The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1892
Page 2
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v tfJKt- " '*irv-' ,f i ** £ t- JS ' , » -* ' H j ;, A • ~ V "B,' / *"£*• > «. , f • >*,> { Y^:-''^^ftv>,^: t - . Nov. 80.r-Tlw fclttrality ot Dynamite Uncbyers a Steamboat With a For lame back 'there & nothing better than to saturate a flannel 'froth with Chamberlain's Pftte Balm and' blftdtt on the affect^ parl*. Try it and you will be BUT- prised at the prompt relk44t-affor4a~-Iha samo treatment wi)l cure rheumatism. For m B* The River Buries tter tond tfttw She Be- appears to Recall an Interesting Incl- Oent-Some Bite Old Whfcby In the hi. the' sfanleton of • the IU-B*at«<l the Townspeople for I RocHEPOttT, Mo., yov. 80,—ATCmarka-lKfennard ble discovery has been made by workmen '" blasting out the western entrance of the v Bochepo4 tunnel on the Missouri, Kansas, nd Texas/Wlroad, who have .unearthed yarb of the old, government' supply, boat •BufBngton, sunk by Anderson's guerrillas .. «Vwk/ m J!il«« Ttoo (f tlint. tVlPffi Wflfl O Select and "sttfndawl oysters at Cunningham's. :...'.'.._ "• . We carry/a full line of" Pinarae & Smith's, A./©.' McGraw & Co.'s and Son's fine shoes, GBACEBftoa ' \* f t " I shall offer for sak one of the - ': > ' v ' L largest arid best selected stocks ot J"5 . . , ', ., ft. A <• - -^ -I " *-" ' " ^ fit 1 ° * L ' T | HOLIDAY GOODS and TOYS ever sold in Marshall at prices S^low that y6u **. can afford to bay them. Come earlv and set ^but choice of the V«*i-^L_ .. / :fi) , .-<..._•_ .. . .' • . ^_ "' Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. ^ - - - — LIU) Ol*M"> **J **.»«»-•- ; ^ff ^ f so*. Tradition has it that there was *H adorable amount of treasure In .the did A Hew *rtfr«hfl.It we£t down and- as a result treasure in recommending to sufferers from &^££a^£?M is dig-Ales in-anyjotrnv a prompt and permanent /nan 01 me puyuwivu v, <..J\ „«._ *«n« m !«™lftf(- J ,t.»or,Pftltfnr them- , . . We dot intend to endorse any extiept arti- )<te of .genuine merit) we therefore, take Pleasure in recommendinjf to sufferers from / ,ialf of the population of thetown Is aig-/Pilc«inany-W«n v aprompi, a um.oiu,,», ro . ,_..., - ISglbut^wSk. In war tinietWUe. ThefoUowingletter^speakfer them- , .^ « , ^ ^^^-'t^A-ri-npt^ Sr^^^J^^^S C. Tyler, of-Heppne, Ore., ^111111161.11^18 KM ^PDHOlb, ** re: the tunnel Qov^^ljegins, but the . changes to which T^he course of thisu^icer- tafn stream \s subject left this spot/ moved froni water. \'-'."• 7 Bynamlte Makes a Big Hole. The change was gradual enough, however, so that no effort wnsmade to locate OF MILLIMERY QOODJl 30 I Will Bell at Cdst tor Cash all Mrs. Mary C. Tylor, of Heppner, Ore., writes, One pkg. of. Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles frond *hlch I have Suffered" for Tears, and I hape,nevfei? had the slightest return.of them sine*."- ' • Mr. E. 0''Bfi«n, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says: The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Core entirely re- §*Vcr HO LllttU iiw c**^**. •* *l» ^^A. •»•••*•"' —'—• ^ **^ •** % o" . • * • ' .a the wreck after the watery first closed. mO v0de^ery trace of itching piles. lean- tor it the wreck alter tue watery nmf t»u=«^A. mov^a every sri«:ow« over it, and as time went on- all thought I no t thank you enough of the sunken boat was. forgotten. It sou The pyramid Pile Cure is a now, certain, happened that just at the edge• oMihe tun- cure £or eyfiry form of Pi t e8< It ia nel, a few feet down, a Ing ledgeW "Btone V» orkmen, Baie » nel, a lew leet aown, » mg t*ut,v^ =«/"»• was encountered by the railway workmen, A heavy charge of dynamite was fired and tons of rock went skyward A huge, wedge- shaped block of fiint limestone, weighing L or more, landed"—" " MnA Ilatlk Bate, cure and chaep. "For sale by all drug gists, Any druggist will got' it for you if you ask him P^VI a hogshead. . Planks upon the treacherous ground. _ and all kinds of custom " All Untrimmed 3oo|s, leathers, faacy . Bisons, Flowers, Laces, In fact^ FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS. • '• • The p yramil j pu e q urQ ja a new iif "the nroinpt, permanent '«ure of Piles in Fresh ovster8>t Cunningham's. work, walked out, put a ladder into t£e tole and descended, returning with the information that a boat hull was. just be- urace uroa. car,ry a lull line 01 staple neath the sand arid that the stone had gro perie8. All goods new and fresh. brfll^ through its ^.V^^^K.-^—..^ M «%WiU vou n HCBet rt crew of men at work m snove^mg backlhe sand und -exposed to yiew a portion of the old vessel A brief investiga- !.„..-,— aickneas, or call on in the discovery of various icn identified the hull beyond < vv. u"»*»'s j "' v " f- that of the Bufflngton. The ; and Asthna>Uc - ne tunnel was at once abandoned 1 9 »ve lives when of unearthing, the old steamer toranoua Croup, : uved with vigor, tiniest the first uunea, t-unw ie' WUUK the searchers encountered was five pionia, also qmc hWrete of whisky In prime condition, hav- Uroup, ..bcarlet ing evidently been improved^ il anything, by'its long absence from light and-$uv you part with -your ,dar tor ' MISS HANNA, is in Charge of my Shels lately from the wholesale house otPollock, PeUiboue *"»"»«•» and having had a large experience can give you satisfaction aud on Bhort-notoo.. Now is tM time and C. MOVER'S ; 2 doors west of P. Q, ' Is the place. ^•*- TSKEUETON OF THE CAPTAIN , j"tound •.- / a <£.„ at Fjall Bull. *'i #"- Scattered about <the boat -Wjere eleven - oi is Believing." relieves a i' raros .Fever, \\ . u^^^ kl ^ v ,--^' w ' . £ , i. Bore Throat. Burns, b - r 1 ftflliutioBt. 25 and 5t) fiBnia or ail / DB H. SUARPSTEEN, Propri- MarabaU. Michigan v A new remedy has created a sensation among i-n'ysicians by its wonderful effects speedily curing every form of Piles. maty gun«)j8a,rrets,.w^ue wavM/-*****' +y it is called tilo Pyramid Pile Cure. It is VOlvers were ai^vered.Tn'"t"hTlemains ot c ^ & ^ and ~siuip l0 to use > but P°. tn J ni! re " what had evidantly been. an. *rms chest i , nov j s ' tho disedsQ BO quickly, safely and; Sfreie&ed at full length inside the old hull! sure i y ; Ap^druggiat win get'it for you. ^ come to Mm. An old silver --. s lay by Wxe aids of the bones, on which was engray^a^TESmas Waterman." Ifromthia It Is believed that the skeleton is that of Thtom48 Waterma,n, the captain of the .ill- ^fa.te4"'»uffin«toti, who.VaskiJled at|he iimabia vessel was sunk. ThiswaUof »m- muni ^ j; rt «««»*»—Wl -*-1it» rtr*1tf B. And a good lamp must be simpte; when it te n6t ip^P 1 ® l * ^ *ww not good. Simply Beautiful; (?^rf--these words 'mean much, but to see "The .&<*:hester wUl impress the truth more forcibly. All metal, t \\ ar\A i— -~J «»o^a Jn *tvrp*» nieces onl • • " * « . * •* ' light a purer and brighttt t softer-te **ric "The Rochester,^ - Tbe finest iinfa<pf ladies'poises and. efl«et Sept. i8, Tralaa paefl JCarsbaU M follows: Children Pitcher's Castorla. Pitcher's C astpHa. y & Gloves an ,[ . - / — 1 '»1IPI*PW ««»«»«* W^* J - .,. . .\<^,Tfi& _' \ ' •_ ~ ' ~,~ r ~ "~~ '~v~ f£T~ "• —_ m ,,™, , —-,- ,_ _ ' _ • .,„-«;'"'', ^fei*J? B -5£^''S?.* •

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