which giro bouquet to whiaky. Sold- only ' Seaman A Co., Druggist. tin abop ™ the rm«r Removed, I have removed my office to Eagle block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. EUAS HEWITT. Chas. Kilburn haa'operfed a re«t*ur- ant the «flrst door west of the Tontiue the public is invited to call. Fine stationery at the bazar store A complete assortment afwajs on hand. -• M'. t —•—*«••*•»* A awub«vt) r CUCiycU — -*»w» w^\ nuu vILLlc JOCK ) $50 reward for the return of Columbia offlce furniture, also all notes belomduis Hinvnlu \Sn Q OOA «»~i *_... ., ' t/\ KuitL- K«m..^: n i n _ . . . _ » T»™»* •*•« *«\^k^a MCIUUi£illi£ to bauk remaining unpaid at that time and whatever remaining, assets of said bank may be remaining in my hands at that date. Terms of sale cash! For further particulars' enquire of - THBKQN F. GIDDINOS, Receiver, Blalamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. Cltettp Kxcurglon to Fut-Iti-Bny. On August 9th, 1893, the C. J. & M. By. Co. will run a special low rate excursion, Marshall to Pui-J u Bay, via Toledo and steamer. Special train leaves 6:09 a, m., jstandard time. Fare $2,00 for the round trip. For further ITVTftMYYt n * inn nnll .__ "•- out sale all this week at SHANAHAN'S. 1 7 * f ' " "i" » v * w»**W 4CC|JI£lK> Sheriff Wjtlkiushaw was iu 4ttckso» Saturday, an.d majde arrangements with the sheriff fol thai county,. , ,4t t^)B.fllttf\tiiQii of oflicergFriday evening |J, oj-B. )odg£, L O. O. F, tii e |o> Itiwipg werjs elected for the ensuing term:' '*$.£&„ Mrs. Barney Brazil; y. G., Mr^Wnj. Bodell; Sec^.Mrs, Stuart; Pth Seo.^ Mrs. JO Tieas,, Mrs. A. Sfaoweis; . information call on nearest*C. J. & ftgent. T. C. M. niust make f . |§om fpr our goods. Attend the r jb|earing out Uils week at Sbanaf " A. new sale V Notice Kelut^ve tp ._ _ T _. The ordinance relatjvp to"pasturing oows in ttie street will be. ArietJy «n forced. No cattle will be allowed to be 'f'aatyred in anj street, wnelher'Jhey are |iexi or not, and aH cattle foun^i at !»*«$ in the street, whether tied o> Qth- «WWB % will |je tafcm care pf. |Tp ^ 2££2-<*?< ** Waae *? ^^ ^ fe f « a» ? oae. » ; -Flak*Hows, v •"-!__ City Marshal.' j i./. s « fv . ^ T .,,to kegpe, wa|i heM 3n Cley« ^^^M^J^F^.^^HW fftl«FttV ^i * •J'"^ 33SS i T^^Sf^ ^.S&ihjssmi 1 ^ be- »,,«J, » fiK ^^^W*"** 1 *- *5*?Q. ) JQOBl' «g|*^W«^« ^-iW&iX-- PAPER,- '" • . \'" f C^ n v <"*• * *, ' ' " ' * ' ff^ Of-lCiL_l.'.^n.*_ i:J::-_-. «,» .IB , i i ^ *** X 1 " ^ f?~< 1 'ii^-r,* E , r -u.; y V ^ ' /#¥. \ t ' fj ^j*V- r ^sc^,%t

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