Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 7, 1961 · Page 8
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 8

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1961
Page 8
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t»O CT«xo») NEWS-HERALD, Wednejdoy, Jon* 7, 19A1 , Brtf Today Jackson Jail Filling With Freedom Riders »y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS X,'Police in Jackson,- Miss., today awaited Mississippi's iirst "Freedom Fly-tn" while the jails filled "With "Freedom Riders"' and more were expected. 'No matter how they come, if .they are found guilty of disturbing the peace, they can expect stricter jail sentences and fines. V A spokesman for the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) announced in St. Ixmis that three Negroes would fly from there to Jackson today to test segregation policies. .Charles U. Uldham. national chairman of CORK, <;aid the purpose of (lie trip w?s '-to io>i airport terminal facilities at .Jackson to see whether interstate travelers are afforded the same accommodations as evervotie. else." ' At Washingion. a CORE spokesman said seven Negro and two white students from that aiva would flv to .New Orleans today and within a few days take a bus to Jackson and join the- movement along with other Freedom Riders. -Seven Freedom Riders took a bus from Xew Orleans to Jackson Tuesday and quickly 1 rinded in jail after conviction of breach of peace charges in the Mississippi capital city, fc: The group of five whites and two Nrer'oes boosted io 72 too total jailed in the past two weeks in Jackson—all convicted of the same charge. jBul the seven riders Tuesday drew heavier penalties. A city judge sentenced them to four months in jail, with two months suspended, and fined each $200. Earlier riders drew suspended sentences of two months each anti .were fined $200. Judge James Spencer said he felt the full penalty of four months in jail and S200 fine should be set in future cases. Freedom Riders, claim their purpose is to test segregation policies at terminals lor interstate travelers. Police snkl the question of segregation -lines not enter into the t-harsfs. They say the nierr presence of t.'ie riders in depots or terminal.* is Pn occasion of breach of peace. Two Dallas Brothers Drown in Small Lake B EX \VHEELER. Tcx. (AP)— Two Dallas brothers — Michael . Turney. S. and " Rickey, 9 — drowned while wading Tuesday in a small lake near the farm home of friend?.. The boys were spending the night with Mr. and l\lrs. V. M. Camper, west of Tyler. They lived in Dallas with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cook. They were the sons of .George Turney and Mrs. Mary Harris, both of Dallas. Robert Kennedy Hopes He's Sent His Last Marshal WASHINGTON (AP) — AUy. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy today expressed the hope that the United States will never again see the kind of racial violence which forced him to" send a task force j of U.S. marshals into Alabama. I. In an address prepared for the ;67lh graduating exercises of the ; FBI National Academv, Kcnnedv jsaid: : "We cannot expect that our problems and difficulties in conj net-lion with civil rights in the > South will be solved without dts- \ cord and disagreement. But we do have a right to expect that .local law enforcement officers ; will Oo their jobs at all times; that they will preserve law and i order." ; Sfwakin? to police officers from : across the, _nation who have just completed.the FBI's special train- ins course, the attorney general ! developed' the theme that the j roots- of justice lie in local law 1 enforcement. - . ! He has charspd that notice of- j ficial>. at • Birmingham and Moni- I gomery were less than diligent in ; anticipating the bloody mob violence which broke out when white* and Nesro ''Freedom TUders" tried to test racial segregation practices on interstate bus facili: ties in Alabama. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS l.Festtv* 5. Titia ». Kind of cabbage 10. White poplar 12. Pitfall 13. Put before • H. Biblical city 15. Internal decay of fruit 16. Girl's nickname 17. To obscure 20. FoolliUe part 21. Flight of steps 22. Kind 23. "Robin-son Crusoe" author 25. Rock of - . 28. Brooches (archaic) 32. Samovar 33; Sty 34. Kvin pod 35. Chestnut envelopes 36. Cry of paitt 37. Approach 33. Seize 41: Prophets 42. More superior 43. Gainsay 44. Kxciama- "tion of sorrow PCWX 1. Attic " • 2. Polynesian drink 3. Cutoff <.Affirmallv« vote 5. Showed concern 6. Incite 7. Medieval boat S. Splinter 9. Check memorandums ll.Wve 13. Knickerbockers 35. Caliber '•_ IS. Calcium t'sym.) 29. ItAlUri river 22. De- nomination Z4. ing to USt 25. Subtle emanations 26: Embellished 27. Half an em. 29. Casual greeting 30. Summons forth 31. Conduit 33. Finical A*»mtt 35. Swiss capital 38. Letter 39. Sesame •10. Prescription term 42. Music note YY, y /A ^ 20 JO -7 The House of Assembly _ in the Bahama Islands is one of the oldest representative legislative bodies in the British Empire. Corpus Christi Due Downtown Motor Inn ; CORPUS CHRISTI (AP)—Cor| pus Christ! financier-industrialist Franklin Fiaio will build a million dollar motor hotel in the downtown area. He said Tuesday the Downtowner Motor Inn's con; struction would start xvithin 60 '> davs. i DAILY CKYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work it: •AXYDLB'AAXB'- .»-. L r O X G F E 1. L, O W Or.e letter!y stands for another. In this sample A is used for the Urn.-*} L's. X for the 'two O's. etc. Single letters, apoi- trophies. the Icrisjti- -an<J formation of the words are all hinU, Each day. the code icf.ters are differehc. A Cryptogram Quotation . L C C - W F P- Y F Q J K F E S ' S F J W•VV S K B L C_— O L K- E F K . Yes.b«rUay.s Crji-.«toquote: LET TKT GREAT DEEDS BS THY PRAYER TO TKY GOD:— OSGOOD, - t© '15W!. "King 'Features Syndicate. Irse.) ' SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY, JUNE 8, 9, 10, 12, 1961 FIRST PRIZE COLORED ^t ^^ 0 LEO 18 KIM T. ALL FLAVORS ICE COLD-15 to 20 Ibs. Watermelon 6 BOTTLE Ctn. 32' plus deposit 39' GLADIOLA Biscuits cans WASHING POWDER LARGE BOX WASHING POWDER KING SIZE BOX $119 WASHBOARDS. Silver King AMIGOS TORTILLAS 1 only 98c PKG. F R E E! Three Beautiful Bicj'clcs To Be Given Away Sat. June 17th at 7:00* p.m. Register • with every _purchase made except alcoholic beverages. 1 La Chapman or Mussman N Chapman Ungraded lorg , „.„ Cl Chapman Pullets ,, 45c ., 37c .,. 30c uvitili Apron) FLOUR 25 Ib. ba __Sl-89 .Airiapola. 25 Ib. Print FLOUR ____ _ Sl-49 El Cochir.ito I-Ih. nk^. _____ 15c Rcclcancd. 5 Ib. ba-r PINTO BEANS 4'Jc Supreme Salad . WAFFERS 1-lb. box_ 27c Sunshine Hi-llo. 1-lb. box CRACKERS ..-. :__ 31c Swift Prem Luncheon Meat 12-oz. can 39c Carnation MILK 2 large cans _ 29c 2 small cans for __ 15c Milk Gla^s Cun & Saucer 3 Minute. OATS 40-oz. box __. 15c Kraft. 20-oz. J a _r APPLE JELLY 32c Ili-C. Orange, Grape Punch DRINK I-i-oz. can _ lOc Waxtex. ino ft. roll WAXED PA PER .___ 22c Maryland Club COFFEE 1-lb. can __ 69c Reno\\-n Cut. No. 303 can GREEN BEANS 2 for .29c Pecan Vallcv Harlv June PEAS No. 300 can . . lOc Q *• C 5-oz. box VERMICELLI _ 3 for 25c ^^^ Tomatoes Pink: Firm Ib. Onions Texas WhiJe T2c 5c POTATOES Carrfornia, No. 1 _. . _.. 10 Ibs. for 39c RED APPLES Ib. lie LETTUCE, California _ .._ each lOc JUICY ORANGES or GRAPEFRUIT 5 Ih. ba 35c TAMALES dz. only 39c PAPER Plates 2 do, 25c Tomato PUREE 6 cans for __ 29c I.ipton. Instant TEA l'-i-oz. Jar _____ 30c Large Jar 3-oz. ___ 79c Ktmbell's 3-Ibs. can SHORTENING _____ 69c Butter Krust, Kainbo. & Sunbeam BREAD l'//lb loaf _ 24c Fritos or I'otato Chips i- PORK SKINS __ 6 for 25c From Young Corn Fed Hogs Pork Chops 53 Select. Quality Puritan Bacon 1-lb. pkg. 57c Specially.for Appetizing flavor Franks 1-lb. pkg. 47c Gnfid Fresh Flavor Puritan Bologna Ib. S.Dc Juicy Tender Rump Uoasf __1 ib. 51c FrCih'Lcan Armour Pork Sausage Ib.'37c Tender Juicy Top Sirloin Steak __ ib. 69c Fresh Rich Chicken Salad _"_ ._._'_ Ib. loc Spareribs rich for Barbecues Jb. 43c FRESH DRESSED WHOLE LB. 25 CUT UP . . LB. 28c Northern, 80 count box NAPKINS ____• 2 for 25c Cinch White CAKE MIX 17-oz. box 25c Oandy's. all flavors . • MELLORINE '/, gal. -i5)c Del Monte. Chunk Style TUNA only -__ 25c Avwt 4 Us Vocos Streets Baby Food '& Strained . tj cans for 27c Richfer's El Patio large loaf 20c Butter Falfurrias Pure Cream IB." 89c SUPER MARKET Free Delivery-Dial PR 5-3313 BEER Lone Star, Pearlj Busch Bavarian, FalstafI 6 Throw- Away Botries t -r " HI J- Pravda Presents Report On Big Two Talks MOSCOW (AP)—Pr*vd», the Communist party organ, said today the Kennedy-Khrushchev talks could be 'a prelude to a breaking down of cold war barriers, and pledged the Soviet Union will do everything it can to improve Soviet-American relations, "Everyone understands that it is impossible to solve in two days big and complicated international questions,'' Pravda said. "Two days are not enough to remove the roadblocks to peace put up during the postwar period by the cold war proponent. In order to get down to the elimination of these obstructions the sides had io have a joint., businesslike and frank talk. And this took place in Vienna. The consensus of the participants that the talks were useful strengthens mankind's hopes that reason will triumph, that the cause of peace will prevail." The Vienna conference between the U.S. President and . Soviet was "a useful meeting," Pravda said. • "Approving the - results of the meeting, the Soviet people, like all the champions of peace throughout the world, express their hopes thai (he talks in Vienna will be followed by concrete measures directed, for the sake of peace, toward the improvement of the entire international atmosphere.' 1 Leftists Riot Again in Tokyo TOKYO (AP) — Thousands of Socialist-led students and workers kept up demonstrations in Tokyo today, demanding that an anlivio- lonce bill shelved by the government be killed outright. Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda ] was forced info retreat by strong opposition -from upper ' house members of his own Liberal-Democratic Party following riots in NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO UNJTE TO FIGHT REDS i MEXICO CITY CAP)—The Pan) American Legion and the National | Anticommunist parly arc uniting forces to combat communism- in Latin America. - Anihal Cervantes of the Legion and Marier Gucrra Leal of the Anticommunist parly said this Tuesday al. a. news cbnft'rence. Tliey said Ihey will shorlly petition (he, government 1 to break relations with Cuba. COTTON OUTLOOK GOOD MEXICO CITY (AP)—S-ibscc- rctary of Agriculture .fcsus N'a-; varrete says he is confident rot-. ton will retain its firm position ; in the world market because of its excellent quality. He returned Tuesday from Tokyo where Tie headed a Mexican delegation to the International , Cotton Consultation Committee, i Tokyo" and Kyoto Tuesday night in which 600 or more demonstrators and police were injured. The prime minister, 'anxious to Ouiot dissension bofore hi* visR to President Kennedy later this month, abandoned plans to force the measure through the Diel before its session ends Thursday. • The Socialists, Japan's No. 2 party, were not satisfied aiid demanded that the bill to stamp out political rioting be withdrawn. Their" campaign appeared losing steam, however. Although (hey called for 35,000 to march oh the Diet today, only 9,500 union members and 3,500 extremist stiir dents turned out in separate groups. DIAMONDS Quality, Triced l«w«r Than Crtdit Srorti Artificial light Farted Sparkle Trash TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. IOSOYA OFFICE SUPPLIES "ypawritcri • Adding Machinal SALES and SERVICE Hoiimaik Cards • Art Del Rio Typewriter Co. 412 i. Mom Dial M 5-4111 READ THE CJLASSIFIKn ADS DR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OFTOMETIIITS Offk* Hours—Mon. Hir» M. Contact l»«i Fitt»_ Pit 5-053 — 10« W«tl BIGGEST MAY SINCE THE MODEL" T.HE MONTH OF MAY TTAS THE BIGGEST FOR FORD CAR SALES IN 32 YEARS—SINCE THE HEYDAY OF THE HOT MODEL "A"- IN 1929. MORE THAN 143,000 FORD CARS WERE SOLD. THIS MEANS THAT EVERY SIX SECONDS OF EVERY EIGHT-HOUR DAY. SOMEONE "BOUGHT AhlOTHER FORD, FALCON. THUNDERBTRD OR FORD 7/AGON. " WHY? .. .. PERHAPS THOSE. 143.000 AMERICANS FOUND OUT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOT?. THEY DID ALL THE SHOPPING. DEALER BY DEALER- THEY MADE ALL THE COMPARISONS. CAR BY CAR. BUT THEY BOUGHT FORDS i _ - '• ; WHY? , . ' " SOONER_ OR_LATER "YOU'LL GET A NEW CAR. WHEN YOU DO TRY YOUR. FORD DEALER FIRST—HE' WILL GIVE YOU""AN ABSOLUTE YARDSTICK OF VALUE IN EVERY PRICE RANGE- FROM A TUDOR FALCON TO A THUNDERBIRD CONVERTIBLE. HERE'S WHAT TO LOOK FOR. IN THE GALAXIE PRICE RANGE, DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN A CAR -THAT'S BEAUTIFULLY BUILT TO TAKE CARE OF ITSELF...THAT- GOES 30,000 MILES BETWEEN CHASSIS LUBRICATIONS...4,000 MILES BETWEEN OIL CHANGES.. WHOSE BRAKES ADJUST- THEMSELVES AUTOMATICALLY... WHOSE MUFFLER IS BUILT TO LAST THREE TIMES AS LONG AS ORDINARY ONES...WHOSE BODY IS SPECIALLY TREATED TO RESIST RUST AMD CORROSION.;.WHOSE FINISH NEVER NEEDS WAXING. IF YOU WANT RECORD ECONOI^Y LOOK TO THE FALCON. .THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE RUN-AWAY BEST SELLER OF ALL COMPACT "CARS WITH THE GAS MILEAGE RECORD OF 32.6''-MILES PER GALLON 1 " PROVEN BY AN EXPERT DRIVER IN A FALCON WITH STANDARD SHIFT, UNDER THE CROSS-COUNTRY TEST CONDITIONS OF THIS YEAR'S MOBILGAS ECONOMY RUN. OR" COMBINE ECONOMY WITH A TOUCH OF THE THUNDERBIRD IN THE ELEGANT NEW FALCON FUTURA...BUCKET SEATS AND ALL. TAKE A LOOK AT THE TWELVE FORD WAGONS, EVERY ONE IS -DESIGNED AND BUILT TO GIVE YOU MORE SOLID ROOM-PER-DOLLAR POWER-PER-DOLLAR OR STYLE-PER-DOLLAR VALUE THAN OTHER WAGONS. SEE THEM ALL—FROM THE CRISP SMARTNESS OF THE FALCON WAGON, .ALL THE WAY UP TO THE INIMITABLE FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE. 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