The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 27, 1959 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1959
Page 7
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THE UR AZ09PORT f PASSED.' Th* Lake Jackson youngster shown at tight getting out of Ihe swimming pool might well bs gelling ready to ruth le the fence io say, "Look, Mom, I paised!" Instructors for ihe city's recently completed swimming lesson program have announced that «• bout SO per cent of the beginners, tueh at u* shown here, passed iheir t«tti this year. Attendance for the dally lessons averaged about 2SO, officials said. In lit* saving cits- ses, from 50 to M per cent passed their letts, and •bout 10 perioni paued th* wain safety aide court*. Th* Lak* Jackson Pool will clot* after Labor Day, Sept. 7. In phoio above, advanced beginners go through an *x«reiu routine prior to taking lh«lr tettl. Boot Hous Bulletins One eventuality Few outboard- ers have to face is a dunked motor. .•?...,, ,- ' The clamp brackets ofthemo-' re powerfiil, outboards, for example, have elongated mounting holes to accommodatetran- some through-bolts. Thesese- cure the clajnp bracket to the transom inieftendently of the, clamp screws. > Nevertheless, should your mti- tor be completely submerged at some time or another, the proper attention- can 'save you a sizable repair bill, dip this article.. .just in case. Speed in recovering the motor is essential. You may have to enlist your skin-diver friends, but get it up as quickly as possible. Wash the motor with clean, fresh water. •'• Get as. i|iud» water out of the powerhead as you <an. If you remove the spark plugs andop- • erate the starter with thespar- k-pliiR holes openingdownward, you'll get most of thewaterout. If the motor does not turn over freely when you operate the starter, don't force It. This may indicate internal damage, such as a bent connecting rod or broken piston, whichmight have resulted from waterbeingtrapped between the piston and the cylinder head while the enginewas still rotating. Pour alcohol or quicksilver engine cleaner in thecylinders; then lubricate all internal parts you can reach with engine oil. Do this by injecting oil into the spark plug holes, .replacing the plugs, andoperatingthestarter. Next, and most important, take the motor to an authorized repairman as soon as possible Complete disassembly and reassembly by a qualified outbo- _;d motor mechanic is recommended. If yoti're in a remote area and can't get to a serviceman immediately, these additional steps will minimize rustandcorrosion: Clean all exterior surfaces and apply a thin film of engine oil. Lubricate'control linkage, swivel bracket, and all worVinpc parts. 18 TO5K CAB PERFORMING ATLAS /'lotor Analyt with DYNA-V1SION Amaitot new machine tell* W» exactly what the trouble ss with your »nto'i eofine. . TUBEE FACTOEY xkAINED MECHANICS ON DDTX AT HUMBLE SEBVICE 4tb * Hickory Frecport Is New House For You Or The Brazosport and Bragoria County, x'exag, Thurg., August 9t, 1958 By EDWARD , United Press hternatioflal WASHINGTON (UPI) - It the lew house-for you or for the For the-whole family, you say; According to the Journal of H- omebuildirig, published by the National Aim. of Hume Builders, that whole family idea 1* true a* far a* It goes. But... An article in the August issue of the Journal, which is devoted to tales promotion, tells home builder*: "Selithechtld- ren." Its author, Mrs. Dale F.Witt of Virginia Beach, Vs., •member of the Home Beiidtrs Merchandising Committee, finds "the power of the women in this country hat long been recognized as an established fact, but the power of children overbuying has not been so recognized. "THEY are the reason mom and dad need a new! home." Mrs. Witt's theory is this: "When the young couple first married, the two-room apartment was delightful, cozy and snug; but, stiddenly. the four walls have closed to on them with the addition of junior" and all his special furniture, diapers, bottles and wails. • "This is where Junior's influence begins and continues," Mrs. Witt finds. ; ' It grows as he does. For example, he influences location. The new home, according to Mrs. Witt, "must be in an area that has plenty of fresh air, a place to play, good environment, near schools, shopping, congenial children next door." all "for the children." Meeting these location requirements may mean father has a 30 -minute drive toworkbrmo- re lawn than he cares to mow"but he'll put up with it-for the children." Mrs. Witt maintains the youngsters also have * lot to say- if not in so many words-about price. "The house must be in a neighborhood junior can 'be prouc of, but the payments must leave room for junior's education, savings in case^ of sickness or braces on teeth, life insurance, money for camps, music lessons." '..•;.. Since the^Wds "sean to control all,of dad'spursestrings " Mrs. .Wiitadvises builders. "Let's, titf-Mm'-ap la them and let he children help us sell the amlly, - • - •' ; \ \ "Make the children welcome in your model home- no Separate playyard*! If the children get your wall* in the model home dirty, or break * limp, put it on the advertising, cost ledger sheet." Sales pitch-wi«e, Mrs. Witt suggests learn the children's names and use them. For example: ' "This community is an ideal place for-Johnny to live. In this- neighborhood he will have a happy life and grow up'tp be a useful citizen because it has good »chools, playgrounds, etc.". . . "Notice the large window in the kitchen whereyou can watchjohnnyplay".. ."The gmge^has plenty of room for bikes, baby carriage, stroller " Even before you have any specific prospects, Mrs, Witt recommends, direct promotion to the younger set. "Attract the6- nildren to openings and you'll get the mothers and dads. Indians, ^clowns, balloou, masks, will do a better Job In selling them than beautiful girls as hostesses." ece!vln» In* *NEW YORK'(ten *—a m Dickey caught iOO or morfc Ames for the New York Yankees for 13 consecutive seasons. LOCAL ACHIEVERS IN INDIANA Bloomlngion, Indiana, Aug. 23 — Freeport dfltgatet io Ihe 16th . annual National Junior Achleven Conference register for participation upon arrival at ihe Confif •nee ilti at Indiana Unlvenlly her* Sunday afternoon. The delegates (left io right) art A. O. Event, 16, of 430 Weil 4th Street and Hog.r Sumlin, IS, of HI Gardenia. Roger will compel* in ihe "Vie* Prelldent of the Year" Contest end A. 0. Evans will *ntit lh» "Sp»ak*ri Carps" Contest. Accepting the Frwport deltgatei regiitra- Hen ia Miu Junior Achievement of 1958, Mary Bruce, 18, of Houiton. Wharton College To Have Bus From Freeport Area Methodists To Bowl Adult members- «f thex lain Jackson First Methodist ChtrrA will be guests of the Freezer! Bowling Lanes Friday nlafct. AH members 'of-the cnurej! who are 19 year«-of-*r.« e*old« pr arc Invited to attend, whether they have had experience la bowling or-not. I <••. i V '» The bowling is to start at 8:30 p.m. Anyone interested Is asked to contact the chuftrf.of- flee *v Rev. Weldon Motion* . ' > ; 1 Converted to OeU .'"'" OROSSINQEB, N.Y. <WI) >—. " Golf pro Mike Soucheik cdnver^td 76 times In 88 attempt* ae'aa extra-polnt spsiilslUt while play* ' Ing football for Duke University. Exer • Slim For '-•', ,.V'' Beauty and Health' - . ' f COIN OPERATED "*Exclusively for Brazoria County , Home Owned * Operate* 3'LOCATIONS 111! Hwy. M* No. Freepoi* m That jWej, Uk* taekM* Hwy S5 ABfletan 1,1 WHARTON — A Wharton County Junior College busiwiH pick up Freeport-Lake Jackson area students daily to trans- iort them to the College, Dr. V. G. McAlexander; director of bus transportation, announced. Bill James of Freeport will drive the bus, and a tentative chedule calls for the bus to eave Freeport at 6:15 a.m., .ake Jackson at 6:30, Brazoria t 6:45, and arrive in Wharton y 7:45. Classes will begin at :05, and this will give the stu- ents time-to get coffee, milk, r other refreshments in the afeteria after arriving. There is no charge for the us transportation, and stu- ints enrolled in the College, r those who plan to enroll, may ride the bus daily. Unless other arrangements are made, the bus will leave from the pfist office every morning. 'The first run will be made Monday, Sept. 14, the first day of classes of the fall semester. r MAN'S MEAT FUKUOKA, Japan (UPI)— For Yoshihiko HayasM. a pound of paper a day keeps the doctor away. Hayashi, a 88-year-old rag- picker sayi he's been eating paper sine* he was a child and now needs about a pound i day io satisfy, his appetite. However, Hayashi nover wolfs any paper on the job, despite ihe numerous opportunities'. "If I do, ray stomach gets upset." he said. REGISTER YOUR CHILD NOW! CLASSES START SEPT. 1st. Bonitas' Childrens School OF Art Expression An art course designed to Help children io build cpnffdfeice m their ability to Create, Develop their thinking and feeling about themselves and their environment ' Develop Art appreciation to discover, and explore what they can do with different art materials, such as. paints, clay, mosaics, etc. . • * WEEKLY CLASSES AT 1506 WEST 6th ST. FREEPORT TUITION $5 A MONTH ... FOR INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER CALL 3-4174 DRUG AND LOBBY TOBACCO DEPTS. FREE! . e _ P^ 111 ^ TICKETS given with pur- H«nf ?t $2 '°° °, r more in sch<X)l ^PPl'es to students 1.2 years of age and over. *° *.'».» I •»« pwelnie «.mor. h'.,el,*o| TICKITS ,iv. n ludenfi t« >nv •, • .. j ,• i ~,< t ' r ~ —»•"-;•-- -i in««ir*i IhW belew. TleUri ,iv. n »(, rou ,I, Saturday. Sap. •'heiler It. Ifstl To ld.rfter. September lath. FREEPORT SHOWBOAT THEATRE VELASCO VELASCO THEATRE •" !•*•• leeil Filler Paper....... 69* S*»<ral Composition Book ...... 39* "Big Chief P0 nc i| Tablet tflc 19 1Q j. r WiUl AppUe»tor White P«te. IJ ' ***• e^W Ifcw Start _ Wearever Fountain Pen ..... . .69' Lunch Kits luqt tuuinant at "Cher. '•rt.r" .nd >!.;„" d.«i gn i including )h« niw, tufund vinyl. Ail compl.l. with '/ vieuum bottlt. R.,. 2.4». 1 EACH Wrlfl,, MIINB Zipper Binder Cuitom styling in beautiful, P**t»l snidii. Ovtrtiu, h*«vy jfufy conifruction of inuae, 2 3.98 89 P061 •lu ta Jw«nlU AH Pwrpot* Chair tauktiehi «f ekoie* Iwrdwood. Felds •einwetly for M >y tier. ««4. U» fe, TV. b,<cl,, picnic or piey eJit|r. ' > •nd chewing iobaeeot or* tfftetfv* S«pt, I, 1959. S*«ek up new «t prevaHing Thrift Kit Cenhm Cig*r«H» RolUr t 2 ^ Pa?tag W of Buglw Tobaeeo....... Buoler Tobacco ' Ot Vacuum C*n 69 83 School Bags M«ny ttylii tnd colon — wHh hindlti or combination l»ndl» Mouldtr itrjp. Ssofclt pUidi, chvactir dnigni 1 otliir.ttylM 1 colon. 1 89 REG. 2.29 PAlMINIATURi Alarm Clock iMirtiful ivory c«* with dii. tractive, Miy-to-resd diili In trim of gUiming hrni. Christmas Toy Lay-A-Way Sale! UM eur oa«y leiyMiweiy plan. fl.OO eJopert ot> Midi yewr solectieH Him Dec. IB, ltB» 1 »hu to TABU AND CHAIR SET Made of select harwood with light ma !e finish and black trimmed legs Table, height 1BW, top 11" x 32". Ohalr height 10". 7 AIR FORCE JEEP —, -' " — "•-•m^mf^^^t^^fn^fHi^iiiHigf^fff Combination Braxier Big, 24" bowl M irurdy, fubular chrome Ugi. Hiivy, chrome pla»ad grill with copper-lona hood. Haavy duty electric motor. Rubber tirai. 00 rtici «9« Sl»l (SfECIAL PACKA6I) liquid Luitr* Crtmt Jhompoo ... .2 for 60< lUj. We IOIHI OF 100 lfly«r Aspirin 47, fn Air Fore* blut color and authentic Air, Fore* marltlngt. Pedal drive. SiieMW'l 20>/ ( "x43". Leaded wMi play valu«l 15 PHONOGRAPH For until fry "en Hi* go"—th* port«b)» aeeouiHwl plwnograph. Attractively rfvl»d, wuff rtrirfant, iturdy eat*. Haw «|| 79 RPM r.eordi up to 12". Sin I hi 1x6". 6 THE POODLE DOG 2 Pert peodlei In auoried colon of plush. A full 20" high by 17" long. Limited querv at ttm lew price.

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