The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 28, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1959
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Tide Schedule Friday — High none — Lew 8:18 p.m. r . Low 8:88 p.m. -Hl«h !:SO a.m. - THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS United Fund , Dates Announced mi_ .. ... County Fund . s -— —UH.H.J uuueu runa nave been announced by Chairman N. D. Griswold. The United Fund's goal is to raise $107,741 to support the work of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YWCA, Gonzales Warm springs, USD, Salvation Army, Brazoria County Local Charl. ties, La Escuelita, Muscular Dystrophj tlon, and Red Cross The Leadership Ion,, under the _ . Pearland; O . ~ManveT" a"nd \ K. Hitchcock, , v . rit< n Sweeny; and ' W H West Columbia. The Protosslonal Division, . und .er Chairman Edwin Brewer, Will kick off its drive Sept 15 and finish by Ocl 1 .Key workers In this ' K r . ---.(Jleton; Thad loin Kcnyon, and Dr, ----- — rmansp u Luther Evans, will kick off iL Key workers in this division Q r6 i, Be 1 ^nan and Mino Smith Angteton; A. J. Proeb rfV B ^ a if rla: Fred Pa^er Clute; E. D. Broekman and Bob U Brothers Apprehended By FP Police Two Lake Jackson brothers ages 14 and 18, were picked up , -. v . „ eyx-nvu U^l „< u* L pollce Wednesday night when they were Caught Apparently attempting to'steal gasoline from some equipment. The youths claimed that they were hitch hiking home when a car picked them up. The driver offered to take them to Lake Jackson If they would get a bucket and hose for him at the equipment site, they told police >, The driver of the auto was not along with the apprehended brothers. .. T , h * vot "hs were released to their father. Freeport Sgt. J. K Teasdale Is making an investigation of tha case. Freeport police also answered a disturbance call in the 400 William A. Orr, Sweeny'Tom Gupton, West Columbia; and J. R. Rau, Pearland. The Farm and Ranch Division, under co-chairmen Jack Phillips and George Kennedy, will also stun its drive s £ 15 and complete it by Oct 1 MH^? nt e< i lal Gifls Division, «i f Chairma " Dan Hurts, will have its kick off Oct. 12 and finish by Oct. 24. Special Gift community chairmen include John Hazard, Freeport; Gene McDsmiel, clutc; Mrs. Ralph Gray, Lake Jackson; W. J. Roberts, Sweeny and Old Ocean; J. L. Donaghey, West Columbia; Wayne Comity, Damon; J. T. Westmoreland, Ang. leton and Rosharon; T. H Lostak, Danbury; c. R. Booth, Wanvel, and M. R. Cray, Pearland. The Industrial Plant Drives Division under chairman J. C -ox, will start approximately JCt. i and finish by Oct. 31 Plant chairmen are Glenn Harris, Dow; John Smith, Ethyl Dow, Jack Doonc, Stauffer Chemical Co.; snd E. R. Johnson, Columbia Carbon Com- mny. Chairmen from Phillips, 'an American, and Texaco will be announced later. The General Solicitation Dl•Ision, under chairman Ed Stokely will kick off its drive JCt. 26 and complete it by .£' Commu «ity chairmen ™ "-- division are. Ralph Freeport; Bob Ander- Bra- Weather Cost Partly 'cloudy ind warm through Saturday with southerly winds expected. Low tonight around 77 and a high of*94 due on-Saturday. At Cfufe Council Delays Vote On Ward Appointment By POLLY O'CONNELt. «h D ^it« « n ,...n .. <i. DID IT DROWN? Pholo By Bill Schlig - Thursday u , charges were filed. at 1:54 a.m. mu — ••• Thursday to the emergency room- of -.Brazosport.- Memorial Hospital wag investigated. A woman said her husband 'inflicted the lumps and bruise? for which she was receiving not file treatment. She did charges against him. Police are investigating thefts ! of gasoline on Aug. 21, 23. and 25, wrenches valued at $11.90 and oil valued at $8, all taken from the vicinity of the bid railroad bridge over the Brazos River. Mosquito Control Consultant OK'd Brazoria County Commissioners' Court has employed a consultant for the Mosquito . - • Control District, granted a mer- oid Ocean; Clarence it raise, and voted to' allow the home demonstration agent and her assistant to attend a national meeting in New prleans. •m. t.-I » ., Y"-"""- ""«• i"e mwer is aue to »J,nJ j!li S ° f f l lc "V w e r e wnple.ted soon. Lewis said, among -bustae*..'taken *• up ot ^VTJwrcBurJxwreeoted th* Dr. Don W. Micks was employed as a consultant for the mosquito Control District, on Auxiliary Dance '' The Brazosport Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary will sponsor a dance tonight at the Beach Pavilion at Surfslde Beach/ Music will be by the Texas' Rhythm Boys. Admission will be $1 per person and the public is invited. Foster, West Columbia; Mrs. J. W. Howell, Damon; R. D. O'- ^"o^snd Carl Wachtitetter, Apgleton- ind "Rosharon; and Mrs. T. H. Loatak, fianbury; C. R. Booth, Manvel; and R. H. Hunter, Jr., Pearland. Suspicious, But Cautious Maybe a little mlij lo«l her.-- ,. u .y» NUJW ^vniruit pum while playing "grown-' District, also on McNeill's rec- 1 up" but Rhode> Smith. mi' • - West Fifth, Freeport. wain't taking any chancel. the transfer. County Engineer W. J. Lewis told the Court that approval' of the 300 foot Sheriffs Office radio tower has been received: from the Federal Communica- 1 lions Commission in Washing-i ton. The tower is due to be Precinct Two for filing at the applicant's' expense. The action was taken on recommendation by Lewis. A petition from residents of recommendation of J. C Me- ^£« S^sjoak DrrVjZ/^^ref ^USjT M ' «~\ffi<&ZS?™& The court assigned J. A.) for record. The petition wai as a Class Two Opera- j signed by C. V. Ward ami ?n the Mosquito Control I others. Lewis A written request for a sal Company had informed him' they will be ready very soon „ "•.*"» enwicei. «. wnicen request for a sal- they will be ready very soon He brought the red pouch «y increase for District Clerk's to comply with the terns of •«7le pane he found at the Deputy Mrs. Bernice Moseman their last year's contrart « •nd of Avenue H to the Free- was presented to the court oy i garding repair o* ---'-• ™" port Police Department at Dlstn< :' Clerk Mrs. Jimmie P. they blacktopped ll:U a.m. Tueeday. Higgins, and was granted. Mrs.! :hat contract req The puru eon>»ln.^ . Moseman's salary was raki'rt i uanv in ™i,-,i.. Grand Jury To Consider Charges Against Youths end.of_A»nu. H to th. T*~.\™^*S^™W\^^rt^^ _ a. The terms of —— ---• ..-.„ e>*"'*"-u> utto.• -nm. kuiivi'atji reauires thp mm Moseman's salary was raised pany to repair any of thSe bVthisacUon W?5 ^ m °" th I03dS Which need work witnin ujr mis acnon. one year The court voted to allow Mrs. Geraldine Lee, county home The puri* contained a large billfold filled with play money. Two Angleton boys are awaiting grand jury action on attempted rape The public weighers NUMBER KNOW HIM? You ^,, „ „ bonds £•-•*» ...v. jjuwiiw \wiKiiers' Dondsi of Harry A. Blackstock a nd 1<Uniit T «' - bloodhounds to help find Goodson, when the youth fled after -"•— arrived at his sister's winner of a . . m know the , ,_„,., ltj uviiiou! narry A. tfiacKstock and! ""«««j « Hut nuttached demonstration agent, and Miss i Walter A. Rschuig Jr. were ao- m " n and lh » °» hw * «hoTl I* Mary Louise Graham, assistant proved, as was an application' P le «»«<» ! <»; The Facta. The agent, to attend the ^National; for crossing 12 county road's j e «Ut«» U being held in eon- mrtmg D r^^ - "- Oct. 19-24, at no expense to the' /are Tim 18, , , my Davis Toney, 17, 'both of County Deputy 'and he rape(several Jim- rendered Angleton. Brazoria to officers the day Sheriff Jack Tyler said the gir filed charges against both boys after telling her story to officers. He said both of the youths were picked up and are now i free on bonds of $500 each. Tyler after the alleged assault. Officers said both boys deny the charge. According to the girl's statement, she had a date with Goodson, on Aug. 15 and Toney •iccompanied them. She said the boys stopped in Clute to buy beer. Charges of liquor violation were hear in County Court against Robert Thomas, who was fined $200 plus costs on a plea of guilty. The girl said one of the boys drove the car, which belonged to her parents, and that they attempted the criminal assault two different times, once near REV. JOHNNY BEAKD, back ) 0from vacation and so relaxed he can't read his own writing- it isn't the usual hasty scrawl PEGGY McKlBBEN and MARCEIL STUART, leaving IJ today for their school teaching dutiei in Port Arthur. . , Here to help celebrate the sixth wedding anniversary Saturday of CHARLOTTE and FRANKLIN CLAYTON. ar< her parents, MR. and MRS. K W. STRASSE, her sister's family, the E. R. FEUSSEs, all of Houston, and MR. and MRS. | A. E. HEINSCH of St. Louis, Mo. . . MUSTACHE MEMO: Some , Angleton and once near railroad tracks at Clute the County Auditor Frank A. aylor was directed to issue a check for $1,000 to J. C. Herridge,. in payment for a deed to Brazoria County for a dis-j posal area for the unincorporated town of Pearland. This action was taken with the provision that the criminal district attorney must first approve the papers setting oul FOE Barbecue Sunday Turkey barbecue with all the trimmings will be served.from loon to 5 p.m. Sunday by the Jrazosport Fraternal Order of Eagles. The barbecue will be held at he FOE Hsll on Surfside mart. Tickets are priced at $1 for adulUi and 50 cents for children. All proceeds will go to he Thomas Hughin School for Crippled Children in Port Arhur. The public is Invited to attend. BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (UPI) —Hughet B. Kennedy taid he it giving up nil driver's lic- •nw because " a man 90 yean old had better quit driving." .-,—, ienelit La Ewue- lita. Save,the photos, along with the ilher. that ban appeared In The Facts, and tend la * list oi the namei. along with the proper numbers, on a past card to Ralph Ehilich, The Dow Hotel. Freeport. Th« final picture will run T-»«»d«7. Pott cards muii be postmarked na later than Sept. 3. By POLLY O'COHMELL Faeii Newiwrlter Several Clute residents a Thursday night's Clute Cit Council meeting heard a char ter interpretatipn of Warren Ward's disqualification as coun cilman, followed by Ward' presentation of a deed to pro perty within the city limits purchased Thursday. The proposed city budget fo the coming year was also dis cussed, to be acted on at a special meeting Tuesday at 7 -m.* Councilmen failed to take action on Ward's qualified status after the deed presentation because of the absence of Councilman W. W. McKinney. They also expressed a desire to hav> htrn present when the proposed budget comes up for a vote McKinney, recently hospitalized i* expected to attend Tuesday's meeting. Several residents brought problems of drainage, sewage, and sanitary conditions to council attention during the early part of the meeting. J. H; Lutej, Lazy Lane, then ooened the subject of Warren Ward's disqualification by asking if any action h» had voted on was legal. Ctfv Attorney Tom K-?nyon iflld that in his interpretation if •nnueh vnt« were cast to carry thf action without Ward's vote, a court would ronsider t legal. Otherwise the action would have to be acted on again. Lutes then said Ward made the mofion in ajinex his area and a«k«i how did !t now •stand. Kpnvon said he thought rourli would aerp. that another councilman would have msde the »ame motion or all •nunptlrnen would not have vo'- •d for Hi T,»tes then asked for information *bout contesting Ward's the city council as the tame qualifications for election a mayor a s listed in section 4.0 of Article 4 of the charter. Among qualifications in 4.0 was: "shall own real propert within the City of Clute." War had sold his only such propert several months ago in plans t acquire other property. The last of the section stated 'A mayor ceasing to posses any of the qualifications herein enumerated, shall forfeit his of flee." Kenyon said a serious ques lion had to be resolved accord ing to the charter. The firs stated election qualification while the final phrase appar ently anolied to an elected of flee holder. That was his rea son for his opinion that Waro lad been di«aualified according o the charter. He further stated that ... c vay to rnsolve the question was o rule Ward disqualified ant •lear the question by bringing t before a district judge for a uling. He further read the chattel o the effect that the council ^ad 10 days' to appoint a qual- fied norson to fill the council nost. Should two or more vac- ncies occur simultaneously the ovncil ha.« 45 days to appoint .successor, or if two vacancies ccur between elections, the 45 ay apoointment time applies He said that an interested roup had coptacted Attorney immy Wilcox. Freeport, to ake the matter before a Judge or nn order to resolve the slt- adon. Ward then presented a peti- on with about 100 names, 'hich he said were gathered n * few hours, asking his rein- atement as councilman. He hen presented-the deed V the roperty purchased that day\ toiyon examined it and found von fit* » n * Hty chartef " t« of* mrtnlrtn ot \tv attnro«Fle<! him to do «n i Mi noivfcr (n injure the J«f- 'Hv of merr «cWon taken by i" council. Tn hf<i *( forts to arromolish T-oatlv .wa+ihrted rftv coun- 1 he )ind rfwilwitfed twit canf- atw In tho last Htv Motion » «M Both randitbtwi. T.IT'CT 'd 'Wilson Waggoner, were! •«ent lit th* Thiirsdav rnwrt- ne. , ... \ K*cvon «a!d *haf the city f va« nreoarlnc » budget at nr*- *n». nlonp with othw artjons. nrf h» rtM not want any of it >i«Ucne«H flv* years fmsn now. TT» «»M h» had gotten iwm* non» ran* acctisin* hhn of layine noliHc« hut «iat he had ccecteil his iob with the un- erstandine-that he wcuM not artlcinate in polities or noller stablish( : ',_ ' "I have not and I will no s long as I accept money from the Clute council I will do wha y duties call for," he said. He then explained Article ' the city charter adopted b lute April 12, 1957. It set th ualifications for election to nn Data x-iz.* • •&** r;*i«' •"• •«. T ~*,^.:..« . Sets today at 6:48 p. m .' BUw Saturday a f 5:55" a.m. Sefa Saturday at 6:47 p.m. it valid. Ward also said he wanted to substantiate with Keyon and Uty Secretary Sanders that he had bought property several months ago next to the city he had to present it for annexation by the city. * He said he did not challenge Kcnyon's opinion. "I have all confidence in his opinions after E '"S a councilman" Ward said. Visibly moved, Ward finished »vi(h "But if the council does °°^-^J?*' ,? ^ ould not w ant Councilman question of status, Kenyon to come back." In answer to M. S. Johnson's i ,u , enyon said that Ward was now eligible [or a council position but the fact of his period of ineligibility still existed. . The mayor entertained a mo- ion to appoint Ward back to Omer Fletcher made it. After councilmen expressed a desire to have McKinney present it the voting, the mayor told them they could km the motion by not seconding it. The group then went into a reading of the proposed budget of $117,148.50 which includei a tax.rate of $1.45 per $100 valuation. The present rate is $1.25. The 1958-1959 budget was set at $109.456.60. The group will discuss th* adoption of the budget Tuesday night and a public hearing will be held later is adopted the mayor said. After the meeting, Kenyon said that the council, in accepting the disqualification of Ward, had resolved the question. He said a case before a district judge was no longer necessary but tbat he would • . ~ * : u Response Good To Canine Law Eight.stray dogs have been licked up in Brazoria since th nitiation of enforcement of tht og ordinance two weeks ago ccording to Dr. R. S. Stanger Four of these were destroyed when not called for at the enc f the 72 hour detention period Stanger reports that an addi- onal 38 dogs have been vac- inated and that approximately 00 animals living in the city mils hsd received their anti- vaccine prior to that "Response to this new pro- ram has been good," Stanger aid, "and about nine out of very 10 people calling at my f flee have indicated that they elf > ftr »i<isV| *siep well -taken- y ; our, mayor and city coim abies me: T/iwrsdoy Almost A Dry Day d «r Braioiport .polled the tun leok ' d Uke * nothtr warm ium - §te V 9h *' d '7 i , ef h "* T raln '""""here In the "OB Jo §«o the mn. u en »»»«»H-WM no» broken on lhcw " w «« "Potttd between Gulf Park reek about 6:30 a.m. on Thundsy. , lU if < T I at L ' k ' 1 jMk > on - Freepori and Ihe "° "" nl "" to " port durln9 lhe '°.i h * w " 1 !'" n " n » lo«l» like a good week* ? n> but *««'«"«r be a few .cattered orer ihn pan of the coast. " Wi " Uke mml ' dB y« 0{ «u"«hJne to dry f«*« located Ihrouahout Ih. area aftei n»«rty JO inchei of rain in August. Three Cars Hit On SH 332 An accident about 7:45 a.m Friday on State Highway 332 between Highway 288 and Clute's city limits involved three cars, all traveling towart Clute. James Wooley, 4410 Lymbar Houston, had stopped his 195' Pontiac on the highway as he waited for clearance to make a eft turn into the Dow Styrene Road. John H. Stewart, 523 South Avenue H, driving a 1951 CMC lalf ton pick-up, came to a ot the latest to blossom o u » with upper lip growth for Fiesta Week, are Capt. KENNETH GONZALES, BILL OL- SOU, Md HOM&R &EAKLEY. "Stars On Parade" County Fair Show Theme ''Stars on Parade" U »>.<> H... «i.i.t .-v-. „,_„.. on Parade" is the theme chosen for the Braioria Brevities of 1959. This is the youth talent show held on the opening night of the Brazoria County Fair. At this point, the producers o fthe show are beginning the search for local talent In the county. To carry out this work Mrs Rose Young, general chairman for the show, has appointed a staging committee, and a talent chairman in each community. The local chairman will conduct the preliminary tryouts to -2. Mch cc "nmunity. The master of ceremonies tor the taowitKlr, to b. held Tut*. day night, Oct. 6, is Charles Russell, reporter-announcer for Station KBRZ. By Monday, application lanks for prospective entrants in the show will be available. Youths with talent may pick them up at newspaper offices, schools, or at the homes of the local chairmen. Mrs. Joe (Tommie) Craig and Mrs, Henry C. (Mildred) Collier are the staging committee members. Local chairmen are; Angleton, Mrs, Joyce Van Sickle umbia. Mrs. R. R. Farmer Jr.; Lake Jackson, Mrs. V. A. Thorpe and Mrs. Bryan Cooney; Damon, Mrs. . Wayne Comley; Simpson Jr., Mrs. Lee Hearn, Ur«. Herman Moore; Alvin, Wit. L. Q. SMbolti Wttt Col- , Clute, 'Mrs. Levine; Sweeny, Mrs. Verna Henry; Pearland. Mrs. Richard Ford; Brazoria, Mrs. Dorothy M. Smith: Jones Creek, Mrs.'Tom- mii> Craig; Oyster Creek, Mrs. C. H. Yoakum; Dnnbury, Mrs. John Pivllcek: Freeport. Mrs. Craig, Mrs, Collier, Miss Isabel Kastl, and Mrs. Homer Beakley. stop behind the Pontiac, 1 said. * C. R. Keenan, 123 Huisache Lake Jackson, driving a 195( Ford, said he was going home from work and was dodging holes in the road when he hil the rear of the pick-up and knocked it into the Pontiac. Damage appeared heavy to the front *nd right fender of the Ford. The front end of the pick-up was damaged and the rear glass of the cab was broken. * Damage to the Pontiac was confined to the rear end bumper area. Officers investigating the accident could not be contacted Friday about tickets issued in lie accident : An accident on th,« bridge near Surfside Marina was -reported at 1-^8 ».«, when Jimny Touey, AmzlBfon, reported o Freeport ooITce that he had timed his .Ford over.'on th* room >rid?e. Coiuity . of fleers were Gra- itified by Treeport police. There wax no damage rpport- ed in an accident arouM 8:50 p.m. Thursday in tfce 000 Block of South 'AvenusP C. A 19S7 Chevrolet driven bjr Allan Lee Burnes, 128S Wes^ Sixth, hit • ticket to Burnes lor improper backing. C. D. Wicke, Route 1, Free port, called Freeport police a 6:?0 p.m. Thursday to report a possible accident He said in passing a wrecker pulling an auto on the west sidi of Brazoria he had to go of: the road. Later, gt home, hi saw a scratch on his pick-up and thought he might have hit the car or the wrecker pullinj fh.vrolet After the fi<>!d of talent has been narrowed bv local trvouts, the final elimin-«ins will be •"> to r--««v,. «,„„, Tl ,. n . hPld Sept. 27 in the auditorium"" Cr>f'"-r--- 4 ' I% *ive. Clute el tke fairground* at Ansleton-l meport • poJter fcuufd Barked to JC Scooter Rider Injured Thursday • A Janes Creek teenager was njured in a motor scooter accident early Thttrasay' afternoon. Tne accident was'report- ed by How Hospital emergency personnel when Kirk in was brought in for treatment about 2 pjn. According to the Frjj»port police report, Kirk did not remember what caused the accident which occurred when he was' ridinf a motor scooter in Jones Cr«k. He wa»^admitted to the hos- nltgi «'*•>•?•!• his conditiai» was reported as go«d FsHto-wom- LIVED AT EAGLE ISLAND Thii old photo ihowi John Auitia Wharton, only child of the couple for which the old Eagle Itland Plantation in Brarona County wai built aa * wedding present. John ipeni part of.nil childhood at the plantation which was located where. Reitwood Memorial Park ii now. For the Uxtn in a «ri« of article! telling the Eagle Island tie- ry. turn to *M» 4 oj loday-i Fart». The final •Ml HMNB am Ik* ravto WMfcta* galtftm Stanger said he felt the attitude taken by the citizens of Brazoria was due to the fact that people have become educated on the dangers of having stray animals running at large City Superintendent Kemp)7- Danford and the city employees ar .f.," s " b bing" as dog catcher, while C. E. Duke is out of town on vacation. Licenses cost $1 for males and $1.50 for females, as laid out in the ordinance. Licenses for dogs five months old and under, which are too young to vaccinate, will be sold at half- price, with the balance becoming due when the animal is six f months old, and gets a vaccination tag. -, 'iPets-,.picked ' : up for:.running . af-fflrge will be Impounded in "•' he two ' newly constructed hutches the city has leased from Dr. Stanger. Owners of those Jogs ? having licenses will be raced through the records at :ity hall, and will be notified if the animal's detention. Those having pets picked up must have the animal vaccin- ted, if that has not already seen taken care of: pav a SI ner day pound fee; and stop by the city hall to purchase a doe license. Ihree days, the dog will be destroyed. Those desiring 'to have nets released from the pound may do so between the hours f.f 2 and 4 p.m.- each week day, and must contact one of the city employees: Wo redemptions will be made on Saturday or Sunday. Persons wishing to have dcgs picked up for running at large may do so by caning Danford. Angleton Reports Two Car Accident A two-car wreck in Angleton Thursday afternoon resulted in J475 damages. Grant Harris, 14, of 823 Ea?t |,i Akers, and Raymond Lee Rive*, -• 15, of Rt. 1, Angleton, were '\ drivers of the car s involved j The accident occurred at about I 5:20 p.m. at the intersection of Dwyer and South Anderson Streets. j Harris was. attempting to make a left turn from Dwyer onto South Anderson. Rive* was joing south on South Anderson at the time of the collision. \ Damage to the Harris car wai f l j estimated at SI 73 and to th« *' Rives car, $300. f Angleton Patrolman Herbert v Collett said charges are pendina • further investigation. ;! Gator Tourney 1 Play Canceled i^ •?. Due to the unsettled weathef ' and the playing field condi- ions, the 1959 Houston Re- jional Softball Tournament hai ' >een cancelled this weekeae and reset for Sept. 4-5-6, Labor Day weekend. The Lake Jackson Gators ecent winners of the s(at« hampionship at Brownwood vere due to open the Friday- jaturday and Sunday double- Jimination classic with a matcl with Welcome Inn of Houston Teams from Dallas, For iVorth, San Antonio, Brown- rood, Houston ant* T «k» Jack•on will take pa-f •'•-. .--vent with the winner .-;•' >.•» a sp« '' *n the World Series lineup. /

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