The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 7, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1962
Page 3
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BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TiXAS, TUESDAY. AU6UST 7, W2 T H B IRAZOSPORT PACTS Editorial— Adv.— BE 3 3-2611 Installation Ceremonies Held By Freeport Rebekah Lodge 257 Installation of officers ha* neenputy; and Hester Beets, deputy a highlight of the recent activi- Freeport Rebekah ties of the I./X!RC Zi7. Helen Haynes was installed as nohle grand; Ifp Evans, vice grand; Minnie Ix-ge, secretary; Ruby Barrier, treasurer; Thelma Spiller, past nohle grand. Elhel Russell nnd Mamie Bundick are right and left supports to the nohle grand. Wilma Masscngale Is Mag hearer; Ruin Hickman, conductor; Viola Rains, warden; Polly Strange, musician; Ivah Nell Sorrell, chaplain; Annie Thompson, and Myrtle Bell, right and left {supports to the vice grand. i And, Faye Turney, Inside guar|d!an; Esther McKinney, outside | guardian. The Installation was conducted by Annie Stules, district deputy president; Bella Badge, lodge de- marshal. The Freeport Drill Team presented a performance for the Re- dridge, Mrs. Badge, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Beets, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Bundick, Cecile Curbetto, Anna Shef- i field, Mrs. Barrier, Mrs. McKin- np y> Mrs - Mrs. Evans Mies Lege. Also, Mrs. Mohler, Ellie Mae hekah Assembly Slate President Mrs. Hargrove Mrs. Hickman, Leona Shepherd, at an annual parly in her honor given by Bra- /oria Rrbekah Ixxlge 173. Attending from the Freep o r t lyodge were Alice and Sam Hargrove, Ruth Hickman, LaNelle Mobler, Thelma Spiller, Clyde and Esther McKlnney, Eula' Dunn, Ivah Ken rsirren, Frances Adams, Mamie Bundick, Ethel Russell, Myrtle Bell, Ollie Mae Swanner, Lee P^vans, Stella Trahan, Faye Turney, Minnie Lege, May Self, Wilma Dannhaus, Helen Haynes, and Betty Beeson. Rush, Mrs. Self, Mrs. Sorrell, Mrs. Spiller, Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Trahan, Mrs. Swanner, Mrs. Turney, and Mrs. Haynes. i Plans were made at a business! meeting of the lodge for draping! the charier in memory of (he late I Olive Mae Scarborough who wasl a Freeport lodge member. Also a party is planned for Thursday and all members are requested to attend. A committee including Mrs. Ray- , V Members of the Freeport I^dB«| Spiller, Eilly Mohler, and ,„., jalso attended the installation of| mond Spi ,| OT was appointed by officers for the Clute Rebekah Mrs Havnps to aUmd ,„ |ne Lodge 141. Freeport was repre- chase anr! ins , al , a , ion of air £ on .| sented by Mrs. Adams, Velma Al- SUCCESSFUL MOMCMAKIftft ditioners in the lodge hall. •T OERALUIMfJ LEE Horn* DwwmetrmBo-i An-M. Bat at Dips, Snacks Good Way Of Eating Foods You Need Sondra Bogy Feted With WC Shower A miscellaneous bridal shower | for Miss Sondra Boey of West (Columbia was given in the Fellow:.«hip Flail of the First Baptist Church of that city. ! Dips and snacks are very* valuable chiefly because of Hostess*.* for the event were jlar not only with young people,;the vitamins and minerals - Vita lMrs H Q p an?h J rn " Mrs Tam hut with adults. It is a good way: min C and five-- half of the Vita- mip McAuley, Mrs. A.Vouinn to get people to cat some of the min A is provided. Vitamin C is Mrs. Mary Min.'hew, Mrs lyiis foods we need to have every day, needed for healthy gums and body G raVi M rs " j j s] 0 ' ni> ' ^j rs j to help us mainlain good health.; tissue. Vitamin A is needed for \y. Sims. Mrs. 3. L Danford In thn "Food for Fitnes-i Guide", 'ijrowlh, normal vision, and healthy' .\j ra _ Q-,,-] p >rs , «.;__ / >gri ,, s Ham' leaflet 12) from United Stales De-! condition of skin and other body mond, Mrs. D.' A. "s h"a w Mrs partment of Agriculture, nutrition- '• surfaces. Betty White, Mrs. Rova Harris isls recommend that we select the The four servings daily from the. Mrs. Ella Hooker, Mrs. Ann main part of our diet from four • bread-cereal group provides fcc,S( Orrn M,^ Molly Stokes, Mrs. broad food groups. To this you i the B vitamins, food energy, iron, j Vera McElveen, Mrs. Lillian Ealy, add other foods as needed to make etc. and Mrs. J. L. Griffin. The freshness nnd delicacy ofand shape, partially filled with .self. Place graceful delphiniums ^fl?™'" m ° re a PP° alin K and °° your i™" 1 ^""^ lik? frpsh A table laid with a white net summer flowers and the rustic water, in a foil-lined basket. Sa- at eilher end of the baskel and. PAGE 3 Miss Hopper, Fiance Feted With Dinner Miss Sandra Hopper and William iThad Holt III, whose marriage ! will he an event of Aug. 18, were I honored Friday night with a prenuptial dinner at the Freeport home of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hopper, with the J. E. Hoppers' as co- host and hostess. The huffet dinner was served from a table centered with a pink and green floral arrangement. Flowers were placed at vantage points throughout the home. The engaged couple were presented with a set. of table place mats and a cookbook for two. Seventeen guests attended the dinner. Miss Hopper is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Hopper of Lake Jackson and the groom-elect is the son of Mrs. Grady Ross Jr. of Covina. Calif., and W. T. Holt Jr. of Houston. Bake Sale Scheduled The Ladies of Grace Lutheran j Church in Freeport will sponsor la hake sale, beginning at 9 a.m. | Saturday, at the Freeport National Bank. Special orders may be placed by calling BE 3-3077 or BE 3-1157. However, deadline for calling in special orders is 4 p.m. Thursday. FLOWKKS. IUISTIC QUALITY OF WICKKH BAHKKTS BRING 8OIMKR INDOORS . ^, Bankets nro Easily Adapted To Make Interfiling Flower Container* Baskets Make Interesting Containers For Flowers BILLYE STINGILY is Hit? linnoree at a surprise office party Slven by follow employee-, at the Frecpnrt office of the Houston I'ouer and Light Company, on the occasion of her 25th anniversary «1th the company. Foci] point of the refreshment table was a while cake trimmed in ornnRC nntl black centered ulth the company emblem and lettered with "25 Years." This was served with coffee to ofllci! personnel. Miss Whitaker Celebrates 14th Birthday With Party A " Hmrt3 ™« Fl(w " re " '".me Pictures * the honorce. taken Chances are they do - and this rangement of white roses in a " as use " i '" thp riecor for a P art >' cadl - vc;lr from one "rough 11 ^ — — r •- ~- •' *•• --• "* - *-•••• "• "•- "-.-">• -> -A,..., The four crnjps are' milk v.(*Hmf> HII? tm-v uu — «\\*i mi> ranRcmeni 01 \\rme roses in a •---~. . *. t . t"»<'.j -— ••*• .1,^., j, exility of wicker baskets combine(turate in Ihe water a foam flower '" tnp center, casually group min- mpa) ' VCK p, aD |p f r .,' it and bread' summer Iherc are lots of both milk glass container and silver honoring Miss Kalhy Whitaker on - vnan: ' were displayed awl a con- to bring summer indoors. A bas-'holder, obtainable at florists and ialllrp ™™>"°™ s" d com P lcmcn -.cereal. ' ™ the rm.rkel. candle holders with white lapers her 11th birthday, recently. lest heW to detennine her age ket of almost any shape may department stores. If necessary, ' a °' Kmm ' In the milk group, teenagers* Man X . volm p ters » k * to nibble decorated the room. Miss Bogy The party was given by the wllen radl P ' easily be adapted to make an i cut Ihe foam to smaller sire after * . tifr «l ?* k " l(! «er holder is; s| , d ^ four or v „ on carrot sticks or curls and caul,-: w-as presented with a w-hite car- honoree's mother, Mrs. P, C! A weekend lasny tx. miapien ui m,ine an lui me loam 10 sm uier size, nner an m i cl( , st i ng container. Arrange;,,,,,^. .,,,.„. chn ,,,* h ,, n ,, ^ „, floweretles. Or prepare a salad of nation corsage. Whitaker, w th Mrs. R. D. Quinn a eift from tl Interesting flower conlamer, points ills saturation, so it w,ll be sur- swf , plh( , qrt ^ anH wavv rt « n i <*«*•• Admits should have two or ^ , hrp( ,^ J. ahh ., w ,,,,.„, Frui , mjn( . h anri m]tiP * .,,„„„ as ro . hrKtP « Winn.a gilt Iiom U out ,he Society of American!rounded by water. Then insert Rrppn ^^^^-^^cuv^wr,; to 4 "^ radishps or diclxi apples with with nu* and mints were'served, . ,_„ ,^ ,„,_ „., ( JOHR! CARRY wllen each P i<::lur t ! wa « made, weekend trip to Houston was the honoree's parents. BORDEN'S GIROUARD'S SUPERMARKET M* w. i ' *FraM«t •--r, . . i., " t » » i « K* t " 1 " 11 •'"*»» f «•> iuitn»\iint;tiiiiiiiici*: ,_. t- _ t rtuimu's 'Ji UH.IT.I SDplPS F1 ° nsl ?- 1 , ,. c . !" OOTrs ' Pms "' tolh , pt ^ holdOT lure terrace, ms is a charming !° Ume C " pS ' cauliflower. to the 45 guests. A gift from Hereshmv, he Society says, you:at any desired angle. Arid waler addjtjon , o |he wa ,, nparcst a ; This is one proup where the shrw , dpd carro , and cottage the hostesses was an electric Wan- can arrange flowers in an open-^nily to Ihe container to keep the hrpakfast nook ;youth is low - especially teenage; ,. h(v , e M\* also make an appetiz- ket and matching top blanket, work basket and accomplish the foam saturated. A , M , h| dCTk cirls. Milk is needed for calcium:j snack , or voungstcr!< . o?_f or Mrs. Harris registered the Impossible — water the flowers, A -"••->• t™.i«™» .»..!>.. ...i— "•• .1 —j ,_.. L . ,. ...,__•"* ra< -" •'.'«!. « still keep the Place a tin can, plastic container -ver is avaimme. lonouRh milk have to suffer fori^a«on"it7use'onion-garlic seasoiv! - Miss &>& is the bride^lect of chrysanthemum A .allish raffia ,«sket makes .!^.«?'^.^» ^ she ^i^ for dip. The ripe olive and on-' Johnnie ^am^Waco, a^tu- ^- d chr>-nthemum *7Ae comes a mother. : ion dip or salad Rives cotlase dent at A&M - Their wedding is From ihe meat group, one cheese a w.-.-nderiul na\-or. If you set Ior ^P 1 -. l ' at ^ e tlrst .^P" From The Maternity Wards most appropriale container for the ;dragons. Mixed with any slmrter-i ^— r - — - ^..- ,.™ . _ . ,. i pompoms or zinnias, for instance! should ( ' h(KHe Uvo or morp serv- need to watch calories, use un- tlst church ui West Columbia. j— and some large, dark green in K s evcr >' day for the protein;creamed collage cheese. leaves, this arrangement will be! npf>dc<i for 2"«vth and repair of For dippers use carrot strips _. , J n f IV ' attractive in front of a fireplace 'body tissues, muscle, blood, skin.jand cauliflowereltes. i D3rD6CU6Q D66T nCDIC off-duty for the summer. A low, ', • 1nd hair ' Thps <' 'oo* provide iron, i It is good. 'it's a girl! for Mr. and Mrs. i two ounces on arrival at Angle- low table L < anolhor ideal spot i vitamins, riboflawn, and niac-in. • The "Food for Fitness Guide" wherever the picnic, barbecued Walter Jennings ol Angleton The'ton Hospital lor a wouping of this type. ; Amounts recommended fromthe ; is a vood one to use when plan- beef sandwiches will make a hit. youngster was born at" Anglelon! ' . . . j An 0 ,d-fashioned straw mail.j ves<?lab!p ' fru ! t Rroup ' choose tour: rung menus. For your copy write An easy way to prepare them is Hospital on Aug. 1, weighing! Harry Alan is the center of at- holder says a cherry hello to call- ;0r m0rc semn! ^ eve1 ^ da >'- They:or call me. ; to brown ground beef in a frying- eight pounds and three ounces, jtention at the home of Mr and er * when filled with fresh flow-'T3 0 C»,— Q T/-v T Tc.« TOirrU* "R1^o/-.U P 3 "' Then add the '"S 1 ""^ 16 "' 8 for * * * !Mrs. John Calvin Shupe in Lake ers. Carnations, poms, delphi- -DC OUrc 1O WSC IXlgllt DlcaCll ! your favorite barbecue sauce. ' - • • ...... cover and simmer 30 minutes. If >ou're traveling to >our picnic, The population of West Colum-iJackson. The young man made niums, ivy — any combination of If your wash-wear cottons turn label to be sure you do the risht bia has increased by one, with his first appearance at Com- favorites may be collected in a yellow, it may be that you are thing by your wash-wear crtton? the arrival of a son to the J. R. munity Hospital on July :>9, weigh- simple lasket such as this and using the wrong kind of bleach. And heed "ihe warning, if the label p "' " IP !)arl)<ll ™ xi ***;* ln a cover Hipp family, Aug. 2. The youngiing six pounds, one fourth ounce, will create an air of warm wel- Some wash-wear cottons cannot sa\s, "do not use chlorine bleach." "" ™--man weighed eight pounds and , e> Attend Galveston Tea ed container. Flaw in an insulated ba'< or wrap in several thick• ' • come when hung beside a front lake a chlorine bleach. It may Instead, use sodium perborate David Oscar chose July 29 for door - weaken Ihe fibers and cause the as a bleach. Tlu.s can b*> obtained m ' s - s ''* °!. " > '. papel '' his advent in Community Hospi- There an- many Ixtskels of un-'fabric to luin >ellow. at your siipemiarket under any "™"™~~ 1111 ™™"""""" tnl. He is the n^w son of Mr. and llsual sni| P< ! ma(lc "sprially for. Follow the directions on the of several hrai\d names. I Mrs. RnlK-rt L. Krenek Sr. of West "angins on walls - the .-pright- 1 CHOOSE THE SIZE TO COOL YOUR HOME 4,000 BTU—7,000 BTU—9.400 BTU—10,000 BTU 12,000 BTU—13,500 BTU—14,500 BTU 18,500 BTU—20,000 BTU—24,000 BTU—28.000 BTU \ highlight of the evening s fes- tivitiesas a scavenger * FREE ESTIMATES * BANK RATE FINANCING tc SALES & SERVICE * FREE 1 YEAR SERVICE Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! (Standard 5 Year Warranty On Compressor) WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS PRESCOTT T.Y. & APPL PHONE 24-B CIRCLE WAY Two Brazoi'ia Study Club mem-j Columbia nnd he weighed seven '> dais >' is a P^'ecl pnrliK-r for! _ , hers, Mrs. George G. Badge nnd;, )oundSi ,| lrM , nnd a nn]< „,,„„„ all of them. Alone, mixed with! /VllCC Mrs. H. L. Johnston Jr., nvently; on arrival. i iv >' or fic ' ld flowers, daisies! ATAiVOO With Church Bridal Shower attended a tea in Galvcston honoring the new president of the San Jacinto District of Federated Wom e n .s Himpf, dubs, Mrs. Kmil F. i can't help Ixil piiint a live portrait of summer. Try them in a Toothpicks will help you clean dark hallway or corner and watch the fine holes In a garlic press. |( come lo life. ' Shine up those freshly washed Take a hint from Tlie Society Miss Susan Diane Hannaford,,\Van» and a coffee pot. club for the event wasiwindows with clean while rmm-'of American Florists and carry ' lr ' r ' 1 "-elect of Thomas Hoi! is; About 30 guests attended. The 'Savingest i Days" L^e the Galveston Stratford Club. jpled tissue paper! i summer indoors in "a basket. Meadows Jr.. was honored re - wedding will take pla. e Sept. 1 j — U-ontly with a bridal shower given at the First Christian Church \v the Business and Professional • ,Vomen's Guild of Froeport's Firs! : 1QO Cnrnll At Phnrfh ^ristian Omrch. j IjO tfirOII AT L/MLirCn Wedding bolls, tied with white! •amations, decorated the win-; Of Phnct RihlP ^phfinl dows of the church s,x-ial ,,„„,! Ul Ulllbl DIIM! dUIUUI the setting for the event. The refreshment table uas covered vith a pink clolh and centered vilh an arranKoment of pink nnd hile gladioli. For llv \arv a black ryolet I'mbroidci-fd A lo'al of 19S >oi:iiE p« 1<1 pl f ' at ' le iirst day of vacation uxil at the Church ul Christ. SC West Fourth Stiwt in occasion, the honorec treeport. Thoiv is still time to enroll in dross. The hostesses presented [ the school that will continue icr, her mother, Mi>. IXmiihy ' through Friday, with sessions from laniiii/onl of Fm-port, lior K nmd-:9 lo 11 a.m. daily Kadi day's ac- nother, Mrs. Paul Hiker, and: tivitics iiu-hid.- soiijj |viuds. Bible In 1 piTsptvllvc Kitxun's mother, stories, and rcfrc.-hiiHMiis. Mrs. T. H. Meadows of Uikc Tlienw for Ihe school is "AIM- Jackson, with itn-saRcs fashioned tiulc." ar.d Ihe minister, John G. if white c.uiialiun.s. HdllinKSworlh. is Ihe diioctor. The hiBtcsscs' Kill I" ihe lirule- Traiispoilalion is available for oltvl was a starter set ol Cnrnmt; ithosp ntHHiing it. TIIK ANMiAl, Kl( h (III |iuruili> hi-ruldn lh« begliiiiliiK uf Kiiinuior Illlilo kcluml ul the KlrM RaplM C'hurcli In Briuiirlu. Tlw Kn>u|> nii'l fur » picnic al I lie' Laki< Jurkmin park fiilloHlii)! u rnbirliil Irek (lirumh (OHM. Hlliln kclioul officially Bl«rli>il ul U::KI a.m. Monday, and will ran- Iliiiin llmiuiih H'rliluy. ClinKcti lor Ihe Inli-rmcd- lull- Kriiup |H>KUII fr'rlduy, and will coiilliiii« lliriiiiKh Milk Mifk. Thl» gruup uicrlit »l 6:M p. in. Coiiinipiirenirnl rort-monliMi will !H> held on Krlilny, al f.HO p.m. P.ool. DO SPOT AOS . . . Veil Aral ANNOUNCING . . . JAMES BAKER, Butcher Formerly of Sid's Cash Grocery Will B* At GIROUARD'S Each Day From 5 P.M. 'Til 7 P.M. Every Day. Open 'Til 7 P.M. GIROUARD'S W. 2nd SUPER MARKET Pretport . CHILDRENS EYES PROTECTION NEED Hoe yaur child fitted with qliuei thtt ere MADE TO TAKE ABUSE. Our heat toughened lemel will be REPLACED WITHOUT CHARGE if broken within ONE YEAR OF PURCHASE. For Profetlionel Eyecdre vitit «n Eve Specielitt of VOur choice for your neit exeminetion. Afterw4td brinq your pretcription to L M. JOHNS DISPENSING OPTICIAN 326 W. BROAD FREEPORT BE 3-1722 "BRAZOSPORT'S OLDEST OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT" 11" Rambler's record sales mean record savings for you Rambler American—Unchallenged Economy King. Rambler has delivered most miles per gallon of all cars in FROM eight economy runs. Full family room. America's lowest price to boot! _ _ month *Monthiy payments based on manufacturer's suggested retail prices for lowest-priced 2- door sedans, with ! j down payment, 36-month contract *ith normal carrying charges, fed- Rambler Classic-More headroom than any other U.S. car. The car with the Best of Both: big-car room, per- FROM formance, compact-car f H f\ 7A* economy, handling. $/l {'U Room for six 6-footers! m& per month eral taxes paid. Does not include optional equipment, transportation, insurance, state and local taxes, if any. Prices may vary with dealer's individual pricing policy. 250 HP Rambler Ambassador V-8-Most luxurious, finest-performing Rambler of all. Spaciously comfort- FROM able. Spectacular action from 250 HP V-8 (270 HP optional). _ .— . month RAMBLER American Motors — Dedicated lo Excellence EARLE PEARSON RAMBLER 315 E. PARK AVE. FREEPORT

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