The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 1, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1892
Page 2
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* J ; f* wii-n 1% *it v fitit»A1ffTrTTfrl tm * nwlirttrfv - tf ^ thlwln , t « t f'' lI< '» f / <e ^ rl ? • 1 JIE ' UAlLl VjiJSUltlWjlSl 01 c.Ml » t. i -v.1. lu^fe-UU..* .Uu' moO, ; ^3 _. L . A • ^\-*£»^.,Jr~fr^ r ~- r ~'-- I ilfg hlhtltt It > J'tmibinp 1p J'iv^JV^M,'^ S^Cf" .,, * —i— I Another iCtnprtiftfttht* 1V<itn«** « . «!«puoii» receive*!.* tt* office im te ^^ themee ^ Dga rtfawfcdtofflr—- 11 " I5i State stfeel. - „. {frTmost Important. Im-tinm fr— ,).WU 4ros8s»PnbtiMix, . I Wa9 1^ decision of the finestlon ". •* - . ' Ma J_*L^h- shall we meet again?" They also disc . ==^3=^^=^=======^^^ — ^(5 .outlook, and the best 'prlc6 to charge, rillVnxr OrtlttHir tfl A rtrrid. < hut made no agreement Representative \ TH HiY'nrjlkli. J?AvjLM« Patterson tried to tn0ke-the witness admit •*• • 1 - 1 ~*- 1 ,tr . , that the object of these- meetings was to \>, * ' *••" ' ' '" _. , foist as much coalJipon the market nnd Two ConEl^^sipnSlI 1 nqUf Pies ^ eU f t for the highest price without driving .IS P™«rr^«SB « prople to Other fuel substances. He denied *n Progress. I iT but later said such was, he thought, the ' - business man or company. angry about•; this time and asked thewit- « To* O«o Voiir nesswteth^e could.M —the Ffrobablo Cholera Irtrnnloiri Involved in the Sfcutet—A Committee of • inquirers Which Has » U<M«* **•»» io Hoe—Attempt t« Get at tf»o Ti-atU About the Coul CoinSjIue. i f -NpwYonii, Dec L—-tlie fusion, of the ''United States .stenf.tu committee oh immigration, which CPntHftnced'^t room 15, Fifth Avenue hotel Tuesday, was continued yesterday morning: It IsbelieVed that the committee has practically agreed in the affirmative on'the following preposi- —— f I shall offer, for sale one ot V • • - '- •;-•'•- ' • • .-- ' . ~V ' "* ' f ^ f largest, and best selected stocks ut . '* vl 1 '" <—' ~ l '~, " «-—— • i^ ^ ~ d ~ ^ > HOLIDAY GOODS* and %bYS evek sold in Marshall at prices so low that you < <*' „ " «o • ? can afford, to buy ^them. Come :'• • • - ' ''..''•'*' • -f^ - . • ten years.ana reauy hadnooL._ notlfing had been done at any of them, other than explained by him,. 1*e witness said that. he had tried to show what was done at these meeti<jgs and then said: 'I wish either one of you gentlemen, or the committee for that matter, would attend one of our meetings. I am sure none ofjfte men Would talk less because yotf-were nresent. 1 ' • ? v Jfturt So, rtro.t«ier Tortey. He was asked if a man :not engaged m the co«l business got into, one of thtfmeet- t early bargains.. get yoiit , "ings what would be done with himT Me v ttons: "All immlgratiQu, Except from North, and South American countries, shall be suspended for one year from March-1, 1893, The law to be so framed as, not to hinder the free return gf American.'-citizens or "the easy 'admission, of Visitors.. Those present at the meeting yesterday were: 'Senators Chandler, Proctor> Hale, Faulkner, "Gray, Call and Hiscqck. The committee was in session from 11 o'clock until nearly 3. "' ' .•'*•'" 'Effect ot Immigration on Cliolera. . After the meeting a statement was made to the representatives of the, press} to the effect that the time had been mostly con• sumed in the consideration of the aspect of ' the question in»re}atlon to the probability of the cholera visiting this country next • year. The shutting down of immigration, it was argued, would lessen the danger of fltich a*visit materially. Dr. Edson, of thg health board, has been summoned to.give his views regarding the probability of. -cholera comina to this country and tfcfr probable effect of cuttmg off Immigration. 1 He expressed himself stroiialy in the belief that cholera would probably come to these shores in the spring. He has studied the subject thoroughly and ginds strong reasons to think that there is a big fight in store for : the country against the dread disease next spring. Two Doctor* Who are Said to Agree. The doctor also expressed himself as being of the opinion that th£ enactment of the proposed law which would restrict 1m- . ."• """ ' A'•" *^T-J-. ~ «An M V»nrr4TiT-»i r\Cf T»**vft U1UB yTUI*V »v v»*»»* -*— — — v-r - , said that the man nearest the doorwou inaaire of a straiiger his business,iuwr«. not a coal .dealer he was told that the meeting was private and was r .re£ueBted to leave. Chairman Coombs then told the witness tbnt his testimony had more effect than that of any previous witness upon choke of the * -GREENE. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla., A New Certain Cure for Piles. . . We* dot intend to* endorse any eioept arti- clss of genuine 1 merit; we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to 'eufterers from Piles in any iform, a" prompt and permanent cure. The following letters speak for themselves: ..'... ' Mrs. Mary •'<£ Tyler, of Heppner, Oro., write*, One pkg. of Pyramd Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I have suffered forbears, aad I%apo never had the slightest return of them sinca. Mr. E. Q'Bri«n, Bock Bluffs, Neb., says: The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely re- movsd every trace of itching piles. I cannot thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It is safe, cure arid chaep. For sale by all druggists. Any druggist will got it for you if yoa ask him. ~ ~_ _. Buckwheat, and all kinds'of custom OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE NtXT 30 DAYS, I Will Sell at Cost for Cash all Trimmed Hats and Bonnets, All tntrinuned Sroads Featiers, r Flowers, Lacesi In fact EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS. J MISS HANNA, of my Worli Room She is lately from the wholesale bouse of Pollock, Pottibone & Ubapman; and having had a large experience can give you satisfaction and on abort notiw. Now is the time and " . C. MOVER'S f 2 doors west of £. O. Is the" place. migration Tat lone year beginning next, spring, would be a most-potent factor in the fight to keep the^ chqlera froto thei, shores of-America. Dr. Jenkins, of the health board, who is in Chicago, is sajd to hold the same opinion in.the matter as Dr. Edson. Colonel Weber, of tjie imraigrar. ilftn commission, was present to hear the discnsslou and tq aid -lthe ; committee by ^piajtmg suggestions. y'*Tb?i committee • te^ls'that the master is an important one and will bfe deliberate iii whatever it does. The committee is*uthorized'to "seijd for r i and examine persons, books and paperSj and toi administer pftths to witnesses.' : ' Indastrlal A*P* c t ft I***! Matter. • The preserit indications are that the com- mjttee will adopt the idea of limiting im- niigration to this country for one year, and Iiucn. «uc«»*, «""_— •• ~V!;~~ , . -11 grinding done at C. A. Ghesher'B mm. The Pyramid Pile Pure is a'new discdyery. fur tije prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every forin.. Every druggUt haa them. V«race liros.^arry a,tui};imfe or staple groceries. All goods nuWund fresh. ' ssn^^^vw^'-toi*^ ", -r'-^tJs-^i. ~t~ t-.v.miirraf4nn-4a--rperArflie(l bV* VrOUp, : jSCttMW- *«"'*t .; ijv 7 ,. ', -,~ '_-.Cough, bor« Throat, Burns, S '««s aw |M^.H« AVlj'y***^. ut*fcJ»»= »v» ~ r •—!? -ITT - ,--..._ .^. ... The'Subieet pf imihigratton is Tcgarded by qiany as ft"*i«tt*r o£ great importance. Those who have '.• ;ted into the matter say that iif'it "coutinuea .unrestricted much longer it i^ sure to work injury to the country the most noticeable feature of that inr fury being a reduction °f wage**- Another ana ; perhaps the most *erious, aspect^ftha 1 A rr± i- ^V«* VVTF lrt»i»niTirr jp^yQJgr^-T)tS Q^ 1 ^ ft III I lltliU*' &a ^ a: ^ sickness, or call on your l druggisi for Dr Sharpisteeu's Lavender *^' w nvenv nnd Asihm'utiO Balsam, mstiKNO tha^ B ave hyes when doctors fail in Mein- nrinous Croup, ItiilaniiuaUaB, rr.ine oranous^^ro /pVerkiMj.'^^ P«« u . popin and uy 50 cents, or Prpp«- fif may vr tv~i-""^i -^"-r-p--^-;-^-- - i the country next sprmg the chances of hqie?a coming here will be materially are those -who ' K\J that such a* 'course will mean the less «f ' » a 4 * 0 * many, dollars' to, 'the ^^ .various stwiudilp cppa? '- Dftniea, but they are &newei'e4 to the effect iaof triflwg ijuwatanw beside. health and^ell XHaugpf. .60^ ol people. The" lmin1gratJQn,^t«m- ill co&tiitue the disuub^op ..of ,4he holdiog^ewtagaiJU i thifi city tuwl afnictionb. DR B. i - Michigan. ;; K^ . a. Lw' remedy has creat^"* sensation aiflqng physicians by its v?0nderfui effects in speedily curing, every form 0f i If is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It cheap-and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so ouiek-ly, 'safely, and get it for you, , is Believing." • ' And? a, good lamp must be simple; when itjis n^t simple it is Ti6t gQod, Simple, geaitiful^Gopdr-W^ „„& roea» mucli, but to see "The ^Chester ' wfll impress'the truth more forcibly AU metal, tough and seamless, arid made in th*ee pieces only, it i&Qb&fyUiysffie&A unfceakabk. pktAladomg of old, it is indeed a«'wondetfulJamp^LfQ'f its mat« velous light is purer and blighter than gas *». softer than electric light and more cheerfhl than either, , . I ^ k(t *tt»!s 8 tan,^-THBRoC S BS*^ £«£»*S£fl£5w3l8BSK •^^wSF^nl ^^S^S^^^^^^^''^*- 1 ^ 1 ^ ' Bave a large stock of etteot Sept. J8, Triklns paea tf&r^iaU M toUowa: •,' The finest 15ne^ ladiea' paries' and line of Eringiee & S jery pair Use Haael Creanvtor chapped to Washington -alter a matter hflre. ,- 1S»W TOBK, Defc L—The «nh-comjnjittoe | j ^yg ^ ^ *e«oft'e -toe ^b3uj» ofiiket^ngreaaonal urteistate.snd fo«%Ql OQt jm^ would tie pleased to b»ve Li^.1 w ]jo'hftve beeneja-lowmdjn&caU and »etwe. • • • - . .J. *• where . eti Tuesjiay, to QtoyesajidMatteiis We carry a fine etock of tjhis^ly yestesday^no^Sg. ^ „., - •* ««^--%g«jjr j. «j . 0 h | Wwf |' Cry for S t^rS-F^^giJ^fiSH^" -.-»r>« SATR—Stoolt of groceries, flxtnx«» F°?JttK^ ^ WWK «£«£«* Mod^^VWUTwwW »«K«*« WJ^IJ < . --* . _ ,

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