The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 6, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1962
Page 5
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tr«. Anna of El that dty following Ital Mon- visitlng relates WM hos- . She out ilx laughter, local i*. Howard^ iRAZGSPOftT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY, TIXAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 6. 1962 THE MA20SPORT FACTS WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES A HEAT PUMP PUMP? Heat... of course. In Hie summer it pumps heat out of your house to pro'*• delightful cooling. In * ? winter It pumps heat info your home for matchless warmth. All automatic ... all done with low cost electricity from Houston Lighting A Power Company. Ask your air conditioning dealer for a Free Gift Check from Reddy Kilowatt to help put a central Heat Pump in your home. You'll lov« it! imans Observe Anniversary of Bomb By OSCAR MDEN MflnaglnK Kdltnr, Hun Jnw-, C*llf., M«rr."ry HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) - That, In Itself, I* * miracle. Bylstepped outside. Two of our chit- nil odds this winsome school girlidren, Yaeko, who was 7, and 111- shoiild never have survived her'roml, who was 5, had been sent natal day, Aug. 6, 1315. joutslde to play. Another daughter, A few minutes after Hlroko was Sakaye, who was 8, was with Hlroko Tomila celebrates her 17th !„,.„, history's first combat alom-! friends In the country. birthday today. || c (x)mh expired „ m j| 0 away ,| "There was an awful noise and Hiroshima was leveled. More than : heavy shaking, find our house 78,000 people perished. The In- ivnne r', n. The roof was here." jurcd numbered 37,175. |She indicated, by gestures, a The story of Hlroko'i birth was,slated space about three feet high told, simply but eloquently, nt ltd apex, through an Interpreter as she' The newlxrn baby was hurled knelt with her parents In the liv-,about 10 feet away. The father, ing room of their modest home|Torao, was struck on the head by before her visitors. ia timber. The mother, Yoshlko, 45, re-' "My only thought was to save memliered the day well. . the baby," Yoshlko said. "I tied "I was lying, face down, right:a blanket around my middle as there." She pointed to a comerjI was still bleeding, and crawled of the little room. "My husband'around to find the child. Then I was beside me, watching the newjwrapped a futon fa mattress-like baby. The midwife had just pad) around us both, and crawler DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE ; . With SUPER MARKET PRICES GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET out of tlid broken house. There were firen all around, so I ran for the Ola River." At this point, the father, a 51- year-old foundryman, speaking in a low voice, look up (he story. "I was mixed up, stunned by my hurting head, hut I remembered the diilrlren outside, ij found Yneko crying, hut the ran 1 away from me. I was covered . .- I with blood, and she didn't know'? ropcd 1rxia - v for a me. finally, I caught her. Editorial—Adv.—81 .1.3511-.CIqss1fle<l—BE 3-2&11 PAGE 5 13 Cities To Pray For Jailed Albany Negroes K „ K.U * u , \ Tri! " "' the 'n««W«Hon lender hint?, behind bars for a third is sot for Friday In Recorder'! time in this city, said in a Mate- 1 Court. Kin* is charged with dls- rnrnt issued by an aide that thejorderly condu-l, cnngreRating on panned prayer viRils showed "our! the sidewalk and refusing to obey efforts are not m vain." i an offk . nr whllc p ar tj d p at j ng in "This evidences that .'M whole . a prayer vigil 11 days ago. system of segregation lies heavy) The cities where prayer vigils B.V DON MCKKK .handful., of speda.or,. Hon'"' Kinf said ' °' "" Wh °" "" ^ **""* " re Chi ° agfl ' B ° S(0n ' A, KANV , G, rAP, Both sides „, ,Mn ,00 persons, includin, ! " Kin^ EL, Sunday hy *.£*£$? JAJ*^ in mis ritys racial Impasse S4 adults, remained behind hars: wife an<1 lhrfle ''hiWren. He was'Diejjo, Sacramento, Richmond face-saving an-' in Albany rind nearby towns Since pcrmiltofl to leave his CT " to see , nnrt Fresno, Calif.; Hartford, i lulion h " 1 '' '*™ «'« "tile indica .| renewal of protest demonstrations V ' ''""'" "I could not find Illromi, so to! 1 '"" of an Parly snlllcmenl. jjuly U, there have been 401 get away from the fires all round !,, !Tr 'V* 1 '*, WPre P |annpd '" rests """le, pushing total arrests " THIS BOOK I'M SELLINS SNOWS you HOW TO MAKE THB MOST BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES IM NOT INTBRHBTHD BEAUTIFUL CLOTHESJ DONT BE IMPATIENT, DEAR " I'LL ONLY BE AN OTHER MINUTE IBTED: n wild thr on llu ERR in. WHOITIS" MVSPOOL OP THREAD ROLLEP UNDER H6RE _ /—••••'-•' in • T-.n.-i i imnc, I.TU.Mling luinl nrrPS WP ran "to the river." —-•;>•' cioos throughout the nation and>-im;e December to about 1,200. I Three days later, they found' 1 Kr "H P , mmislprs wcr e set to: Though city commissioners gen- Hiromi's body buried under de-TT AIK" th ' : Whlfc House to pro-;erally ara as eager as Negro lead- bris, still clasping a doll. ' . N ny 1 J *' l ' r " ? of hundreds ,'ors to resolve the Issues, neither The hours and days that fol- ,.,,1,™^' ', uding Dr - Martin'side has been able to find an ac- lowed were filled with scenes of p ,. , K ' ceptable way out. indescribable horror for the Tomi- , :.",,,^ "" stanrtb y alprl This is the dilemma: King says (as and the other survivors. '{? r lll . H f '" h cons «'""ve week, al-.Owt some concrete progress must Recalling the devastation of , , , souUlwost Georgia be made before he leaves, else AUK. 6, 19«, a question arose: :<:lty 7'""""' '" ils unhurried i he must admit defeat. City o»i"What do you do after such an "i , ..' i >l x > nKl " 1 . small-scale jtials say they will do nothing un• .demonstrations by Negroes havejtil he leaves because they cannot '-' r)md _J^ utlne a nd atlract_onlylpolitically afford to give King a HRl M t Atiriui IALS I HOPE IT'S CLtARTO MDU, WALTER,THAT COM- TINUALLV DIGGING UP , THE POLICE CHIEF'S -SETS US NOTHING BUT PAiNFOROURRMMS — AND THAT VOU HAVE H DEVISED A MUCH I SHREWDER PLAN TO S GET 'RIBS'TINKNAGL-E//] ??-BACK TO THE IT^ PANSVBE — OH, NO, V/ALTER — NOT AGAIN//, IF YOU'RE DETERMINED ON THIS COURSE OP ACTION-LETS DO IT SCIENTIFICALLY WITH THS GRIMACE.'/ FORGIVE ME, J MY CHIEF.'.' LIL- ABNER • k THE MARINES TVlE N^W \ CM(E IN ON WAS OFFSHOEB )WE SOUTH BOMBAEPINS / BEACH 8-6 IV6 CAMS IN HERB ON LCVP'S far BEHLE BAILEY NOW I CAN RETURN TO CIVILIZATION'.! MV BACKWOODSY •1AMERICANA COUEaiON IS COMPLETE!! BUT F1RST--I MUST CALL WIMBLECOORT-- I KNOW HE'S WORRIED SICK ABOUT MY I'LL BE IN CONFERENCE ABOUT TWO HOURS, GIRLIE, IF THE OLD WALRUS CALLS SNUFFY SMITH IP YOU KIDS ARC AU. COIN' VORANDMA'S. t'ULOO/— ...EVEN IP I AM PRBTTY MUCH PSEVSD AT HER/ AFTER ALL. IT IS KINDA HABO T*l 6TAY MAO AY ANYONE WHC. HAS A WAVIRMBLOM/ J ORANDMA _ ^ HO, SHI DIDM'T/ WSTfS MOTMM TOOK I 5M6 SAID SHt 60OO CAKE OP TW! / COOtP WVfiR ArtMAlt WHW WE A PIMP TrlBM.' "TT!E^ SOT JOB^ "\ JOBS? POINO AMD TOOK CAse, jL WHATf ' THEMSfLVeS/ eu-pppoa MOPSLM& FOK Ji £J£L!£. V^Si^JP' \\\i'~':-f V" -• _.-.- inferno? Tomifa smiled. "We Just pick up the pieces. One tries to live." Hiroshimans have built well. The city that rose phoenix-like from Its ashes has grown to a busllinE metropolis of 465,000. The two older Tomita daughters completed their schooling and Sakaye, now 25, is married and lives near here. Yaeko, 22, works for a rubber company and lives with the family. Iliroko, "the atom homo child," Is studying /or her exams at Hiro- '. shima business school. She has two years to go. Do the Tomilas frel any bitterness over the bomb? Mrs. Tomita replied: 'No, we understand It was a necessary part of war. It could not be helped. But we do not want war again. We must find ways to live without this awful; thing!" How will the Tomitas celebrate Hiroko's birthday? TVic-y will not join in any mass demonstrations against nuclear weapons, such as occur annually here on Aug. 6 when throngs: chant, "No more A-bombs" and agitators seek to whip up disarm- i ament sentiment in the World "eace Memorial Park. Rather, the family will join in silent prayers offered by residents all over the city — prayers for peace and understanding. P.ool. DO R..d SPOT ADS T«« Art! Conn.; and Lynchburg, Va. CARRY BORDEN'S GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET NEWS from tho JACKiONVii^La--, N. C. - .wa- 'rine Lance Corporal Roger B. ;Conklin, son of Mr. and Mrs. ;Dalton L. Conklin of 129 Abson idr., Old Ocean, was promoted to ithe present rank, July 18, while | serving with Marine Helicopter Squadron 262 at the Marine Corps Air Facility, Jacksonville, N. C. CAMERA' Sunday Thru Thursday WALT DISNEY'S "MOON PILOT" •JOHN |||il>t|> KAROV CLSA WAYNE-KRUGER-MARTINaU •*»»•» [~IP IO tw ^'^^ l r BLAIN-BUTTONS-HAWKS 1 SHOWS NITELT 4:00 To 8:3* WHAT THE HECK'S A HEAT PUMP? tt'i reafly a year afound air conditioner . . . that pumps heat out of jour house in summer (just like any other air conditioner! and reverses its cycle to pump heat into the home in winter. Your home's new bargain winter rate means the Heat Pump costs no more to operate than any other cenlral cooling and heating system ... and you CM buy a ceniral (teat Pump now at the lowest cost in history, using Houston Lighting & Power Company's Free Gift Check woitn up to $12b. Aik about it at your dialer's. THE HOME OF LOW, LOW, LOWER PRICES! 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Box EMBHMT >OW P«tCt

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