The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 26, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1892
Page 3
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< Vl ,,>. v . 7^^f7«r^^$:^ '' '•' " iJ ';J^:f ? "' f '''ito]b^^ ^*:«,f;V~;;-;•..-• ** t ..._...- _. -- — >^iJ[_iir\r-.---||i-T^ t -"- Vj -^* J -'"* J&aj ^* •••••'.-*" "* i tin'lit-' 11' "•-*" I'f'ffllii lift > ^^-^-^f^ :K f^f r - J ^ J -^ J] "-* t - 1 -f'- a ^"^~'—"^ -^-**-~. .f-^y...^ t£g rT - r t f*]^ |- iT-irLj.'t^?N'Tln^nnrhn-nii l '- J Tf 11*11—-iiiiii i if n'rfr-,iii' l Vti'ri«iii_it!uJliaiuiiiljiijJIIi|j^^ OG1CAL report at G,f efintffc by drug Highest. 33, "lowest, 24. By registering tnetnumueterJoT the Iait24 hours. . /_ , r BREVITIES. Lester, ofTcroy, t»a., will spend Sunday in this city. • Class No. $of Presbyterian will givo a social and sapper at the church Tuesday, tfov. 29, ,to bwy now books for''the 8. S. library. Chicken and othor pies wlU be served. .Everybody invited. Sttpper 25 cents. We catfseo no sense in payin&a sei? onsl class oicheBtra-a-ilrs); class price for playing for a datoco and then tiring them over again to finfah tho dance, simply*; because the trains don't happen to *uh so tho orchestra can get homo at miduight. The first state Michiganr Sabbath association, auxiliary td, the'American Sabbath union, will be held in the First Congregation!*: church, Lansing, in the afternoon and evening of^Friday,. \he 9th of December, Jackson Couriers Robert McKmstry* formerly of this city, wbo^ was appointed United States pension agent for the district of Cleveland during his former administration",, is again aeandidatVior tho office. There i* no other aspirant and,Mr. ;MoKinstry al* ready has a§ good an • endorsement as Abo had when appointed the first time. rTtia prospects r are tbat he willusecura the plum. County Clerk Gregg is evidently preparing for the holiday trade, »s ho has Just received several casitoof newljook*. The list include* jpint documents^ bouse aqd senate journals and various state reports, all cquaHjHtetetesting. The clerk will -be pleased to show these books to any w'h6 - may call. He also has in stock a fine line of marriage license blanks which will bo tilled out to ' order. No trouble to show goods* • From the Worcester (Mass.) Daily Spy: The first entertainment of Course A ot the "Mechanics' Association was given in Mechanics Hall last evening by the Madame Fry Concert Company. The vocal quartettes were excellent, the selections being well ch,oson, and tbe voices blending together vory harmoniously. The solos were all good. Miss Alta Fry played.a concerto on the vio- -lin witfi niHCh expression. At the opera house Wednesday evening, NQV. 80,•Tomorrow morning at 10.80 the pastor of Grace church, Universalist, will «ive a Thanksgiving sermon. Text, II Corinthians- IX, 10. -In^tfte ev>mng at se.ven o clock by request he will repeat the sermon which he gave two -weeks ago on "John «. Wfatttior, Hi* £ife, Re " ligioo and Influence." Music for'tbe -evening' special -.A solo by Mrs. F. Buck, a tlue't by Mrs. B. and Miss Eth- eridga and a trio, Mrs. .Buck, Miss Eth' eridge and Mr. Barsby. The public Invited; Strangers welcome. The party at the Forbes House last ereniug was a great success financially! as w-. H as-"socially. The attendance , was v te good and everybody had an. J. $. -Sher'idftti; spand Sunday id this'city.- 4 * The reffifiind of Mrs. -"Aldnzo, Moore, Of Marengo,* were brought' hete today Irom O&KIand*. Cat., whet/ sh6 ,went to liavo an operation performed b> Ift. W,. B. Church, which jresulted fatally. Th0 funeral will be at the house Sunda* •afternoon at two o'clock. Marriage licenses issued' Nov. 25: E. Danehy, of Tonawanda', ,N. Y., and Jemiio Waterfenry, of Battle Crqek; Delbert CostUm and .Viola Hudkms, both of Marshall, James i. Olson, of Bedford, and Mary JPaquclte, of Battle Cf«ok$ John Tuskeltaod L'o«h> lillafr, both of'Ceresco; Oswald Soithwoltb, of Sheridan, acid Sadie Elm?, of Sulli van, Ind. • t "' J JTlio^oflicial rctur'ns receivod^ffom all tho counties of the.state cwccpt Marfi- tou, give the following wsult in the state: The Cleveland candidates oar ried the. eastern district by a njufaltty of 1,130 and the Harnson candidates the Western district by a plurality of 21,048, tho net plurality for Harrison in tb( state 450ing 20^512. Judge Morsa ca?5 tied the eastern district by a plurality of 3,721, and Mr. Rich had a plurality c* 10,750 iu the western district, the net plurality for Rich in the siate being 10.C38. With tho exception of Mr. Marvin for state treasurer, tho- pluralities against each of the democratic 'candidates fw slate, offices who wore not on the people's party ticket will be greater the net plurality against the Clove- WE SOLD ALL OUR leaks! About twro vgeeks ago to a firm east to avoid taking them to other: towns to sell to the unwary and , And now offer • , At a Great Sacrifice. pomeiiiid S36 how cheap you can buy. ALL THIS WEEK. laud candidates for electors at large, Mr?. Marvin's, magnificent run j u \Vayno caunty causing ,the difference in his favor. .•• •- / % ^ •"• •'. ' • x Local hunters were excited this morn- Ing, at the report that door Jtracks had been eeeu in the east 'end of town Some of the •veterans who thought t'aoy could tell a deer track went out apd «x- amincd -the foot prints in the snow and pronounced the track that of a genuine doer. A iargo° number of men and boys who 'had or could borrow guns started in pursuit of the animal. It was' tracked to Ezra Murduck's who had seen tue deer going e.ast, A majority of tho hunters changed their minds before .they had gone far and returned home, but some kept on and near Mareugo villngejho animal was found in u, piece of woods and Geo. Colcman killed uim. Peoplu who are up on the deer question say the ouo killed tpday was tame and had evidently escapedtifrom som^ park. The time for-.fciHing 'deer expired Nov. 25, so it is possible that this one uiuy come a little high. .The penalty for killing deer out of season ia $50. GoE 2:-Piece Suit $3 & $4. OVERCOATS DOWN AWAY DOWN, THIS WEEK. List (Vo. 47, r«pv, 23, CalUouu 1803, Bonjamlp, Smith Smith, Charlie* Lynu, Laura • Tusker, WUUam. Budd, John 8.~ ' To obtain above applicants should call tot w- vurttaed letters and state elate of lift. ' One oent.poBtage will .hereafter be charged for advertised letters. Have your mail addressed to vpur box. S.F. SNYDEB, Postmaster. FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONjjY , - -.'.'••••'-.• .- - \ .- •. - * • *. / . . The Bee Hive <?loak. stock of JaoKapn wrtlch , h s for the past two days been displaying Its beautiful line of LADIES* and CHILpRENS'-^ar- • ents at the Tontine Hotel s.ampie roora u will a - * *• . . contih-ue its sale on Friday and' Saturday in or- ; der that cusl.omers who have been unable to a,yail themselves df the opportonity of •. buying a c-loak cheap may do so. Reroember 5 Friday and Saturday only. ~ BESPECTFUaY, L.H.FIEIJD JTor Sale. . A two burner (Dangler gasoline st,ove but little used, will be sold at a bargain. : H; M, i Horse ! IJ«s<f. 5th to lOtb,, 1889, For the above' named occasion Michigan Central will on Dec. 3, 6 0 sell tickets MarshsH to Chlcasa the and < t 1 . V* rs- A A "r K^VrTJl*^ \ return^«t tfie rate of cne' fare and very g-rneful to Mr, G. A, Job^on and \^_, f *_\i_ _;.._., ._._• lt _.^ ^ . ,U Fox.' -Through i the use of the Forbes House >va,e ip, the JaSiefi free of chsj-ge x , and Mr, Fox lighted the bouse free, thasi ; the- expenses of the p^riy oi» The library assoeiatlon real- Tbe ladies _ r ^ .. ,._. _._ fl ft Johnson's I ^ aira for tjie W^ tri P- limi t ed to re{turn to 5 days trool date of sale, ddi' Use Hazel Cream for chapped hands and lips. «r *uy roughness wf jths .. M.'B." Eagle Qpera House I ^^^^^ i . Tr " ~" " ~ """• "~ : *'~- —'—™ *~—rjc— •——-—•••- •••••—s^ Friday , ize4 a- ^e»t sem for- vheir trouble. We jpar-ty is between of and "- «fw *W?.. . , ' /•„. 'In speaking of the cl ^ , Detroit, gaysj 4 t^iog" »»' * • All kinds-0f fr-esjh. mVit cat to 'order at R. Buiier'a. - dji ^ ^-: " * .-it'.* • A positive cure for coughs and tOne night only i With an unrivalled supportingjjopjpapy of .90 Artiste, iucluding BOB SLA VIM AND COOL BURG SS ,„„«*,„„ Itoa of lldws* jiajtses carf casesm 1 , -^ '.-^^ -T: —..-- • M-< U- Vn-arlKtfl># ^ of goods. ^ J. want to run thjem « " w- 3U IMfVO t$f, V«.V W ; j^oop IMQH ( *»«»VjL'<fg *• w «**-«** * vu» i«t*u for wh»| I can get get as I want to «vif-^% «-kti%cw Wttttiru&eo cinnn > T xirlflli into otheE busiii§6ii sooo. » ....»- •--,« l^die^^QJ Mugiial| and, yicinity wou!4 ___, *,cW(»tian»A waJweipx .^l^e give ineXcallwi4««fttowr^ftin. j^OOft job as atote aecftj?ntaut w . t /-M«& fc'LjiCDs^y, furfter'* ofljce. Mr. Cog«^ of ^ j ft ^ G ^ y Kegd»U pjaoe, " a bjco-tbfiT'to-law .of f*tt *pjr**._4 ; , ^•"••• ij 7— WTS tke place if be ww|6 it, 1 - ¥ Q«*er tp m&e room fox aaw eioe^ oui fts u« ifl at preseftt m& iituftfed %] ^« «»«, w ^ JW**** °^- |bj y^eyj doubts |f* exprfiSS^d as to • K iii • «i. •.• . 1, i n nAAAni- ''^"nninlrmR 'whetfajsr •pxfUjfasfB* df*m$ /, ^r- ^^t-^^y^r-r and abeolutely ilrst olaes in wiled. EJ orchestra, IB IP ~^P W^^ff , ^^ ^W wj^^ a ^j" 1 ~ r ^ Pltohe tor0s s 2 Stores HV. THi' Fl-ftiB. ,-^ ,^., -"''-"=t ,

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