The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 5, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1962
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DISTRICT JUNIOR TEENAGE TOURNEY SCORES-PAGE 6 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT. ANGI PTDKI WCCT r>miii«ni. „„.- SUNDAY is « NTS mviM0 BRAZOSPORT , ANSLETON< WEST COLU - 1A - R A - ZOR(A - EEN - Y - Ol ; OCEAN ; AN ; URy ' nd 7 A ^ N VOL. 50 NO. 134" Associated Press Member Foe " Clrmlffed: BE 3-2411— All Other Office.: BE 3-3511 JSUNDAY, AUGUST 5. 1962 Freeport, Texas JtVeehdoys 5 Cents Sunday 15'CenH _ _____ • .-. r -"» i»«u» YTgcKaays s bents bundt KBCBA Joins Beach Cleanup 'I lie Keep Hmxoria Counly Beautiful Assori«- "l-vim-iimn r,f n.« „,.!,;„ -. i i t •"•' ., ,,, . ' . . . . . J.fiui.inon 01 lhe pubic and law enforcei.ieni ii ,„»„„**„ «_ ,u_ ,.i ,,-.., _ .i ! 'I'lie Keep Hnuoria Counly Beautiful Assori«- lion will furnish cold soft drinks lo hard-working volunteer hn.-irlirombers and sweepers al Surfside Monday, as its conn ibulion iri the ambitious beach cleanup spMisnrrd hy the Brazosport Chamber of Commerce. In making Ihe announcement of Ihi; free drinks, KFTCBA hailed (hf approaching two-day cleanup as an important project lhat will give everyone in Ihe county a cbam-e lo do something about the •ippearnni-e r/f Ihe beach. "Education of Ihe pubic and law enforcement hnv-e avvH.vs brcn the purposes in our campaign against lhe IHlorhug," a KBCBA spokesman said. "Now, the Brazospoit Chamber of Commerce, along wilh individuas, civic r/rganizalioes and Counly officials, offers a time and occasion to make a clean beach a reality. "Credit for Ihe organization of Ihis cleanup campaign goes to the Chamber and interested parties, but the success or failure tA Ibe project wil1 rest largely in the hands of Ihe public and ENOUGH VOLUNTEER: MON DAY CAN CLEAN up REACH Donqen Like Th» One Shown Con Bo Eliminated For Playlnq Children ESCAPE POSSIBLE C of C Slates Dinner Meet At Antrieton it responds lo Ihe cleanup Monday from 3:.iO lo n p.m.. as well as it? continuing interest in the future," Ihe spokesman said. KBCBA also commended the Chamber for its concern over Ihe enforcement of Ihe lillerbug law and reported Ihnt Chief Deputy Bill McCoy of the Sheriff's Department in An^leton has Instructed Ihe Counly law officers to issue summons to appear in court to motorisls seen littering. "This latest approach should not only discour- ago j i " 0 '' ing hul ** K 00 * 1 P ublic relations for the By THE A.SSOCrATED PRESS county as well," McCoy said. The lillerbug sum- mcn.s is similar to a tralfic ticket and gives the offender 10 days to appear ;n court. Until recently, McCoy explained, the arresting officer had lo lake the offender directly to the justice of the peace, where chaiges were filed and judgment passed. Not only did Ihis cause the motorist, often a tMinst, to feel bitterly toward the county, but also kept the officer away from his post a long time, leaving Ihe area unprotected from more littering and other more serious offenses. _ , OfThp Public 18 Mrs. Curtello Sees Fine Sportsmanship Israel Hinders Soblen Return To The Kacls: i I don't know anything about Ihe! fine points of baseball hut I can' sportsmanship when n,v (iOIIKIiEY ANDERSON Czechoslovakia, which has offered LONDON IAP) — Israel threw him political asylum. tell good sportsmanship when I new complications Saturday night Tw. law permits any Jew- lo set- jee it. in| o Britain's attempt to send run- tie in Israel, but it gives Ihe gov- The boys nre lo ho commended away soviet spy Dr. Robert A. eminent the right to refuse per- for the fine spirit they show when Sohlcn back lo the Unilod Slates, sons it considers undesirable. Tlie they play hard lo win. then when A government spokesman in .Tern- they lose, turn with n smile and a salcm said Sohlcn would be re- friendly handshake lo civtigralulate turned to Israel if Britain insisted the winners. '"* l p: 've on an Israeli airliner. We grownups will have lo stand. British authorities, who have mighty tall to measure up with rejected Soblen's appeals lo re- these youngsters of ours, I'm think- main here, have ordered him to government did so in Soblen's case en rlier. British authorities, meanwhile, granted Soblen three more days m Britain while they attempted to break the deadlock with Kl Al. | The Annual Summer Member- jshin Meeting of lhe Angleion I Chamber nf Commerce i.« slated I for Thursday in Ihe Angloion High School Cafeteria. i Chamlier President Carl Waeht- isleller said Ihe program will pr|. 1 manly include a discussion of R,J Chamber business This will bej mil; centered about reports from sev- *o i eral commute" chairmen and of-j fleers uf the organization. In ad-| dit'on. a nominating committee' will b<- elected. ; This nominating cryriimitlee will then inert to select a slate of directors upon which Ibe organiza- HYANMIi Porl, M»!i—Prstidifnt K«nn«dy announced Saturday (hat 1 th.rr-iidi.-ifi .ward {or didinqulihed Federal .srvlcs. Ih. qov.,n- : nenlf h.-,h,,| honor to a civilian employee, will be a>«n Dr. Franca. 1 O. Keli.y, the qyernment medical sffic.r who prevented »h. marketing Hospital Building Schedule Outlined GENEVA—Communist Chin.,, Forelon Mlnlifr Chen Yl said Oj . nstn »'"on on the 24-bcrl Com- Besides lhe cr r. a, interview publtined Saturday tnat Red China hat mode qreof • m " n ' ly Hos P ital fnr lhe .Sweeny i a requirement . ir»qre« in developing a nuclear bomb. * area should begin not later than: project is subjei ._-. ... Nov. 1. arforrlintr tn ^ c,.i-,^i,,i- i «u_ c-» *i_ it ' i.. In p BERLIN—A new acrotl 8 loiioi punched nearinq iti fir , , m ,|| (,„[, 5 a In lha probofaly volunteer for tri ALBANY. Ga.—Th, City lit down and dilcutl racial O f the Neqro commuT "wholly inexplicable" fo run fo answer antl-tniit charges. vommitnon laid Saturday it Ity." Kennedy laid Wednesday tin Besides lhe contract, which is ,tural firm and the City Council. In of !he firm, the an attempt to avoid any further is Ef S£SBS: inglh, w^ek ^ meet- are ready o submit to con.rac- .he Mayor prior to Tuesdav Kinai plans and specifications : of' l?^™ "* '"^'^ ««?> £™* meeting, being drawn up bv Ihe Wvatt u c- Board also authorized the ' ' '•__ However, _ Sparkman reported secretary to seek the aid of the mat Daugbjerg told the com- Pink Ladies Auxiliary to assist H mittnn II,-,* u n .._:, n T r-»i T »,,_,, • ... r>. BrooKS, treasurer, witb the collodion of Est^j till " cflriok Architectural neering firm of Houston are o be ready between Sept 1 and r, :, .„„„, ,. bairman George Spark! the Chamber's Bc-.ird of Directors on .Ian. 1, iwr,. filrn MiOc. chairman of the Chamb-i- Public Relations Com- niillr-e. is in chariie of arrange-' Finkbmes Flying To Sweden _.hy a Board committee in confer-i.. A lpnlative date for receiving Monthly statements and collec- By unnKIlT M. BI'RXKTT Mrs. Finkbine. .-,). ence with Bernard Daugbjerg, a ; bltls °" 'he project has been set lions have proved to be more representative of the architectural ' :fpt ' 2 ' 2 ' P rovldin e the plans work than can ho handled by the firm, prior to the Board meeting. ! are ready by the first of ' Ing. Edna Curbello Freeport They Made It Work, Mrs. Ralph Gray Says To The Knots: The first phaso nf our Victory' t ' c ' r ' n ' ( ' M ' n leave alxvml a plane of the Israeli government airline, Kl Al. which brought him here July 1. Rut Kl Al refuses to accent So- J blen as a passenger. j Tlie Israeli spokesman disclosed I his government's new position af- ,'lcr British .\iijl)as,^;u'fT Krances illnncivlv called en Ijic Knreisfil.." I.Ministv'a dire- •> »>«e"iiiW.S;iifti"" iYtthiei in Jc: ^ '.^m Saturday af- Two Anslrtoa delegatift iilleml- rd a recent meet.'r,(» held in rael to reconsider Kl Al's refusal'Rrownsvi'le relilivc lo th" latest 'ii the Ixiiilsinns- Ccunty People Discuss Road Kii3 -••«•• • - —--- •••• •'«!*.ii^ii .»jrs riDKn "'^.u" ^.. 1 "": lin£! ' ^" Mi . n .': '-PS ANKLES fAP. -Shcrri «ve star of a the atlrac- Tlie Board had expected to re- month, ceive the working drawings on the Dr . Raymond Britton children's television P ro P osc "J hospital, by July was as ...i.i, ,, ,. " -. ""• *i.nji.i>r>-^ inn —>nern llvt " - 1 * 1 ' 1 '- 01 a cnuo-rrn's telpvi^inn (""P^st-a nospnai, ny Juiv Li _, , , Ilnu oue. n «•«. Ihe nr.pam.iops for Ibis Kinkhine was en route to Sweden 'how, occasionally dabbed at her ^ Purpow of the committee ^"^ the deta " * finalizins lhe viate the work nn journey to p . vps and appeared on the verge moc h'ns was to determine the rea- contract between the architcc- Brooks said. •p" lhat she of weeping during the brief talk W)n hehind the delay on the com-' . the treasurer. If all those who are making their pledges on a m o nth- ly basis would send in the amoun' no\v due. it w^uld greatly alle I over Polio was completed Sunday.; „, , , , , when we arrived at 103 per cent! 11l(> « mlM< «" 1 P r h»'« u ^«" ls of our popubtion immunized. This, close d«ve!opment S Is truly .Victory- which would |h( , l , smdj Rovci . nrn( , nt s»id Texas Hug-thn-Ovst Ili.!™^-. not have been possible without Uic:,,.^^.,, rt(orlhWM , msl(!ercd | They are Mr,. K. L. Conle nnd |by Ihe governmrnt as "an ultima-;Angleton Cliarr><>r of Commerce live demand". 'manager Paul Phih'lie. j In London, there was no inline-j The Hiig-tlie-Cna^t Uiglm.ty As on the Is-'Sociatirn he.-u-d meeting are Mrs. Mina Tipton, ^Saturday on a soiemn jou nnnVth^r\l H r ym TH Arm!i|r0nB ; : ! al<( ' """ "'''^ SIPp " ''"""-'^ of w '"-Pins'd-.iring'the Mrt'wk «>n behind the delay o'rTth7com will "L , ,1 Audlnncr "iPal! hopes will end in a I,*.-,! abortion :-«'h n^vs.nen. , piflioti of Ihis particular phase o win t)o cntenv] by the Angleion i of her 11-week nre"n.incv <a, a C,M .^ • - „ •"— Grill, under direction of Jim liar- 1 n v - p ; e - n ' 1n '>- She said they originally planned t, s " :. ^"^ '\nzona television personal- "> K° lo Japan for the alx>rtion Wnchls-tetier viid nil \nM . ' " y ' W ''° ' CarS hpr unllOrn rhiltl bU ' ' hat lhe • Ia P ;ln "e consul told... t , , ".•i.m.Mciiei soitl nil AngJelon mav be deforms (,,- ti,. ,— Ihem thnra .v n ,,M ^ . j.i.... v. ' 'hat the loo residents who Ch/rmH-r'Hf C wiiclhcr i,f (J,,, rtr^,^. 1 ,, ,-. . . ' ""• '.'""it. tjn rt jKlldr »>».' \SCf -o^c^ 1 ;;;:^ ^x^^is to Cofwnt - pn ^ *"*•*«""- •»« «* ™ The tickets are priced at Jt V) ,, , , 1 tl -™ Minutes before boarding the delay on the com-' - , -... .if' the program. Sparkman revealed that lhe fact Board had been at; Danbury Council Acts Traffic, Dumping .1 ' L " e »°ara nan previously •• • " no wan to al!reec i lo enter into rontract , vitn : At a recent meeting, the Dan-, Approval of a bill frcrn W. L be delaved " she added n^-ctu ™ .-im.-i uuu iuuum.i n lu i • V>L a ictuiu inceung, me uan-. Appn ,. c ho ",,'.,' . ' ._, the firm when the program plans bury City Council hired a nevv Evans of Angleion, Citv Attornev ' n\ L'l'-ll™!.-.'^'!"^ h -? d /^'"«i this_particular stage caretaker for the city dump; in the amount of Sis for legal was given by the cooperation of so many fine citi- rens of Brnzorln County. First of all, we would like to thank The . , • " •" «i-~. Minutes before h,inrri;,ir. ti, rt elm r -*, i u . ., -...» ........ ,.,^ invnii..,. H i«,» ^jt.. v-nj vuunrji mifu a new £,,ans 01 ang eioi each am arc now available in p , i!n " lh e r±£ lear^! L a anv L'^ t " "° ^"^ ' had reac " CTi U " s P"*icular stage caretaker for the city dump; in the amount oi «he Chamber of!!,,. - | L^i^officTa'his Sere can ?.rtum-of he " ^T R ^^ *»< ^«- 'ne made a request for strict obsen-, fee for the year w k. „„ "immpdi,,.-- f ^ ,„ t" „„ ,L ,' t J - C - hlch sle Board * a 'nnan, vice chairman ance of rules set up for operating 'Council. flnif Clortf iprcgnanc! i™to c raln ^ ^age, o h" pre"™^- ^ *? ^T ^ *"! ^ ° Ut the dumping ^'^ ^"^ tor ^vans has represented the city AUK tleCtS ! "\Ve hope thcv will leVus ha« Tnl ^" ^ , ° hf . t01 " 1 £ r f er f\" e ^ dunn ^ traUic regulation signs: and took 5ince the time of its incorpora- lit immedtatclv there, b, t veTre hl?n-^ "^Z". "?"• ^" "^ ^^ ^.^" ™ S ^ UP -°"' C - r itcms °' businCSS ' '»"- ample of oulslanding writing. \\'e are grateful lo KBR7, for thrir cooperation, and especially to Mr. Ray Guy. who was our special reporter. Prazoria County has long had an outstanding Home Demonstration r?roup; these ladies in all i y areas of the County truly demonstrated their ability. We are sincerely grateful to Ihem, and Ihe fine leadership of Mrs. L. V. Conover and Mrs. Omldine ].ce. Tlie Ijiks Jackson DeMolays "•ere invaluable in llvir sen-ice; delivering the supplies early to each clinic nnd makeup cli»ic. and (Continued On I'ugn 3) There was spetiiUtion here that Highway I-.n^in-Tr D. C. Gifft Sohlen migiit escape a life prison •' ln(1 lx«iisinna S'a'e Knginrer Poiy ilerm in the United Slates If he Burcew. is takfti out of Britain /or a rie.s- ™lh men rxpre-vd Ihe iwifi- i tituition other than the United 'States. at a convention which ended Sat-' llrtla - v - already been made, Kinkbine said Other officers chosen included they have Ix-cn in contact with a Kstelie Scott of Amarillo, histor- Swedish doctor. He declined to re- 1 limc -" dcp-ied any mmmercial an"Ie to if any arrangements had their appearance on a locaF television shivv id also the f ncc ( O Alia Loma. Tlie Council set a of a State Health Agency com- salary of J7 per day for Buck- night. They mittee member had caused the holt, for each day he works at dnu e that Ihe rmilo would ulli- matelv- Ixvome a connecting link Kl Al planes stop at Zurich. • vvilh U - s - "tehway 11. providing Rome and Athens. If Soblen w.-re a 11 ; :llc "" nm Montreal, Canada. to flv to Zurich, he could transfer "' Mpf;lm Cll - v ' Mexi<-o. ian. iveal the physician's name. the television appearance. sight until the plans. 'Hie Coiumunist Tl '° ''" r ''' a ''' portion of Ihe route - vv-ill lie along Stale Highway Xi, ; from ilou^lon 10 i"orpm Cliristi. i Accompanied In t'mr nieivs, Mi-s. CrKile joined n p.,st-confer- Krci'port Coast i; Sla- ence trip into Mexiiii, lo the cities Sal- ! lh(>rp lo " fllKhl Vessel Aided Lake Jackson Werner's Store Opening Monday Tide Schedule Today Ilish 6:riS a.m. nnd firTiO p m Low 12:32 p.m. nnd 11HH p.m.' Sun Data Rises lodny S:41 am. Sei« today 7:11 p.m. Rises Monday 5: U a in. AF Captain Dies lion got n distress call at 1:.TO p.m. of Victoria. Monterrey ami Saturday, r e |i orting that the lillo. before returning to her I shrimp iHiat "Kl Clato" was riis- ; n Anjlrion. tibleil ntmiit eight miles out from Ihe Ki-eeport jetties in U' foct ol water. After Coast Guardsmen towed the vessel lo Ihe stnlion, a diver was obtained Io unlanf/le the Ixvit's nets, which hud become vv<ximl nriHind the propeller, disabling the vessel. The 21st store ing Weiner's De in the expand- Ttic store is the first School Board To Air New Budget The Brazosport Independ e n t School District board will meet Weathercast AMA1UI.I.O lAI" - An Air Force captain from Denver's 1/iwry Air Force Base was killed and six members of his family injured here Saturday in n Inick-aiilPmobile crash. - dipt. Hnu-arri M. Clilliland of Aiironi, Colo., died almost instant- at 9 a in. Monday lira.-osport Vil :ter in Ixike J ; section of Ixxi] lion Drive. Tills will be Weiner's in the new' or Die new shopping center. residents of In ai-mrditnce with the com- Brazoria Countv «es Iwlow the t to show the Jackson and that Weiner's . . - - -- -„.... ^..i.^v.i 111 \,\>viiui nitii »• I'uirr s Hlagf Shoppms On- ; pany traditions, the new Weiner's mervhaiKlisin K polii-y means real ackson. at the inter-;Store opens with a celebration cost-of-living savings for men' ip Road and Planta- nnd a "get-a^uamled" sale which women, children and homo com- Mi-s. Gillilancl and two of the , Clear to parlly cloudy and hot couple's daughters, Carol, 1", and Ilirough Stm.i.'iy with iin«ler,iU' Sue, 11, were listed in p.xir condi- southerly winds. High Inlay %. lion in nn Amarillo , convenient for shoppers not only thousands of new merchandise arp aval | a ij from U-iki- Jackson out nlso Chile. J llst '"r Ihis expansion sale. Q^,, ^ aTf AnjjU'ton and lhe western part of This mcrchaiulise is ixjiight in i y,-,, lhe ciiunty. gri .at depth :>ihl volume, and is CAROLYN AHLIMCH, JUD| BAGI.KY, MARK CHARItON and! 7« SANDRA KAY RKA. U si,,, dents enrolled for the second sum-! mer semi-.vter st Wharton County j Junior College. . . GKUItGK HA.NKSTON's molli- er, visiling her MHI and fumj| v | n 1«J fimii, Ga, . . CURTIS JORDAN, t,.>n of I BIIJ, JORDAN'S, having nn rim gcncy nppcndeciouiy while VLS ins rc'lulives in Corpus I'linsli . ^ 'Hie BILL NKKLYS, vacalion- ing in New Mexico. . . The KARLK I'KARSONS, Iwck home after a trip to Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. . . GUSSIE MOON, in Seattle for Ihe World's Fair. . . MR. and MRS. (3. R. BOWDEN o! Kerrvilla, and MRS. Mil.DHta) \\iSK of San Antonio ;ind daughter, DEBBIE, visiting with their dwghter and sister, MRS. DOR- 0 CTHY LUDEM/\M of LJ. . . Weiner's officials promise to be puny officials said. second "one of the most seasational, Weiner's new store in I -ike Bra/oria County store, joining the'event, of it, kind ever witnessed Ji)( . ksOT j s moA j ; ^ ( ° r i-«n,>,t store in giving rilizens by the people of Brazona Counly." ^^ prai , lh|litv and n lstomer << this \ area aitionally known All the Wemcr's tajers, in full comfort are! convenience It is brand merchandise at popular fonv, have made a special trip Lak? Ja.-kson's largest and new- pncos - I" 'he markets of New York City ost department store calering Weiner's officials |>oim out that anii "'her merchandising centers,; to every member of the family, the new store will In. partirularly-< n specially purchase hundreds of .\ mp ],', fll , 0 (rarkins facilities . Tlie slore has 'JO,-1 el of fliwr space. i 'einer, president of the 36- .year old deivii-tment slore firm,! said, "We are proud to join the' "".H.. i," ' ,1 iliriving ctinmiunity of Lake Jack-' s t son." Weiner's unu|ue nu'ivhandising plan is designed to bring all the advantages of a major big-city department stoiv right to ever}-one's doir-siep. making shopping easier, more accessible and more nmvenit'nt without parking prob-j loins. \V e i ncr's maintains the same price pi>lK-y tluixighout aU, the stores in lhe 21-store group, buying at a big volume and passing the values on. Werner's now has stores in virtually every seel ion ol the Texas Uulf Coast, serving Orange, Port Arthur, Texas City, Pasadena, ^iehmond-Kosenberg, I ake Jackson, Frceport and Greater Houston. (C»mmu«l Un 1'aKe 9) In other a c t i on, the Council voiced the hope that local citizens will observe more closely, rules set up to operate the dump. According to these rules, a fee of $5 has been set for each family which uses tiie dumping grounds, and a 56 fee for each business. The Council said several fami- at T:30 p.m. Tuesdav at the School 'jf have ' ,. in some inslan ^ s . District administration building to """ ^'"f Ul . e same l ? rf '° «?'" " entry to the dump, and asked that this practice lie stopped, since it is resulting in loss of revenue for the city. Purchase of 24 posts for traf- annexation petitions, special aca- '>*-' regulation signs was approved demic program, summer the Council. These are to be program, college orientation .placed a; various spots within the course and the Superintendent's «'>" to ' lcl P facilitate the flow of annual report to the Texas Edu- traffic, and will be used instead cation Agency. ;°' traffic lights, the Council said. Several new teacher applications Cuts in streets within the area will be presented to the board for are being repaired, the Council approval at the meeting too. said. These resulted from instal- Tlie setting at the 1962-63 school lation of sewer lines within the tax rale is planned for the meet-j city, and repair of the damage ing after the public budget hear-! was requested by Brazoria County ing is held. i Engineer William H. Hershey. ports and hold a public hearing' for the 1962-63 budget. Reports to be heard by the board include architects progress, road Company provide this i.-iu=a- ing on Avenue J, in the western part of the town. Rezoning Aske For U Property Tlie request for re/oning of t Raymond Tract, an area now c. cup.ed hy a single dwellir.2, wil be considered Aug. 1-1 at a joint hearing of the Lake Jackson Cit> Council and Planning Commission. Guy Woodruff, developer of ar Angleton apartment project, k asking that the tract, located ari .i.-u-ent to loop Road near tie Oystt-r Creek i n t e rscction. be n: a d e available for two-story apartment construction. The hearing will begin at 7 in the City Hall. Notices havi gone out by mail lo those property owneis within the re- quirH notification zone, rnosth residents on Chestnut and Wisien Streets, City Mann.ger A. A. MacLean said. HEINEKa LAKK Atttacllv« Ke STORK OPENS > AU MONDAY l\ NEW SHOtHiM. IKNTHK Bulldiof If Pint To Open In Brnio»i,wrt \ |IU(« Sbopptl^ t'rnler Land Expropriated MEXICO CITV lAl'i—The gov-, ernnient iias expropriated almost 1 1.5m illion acres of land in the! .northern state of Coahuila and ! j turned it ov er lo 2,000 peasants, I It was aniKHmeed here Saturday. I MODELERS IN PLANE COMPETITION Model airplane enthuaiasti from a wide area converged on Iraioria County this weekend for the competition sponsored by the Lake Jack- ton Optimist Club. Saturday's events were Held at the Modelers Field at Lake Jackson and ia- tluded the lunioi-tnio: tat race which woi about to get underway when the photo was taken. Optimist Jim Acree, Bill Lcshuar and Erwin Frankc, standing, w?r= chctkir..-] <'.;? or.- tries before the race started. For derails ot th? Saturday contest and tha events scheduled today, »w paqe 6.

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