The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 21, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1897
Page 3
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f • v i*?\"\ „•*•. »• y v f <r T&VS, ••e FRUITS •» , * and Berries ' _ THIS WEKK fcyi.,».»in8 *•> ' Hx N MARKET ^™ • v • ^^^^^^^^^^^y PINE APPLES Miws FsMfmfe Ci*?Hc, who ' ha* bftm tJw , df Mrs, &. tt. Oorfww at Gall fake for the past few days^ retttrhftj to towh Baft Ifptfoh^ 1«&W tonight for York On « vacation &«& inofofafttali? 'he JSt Mi Qmpifi's $4]paf tomst stow. 1>, ft SI . '22, %,ftl as 'fcttttrorf , . eneiP-Express, 12: to rfiaSl Aft*! e*$rt*8f8/i:43 pi TO.; s. Goiftg wwt-<-M(tH i ftntii express, H$5 «• IBUJ exptoeas, 5i& fk m.; Sattfe CfceK #« jStttatiatKfetbS^ &C& p.m. Th<w<i Will - b& A f«t«latJSrtftd[Sf ttftitttroiBJBattofr Creok wilt-go , The SfcatpfemttTi sayi* thrtr, it Iras sought nb quarfel tpitto < HP Ohroniel^. If thai btt true, thwn winy ftid tftp editor oF thtlt. don hid fightiftp glwf* wbi»tt We 4 fftct. thnt Bltt>K>t.v iftiptk^Wl hif? crt* tl^isktcy f hall hi* tiki ew is A "if tin 1 fit^** ete. Hfi.Mfeits that hf t>o- &»* . df two Hne insinualiohs nnd th. m. tlw m Warnrfttg «p. Ooffcfng like peopl* ate itt - A jftrty-of Kalam«2t«> people are ifee dreus at.Battle Mfes Cfttrie Merritt is cupy ing hifttfS intended to keep ing."' Oh, Wefii tfa& people <S*etip to thft styt^'of jontftftlisia adopted by Ghroniehs folly a« #eU as foftpf Useafted fw»» nfttkloai can conwnHttK! documents and 1#H6, we shn^jLtientinut* to caler trf Ag*Hi W$ rf$&W*:* fAffe* Hke «?JJt<*1ttI -^-, -,-,,,, - - . > - , nf> tire eh$ , tliflj? fe^iittffl* , , JtH*admittedthsfritfifn?eab mihth* wltere tHt'tnote readily At anil boats tu?o ut the at ttfW<vsh« having returned on Wednesday from ft visit with, friends ia tnd , lo this manning. ^ FjC^aU Seymour ha? tmnovetf' ftom Vata >*ert to this ci£y. • ' * ,ifr. nnd Mrs. Chris. Amelia we bomq from H visit ra Ann Arlmr. Wili,.8ti-aw« j>f Bafon Bapids* ta a »t Mrs. Martha v S' Qertfnde .Mnynnrd, of-OrainJ Rapids, IB the fjuest of Miss Sfatio Bal- cotn. . ~~™ *""*"• x Mr. aft<J Mr& Albort Kwler and child- roa 0f Uay City are vwitinaf at J. C. Eg- gler'e ' , Will McHalc leaves for New York to : morrow night where he has an engagement. Mrs. W. L. Swan is spending » low days with Mrs, ISd. E'rwin and other friends in thiBcity. ' , " ~ Mr. and Mrfl, Go0rpo SmiUi left for Buffalo today to attend tbe G. A. R. -' encampment. Thw x Ep"worth LtMipue will be Jsd Sun-' -dfty4vcfttnj?hy Rev. Wilsothtopitv ls P»«l > » prayer for tljo churches." MI'BB Kittio Eggleston will play a solo ftt the Baptist church tomorrow evening and Miss Mary Boel&y Will ^tng. They, having decided tn remain m Mar. shall another week Mr. am/ Mrs. Ber't .Lewie did not go to ChicaujA today. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ui'llatKfuil, who h?ve been spentliiiK a few days atxLyon lalttj. returned homo lasjfc eveuing. v ^x^ J. W. Whitnwr, the new master m-'- chunic of^thP I>. T. &/M. h'iis rented Joseph Bcsntle> 'a tKiusft' on I'ro8i>tft «treet. ' . Chriatain Scienc^ sen ic«u will br> held at G, A- B. ball o\ery Huriday morniu^ Mrs. Horace |Iaifi«iH» of Knlama«oo 5e ooetipymgthfc Phelps cottage. Mr. Chftrlea Mills, of G-tsego a jiiani^t of some ability is h^r/s for a fow days with a party of friends. Howard Smiley came Wednesday. Mr. 'and Mrs. Clarence Hayes tarned atwhiet, Thuredav- ~ ood Friday cirami enring^ ' toiuor- A whiet party lit Smiley morning inaugui-ated the week'n foativi- tios. A large Maccabee picnin from Gales c and Augusta was h'ere Tuesday, M/S^O'Kcefe and C. B. Gorham spent the weefe^ere. Miss Susannah Harrison who has been the guest of Miss Donna Drekey left earlv'in the \ve>k for IVtoskey and other northern ^jcou Groe»t)a( f -k and DrM|ale, of Kal- amaz<w>, wore 'ttie K"™*- 4 °* frknds- here the Uret of th« week. .The families .of C. T. and F. W. ey wwe |>hotograj;hed in a Kroup Monday afternoon. Will Church and l^rank Dieke.v spent a part of the week in Kaimnazno. ' Mrs. T. O Porry, *>f Chicago is visiting Mrs. F..W. Dickey. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickey and 'Mr, and Mr«, J". E. Clark of Chksi&ju are acquisitions to the Marshall party.' Mr. and Mrs.* _A. W. Save returned^Of t;>wri Tuesday. Miss Clara Henderson arrived from Kalama? f oo today and is the guest of onna_ Dk-key. John IJrown of your Hty, and Garduor, of Battle Creek took possession of the Iicwis cottage o» 1ft council, Aug. IS, 1807* » Mayo* Orrnit promling. Pre^nt fall brarYl, Minute* of la<ii ro<%tfn# r«*ad rtftd ftp- tittiftr wcliMneo Nil presented- and tih mvtfon. of Aid, Hickett was«edPpttod«rrt} ord6f«d piaffed by A,ltl, ltinTf ti. M allowed af Ifffl^'ft. On bf -Aid. AH&$t' r $be refprttt "Sfttsi ~ by Altt. Joy jrec- thf petition of-W. A". eortstrtet a esrietit sidewalk ordinftBtjBr No. .17 • b^ grfthted, of the school brihTd (• v e «ot granted. of AM. Aimon the report n?fts Rotnruttton by that a j»la»K (jttwsstiig^ WP coti- ttVst Forest street oh the wcpf ofl&arshall avw. Ori tiiofcion W Aid. tfic *qji6tt Wa*f accepted nnd - J " ' Aid, A^iiot) ,hat W n rc^il^tion'passetftwvTnt 1 time aftr tw ftonsttuct a plank crossing 0ri fhp ifMe «f Sl^t* sfreA Across Cherry . .CarVicd.' Moved by Aid., ABSOD theitn two flng side of Btate street t Rprx>B8 comtnand of incapaciiated tots eteiy hout t« -thp daj; and wht-ir the te «uVll i\\t& thee^ can ivrt IM danciog pfirticf". c?ike- vfalkf, 'whist |jartio3 f convor8»«ii>fie« fttid rita«i r cals are arranged for thoir.eepeoial Iwae- flt, -Again thp editor ^of Ihe Statt^man aajr& that it manages to wiggle .tlong arid keep even with' the world. So Well, it oxqrht, ae ing thnt full f prosperity has arrived ju the shape of a ehortafe in wheat ia various -(-fiytttrieii.wiiitjvcrttattia a-dcuiand-f surplus. We" aw* now hoping' we shall be able to keep above board, ourseh ee. Jt is onljj, on Httturday nights that we indulge in "petty flings and. noxious insinuatinnH/^^Tt, give^our readers food for Sunday reflection, don't jrort kn5w. . It is to bft sni»p*)si'd that thi\ patrons of both the ,&t»tesHian and the Chronicle arc just a little tired of the controversy, therefore we are willing tft> cry quit's, However, wo. wish to call -«t tentioli Uj the fact that during this little perap we: htno not called mtmcg, .not- witliBtanding tlje^ provocation. The Statesman's accusation nf untruthful- nt^s we bear with l>ecotuing oi^ianimity b*x:ause of our eleur conscience, finally wj» bep; that no one will jump at ire" By Aid. .Toy: i K&ttttrctf, TJiat tfao Pf-ata forfnerly in Ujo city parks a,nd now in shed at tj J #tnv?} pit lot bo ft^placcd in the parlft* for tho benefit of jHio public. Adopted. JJy <he Recorder's 1 Kf.ft'ti'cft, That tho cHy pay & per .co •n cemetery trust fumla the. ss.nae as U»sl enr. Adopted.,. . * , , On motion -of AW Aoaou th<> peHtk rf ,Jesw! Lee and others licking for a fasfewslk on HUc «ast side of Jeff^rai rtreel acroe» Hpruee street- wa» grunted. By .^fl. Anso'u: . - ' fie*at>*Cf], tljat th0 parties intarested n c'tjnfltruc-ttug a bicjcte jxath from Marhall west bo given permission to use iurfnuo dirt enough f rotii tbe gravel, 4 ot fi«- the top dmfliug to the pstth from ftubbitrd'H residence to the Bear creek Marriage litenses iBsued;, |lyn»n L., .Bonnet, of HonVr', 'and yt^fU Allen, of Tokonaha; 'Frank Schwartz and K].^ ' Burrows both of Penn field. The Penirisular Cj^lune & \Vind Storm Insurance 'Co., «.f this city, ami the Baloiso, Fire InsUranoo Co., oN-Biisle,' Switzerland, havct b^en authorized to do the Chronicle been Bret of the week 'Stated that Georg brought here from Grand Ka^idB, The infftrnjation cJame frotu a iiieiubof of the family who eaid that he would arrive lhat day, bjttt when (he timo . w«s too sicfe to b»j.movud and ;d he hot ar- a f»i? s'uwl (srowd ttf the gcouud this afternoon to. hear'^x- Gtor, St, Johj^ discuss the flaancia} question. •, He explained' the benefits the farmer and laboring Jf bad fr«e coinage of mil ver. lie alfio d^ty • onatrated to the f arBjera tho^rwit tHiO&> US (f) th^y woold "deriv<> fr<*u the Dingley bill, WaKt Of Jirae pr^j^ftta a uiore of |te addre^at this A party of nh^^eople, enjoyed a sail with Rev. ,T. E> Walton,^ Wednesday morning. ' \ Mr. Charles Gardner, arrived from Battle Creek yesterday. R. H. Newman of Jackson ia a Sinilcy Hall. C. Uptoa,and family of have been hero for several weeks, are much delighted with the hike and its" surroundings, ariH SR"Upton things of building a cottage next year. —A-boUt abc o'clock Tuesday af termton word. was passed dpwn tlie Htie that everybody was to b0 prepared to participate fti -a cake walk ^hat evt»ning» Accordingly Iwirnt cork und appropiatfr costumea wrere IB d^sniand. Robert Dick* fy provided tfee^orpu(«r,4nd by l>orr*>wing and robbing the walls of.their decorations the latter were also obtajned. A t th e appointed boar the called gpia'men marched in froiri 'the east door and the ladk-8 faqe-d theui from tU& wotst door.' A ^« Without a bridsf fa 1141 particular to the author of this iirti- clc for the v cx>naon that the bt f t<t of u» are liable to t»» nsWakou It ie to b< 1 lioprd that if at any titm 1 in thV\Jiftnre th» of the editor of the Stntc<»tttfta aronsed he 'will not vent it \\oiviun, bpcn^UHe thai }»lacoH bad light in thp^-wjjj of the ..public, mutter what tho walk is aev«r andfiroptti and. deipea upo» was itateewan. t^kes exc0j^an to our to tho- effect that sugar i a Cent a- pound aince took effect, and quotes n d»*a!«r as that tb,& ftdvanc© «fty«t.» Pptroit groeec before It Jtfft i»a wilfully nowa $a ce tp» and wot . _ . PJWffJ»y WU will fifld that it ii* aad .xot th,» of of P** Ot atowaeb, 4uU, he«vy ___*_. _i_ «»* ___ ^ j n-.^. ___ ___ ._ '- .-~ bowel white cptttip and her veil was 0f yards and y»r4«oi white m^ ala^tiug. This particttfar bride w^s nwt a f oil- to a tito««d Womatt. Whit* duck pauts, j»|*r»ttce A Ib^rt cio^t, u dortjy wive the moat tie« yf the uostawue of the bndegr«H)U) r Ttwy posed at OB» e««l «rf the h«ll and to- ft«i8*ioiw of At of Si I^ttta dwtewtsd. 8ail*xi W, creating, a gr.aiid warch, Mich., To tho'Tax Payers of Uie City of M«rShall: We tho 'underpifjned mayor and re pord«r r of tho city o? Marshall do hereby present^to, jou H statcuient of 'the cost of one block of Macadam road now con Btructed: also an eatiiunty of the'eost of KutcadauiUin^.Btrtte street from llu 1 west end park to BxchanKO Btrwt: ajso the co»t of brick iwveuiettt from the west e«d park ti) ,E,\eh«n!i,'e street, and we Ifope you will fjive this nwtter, Borne at/ t^ntihn apd in.vestisato th(« cost of pav/- ruent yourwlf, for we. feel that the Msl at<*p h»« bt^en taken towanln twstter roiuJK in the- city of' Marshall, and evorj/Ux payer in the cit> of Marshall should bn p'ertmnnlly interested in tins matter/ You' will notice a dilturem* |n tl;e nurdber of yards in our e-st mated cost of piuinj; ritat«rstr*oi in taukiiig an eytiiu'.u/ot t,he ooet ojf JlaJjatdiirft we l«ft an yi'glit fot<t cobble stone ^tUter t|ti t-ach ^ide, and iu th« estitnutti of Uiqeobtof br/ok Wu foiuut 4t was Hfeoehary toHjikt 1 th*/cobbla gfitUM? all out. , ^- / * Cost of ou.e- bl(K-k of Mjit;iliiaj.i» road, on Cost of one- block of MitwtdajJi ro«4 on Eagle stteet euiitiuuhii; &M H^uaru yards: §pSd"«Bd>»araTat>6rT:, ..... 9 394,84 Total < Cobble wu«heJv Ht a» \ " Total «wt,.,. late hour the W^&dy rewrote of lady oo*. walfced a fo*. i>»t walked aff with, tb*i>r%e, pro?«d to be » »iud the ev«n- w* *t Loag Bwuih fwrui OB but d#wing it credit Bwjf yajw ft fctus Any wotuaB is a fool overl» red b«t 'cook that will w«utber o£ iKOO. tfcr&e buru wifcli • Monday, wiUberaa Btetroit ^ Gfwd Trwsk railway' Ma/daaUyt7:SOa. w., 7 n, ui, fj&jE&ti day* Far*." up ai, aud for jce fab ex who will 9 pupil is $0 the The r»frolutioti was adopted- by the fol w vote: • Aj'es Aids. Hyde,' Joy \unon, CJreetiHeld and Recorder 5. Alds.JRiekott, Hoettzel, Nonoman md Gramer -1. rlJills-of Uiiidwmch and J. H. Cruise ,, were mfeiTod to the {iilanco foiu tee. , • Tho following bills were allowed: . Rofleneranz,£J: Perrin & fiiebee, Hart, 81: Mrn. Lindner and Hornbcr- * Hart, 91.68: O. Rock"- raWB, ?10.:te; D Mrs. P Mann. filfUK): J, C. 1'aintftr, $H!.7«: Goo \ley, SIH.OtS; G. H. Watson, $2(540. Tiwx roll for Macadam road and ston<? crusher 28.«2; it. -shal's time roll, S'2'2.27. Adj<H i i for mo week BftSl-iT C. H\W]>\ City 1 )ou"t |«m ?1.W> for a freezer when wt will !«ell ^voit a t yi. Arctic for #U?(» ; d,'i> of tun vvioek or Any^week in the ^ , Why Pay DtlM % rs 15'^ for a granite] riishpan whei vc vvil^wll you the bes^ grade for 5{5(* We arp always the c heapest in pricp. K. C RON IN. On ;, •Wfll fnfl an ^xenrafon" fj M.'C, ottnd trip, for IT» going on train R*iftms iy stny rogwlar train, oxocpt North Hftor-r ' WSthtYl the past fhw clays?, A of "tag"' hnfe hftWi going ofl in the And bee* the gainers A laf#<* rrambftr of the» by «i« IMtte the fey have Sanitarlam &«aHblF\xwl Co.; and cftfeens 'gwutontty wfcre with a nt»at little package Theisslittttion Rnowttas tifp Michigan Snrfwrtal Vl »eh«ol witb fh* ^ nt Jaxon; wh^r£ all the v^ry trades of dti*$& ,fesfe#jj(t|tBr«?- t<»nght, has' •angedj toopeSi ft brfti}oh itt t>8i y in tbe utete; Mr. F» iB. 'H«Bt, f-h terintendtfnt of sclioula i«{ here for tho mrpWsH t»f o|H?,nitifr a scJitwl for GffHHWff ' If re. Bello' Ba^i^er, nn expett has the ifia»Hg«*hient, of iouaty and will romain' he¥« to, yajt intl hiako any gnnnent fe« Any. memb>r >f thd family; "Indies* aftcJ girls' and njonft' g»rm6^ts, whirts, etc. feftftone cfthstitdte the cutting cottrep i«d tJiose tleairing to titite the sowing course Are onlitlod to briu^ any Wit JOT Irmt jind make it under -ittjStructions of .tailor?. A'call wjll con- VKS* till of fJio gftnainepess of tho o merrite of the institulion. 'itotbf«*s«tid fathers Sefod yoOr daugh- sysi wives «av& your husbands from $Mf to &"K).per y.e»r by learning to care for your own wardrobe; Solicitors will call on each fatriily in the city. Oar teritte am soJtow^tiwt atty one may avail thejiu- lve» of this opportunity. Mr. Hunt will remain in the city A week and wowWsjjke to meet thost who would ,liae to act »a raa^rager of county* sclwola. The schools hour? will' be from H:.10 to 1()-M a. m. and ffoui- 2 to 4:30 p, in. Vjjinntog Tue8ilat-a7 m.. 17, No lady ie" so rich thai sht should neglect this all important duty- We will give private lessons to these who do not caro to attend the regular sessions:- 1 (wilt Fire ami Cyclone Insurance. We again annonnce fhat we represent none of tho doubtful class of insurance companies. We re-present aix of the loading companies of tho world, having a&sets of thirty six million dollars for protection of policy holders, the old Etna having eleven •riiillion, Tho best ia none too goodj-tEe best is the cbeiip- est. Special favors granted. All lessee promptly paid byD.CunninKhfttti, ayont. 1 will bo at my office in thocouTt hoys from 8:150 to 10 a. m. on Monday H'an p Thurfidayn, and at'other hourH t»f aucli daya \\hon nototherwise ottgtijfed, ANJ>KKW W. LOCKTOX, «. Atty. of can them, company* partJcnlarly Cfirroel Cereal and If our htms<*wiv«3 «wt%' knsw4t, they greatly decrease ttafir houft^hold, cai'PS.'ftnd at^<e name time add to, the ctttrffort and hV&fth ftfthfc family by *&- tlf OfeoK tenifaniunt UcHltH Food "Cd. Swry • hWiAewSM «hoWil h&v* ihmr A#t' Booklet ^n'titted "Besltt It will beltent to all who aek for il Why Mpt Educate "AND ,6» «f Shorthand a«d >f 'th- of y d»<5 h»vo a flno for nalo. Call «jod tofi (>«« (lest Bqttippotl b«»tni>i"« tijitese* in the Call on or *fi-it^ Tor a?ArtictiIAt» ami Established 1882. Incorporated 1896*. CEORGt INGERSOLL, GENERAL ha<i" olgbtecrt years experipnce M Ptobftto will etve pp*cial attention to t i»r«ctl«: I-n Prolmie Coiirtn. ' U^HtfoRjijmn^tHJiiie* 1 *'" ptobWc courl* may (n 1 It t» their it it-rest to rotittolt him. WILLS, Ueeds, Mortgages / Other Carefully Drawn. x to Iteal KHluie. Examined. Will attiMul lo <hivpiirobai>o ' pgynifint of luxe*, oic. lUl|;()tIHttJ(l. for « sood Hue of Wfe .and Ui« JH»W. nil '»»!'* of LDtins ur) FIUE nt |IKHI1>K> T C>:, Corner Mnnnjon and tiranil St». teal Mangled and Torn ^SSi'-aw of W** 1 Ever Offered One of cither walking or cycling Kuita in crash. cheviot or w?rg08,"lhat was made to order by n f)rst clasa tailor and wwi stylish, upt -tojdatte and bttndsouie. at auy lower price than wo will make you a perfect fitting suit for i' If so let us kndw''it, and we will diwmue the reason nfter you ae« our suits at thf' pricQ we makt> thorn for, J. J. BE MBKCHANT TAIXtQB* . ' \ , , _ \ ^, . .. . Announcement, We Iia.v0 maenroti tlift A^noy fan several Fiimt Class tailors to the trade. The special order >v *« " *? tt* S •• i *^ success because of the necessity of correct p»$dr»pwio^s m&ti got into it sought to 4o husmes^by giving big inducements to make It a special bu3ines3^80 between tht? mso- ufaoturer's profit and abig^ofit to a special aales- custom* r gete poor value, p|4 f t*4 able houses will <So* |J*m tf you wish to get a good, fit in this Une at a little adlvanoe oil readj olothiag prices set our lines; be measure^ ' ' ' any kind dene with us must he satisfactory, as curtiiins would uieken the 'heart of housekeeper. jbVjrtu- auy _,., .....,..,.,.., .. _„ ..... oately auch a state of atrairs w\wi iieces- <a0rjc, We undertake to thoroughly wash, andlr.on any-lace <jurtaifl, no matter hciw d«)icate, entrusttNd to our care and to re- tayn if HJI-whole aud' sound; a» W!M* brought to us. Anybody can lauutter a ^ock or a haadkerchief~-it t»fce» art to 'do upi^jtaeo' curtain in tlie way they tiw W, f, Drake's stock of Wall be All whitei- hla.uks,- r «t piipers .'Jcpw roll to ....,,-.., . .:J.^..L,:.. fc « ..^, r _X; r ____ life •' •" '- _____ :,_-.- 80 -' » . _.'! atai 4c t>ej- yd 1 band Buy your paper while the , . .$, cwmty«tCaiit<) ,.^,. ' *Ue V"^*-'* tatftt !ter wtW X, luttrfm tli*4««tJ4W uftUm, i-uilw: city or . ,*-

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