The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 22, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1893
Page 2
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>-' X * DAILY JULY CtfRONICLE one y«itrtUrouffU P.'O...»4 1ft <it<ltvercd. to «*m» per «r«ek received M the office of pub 161 State street. j.M. MOSE3, Pnbliinar, MURDER AND SUICIDE. and W. it. 'Shoemaker Kill* Two. Men f Th«n Taken 111* Own Mfe. •MiCTtt6,£OLt8, His., July 22.—A double murder winding up with the suicide of the assailant, was committed here about dusk. The murdered men were .George Lukens and Richard Lukens, two respectable ^ young carpenters. Both had families.^' George, the eldest. i shot several times .in the head and body and died instantly. Richard, the younger, was killed while holding hjs baby in his arms. ; ,. W. R. Shoemaker is . the manxwho did the shooting,-afterwards blowing his own brains out. The, killing was done at the home of the yonnger brother, the two Lukens standing in the front yard and Shoemaker on the pavement. The trouble grew ont of a law-' •nit instituted some- time ago by the wife of the younger brother against Shoemaker, who had been her guardian, and who, as Lnkens claimed, squandered her. estate.* "--. ; • New Michigan Postmaster*. WASHINGTON. July 22.—Postmasters appointed: Deer Creek^ Livingston county. W. W. Henderson, to succeed Mrs. Hattio Barber, resigned; Duplain, Clinton county/ N. W. Brass to succeed, B. E. Teeter, removed; East Jordan, Charlevoix county, F. E. Boosinger, to succeed Harrison Mitchell, resigned; Eureka, Clinton county, E. J. Rininger, to succeed Daniel Turner, removed; Hamilton. Allegan county, C. E. Siple, to succeed H. A. Seers, resigned; Hatmaker, Branch county, Peter Hatmaker, to succeed Austin Larabee, removed; Masonville, Delta county, Mrs. Jennie Reynolds, to succeed A. P. Waldo, resigned; Montgomery, Hillsdale county, C. E. Adams, to succeed O. B. Hewit, resigned; Novi, Oakland county, D. M. Toncray, to succeed C. M. Wright, resigned. MICHIGAN CADETS. Appolutmenta Made to West Point and Annapolla. WASHINGTON, July 22.—Cadet appointments to West Point have been issued to.the following: Albert J. Gleason, Big Rapids, Mich.; Charles Mun- tonjalternate), Greenville, Mich. With two or three exceptions all of the appointments for navel cadets for the next classes have been made. Among the Ijst aye the following: First Michigan, D. S. Mahoney; F. W. Shiebner, alternate; Third Michigan, M. Foot; M. R. Jewett, alternate; Fifth Michigan, C. H. Weber; C. 8. Harley, alternate; Eighth Michigan, E. Eggert; R. C. . McKay, alternate. •" Icebound fool. PROVIDENCE, July 22.—The people in the town of Gloucester have discovered an icebound pool. The pond in question is solid with ic'e, and the surrounding vegetation has not started to develop as yet this summer. The ice on the pond covers some 10 feet square, and the place is entirely surrounded by trees in a dense thicket. The discovery was made by some of the townspeople while , plodding along through- the woods. Not far away there are little streams and ponds filled with sparkling water, the temperature at the high summer . point. Those who f oubd the icebound pool were covered with perspiration when they walked upon the strange curiosity. : " Kdlson Wins Another Suit. MILWAUKEE, July 22.—In the suit brpught by the Edison Electric company «eainst the Electric Lighting company or Oconto, to restrain the latter from manufacturing, selling and using the incandescent lamp, a decision was handed down in the United States ^ffcelding the claims of th£ Edir,and granting tfceinjunc- .. „. .., far. The claims of the Oocsnto company were ba$ad on the clftiiDa'that $ patent of thisHnvention was granted *» one; Henry Grpebel, before tfce one granted to Mr. Edisbn. This the court decides was not the case eopie ar*. kgaii* nj * ' w. * •. i i * w&itmore. Atien; Wttton IX Blacfr, Bancroft; i Wellington R. Lawton,, Berlin: William p. Kikehdall, ChariesWorth; John A. Wagnef»Eastm&nlrillej Thomas S. StephensrFfee Soil; tlharlea Branagan, Jeddo; -Colin C. Murray, Martin; Freeman W. Sehqfie}d, Nofvell; Henry A. Spalaing r PeKr%-WallaceM.Briggs, Shelbyville; Albert B. Rtittev Sullivan; George Longsduff. Vandalia; Duffey Defranee, Wakelee; Jantes C. Townsend, White Cloud. / , > Smnllpox In New York.; " .7. ' < NEW YQRK, July 22.-^An Italian family named Trabaco,.numbering five persons and living in a filthy nest m the tenement quarter, were found sick, -of smallpox. They were huddled together in two beds where they have been "sick for many days. . WASHINQtON NOTES. The comptroller of the currency "Bar fceerT Informed that the Farmers' National bank of Henrietta, Tex., has failed. The comptroller has appointed , John P. Hopkins of Kensington',-Chicago, receive! of the Chemical National bank of Chicago. The total number, of fourth-class postmasters appointed Friday was 120, of which" 19 were to All vacancies caused by resignations and death. The treasury department Friday was offered•-570,000, ounces of sliver at prices ranging from TO to 71'Jtf cents. Of this amount 80|bQO,,punces were purchased at 70 cents the balance being declined and the same rate tendered. .,..-<• .' • . .•'>&•. T)ae comptroller has ordered a dividend • of 30. per cent in favor; of (the.'credltorsj'bf the Evanston National-hank of Evanston, Ills. The checks for thf^paymeni of .the dividend will be distributeAxon br about the first'of August by the/recover of the Bank of Evanston. x. Xynchlng- Did. Not Occur. ISHPEMINO. July 22.—There was much excited talk at Ewen after the fire Thursday night about incendiarism and lynching the firebug, which probably led to the rumors of the lynching there.' As the excitement died down it becoming generally believed that the fire came from the kitchen of Snyder's house and not from an incendiary. Very little in the line of groceries was saved and more food is urgently required. Convicted of Stealing Flali. Au TRAIN, July 22.— George McGregor, keeper of the lighthouse in Munising bay, has been convicted of stealing fish from t the pound nets. Fishermen had suspected the thefts for some time and kept their eyes open. McGregor has heretofore borne an excellent reputation. He was sentenced to pay a fine of $50 and to be. imprisoned 90 days. During his absence his Wife will attend to the lighthouse. Wanted at Cincinnati. SAOINAW, July 22.—Professor J. C. Voltaire, the alleged swindling medium, was brought here from Kalamazoo. Voltaire hag engaged counsel and proposes to tight it out. A number of Saginaw's reputable citizens claim to have been victimized by him, and the chief of police says he is wanted in Cincinnati and other cities, where, it is alleged, he has conducted similar operations. . rie was aoont ou years did arid { leaves a Wife-Trot no children. *He lived in Howell. . '' /; ,PILES Are'you troubled with 'Piles? Use Blake's Supposilorie Per box, $1. For sale at KIston's drngs store. Address oil mail orders to G. D. Blftkfr, Marshall-, -Mich. MICHIGAN (T the Niagara Frttf Bottto.» TIME TA.'«LE» JUNE 18, 1893. TRACTS BAST, . Uecelver'a Sate, . ': Unless previously disposed of at pri vate sale, I will on Thursday, the 3lst a,m, Chicago,LV...V. 900 Kalamazoo 9 08 Battle Creek.... 8 48 Mart-hall, Dp... 313 Ai'ulon.i 5 88 IdCkBon......... 4 30 .• ••- m - - k ^ J-«A« ^7 •• . «. laCKBOn.-..-.. .;.. 9 day- of of August-, 1893, sell at public Detroit o 45 Kftl Bit Afc EX.* a.- tQ. ' p.m. TOO 7 4813 8,17 8 88 940 1201 WATtOKB. 0tutAlO ..salciat 'the front dobf of the court house, B,i(t ft!o<i in,Marshall, Mich., ftll remaining as sots of tlie National*City bank, consist' fog''of a 7-12 interest in the property known as the Eagle block, also the Bui- laid Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being located in t ho-city of of Marshall. Also one large batik safe. (double door, steel box and time l«5ck,) office furniture; 1 also all notesvboronglnK to bank remaining unpaid aUfnat time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank may be reniainjmfin my liaads at that date. Terms of sale cash. For further particulars enquire of THEKON F. GIDDINGS, Receiver, Kalamazoo, Mich. or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. . ••••-. n.m.lp.m 4 55, 7 45 730 P m. 8 10 12 82 M 58 2 25 -B 80 a.m; 000 p.m. • w 8 15 10 45 a.m. 8 85 a.m. Mall NR't Ei.t 1 45 3 07 H 10 600 p. o> r-». 9 60 846 8 10 381 4 10 7J5 am. TRAINS WB8t. Hail I JayTOnici kaUCnlcT B*.t Bju*lE*.t.8p'l* a.m. UetroittLv8 1!) Jackaon... ll*4ii Albion..;. If Uaraha)l..ia BatUeCr'kJ tat Kalamazoo a 08 Cbicafro.Af 7 35 a m. iaoo 7 15 9 28 10 03 10 1045 11 21 4 10 p.m A.m. 6 80 p.m. 1 15 p.m 5 00 8 jo: i si Z 88Llt 15 a.m. 3 15 8 65 '4 .16 447! o 10 p.m.|p 8 3» fi 95d 'Dally tSunday* exteBted •O. W. KUGULBS, Gen. Pans. & Ticket Xgt. JeHNBON. Freight Ai?ent, C. R. OftBORN. TC-kit Agent Marshall You cin aJ^ays find the best Cigar^ at • '*.'•'' • "•*"' "t «'••'"' - : " ~ ^t Greene's Drug store. •> Call and Trv Them. IT, G.IVES FfcESH- CLEAR SKIN. ,:, INDIGESTION, DIZZINESS. FtUPTlONS ON THE SKIN. BEAUTIFIES ^'COMPLEXION. Cmcuati, Jacta & ttactinai' Time table taking effect June 90 >tit>8 TralnH pa«8 Harahall ae followa: ' TBAlKa OOIMO IABT. No. Sri, Toledo Eipruga ........70t) a a v* 8, Cincinnati Kipress. ..842 an " ^1,Mall andMxpre«8.....U 601 urn "87. Local Freight;. ........150pm • -,._.•••_ -, T&unaooiMttWXBi. . ,; • ./ Xo. 22,Mall and Eipresi............. ,..,10S3 an || a, OinolnnaU A B. O. Expreae.......6 81 p <n .'"• as, Local FwirftC/.*"."'.*,!i'.!".*.!".'.'..e"ao»«u All train*dally except Bunday., ' / ' Direct oonneotions are madv at Toledo and Clnoinatl with ail roada diverging Trains 81 ana22makego odoonneatlonat Mon tclth with tlie G B. & I., and at AUeean with tbe C, & W. M for Grand Rapids, Mttekegon and all pointa north. - tYB. DKAKB, Oen, M'g'r. T. U; At, tiUMlMJUlJKB. Qeo. Paaa. Aet C. B. m%&, Agt., MarshiU. >«50. FOB A CASE IT' WILL..JIjOT^ T CUpg. It is an agreeable Laxative for the Ilowols; can be made into a Tea for use in one tnlnute. Price 25c , &0c. and Jl.iK) per package. UTO MA An Elegant TOILCT PowofH for the Toetn and Breath -280. NO X>ruukennf>«a and the Liquor Habit, Positively Cared by Administering Dr Balnea' Golden Specific. It IB manufactured at a powder, which can be given In a gloaa of beer, a cup of cofl'ce or tea, or in food, without the knowledge ef the patient. It ia absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and epeedy cure, whether the | atlunt ii moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It aas been gl?en in thousands of cases, and in every inatance a perfect cure bag followed. It never failM. The system once impregnated with the Specific. It'becomes an utter impossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. Cnrea guaranteed. 45 page book of p«rticalafa free. Address, ' * ; GOLPBN SPECIFIC CO,, 185 Race 6»., Cincinnati, O WAISTS, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice a at ex cccdiug live Hues. No charge less than twenty centa. ' • KENT—About July 10th, a new honae on A' Weat Hauovur etieut. Kor particulars enquire of Charles M. Noneman. F >OU SALE-A new Will bevolilaiak) tloellzel at s'.oue barn. Singer sewing machine. 1 bargain. Enquire ol O. A. A Short Fight, JACKSON, July 22.—Oaffney of Detroit and Flynu of Grand Rapids, met for a finish fight at Michigan Center in the presence of 200 men, who paid each |2 to see the mill. Three short rounds settled Flynii, who was no match for Gaffney. He was knocked out by a blow in, the stomach. The time of the fight was 10 minutes. The door money went to the winner. * t Thrown Into the take ^ MABQUCTTE, July 2?.^-An engine and oar train Friday morning crashed through the Jymper at the outer end of an ore dwk and plunged 40, Wet into the lak^t. Engineer John Rowe we- t down with tl)# engine, but escaped with slight injuries. Fireman deary saved bjmself by jumping when tj&e catastrophe became certain. SeriouN Runaway AccldeiiU. BATT&CBEE«, July 38.—Mra. Martha Scotfield was * violently thrown from a buggy in a Trfnawj»y and barely es- capea death. Her right arm was broken, one hand smashed and her face bruised Shi? Also 1 suffered internal in juries, §fceinay '. - Collided With; Jnb - Eye apd Skin. H ODSE TO ItENT-Ufi Weat Manalon^trSe?. . tor puiucuiuro euquhe ol F. U. Beaman. W ANTED—Situation wanted by a competent Udy aa vegetable cook or diab waeher In a hotel or restuuruut. 1'leaae enquiie at No. *00 Stale (Jtrtet. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes* Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore 'Nipplea and Files. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had f vied. S5 cents per box. WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO. ..___. Calumet Avenue and SBth Street. •IflTFI a • Fireproof; 2« rooms; near HU I •••> Grounds; baths on every floor. __-.__ — __Ainerican and European Diana. Dl||f!HIHiT fltoKaday. BTrabclaai ftunily PRHUmir I noteL Wriloforctrcnlar. 'I'O KUNT-A very {liie and flrat class null on JL BtaCs or Alaiu Birtet lor rudely or lodge purpuKuc, I'iieup. !• or lelert'Lce pteuce call at the eoulliwu*! toiticr ol blalo ttiiu Mudi&ou sta. CHJU. yiihll VOGKL, Uuctral Agent. T ADILS wUtiiiig to make $M weekly by doing J-W wriliug al liieir bvntva addresa, euclosuig Htamp, iliaa Lou loo FulrneiU, South Bend, lud. AJNTEO-Tvo ladles to itswiesent Chicago Novelty Co in Marshall, »1U a week. Call at Mra. U. B. itowley's, Ureeu street, from 8 to 10 a, m.,ttuu S to a p. in; UZZiE BWSK, -~ ipuii SALE-All my real estate situated op (he L' be«t part ol biato or Main utreeu, "and known as very Due and valuable properly, by Uhriii. Fred Yogel, southwest corner btato auU - iladuou HIS., >>o. iv»SALE CHEAP—Mew top buggy. KJLlAb UD—A lady'* gold watch. Owner can ob- tiun taice tiy t luvmrf pioperty atid paying charges. Call at Cathcarl B jewelry more. i UjST—Jfrlday at the awimwluy hole, a gold JLt iiuud rii g. Tbju ncatr will be uuitably IM- wurded by ixiurmiig the tutue to C. 1>. Brenur at Brewur'6 store. '• • When B»by was aick; we gave her CastcW*, When ab«wa» a Child, *>••» cried for Castoiia, \fbrn ihe became Mias, k_o dung *o CastoriJ*. ~ ' W ASTED— A good girl for gene raj i housework. Oood wage* and no washing? in JtanfeTon-St W r -„«** ^»* fibril «pulytoMi»!, A- A. siofl «&d varaud succte. corfctr Al»s Brewer, 108 W fo cro«s tfce morning kbwriggnd Attd boj^j of bis leavea barber 1 ? trade. *PP J T »* B« A- HuteWn"« t«rber ehop. f jt • ' di2t> ., o£ Be*i«,* One, naped bALii clUsiAf— '1 woavbirable lotu, Weet Hanovo; .etrebu for lerma to tjeo, Jti. W hue. MKb, A: J A YOUAU MAM wuuts wort. WIH:UK or any ii^ht woik. toalttfy no object. '' . bus faAi.Jt- alxuct. a*d two Ion. ol jSlre. Ueiuuey. USIVSingle bridle, b«iwueu Murtnall anxl I Battle C'jtcvk. iluw rit oi 60 cutiu. Jf.uder Ku'vo u.t bllliura hiuJ ul J. iiuul* aLfl re- ttOiTui W rttouui «r noutu newt cscie luciory »or l»snt Mi&h. W AVi'Ku—A gvod, 6w«n boy Otttg^ Al>p(y to Ueo. H.

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