Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 11, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 1961
Page 1
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' NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, Jun« 11., 1961 . r _" ^ . Pyoto Twit Bktst Takes Second Life 1 £.S-*-Jfc •*- *& «, 5j i < JUONAHANS Te*. (AP)- Tho death Utflj of, explosion near-Pyow-Friday, . .. fo nxo today as Deputy Sheriff south of Pyote. Seven other men were injured. T\\o of thorn, Leroy Price, a Ward County commissioner, and Miles Lassitor, a pumper, remained in Buck Uutchinson succumbed CarL .Ma.v*i?ll r 41, a volunteer j "frious condition. fireman, died Friday right of in j Junes recent*! in the fire at I he J ' Fiber pla*, is used in more than farm, 9 miles ; 30,000 products BOWLING LESSONS FOR LADIES! (AGE 18 to ?) todies... Learn to Bow! Absolutely Free If you Have Wen mining ihe fun of • his fosl growing jpon—Join others who warn la learn— June 6th, 13fh, 20fh 01 1;30 p.m • Free lessens by a competent instructor * Free Boti )o uss ot ci! times Free supervised nursery and playroom for the kiddies. Bring them 'along. We v,ril tok» cors ci ihem for you white >cu bswt This program u.-;[l bs llrictly for ladies who ha*e never bowleo b*iore-/s;c yoo cl! wi!l. JEorn rf you v«oil to need. :Kis is v.Hot you LEAGUE WILL BE FORMED If you desife to bowl in them after you have Fearned, H«r«'$ . y o u> chonce to spend one: afternoon o^vveek in com- piste relaxation. Enjoy yourself and meet new people. Join the Fun! Don't Waif . . . Mai! This Coupon Now Ladies From Surrounding Towns Especially Welcome Wt ate open at 9rOO o' the morning for practice bowling. automatic Pinipotters. Erunswick Tele-Scores NAME ADDRESS PHONE NO. Number of Children Thai V/ill Use Our Nursery MAIL TO HIGHIAND HM.LS 1701 Bedell, Del Rio, Texat HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 4 BLOCKS NORTH OF MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1201 BEDELL ST. PR 5-2403 Sun.-Mon.-Tues. FROM THE GREATEST ROOK OF ALL TIMES. COMBS THE WORLD'S MOST ''INSPIRING STORY OF FAITH AND COURAGE! "ORSONT WELLES CSACO • m PAYER'? G1ULIA RUBISI • FltRSE CRESSOY Sun.-Mon.-Tues. 4 •"• V -j..-; ''r (.;J i-i ^••.-> CAKIHAC5 4 FLAMES -/ Studs IJW SMKZ TECHNICOLOR" FLAMINGO - Sun.-Mon. WrnME* /:^1i i ^^Hwi^vwv •^POTVT^W , t -^^^Mf".^ S«me Previout Population Centcn 1750^-BALTIMOKE. MD. 1S10—WASHINGTON. DC * 18-»a-CURXSBURG, W.VA. * 1870—CINCINNATI. OHIO •* )900-COLOW6US. IND. * 1930—UNION, IND. * >950—OLMEV, ILL. iNevjGfopfiic| TH« AMOf IAT1IL f! •^js 4s-* The urday faced tect* of traditional GO WEST, YOUNG NATION-Final figures of the I960 census put the new center o£ U,S. population at a point near Centralia, m. The "population center" is defined aTih * geographic point where perfect balance would resuW?he"SaSSwer'apKand'Jn citizens weighed the same. News Graphic shows how the heavily populated east counte" ?hln ft e Vas e in e /95 0T \ e r, n n e iv $ ent f ?» 57 T l ? S . fartl ¥ r west and WSSirtflSfirthS aSS wfitii V« i 1950 'Jf r sely due to the adm.ssion of<Alaska arid-Hawaii, It is also near SL Loufs 8 "^ * experts believe the center will eventually Hotel Brings Much Money Into Town NACOGDOCHFS, Tex. t n _ \v e ha\e 36 men on our "What this citv needs," man\ a of directors. Thej all meet man has said to hi* neighbor, a month viithoul pay. They never' -is a first class hotel. cnfcize !he hotel. '.All they talk' They keep uaitins foi that first "' ll "vt is wajs of boosting it." ' class hotel while tourists by the "Retail merchants have had an 1 ' " u " a " atl sullere « oouoie, _ thousands b\pass their citj and increase of business of '7 per [ P" eumonia recently. He went to > J?. saiesmen dme m and quickly' cent in the iast fixe years They i , Bcach > Fla -- to recuperate • aa}) . had returned home about a ago. segregation laws in th« courts and the school* and at facilities for interstate travelers. There were warnings v of more Freedom Riders" planning to head for Jackson, Mis*., and of a possible stepped > up 'hunger strike among white persons, held in the city jail there on, breach, of, the peace charges. „* , A number of Negro,tracfr stars —including world" record WoWer* John Thomas and Ralph Boston- withdrew from a» track meet Friday night at Houston, Text, in protest of what they called seg- resatod seating of spectators. I Earlier in thetday the National I Association for the* Advancement jof Colored^ People entered llje , Freedom.Rid« movement at! Jack- I son by' asking Federal District Ovwer of Ne w York MSS^ Mm " om s A petition filed by Mrs.^Con< stance Baker Motley, and ""chief ;XAACP attorney Thur'good^tar- [shall of New York and'R. Jess {Brown of Jackson and Vicksburg. Miss., asked that a three*judge NEW YORK (AP)—John Pero-' federal court consider the request ~, &1, proprietor of El Morocco, \ ^ or protection against arrest of ife Society nightspot noted for I r ' ders s zebra-striped ttecor,- died Fri- ' The move came after the aril 1 night in his home. > Perona had suffered eMpaml are 4,080 oil with 4,415 last ,.__,. and'1,382 gas wells, compared. With £38. Six wildcat oil ling ico dry,, holes. Lll ^^ Tiif> average calenda^, day allowable" wus 2,677,8fiO'barrels, up 13.24U, , , ' Society Nightspot El Morocco Dies -. . . w*. *~ILJ M*IU *«*••_ * ^ uov. \*t. i^uailJCia UJ. £.{ PCr i saiesmen dn\e m and quickly' cent in the iast fixe years. They .drive out after making calk ! gue the hotel credit for this Jack McKinney and J Elhert sa ^ that the $750.000 spent in UK Reese decided several \ears ago ^'O' 0 ' h > guests every year match a t ion °-" lu " o es<= o its test of El Morocco has been .a. favorite - » ^- v-^r^i '^•fc-'V. * V*t VI J V- > VJi <1 1 JltZtlla (t i;LI - - T •• — - ~~^- ^^-'ta-fcil.fcj t- T ^.4 ^ J^t«ll Jll«ZlVtl~ --,--. that this East Texas city needed lhe amount these guests spent in] lathering- plsce for the interna- a first class hotel and needed it loral stores. ' ] tional smart set for three decades. , badiy. But neither the Hiltons, Sales in gift shops, picture j Perona, a virtual dictator of - -- --------- ....._ » * u vtj ij^- | •-*.+* •»— J «** ^11.1. OUXJLIi, >Jlv_ IIUTC nor the Sheratons showed anv in shows, garages and other stores a hotel in a have increased by 5750,000 a year, , even though the 'population of, Who's Who in the ceJefcnty world, , was norm at Ivrea, near Turin. Ilaly. He opened the El Morocco I terest in building city of 12.000 McKinney and Reese and a '-^acogdoches hax increased by on-1 in thousand other Xacogdoches resi b' - 300 persons in the past 10 j Perona moved to the swank > dents decided that if they were Jears." "Instead of salesmen 1 East Side and opened his El Mor- j e%er to get their hotel thej'd making calls here and• then leay- occo in 1931 j have to build it ing Unvn to find a good-motel or] Perona lived for manv , They got out and worked and hotel to spend ihe night, they j Weehawken N' J^ He is Isold stock to l.OX persons They' now sta - v «ere several days, and j hv a son 'EH,' vin , vno raised $600,000 borrowed about drive to other towns to conduct! t! " resta'uranl Vprnna' v S450.000 and built a commumU business snd return here for the. pip.,™,. V;' H ,„,_ ™°" ,„„ L^....^,, ~ ntrt !•«*"* r -* icdtior. UlcU two \ CuiS 3 UO. hotel that has become the actniU mgnt -•»&«. center of this city Businessmen Tne people in town boost the 'credit the hotel for a 27 per cent' hotel and suggest their friends increase in retail sales. 'stay here vyhen in Nacogdoches." ' The hotel is so successful that "E. R. Reese, a car dealer, has i r a 30-room addition was built and -. as man\ salesmen call on him as' Makarios Reports Accord With Nasser " *•« • -v-»jii« uv^v^i ILWJI »s)^ IJtllJL dl ID "; •-« — ..^- ^>I—»^JHMS_H v. mi \ru .UlIitilA " jtho management refuses conven-j all >" other merchant in; town. He NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP)_— Arch• lions for anytime - but' weekends. J suggests to all. of them that they bishop Makarios. president- of this i The Hotel Fredonia opejied j' s * a .y al l " e hotel/'- |Mediterranean:, island nation, re- JAprii 1, 1955, and the occupancy! "We get all . our conventions j turned Saturday from a week's vis- rate has averaged SG.5 per cenij through business groups and or-i it to the United Arab Republic and ; compared to a national average i p ganizattons in tow-n." We average! saT4-he had reached "a complete iof about 70 per cent, said hotel : six to 10 religious retreats a year, j identity of vie.w-s :i with President ; manager Herbert Wilson. i aid we haventt had a year; .with Gamal Abdel Nasser; ' While the original .95-room ho- i less than 50 conventions." — Eagle: Pass, Uvalde Bank, Bids Rejected AUSTIN <*) — Bank appli- e*H»nt from E*gl« Pass and Uv»|de have been turned down by Hie State Banking Beard. Charters wer« soo«ht for the proposed Pan American State Bank in Eagle Pass and American Bank> of Commerce- in Uvaide. State Banking Commissioner J. M. Falkner said; thor* we* no public necessity' shown for; eifher bank. The Uvalde- application was filed* in March, the Eagle Passi request in February. 'Ado, BrHHr KesulU [tel was expanded to 125 iast' "We're so crowded during the The archbishop's entourage released- a; joint communique in M£ED~A^BU$1NESS PARTNER: WITH $1,000 CAMTAL Write:.J. K WIUIAMS; HOTEL MONTUKEY, CIUDAD ACUNA. MEXICO. i,.. »uo t.v.jiinutu LU a^j idat ' •-.-,•_ ju >_tu«ut:u uui.ius me ieaM;u a, jomi communique it year; the occupancy rate remain-. «'eek that we won't accept-a, con-, i wjiich, the. most important refer ed the same even though the num- : vcnlion except for weekends." ." ! ence was to Israel. , her of rooms increased. i While Wilson gives credit to the | .Although Makarios did not adopt! It has .been such a financial sue- towns people for. making; the hotel j.the Arab view that Israel should cess, says Wilson, that "the hotel: a success, they in turn- credit-rbe abolished, the communique; could have-pa id a 4 per cent di-; wi 'son's public relations ability i said Nasser and Mafcarios agreed!!, vidend from the beginning. But '°r making it the meeting place | the rights of the Palestine ^refu- J 'the • 1,056- stockholders decided ; and activity center, of the city. ] gees should be restored To Arab-= ' they'd rather pay off the debt as ! 'A delegation from Bay City.; this-mean.s they should have the ; soon as possible. Tex - v isited Wilson recently to Tright to return "to Israel ; "Instead of taking 20 years to':°bta«n information about starling* _ • - ; repay the S-!50,OCO. we did it in : a community hold. Wilson says (Japan's .new. 10-year-plan en- five years. Then we borrowed an-' two to five groups from South- j visages raising the" standard of • othvr S300.000 to build the addi- western towns visit the hotel ev-j living of workers and farmers I ', lion, and that" will be paid off in er >' month for "the same purpose, i 100 per cent. seven years.'' } — ; .Many community-owned hotels ; ^i have failed in ihe United Stales. "T* Wilson, rather than offer reasons for their failure," says no cqm- r:unsty hotel can succeed without the support of the entire town. "Everyone in this city wanted i the hotel." he explains. "There j were no squabbles in Nacogtioch- i es about the hotel. We talk of our j 1.056 salespeople rat.her than j stockholders."' Say It With FLOWERS FURNITURE REPAIRS Befinishing — Upholstery PR 5-4000 After- 5^ ^m. Protecting the Day's CASH I£CEIPTS Used Oregon Officers Seek to Identify Dismembered Woman i PORTLAND. Ore. '.?— Police Sot- [urday sought chics ;o the identiiy [of a young woman, pieces of j whose body were found in three i different. places in southeasl Porl[ land Thursday morning. i They questioned the own'T of {a blood-stained automobile bnl I said he was cleared after a lie- detector test. The car was parked in the neighborhood where the body sections were discovered. Police w:ih hunting dogs covered the area in an unsuccessful .search for the rest of the body. Seiver trunk linos also .were probed without result. The body pieces found were, feeli a hand and parts of an arm and a thigh. Prints of a thumb and three fingers were obtained but Charles Hamilton, supervisor of the police identification bureau, said these would >iavc to be checked manually against more than 150.000 local cards. "Byron H. Shieds, chief of detectives, .said lime, of death could not: be established. : To Be a Problem OUR NIGHT DEPOSITORY IS A BIG HELP TO LATE-HOUR BUSINESSES MAKE DEPOSITS AT ANT HOUR. . . THE .BESTJlM BANKING i L AND WHERE WAS POP? " DES -MOINES. lovi'a OR ' — >A robin who knew s right where 5 to go hatched her eggs ori. the fire escape just outside the obstetrical ward of a Des Slcrines hospital. • United Stole* Member Fe4er*l Ve*erre IBMF Cor*. FEDDERSNEW SURER :P»6-W'E'R'M*A^S«T*E*R 18,OOO «TU r-*=~=n===Ei FULL T^TON ANG «v»U *n' BTli FUIL 2 *iOr4 MODEL . . . NOW AT SPECIAL PRICES DEL RIO ELECTRIC 444 S. MAIN PR 5-2787 KENS-TV Channel 6 CBS Sunday, June 1}, 1961 WOAi-TV Channel 4 NBC KONO-TV Channel 2 ABC 7:30 2—Your Arr.ied Services 8:00 A.M. — 2—Light Time 8.IS 2—Catholic World Report 6—Sacred Heart Proaram 8:30 2—Art of Questing 6—What Does The Bible Say? 4—Morning' Movie. "Apache Trail' 9:00 A: M. — 2—Brieflne Session 6—This Is The Life •^-Christian Science 6—This Is Th 4—Medic 9445; 2—Living word — 10:00 A. M. 2—School Siory 6—Camera Three 4—The, Christopht'-rs 10:J{T 2—Paith For Toila> G—Aecent 4—Project 4 11:00 A. M. 2 —^Church Services G—Wonders of the World 4—TV P! ayhou se 11:30 6—Americans at Work •5—Industry on Parade 11:45 G—Cartoons 4—News 12.00 Noon 4—Chicago White Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles G-^Garne of Week Baseball .— Angeles at New" York 2—Directions 6! 12:15. 4r-Industrv on Parade 12:30 2—"Science Fiction Theaii-e" 1:00 2—Caueht in Uie Dr-afr 2:30 2—City Detective 4—"Dragon Seed" 3:OOL,P..'.M. 6—Hopaiong Cassidv 2—Championship Bov.'tins 4:00 P. M. 6—Amateur Hour 2—Ficnmnn on Trial 4 30 6—G E College Bowl 4—Chet Huritfey Reporting 2—Rrcky and His 5:00 P. M. 2—Matty's Funday Funnies 6—I Love Eucy. 4—Meet the Press 5:30 2—Walt Disney Presents f>—20th Century 4—Hieh Road 6:00 P. M. 4—Shirley Temple Show * (C) G—Lassie 6:30 3—Maverick C—Dennis the Menace 7-fl» P. M. 4—National' Velvet G—Ed Sullivan 7:30 .2—Luwmari 4—Tub Hunter x:00 P. M. 6—G. E, Theater 2—Tjxe. „ Rebel 4—Oinnh Shore Show 8:30 2—Asphalt Jungle 6—Jack. Benny 6—Candid Camera 4—Loretta Young Show 2—The "Valiant Years 6—What's My Line 4—This Is Your Life — 10.00 P. M; ——— 2—12 Stnr Final 4—Deadline ,, 6—Sunday News Special 2—Weatherman .6—Cine En Es-panol 4—weekend Weathercasl. 10:20 2—"The Power and the Glory" — "Last of the Series" 10:25 4—Sports News ' 10:30 4—Command Theatre• "High Moon" . 9:30 !0:15 (C) Denotes Color Program Your Favorite Stars in your home on your TV screen - CALL TODAY - ^ J>YP Convenient Hook-up, Plans, iNENT RENTAL Del Rio Television Csbie Carp, 312 Pecan PR 5-3568 Monday Daylime —— 7:00 A. i\T 2—Anima! Kingdom * —Today 1:10 6—News 7:15 2—Exercises 6—Bums and Alien 7:3rt 2—Early News 7:45 6—Little Ra.scnls 8:01) A. M. • '" 2—Trouble \Vith Father 8:15 6—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 2—Our. Miss Brooks — 9:00 A. V M. 4— Say When ' -'.2—Movie "The Third Man B—I Love Lucy •:30 4—Play Your Hunch G—Video Village —10:00 A. M. — R*T*i-The'Price Is Rleht (C: G—Double Exposure 10:30 6—Surprise Package 4—Concentration 11:00 A. M. 4—Truth or Conseq. 2—Gale > Storm 6—Love of Life; 11:30 ftr-.Search for Tomorrow 2—Lijve That .Bob 4—-It Could Be You (C) 11:45 6—Guiding Light 1JU55 4—News 12:OO Noon 4—Movie; — . "Always Leave Them -Laughing" a—Camounage' -«—Amos N Andy 12:30- 2—Number Please G—As The World Turns — 1:00 P. BL-.—— 4—Jan Murray Show i—About'Paces . 6—Pnce the Fncts 1:30 2—Man Prom Cochtse- r—House 'Party 4—Loretta Young .Theatre • —.2:n'O P. M; — - *-rYoung : iMr.- Malone 2—Day In court •_„„ 6—Court'lRoom ,•..:.••-'•'.. 2:30 2-^Seven/Keys ' .^v- B— T-hp. V«rrtlot TS ' . , . 4—Prom These Roots —— 3:00 P. M. '— ••,,' 2 —"Queen for a.-Day"•I—Make Room For Dnddy- l - ; V ''«' •' . G-r-Brighter Day 3:15 S-^-Secret- Storm 3:30 G—Edge of Night, 2—Who Do You Trurt 4—Here's Hollywood 4:00 P. M. 4—Movie ••Moonlight Murder 2—Amfirinan Bandstand C—Rlley 4:30 6—Popeye the-Sallor- • 2—Best of Hollywood "Sleepers. West" > '• 5:fM>. P. 1H." ,. , rt 4-^Highwayj: Patrol 5.30 4—Mr, Ma K oo Cartoon* ... 6—Kartoon KamWal o.-Jo *—Huntley-Brinkley Report Subject to Chang* Without Notfco

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