Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 11, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 1961
Page 2
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4A-DCL RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, JJne 11, 1961 Sprin RUIDOSO DOWN'S. of the nations most Ruidoso Downs Features rs in Today s Race tSp!)—On: distanco. Top weight in the event slight weight disadvantage. Boast- picinrrsnoe goes to A. P. Krazzini's Sleepy ing almost unbelief-able earlv Sir strips, the Kiiid»s«> Airport. Xed. This Albuquerque. New Mexi- speed, (he finished second to the will be honored on today's card co speedster will be asked to carry great Fiying Tom in an S70 allow- , at Ruidoso Downs. The eieien'h 123 Iks. A winner of the Memorial ance and was beaten only by a • and featured race i.s named in Dsy Handicap, at seven furlongs, nose) he has scored an S70 and a> honor of this unique iaciihy. A a race in which he .set ;<!) the half-mile win in allowance races : beautifully paved 4 7()->ffxn strip, pace, he also holds wins at al- and turned in an impressive vie- > able to accommodate- cvi-n miiS'.i- most every distance, scoring a lory at SuniamJ Park going six engine planes, prefix tho pilot on total of four wins during the sea- furlongs. The unknown factor here 1 his flight to Ruiiiovo. A> me pi»n- son. may be Dixie D. This four-year-' reads his altimeter he rusy feci .Sleepy Ned is possibly one of old daughter of Mr. Musie-Outa-> he is landing hi^h in !ju- <:!:>>(;* the best hordes to ever race a! mar, has drawn an impost weight since the altitude *t "u;<- Held ^ the local oval. hu» ' he will find of only 111 Ibs. Boasting fantastic approximately T.iiOii foc-t. plenty of competition from the early foot., she has been topped The airport allowance has-' at- hard liHtmg Flying Dutchman only once in her life ai the Quar- tractcd a select field of .spnrderi from the .stable: of V. S. and .fje ler pole. The balance of the fine ' at five and one hali (;miin^>. with \Vek-h of Anesia. New Mexico. The- field includes such top speedsters six of the fastest horr-es in I he runchman has drawn the minibt-r as Boh frossett. Touch of Venue world set to nvaKh siruk-j at th:? one pas! position and will have a and the ever popular Turkson. •~^_ •* Old-Time Power Showing Leave Game Division Warns I j» \!>'*-' AUSTIN 1 (Sp!) — Warnings that Niunerous arrests have, resulted individuals who catch >oung wild- from pictures appearing in news- 'life for pets or harm protected papers of persons displaying a [birds will be prosecuted, have baby animal. This is strong evi- jbeen issued by the law enforce- dence which stands up in court 'menl division "of the Game and when cases are filed. _ Fish Commission. I —; ; ' M Wel get complaints every dax ONCE SEEDED, , . fthat persons have been picking up TWICE PLOWED ;.,,. !young of the wild, particularly the i DES MOIXES, Iowa Ml — Nine- .fawns." says J. B. Phillips, assist- year-old Steven Laton of ; . Ues i ant director. ''This is strictly a- Moines had heard his father say ! gainst the law and wardens have several times that it wa,si; limo :been instructed to. make arrests to plant the family garden. Hat ' and file cases." . (tie boy wasn't home 'whcii UK> ! Every day complaints come in planting was done. . ; that fawns have been picked UP. The next day. Steve, wanting to 'some of them when the mother be helpful, got i'P early and jdeer is close by. He pointed out plowed the entire garden. The ithai the wild anima! usually takes family now calls it the "tossed [care of itself much better if left salad ' garden." I alone. F'ermits arc required for — --'• • T— ''"''' — {raising wildlife in captivity and ilhe permit must be held before the animal is captured. ! At (he same time, complaints .also are being filed, against persons catching protected birds or .destroying nests. Among thwn were several filed" in Austin against persons who invaded a swallow rookerv on the sghland ./WANTED •••"-• 1000 RADIATORS TO M CLEANED AND REPAIMD DEL RIO RADIATOR SERVICE 110 W. Ogd«n Dial 5-M13 By Harotd V. K^ifii Associated Press Spsrts V.'riter A quarter of ;> t:f:iK:ry a^v coif was trying to i-ohv -fr. 7'-j-" r !sk-ru of top 'player* sk;pi>;n r : us ii.<urn- aments. It's still tryinc and I'.-ere .•-;;ipf-r.r? small prospect of sutros the players are pui uru tract and to!d so p;ay in tournaments. This project seems too btq to tackle. A golfer would have to gef about $25,000 a year as a guarantee and wiih the number cf players- ihaf would .have to be paid the cost would run over Si,000,000 a year. That's almost z*. much as the tournaments put up as prize money. The .reason there guarantee the in:.-'. tho touTfi'amenis is this: a lourn-.1 cnents • Which would appear to be anit-nt ;-i=n~t draw the paying i correct, crowds it k has the leaser Sights. TV,o bi'j ni!vu:.s that stay away c-'in make the difference in profit. and io<s. Tiu- PGA ba= some rules iha; help bi\i- don't accomplish the full ur'/ff-ii'-t.'. }'. teils the golfers in tain cenain categories, such as being arr.on;: ih" top money-winnc-rs. tournament winners, etc.. that {Jury can not play in a tournament that conflicts with an approved tournament on penalty of suspension for >i:< months and a fine of ?-">'>.'. U'.u it doe.-n't ici! the aolfer by- has to play in the approved to'.irnaritenl. It can't do it. The golfer -pays his own e.xpens- ••? and entry fee .Inn he claims the need to ri-'bi 10 play whenever he pleases .f~s' .'or <(•» liynz as ne keeps his commit- But th^» nufs the sponsor in a hole. It is up to him whether a golfer skips his tournament and plays in a tournament with conflicting dates. But the golfer doesn't Have to play in bis tournament unless he has committed himself to it. The golfer is forced only to iicip the conflicting tournament. The sponsor seldom invokes this • rule . b'rcaiiju it not only .won't Lakes with air rifles and sling shots. 1 Baby birds are used to bait ir.v. lines. If the bird is a protected species complaints aie filed a»:i the guilty person usually is given a stiff fine. NEW WATCHES UK£ EGGS GET STAtE! Obtain Fresh Watches from Oft Rio's Only Wctchrrioker ot — TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. LOSOYA •„ Quinn Views Mauch As Another Stenge him but will actually hurt, golfer won't play in his tourn- nl anvwav and will be so nisd n co»»ji^ tr/-ic • : about beins kept out of the oth-r - \ 0 .. , FRANK ECK pn Stengel's three years in Brook-: be a surprise if.any Phil except] tournament that he won't ever' AP Newsf " h ' res s ? orts Editor |lyn). jpitcher Art Mahaffey mad<- -ne^ come back ; PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Every-'! "Dad didn't have the material National League All-Star game. i one who talks .or writes about i to ?' v e him. We are in the sa^me i Rj va i manappr^ havr- a hH OWLING: :^ 'field. He has played for some good NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS (AND PLEASURE) The Del Rio Bowling Center 801 AVENUE F p,)i5 f.umt do -sself any more good thn :o SIH-.W the POA ruie co,, Jd ', ««« ^eo Durocher. All the thin,, H will Jake many years S.'forc f an>onc comes close to MEN OVER 200 Val Verde Mixeti \VOMEN OVER 165 . " Cmut >• there or ru.'i tlie risk of a' penalty. But Coffee Cup-League — Sue. Ko.v he doesn't have to make his com- Xational League. He was the general manaser for the Braves in' "He s a tireless Boston and" played a big part in" f ° rc a _ ?ame he 212. Balsman 201.. Diefr Brown '.'14. i!7. 208; \Valter DavLs 2'.>l. Shaken- .Martin 211. leprechaun League —- ^•••'rac Thurmond 20fi. ~232: Will ttliitdhead 2l'.t. Classic League — !>;]! \V 232, Bill Renitk 2(f). Prr--ior. gan 201. 31 ike Gar;<:t i'C. IT.. their incubator stage before they F. Bcsinners" ?.Iixed League- —Lo : = Edail 175. Officer;' Mixed League—Jackie L";>d;n 197. 175; June U'ahl !S6, Joyce O'Banion IG7. ^ : ednesday Morning League — Sue Reagan 170, 1S7: jirnina Pierce 1S1. Bobbi Morgan 167. Highland Lassies" League —Pos •z\- Knaak 1(5. Baby Calderon 193. Progressive Lcag-je - Dick Ur c - shiriev CurbcUo 182. Sue Hill' 189. gorv.233. Bill Renick 22.). Garlar.d R 3n chnVc-n r s Wives' Leasue Hill 2(J7. Carolyn Hutto 271. Opal Rose I7(J. ' 40SOth CSG League — C. Misitsrss 369 _ 172; Inez Hudspc-th 175 1ST- 200,. - Dean Hilrtrt-th 2il. ^s' Susan-\NTiilehcad 169. 173. ' Craig .201. 230: Robert Case 2U2. Vai Verde Mixed League- Ruth Bob Griffin 225.-Don Uiidley 2ui. Farris I72 Beuv Joha5on 166. 191: Jim Snyder 203. Die,: 20',. AlTlle person 167. Sue Hill 133. Bill Campbei! 20o aru: Howie r> O5 j e G ra f 155. Schrupp 202. 31erchsnis : 223,.Doc .Wibbert 221. jjjke Hayn;-s 201, Paul Halamicek Lc-'prechsun Rust 1S9, 177; WOMEN OVER 450 Lea gue—\Vyvon no Bciscoe - tournament. The golfer knows "bids tournaments he wants lo : s.kip ion.2 before that.- The PGA adopted a plan several years ago of awarding ooirfs to players for participating in toornamenis and these points meani that tbe fellow was paid a certain amount of money. II was fstf that jhis would insure the players participating in more tournaments. But it didn't work otrf that way—the big money players didn't worry about a pid- ' dling amount like that; the players who would have played in the tournamenrs anyway got the money. This plan was adopted last fear. One ot!;er method was advonerd to insure the loo player? for all tournaments—make tho prize mon- worker. Bc- phch to a hitter in a slump, or hit to an infielder on his own. He's goinn also -pulled the lo ' cb one of the io P on ^;_ He's got everything.- including This is Quinn's third season baseball instinct. He's sharp on ; and Mauch's second as manager thc fic!d: doesn't miss a trick." .of Bob Carpenter's 'team which' II w ' as Q"'™ u 'ho recommended Quinn "says "Mauch will be around } | for a Ions time." Under The New Management of WAITER LIGGN .Open Daily ot 9:00 A.M. COME SEE US ! ! kee. BUCKET SEATS ALONE DO NOT A MON'ZA MAKE Bob MaizJg. 210. Kubon Castillo V &1 Verde Mixed League—Ruth ey so big the piayers can't afford 217, Jack Fsrri.? 2 : ;?,, William F arris -553. Betty Johnson 45»>. to skip the tournament. T-.vice as Martin 213. Gene Her:) y&. 201- Elsie McGraw 455, Arnie Peiersen much money now is offered as 10 Ed Pratt 205. Bob Xic;K-L=on 2!4. -S54- Helen Perkins 452, Sue Hill Doug Newton 251. -5SS, Hoiie Graf 47.3. Thttrsday Men's Le-jyue—Nclo Coffee _ Cup Lt-ague — PC-^L'V Ramos 202. . . V.'hiuen 5,'W. 40SOth Wins Lcr-iIT!:<•—-!Isn," 'Kllc-s- Officers' Mixed Leasue—Jackie- son 201. Vermm FiUin::ini 2ii';, L. Loci in s'.fj. June \Vahl.-536. Oushton 2;i5, Wednesday .Morning Lczzv.e — .Sue Reagan 5<">S. Jimma Pii-ric -;£S. Beuy Taylor 471. •^ Ifighiand Lassies" Leazue--Pe£'- year-- nco but it <=!!!! hadn't' worh- . has been a cellar ciub the !ast * lau cn to Ear! Mann as Atlanta- three years, zoing on four. manager in 1953. and Gene, Ihc-n .. '• Mauch is almosl certain to man-' on! - v 21 • wenl on frojn th erc to; iage the Phils next year and thev Minneapolis where he ied that for- • ! won't be last, not with Houston mcr American Association club to and" New York coming into the 2 Liulc World Series victory at expansion pattern. 3 " e 32 When Quinn signed Mauch lo Mauch is only 35 now. His manage the Phils in the spring- material is so thin that it v.uuld of !95I the deal was for two' • years. However, before the -st son ended. Quinn renewed the contract through 1SS2. "Newspapermen said it was unusual to sisn a ~ manager who finished last," Quinn began in his offices at Connie Mack Stadium. "We wanted to show we had faith in him. "We know he is a .good manager and wili be one of the best. Sets AL Record For Whiffs "My dad (Bob Quinn) felt the . ' ed To n-,akc- the amount so larse s^'ne way about Casey Setnge! BOSTON fAP) — Rhync Durc-n even ti:c rich boys wouldn't pass '-'"en they were together six years rnade one of his rare starts Fri- in Boston. (In those davs the ^ a >' night and struck out seven it tip would break the sponsors. ; Rraves were' always second Sox- batters in a row for an READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS MEN OVER 550 Val Verde-Mixt-ci' Lr-a^iif.-- Farris 597. 'Kub-.-n <:-.~.u\\« .V57. sy whitten 453. Pessy Knaak - r c,. Cliff Perkins 60S, Dick Drm'.n CCS. Shirley Curbello 465."Sue Hili !57. Shakey Mari>n 557.. Leprechaun \J.-'J'L\<< Thurmond 502 7 V.'j-i ; 560. Classic Leasijc —569. Grovcr Spron tt< micek 555. B.ilf Ri-nii ton Reagan 5f.3. Mike nil! Paul Hai.v- 'f. S72. - Pr-.-.-'. Ranchmen's Wives' League — Opa! Ho^e oil. Inez Jhidspc'h f-Oj. .Susafi Whiu-htad 5W). I.'.-prechaufi Lea gue^—Wy\ onr.e R'j.-t 495. Bettve Briscoe 4G5. — Dlcfe Gr:-gory 576. Hill 559. 532; Doc V.'ibbi-r; ',; micek fi:"t. MU'/'-JS J a c k F"a rr i> 5.V'. ! 1 Gene Hern M.i. K<! I' Newton -f&. Thursday ii.;ri': ; !,•;,- Ilamos 5fi7. Fort Worth Wins in Air Race TULSA fAP) — Kdr.a G^rnricr Whyte, of Fort Worth. ' >'.t,o has more lhan Ki.CKtO fjyinc ht/iir--. v.f-n the annual Skv[=uK Dcrbv h.-hi 21 the Women" 1 ; \;ilir>na! Acron.-i.-i 1 j. cal Association copvi-niion Krkiay. Second pi^cc ii: ihc. nvvc'frr,r:i Weightliffing Program Starts At Junior High 'i!iVf .-."•'. ** •'•. J't.'j-iZ. . The weighfliftmg portion of.. Del Rio's summer recreation — Nv'.•• program will start tomorrow • evening at the Junior High -—' Sche^!. Lawrence Powell,'"head of the Del Rio athletic department, laid all boys who are interested are invited to participate. . The program wilt be conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 p.m. Powell says he expects a large turnout for the program. A LOT OF LETTUCE .MILWAUKEE — .^melimos a Tulsa Jo.,S i nrinyf.'' > irl., to Lit- mechanical potato digger can fir-.d tic Hock, and -rjack in Tu],-;a v/as more than potat'jes. Jerry Sloan of. f>;i'i^.-;. v.ho has Ronald K'unke lost _his__wja!jct flown on!y"'J>2p'"5io-vfr~. -Her co-pilot, .'while working in a potato field Pal Gossetl of pilot_ DaiJas. is not a and a week c-f work w : ith a shovei ; 2r.<i hoe failed to produce the bill division just as were She Dodgers American League record, but he _____ ----- -- . ----- ; isn't too impressed over the feat. '- ""-"""; " ' ' r The Los Angeles iuirler. winner \ , in the second game of a doubie- header, arldftrj: : "1 like to win. rather win than set records, even though all of us like 'em ( records i. I've had Sots of strikeouts and I've pitciied ii: World Series." His SO tota) was II and he re- ' ceived • credit for a 5-1 victory. Duron's re-cord i= one under the modern National Lea sue record accomplished in 1953 by the Milwaukee Rraves" Max Surkont. ; Duren " earlier this season equalled a major leaaue record by fanning lour batters in one in- : nirss. i MISSING INGREDIENT DES MOIXES. "Iowa '>, "— The suburban Urbanews recently pub- i iished notice of the -first practice i for the Urbandale Softball team. : The paper neglected to identify j the team as a gals' outfit. \ Quite a few males shewed up— ] but nol one 'pirl, so the workout j was postponed. . f .' i OFFICE SUPPLIES Typewrliers • Adding Machine* SALES and SERVICE Hallmark Cardi • Art Supptiei Del Rio Typewriter Co. 612 S. Main Dial PR 5-4812 *'^v^:^e3aa: ^ -^• i '' 1 ^J:''1Sai£fa ! ^' rf ' : £^ : - • - :VAIR BV CHEVROLET -WINNERS in the recently completedJDel Rio Then the digger was put to i^ en s Bowling Assn. tournament were Doc Wibbert and Lake Ontario. .M miles-'wj<j<«. is: work, in 3 matter" of minutes it i Alike Garza. Trophies and awards were presented to the the narrowest, of the five Great uncovered U,e wallet, with its ?38i winners of the various divisions Friday night. Lakes; intact. i (News-Herald Photo) OR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS .Offic* Hwre—MM. rfira M. C»«*ncl l*nt Fitted J-4353 — 1H W>*t GrM«w*< Dr/rc the-Con-air MOH:M aiyour heal authorised Checrolcl dealer' JOHNSON-CALL MOTOR COMPANY DEL RIO, TEXAS f >'. ' 117 WEST MARTIN DIAL PR 5 -2407 • Gf-e! B Little did we know, when '-vo introduced the Corvair }iion?.a last year, thai we were starting a Big '"••'-•,'-. Thing.. We just thought. (L -' would be pleasant if you could buy ?. car that treats -; : /ou, driver, • !ike you *'j'.nt to be treated. • The ;>ucktt r<'kits, .of course, are the rr:o.-t obvious evidence of our cc-.-L--? to please you. Biit they're not the most rnporuiiu tiiins;. No sir. vVhai's really vital is the way a Moni.a handles:—something nohody in the U.S. has yet copif:d..Or can copy. Be- .caii5fr Corvair is the only rear-i-n^int-fi car niade in this country, and you know what triat nic-ans: itec-rins H^ht as tn!.~t!efio\vn. -;You even jxirk this o:i» more ei-tssly. it steers so bri.*k'y.;i Be-.ustifully hair ariCf-d braking— t !u: car stays !ev>•' ever, unditr panic brak- !R£. which '.vti hope you'li never have to do.- Traction an;! rr.orc irariion, FO you don't l.-x'ii.Ttf- a stick-in-the- ni\:d. Tr,.-- kind of fornc-ring !h;-.i".-: ~ri-:-'r joy to experi- osifs:. • You set more: a fu;iy iride.pyndent suspen- >:!-:i ihvit blots out. road • slu'M.-k.- t;r fore they can ruffle y<"••!. f'ioan, cri:;p styling. TfioroughgoinK economy, trcm purchase price to o|>- t-ratin!; <vv?. • You're not goin:^ 3.-i hf- catufied wiih " ou-.-kf-t :->:a;s alone, are you?

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