The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 21, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1897
Page 2
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^^t ^^K ^^^^^^^ug^H^.^ j\ I !•• ^f ^^K ^•»^m^-^«gj|. ^^^^^^^m^~^ DAY, AUG. 14 UR0AY, AUG. 21 * ; Wc' x call tfeis ii ^faJtie Sate because* the goods that ^e offer for your iftspectioir and .pwcliase arl flol.slteif-woris, timtesirabk and out -of date, trot hrjghfc attractive and of recetft j>u%fa&jf, a«a wieii fcorfipsretl with ,tJie -vary Ipw ffiffefe* rtiafc. We" hav£ frta*ed on ffe shown m CaltioutL ' .• j!tMinctt«sanckSergc^ Black arid CoWs, BtecU arid Colored 1 S'Siifcicw.'^ All -Novelty 'n Dress Goods to ^o; uothbg fesefved. fcEMKNT JohttBentsohjer la prcp&tet^ to cottfcraots for • bftil the cemeht^ which Mr. has. Xam, i-tprfwsmftn, ftfiH tflbleft to f cftt for Mi«s Boafpy will tiike pftl>51« In «ot«:e the sujnniet Months. x A high work. warranted for three years. , Itomnred* * I att» prepared 1 to-»nsiar*> farm propt&ty •at one i** cent for fifctfjd *p«af s in a good flrfct^liu^ b^pakr doing *t«tehiei&; 'tinder licence from tha state iBBtir^tjee'eoth- missfoner. This is tetter than the M»- tual companies. 'J • Agent. >• * - -,.. ..,.. Wehatfe Stl f&e McBt, tfetega to tRe» ' ' R : \ .^. . the tints | DRESS TRinMJNaS:-Jets. Braids SM COTTONS Lonsdale Bleached, 16 yardsv TEcTbest 5c grade unbleached, 81.00 y*mls* lEe best 6c grade unbleached, 21 yarcjja, The best 7?^^^ unbleached, 18* yards, Sil our White Bed Spreads, $1.25 grade, 250 doz. Barbourls Best Linen Thread 70g^ydls. Cotton G&ulUes, _ ^ _1 "_ THE BESTlPELT wfitDOW $1.00 89c ), 6c spool - 3 C yd lie ^ „ t , THE BALANCE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL LINE OF Shirt Waists at One Half ^Price. ; Muslin f Underwear Our' entire line of MusliiiUn- dpnvcar was purchased new thi? slimmer, hence we have only the latest styles to show you and at jt^reatly reduced prices from our former sale. ^ 1OO DOZ. LADIES JERSEY VESTS 3 VESTS FOR 1OC. , EE SURE AND SEE THEM. \ / Tilno of* *VD r UU. Oo at CURTAINS . w We will" place all otir Lace (Curtains in this sale at greatly reduced priced It WHI Pay Yo« tfi L Ins^KThetiv Special a Carpets, Bfat if you want t&ejbesfc flotyt, &rfr wheat fldttr r crack corn, bqlttfcl corn meal a specialty, or tntll feed (5. A. S, K. Gratiite Dish Pans, tim« yo<i wflni a granite dish pati vWill bo tho samet«fJ<» a^ a tin on& i$M)ut style, talk about it! .-'But have y#u men the stylish weddioi/ hwi* tations, par£x cards, individual (?ards we are puttidg out? They're pare style Doa't you nWd ^trifle of printing in the above lines wet about now/ We have the newest tindxlato&t script type, , "Call at the honte of\|t. S. McNaraes 22 West State atrW and he will repair your shoes at oncei/All work left'at WatsonVgrocery store will receive attention daily. x and lowest prices, at Hulet\ & i Groceries, A, Always fresX, and new; strictly !.„._ grade at lowest prices; prompt cfclivor-y. Give us a call arid be convinced at " " Perrinvillo store. \ A'. WoRTfly elegant line of beltsv latest stylos Granite Fruit Kettles. We sell you the best granite preserving kettle 40c. X BOSLBY'S. Have you , tried Moobs' Pro Patia cigars? Worth Ifte, sold for 5c, Stamped Pro Patria. A cool, sweet, satisfying smoke, Geo. Moeba & Co., teianufantur- ers, Detroit. Sold by W. A. Barnes. ' Attetttlon Ladles t ^ Madame Gerard, the Oriental complexion specialist, will give free' treatment at her rooms, 103 Madison St. one dooi- north of State street for one week. She. will be pleased to meet all that are interested in. the treatment of the skin. Skin blemishes'of all kinds removed. Remember "The Rpyal" .has the agency for' Her Majesty cigar. Box trade a bpecialty. .-» , IlHb-I Shine, 1 i / A fine shoe dressing far tan and black shoos. For sale by Miss K. E. Billings, Sole agent, Dell^ Burgess, , Between Seed Time and Harvest. In a good opportunity to eiwjuiro' ab<i funning lands iq South Dakota; only one d»y»riirer from Chicago, Bountiful eropH of wheat, corn, barley and flu reward tti<j tillf r of ttotL attiLAa_a jitock noil dairy country. South Dakota teiKts aU the world. Fin» c\t#e farm Unds with nearby market- can no« Jbe bought tor from f 10, $12, $15, and upwar«ls, per acre, sod this Utb* ti»>e toinTeSt. For further pftrtioulars write to Oeor«e a. Heafford, General ~" way, Old Culony Building, Cbioogo r llL Of anite f ftnit "We sell you tb« beet ing kj&ttla Jor;iQB., . best imft burner itoy* in tfte iowket. .Price, tephni&tl school. ve system, ^nm- ; B (t JBk At ' A Ifmited AWioftttfe of cobblff atote 6e- ivered npat- Electric Ijight plant.- Price 45 csnln p$juS|rd. Enquire of \ Ohairnaan Street Comtnittee, , Sllch. dross M, I Hdtighton , Ph. JS., |herie rs tehje * r old faHhi6rf«l tfo^ Stt* a Qraotte Jroth ^ , .Sold fo* ^ ftnd «o, «t lh <rf Shorthand. , al ti A , B. Fire, , -We tic that otif recent buisinwp trip, to Chj : in perfecting arrnngeuient* estern managesffl of many of the liing f\tk, l^sitrftlKscCb.^'er thi^cSaft'. &ritNfci^aiop^fes, for *h« tntne- fl«» ^H^-cycotwi ihsmrtoce on fefotel d j ter the purpose of reeelviijg? , wfeichajf^-now'due; <Savet th* extra ^follectio^ feoliy 'M.B. City treasurer ' First class iah work at low prioe^t doha at thitroffice. * ^ , Stew Kettles. 10 jt, granite or iron t Mtew' kettles for 4f>c. "Warranted. " OILEAKY BROS. t Watson still sells tho famous Ozama ooffee or Mountain Java, it is" the finest flavored coffee known.' *~ Ladies caHing at lOf) N. Madison strec| Will find something to benefit as \yrll as interest thetu. Tap Your Own Shoes. Full line of half soles, leather, cement, tacks, etc. for mending your own shoes. Half solee, IQc per pai'r. O'LFAtiv BROS. Notice. Call at Barnes' for Diana's Chaso; Cordotte.has cottte to stay. Porcelain Kettles. *, Vou must haveji kettle of some kind for banning fruit. This is tho one: any ' > Btw LEY'S. \Ia yourHimo worth !50c "a day? Then that .disabling headachr 1 is expensive. "BluVStreak ^vill cure it for a quarter. Bnrgt-ss is prepare*! to do and sliannx«>ing for the la dies at thfe homes. Pee for mantaur- ing^$ cental for „ sham ptVjiug . Orders ttiay bVleft at MisV K. E. BU- liqgs' or at residence, with ^rs. Mary Dickey, oppitsitP • Pressbyferian church. \ I am prepared to ow ladies' and chil/- dwp'a 'shamp6oiug 'at their hjrtuca. Leave Orders' at .Clark'4*\arbt-r shop, or at 35 east Green stfeet. . W. Gilford's Toliacoo earn is a 1 apecMlc for the tobavco habi guaranteed to'eUretri ten days. No\-Ure, no pay. A. O. Hv Chairs und tables to rent for parties PORCELAIN KETTLES. You must have a kettl« of some, kind for canning fruit. This is the one; any «ia|>, ' BOSLKY'S. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholonv and Di arrhoea romody always affords |»roa?p' relief. For (Mile at Greene's dtug store, T. K.!SHEPHERD ' " ' v ' * ' • Keeps »o»e but BEST MEATS Altotttton* ••* -*J * itf; of CJ^iPiasa-tfertlafi'd ofenWWt, IB jjrcpiirod to -put down the • beet walks And guarantee it to Sfcaftd With ftny other cement on -V- . rtiis thaft hitherto gran tM, itiy r6ei-' telhls and now aftledby tlje prote^tiOa of poli^ ifMfjSjOr" promptly settled a»d paid by- agent,, at D. CuftfiiBfj&am's J Barea'o,-84 State street* • "V stoves, any size, at- or gasollfte the T9 buy fjour, ^fahlim^boltpd meal»coarse nieal. ground feed, bran or middlings" i« at C. A. Chesber*s mill. All fcincta of custon girindhig done. Lota of chivkcn feed. Pro Pntria, a gentleman's smoke; cigar for *5c. JJeware of imitations, thnt your cigar is stamped Pro Patria. Geo. Moebs & Co., mannfact^rera, Jkt troit. Sold by W. Ai Barnes, Do you want A good com^nt x walk? Call on Georgo Aloy. I will guarantee a good tfalk. ' - Flour. At Watsoh's you can get the .Albion and Homer flour by the 100 lb., in your, own bags, no light weight of 96 or 98 Ibs.^ also Albion patent; tbobost flour try it. , - rt- Co. R. 6. Joiner, Allen I>, O., Mich , nays: "Nothing gave, my ti«m such 4uick relief as Dr. Thirties' Bc- leotrio Oil." _ .. _ _ . . - , ; / Get your job work done at, tho Chronicle office. Nice, large, home growri potatoes received daily at / WATSON'S, At J. C. Deuol & Co>.' Call on them before you buy a rjicker, thev have all •hinds, and prices to, suit the tiine at the new Hatch block, Coine in. •WAN'CS FOUND KTC. , Twenty eent« a week for oath notice not /r oaeillDg five laic-u. Ho ohaage Ion* th»u twyuty CQDIB. L AO) KS, I makfl big wage* at home, aw want wor weeky , , , nil to hsva tUo Hiuutt opporcuulty work In v»ry ul«a««ut and will enslf/pnj- $19 kly ;, This 1* u Uwnption. I w»n/ao mouey , . and wi. I gladly aeud partioutarx .to All .stamp:, MISS M. A. , Micti, RUNT— Hv coitago at t'.you lak» r.-ndj- furulabad, will tin fo.- ivut ou slid aftftr ,ug. ^1-. o For Itfruis, eLquirtyor addrrsn. , A. A. IU/LYIK3, Marshal. •'TJ5D—Ijidy wlti cbtld of seren yuan , decjron pesuion a« ttoubtkarp^r.' Obj «t bouie\ Koijulre at thi* ofllc«. -' ' '' - " — , —*-»<—*"" '^ > I? AN^KD-lOOgtrla to wor* on I dies' uiunllu nuu\.r*<ittr, hto»dy work.*" i. SfAJHOA-HU MFG, CU. *• ' *--•-•— Mich. f AUY ABBNT lj vlittitlty. U UartbMt aveuae Pkwi IS corner of Or«eu Btreet and JO& I., M. BHOWN. bu«|a*Ba. W: A girl for City glaum Uuiadfy, Hatch Block. W ANTKB— a itrj^t,en« -siwcW K«M«t ia all parts of pe thi»g meat and HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HAN6IN«, ^«i?.*' 5*^1^^ s> -_*.-• _ Will <fi»« is n<JiittQR to geftern , 8p«oi*l ftttfldt««t waiaeawt of eye and ear. If iUju* 61 gteesetya specialty. nose Chioago Polychn j^) ' " We have received three 4ota of Whjtter Capes ai se now ^au t?ny at. a bs« j»-tee tbtiti later in ttoe season, ^ lituited oumber of bottle* of .SHOE SALEIS STIlt Ofc drag- aSar*,- r*«r- who honestly wish to r|d th'em- dewyra lw " ^ SALE, CA8H8ALE ^oing wast Qejit. I, I good* at •. ^p^^H^P ^^ ^^i^^^^^^p^p ^JJ|^« ^Pi^PIWf^fll^v ^^PWWw^ "flW^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^o^^^Wff ^^^j w^^MI^^^ apartment Store. ^^W^v ^^^^^r ^T^^p^HI^" ™^W^^ ^^w^ 1|^^^R^W^P^^^^r ^1^^^^ "^^l^^^^^^- ^^/^ ^^^^^^* l T ^^ff ^^P^K^ ^^^^ff ^^l^w ^1^ «01 »Murly a* {NOflwbte belore that data -Maa, Fjrat dflOf *eBt (4 i*«i»byferian church i HINWPHW 11 ^MHmfj'iiium'in 1 11 *» ' Bie wasidBg Mrs. to do fttthe home o| hejr toother, Walbridge, 61 A, KEtUEHER, MANAGER, screen door "win* ek»th| wiien y^t can get <*» "^lack ^i»d" for the • at ' • SIGN WRITING CARDS PICTURE FRAMING I»a}l the Latest rtyfe*. OLD FRAMES HE GILPtO. 4C. OW f^iat^* au> Style, LANGSTAFF'S, " E .

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