The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 27, 1959 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1959
Page 9
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to * -'••F- irss i>Aft'Ta Brawsport and BRAZOSPOftT PACTS BRAZOSPQRT DIAL BE 3-2611 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "e place) youi Ad BE 5 511 of BE 5-3511 and ••'• for Clasti 1 ^ **; KtTtS H* e* P» IWarUon *•»»• 1 weekday « c 3 a»T* leonlee. |« e B «Uya (eontte) >' c Inieriioni muit be eoni«eutir« C1r-«IH-d Hoiiri -T- : 'Menday ihiouqh Friday ..... « A.M. to S P.M. Saturday .,-, 8.00 A.M. It P.M. Ctnttllaflon deadline If 9 A.M. -'— ef pub.i' d»T 'Insertion deadline tor reader •4$ li « A.M. o! pnbl'«-'nn day Ail display and box adi mult to .in by 11 A.M. at previous -v,.'i' publishing d«y. ~ 3i«« an ad It ord-r«d II can- Bei'tM cancelled or chant .d be- for* publication. Ih« Braioiporl Fact* rei«r»e« lh« -HM to edit or r«)eet any ad""'** U deems oh)«Vonabl« •ad ia chant* lh» classification «<!«r to conform to the policy ef ih» paper. ix.A-1 eharaet ar* b««d on * > ' 41. SERVICES OFTEfcEb DAVENP'.RI Ot-'IOLS') KRT r Call 8B 3-1272. free '•-limatp" rl-i-Mt «lr»-» tncatefl on •ttt'jefltfr «-*«--i- ELECTRICAL SiRVtCB - S.fny. «n.all appliances, wisher service. AJildpn; DAIiYCLASSIHED SECTION , Gotmty, Texas. Thura., Attgaat 27,19S9 BBA150SJPORT ..*• Afl-T-a ANGLETON DIAL Tl 9-5246 ' St. MUSICAL . . . («] and eommereUI wlrlni. BraJed r em) licensed. Dam Eleilrto Co.. »N r S-S780. OOOD BSEb elannei, sell cheap. CT 7-JS34. ' ' PRE-SCHOOL 'PIANO SALE All new and used ptanoi drastically • I ECtRlC MOIXJR jenvTCB. ft«tet oumpl. 1 tlwn 5u c. . MwuW «ni) rr-oalr. r fc plRcpmem ' i>ar<» .3M H I9ln. 8« .M«8. iree-»rt _ GENERAL For .-nmorlpn' -service fin yqttr OB. Mrp'nm.1! Ctll Tour OF .-leanr Ci:/...n'« «E 1-lal GUTTERS - Galvanised Iron—Installed. 60o per tool. NotMns ton, H.oo monlhli Cull Anrle.on. TI VISSt. • USED OPRIOHT piand, fair condition. fJO.M. Phont DI 5-1485 In Weil Columbia. VN MM. ORNAMETAl. mod *^ Column* and RallUfi ". Bjroro •>•' M6t» MlNTINu " ••"ft -iam',:nit ^tet-tiii *.R. Olover, ' BB*3-tin'or BE 3-3480. •I'liio ENURAViNu—rot 'tn oeit n Photo Enaravlnj. .lino nautoiiel, Zinc line ctiti One day service with work ruarnntfen Call now Heo Jobnson, The Brax<Mport Facts Cnnravlns n " partment Phone BB .1-3511. *!«ntrr N 'Flnder"may keen mm« at re-j rYPSWBITERS? -ward. Bertha Salmans, Bo». 10U Free- RADIATORS, inngnetoi, lawn mowers and smail engines, part* and ^urvlea BRAZOSPORT .1A01ATOR WORKS 2019 fwr "M Creeoorl OB 1-117) SMITH WELDING ft RADIATOR WORKS AT TOUR SERVICB : BE 3-1101 • POODLE—Black, I weekj.old tor ".(ale. BE 3-407S after I p.m. e<c«pt week- endi. , ' AD3INO Machines? or 'rent. Call Sam Qant, Bra* sospor. .Ond'rvr.od Annor. 10.1 8 HUH H!WI f.i' •-48IJ FREEPORT — La>gi print* 14 < !>' bedroom, linens, tto. FurrilMied, 731 W 7th. Private and mnl-iTlyate. BE 3-1SOC. V, \ TWO room»r-one haa bit-bed, other baa 2 three quarter beds. Iforoe CT;7<4n. \t. TRAVET. INFORMATION { 34 TV SERV ICE WiNTID— car pool to and from the I RID YOURSELF or XAUQED RE- fcl—1. it*. «l -f-*«f'rtrl tft Hr-joi* 1 * 110 YUUKSeilj--- ur .tAU-Je.U UK* ffift .t-.Si r tS"?Ji.» .nl^a CEP-IONI Let Bonn, OeDert rtpalr 7- . jlort Sigh school. BE 3-4173 after 4 ' W»V drive jour car to Houston Inter- "ititlonal AlrBort, when you can fly Win OtTLr COAST AVIATION? CT 77018 or BE 3-91M. ' _ _ SJ-MALE HELP WANTED MECHANIC A-l IT TOO are fully Qualified automobile mechanic with experience and a steady record ef employment, we. hava an «iwnlng which will Interest you. Pleas- int working conditions, excellent earning opportunity, monthly bonui p»ld, ttit enulpped §hop. lame parts Invent- vfy. If you have the -prsper technical training and can dt> quality work, then all .you need U y»- hand tools. Call Jay Wedlock for appointment to apply in person Earning up to S150. a week H )U can do quality , volume work. Motori, Inc. ill West Myrtle St. eton. Tl 9-64W. ifPtlANCB SERVICE MAN to nln'dle iei trpea of appliance service. Apply "Til penw Anginon LumbM Co., An- IwiENTION — .Retired men, shift 2 workers at women. II you have 12 ^ t6 IS r. iri per week, you can tarn _ 1100 to 1150 extra per montn. Apply; S3. MISCELLANEOUS - MIS A«nu« O. Mr. H. W. .Egier. (mmtamtmmmm^i^^mm^i * Itosenbirg. Texas. Store open_l n U> A Qt WAT sanitlnr vacuum cleaner dla. your let irt osrtarra Uke new. 0 rnrt dependable «ervic« "8 1-UJS. 31. ARTICLES 1 WANTED ••••• WANTED—One Mexican lomebrtro hat with two foot plnacle portmdlng out of the crown, wilt pay good .money. Hat must-be-yellow-on-brim and uln- acle also while on crown. Mint be made and delivered August 39. Call Will Boddle at CY 7-55«5 after S. Job goes to first bidder. Pleue hurry! Time Means Montr! II I I SWING SET and JO" BICYCLE wanted. CT 7-20(8. WE BUY. SELL OR TRADE lor used furniture. Tou bring and w« buy. TRADE BARN, BRAZORIA. Ph. 2990 or 2546. v.ajjjp" TO ;:AT ID TOD KNOW that eatin food will make you Shaw's Natural foods., Tradlni Post. BE M4]l TENNESSE SUGAR CORED tmoked bimi. AN 5*8Wfi. Drive In Hwr 2M Clule. natural —. better? Hwj. 211 at ating fee) BlcJury Korcfnm's ; 10 a.m.. Uondar tUrouth Fridar. Ph. 2 J{0. 2*3793. t&T -with motor scooter, or light car ~.*>r paper route on surf side Beach. . call Tex la me roemlngl. BE Mill. .'j». MALE • FEMALE HFLP VEN or WOMEN wanted for aalei wurk. ; Tm a lorn established local c-mrcany - Salary plui commission. Apply CT 1 SJU4 aft«r 7:00 p.m. . and or older couple to share trlbutors have recently assigned Mr. W. 0. fiellars to handle service callj In this area. Far supplies, service, or to see th« new Air Way (no obligation) write to: Mr. W. 0. Sellars, care of Air 'V£ )• Dlsl.-lbulars 2410 Houston Ave Houston. P.S. Bus, Hose, or tree Inspection at your home with charge for delivery. v r ' FLIGHT tnitructlons, sales and charter aircraft service. Inre.iiifat» our student rental plan, HAH MOSIC COMPANY Quit Blvd. BS 3-3111 I O'Nl- MfVVSHlAI.3 PAIN1 SPECIAL - gunner case win outside wnlta 11.89 gal. . TP ihlplap go. 21>roofln« I7JJ. Westtrn Lumber BIM-J4M. . ; ' SEAL TAB . BRICK - PLTWOOD GULP LUMBER CO. 117 8. Main, Clute Phone AN S-2SI) 59. LET'S SWAP BUILDING: Velasna, Hellhtji-On Ave. O 20 x 48 building to be moved b'r wrecked, 3 plate .glesl windows, will trade for pickup truck or '/anything of equal value. CT T-4818. v - 62. f-'/iS • SUPPLIES . .j;'.OOM3 FOH-HENT 65. UHfURNSHEb AP TM'NT. FOR BENT ••>, CLUTE—Large, clean 4 roorn r .Apartment, AN WW7. ... : J FREEPUR1 1 ueartom apeulmeDti, nardwood fldors, tile u4itbj awl drain boirde H J. D'vU. fteaUy. BB .•URNISHED AP'TM'MT. FOR HEN1 i CLtmi — 3 rooms, private batik Mill paid, good neighborhood. Inquire -BE 3-2282. ! ^ • FURNISHED APARTMENT near Parker Hotel Hfgliwiy -281. MS. Month; ROWLANfi 'REALTT. CT'M543. • - QATHRIQHT APARTMENTS — Nice brick 2 rooms and btth. Near Henkea. Gas and water paid. • BE 3-MM. TRAlLERy tui nut turntshed. Private baths, swimming IXKII. Baretoot Tral) er Park Hwz OU. Fneeort 87. UNFURNISHED HOUSE& FOR RENT tOt. HOUSES SALE BAROAtN — 114 B(tb»ra Drive. 1 bedrooms, 1 bttna. AN S-J675. BRAZORIA - IXClfiPTIONAt-BOY — 414 cltT loll Inside city limns with a 3 bedroom, tnmllj room home. 210 wlrlnc. Closed n brcl pcfcn. VMer. ens. onir tuo total to move to. CARTER » CO. CT 7*2477. CLUTE—2 bedroom home with 10x18 breeteway and 18 t 18 shop attached. 1140 Kyle Road. AN J-262S. CLOTE— 400 Eait Rlvir Drive—3 bedroom home for quick sale. Parti]' furnished or unfurnished. AN 5-S194. FREEPORT—Duplex apartment 4 room house, and 5 room .house. Located on 2 lots, 703 and 707 West sm. Oood cbndlllMi, tell reasonable. For Information call Bar City 01 MTU. FREEPORT—1 bedroom norm. $100. total cost to move In (or Veterani. carter ft Co;. CY 7*1477. l61l. HOUSES FOR SALE IlJ CHESTNUT, 3 nedrooms, i and"',4 bath', central, heat, fenced, double tales, low at Equity. IZS HoLt.Y, 3 bedrooms, large screened porch, .fenced yard. JAM*S M. ELBBRT, REALTOR CT 7-HB Bo» 541 Ut LOOP 1 ROAD, t bedroomi, lerte den. 2 eaF tarege. half acre. SSI MAONOLIA, I bedrooms,- nice kitchen, l»'i2T air conditioned and carpeted family room. JAMBS M. ELBERT RBALTY CT 7*2492 FRBEPORi-130 WHI Bin. 1 bedroom corner lot redeeorttefl Inildt tat out. Total to nVffe In B5». soum Texas Realty Co. B» >-J4i», KRKEPORT—l Mdreofflh 1 bains, fltnl- . ly room, electric, kitten. I JUT garage, assumption $127 month Mr* W U waiter Real Estal«, t BB 3-J541. I P.EEPOft r—) oedruorri nomt, llvlnl •nd dlnlni room .combined. 1 bstth. kitchen, central heatuig, wui to wall earpellni. Chambtra range, ovenJied laraie. corner Io4 ID t 14*. Priced lor quick atlst'. ;• : ' - -; •. SELLERS iR>Atn CO. M MtB PREBPORT - 1 Decjrobm BAROAIN- room fDr anotuer honii. on tbia lot: Only 13200. qwnar will finance. Mrs. W. L. Wal'.trT Rtkl Estate. Igl J-JJ4I. HWJ tHMm> »cn—J bedroom brick home,, •IB.OM. Mrs. W U t Real Estate. BI M541 HiORWAT ID — Real nice 1 bedroom home on S .geres.' Wooded, fenced, well. Veterani Wit ; mote In. tit Mo. first come,, first served. CARTER k CO. OT 7447T. , - ., 4 Bedroom Home* to be built M: 201 Narcissus • »04 Center War 901 Sycamore (Corner) Veterans I Only ISOO down payrrient plui closing cost. Monthly •141. 7-77(1. hly pnytriL ._ TEXAS BETTER HOMES, CT nenti 1133 to •. J. DAVIS RBALTx 'KEEHIIHI 1003 W IDtn— I sedr.-.,m« ««3 W. 7th— UW down. 1110 W. llth-J bedrooms 119 East tnd I30VD. .•--JRRY'S LANDINO- 1 acr«. i bedroom BOUM. uLUTK-L»rg. iota, Mr Down Pay. rnentl. ' . • - LAKE JACKSON- 110 Laurel, t bMran-d' id den. NEW ROME8 Vleclrio Kitchens, insulated* • double garagea. 101 Ash Lane (Corner lot) 101 Ash Lane 507 ' ftyeamon ~ ' U3 Pin Oak si. Comer WE HAVE APPROVED. PtA»» FOR .3. and 4 BEDROOM^ * »HA, or ,VA HOMES i • TEXAS dKTTEB. rtOMEi ' ___,__.•. CT 7-7761, -. '." ' • '\ LAKE "JACKSON 131 Daisy-all Mick, t bahls. ' H» Magt»!u»-iAlr conditioned. HI Jasmine— H50 down. 141-143 winding Way— DUBlM. Srtueed price for quick sale. 141-143 Trumpet Vina—Duple*. ' ""• JONES 'CREEK — Over. 1300. «quara feet M living- area, 4 bMreonu, half acre. .Bargain ' at 115,500. Consider a trade. BE 3 JOSS. LAKE JACKSON-1M . . .. .3 bedroem home.' 4H percent or equity :a,t 175. month. 3 yeara old. wall to wall , carpeting, central heat, .celling and walla Insulated, garbage Iliposal, teheed backward. 'Call CT 7-4449 after 3 PJM. .. -, LAKE.JACKSOrt, - i bedrooms, lane paneled den. central heat, air conditioned, leneen .yard. Cl(be to school and churches. CT 7-CTI7. ,. LAKE JACKSON — Remodeled Duplex. Only I1SO fotal toil to -Veterans. Carter k Co.. CT t^!4n. ' ' LAICB JACiC50y~ Hi Rulsache. Buy EREEPORI — 3 bedroom, garage, fence, central heat, attle fan, near school. BE 3-4S40. JONES CREEK—2 bedroem house, with garage. On Frontier Lane. BE 3*1021. LAKE BARBARA—4 rooms and garage. S3! month. AN 5-559J. LAKE JACKSON—3 bedrooms. 232 Call- dlum. Available Sect. U. CT 7-4411. LAKE JACKSON — 1 bedroom honu, large screened torch. Reasonable. CT 7-CM7. LAKE JACKSON - 1 bedrooms, den. window fan. wall furnace, lota e< eloa> ats. CT T-74W. ' ' ' On contract . for < only 17 ye.ars plus 'taxes and In- turanee. Eitlmslfd to be' I18J8 Mo. or total 178 Mo. TEXAS BETTER HOUEi: CT 7-776L IM HuUaehe-nOO down. 118 Polniettn— 3 bedrooms. ' 239 Caladlum-J bedroom, family n»nn. 411 Jasmine— Bath and a half. • 420 WUterla— Corner lot. 148 Laurel— 3 bedroom, bow equity. : FHSEPORT . ' 1403 Welt 8th— Corner lot CU7TE 1 Bedroom home, 1 apartments. JOB TALBOT RSAIiTT ' , CT 74401^' OWNER BAirTgEU, •"•' Two-bedroom Avenue R. hotne Repaint* ed and clean as t pin. Separata ga- u'RINO TOUR FRIEND AND , LOOK AT TWO of (he nicer homes on West loth In Freeport. -Right aerou from each oth* er. One has a built In kitchen. Other • - balh.«nd-.hait and doubla garage and family room. LErs TALK SHOP re* this 1172 sq. .ft., 3 bedroom 'hotne,;(211 Down moves you Into newly 1. for tlM ckjh. 139.81 Mo. | decorated 2 bedroom horn tin Free* LAKE JACKSON '— 1350 down morel you Into a beautiful 1 story, 4 bed. room I1LOOO home. 114 Arcade, room home. TOWN ft CODNTRY REAL ESTATE. CT T-7777 . port one block from school. LAKE JACKSON 3 bedroom. 431 Center Way. Jut repainted. Bai attic fan and 12 wiring. Convenient to school and church. 8300 down. : _' MATT COOLBY HWY. 281. BE 3-333J RECORD TAKE LONDON (UPD—Burgltrg looted a truck parWd ouiltd* a London muilc ihop and get away with 2,000 r«e6rdi of Gcorg* Onrihwln'g "!>A Oot Plenty of NothlnV Embarrassing FORT JACKSON, 8. C. (U. PI) — The lit Infantry R«g< iment motet pool at lhl» Army pott rtporiad with 1 iom» •mbarraitmtnt t h a tomtom had §)ol«n the com manding offlcir'i ltdan dut Ing th* night. they'll Do It Every Time HT By Jimmy Hjitlo | 126. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE! FREEPORT — UU W«t «h «, I bed.' -— . t .^. . N».U^DAVIDSON DRmS, clule. lute LAKE &CK80N-M BJDUeiu Court. J brtroooil. 1 batbi. ttmllr loom, double •arate. FBA Ml], IM month. Or bur U700 fault; and ptr «31 raonUi. CT - ' ' • : IS!!! ,~, LAKE JACKSOH lir IratTtiiu! j oedroomi. IVt bathi. tentraj air era- dltlonbi. J car ,iarlc>. tamlaled. reacRl. laultj" B,75i>. «M M«. ROW- LAUD RXALTT. CT T4544. ooLr COAST AVIATION. CT 7*7011 or BB 1* 9151. hume" rent~~ifee" with "elderly MOWER 1951 8-N Ford trictor mower. - 1 nllel from Free; •-ma W. CaU BS 3-J964. : BE Mm. [ sort out Hlttt- BX 34tW or Saddle and (ear. BE 3.1096. , RAIN-RAIH-RAIK — , — - — , ERS-DIAPER8. Q. E. Dryers no money JIAN OR WO11AN with light ear for: down. DIAMOND J CO. CT 7*7482. - motor route. Fneport, Braior.a-Swe<. -• — — ; & and wild Fiach communities. I BEDWOOU uoiei ana scan M com* - Chance for bard worker to make i plete. Braioipo.t s U'rseit itock of - tood money for a lew Hours eachj Redwood Lumber. Redwood for out Call BX 14511, ask for Mr. | ccies ueite-n Lumber. BE 1-3411 SOtrP'S ON, the rui that It, so "clean the ipot wltn Blue Lustre. Leavee no rinfs. Darwood'i Furniture Co. 1 CARE of Invalid man. Room board free. Call BE 3-4143 alter ; s ft.ii>.. ' FEMALE HELP WANTED — K«ed utra money but - lack lime for an I hour Job» Part time. SS SSSi o rtle i«?nbeS: SPEED QUEEN WASHERS lei you breeze through your laundry without leavlnt your atr ccndltlonlnf, See them today at Itbj's on Hwj. JM In Clute. —Earn W7.50 weekly at home. No caiWBilni-no house Bellini. No tele. ,; nhone lelllni. minified work. Vrlte - lo Box 51M3. Dallas, Teui. STOVE — cnamber Range tn cood •.a-ni-lon for tale. 107 Lakewood Drive, Lake Barbara. AN 3-S627. "STOP SWEATING and MILDEW" _ preferred. ; tresi and Upholstery. Clute. .AN 5-S45I. SODrlO LADT for typlni and caihler ; Wort 5Vi dw week. Apply 109 W. --89. WORK WANTED. MEM Installation crews. 9-7538. •n duct shop — Cell AntletoD TJ i wui ffuliama White gaj Black g»l. Thinner gal C-D ia ur<ij.- d StifflJ* 00. ' - B.05 (3.1: «uo ESTIMATOR and builder enerlenced to S bidding, aelllnl. and supervlitg. S "Title One" remodeltai and rra-ir • #b«. Wants outside Job witn material'——- „,.—;•--. .* dealer In this area. Salary or com-! T.v. One 17" RCA T.V. In good condu ; rVjuloB. Local references. Write Box lion, US Call CY 7-2M7. j JOS5 J. Fi«port. | ' LAKE JACKSON 3 per month, ROWLAND M543. LAKE JACKSON — « bedroiKn '.ome near Junior Utb. Kt per Uo. HOW* LAND REALTY, CT 7*4543. OYSTER CREEK — Kew contemporary 2 bedroom home. Beamed ctlllngi. silent iwltches, . 'ndlreel llfhUng. waiher connectloni, ilaii Illdlnf door and patio. BE 3*3041. RICHWOOD VILLAGE on Cypress St.— 2 bedroom home with attached far- ace after Sept. 1. O. B. Miller. BB 1-1468. 'droom house with Karate apart* mint. 1313. down. 214 --.AOREL, 3 bedroom*, extra larte Utohen, wall liiaieri, wired /or 220, ftnce«U JAMES U. ELBERT REALTOR CT J-2493 Boi 541 , wf FOIU.W OAKS—Larn I UodroOM, 4..1 per;ient Ol mullj. monUuy pay meati I75JI. «. L. SAOER. BEALTOa :'£.•'... -.CT 7-77SI .-_.'• ; 103. tOTS FOR SALE LAKE JACKSON—IM Primrose, lovely 2 bedroom borne. HO toll outlets. Onto tlSO down oo contract then NO month!--. Te>u Bitter Homes. B. L. Stuer, Bealtar. CT 1-TJtL LAKE JACKSON - Brick Venire. I bedrooms, fenced rard. »1000 soultr. 173 Uo. ROWLAND REALTY. CY 68. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR BENT LAKE JACKSON - 104 Redwood. 1 bedroom air condltto-ud home. Family room with servlnf bar. H z ]i llfini room. Fenced. CY 7-MM. TSB-JTZD - LAWN« TO MOW—Eea«- 4-Sile ralei Call at 7.7IB.' ".JO. -.70RK WAMT^D. WOYEM ^ATTENTION MOTHERS! Child cue at - reasonable rates. Fenced yard, TV. i CT 7*7804. ^CHILD CARE: 240 pel .out Pen-en ; yard. TV, al» cjlht ico 8ur<!*\ • r.-J AN J-an USED I. V.'l •. 21" Motorola. Lite model console wlln walnut cabinet. 1 Yr. picture tube warranty. 30 dayi parti ind lervlce wirranty IU9.M 31' -• :.jshouse table model. In food condition .. 145.00 21" Motorola table model with itind, in fjod condition 155.00 LAKE T.V. 35 B Circle Way CT 7-2811 FREEPORT—2 bedroom hauls at 1112 -West Sib Freeport. Write to J. «. Sawyer. 305 E 23rd St. Bryan. Te«aa or Ph. TA 2*1763.^ ' FDRNISBED eMkiency coltMU (or couplr or bachelor. BUla paid. BB 3-2088. JONES CHEEK—3 room house wlli tlaied perch. Also, small (nnlahed collate. Adults only. East Lire Oak Drive. y« mile north of Bwy M. BB MOM. LAKE JACKSON - 3 bedroom brick home. Air conditioned, automatic washer. >U1 per Mo. ROWLAND REALTY. CY 7-6543. LAKE JACKSON—2 bedroom partially fumUbed home, only KO. month. Carter II Co. CY 7*2477. LAKE JACKSON—530 QardlnU. i bed* room furn.fl.ed home. JOE TALBOT REALTY CY 7*4411. NICELY furnished 2 bedroom houw witb automatic washer, aUo, air conditioner. AN 5-2)11. vELASCO—3 room bouse close to achMl. Contact S07 North Ave B or BB 1-4547 after 4:30. LAKE JACKSOM-.U1 Center atXPERT TYPIST winl . . ~ -jhone. PBX. feneral office work. C - -years experience. CY 7-41&0. • * „ — i •JRONIKO U. m? borne at 21H E. ftb,. • ; freeport BE 1-HM. \ — Done tn my home at 4(17 WHITE'S I," work Dicta* LABOR DAY "STORE WIDE" - ' ' • - SALE Values Galore In eve'ry department For the Car. Kid or Kitchen you can't beat the v-lues at your WHITE'S AUTO STORE. 1012 Gulf Blvd. BE 3*2251, Freeport Avenue B In Velasco BE 3-5162. WALL FURNACES - 1 new Colnmin J-UATORE, refined lady will live tn home - ai companion. Pleite call Urs. Vlen. i •i-gE a-iats. _ : :~" ^NEW DAT NURSERY t .Conitant superTlslon m r lane sniui "• teuced vard with plaran.uad eauip- • dent. Ratei tty oour. day "• week Z Url. Denll. 437 southern Oak- nr>--->. -; ilie JarUon AN 5-28" "WANTED monthly atateme^ts. cards, or -* envelope! addressed, general typinr- 3 Can plck x up ind deliver., C* 7*7573. •sTsEHVICSs' "' 43,000 Duals—Close Out—flOO each. Also severe] used attic and closet fur- naces—Nolhlnf Down—15.00 monthly. •"•'•' Ani'.elon TI S-7538. :".BFE16 are n beautiful room roun <?ltn one < 7-SalS 33. WANTED TO RENT UNFURNISHED J bedroom home with fenced yard, In LUU Jackson. Or will buy low equity. CYJ-4339. 90. BUSINESS RENTALS QUONEIT HUT In West Columbia, M'z60' on concrete alab, on Hlthwa; M. 902 Columbia Drive, Ph. Dickens H97L bedroomi, 2 ear flrate, central he at,, comer lot. unilty •W.-tOO,' «7t Uo., or BEDTJ5L SCHOOL AREA In Lake Jack- new loan. ROWLAND REALTY CY son. Will sell a few of our choice nome sites (or cash or terms. E. L. Sauer. Texas Better Homes. CY 7-7761. ; v:o RIVER - to- of rtter (ronl wlih electricity and a hardtop road Only IHM. CY 7-777T. EQUITY In .an* WATER FRONT lot In Bavanwood. BB 3-4171 Or AN S-2486. (corner) 3 bedrooms, S ear tarue, family room. P.B.A. eoully. llonthly pay. GNJOY fishinf. water kkluiii and ooat- Ini no Baatrop Bayou. US » 100 ihad] homeslteB. IU50. larmt. Rowland Really. OT 7-IiU OULF TERRACE ESTATES — Beautl* ful corner lot. Nine-tenths acre. Car* ter * Co.. CY M477. .. mente 1121. CY 7-77fl. . . B. L. SAUER REALTY LAKE JACKSON-i* bedroom, ' family room home on larle corner tot. IUS total cost U more In for Veterans. Carter * Co- CY 7-14T7. NO DOWN PAYMENT, only I7> total closing coat to Veterans, t bedroom borne, concrete slab, screened back porch, law shady lot, parkway. WUI retnodel. CABTIR * CO.. CY 7-2477. LAKE JACKSON-Shaded lot near school and shopping. 62Vi i 1(2. Sacrifice sale: •12»5. BE 3-1250. US down per month buys corner lo» In Freeport. ABC Realty BE 3-3222. APARTMENT BDILDINQ FOR 8ALE- Freeport—; unit bulldlnt furnished. Air conditioned. CT 7-6301 or 54 c Ua Court Lake Jackson, rauu. NEAR ANOLBTON—10 acree. 4 bedroom home, den 2 baths, 1 ear tarate. II bearlnf frafted pecan trees. Beautifully landscaped. See U appreciate. ROBINSON REALTY AM 5-54M alter 4:30 o.m. CAFE FOB RENT—Nice Snack Shack Cafe on Hwy 2U. BB 1*1612. OSYTER CREEK COUUUKrTT—Real nice > bedroom home with 2 car detached (ante oo J lots. m. total cost for quaUfiid Veterui. Carter ft Co. CT 7-2477. SOUTHERN*OAKI - 1 bedraom home. Tiled bath, air conditioned, central hiattnf. hurricane fine*, oa creek lot, AN 5*2731. ; WEST COLUMBIA - Hfl E. Bernard. I bedroom home oa larii IM. DI t-30M after f.30 tun. 200- HWT. 2«»'ccSe7Vro.itaie"l>y"37» ; deep with 1 betJroom house. Only f 11.900. E. L. lauar. Realtor, CT 7-778L SWEENY — THIRTY ACRES, small home, fits per acre, will finance. Owner. CY 1-liit or CY 7-2S25. NEW 101. BUSI. OPPORTUNITIES CITY CLEANERS In BruorlA for salt. Taylor Johnson, Brazoria. Tex. }*b. 3355 between t and 9 a.m. and > and 6 p.m. SANDRA'S SNACK BAR. Old Ocean, Texas, for sail. See owner. TV SHOP — Completi etock, used sets, Plrtl. etc. 1140 Kyle Road. AN I-J415. .OPHOUTEHV—free Es.ur.atei' .•n. Skilled upholstery by i train- *\Q W Bth. Frernnrt 5^774. BOAT—15' Molded mahoiany boat. 1951 Mark 53 electric nwrr, husky trailer, ' all for 1900.50. Ph. 3KO Braurta. BOAT—14' Uerter fibre fiass. completely tdulpu-d. 35 n.p. 1958 Johiuon. steel trailer. Like new. AN 5*5202. JADCTICN - Ut i.l »li your un- CABIN CRUISER lor llle—11 ft. with • iranted household articles we auciumj two 35 h.p. Electric start motori. * f tverii Sunday afteiioon at 1 p.m If' trailer, lots of other extras. 3ee Chas 1 you can't uka U aameoae else ren ! Oray, 230 West utn. Freeport. - CCL IFallaei. Auctioneer '$tn at ; larialn Center, vn Hv, *i(. ciute -GOLF CLUBS—Woman's — KO phone ;———— ' Brjioria 341!. -BATT INSOLATION - Jc&nl-Uanville t Qliss Fibers wltn Aluminum Foil GOLF CLUBS — Ladles' v/ilion iu:o* t backutf. Wholesale and retail, factory, f raphed. .1 woads. a 'r-ns, putter civ Z direct to you. ' ' ' and cart. CY 7-6837. ?*vll thick aPPlled over-celunf at luc — - • i 'per square foot—blovn rock wool—' 15' YELLOW JACKET BOAT, motor, i, a Solhtaf Down. 55.00 monthly. Call AD- 3 flito-j TI 8*7539. § 43ARPOHTS. aiununum awulnfi, and 1 S futieri. No money down. OOLFI ;• ygact) oo. AN i-iui. • ! -S work wanteci - Repair' add onto nomat. oau ahaat. . .„! ^j iaitui» ' »TOu iUM aux COVE...:, duoi --• lSe».. .amen worgnuj*^ traUer, sills, lackeu, etc. 1140 Kyli Road. AN i-O3i. WE HAVE a USED RlOa DI OOOD SHAPE AT OFF SEASON PRICE* PALMER'S EPORTTOG OOOD* U7 L. J Road, Cluti AN 3-14U PRE SEASON PRICE oa all huhtmt costs, steiplnf bifi, Ululated ur-lerware and cimflafl lulu. Come la and look around ' WATTS intuit BALES 28* liata H. Qu . .O03E3 f'OH 8AJ.E ABC now hai 1100 down payments (me hundred dollars down).. In Anlleton* Clute-and Freepon. ABC REALTY BE 3-3222. - , - ASOLETON — 3 bedroom home. Only MOO. total cost to Veterani to move la. 1 Carter It Co. CY 7*2477. V'.L BRICK 3 bedroom tioml. Den. 1ft olthl, centrally elated, an electric kitchen. Double farate. LlJfi lot In : Hivenwood Addition. Concrete .drive. Euy long term loan. ColemAa Lumber Co. AN 3-2423 or AS UHt ASQLETON — 2 bedroom home, Ut • wiring, wall to wall carpetlnt throuih* out. a.I. equity. Will take aide note. CARTER fe CO.. CT 7.147T. ANQLETON-3 roomi. aarlge. 'Ideal nelthborhood. near *outh Side School. •n_M714. . _ . AUSTIN noSf tumi on 2J aorH. Four bedrooms. Oak trees. 700' well I. D. Onplon. sjtaltar. O! 5-4M1. BRA2O8IA -.GlrOeo Atres borne. All new 2 bedroom fraine. on 7) x UP lot. Lent term loan. Colemu Lumber Co. AN J1423 or AH HSU. BRAZORIA - aal* « foreclosed progeny. 235 Haw YorS K. 14.508. A> . «a/v« below 3 bedroom hornet Family rooms Batha-l-lVj-2 All brick 2 car garages FHA - GI • TRADES ntrmfNCi IT&CFON At PLANTATJON OB SEE LEO ANDJESON Ot CALL, CT 1-1IU ~ LAKE JiCUON -.. 04. BU31MES8 PROPERTY 10». ACREAGE FOR SALE nRAZO« RfV^It. - Peach Point area- Mi acm, -3M». Mri. W U wtlm Real Estate, UB 1-1541. room house oo 10 acres of cleared land. 1ft miles from Braaorla on BrUence Boad. or Box 640, Braiorla. TIRE SALE Plus 1'as And Recappablc Tiro ALL ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEED A u p MORI; f n ut AI t B WHITE 1012 N. Gull Blvd. Fietport HBONK BE 3-Z2J2 Z3. SALESMAN WANTED LOCAL ADVERTISING POSITION NOW OPEN TO YOUNG MAN INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN THE ADVERTISING FIELD. EXPERIENCE HELPFUL BUT NOT NECESSARY. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY, BENEFITS, AND GOOD SALARY. Bend Photo Oi Self And Complete Resume to Box 1055 B . Freeport. Texas DULCIM4 WAS A BOOKKEEPER, BUT COULDN'T GET A JOB AT IT-»« TOOK A COURSE BEAUTY CULTURE •JUST ISMTT A BOOK- EMROVMEHT AGENCY NEED ANV BUT WE DO 1HUS EQUIPPED,SHE SOUSHTAPOSrnON-" •ftlAMXAHO OPf-tbM...S. II8WSSTI6 TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED Stock Market NOON CALL Ceuritty Uncltrwooel Ntuhiur fe Co. of Houtten Am Alrlin ... Barber OU , Beth Steel Am Tel ft Tel .:. Safeway Store* AT & SF ... Cdn Pac Chrysler Com Pub Serv . Dow Chem Freept Sul _ . . Gen Crude . . Gerber's . • _ . Gen Mot Gull OU . _ _ . Gull S U _ _ . Houston L&P . . Humble OU . . Int Bus M . . . Int MinCn ... Int Shoe . .~iV'- J C Penny Jeff Lake S . . 28 5/8 93 57 7/8 79 7/8 38 1/2 28 1/2 27 5/8 67 7/8 MS 83 7/8 28 5/8 31-33 NS 28 1/8 112 30 3/4 67 1/2 NS 426 30 3/8 35 1/2 107 a/4 NS 8 r B ( A r B [ C K [ R Ricord-Hald*r In MaiUri' Individual Champlonihlp Play) South dealer. . Both tide* vulnerable, .NORTH J 9 4>A1098 SKQ1043 4 A 0 V •j r, ;t «:.'j -,S5 ' .'.'H + J198J 4Q5 • + AK3 . The bidding-: 36uth West K6rth 2V Pass 34 Pass 4 V :Pass 5 e> Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—king of spadea. The squeeze, and the defense gainst a squeeze are both fascl- itiris. subjects. Examine .this ind whir* South is playing six -arUr. ' West leads the king of spades •nd continues \vtth the four, de- :ar«r ruffing the ace. Declarer Kirby Lbr . _ . 45 1/2-46 1/2! ; e » he has all the remaining Lou JL&E ..... Mont D Ut Mo Fac - _ _ . Phill Pet . . _ . Pa RR Sunray Oil ... Tex G Sul ... Texas Co _ .... Woodley Pet . , US Steel . . _ . Un Pac . _ . . Singer Mane _ . Stl Chem . . . Frank Life Ins . Life Ins Virg . . Line Nat Life . Manu Life Can . W T Grant . . . Winn Dixie Raytheon ... 33 1/4 51 3/8 46 3/4 17 1/8 25 1/8 20 1/2 83 3/8 48 1/2 105 1/2 33 1/2 52 3/4 NS, 79 1/4-80 1/4 £2 1/4-53 !/• 240-24! 240 Bii 47 7/1 NS 47 3/1 ricks e)xcept one, the classic tuition to alert him to the of successful later be squeezed instead of t defender. South now leads a club to th« ace and cashes three trumps U!v bring about this position: Worth -M + Q97 West Sit:'::" AS South + K3 South plays his last trump and West is squeezed. If -West discards a spade, dummy discards a club) if West. discards • club, dummy discards a. spade. Either way, West ia dead... The squeeze would also' operate if East held four clubs and the king of diamonds originally. The last tnlYnp play would put East out of business, From the beginning»declarer pins his faith in the hope that the clubs rre, divided 3*3, anl failing tl-?,t, that the defender who has fc • or more cluba will also have '. > guard spades or diamonds, In- the aciual hand the contract can be 'defeated if East tops dummy's eight of spades play at trick two with the nine (by making use of the Rule of issibllftr I'li-eze; j Eleven), After drawing two trumps, a By retaining the spade ace, v diamond is led to the ace. East removes th<-' burden o! Ms act of deliberately estab- guarding spades from West, ihlng'the king as a high card i called, a Vienna-Coup, The ..urpose of the play is .to avoid a'.situation where dummy may Since W«st will then have only clubs' to guard, the squeeze will t not operate and the slam will g« down. (61989, Kins Features Syndicate, Inc.) How Handyman's Skill Can Aid Stroke Victim •y HtMHAN N. MINDISIM, M. B. A HANDYMAN'S sJdli can rubber non-skid leg tip»,might-' G D Searl* 54 3/4-55 3/ 121. USED CARS FOR SAtE 121. USED CARS FOR SALE 12D. INSURANCE AOTO 1MSORANCE - If you have two cara you are possibly eiiflbla lor a 13% saruin. See QDLF INSUB 'NCE AGENCY. 126. MOBILE HOMES aoiCK CASH POR YOUR house trailer, any make, model, or condition. New and used tralleri lor Mle or trade. McDoulil'i Trailer tales. (Tut Columbia. DI 5»4M. 121. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES CURRY MOTOR — Your Autaortted Ford ' Dealer otdra cutt'^lete service oo Hour. Body, Cnaasli. None but Uu out liecbanlo trorli oh vour ear at Curry'e. ' dB JMl 127. TRUCKS • TRAILERS DUMP TRUCK— 1(51 2-ton dump truck ready to work. 1140 Kyle Road, AN S-SalS. l» FORD OT-ON clean, priced to ssll. BE 3-1052. 128. J3ED CARS FOR SALE BDICK-11U Moor In food condition tor sale or trade. I7M. AN 5-2275. DODOE—U5L 1 doors, food body and paint. tOS. CY 7-2M1. MURCURY 1957—air condltlonid. Will tax* older car In tradi. CY 7*1004 or CY 7-4411. PLYMOUTH -. U57 V-4 hardtop. Will take work car as trade la. AN {-U7>. !?„. MOTORCYCLES. CHEVROLET—IMf Dsl Ray with litres will trade iqulty for cash or older model car. AN 5-UU. MOTOR CYCLE—M model 74-Harley. Oood condition with ixtru. Bicycle, ilrli M" swlna ae U 68. Pistol, f mm Bleyr Officer's Automatic. CY 7-2059 alter 4:» P4». TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE 57 --L- ___. . ^^^ ^ PLYMOUTH VBOO Savoy 4-Door Torque FUte, loaded with other extra*. PLYMOUTH 6-Cylinder Club Sedan Power Fllte, many other extra* __......_ '• jr PLYMOUTH Savoy V-8 1-door 3O Power Fllte, many other extra* '§• M PLYMOUTH Savoy V-8 4-Door 3O standard transmission, other extra* BUICK 4-Door Special, Hardtop Dyna-low, many other extra* 'mm DESOTO Sportsman, 2-Door Hardtop 99 Power Fllte, power steering, other PLYMOUTH: 6-Cyl. 2-Door Station Wagon, ltd. trtnsmlsslon, other extra* CHEVROLET 6-Cyl. Belvedere 4-Door Power Ollde, other extra* •mm HUDSON Hornet, 6-Cyl., 4-Door 9 *t Runs good — .talrly rough •m* DODGE V-8 IrTon, Hvy. Duty Truck 99 5-Sped transmission, 2-8peed axle ...._ '•* DODGE H-Ton Pick-Up 3Q 4-8peed trans., thoroughly reconditioned —........_ ...1 rr _ 995 795 695 195 1595 895 JAY MOTORS INC. T( 9-6456 ANGLETON 113 W. MYKTUE b« Very valuable around the house .when there -I* a itroke rvlottnt in the family. Hundred* of Uiousand* of per*onc are affected by strokes each year. Most of them recover, but for many toe te> coverjr proceo* U aiow. Bom* Alto To help them In getting about tha hotiM and In performing minor task* during rehabilitation, a few simple aid* gener- Hand rail* along the vrallf, for example, are extremely helpful. &> absolutely certain, however, that they are fastened securely. In »ome Instances It might be a good idea, to remove door sill* that may lumper walking or movement ot a wheel chair. Hywood t*V* Incldentalljr, wtille DM ore •tpt«klng df whielchAlr*. you might want to make a plywood table whleti eaa rest on the •TIM of the «*alr. Cut it to fit around the waist of the patient. It oan be u*ed for a writing Ubk, tor Bt-avM mi tog meal- tlmisa. For ttt* perM who mint •pekid auch of hU time to bed, a bedside Ublw U alrnoit essential. In addition to toilet article*, rtadinjt material and the like, it ihptad *J*o enntajti a beU for •ikfUMidng tnember* of the family. lift* i«(Mi PUdne; a Ufht (wttcls within reach of the pod patient will *»ve you and other number* of the houMhotd many ctepx. Fo* utftty, I *ugge»t placing ft rubber mat in the tub or ihtwer itaU and po**lbly a nan- dte on the waU to wnab)e the g«t Up -nor* easily, wooden «too> with ba advisable In the shower. For the tub, you might" want to make a tub seat, - The American Heart AifiocU-- Uon even suggesta enclosing soap in a little pouch made out of a wash cloth. This will makei the slippery bar much easier to handle. Many housewive* who tan , been partially crippled by a,. stroke will ba able to carry on at least part of their housework with the help of ouch davleca M lap board* and non-skid uiio Ing- bowls. Using One Arm Specially designed telephone*, card . holder* and typewrites* are available for persona who can use only one arm. Perhaps you will have to re» > arrange your furniture a hit t* make walking a little easier and safer. And, of couritu, you probably will have to get rid of any scatter ruga, at least tor tha time being. la short, whatever you can do to help the patient help hbnselC i* good medicine. QUESTION AND AN8VVEB Mr*. J. L.: I have .been mar-,. ' lied for four year* and have had three pregnancies, all of which, have resulted in miscarriage. Can you luggeat any treat* ment or drug that would enable me to have a full term babyT The doctor* tell me I am in excellent health. . Answer: Habitual abortion may be due to a hormonal disturbance. In these case*, regular use of progesterone may protect the pregnancy. In other twtttnces, poor nutrition, over- , activity or other abr.ormfrllUes I may be contributing factors. Your doctor should be able to prescribe a rigid routine of rest, diet and medication in tin. attempt to carry your next preg> nancy to term. • UM, >O>| VMtunt •yadleaU, Inc. ".A

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