The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 26, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1892
Page 4
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.> 4 <j DAILY CHRONICJUE, NOVEMBER 26, YOUJ^ MEM 'JN OEMANP- 1'roHit^V* to Krefl Her Best Mft•«, " fj£ri«tt»t Home. BFBUX, Nov ^ 86—The German emigfa t|on btfl, introduced ns a gqpplefttent to tlie Brmjr bill, compete »H eni%r.iuon agefils to tnke out lieeTHes ftiid to«nbitut thur boos 1 * to the government for inspefctmn. The bill r ty& ages of If and 23 Vlio jut liable to f iry st-rvicft" It, ft No pftfhtbtt* the Wnl^ra- ii comp »«V °J a«ent. IV Authorities* Lhuttlicic \\HI l>eah t Auction, I vrilljeH to ,t}ie hl«he?1. bidder on Saturday,"' ^ov.'" 26, at tbe farrafra' ihed» on M^dlBon Aredl, two fine "bre!l young hortps T«i;ais of sale one years ,5mefor*0od bankAble paper nt seven ftent ifllcrfest, or iwo |)6t cent <lis- cotlnt for csih, v " ** , N A. SaKiattAir, AucUopeer. .An hosest Swed« teila his stbry iff" plain but unmistakable language for the benefit of the public. '"'Ono of my children took a cold and got the croup. I gavo bet a of Chamberlain's Cough Rem** .The largest stock lowest prices HYDE'S DrUgJStdK*, /• -'UTUU mjli&aiTj; dntj, «tid it l<i postd to slop this if ia>s^ble. The kaiser has long been known to be oppospii to unrestricted 'enifctvition, -and it is said that he is highly pli.'« ( -il With- »htx restrictions 5m- pobrd tiy Pii-,i<l,MU llHrmou, as feeding ti» • pi*5vent a ° !<)-•-> to .fci'imnuy of \iihiawe mihftuy umten.ih *. ~ ....",.. Specially iiitoudVa -frtr' Nufttli .IJ«yinan». TUu bill w lo bf iMi.sHttl.ou U(jf.s:-,n«i.<H!i -and will bi- vlyovouvly' cMfat'ivd, *<i H-i^t .tkosi?-who i'x{wri' to cs'cjipf tl»--rstifcs by going to Anit'i:ii"t -or to tin- <.'«luni«>s tvitl probulijy tiisOUapiioiiitf!. "It is .calculaUd: that thirty per <;.-Tit."of ihxr Hen.mii etuigru- tioii-is-oi aii-i. « tin would htvu'si-rtil in the tiuicoi war, vvuii.' a luix<;'proportion.of t' e reiimiiiUer is ctiuiposed of •cojnpiuiitively young wouieti.. i)v a. gotxl nuite of-health. \V1iut has iniide 1 'the Fru**iiuir authoi'itiws more uueasiy hUeiy is> -the large incrcaso of Sforth German emigration. Tlu' Nortb Germans, from the Prussian point of view, are more desirablts as- soldim than the na-» tives of other par'U* at {fcrwany', and it is the desire to retain all who ajb \ible-bodied^ within the country. ' ' / The Kind 1'lmt Cun liiiilsratc. There Is no objection to the, ^migration of Poles, or the crippled, or x of,'Crimi» ' nals, and as f he police \\ ill, under the proposed law, havu full jurisdiction a» to who ... jaay or may not emigrate, it is not expect' *ed that they will stand in the way of those w^hose emigration fa desirable from a. Genr •Tnfiniipoint of view. The proposed law will not affect theiemigration pf. Russian Jews, oa they are not German**, but simply passi 'ing "through German ports. Unless in times of epidemic the passage of liiisajan Jews through {ierman territory will be permitted under atith restrictions as cir- oumatauc«9 may require. dj , and in five minutes law* I gave Her one more. By this tf me »he had tacough up the CHEAPER CAS gathering in her^throat. Then she went to i-ilgep and plept good for fifteen inlbutes 1 non she got up aud vomited; then she went bafek tb bed and slept good for4he remain- dor of tho night. She got the cwnp the sec itnd night atui I gavel her th'e same rewicdy. with tue *nino good rofmHs. I write this bo- o;u«e I thought th«r.ft':m%ht be flomepne in th\> stiino need-aud not know the ttuo ; rn^ntB >,f tliis wonderful mcaieiue.." Charles A. Thorn p*eeu, Vu* Molneo, I6*a. 2S and w cent butt Ids lor »nle at Greene's drug St&ro RSH'AtL IMPROVED (Huatlay patent, contains no Atropift) Sura and »afe. cure tor (ho nrmthV Drunkeness. y* * me, MINISTER Eulogy PHELPS' MISTAKE. Krnpire ' ' '• - . Opium, Cocaine and Tobacco Habit, , TO CONS¥ltEES _ ~^-The Gas Cotnpany^anotincos —•-—rr --/^-e -• tion in prices of 0as fpr LIGHTINO wb|rever is used ALSO fdr GOOKING.or HEADING to effect" on r and afb^r , * • • ' SEPTEMBER 1st 1892- . Q-ASSITQVJfl KATBS,$1.60 per 1000 csubic ITt. „ rui^ all Q;nB : co»aanied whoro a QA$ RANGE U'.aeed. . ' .... ._..<.j . . ForallgaBConeamedwIi&ro COOKING or HEAf'INQ^STOVES &«•&, used and tho motithly consumption is not loss t!iau 1000 (Subio feet '',.-' " 6 It ata for.Gaa used for LTGHTi^Cr-OJWA' romaia nnclvangoJ aivl'vro a» follo.vH: 'J^fJ Less'than 1000 ouVie ft; in onp month, ^2 0().<ipftr 1,000 Icu'bio ft # 5000 oubio ft, ami hi$s than 10,000 cubic ft 1 montk $1 'WO per 1000 1(M)00 or over J motit,h *1 &0 per lOOn cubio ft, ' (cubic ft. All tb> above ratesuro tftt^ject to a dia&puut' of -Jtt.<ct8 per lOOOjjiibio ft whpa bill is paid in or bofor* tho 10th of the mouth i^oxt folloveiu*.' ' ' Tba abov special rates are made to induce counumera tp tiao gas for oqolcin : aud tia well tui ligbting. ' . Experience Prooves The ADV ANTAGE^ftJasTor \ , , Cooking OverJBvery Oth,er Fuel, in Cheaper Stove Cheaper, Fuel,' Safety, Cleanliness, ^ » \' Quickness, Convenience. 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL.^? SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES.' 4 ' A djscoiart of'10 per oentjwiil bef-made fromjegular prices on all billa forO-^a Fixutros or piping ordered and completed from Sept. 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893. The MARSHALL LH5H ^ Co. V.- \ for HUmarck In .tho THftt lie CreiiteU, ... . BERLIN, Nov. 'JO.— At the Thanksgiving dinner in the Kniserhof Thur'si|ay evening. William Walter Phtlps, United titates ambassador, made some remarks 'coucemiflg Prince Bismarck ^'hich liaye excited gen- ^ral astonishment und • considerable diwi p- provaL Mr. Phelps ^vent out of the course of hia address to say that United Stall's citizen* at tne tfible rei^iupil'ered with gratitude the friendly attitude maintained by tho ex-chanoellor toward th«i native land and the nfany pleasunt t'l-ii'i^slupa which he had sus.tained with, their cujuputriots. Tt*y -Think It in . K»il I aate. The magnitude, unity itJid glory of the OermaH euanine, Mr. Phelps* continued were Bismarck's jvork. His opinions were respected .today by tli^ whole world as fully u they were wheit lie was in officev _ Jugt why'Mr, Pfcelps should have, n»adf' these remarks 1^ a mystery. '-'; His relations to the emperor •were. considered to be exception ally cordial. That he euonld liavejtelecte aft occasion when his offlciar^ank'Svas especially' Teoitepicuous, too,, to praise th HlOBt Tiplent antagonist of the govern juen . t? which he.'is accredited:, is generally regarded to have beeti at JpMt an evidence o questionable ttiste. " • *" " ' - * __ _, ____ ^_ _.,....., For treatment and explanation of the pold Cure'consult Dr. L, E. Callup at his 'office in the Cook block. Patients treated privately if so desired. ' F 'OR KENT—A part of the houae knownaa the Him property on Jeffurson street. Enquire . !..„.,.,,'j abedu ntar ufliot) school. tie.s B£ • . >> f ov. $,». — '.I'Jje ran? ui twrij in .VoigtluiK in coUefi'in-g thy tnxea, ,tp tfee naV<4 '•uj'iwisur.e of , .^ J?tvt;ru in tU(J towii a list of xyhn-vvi'W in il and uuiify^i.-.' ikf iJii'ljrii'tDiv of ttje- laverii tb'U th«." -i OUii? ( 'i" rH'''rliii«fi-L"i l t«* anj of tl.t* (L iujij'u.itN wiui U in a..' line of the iu<, erei ' The only safe, sure and reliable Temale fill ever ofl'crcd to Ladles "Especially recommended to nmrrkd Ladies. Beware of Pills rut up in t$n boxes as they aro daugeroua.. Ask for Dr. Jlott'a Pennyroyai Pills and taUe no oilier. Wend for circular. Price $1.00 per box, 0 boxes for 15.00. v****—* Chemical Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. You can always / tbe best Ci|ars at^. Greene's Drug store,^ Call and Try Them, --nd-wtfce nETnoiT'"BUSINESS. I • / a:xl Stltuol oS.bliqrWian.l, »nij sceuio an <41i4'ue t>ia« will open ro youopportuniiies h> win UMPHR1YS' For, Horses, Cattle, Sheep; Dogs, Bogs, AJro'FQDiTBT. 500 Puzo Hook on Treatment of Animal* " andCltari, tjeulFree. 7 ^ ,j A. A. } Ispiual MeuiUgitU, JMHk B.lJ.~»itraluii, I^amei V. C.--i>i»t«i" l>er, K att ]).U.— But* of Oruba, Worm*. E.E.^Couicbi, Heaves, PueBtn P.F.»*CoIic or Gripe*, Bellracbe. <j;C.— MiiJcarrlttre, nemorrhayeil. H.ll.—ti'iriftry auu Kidney l>i«eo*es. J.I." Eruptive Uiscanei*, Mange ' J.H.— l>Uea»f » of l>iveiition, F iu t- , of «>• i"iJafl>.-Ai-ittd,l')mirhjtea dirn« . Single BoUlfl (ovfcr 5C doaa), Stable Case, with 'Speclltet MawBil, -- TeM-j-iuaryCureOilaud Medicator,- Jar Veterinary t ( J(ire OH, MOrnSMROYlL IILLB S •T.W.8 loug experience vp& ..* carefal study 6f the best miBtbua*. on»Uk'» us to curjBi:«very <Jurnble t!tt««6» \Ve ke^p ^ rt^prij of c»at» troatud tirid Shu result otofctaed »»« for you U> ptO]),l« AvUo Ijuive beett ourpa J)y»uur in,ethoO of treatment • • -. ' v. " • .• . liOiiKuliution f ree uitd Kea»onwl»ic *«ir | tins pMS twenty fire years, • We are prcpwed to flbww successful Ksult.s lu treatiii},' diseo««4 of thi Hvt;ir, liuart, lv«a». »'»«• aoU, kldneyt, brain, ijervtts. rbouinatUm, uciirul- ciu., deblJiiy emarrlifltB, la ., &iu c Me, ol dropby, clir •brotfcljitis; t)»u. 801 e*. tjumol*, .aiahcUs, dyspepsia, oatt, w/.i-ma, lqss r iif vulou, pneumonia,* (>.v>ueun>pf}uii. , ptmt>lt* hijuiuis, bloJcut* of Jots stuudiuu. Address l^ra Oiewef & Sou, 13o Clilctigtf Ava , Evuustba, Illluoip. x Will bo lit tlje-Uejradoa House on Deu, Tib, OharMUi-, Tlwiriiduy, t) Battle Gwiei., i)ic. OlU. I)r. Bjewer's fjury tt^ayt Ue^uiator gives ilu intdiale relief. jJr. Brewej'a Oepuro for UiH^atei vf Ili 8HJBi8*lrr1iverrltltlm)i»aud blood, §1 per bolllt; l»r.' Brewer'* bui o- Stc w. uL riUtf tor dyiuuiHit ;» ounta a box. i in stock at JlME TAitLE, NOV. 20, eall au JACKSON FAVORITE 0.0.0, WAIST Send ior .Ciisuiui inotarariajlc M a VWHA 8KIM SOAP PrKie 25 vBttU. BJTTWEB 4 CO.. TOI.EPO, Q udiujj y>ur »lag U P. -- -;.

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