Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 8, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 4
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~£m RtO N£Wl»-rifcflAiO; ThorSvic-v. 8. *wx ! OAS Opens Investigation Of Dominican Republic By E. L. ALMEN CUt|j,\D 1 Hl'.lli i i., U <.,i i can Republic (AP)— A commission from the Organization of Anierioan Stales begins investigating today- lo see if Generalis.,1! 1,1, itaiaci i. liujiilos hi'its are making good on -their promise to end 'oppression. President 'Juaijuin llalaguei , tht- sifuij (tici<tioi <• ilium in<At i Um-i c'xeculive, named Leland Hosem- berg as I)K> • Dominican Hepub- lie's liaison marv wiili the OAS mission. Rosemberg talked at -lensih \Vedncsday night \viih one <n the OAS team, Carlos A. Chdow of Uruguay. Tlu> . l\vo h:i<) been in Bonn ..together until J»58 as their governments' -ambassadors to West Germany. Rospmberg was optimistic later,. savin.!?: "\Vt: will develop a few. .things,- they develop a few ..things and then mailers will materialize." Augusta Arahso, Pniianiariian . ambassador in. Washin^um and head of the lo OAS mvrsti.sjuors.- saki there 'A as no tiini 1 limii aiul he did not know' v.hrii (no investr- Cation wosild !><• finished. Jlis group is from Panama, Colombia, Uruguay and the United Stales. ; The invcvli^siors will determine; whether. DAS .-ani-tions imposed last- summer — economic boycotts and breaks in diplumatic re-la-' lions— art! spit ' jiistifii-d. The T.'o- • mink'iin jji'ivcrnmi'nt insists !hey an? not. • - . ; Since May 30 Balamicr Tnijillo " en if i ful in,f irea.ieti vhk-t \>i n.ihiary i intelligence John Abbes Garcia, left the country Wednesday after his army lieutenant colonelcy had boon taken from him. Garcia was removed as intelligence chief somv time "ago. His destination was not ''disclosed. i The government also freed the I first prisoner under a now poli i tical amnesty plan. Source?; said 'that once their legal papers have been signed, others would follow IJtise Bosch Hernia no out of prison. He is the brother of Juan 'Bosch, a well known opposition leader now living outside the .country. South' dealer. ' Neither side vulnerable. KOKTH 4 AK3 VA9S2 • J5 J !) 6 5 -4 K 1 EAST + Q10S72 4,000 Bitter French Farmers Invade Town 4. A 6 3 sotmi __ J 107-13 AK101 East it Truji!lo"> assassination all or -III years of '.rule, and den. Rafael L. Jr., ma'ff nnncd forces upon his. father's death, MORHi.Y. France (APi— Some -?,orh*.i Brittany farmers, embit-; t<M-ed over the government's farm; price structure, invaded Morlaix; today - aboard tractors and trucks ; The French Interior Ministry in Paris ordered a company of 130 lough riot police to 'move imo i'u»; town. They were exjiccied early this afternoon. ! The farmers heean streaming into Morlaix about dawn blot-king highways around the town of 13.000 -afiti the main streets wish liio'r vehicles. They occupied the local administrative bujidsng. held it for severa! hour? and then withdrew' and 'massed ia the cc-n- ; ter of the town. " ' • Sub-prefect Jacques Scron. the 5 top local official fled with his • family and aide? to the police ' station. The scant local force- of . about 100. .police'..was powerless against the mob J " .1 One of the leaders of the inva- : sion told a reporter, "We are not . going to harm anyone." But he ihreatene'd that if the farmers did not receive immediate, satisfaction, -'iherc could be. violence." •The farmers' complaint is one that has festered for many years in BriJlsny- and elsewhere in France.-Because of the 'complex- JURA -of the French distribution syiitm—including . many middle- men—ihcv farmers arc paid only a fraciion ;»f what their products sell for oh big markets. Th.u gov- errmu-n- has charted a long-range rofurni of the market system but >o far has made almost no progress. Last Sunday groups of men invaded' polling places in Brittany villages and burned-ballot . boxes during kicn! elections. Thirteen persons were arrested. Authorities attributed (he disorder? Sunday to the- farmers' discontent over prices for their, "produce.- particularly potatoes. The bidding-: South West North Pass Pass 1 A 2* 24 3 ^ 4 * Pass 4 V Opening lead — five of spades. This hand was played in the rnatch between. Great Britain and the United States in 1955. With Ellenby North and Roth So\ith for the American team, the bidding- went as shown. The British West led a spade and UoUr- discarded two clubs on the A-K and then -led the ace and another heart. Rot.h later lost two club tricks and •wound up making four hearts for a score of -!20 points. When the same -hand was played. at the second table, the f went: South Wc-st 1 ^ POJ?S Pass Pass. . South was Korth Kast Pass Terence Reese Vrtth Beri* S<bapiro, botii of LottOoo. The British «n inclined to open, the bidding With *lighily jew values thsa the American players require. Hence the heart bid by Heese with a hand which Roth saw fit to pass. The raise to four hearts by. Schapiro indicated approximate-* ly an opening bid that included heart support. The contract %vas defeated at this table. Mathe, with the West hand, led the king pf clubs. This shot m the dark proved to be the killing lead. When the king held, ifathe played another ciuTj. Rosen (East) won and returned a third club which Mathe ruffed. Reese had "to lose a trumo trick to Rosen and went down, one as a result of the fine opening lead. Of course, Mathe was lucky to strike pay dirt with his blind shot. But it was the kind of luck that one associates with good players. >fathe'a lead was indisputably correct, in our view, and we don't say this just because it happened to work. .. The theory behind the- lead is very sound. Considering his poor hand, Mathe could, hard!v expect the defense to win four tricks with straight play. On tb? .bidding, it seemed- "liXety that North-South had irus values to make ten'triekij; Tiie one hope of «psciUng- the "contract was to to get a ciub ruff. AH th£'_ Mathe did was try for it. By -MAX HARRELSON BUENTOS AIRES, ^ Argentina ((AP)— Adlai E. Stevenson is finding Latin Americans anxious to halk U.S. af<l for their economy but shy on, any Wnd of action against Fidel Castro's re- 1 gsme. 5 The United States' chief U,N. ' delegate, making a goodwill tour of Soitth America for President 'Kennedy,, was told bluntly by Ar- Jicials mainly on economic problems. Neither Stevenson nor Argentine leaders would give details of th" discussions on the Cuban situation, but what emerged \\as understood to be this: ., Argentine Foreign Minister will eventually fall of weight. • ' • *./> ^ Stevenson is understood told associates that \Ahethi United States \\ould move political meeting of the o ff lion of American States time depends upon tS>-» i of the countries-he visits - -- *j - - — t-tir *J* 111* vuM»Hf f-Vft •» Adolfo Uusica expressed a belief L g d , T , * the Cuban situation "would itself if left atone. Stevenson gave assurances that action against Caslru that fc in Venezuela' and,here in tina appears to have against Cuba's j informants said Venezuelan J President Romulo Beiancourt ear- week told Stevenson urgent beiTuspherac 1 gentme officials \VeUnesday that the U.S." government has ruled c |, an ces for any such meet ' it >vould be impossible to get ] out force as a means of ending j n{ > immediate future. ' unanimous Latin American sup- j the Castro regime, port for action i strongman. ! Instead Stevenson was advited «|n» r jn the that the United States should j the most 1 adopt a policy of "live ami let j problem at the moment is the ilive" toward the Castro regime, j Dominican R-epubUc. Belancourt down at Cape Canaveral. >• Stevenson met for three hours ! reportedly expressed' the convic- , McCabe recently gave birth * with Argentine President Arturojjion that the'Castro government ! couple's 15th child. ' Frondm on the second stop of a I - , Uour th3t began in Venezuela. 1 ; \\f- is meeting again today with f Froitdizi and other Argentine of- COUNT OFF: ONE, TWO BUFFALO, N.Y. [» J City Councilman Charles X! recites the ages of his eh it sounds "something like a (•£- 1961. Xing Fiaturea Srmlitate, Inc.) Btitferiat Has Vital Hole in Space Age FALFURRfAS. Texas (Sppdal) — The dewn of the space age has — • once attain — underscored the "vital jjHiiortance to mankind of nutru- butlerfat. 01 mo efr. F |! H r o M TR be' rda HD fORTHE COMET RICE Classified Ads Bring Results - Advertise have been Imsy iriyni! ~\n i-onvincp ! the rest of the \Vos!..-rn Hcmis- ; phc-re that the Dominican Kc j piib- : lie is now worihy of ivstoreil fel- : hnvship in.ihe American cumimin-: ity. - ; A government spokesman re- i ported today thai iln- mice power-- DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST Qttlc. No. 1 hi *MT Park toung* ButUmg Main SUMf CIUOAD ACUNA, MEXICO Appoiniment Call PR 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN SHIRTS and WASH PANTS Laundered lo Perfection -fat Pick-up Phone PS 5-7535 WALTON BROS. INSURED — BONDED RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY; INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE . flTLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 A taitv niilk-and-banaiia fori:iu- la ilsal can b& consumed throuRh a tub? fitting inside a spare suit -l'.."s betn «levelof>«i and reportedly is V-eiiie Jesifd. •It could be that tuiterfaJ will . rlav a maior role in the first flight to ihe inoon. And — historically—that wouldn't be at all surprising-. The earlv settlers of Jamestown 1-rouaht elonst cattle. The sturdy pjonferi that conquered the Wf-st did i)ie same thinR. Cows were taken along even on Admiral Bvrd's second visit to Antarctica. Yes. • butterfat is good for you. And there- i* no finer buttsr than Falfu.rrias Swe-et Cream Butter. Trv some lodav. Butlerfst — and Kalfurrias Butter— are Rood foe you. El 1 HELLO, WR. ABERNATHY v IMPORTAK'TSECRET > \ ~TV* -t-Cl I V>^^. ! / BETTER HANG OW AMWUTE. A\<>' TE.-vT Asr? 5=T AVV *•!**—""-fc^- ;••".' T... ,^". .] Aw. 1 \ LOOfi AT V ^_ «<PA ^^;^^-"'SXJLJ ;oFT- Cy>-^>ir^ ••:~s^%- ^•^fec-U'^^ I AVOREjri.LDORWs'f eftACi^l- J?E»POM6I8L£ LEADER;?:! YOU ARE - EKwi)5r>:or6E fc iTOURVEK.--- 1 / ea DOOR i , ---j h\\vj,$€jX3R V.CKES- O z, O M] eg i <'• ^0 ":V> ^4:^ ~pc5 HIS v-^Vi. •^Z* ^^^~^^^^~^ ;^J !- .-f6'.cs:r"iri <*r% - ;=r y>^r-^'. I m |!i?-•< n^ft^'i* i=&iiN-C4v4'ii: :Vi\ ^^^PS^-SS -r^^^—r u-^c 7^ ^J h^ss:-^S*^_^» ^ Cornet Ric- P. O. Bo« 1681 v !•_ ,-. -f^^.'^c-.K. -V V-""-*, / \ "V£=-(,-.iS"£O } '£••<?& I f.o-GARDSNilNS \ E.':.'-. ^~. FCtlTHEISAtJ } WELL. WHAT OID VCXJ EXPECT T A BOTAsii CAi_ 'GARDEN: 7 f < Kl^j, t i t*^--*^ ^ e^ 1 ,&VC = i.: fe-e H H V.V1AT YOU \ OH, JLST A SHOT 1^—/^-^ NV AT' Ail, ^^.^ HPV' I'UATC; urru i <-ivv,- GOT THERE OF ONE OF 'i rHERE'5 MOSE / P.303A5LY A . HEV/ V.H1TS WITH A OXY™ OM THE '..' CO.MTEMFCKAKES c /n^^s^- V X :i I :*fe* :---xL-_ y?*03$^i/' ITVA-S MY -VOTHER^.: W FATUHR S^StJS l|;j:||;^.i/ mDHERKPOPETh'^yWCREMARRJEE^a^I 5< -\« i-V\* 3 liy-rtr: HERE COMETH' FATOCEROSeSff is SAFE FUM BEHIND THIS WALL O'MOCKAROKJI AM' MOCKAROQNJS.V

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