The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 21, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1897
Page 4
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tttS Mil! AUGUST ti. 1B»7> «»*> y*»r, ttn-i»tt*K **. t>.» 14.7 it, tO Mufti* POT W*»k. rertrtrod ft* ihe office o' t ubhration, M* iSas* ^tate «ti*e«. ' J, M, MlKSES, JPtabHstwr. ,- What A **n Cftff »6 Ae <*ftn buy 160 acres of g<xxl laud for gi.Ooft Pay |4<3fr-dowtijb!thHM*-H^«Hr«je payment* due ifr 3, 4, ftrril S>c«rtr «*7 ptjr . jW. He car, ftbo-tay l(X> ohotpa . ew«ft f or r<3 10 «ood CHWH *W faOO- *** tnHh bdtte* frbn» tha eowft will pa? fttt fawn nnd fatiJ% esi&jnsw. ShBi»W»s<i«ffth«a> and Wool^U m»y off tfte mortgage befoffc il ,i* dap, lu ft*fl *<?a« «»H pilA MT BtKL<Ml S ttve tote atid prices **»<»* H, •• l*tMw*H*«rton-A««&t totuSoutfc pakota, 296 ' Tha 6he Adopted Toward Cuba . by the* McKtyley Admfn- f0 M 01ti£lSD IJfOH SPAIK 'Vnl««» gftfe iPttb* I>»wn M>* ««l)el* Before l,nnjt-- S«nniltri)t «>* Kur0J>ean Oof crn M* Notice. Perfiona flending in a fire alarm arfc requested to fitay near fcho alarm box until the dop«rtrn*>Bt arrrvcs w> an to give in- fomwtion as to *he fexaefr lofetiou nf -thts fire. B. MARTIN, Chief. It id always to rfceiyo fcwti- era it is e8r , lot ttitk bfttn and ore 'easy . AGENTS WANTED J("OT MJe most val contribution to the of the le ScfooUrs!' Wise Writers ifnd ilSVESTI- . C.A.TOR** of the 19th Century. If nil the nuure of literature there ia (jot another book like THE PEOPLE'S BI3LEHISTORY lu this book alone can be found the Infor- mitticm sou oli t by every Bible reader. whether fild or young, scholarly or UB 1 ' lettered. H IS, indeed;n great work. KeconUUeowiMtn nrchiBOloW hare brought (tin world of .todaj fa«» to face «ltb the tn*n who , U+ntU and noted, and wrote during th« Mrlf poriniH rorervd or KibHcal HUtoriuw. Tbecv »di<K;o*i>rIiUl rmvfl fcKaltert in the triumphant tin- rtlcntiuii of ike morati rolume from tiivchtrm* bnxmht nsstmt it by open foM mm pr*l»nded fri<miii>, Ensry inf«lll|!nrat pmwn'will otdef th» bonk, ?.« tlife Aiatter Contained in It f> of mat imnortnhce mid cannot M found in «ny other book on earth. * Write for deicflptijre and beautifully I illustrated pamphlet circular.^Address THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. , 212-214 Monroe St. ts««—CHICAGO. re- 1n -ULACE STEAMERS, • LOW ' t MACKINAW PETOSKEV CHICAGO.. Toledo, Detroit /Mackinat To Mp Taken on tittf Ground *hnt OBr ttanutad th^? Same. state d^JJartWertt w^re Ver^ rfetfcent , , rdaywTietJ saint port,in circulation that €io*fs have be^n given «U o«r ambassadors a»d mlrrffttefs te IS cotmtftes to sound and*, ascertain attitude of European case the p»lt$d States shotild'» ^jj* Cuba/ While &enerfti denials ruajle by sofi^of thern, blher* Intimated feBat- the United States wa» -ready ' assume the portion taken by Grant In 18T4, .ae showh ( by the «H- structlo"rts of $ecretar>' Fish to Minister Cu»h)niEf; Although It never appears that these Instructions jvere carried- p«t, and there la no ftnowltedgi* wKat Spain •would have done'in the jpr.emlstes/ tt" is , poaaible' that Minister" Woodford iwlU >ave ft different report to make. It Va'n Sitftted on InfoVmatton received h'^re ~there "is .no tr.udh in the report that Salisbury has sent an unfavorable r er to a suggestion that the United *s should Interfere, the fact being' . he has not relied at all: to the attempt of our ambassador to sound Bim oh the subject and that his attitude gives rpason to believe he will-not oppose sufch action aa our'jntereats may make ni^cessary. ion* to Minister "\Voodf6rd. Minister: Woodford's Instructions are to intlmaws to Spain that the United .States willy Intervene-unless the situation In Cuba speedily Improves. This tn effect waa the inatructions which were given Gushing by Fish, and it is understood that the. ; attitude of the TJnited States now Is\aimost Identical with th'o position taken\ during General Grant's admlnistralfllon.y'Then,.as now, the 1 good offices of the United States had been tendered to Spate to bring about a set- tleftient "of ttie Wr, "but," Said Secretary Fish, "the .Well intended profjfers of the TJnlted States were unwisely rejected by SpainA* The .secretary, reviewed the situation,, which presented many similar phases tot ha tv€H?ch exist? now. .-President Grant, said tht; secretary, rsjglardcd Independence as the only certain arid necessary solution of the Cuban qtwatlon. The attitude of tho present, administration is said to be on th'o same llhes, and! it is fcald Minister Woodford will make it clear to the Spanish authorities Ithat our Interests will make intervention by thu ''United States Imperative unlcds something la done aptwdlly by Spain .to .improve the present situivtton, diajstrous 'a» It is to all our -interests. Bhd fiiafrhoea rernCiJy, ehtjo' ff6to-« peciallj so. "Thefelrwi cBfltective .jeweSjr than .T3ha"m,T»ft?fern l » Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy," writti? 6t»E! fii Ro1icy r pTiySolan and pharmadiet, of Olney, Mo.; and aa hfe h«s used th^ tetnedy 1 in life o^ft JaraSTy and sold it in hla'drug Store for six years, he cef tairflj? know. Fdr sate at SLOMAN'S DYSPEPSIA, o' Sleep **U» To whirt App*tlte »nd Oop« Dlftmtlofl A trial «r fttnttt 'wrrbskKY, THE -soo, ,ANt> DULUTII. £VCRV EVENING BETWCSN Detroit and Clevelanc , Cotiufctino «rUh Karllcrt Train* «i Clev«lan6 ' ' for.ftU p<Mats Kutt .sou.h autl i . SdoCUwcst * Sunday trip* lune, July, AuB«rt on3 S»pte»1btr Dnr, 2 New Steel Passenger Steaoert , itiit»)c«n Built for our fnpcrUk* Krto *iliu *.,«*,soo pacli. Scn.l for >>lu»»% tej _ ~ i , pahiptilct Address, A. A. SC^^NTZ. C. f. A., CICUKLTV AND IN Cor. Bates and lamest Sta., PETROtT, MICft. Loottun Chronicle Quote* it Peapulrlng; L«tl«r from Senor 8aKa»U|. v London. .Aug. • 21., — The correapdent Of -Tho I>aily* Chronicle. In a letter £tuia Cuba toll* pf further cruelty and dls- 1 trc>H»' in that Irtland. He aays th« paclf- :k:(>s i*r«i d^iae.. l by ,thfr hundreds, "their budl<>3 tulntitiE the air close toa Spanish fort," -The, 'Chruntrle c-orrespondent, trontlnufnji; remarks that a private letter haa been, received- at Havana -from "Senor Hagftstai the .-'Liberal ' leader- In Spain, ip. which, he. gays; "Tbp atrocities '•arfc raising a thrill of horror In JJuropiJ and 1 ft*ar It in Imposalble to rftlste fre»h loans, without which we cannot retain Cuba." .The correspondent further saysv "•Germaii symilcates are buying the de- vastutt'd eatat&s at nominal aurns and •mttnd to go In extensivtly lor ^coffie planting, abandoning sugar/ Thi» will directly cyncern the ITnlted Statep ami, will probably lead to extensive sugar growing 'in Oforgla and Florida." •X Washing ton, Aug, 2l,-^Q«neral Weyier haWlnfonned Consul General Leee under oai« of Aug. 12 that the "$o-call«d tnsurgfcmM^tptatn. GfPrge Newton, an American ciHtra. has been placed at' lib- Dii of '"tYft' F^t ^battalion 'ot Cuba, Tm . yaraco«L." Although the state department interceded In oehalf of JJ«w- K» trouble is mote commoft or njore tnis- wnderjtowl than nervous dyftpepftitt. Pew ote h»*iutf itlhink that their derv«rnre to bintne <tp«J ftte surprised! that they are not ottr&l by aetVt! Medicine and sbrlos: reoie- ^i«e; the real seat of the misciM&f »» low mght of; the stomach IB the organ to be looked after. ' . , , " •Nervous dyspeptics often do not ndfe any pain whatever iu the stomach, nor perhttp? any of the usual symptoms of sfoDttacb weakness. Nervous dyspepsia shows itself not tn the stomach BO much as to nearly every other organ; in some cases the heart palpitates and is irregulats la others the kidneys are BffBetecU in others the boweia are constipated, with headaches; still others Sre troubled with loss of Besh and apatite, 4ith accumulation, of gas, sour risings and heaft burn , Mr. A. W. Sharper of No 61 Prospect St., Ind"ianapoli«, Ind., writes as follow^ »"A molive of pute gratitude prwnps me to writ* these few lines regarding the newand ^aluAble tnedicino. Smart's Dyspepsia Tablets, ,,I have been ft suffering from nervpus dyspepsia ft r the Ja?t four years j have uSed vartouA patotit medicines and other mne- edies without any favorable result. They sometimes save temporary relief unfa} the effects of the medicine wote off. I attributed thiiV my sedentary habits, bemK 4 boodkeeper with little physical exercise, but I «m gl«S to state that the tablets have overcome \all thests obstacles for I gained m flW), sleep better, and ftm better in every wai. The above is written not for notoriety, but is based on Actual fact." , • Kespectfully youTs. \ A? W. SHARPER, ' 61 Prospect St., Indianapolis Ind., It is safe to \say that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets wiH cute any stomach weaknew or diseaso except Wancer of stomach. They cure sour stomach, gas, loss of flesh and upputite, pleeplOBsnens, palpitation, heartburn, constipation arid headaches. Send for valuable Itttle book on -stomach diseases by addressing Stuart Co., Matshall, All druggists sell\f ull sized packages at 50 \ ' . • ' For Salo ort Rent Cheap. The 'Montgomery homestead on Marshal! avenue; also ^ptne choice lota on Marshall avenue nfatl Liberty ' street, Montgomery '« fidditi^u. Inquire of INOEKSOLL. S.A.SLOMAN f. '.INCINNATI,OHIO. j^"^^^^^-^*^.^^ $100.00 toward will be paid for the arrest and cojrtictionj<rf-any one detected,refilling:o«r bottles. For sale by W. T. IMUaUS and A. O.-HYDB. . L. Blankenhorn THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, •r Will seU strictly pi»6 Wrigfet & Lawther Oil, raw, 30c, boiled, 32oTper gal. Lead at $5.50 per hundred Ibs. Varnishes, Hard. 0|1, Calsom Black Board Slating, ^ Paint Removing, etc: k \ • ^X^AVEUTt, ^JkVA^P*^ TRADE I*ARK», Mb ---- tj* - tnfornmtjfm «fift free iinndhook writs to i. j>X « to, vfil IWnAUWAT. N«w YimB_ i.'iik-i't linrcua fnr WH'itrlnff pntcntfl In America. r.\<-rf pntivnt taki-n ottt by us 1» tjrpimht bisfora . J - - •-cnfruqcfdUorgalffttn / ot oimilntlon of nnr drlpnllrio paper tn th» «or.d. s-tilmiawiy IIHistrdtBi). N<> lut»lliaenl man RlmnUl >«' without 11, Wmkjr K3,OO« yr •.lil.'ViAlit months Ailrtrowa. SJBV'T* «), Vi ^^wufciJs, »O( llrxmdwuy, .Ntw/1'yrk Cltr. of C:BrouU< 1)1- A Kemarkabh' In 1H02, wh«n I servell my country as a private in donapany A, 167th Pennsylvania Voluntuers,! contracted chronic di- nrrht«'ii. I^has given utaa great deal of trouhhvevbr since. ' I iiave tried a ilozpn^ ditfotent medicines and^ several prominent dt«tor& without any prominent r6- Uef. Not tony .ago a friond sent me a 'salnpUi Iwttlo af~CllaraberJain*a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea, remedy, and after that I Vwugjit and took -a T)0 cent bottle; arid npw I can Bay I am ontirely cured. I cannot bo thankful enough j-ou for this great remedy, and "rew mend it to all Buffering veterans., rlf in doubt write roe. Yours gro • - ''.'«, . - /-\**.' ^** 11 We abstairi from usirfg inferior qualities ol IE .^A, B .s i _ ^"*" mixed paints, iieing .able*1bO mix o^r own colors from pure lead an4 other substances. SHOP KA.ST STAM'STBBBT. , . order does not acknowlede ^Sfcatre w r«lh«t»ed bec*M»e ru««jiwt ^ A»lB government, but another reason THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAM PRODUCE.',! BEN-HUR" CIGARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke that leaves a grateful rememberance. ' $ofdby all dealers lOc straiglitftncl 3 for25c. ManufactareU by BEO.MOEBS & C&, Detroit- .. iBK. Thin eemedy helnff In- ijeeted directly to tht neat of thoee dlaemitea of the Geulto-Urtiaary Organs, reottlrtf* n» chance 67 diet./ Core guaranteed In i to a mail, »l.oo by . HYDE. " BECOME »RE»LWOI1»N" Study Uw tom»ttott ot «arnMt lutWU. »*<r«lot Allentown, Pa. Sold- at Greone'a ^*fi store took attM- the B*ek: 4 [Strain, a Constant Sitting or Poaltl#tt Do You Knon Duioii T^aeliers 1 Agenci«s of America, ititp upun 0en»ral A^eftvaga, wfao. ... a^io minister of war, ^Tne cabinet will " ~ "~ '~3S! Meet. inv41*,-8Jl, , , , o}is Retail Furniture Dealers dleci(le«( -to told * on WaiwwJaSv- -Ssjit. 1, iit!ir« dealtrw o( thia »pd iurf«h- atfcten wltW» a radioua 9* 160 , from tbtB city to attend- The »ut» aide denier* will-be requeiaed to- $0ta the. orsanlaation Ope c* 'tto*° principal ob- af Ibe a«poc|ati<»p is to -prevest from retaitcs goods. * - This Mews the KJd- Beys^are Affected! ^ How few peopio^tealWe when their T»cfc tcys s»v n^twerKiHg i H'v«r« full, y«« strain 1 that araokea l^or aale by W. A. Barr«». XN x ., coupt sentences Danville Sia«i»tratje W. R, Tttamo aenteoced a wowari to tbe rock-pile i*tt or stooping jkwiUon ft»r lo»4j itite Saata thw yow budt 6e«i*w M?^| •hqn yourheiui, y<»ui towujtftts iSstleas tir iufj weary, but; do you ui«lfcn>to,nd t r&J wuse?' ^fe tkink *bt, *Wj ywi irou aot usa plas^w and liuinamti ,on the w wtat-h yaly njlievtt but do apt reach t ai^ser If you wokld rid y*«»pJI of t •fKiia and cure the ryyl, of the traufte, at la »Ud from otber Unas. Send for lold«riE*Bd forth**' inforaw- P. & T. A., ' (Irand fiapida, Mich. , Cart ficfemit aad Kd ^O»«wc*-«n bouur 1 r«a4- of. the piWe each day a) tb«,, •S^WP ™ l%F4|r^p «^^^^BpfMBPBfr Wr ftuys a btjouard cle*ilabifl refrigerator . . o/ peiwJtona has ootified all nt« jthat it ba» c«®ff t,o tota at- tb*t in certain to»taac«ai cb«cW, » and certiacal[*9 ara_ i«4SK to- pensioner* in care of attor- In tte'ordtr ia»u*d to theju h<s tbia rouat l of advanced e««ctt*e navig»ttoa U0« aiid proy.en tlwt ilTwtti cure, Mr. Julwi iiobaoiu of 661 Detroit; says: "A»* result ditriug the way I bave ^uuo^u %;»«;. bUtcQ with rhcuinatisat »ud if idaey,trouble. I Pains Would "start in my hip and go 1 raienad to my back- H&Wy «rf^J urime dea«M*d Wdney dteor<fer. Tte pain iu my back w*i of leu ijo bad X.bad to givo up work until the ae verity a( tiw.ftlM^k pasft«yl away. I have us«jd Boauy Jioiiaemjj mA otUer thiuKn. "Uut ttc£dvea v«ry little islkf. &*m toe ago I ^i H***» 9» Corn. 21-— T&e COH8, CWcajco to te ft c 6. woodwful tefcunge in mm. My back fe wow and i ow« tt *3ifo M«B *ta««t ". liob^uia wtui & Bi^u^}ier of tb£ Fiftjr- tbe war TABU-E, WWW. diatiac- imtFtWMK** *W*W -«»«•» «T»M«HI ••»••*•••• m TT -•••• **^«««•*«*• tkm. Doaa's Kidaey Pitt* are for ante by »U deaiei»-~ price, SO cents, Molted" by I —. r ,p A j^ay,,^ jj, Y-. uufc I r.& ~ " " .. »a«4i »»au» f i I*' •• A »., :gg , ,..,;«:»•.«. pp» ^ *-'lg»-*» V. - OR.FELIX LB'felHIirS Steel i Pennyroyal Treatment in the ori^naV »ud only FBBNOa «afe «nd reliable ear* °» «"> ««*^ kot. i»rio». »t.HO-, *e^t b» moil Qepuine gold only b-> A. O. HYDE. '*««fr« ,. ID. ^^..^*--^.- .,. 'hare are tUon«and« of tKi*illi»»« to be witliin ttte next few muutbs, to i e are sold under a positive guarantee to ewe or refund tfie maocy^and we stand by our 1 "*^ aid or young, NlgfiUy Emiislons and 'W Wasting Disease*, and all effects ot self- abuse ot excesses. Stops dangerous? drain^. fVgenwjw-uwve tanlc. Slvowsinwnedi- ate iraproveBierit. The grandest rei»e4y M m^krn time* Don't buy imitations* . Get HEX TABLETS. pri?e 50 center %lx pau:kag^t(A full treatment) for $$'JK^ l»X inaS* ift pUi n pW*^**, 0 ? r*«eipto* '„ '""(£•• '*.-," U\ » PUMOUTH Pi, Nervous Debility B.C. WI«T*S NERVE AM BRAIN THf ATMENT THE QRMUMAl* «U t>«HE«8 IDIHT10IIS, Wi Drop»y. •Jfo b» bad of...... ML B. PQWEU, Dru 8 8l»U, . Lu»wiity iind Penth. ; «ut f«r M; or *w^y^ffiiiE^ |^r$p^4» ^_^^___ tVaateby ^.O-STK^OaHi

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