The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 24, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1893
Page 1
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*'f' ,'^ *jfe .' '" / VOL X1V-NO 282 MONDAY.' JULY 24, 1893. .•*'•. Bakinc? Powder JfrsoltftJy Pure A cfeatn of tartar baking pow.der Highestof all in leavening 'strength Latest U. $' Government Food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER GO ilr. Humphreys' Bpeclnc* are sclenUflcaJly etui carefully prepared Remedies, tued for yearn lu private practice and for over thirty years by tiio people with entire SUCCOB*. Every single Specific • special cure for the disease, named. They our* without drugging, purging or redncla r the system and are In fact and aeeu the Sovereign Remedies of the World. LirroirriirncirAt, KOS. ounei. Micas. X—JTeYersj Congestions, Inflammations.. .25 3—Worma Worm Fever," Worm Colic..-. .25 3-Teethlng | Colic, Crying, Watefulnees ,<15 4— Ularrhettt of Children or Adults ...... .25 7— ConBhn, Colds, Bronchitis .............. 25 &-NeuralBla, Toothache, Facenche...... .25 9— Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo.. .25 10— Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation. .25 11— Suppressed or Painful Periods... .25 i!l— Whites, Too Profuse Periods ......... - .25 13— Croup, Laryngitis, Hoarseness...... .25 14-8alt Rheam, Erysipelas. Eruptions.. .25 15-Rheumatlsm, Rheumatic Pains ..... .25 16— Malaria, ChlUs, Fever and Ague ...... .25 10— Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25 20— Whooping Congh ...... , ............. •* .25 27— Kidney Diseases ..... . ............... .25 28-Nerrona l.ebility ..................... l.OO 30-CrInary Weakness, Wetting Bed.. .25 HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEIt Oil., "The Pile Olntment."-Trlnl Slie.gSCU. Bold by Droftgliu, or «ent pqitpsia on receipt of prlco. Dm. llOKfHEiia' ttimuii (144 p«ge«,) KAII.KO FEKK. HPXPHBEY8'«E1>.CO., m*ll»wmUin8t., HIWTOBK. SPECIFICS. CARTELS IVER PILLS. CURE ai/)V Beadkohe ud relieve »!' die trtraUea iaof> -kit to a bilious state of the system such at DinlneM, Ntuaea, Drowalnosa. Dl^tresa alter e»Upg. Pain In the Bide, ka. While their most ;ea»rt«ble miooega baa been shown to curing 3ead»oli«, yet Carter's Little LiTer K1U ix* equally valuable in Constipatlan. curing »nd pr» wanting this annoying complaint while they also correct alldisordoraof the« tomach^timulate tha livar and reaiUate the bowela.; Even U toes only — — - —*— Ac)>*ibey wouW bo alcpcotpriccleaa to those wnc BUJusr frojo fhis (listressingcuinplainte but forte 9*Mj, \ hsi j 'faoAsiiiM S oeq not eud hcre.and those who once try Ibeo '^J11 ii ud. tUeea HUlo pUla vain- ahleJuao oa«.uj *iiy. tL» k tth«y will not bo wll- flag to do .,Ut»vmTil.fc.n Joseph E. Gruesel Probably Fatally Hurt. , Tcrfv>~4. '•• : -"t; t.'f.i' iirtwoiitlla-juRi '• .T-OJ 3- ' - .••^i-'4bVa Ju:d do aot ' ATTOBNEY GENERAL ELLIS' OPINION Three Children antt a Man Missing £lnco the Destructive fire 1 at JEwen—A Young Man Drowned In Lake Michigan at Harbor Point Resort. DETROIT, July 24.—About 3 o'clock yesterday morning Joseph Edwin Gr-eu- icl of 049 West Fort street was fcnyid ying unconscious by the Michigan Central tracks at the Sixteenth street crossing by Switchinan Patrick Nolan. 2is left arm was crushed and bis head covered with blood. Nolan put his coaj; under the injured man's head and telephoned for Boyd'a ambulance. He was ;aken to the Detroit Banitarittm, where Dr. F. W, Mann examined his injuries, The doctor found that the skull was fractured and the left : arm horribly crushed. There was no possibility of saving the member and Dr. Mann performed an amputation immediately, jrreusel was very weak from loss of blood and his injuries were of such a serious nature that the doctor and his issistants thought his recovery impossible. There was nothing pn the injured man's person to identify him and the family did not learn of the accident until noon yesterday. Shortly before that time the young man regained partial consciousness and last night he was resting easy and there seemed a possibility of his recovery. How Greusel received his Injuries is not definitely known. It is supposed that he was crossing the tracks when two passenger .trains passe'd at that point, the one outgoing and the other Incoming. Greusel probably stepped too near the other engine, and was struck. There were three pools of blood near where the young man was found, indicating that be struggled a short distance after he was struck, and even tried to move a second time. Switchman Nolan was standing on the front of yard engine No. 306 when he discovered Greusel. "There is a dead man on the track," he shouted to the engineer, and the locomotive was stopped. If the trainmen on the train which struck the young man" knew of the accident they had not reported it last night, and until the company makes investigation it will be impossible to thoroughly explain the-Jnianner m which it occurred. ; The young man had evidently been injured some hours before he was found. It is known that he spent the evening with friends in the western part of the city, and about midnight he' parted with some companions at the corner of Michigan avenue and Sixteenth street, telling them that he was going directly home. He waa .probably on his way to Fort Street, down Sixteenth.froin J when struck. The doctors at the Bant tarium say that, while it is impossible to say definitely, Greusel's injuries indicate that he was struck from, behind. FELL INTO THE Rivlfl. " Christen Larttou of the Schooner Michigan D'rowued. DETROIT, JtUy 24.—Christen ^.B*^^ mate of the Schooner Michigan, which is at anchor in the middle of the riyej off the foot of St. Aubin avenue, waa drowned in a peculiar manner. The Michigan and steamer J, Emory Owen were lashed together aad a yawIbQat was-tied to ,the side, of- the Mwrmejy Larson decided to go ashore and ha «.yer the ra#. "Vyhfle, getting: w " ^-*~~ -"' Registration.- • *''• , July 84.—Iti respohse to _ iequest from the register of deeds of fey county for an opinion as to Whether .the certificate; of the auditor feneralor.the county "treasurer, as to he payment-of taxes, should be record- dedwith the fleed. a&._r.eturned to the >arty furnishing it, and..whether the register is entitled to any extra com* pensation for handling the certificate, Attorriey General Ellis says: It is my opinion that the certificate fur- lishetl by the auditor general or tounty treasurer, and which is to be presented to you before the deed is entitled to be recorded, need not be recorded with the deed, but it should bo filed hy you in Jyour >fflce, as it is the best evidence that you have complied with the law. The certificate made by you on the deed itself of the 'act that the other certificate has been Jarnished, should be recorded as a part of the deed and you would be entitled to ad- lltional fees for recording such certificate. Tfourfeeawouldbe-so much per foliofli cents), as provided by Section W33 of Howell's statutes; You would also be entitled » a fee for filing the auditor general's or the county tlvasurer's certificate in your office. This fee (6 cents) is provided by the next to the last subdivision of the section above referred to,.., . Three Children and a Man Missing. _SHPEMI#U, July 24,—Three children and a crippled old man are said to be missing since the destructive fire at Ewen, although the report has not yet been verified. Fully 800 families were' made homeless and many of them pen-_ niless by the fire. Provisions and necessaries were received from Bessemer, Qntonagon, Ashland and other points. A stovepipe through the roof of a lean- to in.the rear of the Sriyder house was the cause of the. conflagration and if sufficient water could have been used within 10 minutes no serious loss would have resulted. The reports of lynching; were without foundation, save that some threats were made against Supervisor Guinreir. living five miles from Ewen, who was the promoter .of ttw present cheap-John system of waterworks, which was put in against strenuous objections from citizens. Drowned In L^ke Michigan. HARBOR SPRINGS, July 24.—Herbert Bergen, a young man of 18, was drowned while bathing in Lake Michigan at the Harbor Point resort. He accidentally slipped into a deep hole, and, being unable to swim, could not help himself. John Hair, a companion, attempted to rescue him, but Bergen struggled so hard that Haire had to release him, as he was himsel f almost exhausted. Haire called for help, and his father came to his rescue just in time to save him. A crowd soon gathered, and after a search of two hours Bergen's body was found in four feet of water. ••" • .-»> • • • 'Farmhand Gored toJ>eath. ALLEOAN, July 24.—rFrank C. Kunke, a German employed on a farm three miles from, this village, was killed by_a bull. The man was first gored in the forehead by a horn, breaking the slrnll and knocking him senseless. As he lay on the ground the bull attacked him again, one horn striking him, u at the base of the skull near the ear and pjierc- ing tne smui so as to art tne sJnnon top of the head. Mr, Kun^e left a widow and five children. He was a member of the Maccabees and German Workingmen's society, Latiuter ,,!» l>ying. JACKSON, July^f^B. Irving Latimer, the famous matricide, is 'dying- He is ill and has been for a week. When ... as captured last February after his escape and the murder of^eenei.Haight he was put in the dungeon celt, where he has been confined giiwie. -That he is gradually .wasting away there can 'be no doubt. Solitary confinement is fast breaking down, the once stalwart f rame, and a few months .more} of siachiucar- oeration will tell its feaie—i* wjl'result |o W? death, „ •' ' '• • • " • ! ••'•• , ; ' •'• "9 •••: '.•'( y •''• Hrlng Yonr Carpets. The carpet cleaning works on E* change street will be open on and after Monday, March Sl7tb. '"ft" Go to Boughton's for wall paper. New stock and new styles. - r.,. . ' Robert Bchellj is prepared to dp kinds of tin workshop ofcposite EL » Murphy's." . : u you want the best refrigerator^, pji earth for "the least money uo to Boslej's'. Buy the genuine Philadelphia luwii mower it Bosley's. Sufferers from Piles should kno* thatth Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly 'aa fectunlly remove every trace of then?, ruggist w'U. get it; f,or ytiu.. $100 for a ctjeo of Catarrh, vousiiess and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Cure will not curd. ' '•.,-.» Vegetahle Cure' will break up ColehYmnd ' and Coughs, LnGrippe and its aftef -4. Tremulous Weakness of the.l^eyy^Ki.- elas and Constipation. -1J1 Q«, |i.(XX * *' ' DR. SHARP8TBBN. ' Lawn mower* sharpened and T t e- pairtd at hosier's. ' -.,*.-. uet your tip wiir»<n>?na<;d at Sohdly'* tin shop. -..••-• .,./.' Ui t your wall paper and paints a •"• " ' ' new stole. ) un bhbitb, More uippleb ilanuuatton of the brea»l in8t«ntly re- diuvtd with Lavthilar Oiutm.eut. Just as sure as hut weather comes t will bo moio or less bowel complaint in thia viciuity; Every person, arid especially f aju- iiies, ouglit to have some reiliafltle in,eclipin» at hapd for instant uue in caae itie needed." A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chanjberlain'a' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy i« juii what you ought tq have and all that you would need, even for the in out severe and dangerous cases. It is the best, th^ moat reliable and most successful treatment known and inpleaannt to take. For sale at Greene' drug store. . • ' The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery, for, the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in- every for.m. Every druggist has it. Good summer wood at f 1.75 per cord at C, T. Grain's. ' : . . A new remedy has created a seriuation ainong p'lysicianB by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Pilaa, It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. I* is cheap and simple to use, but nothing re- mo vea the di.8eaae so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. ' Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired tit. ~' ' "• -^ »«« _»,.*„ - & • + "v^5M • t*f {/ __». water. Several burned. __ fire star&d fro^|i|g5Mjne-e3Cph> won %»d both men were euveloped, in flfees. -ThjBJr were 0b£geA * * windoi? jinto ^e riyei iet»Ue,tf^». •- ,. .^ i nwr€*4r« AM^hnMteiluAn Pitcher^ Castorla, »gme«^Q<tftJie V^ J ^ •• • .1 / i,- s ?.;*** +(*. , If you waut a tirst class Juush call on the new resiuraut, first door wast <*f .the Touliue, ti if yoy wish to know put future, send 10 cents with a lock of jour hair, stating iii yuur letter ,,riat6 of j-ouf birth and your sex. PjiQF. GEO. ~' 169 Lincoln A%e., Chicago, III. If you are lingering from fevers, l«u«, lagfippe, Catarrh, consumption, coagh OF bronchial troubles, asthma, heart neryousuess, sleeplessti^, dyepejpiaiit, sick ljeadacb(?, ptkralysie, erjw^las pr se*ly skin, constipation or piles call ou° Pr, Sharpst?en- for bis vegetable core,

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