The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 23, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 23, 1897
Page 3
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t ,1 V White fefd-glovedi politicians plan Prosperity, with empty din. • The Khirt-sleffv«d farmer ifl MM- man PR HITS Berries tho golden Wh«bat;«iiro|i in Jjmife Lnrkin, of Chi t relatives nnri . A. Robinson, of Chieago, to viptt> Mr, and Mr*. I). Rifk- home thrco a weeks vMl in DfL B. S. & ft,, Sun-day in Info city. ^ Jfejfri Wilson of KftlSKfiftflr*' In T . that thooyftter season Will' R Week earlier this year, » of .tafeKf&n; . arc visit teW, fedny for ., fora tfeit wffch. hfe wothf«f> of of schools te here for/ the ,,.^ K ^ ™^ani»gVi»chuol H Cathow uottnty. Mm-JpeHo Sattftder, art and mftkjt any garment of ttyj friiMHyj ladies' nnd g'fia' and meting dartttefits, "shtfets, Ai last Marslmll in ^n hftttrft firet £.lasfl ftieet. For several years hark tl)<! free «hdj»trtctij Miss Carrie Whcrlc*. i« l^ofnfe visit wij.tb. western friends. ' Jcfktfefe York state. PME APPLES' wisJt^d to' . now a date has ,two» >r' it in tdr'Ben'ator the Mksh.&ll t*ij> to thip city -todfty tif taeos, both A grandson of, ev«>rytbi'fi« in it mct«t hf ips f»lfin)e«Wt Iiyon Jakts rumor i» ntl<«it tint this R forthe'advaniL'emrint of the delf>gMtes' m<\ to . in Mlehigan. tomorrow k J C. N t>rte«h^T of MiehigtW City spewi Simday ift thJs city. - , ^ Everyone aliould rejoice llmfat- la^the • farmers have their innings. Winnie *TUoVnj>son tf Mae Datj, is daily" shipments of blafck berries week only, . Farmers who dtexwcd of (heir wheat > rop^-twl in vsitious sections of the state. faster Fred »>ve.-. of Monroe, is visit.. nt , 'Mrs. Binma Tcn%n£eiul-Jeft- today for Oneida, N. Y, fqf* visit vvit^i 'friends. WtHlftt-At" ,; Hotel On Tuesday Angort 24th the M. Cr. K. H, \vifT rim ati n^'uraioN to Petogkey, CharlevoU and Travorw Cttty for tfi round trtp, tiefrets g<vxl going on trait) leaving Marshall 8-23 ft. in.,eonn(jeUnir al ,lack*>ft with the ' by any regular train, twtH ffept. ami C. t North Hhoro ftftfl A (Jttf* «f TftSf. Within thf pnflt few day?, a pr«lt partio of "tag" hfis bpen goini? on in the city, awl our ritiwtw have bf*n the fyftin^rs thereby, A large number of th&JiaBfflffi; hayo b'er-n "tr*frged" by thd Battle Cr^ek ijiinitariftto Hf-altl/^ood Co., and th«i pj|is;on« generally Wfirn presented by liiftir tfrot'Wfl with "sr neat litlfe ooTitatnine apecitaeufi of tbo Rno tmule 1& tt«f factoriol- of named i»wt>any. Friday, SDBET. 3d if Miehi£ar> Sartorial ftrt school-,«?itH tho parent at Jawn, Where 1 all t-he very fefcnst ' rljfesfr tailoring ate fe«gUt,.hfis i to opm ft btranch in each <:Mfr Hunt,- the «rt Grnriola, Carmrf Cerwal .and Crystal x>nly knew it, Ihtfy Jf our could greatly tfrfreaWJ their aife tho "«i«t«i* Iftne add fet-«Ith of; thtf family tfecs r A|l. ing tho ready-to-servc* foods of tlto* Bat tie Creek Srtnilarhim Health, Pood Co. EverJ? ThftaWWite 'ahpttJd Jsavn ent?tl6d *'Hefl1th It wilt b$ sen* to all ,who ask for it. ... . .. «i' ... i...... -*• - • -j--"* Why IVTot Educate -:uiA. 1 t* V J -- JJ "™4»-* '"j thoK X. ,1. M. Parsons haVa sunflower in his "" yard'wfiieh mea-mm- lXfo*t six Inches in height. x. * Mr. and^&lm Fred t'.vrr* and cllildrui 0t Ionia who have been"\imting .iu this elty loft for homo today. ' About the 'only people who aro tho oughly enjojmg themselves at the 'pmu- ruur resorts IheiseTlaJgiTWTvooo 1 darters. A dinpateh in the Detroit Tribune S.iyrf MuU ihat are ihore teachers than money in this county and wage/* are being (.-tit. More than 10) people 'are attend iug tho Bjimracrpishool of hyponrf now in session at the Battle Creek santa'rium. ^ John D. Hockfc'let w.i« in t^he count) "Mast wteka,nd strange as it may wem the Battle Creek Moon said nothing alKVut hisi'witing that i-itj. Mr. and Mrs. D. Bk-kford have ,ar- wtfen it had reached t,ln? 70 ct rifark are iR of sympathy; _ _ „ tiekx v ti* were sold for the'O/A. cocarapinent at Buffalo* uj at th^I. C. tii-kwt ortiV: Mies Mhd£(? ttorton, of Mawn. is vfa iting MiseMabel Woolwy and Mm -John jj. KouUiworth, of this ^;ity. ~\\ heat went to $1 .<"? m Detroit Bahir- da'y. Today % the price fell olT w >me, \\ hite closed nt 951 'i and red tit Sl.o(l> t . The Detroit Free Pr««»s olwervw that • J If this thing keeps on the farmers \vill be the bloated wlntoerats of our great commonwealth."' Mm. j. E. Lous and dituchter Betlt, re-Saturday fiom Fort Wayne, Inrl,, past to entertained by Hie MethoAiftt Aid cipty ftt f 1 per diem. The la»lic« of the aifl prteieU have PoTS^ited froja tlie -jwiti- for thi> fair ground dln- and -Ul they m'tke lp ihcj of ' the I. nothing ttid treasurer, t1i(- meals and ruceipto .tie entirety independent O, (». T. . o>KanuaticKJ, re.ili/ed ^ tinannHwlly by VHt" B S ,fe *\e> , iKt<rt» tfieir '^ttmilntx 4o 'rind « v *»u w i»p'luti iftit ll! ',i' lll "^'« P t( " Ibfe any liisteijetlofi^ "of o{ the institution," Motheraand ffttherM ster&rl yo'ur datigh (jur^hHSbftfld^ from '*" to 850 per \cnt by MminS'. to tmre •on* iui«l nivrH, ttetstw > JiHiM*, rltBH?n»u.-... jrfi (U«A*ifK of knhH'i»> «int h!ui<U-r. bftivri, -tii-'m'-tj JUrt n^n ' 'i" i1)*<""' < -'. < Uotoa (St. % KUK (ilin^rriMrfiAliVMlit-t. wHM'fuHt, -kin (!•»?•»«"« rijy* ' _._.i ... J _.^. . ., li.,4.rl .( (l,»rlill«tf>i Uwniff The novelty color nf tU»\l«jxir vjaih Pirns fashionables' J» a violet, l>hv. Farly Importations in milliner} nhrnv much oithe new -blue. Train ?!'o. 14«r>infr east v» tno *''»"!«' f,Mii Central was! run m three Tia>'ft«v.« "1 «-<Mi »«'' w . <10 " i! > '"H ! •*' E, rtrnt^* Jrt'^'^'lj **u:vd by 'li", !<! i 4).' ii.aV'.\il i Hi*'-t iX ' lt >" t/f *' 1! Till' iwnqtlet 18 n ^',V^;--r,U^'uUi,7oi5' I nrtvmT««^ t "uII lodge affair and no ,.ne c.nt.ide the lodge trnnbij,.» ^^,^;{^»^\r^VSMr from l-uiim'w, fttnl tuttout I'lic tt«« J'f t'Ufts nntiMh OT ligauf* OnmnfHi'T bgfouvlne««I. TOyoUNO, MIDDLE A'iK0 ANJ>O«.DMi:N sofurinu fioiu"*'(> erm lo'rhwn, lnip°t ^ the ordier. Th<* reception «>n 'luesdav if. free" to the pubhe. The banquet is a outride the lodge is provided for. eAeept a few invitations extended to thoso who are to apswt on» the e\ eijins? p>^if?B:int, all the nsport,=; io The W. C. T. U. have kindly the cltj, x Onr terms are polow that any onb-may ftyaH .fchenv seHesof this ohpntioriity. Mr. Hunt will remain IB th« city ri week and would l»ke to HIM* those would lifcf t*t act as AND of Shorthand and typewr«ug r of county pchooln. T*hft pchools hours will bl from »..'$<> U» Htr-'ft) a. in. and-from :lto4:no p. m. bf'einning Tuesday a. in"., >\ug. 17. No lady is fci rirh that she should ncgh et this all Uniioffctnt; duty. \Ve will «ive private lessk.nn to v\ho do not t-tire to attend th< T! tU/ ^ ••on^fry. afilosrrt*. Kstahliahed 1882. <i{ yum!" n>f n rtnil , jl' 'l- CO!l(%'P-i in t^ft Cftl! <ttl or ^Hift for jwrtionlate nwl Jncorpotaled 1896 CIEBRGE 18CERI9LI, GENERAL home from the we*1. Thoy aeeompahied by Dr. Bickford. Mt'H. Biekford in f»till eontlned to' her bed. Mr. and Mrp. II. If. Benjamin lea\e this evohing'for Buffalo, N. Y., to- attend tb« (i,^V. R. encampment. During their . absence they will visit eastern frifndt^ Commissioner \Vesseliurt reports that 150 17 miles of railroad w« i re ounhtructed in Michigan Ubt je.ti, iho mcwt in four years- The totil f»»r (he past tlvo yourw was 481 miles. Mr. and iMrs, Artemus H, Beaeh of 1 this county have been married TO years, and b->th'aver thai ru-vra .WORM word has paBSOdbt'twfun them They eelebrat ed, their golden vuddit.y 'Jti \oars ago. They aru perhaps, the oldest tuurriett couple in the ^intf with the exception of the FliUers of wuron i uiuitv, who hav%i been married bU ytors. t ~^ Among the law a ]*te<^<d )>y 'the lpgi»latur* which mil iHke ^ffeet i _ : act for the prevention, of eolor- . . . > U> rehfJuUli' btlt- ter. Food Comiuisioner firoisvener L* i(i t^j ei)f<»r«,"e tjh« law to the C3. A. U. onciitnpiuent. The chorjis praetiein" f<»r the (iood Templar convention will mwl in the auditorium of the M. K. i-hurt'h nt 7-.:». every niymlx-r tie i>ret-e(]f this e\eu- Thieves ransacked the hoiwe- of Frank Butler in the southern pait of th< Hty i ,.,, i f ' ,1 yoriteroav ftfternooii. 1 ne\ oijmiiu'H only a couple of dolhu's in nuuiej arid a few trinkets. , „ , H. J. Colerutin bought the tirHt^dollur wheat flord-ro thifi-eity tlnhvear. Thurs i> etc., but these^Utnati<MiP are coulined to the ladies, not many wai theW.C-T. U.orthet.OXi. T."aH'f"eported. We aro to ha\ e iiii excellent program each evening \vhilo they and all froo to the public. ' * Mir-*. Hii 1 \K\~. The Stat<Htua« ttf Aug. '20 (ontains n statement, from the mayor and recorder in regard''to the < OK! of the M:\iMdan; roud and estimate of Hie cost of the H«UII» on Htote street. They na> that S<K*>aids on Kngre'streeUvipt S4'B,B1 a!\4l e^tim.vte , » to o>m t\,orjr -"upt-iot . hc»<l*ili". pilf^npriMiimai'l ifwlijti, til f)\i sji'Ttitt a!ten! ion Io <llrni uH aniil"< *•»!»! otli«-r iilucii imic l>io-'« t»il$<J lt>-.«-oiv '' "'» ai'P'jtUi" for *r ntTnuf "wjH I»l4»i"ibr' . r ) otpi 11 <v iir-ii i •, ttiials^Y Ilio^i' .1 .'nit HiinWe '" '.'«'..' • i «ti*> Hill '»j <^X!i' r ' -"-4* all i ill I iDHtru. i n»i4< h"W H> KI>' * i« n ln-jn i >4iii n<l»i 1114 ttmn<«" it ji>» > •ii^icy.llji-in (ait Fire niul Cji-lonr liis«r«Md'« \V«> again »|iwonnee Ihat we ntiiK' of the doubtful class of Wo represent wix of the . wjirpanres of flic wcrrld, havrng 4if thirty ?ix million dollars fi»r .. .. . twm of policy Jiolderfi, the old /Etna having eleven (fnlhou. • The Wat \<* now Uw giKid: I ho best i« the cheapest. Special favoifl granted. All promptly paid b> I>. Cunningham,; bad of ,irnctlcc In Parties .1 Jii il to Ibett- iri .Ifefortgages DRS- B., ; S. * CO., •lay }.<wt ho vvitli Cheater l-'iah . of Marengo for ^K> hmhels sit §1 per bnshel to bo delivered sometime prior to th;e eoaj. l-V per yard, but aeeouun-f t show « an times IV in i^'WUJO whirh -er 4'(wt, of tt'J.ttt on the Kfigle street job, MJm«T>, When- duet, this i.i I cwme in imd how. 1 X l ' they makX^tlU' coat of cot>ble stone S14I5.20 a .prirO\Ht LV- i>er yard and a part 500 per yard. N At ir>c' , Why Pay H 7.1" for a granite dinhpan when we will Hell you the hv^t ^"r.ule for ."t.V, I \\ill be at m\ oflUr in fcheemjlrt-hoos tnun H:.*XMo M'"»• <>'• on Moaduji/ Tlunsdavh, and at other hours up such ti,ij * when Dototlierwirte-euK;tK?n. AM>RKW W. LO/KTON, Fros. Atty. Other Legal Papers Carefully Drawn. TitU-s to Itc'al IMuto Will* atti'ndlo llie pun'hRM) nails K»'t- o. ronl We nro cheapest in price. O'LivAUV BROS. Cordelia ^ . 1 have a Ibie assortment of canary mn«er» for aale. Call and sw-lhem. Miss Ei-tHS? Pi.t»on, i r?l H. Monroe «<tieet. 5i n c i-7 TI*JP«. Otc on real -lute-, iiajrmenl <>( estate H4!j!»ti!»tc4l. A'ce'ut fora RfHMl llnp-of fjlfo Hntt Lire liisur- 'idee conipunUiH. OFFICE utv. s J{E8Il>KNCI-I, C'cirnfr MimmiKi am! Gninil.Sts. _^ . "Marshall, Mtcu. "Mangled and Torn , would haw bought «'U8 of atone f \ ^'ure white shirt wfifaba are nlueh worn, and appear to gain popularity aft the season advances, Hurah, lajfr'ta .thd India silks as well as'tine linen of the sort used for the bosom of iwn'g phirte, are iterials inont liked and all in stj 1<«. only Sunday School \o the Unitetl e\fer conducted by telephone is connected v >th the First Met|iod'wt and 'have on hand UU yards leaving a Iwlance of 172 yard', "uiifd on Bajjle street which atnouot spread owr yardH im Esiv{l< 1 htrwt would m.ik Maeadam.only 2 only about, njiu' jol> but'itVi dollars to <l<iu^hnut«i that 'if it is( not thicker than that, that job won't afoot thi<'k or 1'did riot w*teh th' f He to prowecUti-'all \ iolatortt, at least until tbe Bupr«»»'"«>Urt siiill tlc- * 1*b# following, \«blch w<«J clipped from rbwrth at Wichita, was jfWtetl yesterday l*y Super- teodeut W. J3,^tanH*y ttovi hi^gick *>*-*d. Tho adt<re»i givwi by e\-(«av. St. John- nt the Baptist fihuM* last *»ve«ii«g was? URtijiuwJl to Uy- ,*u u*i<U«uefe which Used tho Beatiflg wipaoifcr of the auditorium stand. Again the running* tin- vrufihw wa«$U7.20, they h<nt- t(H yards of erushn.1 alctoe oo eou " S«sW tlnte fur to '» fill porfonuuiwje j aver fcstbetfc-ar emotional may per Othw su- nod th4iy hav< „ ''4 yards on Eaulu «tr«-t t<ita)of 270 J-ariliv crushed tiwy sa.v at i to crush 'Mk- p*>r y«rvl and that ac- r BU Jo I>abot w<mld c-ome hi §130,1(^ Qu >ry Where does the* 83(5,Ht> evpei'mu of runiurijf the cru^hev come tn? I-a fubliioned and am not on to all the <sfthetattwr paft uf, ij*^ 1V45* cp&tu was brought up ia the iuud until 1 GRACE AND BEAUTY are linked it; tho handsome and per tout fUliuK i'lotb»ntf mudo at tliit. «.lahlinlt- m«M»t, The superior cut. olejfattt nnd "Wjhbli uiateriiil ami artistic lim'sh make them tHhtiMfciV* < n the oitrorae. We arts now liiakiW^P H 'utB and oven-oats from • fall and vwJuWr goods at gr«itly re. DE SHANE, MBKCttANT taarti^Htt <•»> of th« later gt-ttin Uon is of wjjft legislaialri* to pass a law aw the all batMo^ grounds thw» with, bufjrjrs, ro^es aud of K Nl Mich To III irii.SKfi i * ',..„. j,- /, i . ' j We hav,e s^cpurotf tie agenoy for several Jtet /k ' • '•» 4 s ~ IT'' tailors to the tr&tto.- T:lie speotaJ started by filotbipg IF w curtains would sicken the h«irt of any conscientious hou8t.tkwper. Fort«- outely such a MtateoFaffairP isnwtnec^- aary. We imat>rtak« to thoireughly w»ah- und iron ?»ny laeo gurtaia, no matter how delicate, entrusted to our care and to wi- • if n* wbo}« «M «oun4 aa wh«n brought to its. "Anybody can launder .» Book or a ha»jilkerehi»{~rlt tatesa art to ' ajW^WtJtU^.intJhe^way, they the *}te»»« tittuiulry, - , Hatch W,T. (MX sold 6t<K-li,of Wall, all grades of patera, will b« of «>st. This stuck wust make it to -newiiwtty ot correct men a£ ,l»te> it AJl %;hites blanks, : patera ^tiuper roll, . la l>*r yd; , - So Alt Hte / All l^t Buy your lifter while tlje' t»tupk Is a ft»o* that will hot f-wok fcUlVk ^t-t ouw of our with think toe puim i(S welt between ttu jj 1 fee I'^tfe, • l ]b''<4feMi«^g Detroit e^bptAB, th» tyt.ujgtit deeidfed man ttee q^uitomer gets poor yi^ae tliis, U mile aAvimee op houses good $& in this li are u^fae* ^fefetote» oo-tfat t^ttdbt. turning «j» tu , , , , ^.,, verify tiweWwiiiattlwprwwitfaftota ife>»t itstilf to every board ot I ia that ujraal is not th« rt>sult of ia tko fttut*. . lintivti iawijpul»ti<>n- Th-t-re itt a larg* day syujptoio* «f ^Uceetive disor-},„;.„*. «ji t ,w t , atalk&idiwfi catiuiate aa good #|yi»«Jl«u«*

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