The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 1, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1892
Page 1
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VOL KB 92 <• MARSHALL, MICH,, THUKSDAT 1, 1892 VltlCE TW(XCl!NTS' * t Absolutely A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in 1 leavening strength Latest U. & Government Food Re gort. '•'('. BOYAL BAKING POWDER CO 10G Wall Street, N. Y, i We 7> m P?y • Ue abovo reward for any case o laln h Dy ? pe P slft - 3lok Henddohe, I n , onBtipatlon or Costlroness we can q .1 ro ..! fUhl wast'a Vegetable Uver Pill* when the direottons ure itrfotly compiled with 1 hey _«re purely Vegetable and never Kil to give "§? r ooate a,- Large boxes con .SS cents. Bewaro of counter by III . . T" e Kfntaine mannfactured EST.CaMPANY,«Chlcago ,v C. WEST.,c For sajo by A. O. Hydo, Manball Mich. A Guaranteed Cure tot Piles of what kiud -- v ..». WUV wvu v/uiv H/B- i lioo Ui Wuat KJHU Of legree—Ext9rnal, Internal, Blina or Bleedin". Itching, Chronic. Recent or Hereditary. Tbls remedy hiw posltlicjy never been knowu to fail 81.00.8 box, « boxes for $5.00; sent by mall prepaid on receipt of price. A written Uuitrautou positively given to each purchaser -of ti boxes when purchased at one time, to refund the $5.00 paid if not cured. Muaraoleo iii^ued by A. O. Ayde,-Mawhull. Mich. Call for eamplu Health ,is. Wealth. Da. B.C. WK^T'aNKBVi! 4Nn BSAIN T»ZAT- MBNT, a gaaraateed Bpeeifie <or Hysteria, Wizzi- ? 16M 1 Cdnf^^MWi flta, Nervous Ne»ra)Kia, JJeadche, N«rvon8 Prostration cajiscd by the-ctse aleohpl or ^>b*Qco, Wakefulnoaa, JJcntal -De- presBlon, Softeain^ of the Brain result lug In in' .aB, o , Inyolpntftr^Loaaea and eaaor * ofta^d by over-exertlan of the braliu.eelf aba*ft u 4v0r4ad«rgence. JBaohbox contalna oCe ^£ OD J fc « b ^" <? « rae nt, Jl.OOabdJti pr sfx boxee Jbr $8.00, sent by.maU prepaid on receipt of price WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cur. :iiny.caae. With each, eftlewecuived by ' fl .. , i; aoxes, ftooounted with -JS'.OO, we V send it "inshaser-oar written guarantee -to re .fund ttiv MonejLlf Cha'trewmeatdowii not eBec *c.ur«. '• .aranteos Usued oaly by A. 'U. Uyde Urqggtoi «.ud sole Ageat MMuhall, Jttioh'. oi charge fp? fitting at 3&aWo»t State MARSHAL, MICH. * MH8. o-oa&raensr serais; -WASH, ~ JSKmafmsaaoL lutaTfor dsTelopiraf the bnat. RUJIW, mperfluom biir. .Ban* Dressing. OloiulB »nd retftU. Send a 43*. W itoew. J!n«*ieof*«efcarB«>*i, OUB PENSIONERS." ' Puts Their Number July at 876,068. pr THE iot .dntmfi, Over £40,000 A.Mo.l to the itoll.1—The Moony Nof.dc I Jot the Flsoal Vonr Tut at tlCn.^—Pressure fornn : Ejttri» Stfdlon Growing tt'eakor—Speculation on the Orgiuiljrutton of the Neit Senate— 1'rOctor to TtulM a Palace nt-the Capital ~-r-Legislation Cullom ti^Knt?* WAsiiiJTOtON-, Dec. !.—•The nri'ritial report of Commissioner Rtium, of.the pension office, was made public yesterday. It shows that on June 30, .1893, tfiero were 870.0C8 pensioners^ on-, the rcllsfof the -eighteen' agencies, <m 'Increase of i#),908 in tho hist fiscal year. These pensioners -were classified as follows 1 : Widows a.ntl daughters of revolutionary soldiers,, 22; army hi valid, pensioner's, 380,748;" nnrty widows, minor children, etc., 108,<55S^ navy invalid pensioners, 5,<Bil; navy widows, minor children, etc., 2,000; survivors of the wa¥of 1812,1G5; widows of soldiers of the war of 1812, 6,651;^urv'ivors of the Mexican war, 15,^15; widows pf soldiers of the Mexican war, 7,283. Act of Juho.27, 1890! Army invalid pensioners, 283,734; army widows, minor children, etc., 44,696; Mavy invalid pensioners, 0,834; navy widows, minor'children, etc., 2,917! Cost -of the List in 1803. The totafamquTvt" expended for pensions during the fiscal year was $139,035,613. *he annual value of the pension roll of 670,100 pensioners, on June 30,1891, was $89,247,200. From this amount is deducted $1,079,234, the average value of pensions of 21,687 pn the roll June 30, 1891, and dropped from the Trolls during the fiscal year, leaving a. balance of |87,5G7,&75. To this amount, however, is added tho sum of $4,833,243 due on account of 38,574 persons on tho rolls who had not been paid during tho fiscal year 1801, and why were paid out of the funds of the fiscal year 1802. The total amount paid' on the above stated account was $1)2,451,218, and the amount paid upon allowances made during the fiscal year *4ti,45S.3U4, making an aggregate total payment for the fiscal *>£jn» 1 w(kO ~* £*«cm r»ot f7»n KHtiiuatcn for Next Year. The amount due 20,435 pensioners on t;he rolls on June-30, 1S$3, who were not paid for want of time, frut who will bepai<F'<iut of the funds appropriated for the hsc:i" yedr 1893, is ^2,822,234. The. apprppriatiou for the .fiscal yefir 1893 ^,$144^50,000, but ^HBS the cost at the 'allowances made during |th^ first Iqujpl'ttiontlis of tnis' fiscal yetir' as'4 basis:for fciidculatipo the commissioner estimates tHdt there will be a deficit of §10,508,621. In, making his estimate for an ; .approprjjmtion of $105,000,000 for the, fiscal year 18P3 C^jneral Raum aays|ther4i8.feucE diflftculty in, forecasting the|)roba|le cost Of this service fojf a period so far in advance. If a»marij? allowanefs of pensions shall be made during .1893 as were made (Juring 1892 the estimated amfcunt will not be sufficient, but he does, not believe that this.^vill:be the case. T . . ' ..;; ~ The Business of the Uui-eam •- The'Cjommissioner aays't&atit has been ^e policrof t6e office during tliepasi three years to detail a larger part of the official force uppn original claims than upon Ii£ crease cUims, and as a jresult of this plan 224,04 i 7 certificates were issued in'3>riginal cases and 79,781 certificates; Jissned" in in- 2rease claims under various ; law&, Dur- |ng thp figff\] yc^rt J^ft oud 4894 he be-' lievesthe a4judication-ol original cjainia will be substiantially complete anA made current, tmd that at the close of the- fiseaf theloi 'Tho-copt of the -« estimated at $200,000 and the been drrtwn T>y Hcli ncidorT vfroT* pletiiiK an cl iboMtc n.-w wlnt6 -none mansion for Senator John tiheriniin Tho Siu-cesHo* of WhtmeUl. WASHINOTOS, Dec. 1.— The matter of filling the vacancy- in .tjje office erf^ the first ASsistrtnt ptistm/istcrgeirt-rAi, caused by thfr tesigoati&B-ei^e^lenel' •Whitfedd; Is befof considered by tli^ postmaster general, arid it is. MiovcnJ that an. appointment will Shortly be- made. - The nfnue iwv niost proinineijtly mentioned is that 'of E. C. Fowler,. at present chief clerk of the first assistant's cjflice. GOSSIP ABOUT. THE, NEXY CONGRESS. No I'roHpcft of an Kxtrn Si>s«lon iciVKCoinplnzIon of tliKV-ScnVitc. WASHIXGT( »s; • Dt-c. 1. —The belief is growing among congressmen and senators in the cit y that tf an extra ses«lon is to lie held at all it wiil not be ealkd for the early part' of the yt-ar 1893. Even those who are anxious that such a session shall tic held are .gradually forming tliq opinion that it w.Ul-.uot begin • sooner than Oct.-, 1 next, and will practically form part of the -regular session Which will open, according tivlnw, on the first Monday in December, 1893. .- The Senate, rrbhably Democratic. Ofllceholdei-s undj-r the Kepublicari sen- lite ore naturally somewhat anxious as to the political complexion of that body in the Fiftyrthird congress, and soioe-of them are etill figuring upon a pebble Republican majority. They «re claiming: forty-three Dernpcrats and Populists and forty-five Republicans. More reliable figures, however, appear to be fortV-threc Democrats, forty-ope Republicans and four Populists, who will probably act with the Democrats. In the event of a tic upon-the7QueBtion of . be o,n the rolls will have MAR£UE PALAQE FOR The \ r «rjtto«t Senator to BuU|I a . fOBts MSB ,ta be oiHhJ . of- wWteonarbJie, tiye waH above to - , e Lnlaaedlnooy*. 4sadetan,bf this room orchestra ot«la- .marble. , IThe style .of the , bean reorgani/ing the senate the power of the vice president to gi vt tho , casting vote becomes a questioQ of interest. . " . . VI«H},i*r«»lilenfs Votu'ou a Tfe. The questiou. was' settled when Arthur assumed the presidency of the sea/fte. A motion to postpone a resolution of Senator Pendicton to reorgnnizo tlie senate on a I)omocrjiti.p basis was h-ft to the deciding vote of Arthur, who vot«.-d \viih«the Republicans, thus postponing tho rwrganizution. LiUcr Whwi Senator Authonjj- proposed the reorgauizanon of the bmly i»n a-Republican liasis, the result of "the vote on tho motion was a tj&uiul Arthur cast the deciding vote giving the. reoriianization to his party. A Jfiftj-Vcar-Oia 1'recedciit. Senator Hill, of Oenrgia, and .yunl, o Dtilriwarej contested the right pf the vice president to cast tho deciding vote on questions affecting reorganization.^!)!!! Senator Logan cited u precedent for thu Itepublic- ansthat was establisheclsomot'timfi-itt the thirties, ^he deciding votes of Arthur in the two instances .-^clie'd am jm*umed-tt) \>v sufficient precedent for Stev«nson to fol'.r»w If the senate should be evenly divided pui.i - Ically. 'if- ••..»... WASHINGTON, Duo. •!.—S t -n • 'r( :;V:o " chairmauQf the seij:ita cun.- A» • .1. • . , terstat* comnierte, «iiii yc->,t«-:-u.i_,: ;, are two btll;j u0\v pendj/ig bei,ori''.•'.., < » . niitteu Which I 'hone-vvjll bcvaijn- If.V- o? fore the .end of tBis congress,." OTi- .>F these is a biU to get over. the. diUk-mcy in e S*°?!rifiS U^ JUtecstotfeeouimerct; law jiu- veloped iu the Chicago CH^A, where dt- fendunts refused tq answer questions on the .ground that the}' might inerJ-niiuate. theniselves. 'I'he other jBwisure is one tp rai)>vay'ii to-use automatic couplers. SjtricUen at Ills Dusk. %. ... ; Pec. .1.—?: S.^Garrlftson, 9hiefl6l •tJie^aCcpwuts division, architect's jB/Bce, treatiury department, was btricktn with heart faihire while at his desk yester- •aay; caused by overwork, and lies ia^-crit- ieal- couditioii.- He was removed 'to his home. • p • '?Ue Vote of £olo{ado. ^J)£ajv^£i,. ?olo.', I>e«. Ji—The 'official vote of the state fpar presideniiai electi)r%wa8 completed yest^r<^y' i "and'sliow' " ^ the. iiigitet 4» the Populist ticket «» _!__..«._ oVef 3&ff ^ ft ^ «• ticket. The' ttjtajl KIRK'S DpJcr A two but little used,, will b^sol^Tat a Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, ^ Onrea Chapped Hands, Wound*, Batne. fito. ~ ^ Prerenta ~ " JUKRIMN FIWILY SOIP. Best for General Household UN, II. A.TILIOTSOS JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND ' ___ . All business attended to promptly .and caretully. Has a safe to keep jade meht docket and other valtmble p»»i»ra in BARTER'S ITTU IYER PILLS. .'inlr Headache ond xelleT«<U u \fcnt .*o a bllipui nUta of tho i jQi^xiiiBSB, 2TuuoA^ Dr eating, tain In the BI(L remarkable success .ha* been shown ta i Headache, yet Oartor'a LitUe Urer VQi KM Dually valuobleln ConeUpatlon,partpg«ndpB*. VOntiBg this HyiT^^ylpff'f'OTni-il^Ti^^y^ili^yhM Ail9 cnrfpntiin (VflfirflprHftf thftnlf?niftrh jtityinftlt lfci> iiver and regulate the bowolu. ~ cured, Acia they wonld bo s eulier from this distressing complaint; nately theirginjWnc-aB cl.xji nntTitiTlhfint.ii.Ti (Itiion Who once try tfeani .will ''" TnanyUvea'tbfttha»|ta<vlum u bocat r > L'ver KHa*T3.vow *nndl ttd L' • ^vcyctaMotnddo vbt gript oc .) '. tr gentlo ftoilofi ple^ae all vhA iui. . MR at M cents- flvflfprft B4A ."• .,-;-, jf-^-tiw^ os eeTtfbf.mal> ttttlL; -rtrSfiUUfidSt . , )0ys and girls til? cour«6/oj. pjacflqtl 'tiaja ! t^U^' to have tke-Jle^ot H^e of goods at M. B, Powell's befote, * CoUcga aod talk ove(r gasolinje stove

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