The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 25, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1893
Page 2
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. ^ A ?, CHRONICLE ** i--v»•*•>;^;? 1 *v,r-^tw^v^Vi*rfrr^.v^r" 1 "T^ w ;^Tw^^W8ffi?«»? s^^r^o^i^jt^ Y i sl ^; 'W>- ESTK »V i- «*«*•** *•«-** *« perw««h received at the office of pub ««•• 151 state street. , • J..-.M, MOSES,PnbMiBar,. True Bill Found Against Ains* •.,''.*'•. worth and Others, east of here. An engine escaped from the yards without a» engineer ofeSJire- man and'Welit dashing east at a terrific fate, of" speed. It crashed Jnto the fear «nd of fe freight train gofn|'in^he«ame direction, smashing up 80 eSrs C5n- fluctor Harrison and Brakemah Watson Were both killed. '. A Jockey Killed.'' COKEY ISLAND, N. r., July L Thomas FJynn Was thrown mount, at the Brighton Beach race track Monday afternoon and received injuries from which he died BOOHafterV The accident occurred *»i"i« *!»•* — ---;j THE OLD rORDfHEATEE &OEROR Contractor George W. Dant, Superintendent William K. Covert And Engineer FrmncU Suite Also Held Keaponslble for the Killing of Twenty-Three Persons. WASHINGTON, July 25.-The grand &t y ^1 fowid a true b »H against Colonel Frederick C. Ainsworth, chief or the record and pension division of of the_ wte department George 'W, want, the contractor employed to make the excavation for the electric plant! William E. Covert, superintendent/and Jl I*AT%j^i> RtftA«nV^M«^_ . tt i« • .. - . — _—~,y>ngineer of the building, holding them responsible for the Ford's OW theater disaster of June 9 last, in which 28 persons loot their Jives and a l **8* number of others were injured. The indictment sets forth the crpnt'inn I SS'W^^ Of , the ^d-andpS •ion division of the war departmehi ac t of congress ; arid • .the an• the president of Frederick a captain and assistant i rank of colonel, and i W^Ji* ' ^? ar 8 e M Ford's, old Plo-yed fcf'KtSf 28"^' ^ -June 9.1893. at 10 o'clock, GOOD SUMMER WOOD, 11.75 Mixed . J.COLEMAN. b '" . - >,. . , See the daughter in cusf*rni'1aiio week l * 110 When Baby wastfc*. we gareaer (Sastwi When the was & C^d/BH When she Killed toy a Full From a Mlcyclei i j^ffffia^^** was found on the roadside hetr KaU varre, beside-his bicycle, with his heck A ihuP? WJ J? und o«btedjy, thrown and alighted origins neck. ' August 1. Ind,, July Dw Phy8ician ; and Surgeon; nlii Wstor& dml and « the champion welter- *f °' ^W/MI? ha ™ teen matched to fight 20 rounds for a purse of $500 and the gate receipts in this city Aug. l! Sir, Carlisle Alone. . WASHINGTON, July 25 — YYASMINUTON, July 25 — Secrp Greshdiri h,as left for Glen Summit, where he will spend a few days. Mr.' Carlisle is now tW sole representative of the cabinet in Washington ias of icepted Wlien Baby was slcic, we gave her Caatoria. • When abe was a Child, she cried for dastorfcu When sh^becanie Mtes, «he"feKing to Costoria, When she had CfiiJMren, 8 he gavotijem 0a*toria. i that were in progress iiiViWl'"*'" 1 "' °' P u tting in an electric light plant at the time of the acci- aent, and avers that Frederick C Ains S?™; °T^ W> Danfc ' William E" fS^^^t.^ff^ wg waolly unmindful of their'duty without having first cSSed^e^fe^to be relieved, by shoring, from the creat Pjjwwjnpon it of tie we^ht of^ron parts of the floors immediately abov^t oj reason of this most culpable peg- pier sank and broke, pre- i of the second and third occupants to the ground. thVf ?A~7iT Jury then , for majly finds tnat in the manner described in the inaictment the accused did wi"-"- • -•" whose 'mas Accepts. 25.—D. 'C. Thb; , ^^., has formall presidency of Adrian col • •-•'f- . »•"''''' ' ' *•'' J^I s ^^ ul * • S-V- Skinner of i cputtty, tell •--•-, — construction SaTWWt-fig'VS^aji'S awJ^Msyasw: old, is at the cjty hospital, rt Regatta. i.—A crowd of "0, many of i -. Ppntiac, Saginaw Q— £7-' ~"J' attended the regatta Sunday afternoon. James StanBur Australia, Removal. Mrs. Nove'r has remove,d her stock of millinery to her residence on East State street, where she will bo pleased to see alj who desire anything in her line. the best Cigars at Greene's I)rug- store/ Call and Try them. Strayed Away From Home. LANSING July 25.-Sidney H. Manzer, atil recently a prominent business man here, wandered away from home while temporarily insane, as the result of illness, and diligent search has failed to reveal his whereabouts. He is 64 years in business at for some days yet, as their *h. posted SILVER NOT flECEIVEQ. ' State. 8ubtf«».ur y R e fns B . the WhJtc Metal. . '-Jrty 25.^A. notice was nday in the United States Oiili vnieu'n iTicp. July 25. -- Extensive dairy barns three miles southwest of nere, belonging to Cole & Ancevine £ e o r w de8 itT d by fire A V 088 -*S ^ » S/i, - 8 supposed tho fire caught from burning old ties near-the-raltrolttr UIl>hth«rla In a Lumber Camp. WEST BAY C^ITY, July 25.-Dr. Haax- JSi! 1 * 8 7*2W I ^"Patch from the state board of health sending him to H Jtt. Liouas '«amber .camp in Alcana county to look into a reportedlS theria scourge and fumigate the camp. STATE ITEMS. indebtedness of hi Itia can l> Pri(»» KO . n; GIVES' 'TRESH- NESS 'f ' AND • /CLEAR -...'• - SKIN. iES CONSTIPATION JNDIGESTION,QI22INESS. , ~"' •• • '•'-• [ |«-Mne.. • -is an agreeable laxative for the Boweta. .5s.S n M?S l n52!?jf br U8e? " onoSte '** timZi A Q; {l ° P®?^ckaare. /rk nw-». An ^icirant «T OILE ^ p OWBB _ for thel'oeth^nd Breath-aS? OTATIOM - Mall "Unff*k». ..,../. Detroit, Ly 8 15 Jackson... U 40 Albion..... 18 2u Uarshftll..l2 48 Battle Cr'kirao ualamazoo 808 Chlcaj-o,Ar 7 ?5 p.m. Day BxTt i m. 1UOO T 15 9 88 10 08 1033 10 45 11 26 410 [>.m Ohlc Bx,» a.m. 6 80 p.m. 1 15 8 10 838 8 55 ,< JB 447 8 10 p.m. "tat Ex.t p.m. 500 78i 8'1B 888 E 03 950 p.n. Ohio Sp'l* a. m. 8 15 510 647 6 05 685 7.00 1116 a.m. £« $*.« t^_ P.m. «6 kf 910 W 00 1996 108 1 46 *•» 7 Bf. a.m' ^R't Bz.t . P-m 74» 1041 11 21 1141 IS1« <1 10 « V 6« ^"•t f.4. Y- 8*0. A [_. Tick»t Agent, Marshall Cioenati, Jacta & Mactm Time taWe taking effect June 86 18P3. Tralno paes Maranall as follows: TBA1HB OOIMa «A«T. i and tire Liquor Habit, Positively Cured by Administering Dr Halne*' Golden 8pecta c . powder, t f .B.DRAKK 4 Oe U ,MVt i o » T - M yilf- «oA"WL \YANTS, FOUND, ETC. Address,: GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO <Jluclppatl, O '' system once n utter to exist n of parucufa"' free' 186 itace » Grasisboppers are destroying crops Lena wee county. _ Latter Day Saints will campatPjteon river near Cass City, on July 80. Pontiac's new schoolhouse will cost about 118,000 and seat 400 pupils ' • The MvthoiliHt Efiiscopal Grand Traverse District camp.neeUug will be held at Crystal Balls, A us 8 to is. •••' Justice F S. Day of Allege has married 850 couples , during bja ie years of SrvVc? Harns.villecliurcheaare6tiU prohibited Chamberlaiu's Eye and Skin Qintr^ent. A certain cure for qhroni c Sore,Eyei, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic. Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Piles. It 1 8 coo ling and soothing Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had fo'led. % cents per box. __J General Ageu't. Two Dowagiac men have taken out 600' pounds of turtles fionilndiaa lakedarinir ine past w.eek. • * H. M. Mclntyre of Auburn, Jifd , will of %adine with Sj. Joseph peopl&^xpect a big influx of 0 W"* ?° Slind W». ««« that th^e be closed. • ftr« in the, Krogan <iv*ry bam in Manatee caused a loss of fSfeOOft iorses were .burned. ^'»w* iorses were .burned. i, l^ They' i^4Wp9H Of Money do« not nece not necessarily imply content and happmes? oa the? part of its possessor. It is not money, that gives us pleasure, bat the things that money wijl buy. * Some people spend money foolishly, and fancy they find -enjoy. ment w doing it, hnt the pleasure is more fended than real. buys • JsSSHS*S?^^ W A ^t tU m fca S •Y^ 11 ""' »« 1"«J No. 4 Steel *^aaary, jmq - fie'« fii»4 a. i \jfjpaa to convince him of gMftj-i - ^ .^^ J L^ S^%»%4i*j|.|^i»i^^/ £r-i"*>^ ^^ ' ' — " -~~» 1 "fc" 1 •' _•-,''"'_ H ' """ 1 *'^ f " /" ",. 1 ^" /^^"_ V , J i''.^!^^^*- J*»^iM-,-..'i«V^&Viii^"^|i4(Ip(| \J/ " worit. qptre <jf 3i, 8 wt^&K^sK-™;. • — - &*» *-' '- tfVtt lfib^$4»'AA fwsit tooujS- fflo iSS.-/' '""' " K-;: L ^.*u- 4 "i.^« , ri ^T 1 ^^ •-r-ifyurP ' ,rj,»^S^*» triif*T«r , -v.^3j*T-fE£ij ^infe^ EE. t.* - r J': t^r^J?

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