The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 27, 1959 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1959
Page 5
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JBragoaport and BrazoriaCounty, Texas, Thura., August 27,1956 •fell BRAZOfiPORT FACTS ISO To Open 68th Office Here m s. j/wd or. i Q>tom«trisu an* Directo Texas State Optical; hive an nounried the Opening of a-new office in the Tarpon'kin Village Shopping Center, -102 t, Second Street, Freeport. ••••• The office lit the 68th Irt thes- tate for the firm, and la considered to be one of the most modem optometHc offices in the entire country, offering convenient, thorough eye examfri- ations, prescribed and fitted glasses or contact lenses, duplication of lenses, fUllnl of prescriptions from other practitioners, and rge alignment and aojiisttnent service to patients. • The new TSO include* • beis- Ufully appointed reec^Uoh area! examination rooms, equipped with the latest 6f ophthalmle examining JnatntmeWsi fittlnt and dispensing areas, where hundreds if modem ejrcgtttt frames are on display; and .a frame repair an* adjustment •re». •.•"-. -.•...•' Every posttMe MMtfcntion ;.Shartn Ulckert examlnei on* of the many '"«lm» ttylei on display aS the new Texai Slai. Optical office in the Tarpon Inn Village Shopping CerilwinTreeperi. The office ii ih» Slih in ih* llal* for the firm. Barbara Pafon, TSO frame «tyllit, aiiittt Mill Ulckert in'looking over ihe faihlon- abl» aiiorimeni of framei. For the BEST in ... • Wnft-To-Wall Carpet* Tacklesi Installation by experts. • Custom made Drapei Installed Complete Including hardware .-. ••-, f /, • Interior Decorator , . Service DARWOOD'S 119 W. tot Freeport Car Removed FromGulf Was Stolen A 1959 Ford Thunderblrd, which was removed from the water at Sur/slde by Caseo Marine Ways and the US Coast Guard early Monday is reported as having been stolen from W. M. Godbe of 605 Stuart in Houston. Brazoria County Sheriff Jack Marshall's office said it had been, reported to them that a 17 foot Glasstron, pink and white fiberglas boat, a 60-Scott Atwater outooard motor and a red boat trailer had also been stolen at the same time from Oodbe. Godbe was due to pick up the car late Tuesday, the sheriffs department said. •t THREE SIST1RS ONE DAY ALL MERCHANDISE. ON REGULAR PRICES OF (EVERYTHING IN THE STORE..- i .'/"- ,,, • • • • ' _ Tbfe ii yovr chonct to save K)% en New FoN Coo*.**, Dresses... Sportsweor... Children's Weof». and Back-To-School needs. £2MEMRER...ONE DAY ONLY, THIMORI YOU MIY THt MORI YOU SAVf i,:»: OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT TIL 9 P.M. SORRY, NO MAK. OR PHONf for the comfort of patients was taken into account whlta planning (hi* new TSOJn PreeVort, according to Dr. *. J. Rogers. Tbe interior of th»office!* H- cished las combination of wsl- twt paneling, richly colored walls, and esrpeteo . ;.<l vinyl ttte floors blend with to* e*lo» scheme. Coatemporanr interior desifli sn0 mneni randsbifl and fixtures are aceemnated TINY SLUGGER PHESCOT, Enflltnd (UPII Miu EUiibeth Wlleax, St yean eld and four fe»t »T»n Inehe* tall, wat put on pte bitten for aluniof • (bt-feefc 170 pound poHeenuui with hli own helmet. . Co-Op Housing Can Be An Answer TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED wet arranged plantwboxMand Mdirwt lighting* Dr. Roger* further Wormed that patient* wtm h»ve been »c- cuttomM to going to TSO off- fcte fa Hbusio*, Tacaa Cfty or Gjlvestdn/catt have tbelrprea- critrtiod records transferred to «* new Tarpoft ha Vfltaga of"All that Is necessary," he said, "is for than to go to flw new office and mate tttta irtah knovm." > tSO Ms staffed rtw acwPree- pott office wittiMperienctdpa- rschnel from its otter offices. Heading the attff a» examining doctor of optometry aadop- tomaria manager is Dr. Henry Nance, and the dispensing optician and admlnlstratiTe manager la Fred L.Barnard. Texas State epical was established ta 193S by Dr. S.-J. Rogers, soon after Jotoedbyhis brother, Dr. N,Jay Rogers. Bo th receired their Doctorates of fWomaw from the Northern nitaofc, CollegB of Optometry. Today. TSO ebiptejn over 500 persons, Deluding a host of optometrists, opticians, framest- yusts, contact Ien< technicians, and credit and clerical personnel. the directors attribute (he tremendous acceptance and dflnsequeritial growth of TSO to their policies of making available to the people of Texas the finest eyecare and eyewear at 4 most reasonable cost "When we opened In Beaumont," Dr. Rogers said, "we were determined to provide thorough, scientific eye examinations, finest quality glasses and continuous service at a cost every*. one could afford. During these years, Our doctors of optometry have performed In excess ef three million eye examinations, and have provided better vision and eye comfort to hundreds of thousands of people at most reasonable cost, with the added convenience of weekly or monthly credit terms for those desiring it. These same poZ- ocies will be In effect at our new Tarpon im Shopping Center office in Freeport." Texas State Optical has five Dallas offices andoneunderco- nstruction; 14 In Houston; seven in San Antonio; six in Ft. Worth; two in Beaumont, Corpus Christ! and Wichita Falls, and one in each of the following citiesi Austin, Orange, Pt.Ar- Aur, Lufkto, Tyler, Longvie* Garland. Arlinoton. GraTid Pr- airie, deburne, Denton, Sherman, Dehison, Pasadena, Gal- E SS VI!',, Ba ? 0 J!? < w **s. Victoria, Midland, Odessa, Marshall, Big Springs, Harlingen, Gainesville, Texas City, and Temple. A second office is uhdercons- truction In Austin, and the construction of an office is underway In El Paso, _.._ KILT Disc Jockey Guest For Angleton Teen Dance The irrepressible Hal Murray promises to be at his irrepressible best for the Back to School Ball planned for Friday night at 8 p.m. by the Angleton Teen Club. The scene of these hi-jinks will, be at the usual Teener.*' gathering spot, the American Legion Hall. Murray, KILT disc «3y EDWARD COWAN Waited Press fcteroetionat WASHINGTON (WPI) - Enthusiasts think cooperative housing is one solution for middle income people whose income is too high for public bo- using but who cannot afford to meet regular mortgage.' payments. For. such people, co-op booting is said to be a way to se- shelter at modest monthly coat and at the aarae tin* acquire; ownership. The Cooperative League of me U. S. A. estimate* that bout 70.000 families in 38 states livefa co-op noosing projects. ' But they represent a tiny portion of all middle incom* families. acconSng to the league. * reports Oat familiee with income* from $3,000 to $7,500 represent about half the nation's population of 177 ma- UOD. 'These families are theback- oone of America, but H.300,000 [46 per cent) of them do not own their own home*," the league says. Many of than "simply cannot afford to , buy a home M today's prices." These families- might Doable to acquire bora* ownership if they pooled their resource* to oooperacife veafer*. co-«p supponecs point CM. Uoet co-op housing baa been buik for more <h*n one family. But son* single-family oo-«s> projects haw also been bnik. in essence, oo-op housing selvee have joiner; arranged for the oo«e»n»eriOBs»d HnaBdngef Aeir dweffing. Teos. they eli- minate what might be called the landlord's profit. Co-op housing has been able to cut costs In another way- interest on mortgages. In 1950 the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) began insuring mortgages on co-op bousing. It set maximum interest rates below generallyprevaiUngmarket rates. These rates are now 41/2 per cent on rentalco-ophousineand 5 per cent on sales housing, A housing biH vetoed by President Eisenhower recently would have lifted these maximums to 5 1/4 and 5 3/4 per cent. • Co-op housing cuts monthly costs still further because the FHA allows repayment of coop -mortgages over 40 years. This Is a longer repaymait period than lenders' might accept on conventional loans. It lowers monthly payments. There is, however, the disadvantage tbat always attends long amortization of a mortgage -the borrower pays more in interest tbe longer he takes to repay the principal. Housing and other co-op enterprises usually follow the rule that the venture's affairs are controlled by the members. 'Each member in a co-op project has ana vote. In housing co-ops, a family counts as a member. Another common practice, especially among housing co-ops, is to return to tbe members any money surplus tbat accrues If aggregate monthly payments exceed the project's expenses. Tbe refund either takes the form of a lump sum or a reduction in future raomtWy charges. iockey and master c{ the wis3 crack and ad-lib, will bring with him the Electras, a group of entertainers, to add to the fun. He will also have with him all of the top 40 records, with another "comer" list . f 40, and 100 or so records that were pasl placers on the hit parade. In short, the bill ot 'are should tatisfy the taste of all the loca 1 platter fans. He Is planning to give awa> about 75 records in a series of drawings and two albums to the winners of the Bop Contest that will be one of 'lie features of the evening's enter^inrvent. Since this is an all out Back to School Ball, the last big entertainment effort before i educational walls close in, the cheer leaders from the local high school will act as assistant hostesses. Those serving in this capacity will be Misses Betty Murphy, Charlotte Roberts, Barbara Lynn Roberts, Evelyn Stephen.*, and Mary Ann Falck- ney. Also, for this one evening, at least one of the rules of the Teen Club will be relaxed to let more ynurtir 'jK*>t>Ie"«feftd; according to Miss Sandy Atkinson. Teen Club president "We have been very strict with the rule that only members and their eupsts can come to the dances." Miss Atkinson said, "Rut just for this special occasion we won't turn anyone between the age! 1 of 13 and 19 away. That is." she added, "if iir"r havp fhpir quarter." BRAZOSPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY DRIVE SEPTEMBER 2nd, 1969 Sara Munsdn announces thfe OPENING el &• FAIL SEMESTER of her DANCE aa* DRAMA SCHOOL ClMttft in daa<* and drtma will to oitattd lor all a*eo. Registration will be held at the home of MRS. JOHN H. MUNSON 1731 West 10th Freeport MOWBAT, Atr6TrsT 3i6t FROM 11 A.M. UNTIL 4 P.M. DR. H. J. ROGERS CERAMIC TILE • BATBS • SHOWERS • DRAINBOARDS PRE - CAST TERRAZZO AND QUARRY CUSTOM W. B O'Bara Wallace Jones TILE CT 7-4349 CY 7-2736 DH. 8. J. ROGERS RADIO STAT10H *6R «5 A tiny protabl* FM radii, transmitter can lie built ftum commerical parts coatiSg inij $25, reports: Electronics. McGraw-Hill publication. Th« microphone-transmitter, powered by a standard 'ransistor rs. dio battery, is about thi alia of a deck of bridge cards: nd has a range ot about <66 feet— just right to serve a* a itortable public address m\*t- ; >hMie. you go... there 1 * TSO CAMERA PHARMACY 524 N. GULP BLVD. 35 MORGAN'S NOW...ITSHERE...THE FIRST IN THE BRAZOSPORT AREA! NEWEST from POLAROID NOW: INDOOR PICTURES WITHOUT FLASHBULBS With new 3000 speed picture roll and the repeating wink-light eo-second photography has entered a new dimension of carefree operation and spectacular results. Two brand new Polorold Corporation developments—a 3000 speed film and tho repeating wink-light—have made indoor photography as easy and economical as snapping pictures in the sunshine. This amazing new film to fifteen time*, more sensitive to light than-present film. Now you can' take' indoor pictures right in your own living room without flashbulbs. You can take pictures indoors during the daytime as easily as outdoors. And outdoor pictures with this extraordinary film are better than ever, from brightest sunshine to deepest shade, even at dusk, long after the sun has set. THE FILM HAS THE SPEED • THE SHADOWS ISN'T THE WINE-LIGHT ERASES THIS THE WAY YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE PICTURES ? There never has been a thrill in photography to match that of seeing youiv picture fully developed just 60 seconds after It waa taken. Now in addition to this you can take Poloroid Land pictures anywhere, anytime, without flashbulbs. No more bulky equipment to carry. No more expensive flashbulb! 'to buy. Come in and let us show you the Polorold Land Camera with the new 3000 speed film and the repeating wink-light. Let us take your picture. Try a few pictures yourself. Photography has never been so easy —so economical—so much fun I BUY THE COMPLETE KIT AND SAVE Complete factory-packed kits are available featuring each model of the famous Polorold Land Camera. They cost substantially less than the total cost of the Individual items. Shown here Is an 800 Kit, with the Polorold Land Camera, wink-light, film, albums, Postcardere and bautiful top-grain cowhide case. The caw la E handsome addition to your luggage, means th»t you can carry with you everything necessary to take pictures in any situation. SEE THESE FABULOUS NEW POLOROID ITEMS AT THE CAMERA CORNER NOW . , . ALSO AVAILABLE AT GREY-HOUND AGENCYS LAKE DRUG - Lake Jackson PAYNE JEWELRY Glut* 24 HOUR BLACK and WHITE SERVICE 48 HOUR KODACHROME & KODACOLOR SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS MORGAN'S 524 GULF BLVD. PHARMACY BE 3-5214 FREEPORT

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