The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 6, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE* .—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2411 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS Modelers Finish Meet Here BRAJWSPQRT AMO Schoolboys Beam Work The fourth annual Lake Jackson-Optimist Club Modelers Oiarnplonship was completed at For Game Multi-Channel — H. Lincoln. 'i A Gas Powered Models (Open ' (Class) — E. J. Comontofski, San the Clemen's Prison Farm Sun- Antonio. ; LURROCK (API—Richly school- day, <:, A Gas Powered Models (Jr.-jwy prarUinlos came to Uiblvirk THe AAA-AMA sanctioned meet Sr.) -Kenneth Comontofski. San , 0(1nv fn ,. 1hp ..,.,,., of „.„. . ,, had 78 entrants for Texas, Loi,,s- Anlonm. „.„, ' ]mA ,„ , h(% .,„.,,,,,. , wsk(Mlln |, mna, and Oklahoma. A (,as Powered (open) -S. A. .„„, foo|hnll s of „ Meet dirrrfor Jerry Siriook nml Salisbury, Ixiko Jackson. A Gas his aid Boh Lane-, holh of Lake Powered (Jr.-Sr.i —Kenneth Jackson, reported the mcot was Comontofski, San Antonio. a big success. Tow-Line Glidrier I Open) — Coaching Srlionl. Tliey were first arrivals for the hie clinic that shoves of.f Tuesday «ilh retristration. Tt bruins classes Wednesday Thorp are 2'l basketball players in the group. They clash At tlie end of Sunday's action Richard Colonna, San Antonio, Kenneth Comontofski was named Tow-Line Glidder i.Ir.-Sr.)— Don the meets individual High Point Andrews, Houston. Champion. He amassed 75 points. Hand-Launched Glidder (Open) Sunday winners: —Richard Colonna. And Hand , , . „ .,, Rudder Only - Ben Harr, San Launched Glidder (Jr.-Sr.) -Boh- t-oachm.c! 'he South all-stars will Antonio. by Burks, San Antonio. ^ "»•'" \V«lk<r of Freeport Brazosport. .T o h n Kthnrho of Amarillo will tutor the North, which leads in the series 11 victories to fi. There are 56 football players who battle Saturday night in the climaxing feature of the school ith Carl Spoonemore of Lubbock coaching the North and Dick Shef- ficM of Jacksonville the South. The North also leads in football, By The A««nointcci rrrn having won 14 games to 10 for \vi>n Lmi rr'. IB H Colts S®lif Twig* Bill, Head Home with two aboard off reliever Bob Tiefenauer, capped the Cardinals' five-run fifth inning in the nightcap. Minnie Minoso, getting his first since he was sidelined May ST.LOUIS (AP) -Paul Tolh of the . St.Louis Cardinals went the if. distance in his first major league iJJ; start to beat the Houston Colts 7-4 Sunday after the Colts won the iwiroit 52 openfcf ol the doubleheader, also • Kan'sas ci'tV'.'".'.'49 by a 7-4 score. Each team cameiW'ashinijion" .... 42 from behind with a five-ran inning. j chlcaRO 3st j,>! Bill White's 17th honier, coming jranltlmore 7, Ijsa Angeles 2 I Kansa Washington 2-4, Boston 0-5. second game. the South. There have been three ties. A new record enrollment for the coaching school appeared in the offing. The school had its largest advance registration in history— 1702. L. \V. McConachie, executive vice-president of the Texas Hish School Coaches Association, predicted 3,400 will register before school closes. 11 Innlns: TODAY'S (1AMKS Minnesota tstisman 3-3) at New H* ... i (Sheldon 6-fii. nleht 11, Singled home the first two rims!Los Aneclps Hielinsky 7-6 or Chance 8-6 off Hal Woodeshick, the starter 1 "' B ° st(ln 'schwaii S-HI, nisht I , * Detroit (Ajrulrre S-5i Bt Cleveand IGrflnl , and loser. 4.4 or jicnowcii 2-1., Toth had only one bad inning,! Knnsa « cityjp.akow $-121 the fourth, when Houston bunched: Baiumon" JEs'trad'J"' 5-12 three singles with two walks for tw>-nn 5-81. nishi three runs. Toth allowed seven "^Auxiliary Meeting night at "- i NATIONAL I.t Won 70 6-1 fi3 ffi 58 ... 51 i fxis Angeles Bob. LilHs. an ex-Cardinal, de-ln",.^," 0 ' 5 " livered the key hit, a two-run sin- [ pitisbursn gle, that put the Colts ahead to I j|; lw 5jjj[|? e '" stay in their five-run ninth in the'Philadelphia ooener 'Houston 40 Lindy McDaniel, who had re-;.Ne» York !".!!! 23 lieved starter Larry Jackson after tha Colts scored their first two runs in the eighth, was tagged for !-=»" Francisco 2, 37 41 45 47 50 53 61 55 70 SO .670 .6.11 .552 .573 .554 .523 .455 .370 .369 .265 .,, . CLUTE (Sp) — There will re a "muton , combincd nieeting of the Clute chicngo! Softball Little League and Teen; Agp Allxiliary Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Clute Elementary j School Library. The purpose of the meeting is to elect officers for the coming year. 4>4 10 11 13 IB 1 * 21 .1,1 334 44VJ SI-NMVS "' Chic " s ° ^ " rsl sarae ' New York 5-.1. Clnrinnati 2-6 Houston 7-4. SL txjuis 4-7 : 7-11) at Lot Anffe night !' ?n 4-1) Rt San Francisco J loss a'gainst two wins. Norm Larker's double keyed the Vew York two-run eighth. : ipodrei In the opener, Stan Musial's. pl "'?pfeSI two-run single, the 3,500th hit of ! Chicago iKMs'worth 6-15) at Milwaukee his career, sparked a three-run j rm( .'i'^""i /p^."'^! at Hm»inn <r* rally that routed starter George '" 1 7"i"'s'i3>. 1 "niiaii * """•™ > -* r ' Brunei in the first inning. ! only s.imes schcduini Jim Umbricht and Russ Kemmerer men comoincd to blank trie Cardinals through the eighth. Kemmerer was credited with his first win against two losses. THE.BRAZQSPORT FACTS Sports S fiO fi5 Box Score HOUSTON ST. IXH'IS •b r h hi all r h hi LH1U 3b-2h 5142Flood c 2100 Spanglcr It 411 OJavitr 2b 5130 McMahon p 0 0 0 OWhite Ib 4011 Mrllai Tl 522 ISoyer 3b 4120 Larker Ib 4111Musial if 4023 Warwick c[ 5011bB.?mith 1[ 0000 H.Smlth c. 4001 James rf 4001 Am'fltanq'2b 201 0 Oliver c 3000 cGoodmsn IDlOSchaffe c 0000 dDavii cl llll.MaNvill fs 3000 Hartirfan. tf, 4 ; 1 0 fS'h'ndi'st 0100 Brunei ? .i 0 0 0 0 McDaniel p 0000 Umbricht p 1 0 0 OFerrarese p 0000 aTaqsslK OOOOHuliba p OOOH Kem'rer p 100 OfiWhitfield 1000 eP'dleton 3b 0 0 0 Oifd swhitlield 1000 Total* 31 7 13 7 Tntaln 3.1 4 R 4 a—Walked lor Umbnrht In 5lh: b- Ran (or Musial in S'h; c~Singled for! Arnalfitano In 9th; d—Han (or Goodman i In 9lh; e—sacrificed for Kemmerer In 9th; f—Hit by pitcher for Maxvill in 9th; > Louinvnic ..... 53 I Oklahoma City . 52 I Dallas-Ft. Worth 47 MONDAY'S CAMKS ! Dallas-Fort Worth at Denver Indianapolis at Oklahoma City . Omsha at Louisville .532 .513 .473 .4S4 .420 Sl'.XDAY'S HKSILTS Denver 4-10. Dallas-pert Worth 1-3 Indianapolis 3. Oklahoma City 0 Omaha 5. Louisvile 3 TOMCiHT'S (.A.MKS ['•alias-Fort Worth at Denver Indianapolis at Oklahoma City Omaha at Louisville TEXAS LEAfilE Won Intl I'd. Behind 50 .533 Allen Academy Prepares Boys For Future Tuka Albuquerque Austin San Antonio Amarillo .. 55 54 ... 54 41 55 .500 57 .456 69 .373 M.vnAY'S RESULTS Albuquerque 6-9. Tulsa 5-5 Austin 8. Amarillo 2 San Antonio 1-'. El Paso S TOMOHTS GAJIES Ttilsa at Albuquerque Amarillo flt Austin San Antonio at El Paso Kats Lose si. ivrais :ino ooo ooi—i E—Borer. Amalfitano. PO-A—Houston ?7-12. St. Louis "43. DP—Jamrs and JIaxvili; Amalfitano, Hart man and Lark- s^SsY M MflXVi "' LOB - Hous!ori 3 - 2B—Musial. 3B— Larker. s-White. Pen- die ton. 1 SAX ANTONIO (Sp) — The Kate from Lake Jackson bcwed out of the TAAF women's softhail tour- namnnl here Sunday. : Midland dropped the Kars and •went on to win the state cham- jpion. e hip hy dounin^ the Houston ! Blues, 3-1. Boys who fltfend Military Aca- smy are beHer preparad *e *«« »h« future in collage and lite in later yean because of outstanding training during their formative rears Allen Academy if rocogniied as one of fhe top 10 prep schools of {its kind in the United States. j Classes are always small so instructors can take a personal interest in each student to assure maximum development The 475-acre campus at Allen Academy provides plenty of room for healthful i ports and recreation. Sev«ral new dormitory buildings have been completed and still ohters will be ready for occupancy this fail. grade at Allen Academy and continue through high school and junior college.. Write today for a beautifully Illustrated catalog Ternu may b« arranged. II' Brunei ......... 1-3 Umbricht ...... 32-3 Kem'erer <W, 1-2) 4 Mcttahon ....... 1 Jackson ........ 71-3 MrDantel <U 2-6i 1 x-Ferrarese ...... 0 I! It KK RR SO V'ubba 2-:\ 1 9th. x-Faced one man ii HBP—By McMahon (Schoenrfiensti. WP —Jackson, McPansel, Ferrarcse. Balk- Jackson. U—Conlan. Wcyer. Burkhart. \\alsk T-3:00. (Second xami»> Iliiuftinn WO :i01 IHW—1 7 0 fct. I^ul* nitt 1ZQ flOi—7 13 0 Woodeshick, Tiefenauer '5i, Umbricht (7i and Campbell; Tnth and Srhuffer. W— Tolh (l-0». L~\Vooleshirk il-12i. Home run—St. Louis, White il7.>. Lehigh University has won 15 .—^^^^^ Eastern Intercollegiate wrestling championships, more than any other school. Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! Allen Military Academy BRYAN. TEXAS One fiRhter in a Thailand boxing match was billed "Bright star of Fetch Chingchai camp, who loves to march in and hangs it away from gong to homestretch." His opponent was called "Blast-up star of Wongdeves camp, the good produce of the cauliflower industry of Bangkok." Specializing IN ARMOUR STAR Heavy Beef GIROUARD'S L SUPER MARKET L* W. * Freeporf IF A HEAT PUMP DOES A COOL PUMP HEAT? Seems like a silly question, but it isn't. ActuaHy, the all-electric Heat Pump does both. It heats in cold weather— cools in hot ... automatically. It's tomorrow's method of comfort conditioning available today. Call Houston Lighting & Power Company for a Free Gift Check worth up to $125 to help put a central Heat Pump in your home. Fresh Strawberry SHORT CAKE With Freih, Whole California Strawberries SI 29 1 DECORATED CAKES MADE TO ORDER ON SHORT NOTICE Wedding cakes delivered and let up In your home FREE KARL'S BAKERY Angjeron's Only Downtown BAKERY 108 W. Myrtle Sr. Call Collect Tl 9-7084 OPEN 'TIL 8 P.M. DAILY \ Plus Double Top Value Stamps Tuesday Save 6c—New Blue Rinso With Purchase of $2.50 or Mar* Special! Good Monday, Tuti- day, Wednesday. Rlonf lo Limit Reserved Pineapple Cream Cake savei4c Liquid Bleach Clorox for whiter, cleaner, sanitary washes Each Kraft Cheez Whiz Save Plain or 8-Oz. 4c Pimento Size 33 Taste O Sea Fish Sticks Tender Yearling Fresh Liver Extra Lean Fresh Picnic Jug Loma '/2-Gal. Plastic WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Morton Corn Chips Chipo's 49c Size Soap Lava Large Bars Hardwarer Castile Kirks Coco 2 stt; 21 c Foultless Starch ;f.' 47c Prince Liver Dog Food 2 ^ 29c Prince 90% Meat Dog Food 2 Si 29c Mrs. Tuckers Shortening 3' Lb f, 75c Easy Care" Cotton CLASSICS! Dainty Printj and Solid Colon SHIRT WAIST DRESSES Rcqulari—Half Sim ChooM Hit popular convortlblt or faihlomble McMullen collar. • Roll Up • Covered lelt siH?! ls «SUV»lv*n mMm$&* • h - ™ An Exciting SAVING! *2 00 Compare At J2.»» Meadowlako Margarine & 23c Lb. Sandwich Bags Marcal lOc 30- Ct. Superose Sweetner 69c 8-Oz. Size Flair Shortening 3 LbTin 71 c Skinner Macaroni u n ,... 2 J, 0 . 2 .29c Spaghetti u n ,.. 2 s". ! .29c Eca Noodles M., 2 A°. 2 .31 c Sava-Maid Chinet Plates Count Kraft Grape Jelly Siit 37c Plastic Wrap Cutrife 29c 100- Ft. Delicious California Jumbo Nectarines Lb. Chef's Frozen Waffles 4-Oz. Size Vi Price Deal Woodbury 2 I- 25c A DIVISION OF THE KROGER CO.

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