Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 9, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1961
Page 4
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<)" «-D€L tK> (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 9, 1961 Dear Abby THIS IS LOVE? By Abigail Van Buren DAILY CROSSWORD - . • : DEAR ABBY: I am in love with ;i man who treats me like dirt. The worse he treats me, the more I iove him. I have broken up with, him a dozen times, but 1 always cail and ask him to forgive me eveis though ho was the one vho was in the wrong. I .can't understand myself, Abby. I could have- gone with many men who treated me like a queen, but I always go ~ back to—f-fc-ir- no-good tormentor who gives me nothing but hc;iri- aches. This hn^ been goins on fur six years, and 1 am ;it>oul 27. How c;m ! kill a love that is killing me? COMPLETELY MISERABLE OKARMISERABLE: Your slavish devotion to a -"no-good tormentor*' is not "love." ll's physical attraction, passion and Ihe compulsion to punish yourself—ail tiehtlv lORCther. I'nless you want a life of -misery, put thi.s man out of your heart and mind. And |ira\~ hard for the strength -nc»-cr upain to "love" a •man you c:ttinot like. DEAR ABBY: \Vil! y 4 .n pk-. .-< iso me a f;i- vor anc! vviske up these ym:i':: \vL^ es >.vho are alwiivs runntn'? i'mtie to Mother for v, visir." What are v/e ymmj! husbaru! • iuppi'/ed to CH> with our cveniTiys ' Sun-. \. e iove nur wives, but we gel !<>ne.-i :nc. Il't- :•" cr:ir.\- '.<< stop in a bar (after i;ni!:er ^kinei i'.y a night c:i;i. There are :ii-.vays ?orne frieixiiv- i;:iis there who wiil usr-.e thi- tinie lo taiJ: to us. 1 have seep, some re.ii nice giiys ~<-''- i.ivoive'; when they have had r.c bari iiiif-ntiors. And many marriages have yone on the rocks because of sin affair that stAr^ed just th^i way. I\lv n.oiher-ir:-U-\v has -over;;! doijghiers and she is always cooking up some excuse to get them home with her. One of these days she is liable to have one (or more) of them home for good. LONESOME e « * DEAR ABBY: I am a 13-year-oUi boy and for Christmas my parents u««vc me an encyclopedia set, and ever since then they won't answer any <|iiestion I ask them. Please no not think I am ungrateful because I know J am very lucky to have parents who care enough to give me a gitf like this, but my problem gets worse every day. When I ask as simple question, they always send me to the encyclopedia to look uj) the an- sucr. Do you think this fair'.' NOT UNO HATEFUL I)I>AH NOT: Don't complain. You will retain the information mueh longer if you h:tve had to look it up. Besides, its t;ooA practice learning how to use the encyclopedia. ACROSS 1. Girl's nickname 6.'Passng-e- way 11. •Warning' 12", Scoff 13, Islands OK Timoi H, Three (Sp.) 15. Seed integiiti'ci'.t 17. Aquatic birds IS. African country 20. 1 o'clock refreshment 23. Barnyard 4. Coarse hominy, B.Typ* measure G. Like 7. Profoundly earnest 8, Withered . (var.) 0. Dregs 10. Scotiish- Gaelic 16. External ear IT.BriUsK jailers 10. Piu'forn* 20. Male cat 21. A.ssnnt siikworm 22. Breeze ' 24. Flap 25. Adam'* rib 26. • Sc% 28. Supporter* 31. Music •' note 34. Alaskan river 35. Thin bar 36. Venus of i 37. Across 39. Chinese dynasty Yeitrrday'* 40. Grand- parcnla! 41, Overseas aid package 45. Toward 4G. Yes, in Madrid CONFinENTIAI. T O COOKIK": Give him up your marriage. If von nceiS lielp with a Abby, B"x 3.16-5. Beverly close ea ?cjf-uc.c'resocd, for ti personal reply. "C O N F V S K I) hcfurc it co.sis you probleir.. write Ui Hills. Cahf. Els- '.anipeti enve!i;rjc 27. African antelope i'9. Depart 20. A nian'el 32. Cot 311. European mint T\ A /vC^^.. • 111. ^X CiL,<li 38. Poison 42. Keaida 43. Indian ceremonial chamber •U. Wkte- awako io. Uiulerv/atcr detector 47. The human trunk 4S. Fireplace nowx 1. Beer < colloq.) '2. Saiiinrr tei'n 1 . 3. \Vharf nests ' l i 1*3 % ZQ ."0 /// .- 41 4-4 " 1 % "' % »• ZZ % 57 -T M % -* - ia 5 % fa . /J .,•' t% % % $ % ra % J! ^ W % 4 >i Y' iy » rVV *» 4b / '* ^ it 41 A '4 24 n fe 53 4 ^ ^ % *° 1O •J % It, ffi 41 Mrs. Kennedy's Yacht >/'. . tj& .- VW* ^v" 1 -' s*«? "-, k . »i f ^ -**Out Rough Seas -' By PRANCES LiWINE POROS, Greece <AP) — Jacqueline Kennedy's vacation yacht rode out rough seas and a 30-mile wind Thursday night before anchoring in {he sheltered harbor of (he picturesque Greek island port of Poros. Although the night sky was clear and beautiful, the yacht North Wind on which Mrs. Kennedy .is visiting the Aegean islands was buffeted as it crossed lhe f Strait of Metlianon afjer the first lady's call at Epidaurus . This morning the sun was brilliant, and Mrs. Kennedy Was expected to go ashore for her second day of island sightseeing. Poros, just off the eastern tip of - the Argolis Peninsula, is Use site" of n a Greek "naval training school and 'of the ruins of a temple of Poseidon associated with ttye suicide of Demosthenes, /The First Lady visited the ancient Greek theater at Epidaurus Thursday during a rehearsal and vvns so visibly moved that Emil Hmirimisios, director of the national theater, halted the drama. Mrs. Kennedy came to the stage and shook hands with the lending players, Anna Synodinou, modern Greece's .greatest .'.tragedienne, and Thanos Kotsopoutos. Children in Epidaurus strewed the streets iwith flowers 'in Mrs. Kennedy's j honor. _ l Mrs. Kennedy is vacationing 1 aboard the yacht of Marces N'o- Imikos, wealthy Greek shipowner. SHRIMPER Fll«b ;« TAMPICO, Mex, ' ( AP) ,^ ' American shrimper " fllllVltl.*"** »r*»»- •*• K -"•- -^-T-^-K.^-^ from Brow ns vflle * w*«! ^ captiired by a - Mexican patrol '••Jhip while ' fishing in \\hat Mexico^* llcci its' lernlorial waters Tuesday ntghj. The shrimper is owned -Ijy O. D. Heneeller, A finn of 80,000, r pesos j ($2.4001 was imposed -by Mexican. 1 authorities and alMhe;.cargo J and ] fishing equipment wore seized. I The peanut is not a ntit hul a Jeguhie whoso seeds develop underground. V DR. OSCAR VALDES •_ DENTIST Office No. I bi ••• forh l«vnft» tuiUin* Main Str«.t C1UDAO ACUK'A, MIX ICO Appointment Call Pit 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN Who pays for what, and hov c;o yon -50 about planning a lovely, inexpensive weci- diiiic:? Send 50c fcr Abby's '-.veciding ptinphlei, in care of this paper. i Distributed by McNaught. Syr.dicaie, Inc> -¥- Glancing Back 25 Years A go ••¥• DAILY CRYriOQUOTE — Here's how to work it: A X T D L BAA X R Is L O N G F E I. L O W One letter simply siaruis for anoher. In Uiis sample A is used for the three L's. X for the 'two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation' of •the words arc all hints. KacJi «ay U:e code letters are different lion's S2fKi.000.000 power pro- grain in dismissing an injunction suit agains! 10 municipal electric projects in tour states. 5 r r C G. W. Cox is visiting in San Angelo with his sister. Mrs. P. H. Whitney. it::!* Mrs. Fred Zuehl and her June 5, 1?36 Thirty-four pupils have been registered for the summer term of Del Rio High School.. R. M. Bankhead. superintendent, said Friday morning. m * i »Flaring up of SG oil stove started a fire in the home of Gus Dunn at 303 Wesl Sixth Street Friday morning. The: fire started around 8:15 o'clock when the Oame? from the stove caught the side walls on fire and burned a hole through the roof. • » * • The \vool trade which paid prices of 29 to 33 cents for a- ] parents in the crash of their car boat 400,000 pounds of Texas 12 ' and one by a motorist driving on months wool yesterday in Tex- \ the wrong side of the road. Four Texas Children Orphaned By Wreck CA'SA GRANDE. Ariz: 'tAP)— Four Texas children lost their as looks today to the sealed bid offering of about one million pounds of 12 months and about &0.000 pounds of eight months by the Schreiner Woo! and .Mohair Commission Company ai Kerrviile as the indicator of the further progress of the season. « • m » Thirteen bundles of literature on Del Rio and Val Verde County were mailed out by the Chamber of Commerce Thursday. Each bundle had 2.S pieces of literature, making a total of 325 such pieces mailed out. The lit- eraturc went to information bureaus all over ihc state. These 13 .bureaus of information were os- tahlished by the Stale Highway Department and arc located on all highways lea'dmg into Texas:- ~ - *• * * » " Chief Justice Alfred Wheat of the District of Columbia Su- premc Court in Washington today upheld the constitutionality of the Public Works Administra- ' i The dead: Arthur Works Jr.. • about -30; his wife. Dorothy Evc- ; lyn, also about 30. of Jacksonville. iTex., and Albert Judd England, \ 55. Casa Grande. '{ Highway patrolman Greg Good; fon said England \vas (raveling ; without lights when the cars col- ; lick-d on Slate Si. | The youngsters, three girls and ;.a IHJV, ranged from 9 months to 7 ! years. The children weren't badly • hurt. •„'.'' FURNITURE REPAIRS Refinishmg — Upholstery PR 5-4000 Aflcr 5 p.m. KUP-ELEC, INC. INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL CONTRACTING PR 5-4457 — 107 W. Dignowity NOW... FOR COMFORT 'ore/co jFLOATING-^f- x^SPEEDSHAVER daughter. Betty, of Harling'en are visiting Mrs. Zuehi's inoih- er. Mrs. C. O. Pokes. . - * » - t * Regular summer vacation Bible school will open Monday in the First Methodist Church. The Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers' Association directors' meeting in Kerrviile on,Ju.tic 11 in quarterly session will be asked to take some action on the contracting of wool on the range by the sheepmen of the state. Roger Qillis, president, said last night. Mr. Gillis thinks the growers of the state lost from two to three cents a pound by such contracting. A Cryptofrnin K O i; K O Q U T T X Z K 1C Z X V J Q K : OZLL2F ZGK 2 it ^' X J . " Quotation V P. 'K-ZIZIrLZP Y I G O K V G L K OYJQK — VL'ZFX- Trst«-rday's Cryptorjuote: NEVER GO GLOOMTLV . . » i S A BETTER COMPANION THAN FEAR— TI.JPFER. tO 1S61, King Feaiurea Syndicate, Inc.) jELECTED BY COIN \ LINCOLN. 11,. -.? — The Hin I of a coin settled a tie vote in a ''awnship assessor election. | It was Lofan County Judge L^\ iand Duhhain's decision. ; Raymond A. Pfcifer. Dcmocro;. I and V-'cior Lemnie, Reptiblicao, ! t:ach received loO votes. I Town Clerk Xrrle Biatim flio- : J.ed -the coin and Pfeifcr \von. Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 Ave. F — PR S-2044 • Pil Bor-B-Q Daily • Choice Meals • Top Quality Gro. & Produce • Prompt Frte Delivery WE HAVE GIFTS . ON HIS DAY Beautiful GIFT WRAPPING free of charge! Pleats take on the New S//m Look! DIAMOND WINDSOR with Rotary Blades • The Ticating-Heads' hug every facial curve. • Self-sharpenmg-aotary BracJes stroke off whiskers—' no pinch, no pull! ••Adjusts automatically te beard density. • 110 or 220 -J. and " .free adaptor plug, • 'Pop-c^n' side vents for easy cleaning. • TJoatmg-Head' Speedshaver ccmpleSe with travel case AC/DC $29.95 NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPAMV, INC v r,o Str Mt . Hew y ort: 17 , H _ y krx,»n « in t»»w»a ana tnrougrwut th« rest of th« |re« world. • Seoarale waistband front, continuous back! • Full cleats! » Ort-seam pockets and button - thru back pocket! • Topflight fabrics • Correct fit. Alt sizes when slacks are master built, they're Ask any well dressed man who wears Masterbilts! You'!! learn these better-made slacks have a 64-year tradition. Or take our word, for it—we're good judges of brands we carry! Handsome Fall Master-' bills are here in the new rich tones. Shades and fabrics. FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL! MASTERBILT SLACKS Se'«cl from cool, triip, wrinkle fighting dacron blends. Then ore eulo- omlit woiri and wear fabrics. Trousers aro tailored with exceptional <ar» by Maslerbill. _ . Resulorly, S9.9S FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL ALTERATIONS FREE Pair l - The GUARANTEE "The Store That Knows MOST About Gifts" Sale of Dylite Picnic Coo What is DYLITE?. It is expandable polystyrene . . . an atl new plastic ... an amazing new plastic material developed after many years of specialized research. DYLITE is made in the form of tiny sugar-like granules, When expanded by heat, these granules form millions of tiny closed cells that trap air, forming a light but tough rigid foam plastic.. DYtlT£ keep* out heat or cold, resists shock. DVLITE is strong . . . light . „ . waterproof . . . lough . . . buoyant . . . washable. »-.••" BIG 6W GALLON SIZE (12" x 13" x 16") LIGHTWEIGHT, TOO! .'.,.. 60 YEARS your assurance of QUALITY! For 60 yeare Firestone has led the way in the continued improvement - - . of tires ... adhering to the motto, "Your safety is our business at Firestone." This dedication to the safety' of the motoring public has produced the finest tires available today . . .Firestone tires . .. Speedway-proved for your turnpike safety. ROAD HAZARD QUALITY...backed up in f :'<*A3 36 MONTH ' osj Huarl. 1- The superior quality of Firestone tires allows us to give you a GUARANTEE against tire failure from blowouts, cuts, bruises or breaks from .normal ROAD HAZARDS encountered "in everyday driving.. . . PLUS our famous Lifetime Guarantee. PRICED WITH THE I no premium for top QUALITY! Enjoy Firestone QUALITY, reflected in safety and trouble-free new low prices! ; FIRESTONE CHAMPIONS IP Jr 24 MONTH Row) Hazard , Cu*ra«t*« Every new Firestone lire it OUAMANTKKD 1. Against defects in vrorkman* • ship and materials for th« life o[ the oricinat tre*d. 1. Against normal road hazards f«jccept : repairab!e puncturvl) encountered in everyday passenger car UM for the number o( months speciSed. Repairs mxde without charg*. repUcemenU prorated on Iroid wear and hnsed on list priors current at lime of adjustment. Priced From Only 6.70-15 Black Rayon, Tube-type Plus tax and lire oil your car REGARDLESS OF CONDITION HYLON only *1 more WHITEWALLS only »3 more 12 MONTH Read Hjzzril Suirinlee UT3X 15 MONTH ilsid Huird Eaaranttt BUDGET TERMS ARRANGED Del Rio Home & Auto Supply 630 S. Main Your Tirt$tOil* Store PR 5-3453

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