The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 6, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1962
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5 JAPANESE CITY OBSERVES ANNIVERSARY OF ATOMIC BOMB-STORY ON PAGE S Per Single Copy , To Subserlb* Call II 3.3511 Frt«port THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS.,! SERVING BRAZOSPORT, AN6LETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN. DANBURf and DAMON fatti Claulfied: If 3-2611—AM Ofhor OfficM: II 3-3SI) Per Single To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport Mb In Sweden Examining US Abortion Plea Associated Press Member By URA(;|{ fHIRRV •STOCKHOLM (API-Mrs. Sher« Finlfbino sees n Swedish doclor today, necking speedy abortion of the hnby she fears has been de- Jorrnod by lhi> rtmg thnlldnmide <£ nr. Karl-Inge Oester of the Roy«l Medical Hoard said n "pone- trallng investigation of the reasons ' must precede tiny official approval of the operation Oilier Swedish medleal sources said the i Phoenix, Ariz., felcvision personality have to stay In Sweden nl least twn or three weeks Doctors nt Stockholm's Caroline Hospital nre expected („ handle the case. After examinations and fryi study of statements by Mrs Finkbine'K American physicians, they could recommend (nr nf against the abortion. The medical board will make the final decision. "I am hoping nnd praying thai Ihe Swedish medical men will l>o able to help me quickly," Mrs Kinkbine said when she" arrived Sunday with her husband, Hubert. "What people force)," she told ||tiewsmen in Copenhagen, "is that il is Ix-ginnlng to be more of a Iwiby In me evei-y day. 1 want it laken awny before it moves. Once that happens, I don't Ihink r could hold up emotionally." Tense nnd nervous, Mrs. Finkbine appeared near collapse. Her Americnn doctor has said n caesnrean section might lie necessary for abortion unless the operation was performed immodialo- |l.v. The 30-year-old brunette is nearly three months pregnant. | Mrs. Finkblnc decided to seek the operation In Sweden, which has approved abortions for seven other women xvho have taken thai- idomide, after an Arizona court refused lo approve termination of her pregnancy. Arizona law prohibits abortions unless the mother's life is in danger. Thalldomidt has been blamed for the deformation of thousands ' of babies born with deformed arms, legs and Internal organs. Most of the cases have been reported in Europe, Australia and Canada. The U.S. Food and Drug: Administration prevented distribu-l tion of me drug in Ihe United' States except on a limited, experimental basis. Mrs. Finkbine's husband liought the tranquillzer in London during a European trip last year and ' brought it home. MONDAY, AUftUST 6, 1942 Freepert, Texas Weekdays 5 Cents THEY'LL SWEEP SEAWEED FROM BEACH Early Surf-dde kilhns «lll we nn linprrsshe Klcllt early llleiday. »ll"ll II hlnilcv in.iss nl the jetties at »:3<t n. in. In turn the hist nf Die M-imced nnd nlhcr debris under, as far ea«l as they ran trnM'l in a day. At 3::in p. in. today. Bny Senllt units nf the (|ulntana Uivlrlct imd oilier Milimtn-rs (limn- Mre uelrnnip) will d.i nd- \nni-e «nrk by rvnuxlni; glnss bottles nnd other debris thnt unuld he ilanKermis If turned under. TlMw ynlunlrers «ltl !«• K |\pn relreshmenls hy Ihe Keep Hrninri.i Cnnnlr Reaiitiful AsMiclntlon. HELP NEVER CAME .\lxi\c, remising Ihe lilade llwy will cnnlriliiite („ |h- effort ('. <•. \.-\m\, li-fl. chairman nf. Hie cl'-imtip nnd president (if T&M Corp.; RIII tnv fin dri\cr's •.ejitf, rnnipsny \tce president; nnd II. 0. Ilnftinnr,. secretary. ,\Un cnntrilmtinK nni> blade nnd n| crulnr are Ullum Kqulpni'-nt <'".. Itiuutlrk ('imstnirlinn C'*i.. Muv nrns. Tmckinc (' i.. I.. I!. ( hllds Tmrkins Contrartiir, iml the rities nf t'lnte nnd Krei>|tnri. County ('nlllllllv'-'Mief |)i\V R-nnn is prnvldine fnur nulnlalwrs, plus dump trucks. Russia Starts New Series Of Nuclear Tests UPPSALA. Sweden r,\}>> _ The j Soviet Union has launched a new nuclear lest series with a super- bomb blast which .Swedish scientists placed in the 'ifl.mogalon range, second only to the 50-meg. aton blast the Russians set off last i October. I The new blast Sunday, appar- lently touched off at Soviet atomic ;lesl grounds in Arctic Siberia] came as no surprise to the West' Premier Khrushchev had an- jnounced his forces would have to 1 resume testing because of Ihp U.S ] Pacific tests now being concluded ; The U.S. Stale Department j called the Soviet explosion a 1 "somber episode" but made clear lit will not halt U.S. efforts to get a nuclear test ban. "The urgent problem l>ef, Jrr? U |P I world is not who tests last, but jhow we can rid the world of mi- i clear testing once and for all." said the department statement, referring to Soviet statements that they insisted on holding the last round of tests. U.S. Ambassador Arthur H. Dean returned to the Geneva dis- jjirninmen! conference Saturday with new Western compromise proposals for a test ban treaty.: No date has been announced for, presentation of the proposals to' the i-onference. ' Estimates varied as to the si/.e jof the Soviet explosion Sunday be- ' I lioved touched off on the island | of Novava 7,emlya about 1.3.V) 'miles east of Uppsala. Uppsala University's Scismolog- :ical Institute classed it in the j range of -10 million tons of TNT . ami said it occurred at a higher altitude than the Soviet series of 19hl. A Norweipan scientist said his instruments showed only that it Sunday 15 Cents Safe At FP Firm Peeled, $565 Missing Freeport police were investigat-|d ru g s taken in the past burg- ing a burglary Monday in which paries. Littleton said the burglars $565 was taken from a safe, and Clute burglars mode of scared olf Sunday night as police-may I waited for them inside a phar - 'group. peeled moae 01 °P pration in cutting .through the floor differed from were : , ne pasl lwo cascSi nut a u th rce be the work of the same MODEL MEET CONCLUDED •I. ( . -ln.v'« .vnuni;«lcr* «ntch llwlr dad launch a liny-line glider fir S. .A. SalMmry of Lake Jarksnn as part of the action at Sun- Hay's portion .if the I^ake .lark-uin Optinil.l Club .Modelers Chnni- pion«hip niwt. helrf nf Clemens Prison Farm. Joy lost sl K ht of his n«n slider Sunday us fwimelhlnc went wrong and It failed to stay under ranlrol. For winner nf the meet, nee fhe Tage f tmlay. iilorv on macy. The burglary at Simmons Building Supply Co. 3t Fourth and Park Avenue was reported t o Freeport police about 7:30 a.m. Monday, when employees arrived to open for business. Police Chief N. H. Lassiter said the burglary apparently occurred sometime after the business closed late Saturday afternoon. He said burglars ento -ed by prying open a door on the west side of . the building, within a fenced -in i area. ! Tlie money, mostly in cash but including some coins, was taken : ; from the safe in the office after ' ' burglars peeled the safe to gain: access. Chief Lassiter said the in- |? vestigation was continuing Mon- What scared the burglars ofl Sunday night was not established. Council Sets Road Decision For Freeport Tlie Freeport City Council is expected to act, at its Monday night meeting, on a minute order from the Texas Highway Commission for construction on a part of the Rosharon Post Office Dedication Scheduled Rosharon's new post office will postal installations. This svstem was smaller than the 50-megaton he dedicated at 3 p.m .on August serves more than ISO ' 11. i'l.iKunuM'-r LCJ it. mint an- /iineii Fire Call AI- By JAMES BACON .Moyle-Tclevlsinn Writer A pickup truck was extensively damaged Saturday In a Freeport fire. Freeport firemen were called to (he truck flre behind the J. C. Penney Co. about 5:20 p. m. Saturday. Firemen reported Uiat' bedroom ~ IIIld found Mnr Monroe Death Evinces Personality Conflicts bomb set off O,', ?fl. The Japanese Meteorological Institute estimated the blast in the lX)-megaton range. The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission said only that "ihe Soviet L'nlon detonated a nuclear weapon in the megaton ran::* 1 ." The Soviet foreign ministry re- j fused to thirds of the world's mail. lacinty. located at Rr> jsn i000 p^tai employees day to run down anv leads. ;. ™* P 3 ? of lhp , roati affcctpfl On confidential information that i , b , y " 1P ordpr . ls to hc hmlt frnnl the K & S Pharmacy on Highway ! thp '"'"wclion of Highway 2S? 2S8 in Clute would be burglarized | and "^'"""'V ™ ns ™ extension Sunday night. Police Chief G. P ; ot Hl = mva . v 2SS. running along the Littleton and Sgt. John Cole were. dlvcrslon <'h«nnel south to Hi" old looked in the building when it \ tmvnslt( ' levee and around to f. closed about 9:30 p.m. ; P°' nt where it will tie in with FM Chief Littleton said that about 14!)5 ' or Pinp Street. 11 p.m., burglars began to drill ' 1Tle rond - Planned to provide ac- through the floor of the store. He ( ' css lo llw P° rt - xvould he built hy and Cole, with a sawed-c<f shot- 'he Highway Commission, with gun. were immobile for an hour, ( certain expenditures to fall to the atching the drill cut through the cil V °f Freeport and Bramria and nandles over two- wooden floor and slaying ready 'County. Tke Commission will nr,' million nounoed today. ,,,;„,„ „, „,„ ,j. ; , Ou r , to n ab the burglars. " " provide curb and gutter, which are About midnight, something would be done by the City, and about 63 billion pieces frightened the burglars off. Since requests right-of-way for Ihe pro; a year, including over a the locks o'l the doors had to be eel in the minute order, parcels." the Postmaster opened from the outside with A public hearing on rezoniu keys, Littleton and Cole were un- Block 74! of Velasco Towns-lie fo The now Sharon, is part of the Post Office | ian d|j n ^ Department's lease construction „;' ma jf program, the local postmaster billion ""^nrd- addpd Cnder this program, investment financing is uyod to obtain needed I-V :..T™ 10 "' ™ !h(p ^facilities which remain und, Ision. which appeared to have ownpn!lljp . . • launched a new rr.'.ind of Russian r- i-. j military maneuvers in the far i north. The Soviet government an- 'nounced two weeks ago that maneuvers would begin Aug. 5, with i the Soviet northern fleet, rocket j troops and air force units taking part. vale ownership, pay local taxes to this community, and are leased to the Federal Government. At the same time. Ihe need lor outlays of money from the Federal Treasury jOf the world's most famous per- iblio statement on the death of jsonalilies. his former wile. HOLLYWOOD (API — A doctor' But on '' cr <t)ro " l ' r ' s r; »" sheet. Miller became Miss Monroe's smashed his way into a licked 'tagged to ctypt 3.1 in the morgue ' hirti husband in \W and they ilyn Mon- were unrevealing statistics- UOIC ' dl ™'<"-'< 1 'a»t year. Ihe cab r s interior" was'guUed midj-^ ^ '." ™. »«!«•, a telephone Weigh, 117 pomvK height (T.'i in- n^t^ed' ^ric^McsK there was some damage to motor!'; u.^m her hand, an empty ^ „,.„. ^ ^ ^ l^™^^ w 0 ' u'n nK ' ^'7 t 1 "' UJk ' S , Ulpt(Mrl '" N ' ,. . ' NVx. of km _ tllidvs Baker, the 3vvoa,-Wd actress accidental- \\illmm Davis. Mremrn did ml « xvas her psychiatrist who mother. Address unknown determine Ihe cause of the fire, found Ihe Ixidy early Sunday. \j fr t | lror husbands had little mysterious death brought, a nothing to say her ' Tlie Solvents Head Deires Try'ng To Fix Prices "National population increases able to pursue the burglars until commercial building is to be he'' will add nearly 3.000,000 people a Clute patrolman was called to at the council meeting, too. P n ~ to the population in the next 12 unlock the door. Bids on paving projects for Ave- months. with about one and a half However. Littleton said he had nue F and Avenue H in North million marriages and the estab- some gi/od leads which are being Freeport are to be opened by the lishment of (iKi.lXXt new hon=e - investigated, along with a des - council tonight. A progress report holds, including many in this cription of a car seen in that on repair to the Freeport levee.' community." the postmaster not- area about that time. will be presented bv the citv pn~: for construction pur- „,. ..^ wi ,, h( , rpflecln , , n i The burglars also left behind neer. - ' increasing demands for more pos- their tools which Littleton term- tal service here." he explained, ed the semi-professional type used "Mail business in this area has by the lower class of burglars. | sone up," the Postmaster noted. He said the equipment did not in"For example. 10 years ago re- elude anything for blowing safes, venue was 51,300 compared with The burglars were apparently ?l- SS.600 today." lor dnigs. kept in a cabinet at When the local post office was the pharmacy, Littleton surmised, first established in 1911, its re- Clute's only two unsolved burg- coipis ran only about $200 vear. Council To Meet ile NKW YORK .API — Mayrarri Wheeler, rtros'iVnt of the Com»,.>-,.:-,) Silvents I'orp., surrendered today on a Texas antitrust indictment stemming from the ly or intentionally took the over- or dose of pills that investigators be- lli, lieve killed hot. Coroner Tho.xlore J. Curphey ball slid psychiatric evidence would apparent- play an important part in the ver- bo nearby (or the funeral, diet. first husband. p-ilicem;in "We vvill question her friends iiuheriy, lives in I^,s and otliers to determine her mood preceding dcatli." Ihe coroner I. "Hii? r i'ase wbcr Ilic executive was then la far shows lo police headquarters for finger- V natunil printing and photogr.-ipbiug.^ Fmm . inl , mi . i A coroner's investigation team, herself since early i bililli.xnl. death, and we can make a pro i aided by detectives, aie seeking was known to have made a will sumptive opinion that death was plans for her own !>ur- due to an overdose of Wheeler was i< must :icccss,iry in a < luirge of heinc no nnles were found i» sli ''e in Texas. hooked on a a fi:giti\e fr-m I tragic end. at 36, to the trouble- a | 1<,,- ( ' S | ln newsmen, j scarred life of Norma Jean Baker j (1< . [ijmaL'gio the ex-Ki Bids on Installation of water.— 11 " 1 frightened wrrV who became star, flew hole Sunday and sewer lines for the Southern luo world's most famous blonde \ v \ Oaks area will be opened when as Monroe. Hej- the Lake Jackson City Council She apparently died either late James K. holds Us regular session at 7 p.m. Saturday or early Sunday of an Angeles. f tonight nt the city hall. 'overdose of sleeping |ui|s. The Her mother, an inmate ..f mi Also on Ihe agenda is Ihe sec- empty bottle had ••.mtainotl T*) :al institutions for most ,l I ond reading of an ordinance oon.iNonibuial ca|wules. lite. «as last condn.xl to a home with the Ikidv leiniiig reTOning of a tract on- Was it suicide? Had she mile,! in nearby I... Cresoenla. "Our investigation xvmow Drive Mr coiwlrticlion of .someone Ix'foro she diwl? Marilvn. who had slufi,-,! for that she did not di apartment until by B. J. Roberts. 1 ,\ coroner's investigation team, herself since early < death, and we can make a pro- 'here he was to g.i to Felony __* r . UI ' i aided by detectives, an- seeking was known to have mad.' a will sumptive opinion that death was Court for arraignment and pnv "jlhe answers lo these questions lo- outlining plans for her own l>ur- due to an overdose of a drug." coodinss to send him to Texas I day. l-A-idonce uncovered so far is ial. Ho said il might be -IS hours Wheeler. Pistes ami flolxTt K. ji-onfliciint;. A business associate said that before a venlict can In- an- Clements who w:is a cafoimdcr of i Dr. Itnlph (iiivivson, her psvehi- it had not Ivcn fumd vet and annninccd. lllf> Tow-iseml Plan for Ih.- :c,-,^1 jalrisl, said she calhil him at r)-.l."> funeral anangenicnts wcie |>,-nd- Thus in death, the screen's sex '" 'he 1S."XV. were indict- Like most of the new postal buildings that are going up across '}>e country, this post office i s 'eased to the Post Office Department. Tills gives the Department some flexibility in adapting its building pi-ogram to changes in mail volume, transportation and population. Postmaster Hunt said. The Department is now- concentrating on constructing new postal units only whore they are most urgently needed. In areas where it is practical to do so, existing h'lildines aro undergoing renova- • Test Ban Proposal Cold-Shouldered GENEVA (APi-The Soviet Union cold-shouldered toriav now per lanes at the present time occur- Western compromise proposals de- red at the same pharmacy, with s i sn (^ to hrcak (hp deadlock n n .._..-.-..- ^ Soblen Escape Chances Good L15NDON (API—Tlip i-onx-icn'on last June. Israel expelled him July grew today that runaway Russian 1 anfl P 1 " him with a u - s - Marshal plane of I El Al Air the government's for the Unit- himself the "The lM-t that Rosharon has has Ivor chosen for a new ,>,st office Postmaster Hunt >aid. l "reflects credit on our growing fumed to Israel this week to eon- ivnirihutie.n to the eitmomy and liiiue his fight to escape a life I if" o! the nation." sentence in a U.S. prison. Meanwhile, for Ihe local postal rj r Ari Ankorion, Sohlen's Is- d,-dication. the I'oslmaster an- nl( ,ij attorney, said tlie 6I->ear-old don. He psychiatrist may Ix.- b;u-k in Is- since to rai'l by Thursday to begin a new flight. Soblen is in Undon's BrLx- legal bailie to remain there. ton Prison. Soblen, convicted of spying (or Britisli Home Secretar>' Henn,' treaty for banning nuclear weapon tests. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian A. Zorin told the 17-nation disarmament conference the new Western formula for test ban controls does not look promising. Zorin thus chilled the Western ideas even before they were form- I that the following are the guests expected to attend: J. Allen Dupnv. Assistant to has been battling ever escape completing Ihe ., Director. Dallas, , he R Uss j ans during World War Bi-ooks has ordered El Al to corn- Arnold. County u j umpe( ] jiuo.OOO tail !;ml fled plete Soblen's trip to the United from ,| le United States lor Israel States .MR. nnd MRS. TOM KK.NYON nnd MR. and MRS. ,r. W. DUNN' JH., miuklng wiilding miniver- KarioK today. . . MIKK 1) KM TON, spending three wis'k.v ixilh his aunt Dallas nnd then rcluniiiix to Houston hy jet. . . •» The RUSSKLL JOHNSON'S, picking Colorado as their vaca -' tion spot this vear. And Around Tim Cminlt: HKCKY PKITKH of WC, .speiid ing toddy on the campus of Mary llardin llaylor Collci;e us guest (if KATHRVN BUItNI-.'Tr it Angle- 1'in. then going i in lo Ausim s|>en,l Ihe rest of the week fli mDKUN;; ii "j' 1 .»-,,K,,,s 0 f^r;i:r"!±,rH, fcltar X Ranch relurmng home „,„! told Mrs. '.Murrny"'" "Sh, on, her Colorado visit v i B.pcan. lo hc dead." Uvalde whore she left Ihe chil-! No notes were dren to visit will, their grand-.f, IUI «| hi,, K face iwrents, the C. H. JKKKKR1KS 'hum bed around her hR., for awhile. . , .^ u> ^ j , KATIUItINK Ki.I.IOIT of WV. by mortua'ry and liie'in n l,ulf Coast Mnbcal fcntcr al ly im.i-gue whe,,' \\harton recovenng from leg day, inn laimtd lurgery Friday. „ j Hours before she had ben, p.m. Saturday, distraught, seeking, ing until its disoiveiy expevtisl la- goddess led Miind the Mine mys- '^ ! ln ;1 -rand jury in reassurance. They talked an hour, ter today, tenons personality contia,st that lo. Tex. last Thursday. Clements He told her lo take ii drive in her DimagKio hopped oil the lust she evinced in lift. is former owner nf Superior M-in- ear to relax. plane leaving San Kranei.vo lor As Marilyn Monroe, movie tlar, ufacturint; Co. (V Amarillo. a key |)e * 0 It was a rule she never took. Lew Angeles after hearing ./ her she was under a public micro- company in the Kstes operations. Instead, she retired at S p.m.. in deatli via. a nulio bulletin, lie was scope — exciting, wanted and what her housrUccpr, Mrs, Kim in seclusion in a Santa Monica'muhhcd by adoring fans. er and Ksles charge two counts lec Murray, thought to Iv gond hotel. Her more than a score of luov- of a>nspiracy to fix prices on 'K spirits. Though Miinlxn duouvd him in ies since her nrst big break ill anhydrous ammonia fertiliser ami ln If she made any calls that even- I!'-V>. the Iwo had remnineil go-d "The Asplmlt Juir;l Ihe Texas; Alton Judge: State Senator A. R. Schwartz: State Representative Neil Caldwell: and Mr. Arringlnn Kurrer. Mavor of Ancleton. "(Xir p-itiMiis will derive mole •njoyment from doing business their mail will be Iwndlert Miciontlv and this building before Wednesday night. more doclini^l to make made any calls that e\ en- ing, they were local calls. Tele- friond.i phono ciuiiiiany icccuds disclosOil I'lajwnuhl Arihur Miller, MIU no toll cnlLs Irom her imir.lier. leiiiiiuiiyi. Mrs. Muruiy ruse at 3 a. m. Sunday in tier quarters in tlie star's Hieiiiwood horn ..... awakened by .111 uneasy tin-ad she couldn't explain— Hikl found Miss Monroe's lijjlil still huiinn^ her ilnnr luckiil, and in answer In her to kiiix-k. She |ih(in.'i| i> r tireenscn. Group At Brazoria Sets Talent Show Me rtiKlieil lo tlie hum i U'drooin windo\\ si in ihe • lieui^ planiiiil Hcautiliil ASSII- IMC- cialiiin for AIIL: '.'I al S p.m. in in, (hc Pia/oria S, hi ml auditorium. up- County people itileieMed in par. liciiutiiiig in Hie show .should confound. She was tact the project's oh.iiiman. Mrs. ,lown, the covers I'renliss Rust at SW S:'ISil or Mrs. Mary Kiln Johnston al SW S'-W niillions. At the kinks that finance movies, her name on a contract meant unlimited credit for a prixtuoer. Only her last two movies. "Lei's Make bive" ami "Pie Misfits." had iM'cu disapiKiinting at tlie bo.x- titfiee — ii fact which distressed her. She setMiunl luiiniv aii Marilyn Monroe. Ihe star, with the spotlights beaming hrighlh. Hut when the lights went olf in her lonely hiHiriHini, Marilvn Mou- iiv. the sex symUi!. was Norma indictments against Wheel- um | j ls ul> .|, M |aie equipment will; enable our postal employees to! work under the best of n.ndi -1 lions." the Postmaster comment- of trade. fl j "The new facilit>." he tuUetl. "will t>e a link with a postal system that today has over 4,),IUO >f U*.")0 had ' wo counts of reslraint Wheeler's attorney said Wheeler had spent till day Friday Irving to surrender, hut finally went to Connecticut for the weekend after announcing he would surrender today. Wheeler denied hav injj om- spired will, anyone either to fix prices or control markets the Texas olui-gos were foundation. Ksles and I'lemenls Mil-rendered fattier. in potter t'ounlv, Tex., oCficrrs Haves «y THK ASSOCIATED PRESS KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica became ihe newest nation of Ihe Western Hemisphere today to the thunderous cheers of Jamaicans in a ceremony watched by Pritish Princess Margaret and U. S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. ern propcsals informally with him Sunday and that as far as he could make out, the Western position on tlie 1ST hail i«sue has not changed in principle. Dean earlier told the conference the new Western suggos'tious will be introduced after he completes his informal discussions with Zor- in. They will go first to tlie U.S., British and Soviet nuclear subcommittee, expected to meet next Thursday. A formal presentation to the full conference is unlikely before, early next week. LJ Police Find 2 False Alarms Father Dies iioor-0 K. I'ninny He said <,i»i daughter of Kreeport left without Siindav niahl for Wichita Kails upon learning that Mrs. c'. St.. WASHIXliTUX — President Kennedy bus asked Ihe Senate Judiciary I'uiiiinlltre lo restore some uf Ihe teeth il yanked Hie helauxer drug bill in mi eflort to avoid for the future, tlie oi such drugs, as thaiidomlde. PI, nny's W. Cainpliell. I" 1 !' 1 Wichita Fills, had previously and were r bonds of S10.IKK) each. Jean lost in a shoulders Weafhercast ,he co letnaic.s Tickets ina> be obt.iiiitsl in .id \an.c !;uni anv nienihrr n[ the A.asocial inn (or M cents lor adult.-. .and W cents lor cluldien. liN ri!r an.l hot tlinHigh wiih nioilei.ite v\Hltheil\ ow iom,;lil 77, hi^li iixUv l.iy 97. Tide Schedule Tixl.u High S::'K p.m. 1-nw 1:"0 p.m. Tue.sdav High 7::» a.m. ai*i 111.Ill i Low .I-';!'-! a.m. and 2:15 leased on ,-|i,^i. CaniplH-ll. who had lieen m ill health for someume. died of a. heart attack ah.Hit 6:45 p. m. Sumiav. DALLAS — Three giouus of uivesloi-s were exacted to bid to- cla.v ni ihe holdings of BilKe Se.1 Kites, hankiiipt promoter once worth millions. Assets have been fstimated al Iron, Sfi.j million to $13.5 million. . XKW YOKK - The Xalluiial Association for (be Advancement I-ako Jackson police rushed to Huisaehe and Pecan Lane Sunday about 5:14 p.m. when a from xvreok and a fight were reported, to find neither had actually occurred although a boy was in • jured. It .seems the boy'« father liad lo slam on the car brakes at the intersection when a pickup truck pulled in front of him, and his son was flung into the auto's air conditioner. Po , k . e ,. opm . tcii , he fa ,| UT „„,„ Su» Data p.m. p m. Sets Uxlav 7:11 p 111. Rises 'Hiesiiav- 5.4-1 a m. Sets Tuesday 7.10 p.m. of Coloretl I'eople plans a major legal assault on discrimination jllmper | ,, 0 m the vehicle with a mains! Xi-sroes by lalxir unions, acixirdlnj; lu a New York Times , jre |ool nmmnj , m pursuit of tlie article. The Aim Is lor "a body of judge-made law equal to that truck's driver who left the scene hot found in (lie Held of public education." irt a hurrv. -- 'Hie hoy was taken (o Com- PALl-XS — The German sci;;e of Stalingrad two decades ago was niunjty Hospital hy the Lake noihin;; more than a Commuii'ist propaganda fane, according to Jackson K.niergeney i"ar for ex- Maj. Gen. Kowm Walker, who made the assertion in an interview animation and treatment of minaf Sunday lor a Dallas paper. 'injuries. He vvas then dismiss>d.

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