Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 8, 1961 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 6
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«-Dtl t!O (T«xa*> NEWS-HERALD, Thursday, June 8, 1961 JOINT CEREMONY San Felipe and Queen City Lions Clubs Slate Installation Del Rio Firemen To Attend Stqte Meeting in Austin Tour members of the Del Rio Fire Department will attend the j Services Today • - ~ '-1 ~ „>-' /- ,'\ ' , - • 9 For Mrs. Fawcett governor, been appointed deputy district A .k)inl installations of officers for Ihe now district is planned by the San Felipe and A. C. Svveathelm and Dr_ Nail governor~~ and Robert Korie, wlio Mrs. W. E. Zorn, the Queen City Lions' Clubs July of Trinity University in San An- has been • appointed zone chair 12. Robert Kone and Alfred Car- tonio to be the speakers at the man. S5th annual comention of the | Last rites for Mrs. Frances Eh-, The grandchildren are Roger Slate Firemen's and Fire Mar-'za Fawcetl, 76-year-old widow of [and Randy Fawcctt of Sonora, shals' Association in Austin, June'E. K. Fawcett, were to be held: Will F. and George B. White- 1315 'this afternoon at 5 o'clock in St. -head of Del Rio, H. K., David JamGS> Episcopal Church with I and Curtis Fawcett; Mrs, Robert In addition to -mi ranza are co-chairmen for program for the installation. ihe installation. Robert Konc, The club will make an effort lo president of the have tiie street into San Felipe repaired and to have RCV ' W. Nickle officiating. Bu-iParct; John Keyes Finegan and men o" r^Lla 'GllberTwo^T ml was to be madc m Westlawn Mrs. Walter Davenport; Robert, •v-avd and C\RohYnion will ro i Ccmetcry ululcr the direction. of. Sara Lee and Bill Fawcclt. The .vaiu ana c. A. Koumson \\ill rc-;,i,_ i-i«_. lr , p;,,,,,;.-! n , i » _j-\.:,_. ••...._,.•..__ present Del Rio. > thc Doran Funeral Home. Zorn is second vice-president i Mrs. Fawcell, whose family | great grandchildren are Hugh Lee i Fawcett, Dean and Robert Parel, A delay of two weeks in the in : Queen City Lions Club was a guest Cemetery repaired and to have O f tlip AsMiciaiion an<[ Mrs. Zora been prominent in ranching cir- i ., xi ln _ v ry.. ,„„.,,.., ',. i W ai staliation was announced at the at the meeting Wednesday night the hv.v enforced against littering j j s chaplain of the women's. auxiUi cles .for many years, died Tues-, rf - ^ ua\enpon anu wai- regular meeting of the San Fc-f and proposed the joint instaiia-' (lit- area, where trash, fails from I jary. j day at G p.m. in a local -hospital^—- lipe Lions Club Wednesday niRht tion. approved by the . board of vehii Its en route to the city dump-j p c i Rjo's racing team which' following a brief illness. in the Roswe!! Hotel and the date , directors of the club. was set at .luly 12. Formal congratulations were ex- The delay will make it possible tended Abe "Barrcra. who has Pro-Sales Tax Solons Answer Daniel on TV , Del Rio's rat-inn team ing grounds south of Eagle Pass j broke the stale record of IB sec-i Hill; Alfred Carran/.a will fill an ap- She was born August 25, 1881, Prarifient Plfinc onds in the pumper race here in' on thc Nueces River in Uvalde iOlMCllI rluna , , March with a time of 15:G sec-i County, a daughter of David S. Woalronr! in plu-atton form out for a boy to bejoiids will go to Austin on" "Juno" and Mehitablc Baker Thc family ;."««*«»« m sent to the Lions Crippled Clnl-j u. The termi will compete in , moved to Vai Verde County and! W A<;mW.Tnv ,AP, n - (dren's Camp at Kerrville this I pumper races being held in com! settled at Baker's Crossing where ; , AS " INt ' TOlN CAP) ~ Prcst ~ | wcch - . [junction with ihe convention. ] she was reared and where, on f c(nt K «"« d y -leaves Washington I -Seoulmaster John Costa is seek- i Members of tin- team include Gil-; November 26 • 1DO'• she was mar-' • y for lhrcc ttnys relax- {ing someone lo lake thc Lions-! ben Woodward, Bill Woodward,! ried to E. K. Fawcelt. iation. at Palm Beach, Fla. ' •-- »«>-*•-:-.- <•' r- .—._ ,n i - ' ' ' - | The White House said the President was seeking rest after his trip lo Paris, Vienna and London, By DAVE CHEAVENS ; KWT.V-TV shipped back ai WACO, "Tt-x. (APi—Texas needs •• governor's lax proposals it was ! periencc Ihey have anticipated all a sales tax lo finance state opcr- ; set up as their reply to his recent ; ye Jr. ations anfi iherc- is no point in iry- .statewide telecast urging citizens; ing lo hide or disguise the \m- to join him in his "back to the i pleasant fact, a panel of k-iiisla- i wall" fight against a general sales i Woodward,! ried to , sponsored Troop 2711 to CampjSam McMains. W. F. Acosla, W.| jFawceu for a week. Unless somc-i A. Schuler and Leonard i one is found, the boys will not i u .j t h i.. A..'Tyler as alternate, the i be able to go to camp, an ex-! - ; ,, nort1 tors said here ias! nicht. tax. The legislators said f hat the ) Sen. Wardlow • Lane and a tele , . , . , vision team of House members governors: proposal, rejected by said that , exvn Gov. Price Daniel. ' tho Scnate ™nf"ces, «'as really ; sales tax Toe. leans heavily on va- no'.t.s form? of such levies in his the Daniel a sales tax. i Lane scoffed at most recent money-raising propos- ' amendment as -"an upside-down!, ai. The governor should n.jt try tax - one you could call to "mislead" the people on ihis point, th«?y agreed. Their 22-siaiion telecast from Reps. Wade Spilman of McAHen," Reed Quiliiam of Ltibbock. Ben Atv.'fll _of Dallas and Jack Woods; Methodists Say Foes Trying to Destroy Church HOUSTON' (AP) "— Thc Texas Two Men Sentenced For Rape at Abilene , „. , t , ,, for Gir j whcr? hc con[errcd with Frcnc , ts ^nd Boy Scouts is named President '• Charles dc Gaulle, So' • I ' awccU - WIATHIR INPOftMATION ,U.S: DepartB^cBt ol Commerce Weather, Bureau, Del Rio, Texas, Max. Mifl. Pr«. Albuquerque ^.1— 91 64 ' 0 Amariilo 93 56 ,83 i Boston ,. 62 56 Oi Brownsville 91 77 Chicago 72 60 Dallas 88 71 DEL RIO 95 68 Denver _. 78 53 Detroit 70 67 El Paso 96 07 Houston -—-.—.- 92 74 Laredo 102 70 Los Angeles 75 CO Miami Beach .: 84 77 Minneapolis •___._- 70 fit New Orleans __L — - 86 67 New York--_.:;—•_ 75 — Portland, :0reg. _._"^'69 52 Phoenix .„_-..-., 100 (53 San 'Angelo -„„_. 32 66 San Antonio -,._— 97 76 Miguel U. Robap, mf %"(} .\ - -'•* "'• J-^-^M^ Former Resident, Dies in California . 0 L., ,, ~ r *»••>«..* J - 60 .Miguel u: Rabago;<^9-j?car-old •^'former resident t of Del Rio", 'tited • Gi in Tularc, California Wednesday. 0 Hc had Jived there 12 years, ,08 0 0 0 .04 0 Funeral services \\ill be held in Tulare Friday. Mrs. Isidora H. Castaueda ami Mrs. Ignacio Habngo of Del Rio have gone to California to" attend the funeral. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Juanita L. Rabago; two Q sons, four daughters 'and a 0 number of grandchildren, 'all of 0 California; two brothers, Juan Ra- n bago of Sunnyvale, California, and Maximum and Minimum tempera-: lures and amount of precipitation two S!Slcrs - -Antoma Rabago of for 24 hours ending at 6:30 .am. CST. On chart, trace of ra : n. T stands for a Sunnyvale and Isidora R. Castaneda of Del Rio. ABILENE, Tex. (AP)—Weldon ... ,, , ,of the Methodist "llicncd -'enemies of . j Conference a sales ! „, . i . , : tax or an excise tax. whichever S. U! c * ia ' . .suits- vou at the moment." | the church for trying jo destroy With Lane on rnp-pra^ranLvserei 00 "^ 0 ""'? its ™ msl "? " un i .. ,i-_j_ t-_-.i...-- _7~rrrs-.^-_-l.fnarges ot Cominumsi inhuralion i in the ministry. Conference delegates yesterday .of Waco, who presided. .unanimously adopted the resolu'- i Host' of the monev that must! ^ V >"T wa f In ^. ducc . d ' hy thc | be raised to finance "the $350 mil- J f oard ° f La - v Activities 01 ihe con- i lion in spending susgested bv the j C ^ C " LC ' ' governor will have to come" '*'? as !a - vmen - wh ° afrc ali i through retail sales taxes, the i members of y o u r Conference Mawmaker-; acrced Board 01 Lay Activities, go on rec- JACKSONVILLE.. F!a. (AP) _| , Wc ^ don - t have anv ord as desiring to hold hi«h the Authorities worked today on slim i cno i c , - said'Quilliam " i " ands of our men of ^'>d, saw clues to the apparent strangula- j ..j^V moj . 0 Qr ]e ' s a matter of j the resolution which was read by tion slaying of two Georgia worn- j wha , we ca } { it and ,- m Ln favor ; Pst Thompson, the conference's en who dropped from sight early j of tsljing the trulh about jt .. Qui ,. j lay Jeaaer. ~ on Memonai Day. They had dnv-j liam sajd> ,- We ou ht lo be hones[ j Thompson. Bay City, Tex., said en to Jacksonville . lo make a } wjih ourselves and the peop | e of ! "c know ministers in almost c-ve'ry hunch bet on, the dog races. | Texas about this tax bill. " The partly unclothed bodies of] Spilman said that most of the Althca Oltavio. 43, and Patricia ! various proposals offered the Le5- . vie! Premier Khrushchev and <, , . „ - , ,„ tish Prime Minister m St. James Episcopal Church , m j]j an •• •and in soil conservation work. ] Survivors include four sons, two;-"" 7 ~~ :—: 28 a:u! Ralph Lockhart. daughters, 13 grandchildren, eight'—— 27. v.erc sentenced to five years ; S rca t. •grandchildren and two W.'<!nc-*d3v ;or rnpin" a school brothers. The sons are Horace K. teyrlu-r Auu'. 17. The woman 21 i-Waitcr,- F.tmer and Lee Fawcett: «;ss a stiuinpt at Abilene Christian i lhc daughters are Mrs. O. D. Fine- Colleae ' ° an ant * Mrs. F. C. Whitehead. j Her brothers are Walter H and READ-THE CLASSIFIED ADS l W 'U T. Baker, both of Comstock. Poiice Have Slim Clues in Slaying of Georgia Women ! church in the conference. ; "I do not know one single man I Ann Hewett, 25. were seen i ! islature by the governor during tion to descri lo the enemy," he said. Thompson Wednesday from a helicopter in a S ltl - P asl sessi.or, were based on j palmetto ana' pine woods area J sa!cs taxes for their major revc- j ^ est of the cilv, i""c- T sales taxes were excluded. ,; rh iiri>hp« iQuilliam then added. Daniel's sus-l thc ctulrciies ! .. • . . . -...-. to the Thc women had been dead sev-1 gestions would not produce a-third ' • eral Investi22tors from the she-riff's j office =a;d it appeared the \\onicn > were throttled with [heir own i clothing. ! When the Vaklosla. Ga.. women ! drove the 133 mile? to Jackson- j ville May 29. "it was (o be a iark ; iof the money needed. Stickney Denied Stay of Execution A USTI.V (AP)—Ho ward ncy. condemned to death for thc those who of communism in c doing a service : Communists by dividing! j Christians against each other. j Tw« temperance resolutions by: jthc Board of Christian Social Con- , | ccrn v.-cre adopted. j .Tbr first one dealt with the ?o- | i called Carting Brewery Bill, which '. has already been passed by thc Slick-J Texas House and Senate. Thc resolution urged that Gov. celebrating Mrs. Ollavio's «rd , Galvestoli beach slaving of Mrs. | Price Daniel veto the bill '•'for. lhc 11 name of Texas." The second resolution concerned ,..,. i , - , -, .j ,----. -^wkv-- -- >_ *.-^ .. ^j. *•__- «B O -wr* *-» . ^j. ^! i n_^, t^r ntij^i VT_I»J lilt; ijll 1 L\Jl LJ1U ir• Mth ^ IH • i i S fi''- ^ Shirlc - v Ba "ies. has been denied Welfare and protection .of i en.s Jbth ^irtnaa> June tu . a £ - tay of cxecut ; on A commute- cili7.ens of Texas and for the good - «-- S «V 10 --? fh ° tW t S W f Wed !lion hearing is set for todav. in World War'IF had a dream J . Thp p ardons Boarc | reflls cd him that led her to believe the 2-a j daily double would win at Orannf Park Kennel Club planned lo bet i!. Uhe stay Wednesday. He is sched-1 what it called "wet propaganda _ c ulcd to die Saturday. , . j t o cause more and more of'our afi Stickney. 23, was convicted of,'population to drink alcoholic bev- ,_ _ . ., , ... . killins Mrs. Barnes, the wife of . erages."" The 2-a daily double did wrr. J annthcr Highway Department cm- j This resolution urged Gov. Dan that night and paid SI./ for S2 j , Hcf hlisban(j . s body w as ! ie l to include for the"called session Investigators haven t learned ifj found near the Brazos River 25 of the Legislature Julv 10. the con- the women were there- and oct on j mnes from H puslon. Slickncy xvas ; sideratioif of a measure to ban ali . j tried oniy for the murder of Mrs. i advertising of alcoholic beverages. ' s '' " - i including beer, throughout Tex as.- it. Although Mrs. Oltavio oflc'n vis-; g arncs ited race tracks, il was a new j -L experience lor Mrs. flcwett. a na- | tive of DcJroi*, Mich. ' - j She had never bei-ri on a lone I trip away from her husband.' Wil- I - liam Charles Hewett. since they • . New Back Injury Puts Kennedy on Crutches were "married in 1052. Thry had; four children— lhc. oldest 5 and the ; youngest 3 months. j .Mrs. Ottavic's car was found j WASHINGTON (AP)—President; telephoned Salinger to say hf- May 31 .along an unpaved road > Kennedy has been suffering from I would not use crutches today but southwest of-Jacksonville. It was = a new back injury since May 16, ! would wait at. least another day : the -White House disclosed today. ; to se'c how he felt. There is no serious concern, it j Salinger disclosed that Kennedy TS said officiaiiv. i did . use crul'.-hcs for two days stuck in soft sand. Officers pullea the ^r in .but then had no report of the women Mrs Heweu's ' ^'-- r i"t-ci\ Kepi the injury secret husband came- !o Jacksonville i from "'embers, of his staff. Monday of this week that an in-j II was knwn - of course, to his tensive search began. 1 personal JTravell physician. Dr. Janet JFK Warns Youths Jobs Will Be Scarce For Poorly Educated WASHINGTON (AP) —'president-' Kennedy warns, that there will be fewer and fewer jobs in the next. 10 years for young people who are poorly educated and maladjusted. scribed ! White House press secretary PJ. ; sacral strain. : erre Salinger said there is no con| nection between Kennedy's pres- ient back trouble and that from was just prior to his trip to Paris. Vienna and London. Salintrcr said Dr. Travell dc- the injury as a lumbo- ! which .he had suffered previously ! and for which he underwent a del"- icate operation several years ago. Kennedy suffered the new in- \ | jury in Ottawa May 16. thc first! day of his Canadian trip. j Jt occurred when he was lifting j several spades of dirt \vhile plant- j „„.,,, ! in S a Irec at Government House, He called for efforts to guide j residence of Canada's governor the ••nations youth toward good L, cn( , ra ] '. ftduc_aUons r skills and good "citi- j * Salinger called reporters into •zensnip • j his offjcc , 0 lefl U)cm aboul U)e Kennedy spoke \Vwlncsday st i iRJJry . Hc said Kennedy would fund raisin? dinner for Big Broth- ap pear today on crutches. NEW WATCHES LIKE EGGS GET STALE! Obtain Freih Wafchei from ' Del Rio's Only WaJcJimolcer of — TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 107 W. LOSOYA crs. of the National Capita! Area. But , CVC n as Salinger was talking with reporters, the President Inc. Under the Pig Brother movement—which operates in Ihe United States snii Canada—l>oys from J • n e T Aun cm un faUjerJess homes arc given guid- ! L ° ST AN ° F °° ND ance and friendship of men of good character. COLLECTS METER STAMPS ELMIRA, N\Y. tfs — Harold Hamer ,is a stamp collector, and yet, he isn't really. He»collects postage meter marks, those machine-applied postage 'imprints usuaJJy uwd by" business firms. Hamer says hc has more than 3,000 of them, nil different. - .AMELIA, Va. iff, '— A . tuoni!) ifter Ronnie and Janet Miller were married in a double ring ceremcny Ronn : ? lost ' his ring in a hay manger. A search WANTED 1000 RADIATORS TO U .. CLEANED AND REPAWED DEL RIO RADIATOR no W. SERVICE DHI! 5-M13 fdtile. A year and - a half- later one -.-of' Ronnie's cows became ill ^nd was brought (o .Richmond for inspection. The cow died but X- rays revealed Ibi ring in the cow's stomach, Ronnie is wearing DR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS Offk. H««r» KUit. Htm M. CwMoct UM Pt 5-4351 — IM WM* Say It With ADAMS' FLOWERS KUP-ELEC IKC. INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL SESIDENTIAl CONTRACTING PR 5-4457 — 207 W. Dignowlfy Kilgore Undecided About Retirement WASHINGTON (AP)—Rep'. Joe Kilgore, D-Tex., says ho has riecidtd yet whether he will rclire at the end of his present term Kilgore said Tuesday he expected Jo reach a decision next fali after surgery on his back. . : Dr. C L. Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya PR 5-3762 OFFICE SUPPLIES ~yp»writ»M • Adding Machine* 5AIES and SERVICE Hallmark Card/ • Art Suppt!** Dei Rio Typewriter Co. 612 S. Main Dial PR 5-4812 Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 AVP. F — PR 5-2014 • Pit Bar-B-Q Dotty • Choice Mean - - '• • Top Quality Gra. & Produce • Prompt Free Delivery WHITE WINGS FLOUR 5-LB. BAG 39c SNIDER'S CATSUP 14-OZ. BOTTLE 15c Wishbone New Low Calorie French or Italian DRESSING 29c 8-oz. DEL MONTE Pineapple-Grapefruit Drink JL 29-OZ. CAN KLEENEX VVWfe, Pink, Yellow, Aqua ;400 Count Box 27c Treesu'cet Froz"ii - . ORAN'GE JUICE 6-oz. _21c Hirdscyc Frozen FISH STICKS pkg. 3Dc • Libby'-s-Frozen Chopped BROCCOLI pkg.- __ __ 21c Birclyeye Frozen P'ordhook LIMAS pkg 7 . „_____ 2»c Libby's Frozen TUK.N ? IP GREENS pk.^.. 1 DC OUR LOW PRICES PUT SWIFT'S USD A GOOD HEAVY BEEF HI-C Oranpe or Grahe DRINK- 46-07.' can" ____ 33c Three Star Sniced PEACHES No. 2'/, can_ 23c Hunt's FRUIT COCKTAIL ___ 30c J>fl Monlc. Sliced or Crushed PINEAPPLE flat can __ 17c Del Monte PEAS No. 303 can __ Del Monte No. :',n:- can. Whole GREEN BEANS .__ ... 29c Del Monlc. Golden Cream Style CORN No. 303 can .. • 3!)c Van t;anio.s._ No. 2 can PORK & BEANS 18c i>ew I>ro-< Xo. 300 can Cut al! srrcen ASPARAGUS _. 29c Kotel, Tomatoes'* GrcCn CHILE No. 1 can __,.__ 15c Slarkist, 61 —oz. can Chunk Style Tuna _.__-29e ROUND STEAK 85 SWIFT'S USDA GOOD HEAVY BEEF T-BONE STEAK b 89c SWIFT'S USDA GOOD HEAVY BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK 79c HOME KILLED-SK1NLESS . VEAL LIVER b 49c FRESH WATER ' CATFISH STEAKS lb 73c Kimbcll's 12-oz. can LITNCIIEON -MEAT ___ 39c Gfbhardts. No; ?0{* can CHILI with BEANS .___ 35c Carnation IMILK 2 tali cans __._ 2Sc Bama I'rraeh or Apricot PRESERVES 'J 8-os. ___ 3 DC Delta Sum-mcr DILL TICKLES quart 37c_ Kraft's, 10-oz. ha?r. Miniature aiARSUMA'LLOWS _____ .25c Foljtcrs COFFEE Mb. can ___-_ G!)c 2 Ib. can _ ____ :___ Sl-37 KOTEX Super, Regular, JunTor or Slender line BOX Of 12 39c USDA Good Chuck Roast Swifr'j BrcokField 3 to 5 Ib;. !b 49c Sausage Links . lb . 49c USDA Good Rib Stew Golden Bantam/ Fresh Corn '. 4 ears Ib. head 19c 15c lOc Hormel's Midwest Sliced Bacon Armour's Star ~~ Franks Cello Red Band Bologna Ib. 29c 55c 47c 39c ib. Fresh Lamb Patties —" Baked Ham Armour's Turkey Hens -.' Long Island Ducks — Cabrito Legs New York Sharp Cheese Hoi Raw Hamburger—Hal Barbecue Home Made Hof Tamales Sat, 2 p.m. Home Killed Choice Hens form fresh Grade A Fryers whol€ or Cut Up Ib. Ib. 29c 31c Supreme • " FIG BARS 12-oz. bag __ 25c Preniiutn Saftine CKACKKUS l-II). box ..,.. 2(>c Chase and Sanbotn COFFEE 1-Ib. can : __ G5c 2 Ib. can _..__ S1.23 Imperial SUGAR 5 lb. bair i.')c O . "• '• • Fluff o SHORTENING 3 Ib. can 75c Prince Ltvor or No. ft!) DOG FOOD Z cans 27c CHEER Reg size 31c Giant Size : GJJc Camay, 2 bath size bars -SOAP ____ ::,__ ______ ; 2!)c Fresh Georgia Peaches Fresh Lettuce Fresh Bell Peppers HOME GROWN KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN BEANS 19c PASCAL CELERY Large Stalk •__ _ 17c FRESH OKRA ;___ lb. 23c FRESH CARROTS ,:L-. :__..:.__ — __.._ Cello Bag lOe AVOCADOS, California ___ .___1.___ 3 for 25c NO.'l CALIF. POTATOES _ >._i__ .'5'Ibs. 25c LONG GREEN CUCUMBERS' ___ _--^ '•-.'.— -:. — _- lb. 9c FRESH CHERRIES - PLUMS - WHITE GRAPES - CANTALOUPES - APRICOTS -MANGOS'- ICE COLD WATERMELON Grocery PR 5-2322 FREE DELIVERY TWICE DAILY! MarkoV PR 5-3323 IF BOTH ABOVE PHONE NUMBERS ARE,BUSY PLEASE CALL PR; 5-8223 Pcpsodeni Giant Sire TOOTH PASTE ._ 49c Kimbcll's 3IARGARINE Ib. 21c Kim bell's BISCUITS 3 cans _____ 25c Candy's ICE CREAM i/ 2 gal .___ 79c Liquid. Carton 6 cans METRECAL —_.____ $1.7!) Rath's • • ; '-.'." ' •-••.-•:••, ".'•-'^:^ PURE LARD I-lb. cln _ 18c

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