The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 8, 1959 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Friday, May 8, 1959
Page 4
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4 'fhe OTTAWA HERALD Friday. May 8. 1039 Editorials i 1 Music Helps Att Ottawa High School student has received a gold medal for excellence of her piano playing In competition with students all over the country. A competent music judge in Ottawa for a three-day period of piano auditions has reported that many young Ottawa pupils show great promise, These things do not just happen. Credit is due mainly to the Ottawa music teachers who have trained the students in basic technique, inspired in them a love for the beau- tifuli and encouraged them to discipline them- wives to a regular and conscientious practice tchedule. - Music teachers are a dedicated people, ti any piano teacher and you will find that She often inconveniences herself to teach lessons at odd times. The schedule is likely to be arranged to assure the child of an anticipated pleasure* regardless of the teacher's preference. These teachers have a love and interest in humanity as well as extensive knowledge and preparation for music teaching. One music teacher has sat on hard benches to watch her budding Rubensteins play ball, gone to countless other of her pupils' extra-curricular activities and listened to accounts of their current interests. Teaching music requires patience and a saving sense of humor. "They'll sure be a poppin' and a poppin' all over the place," one little boy confided to his teacher during a summer lesson. "What is going to be popping?" the astonished jady asked. "Why, the firecrackers of course. I'm going to go buy them as soon as I finish this lesson.' 1 As a class, music teachers display those qualities of leadership and personal integrity which fcuild positive character by example and association. A story of a college student's remark Illustrates this fact. "My music teacher does not do these (questionable) things and she is one of the most popular persons I know." * Do you feel that your child has too little talent to take lessons? A mother and a music teacher both have the same answer. "It is a good thing to be exposed to music through piano lessons and they form the basis for any other type of musical tram- ing" they-say. "Even should the pupil not go •far,' it opens a door to beauty he would not have known otherwise." Musicians report a greater demand for piano and organ than ever before. They admit there )s a shortage of good music teachers. It should be a good field for those so gifted. laff-A-Day This And That The time required for a piece of news to spread all over town runs in inverse ratio to the number of those attending the supposedly secret session at which the news was created. Incidentally, no one woman can keep a secret and neither can any three men. O44 H is that no bank has yet installed a soda pop stand beside its drive-in window and chilled the bottles on its frozen assets, So science has finally perfected a "death ray" which JPH cap make a mummy out of a monkey; in five minutes. The ideal gift next Christmas for the man who has everything. Split-level houses seem to have taken the play from ranch house models. They are an obvious improvement over the once standard two-story style since there are only half as. long stair. ways to fall down. Hospitalized friend must be on the mend. He 1 was lively enough yesterday to invited a nurse to come in and see his itchings. The recent conference on the care and preservation of businessmen came to the conclusion they shouldn't worry. But if they didnlt worry, they soon, would not have any business left to worry about. About the only remaining inspiration for people to take walks is Keep Off the Grass signs. Auld Lang Syne William 25 Yean AKO A marriage license was issued to Francis Salb, and Carol L. Smith. Mr*. Eldrld Skiles, 907 N. Oak, underwent an operation at Ransom Memorial Hospital. William Gray resigned his position as day clerk at the North American Hotel and went to work as a bookkeeper at Garnett. Imogene Largent, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Largent; underwent a tonsil operation. 50 Years Ago The home of Fred Carter, Richmond, was destroyed by fire. John Ashby was here from Melvern to visit his daughter, Mrs. H. H. Hewitt. John F. Elwell was here from Norwood to spend the day. He reported hi$ corn all in and up. Prayer For Today Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of juch ! is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 19:14.) • PRAYER: 0 Father, help us to grow daily in a Christian family. Save us from discouragement. May we have the knowledge and power to challenge successfully our everyday problems. Help 01 to dedicate our lives in service to those wW» whom we come in contact. In Jesus' name , IMS, King r«|ure.<Sinitii»lc. Inc..AV»rMr!rtt«r««rn<l. " "Doesn't seniority count for anything around here,?" Your Good Health ; By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molnfer: Please write an article on congenital heart. Is it serious, and can anything be done about it?—Mrs. K.Z." A "Congenital heart" is one that has had something wrong with it from birth. It isn't a matter of something having happened to it later. It developed With a flaw from the beginning — just as having six fingers, or a cleft palate, or & "birthmark," or some other unusual ^characteristic is a "congenital" fdefect. A heart is essentially a pump, |—and a marvelously efficient lone, too. Let's compare it to an [ordinary water pump. Of course the heart is more I complex, and more dur- jable, too, since a mechanical (pump needs new "leathers" or 1 valves, and other repairs, and Dr. Molner a heart can keep on pumping for a hundred years or more. A mechanical pump usually has two chambers, the upper one which lifts the water, and the lower one which is filled by the suction of each stroke. A heart has four chambers, connected to one another by valves. If, In a mechanical pump; there is a leak so that water can flow Jreely from one chamber into the other, you can do a lot of pumping yet not get much water. Likewise, if the valve won't close tight, or if the same valve won't'open far enough, the pump's efficiency will be low. It may pump, but not very well. Or it may not pump at all. It depends on the degree to which the valve is impaired. Or if, in the pipe running down into the ground, there is a place that is partly clogged, and will let only a little water through, you can pump pretty hard yet not get much in the way of results. All of these things are quite comparable to a "congenital heart." There may be a hole (large or small) in the wall which separates one chamber from another. This is an "interventricular defect" or an "inter- artrial defect," depending on which chambers are involved. A valve may be too small, or for some other reason' not work properly. Or in some of the blood vessels which are part of the heart's efficient system, sometimes there is an extra connection which short-circuits the blood flow, so a given amount of blood has to be pumped several times instead of just once. Is a congenital heart serious? It depends on whether it is a big or little flaw. Small flaws may not be detected at all, or not until.later in life, and merely interfere with maximum efficiency. Others are critical and must be repaired soon or not at all. I noted in the papers last winter an account of a young man — a boxer — who found he had a congenital heart that needed repairing; He. had an operation on it. He not only came through nicely, but he has since gone back to professional boxing! A congenital heart sometimes should be left alone, sometimes must be repaired surgically, sometimes is in the in-between region of "maybe," and sometimes — more and more often these days — is to be counted as one which probably \vill be very much improved by surgery. There are thousands of American children (some grown and married by now) who have had operations for congenital hearts. In any particular case, your own doctor will have to decide what to do. But don't lose hope at the words "congenital heart." Find out about the case. Modern tests can give you a firm answer. NOTE TO MRS. G.J.S.: We don't know why some children are born with cleft palate, any more than we know why some have six fingers or why some are geniuses. NOTE TO MRS. P.S.: Milk certainly never caused diabetes! Your eating habits, as you describe them, sound very good. Why suffer from sinus trouble? Much can be done to help you, and it is explained in my booklet, "You Can Stop Sinus Trouble." To receive your copy, write to me in care of Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover handling. The Ottawa Herald 106-106 S. Main Published -Jaily except Sundays and Holiday!, entered at the Post Office at Ottawa, Kas., as second class matter. Robert B. Wellington Editor Guy Snedaker Publisher Subscription rates in trade area—By mail,, one month ,85; three months $2; six months $3.75 me year $7. Second class Postage paid at Ottawa, Kansas. Television Programs Channel 4, NBC Channel 5.13, CBS Channel |, ABC FRIDAY • :M 13— Funtlmt 8:30 •—Mickey Mo;:»t 13-Oor<Jpn Elliott 8:S* 6— Ltix PlaJ-h'iB 9— Tt Sunset 13— Stripe Pi'b'se 5— Tak* Flv» 5:41 ts— Sport* 4:44 10— Weather •:M 4— Newi ft—N«ws 6— Annie Oakley «— »port» 5— Sport* 13~We»th«t • :1S 4— Newi 13— Newi • :20 5-W«tther •:25 •— (Personality «:30 4-NW Passac* 8— Rln Tin Tin 53— R*whM« 7 106 4— Eilery Queen 9-Walt Disney 7:30 5— Amateur Hr. 33— Amateur Hr. 8:00 4— Sports B — Phil Sliven 9— Tombstone 13— Phil Silver* 4— Bowling ttM 5— Llr.iup 4— M-Squad 13— Wmrleyblrd» tiSO • 4— Thin Man ft— Per. to F«r. 9— V« Men 13— Per. to Per. lfl:0« , 4— News 8— Death Valley V— N«W» 13-Newi 10:10 9— Sports 10(1* B— New* 13— Weather 10:30 13— Deo Nelioo 19tM 4— Garden Time 6— Theater B — Playhouse 13— Jubilee 11:00 4— Jack Paar • 53— Movlettme 12:00 4— Curtain Call 9— Sign Off 12: JO a. m. 5— News 13— Sign Off IStM 5— Late Bhow 1:00 8— Sign Off SATURDAY 7:30 t. m. 5—Western 11:00 13—Cartoons 8:30 4—Cartoon 6—Kangaroo 13—Kangaroo §:00 4—Howdy Poody t:30 4—Ruff 'n' Reddy S—Mighty Mouse 9—Farm Hour 13—Mighty Mouse lOtM 4—Fury 8—Heckle, Jeckle 9—Little Rascals 13—Heckle-J'kle JOtlft 6—Heckle-J'kle 10:30 4—Circus Boy 6—Cartoonland 13—Robin Hood 11:08 4-AI FaHa 8—Comlelub 13—Jr Auction 4—Detective 5-Mld-Amerlca 13—Western 11J4B It-Safety 13-Ba*eball 11155 13—Game of Wk. 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Roosevelt 3:36 4—Star Perf. 9—Tlie Hunter 13—Racket Squad 4:00 4—Omnibus S—Faee Nation 9—Dateline 13—Geneva Cent. 4:30 5—College Bowl t—Janet Dean 8:00 4—Meet Press 5-rMlss Brooks 9—Winch* 11 • 13—College Bowl 6:30 4—Tugboat Annl» 9—Lone Ranger 8—Music, 13—JOth Century 6:00 4—New* 8—Lassie 9—Ask For It 13—Lassie «:30 4—Steve -Allen 5—Jack Benny a— Maverick 13—Bach. Father 7:00 8—Ed Sullivan 13—Ed Sullvan 7:30 4—N. Y. Confid'l 9—Lawman 8:oe 4—Dinah Shore 5— G-E Theatre 9—Colt .45 13—State Trooper «:30 5—A». Hllchc'k 9—Deadline Ac. f»:ftO 4—Lorctta Young 6—Rich. Dlam'd. 13—Rich. Diam'd 9:30 • Fra Hunt B—My Line 9—McGrew 13—What's Line? 10:00 •>—Theatra 6—Whlrly Bird* 9-New« 13—New* 10:10 9—Muslo Man 10:18 4—Jack Paar 9—Theatre 10:30 6—New* 13-Welk 10:35 8—Theatre 11:15 13-Movie 11:30 9—Sign Off 11:45 4—Chan U:OU 4—Sign Oft 12:48 6—Sign OK wDo You Live W A Cat? By HAL BOYLE NEW VORK (AP) ~ It is "hard for a dog lover tq learn to live with a cat in the house. But it can be done—particularly if you have a small daughter who insists on having a cat as a pet It has been some six months since Lady Dottie, a tiny fur pawed black /and .white power house, came to our house to stay Now she is a large and formida ble powerhouse, and stomps around the place as if she paid the rent. The only one who has any rea authority over her is 'our daugh ter, Tracy; who is nearly six. She uses Lady Dottie as a pillow dancing partner and substitute sister. The cat has gone for so many rides in the baby buggy that, she now believes it is her own pri vate vehicle. We are even begin ning to refer to it as "the family Catillac." Between Lady Dottie and my self there is a strange and rather undefined relationship. As a lifelong dog-man I have always disliked cats, and been suspicious of cat-fond people, fig uring that any human being who preferred a cat to a dog mus' lave a hidden character defect o: some kind. Now I must confess to harbor ing a mixed feeling bordering on fondness for Lady Dottie. Part of it is based on pure gratitude. I had. heard the old wives' tale that cats at nigh would crawl up on your chest and breathe your breath before reached you, thus dooming you to death for lack of oxygen/ And 1 was afraid it might be true. To me cats were sneaky, treach erous, wily beasts who took everything they could get ant gave nothing in return. Why wouldn't they rob you of breath' For three months I slept with the bedroom door closed, to iso late me from the possibility o any such midnight feline assault Gradually, however, my secre superstitious panic abated as I realized Lady Dottie was too sens ible to try to rob me of my breath. She was too busy robbing my pocketbook for beef liver cloth and rubber toy mice and al the other niceties of a modern cat's way of life. Once I realized she had a vest ed interest in me to protect, I lost my dread of her. I noted one big difference be tween cats and dogs. A dog does you a favor by getting out of your way. A cat seems to have the idea that it is doing you a favor by getting in your way. Lady Dottie, although her fam ily tree disappears into the near est alley, is as supremely proud and sure of herself as an Egyp tian queen. When she decides to honor you by running up agains your legs, you are expected to pause and be flattered, even though at the moment you may DC trying to carry a message to Garcia. For a brief time as our ac quaintanceship ripened, I thought TODAY AND SATURDAY Shows Today — 6:50 - 8:30 Cont. Sat. — 1:45 BEG. ADMISSION "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN" PLUS Racing Picture Hot Angel" II Sun. •- Mon. » Tues. •ATtlRDAT 6:30—Top of the Morninj 6:30—Top of Morning 6:46—Weather Roundup 6:50—Top of Morning 7:30—News Summary 7:40—Weather Forecast T:45—Markets 7:50—Top of Morning 8:30—News Summary 8:35—Top of Morning 9:00—Morning Devotions 9:15—Church Notes 8:20-KOFO Serenade 8:00—Ccntropolli Bapt 8:30—Newg Summary S:35-Ea«y Uelodiei fi:66-Famlly Wonhlp 9:15—The Christophers 0:30—New« Summary fl:45-Ea«y Melodlw 10:00—FIMt Bapt, Cr. KOFO Schedule 9:30—Newi Bummarjr 8:35—KOFO Serenade 10:30—Newi Summary 10:35-KOFO Serenade 11:00—Bulletin Board 11:05—Around Town 11:30—Nowa Summary 11:35— KOFO Serenade 12:00— People's Exchange 12:15— Farm Program 12:30—News Summary 12 M5— Noontime Weath. 12:50—Noon Tune Time 1:00—Rock Chalk Radio n -00 Flrtt Meth. Ch. (last Sunday of Month Main Street Uatto Presbyterian Church 12:00—Music fr. Masters t":30—News Summary 12:45—Sun. Serenade 1:00—Music fr, Mt. Oi 1:30—News Summary 1:30—Newt Summary l:35-KOFO Kara van i :30—News Summary 2:S6-KOFO Karavan 3:00—Bulletin Board 3;05—KOFO Karavan 3:15—Service Program 3:30—News Summary 3:35—KOFO Karavaa 4:30—News Summary 4:35—XOFO Karavan 5:30—News Summary 5:45—Sport* 6:00—Sundown Serenidi 6:25—New» A Weather 1:35— Music fr. Album 2:05—Big Top Ten 2:00—Sports Roundup 2:30—News Summary 2:35— Bl« Top Ten 3:30—News Summary 3:35—Big Top Ten 4:in—Serenade In Blur 4:30—News Summitry 4:45— Outdoor Sp, Kay. THLady Dottie and I shared tie world, us a man can ;te mme world with a pet 't possible. A cat will cito your World as far as tisi tut you can come only outer fringes of Its world. Af6u. try to go further the ciy and silently closes the diween yoijj Dipttie has won my admi Because of her iron self- cce.. I have always had a n' admiration for women to they have this factor of H independence and re> sdness of spirit. imen now and then show, a if Weakness. A cat never diman has to take off his hanything stronger than a rrwoman. And a cat is. ose I'll always be a dog o heart—weakness calls to wi—but Lady Dottie, that wfur fort, has taughl me ter | should underestimate hr of a cat. showed a John Arnold Doscher' was waylaid in a truck between West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, Fla., on Feb. 12, 1927, robbed, shot and left for dead. Doscher was treated at a hospital and discharged eight days later. William D. Shields, former police chief at Lake Worth, remembers that Doscher was employed by a Fort Pierce, Fla., automobile fjrm and was shot by two youths who never were caught. Roller Skat. Ottawa Rolltr Rink 2nd and Main Public Sessions Wed, and Prt. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat, Nights .,8:00 to 11:00 SUN.. Matinee i:6o to 3:00 PARTIES Mon.,' fles, ; and Thura. •telephone!! CH 2-9704. CH 2.B398 and CH 2-25^8 Small Eng Man Discovers Kdh't Murder PAliM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Ellsworth Newton o f < City needn't have had siguilty congcieuce about a thought he killed near Peach more than 32 years he was picked up by Kah- si police Monday as a fugi- in the municipal farm, the Md Newton revealed h e shiari in February of 1927. H the man was identified in ntcounts as John Doscher ck of old Florida news- piles and hospital records AUY- \B and Saturday Features 3 Ve Seen All the Oalton Boys Now See IE DALTON GIRLS" Svton.-Tues.-Wed. RTIANGASTCR IRK DOUGLAS ILWAUIS' iiEritH iTTHP I |l MM [COREAL <HU'ru| RHONDA JO REMH FLEET JOHN OKN STUKGCS fcriinpliy by IEON URIS A Pirineunt Piclux TECHNICOLOR* AND !GREAT HBniUttMtitli* mm Tonite and Saturday for Brlggs tt Stratum .' Products - Wis< Clinton - Kohler— see us Sales and Servfine 01 Bring us all yoi angr g q bles . . . Our irecogn trained mechanises Robert Whirley, * aesyloc izes in re - con4inner, and repairing all £ as y * small engines. The Ottawa Tr<amp? e; .,• ••""•. Y .'••, • '••'.' any < & Imp). Go^ywh those 119 convici E!-2nd .to spe ,the p ihould iafer !ebre\ eople The ivas a in th< -hich 'rom IV IT BUILDS Tif res 50 OF THE TENS,^ tej MINUTES IN HISTORY OF Tt ib i e 4 SCREEN! This lower vas su ing o iwer, lovah, md ev jhe He vould lagans SPECIAL NOTICE It wi To All Ottawa High School Juniors and The Drive-In will have a special show "Geisha Boy" with Jerry Lewis after the Senior Banquet Saturday night, starting at and out at 2:00 A.M. Come as you are. Fi and dress suits all that is required for spec mission price of 50c each. Snack Bar open a ning. .- SPECIAL -Sunday, May 10 free Genuine Orchids fo 1st 100 Mothers and any Tofct Htr^othe A MOVIE. lOVff YOU )r Mo Plus Special Prizes >ULA IAD1 And 2 Dandy Features "The Hunter's" "I Married AWoman" Fra H JLLCREST Drive - In Theatr DARI-TREAT'S 7th Annual FREE MOTHER'S DAY TREAT... A Large Sundae (Choice of Flavors) for Your Mother MOTHERS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ONE OR MORE OP THEIR CHILDREN "You Furnish the Mother... We Furnish the Treat" DARI-TREAT" 1101 N. Main JCRI

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