The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 3, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1962
Page 3
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Editorial—Adr.—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2*11 T H I BRAZOSPORT PACTS BRATOSrORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. FRIDAY, AUOUST 3, !»** WHAT TO DO WITH TWO SELL THE EXTRA CAR—BICYCLE—STOVE TABLE LAMP—TV SET RADIO—APPLIANCE FOR CASH Phone BE 3-2411 or n 3-3511 BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad CALL BE 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES One or Two Consecutive Days 26e per agate line per day Monday through Friday Three to Five Consecutive Days —19c per agate line per day Six or More Consecutive Days —!7e per agate line per day WANT AD HOURS: 8 AM to 5 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charges are based on a 3 line minimum. Cancellation deadline is 9 A.M of Publishing day. NOTICE of typographical or ether errors must be given before the second insertion or claims far refund or extension will not be recognized. Therefore, we must be notified of error before 9 A.M. of second publishing day. After an ad Is ordered it cannot be cancelled or changed be fore publication. Insertion deadline for reader ads Is 9 A.M. of publishing day. All display and box ads must be in by 11 A.M. of previous publishing day. The Brazosport Facts reserves the right to edit or reject any ad that It deems objecticnol and to change the classification order to conform to the policy of the paper. 1. SPECIAL NOTICES FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Clot« Censorship is exercised over all Classified advertisements accepted for publication The Braxoscort Facts never knowingly publishes Classified advor* Ksemartls that are untruthful or fraudulent, that might be injurious to the health or morals of our readers, that are indecent, vulgar, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we know fails to comply with these standards is restricted from our advertising column. Readers are urqed to check Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Business Bureau in the town where th« business is operating before making investments The Brazosport Facts 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE MOHAWK TRACTOR MOWERS tor p»Shive work. New local agency Invites 5-mir Inspection. SMITH WELDINQ SHOP on Ave. A. BE 3-2101. MOTOr.rvcr.K--Hnrli-y Davidson In somi condition. J17.V full TI 9-5311 or ivnle Bnv 6M.'. Anslcton. MUST PKLL—wanner, roll away bed. so'a. bahy fuvnitill*. Jftlouslt windi CV 7-6161. ONK TON STAKE BODY with hydraulic IKt In Rood condition $195.00 BUSTER CURRT, Hwy JSS * Ave. C RKFRTGfclRATOK—7' ColdspOl. S33. Good rendition. BE 3-513? SF.WIXO MACHINE ,\ beautiful Singer swing nfcdl* ziff EAR in modern cabinet for ST3.18 balance cnveci, or will accept 58.50 per month. Cnil collect Annlcton TI 9-6304. sfZCTTOXAI. SOFA. 2 piece, and occasional clmir. 2 ond tabres. *E 3-1197. 22. MALE HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED TREE TOPPER. Cult T. L. Hancock. TI 9-8109. BIG ABLE Playing At Garden Inn Clute, Texas 8 pm until 12 midnight Friday, August 3 FINANCE TRAINEE One of the old established finance companies with 6 offices in the Gulf Coast area and a program for expansion needs' an ambitious foung man to train as a Branch Manager. Must have at least a tigh school education or better. No i experience necessary. Periodic sa- ary increase and promotion. Must iave car Liberal allowances paid Tor car expenses. Employee bene- : its, paid vacation and group in* .urance. This is an excellent op. portunity for the right penon. Ap- )ly !n person. BEN GORDON FIN. CORP. 212 W. Broad Freeport S3. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE At'TO AIR CONDITIONING Install $250.QO-Triim BE 3-1352 days. CT 7-2139 nights AWMXG SALE fl to SO'Y off on nil awnings. Patio covers, and car ports. This month onlv. HERR1CANE FENCE & AWMNQ CO. u^ED PICK UP AX 5-5121!. ' 57. BUILDING MATERIALS BUILDERS—CONTRACTORS Her* Are Simmon's Lew Low Prices on Reinforcing Mesh. REINFORCING MESH 4,4—4,4—5 foot 3 to S rolls S24.9S per roll 5 to 10 rolls S24.50 per roll 10 to 50 rolls S2S.95 per roll Cash and Carry SIMMONS BLDG. SUPPLY CO, 4 and Park BE 3.3518 97. UNFURNISHED HOUSES 102. HOUSES FOR SALE FOR REN1 IREBPORT-l.t'S \VfJt 7lh St. 2 heii. room home. Jftf. mnnlhly. UK 3-3S73. " Jl'" 1 n i' T . 3 ^?,* M ™ " i-Mr. ( Inle. (all AN KK;HT n ace for o-s'.avy hou<p «ith gar- Braiorln. s\v Jt-2101. NUMPER AN o-'JKIi J!70. M S70. CAt.T, THE LUMBER \N 5-2911 .' X < Fir ! X 6 Fir . x S No. " S/I. .5 * 30 Ib. Felt l/>,ins In huiM or rppnir with COI.EMAN HAKroVARK A LUMBER COMPANY 09 South Main M- AVE fl—'2 lipdnHitns. $60 prr month, rotiple only. AR<* RKALTV. BE 3-53.H. 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT BRAF.ORt A-mutely st.iiy «mt h«lf lion j nn 1 tu'rt, 4 bedrooms with nennra ! dlnlnjr arm. Total prtrp |fl,97r». TlOtt UANIl BEAI.TY. AN S-33M or CY 7- Ai'tunl Bank virtue Ifi.'JS' iroso. nowiJiNn HEM I'Y 7-B5«. OY 7-2(66 PRICK—3 bedroom home, 2 Tmttm. patio H.ivricnne frnrr, near nchont. Kvrellc (TrAlnRfte. Assume 01 loan and pa owners equity. DOS Meadow I>ane Angtfton. tK BBACH HOUSK--- n\[ rlrctru-, np»r watrr, AN 3-215S or BK . 5100 PM- M QU1KT FURNISHED COTTAnE for immi J150 per rnll family or bachelor. UttlltiPS pHlri. Call clul 190. BUSINESS RENTALS TOPAYH finest cm-pels are cleaned with Blue Lustre, use with lonp hancllf blush or applicator, narwood Furniture. L' T\V1ST IP FUN—But not when you «rf tiymp to find a comforlable position in a bad chair. Sec us for a rhnir that's Just rlRht for you. IRBY'S HOME FURNISHING. CLUTK. TYPEWRITERS? ADDING ^^ACHTNES; CALCUL.\TORS? Sales—Re ni—Service Braiosport Underwood Agency 103 P. Gulf Blvd. — BE 3-43S1 Ford MECHANIC—experienced with refrences CY 7-^ill or apply at Phillips Station.' 40- Plantation Dr. LJ. 25. MALE FEMALE HELP DAY COOK—Must be experienced In Sea Foods. Apph surfside Beach. n person Trade Winds BOAT motcr. crochet bed-spreads and i _._ __ BED for late model $75.00. BUSTER CURRT. Hwy Ave. C. tablerlotlis, misc. croohct and enibroid- ,'UTIMTY BED— for pickup, with bins, item, ivnshcr. dr.vcr. ilcppfrceif. i ?-' ; 0.00. Call AN 5-5-lTr. PATIO SPECIALS Pirntr Tables Picnic Tallies Picnic Tables Handsome redwood ivilh benches WESTERN LUMBER COMPANY TOO So. A. BE 3-34 1 KIVK IN 0»KK Tor lense. 350' front- ace Hwy L'PS North Frrrrwl. Lame asplutit pHikmn area. 2 dining rooms r<|lnpport. AN TIMX'. ! OFFICE SPACK for lease. Prirate en- CLUTE—SIR Old Annleton Road 3 bei i trnnces. Janitor service, utilities air' nK1m equltv. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY i-ondilmn. Uke Jai-kson Professional BE 3-M10. 1 B!(l|!.. CY 7-7111. - — iCORNER LOT—^ bedroom. Hen. trees fHRAPER THAN RKNT-$^. flown. $». month. 4 bedroom. 2 bath*. B. PAURR. REAT-.TOR. CT 7-'. i n«. CLUTTB-Hlnkcn St., S hrdroom hotn ith 2 tots for only HBOO. Call -r>*rifi dayllmr. —33S IlnrgcU. 4 bcflroom hrlc home. 2 baths, inrjr* lot, lonR tsrmi Coleman Hardvrare and Lumber Chile AN K-:H25 CLUTP—MS llnrsfitt—3 hfdroom hric Home, bullt-lns, crntral heal, tU bath TOLEMAN HARDWARE AND LUMBK CO., ClntP. AN 5.242». SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE Rubbet base paint Outside paint 13.80 >-<•'> t '2.3 MO11KRN STORE bviildlni 9x12 Llnoleurd rugs S3.P9J nrnr I'lute Po<! Offii e $.?(! 50 K L shiplap (ypi ioc> SAUER. REALTOR. CY 7--.'iis BRAZOSFORT LCMBER CO. | '. ^2^S^__________£i±U I 1150 "<• Fl - " r rondillnncil jrtore or i-. j-TC -IIDDI tee °"' CT '""M"" 1 - A" brick. Uke .lack- r'cTS-aUPPLIES ~.m. Joe Tallwl neall;. CY T.H11. yellow chrome table .. . , misc. furniture. BE 3-4297 aller 4:151 UTILITY BODY pm and Weekends. ' "' "" CHAIN SAW—practically new with bins and rack!! 56J.OQ. BUSTER CURRY. Hwy 2SS & Ave. C. powered 3-1140. for heavy duty cultinR. BE CHAIN SAW—like new. David Brad le SGVS. $223. will lake JI.'O. s\v 8-2?53, ' !;i4S' M-system Texan, 2 bedroom house trailer. Will take small boat rig, low priced car or other articles in trade ns down payment. See at 1743 W. 7th. 55. SPORTING GOODS BEAGLE PUPPIES— Recistrred. :15 Redwood, Lake Jacksn. CY 7-8M3. BULLDOG PUPS—2 i rosier cd ninles 550. i, each. RUDDIES BEAUTY SALON, Old : Ocean, Tex., Ph. 46jli. 101. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES one lot. imliort. L' BEAUTIFUL DALMATIAN female pups Ideal for pft and companion. $;!0 SW 8-2983. lAilit.—tlirrr houses, all en O:IP 3 brrlmini house. UP fin Iiousfs, furnished, ttood ineom» pro- pert*. STiwt. r,owu\xn UKAUTY CY COUNTHY T_-fi3j;j. AN 5-^."-:'. OY 7-:4lifi, :LOSE our SPECIALS on colony AUS Rock JIaple Early American dining room, bedroom, and living room <x:- ca.sional tables. Dial B. 1 BOATS AND WHITE HOUSE-14* TKAI1-ERS I3S9 model fiber- electric start- Rig Ion fuel tank. Complete rid and other accessories. J745 COMPLETE HOUSE FULL or furniture YELLOW JACKET CRUISETTE—16' 1957 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED LADY OR GIRL—with experience to work m front, no cooking. ROLAND'S OF LAKE JACKSON. CT 7-4822 Including refrigerator, gas range. 7 piece living room firoup. 5 pi^ce dinctle set, compiete bedroom group with mat model. 35 hp Johnson electric start jreneralor. Galvanized boat trailer. RiR exceptionally clean """" FOX TERRTERS-Blnck and white bob tail female. For pet or squirrel do?, IB months, $25. SW S--PS.1. paint. FHA down pnyment J^25 70.! Yflumn. TKXAS BRTTER HOMES CY T-lMW. COME UP! To thf most interestine Iocs tlnn. The l^ooml^ Hntnr. <0 iJilcf 5 (ii-iTs, '.' bedroom, fn-cplace. E. FAUKK. RKALTOR. rr 7-211S. COUNTRY ATMOSPHEHK. C1'1*Y CON VENIENCK - - jfti BrocVnian, Clute Ui'Ke house <.aa nci-c*. you ran kre M horsr. E. 1* BAUER, REALTOR CY 7-:il8, HOMKS— X bedroom Brie and ^ bedroom frnme on '1 arres on of Krsznria • Rf) th Sl6.000. ABC. B? a-XWI. nights CY 7-70':fi. GERMAN SHEPARP inipplc.4 Registered 7 weeks old, 3 females. BE 3-3061. for RBl males. 81. BEDROOMS FOR RENT CLUTE—€01 South Main. Bedroom private entrance, for lady. AN .v. tress and box springs. All for 5699.93. WINTERS—16' 1956 plywood. Ml hp Jnhn- only JK9.95 down. $30 per month * son motor. Bis wheel trailer. Rid J3951 DLNGLE FURNITURE CO. 515 W 2nd JS\VANK KRAFT—14' boat with trailer. LARCiE CLKAN bedrooms, private or semi-private. Weekly «r monthly rales. BE 3-3178 or 731 West 7th St. Freeport and 221 Parking Way. LJ. SALESLADY WANTED for new store. Apply In person. EDDY'S SHOES. 109 North Parking Place, Lake JacKsun. 29. EMPLOYMENT WANTED CLEARANCE Qcod used TV sets LAKE TV CENTER 38-B Circle Way LJ CT 7-3H Combination '.. 1445 PALMERS SPORTING COOPS 117 West LJ F.oad AN 5-:'115 35. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT 102. HOUSES FOR SALE •••••••••••••••^pVHBi^M^B^^M j DUPLEX—114 und IIS Carol Vine. '.' bet ANOI-KFON'-'J nnrt ^ hpdroom hnmr^. ! H)onn piu-h. Ixiw dmvn pftyment. »•"" I/iw lion n |in>nirnl. Immcdlnlc posfv i M. KUiKHT REALTOIt. CY 7 sion. ABC. BE K.VA. ' . i KXCKPTIONAlj BUYB A.NGLriTON-Iiidlvltlunl has 2 hnmcj il- JONES (1HKKK—Live Oak Drlvf, Brick irmly fmanmi. 1 year old. Belli have! 4-3 cenlral heal. l)»!l;-in kitchens. 3 far saraces. n bed-1 FREEPOKT room«. family rooms. One has 3 bath.i!927 WEST lth-4-2. with rental houje 0: tor J17.000.. payments S127. month.! alley. One—I', hath, air i-ondition. drapes, Ulr. WEST BROAD—M, larse den. will carpel. J19.000. Payments J106. p,, r | naraRC apartment rentals. miin.h or i:oin|ilelely fnnit.vhed S"2 500 '1731 WEST lliir-™3-2, electric kitchen. Cull Mrs. Orecn, TI D-5TO5 day or nishl!! cenlral heat. r.TZr-; ! 1313 WEST HL-i-3.1',,. den, carpelinj. BK.--T RU\ IN LAKE JACKSOX--J39 i crnlial heat. rme. low equity. Mu»l ^ f ta appr j. :mo WEST lllli— 3-1'i. central heit. natc. Lnique Interior of 1 year oldj hurricane tence. douhle garage. brick, 3-L. e\lrn large paneled den. !.\U«O Commercial Investments, Transrerrcd._ muvlnK Sunday. Make any i MRS. W L U WALTER REAL ESTATE BOAT— 14' Morphew. 30 hp Johnson, controls, trailer. Bll tn very good condition. S450. CY 7-4533. |L.\KE JACKSON— IDJ Oak Drive. 2 room duplex. J63.50 per month, i and water paid. CY 7-W115. W. Blt>ad BE 3-2541 bed. 1 Jl SERVICES gas •»»•»••..» YOUNG WOMAN—with nurses Iraining, us companion to elderly person, of! baby Mtting. CY 7-4444 after 5. ' vin>! floors with long lasting seal Gloss. Darwood Furniture. cally new. Cheap. BE 3-1140. 31. SERVICES OFFERED FANS—Used 42" Attlr. tan J5j. ^1" win. i dow fait J17.50. Excellent condition, i BE 3-50S9. Dance At The SUNDOWN CLUB Saturday Nite Popular Recording Star JIVIN' GENE With The Shades j ACME PEST CONTROL GE PARTS Termites our speciality, roaches 52.00 part For Genuine GE renewal parts lor wash- FOOT HOUSEBOAT—12 iwji wide, fiber slass bottom. For details call Tl 9- 7ir>0 or Tl 9-6U53 .vnglcton otter 7 p.m- CX/TTHING NEEDED Good used cJothing rnr '.tic Corainuntty Servic" ccnter-Salv?t:on Ann? Unit. \n>one having thinps to donate take them by 303 Avenue \, South, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. ind 1 p.m. sad 3 p.m. on Thursdays BE 3-3101. 5. LODGE NOTICES CHILDREN of all ages cared for in mvi nome by the hoar, day or week. CY j room. Call BE 3-31M day or nieht. MR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGER. AT1ON installation and repair! on commercial and central residential unite. C&.M CORPORATION. AN 5-^SI or nirhtl AN 5-57<a. ers, dryers, etc. see your GE Dealer. CLIFTON'S APPLIANCE W. Broad BE 3-1321 GO.CART-l!>hO For sale or 2 scat? r seats model, swap for scooter. CY 56. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 6. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT kitchens. Gas and water paid. OATH- RIGHT APARTMENTS. BE 3-l!»57. FSl ARBOR ST.—1 bedroom. AN 5-284 CARPENTER—Welcome small Jobs about your home. Will furnish local refer- FAMILY MOVING —Have to pick up beautiful small piano In this vicinity. Will transfer payments to reliable party. Take trade m piano if nec«ssir>. Write j Credit Manager. Carter Music Company.) _?*."• Ap P'> 1201 Leeland, Houiton 2, Texas. FURNISHED MOBILE HOME (or rrnt. Private bath. Swimming pool. BARE* FOOT TRAILER PARK. Hwy 288. FREEPOUT—C!f«n and spacious 4 rooms Utilities. Couple only, no ir.'3 West 4th. GO CAHT for sale. CV 7-4629 after 4. Stereo tap* r AM-F.H tunci, Electro voice stand. AU or any part. CV 7CSo6. FURXISHED garage apartment in Jones —- ' Creek. Large yard. Call BE 3-5053. NOBLET "Special' Clarinet, excellent 1 , , tor.dition, 130. Call AN 5-5o€3. ) FUr.NISHED—One Garag* apar!ment. One ' oom spartmenl. Utitilica paid. A •t-oiciei. Marman-uaroon ' ... U'-uatt HI-FI amplifiei..FlANO-Frachce. Cheap. AN •rophnne and floor ' ' —— USED PIANO HEADQUARTERS garage 477, West Broad, NORTH FREEPOKT—Kil Ave B. 3 rooms and bath. Call BE 3-J93»i or BE 3-9-Jia. 31. SERVICES OFFERED 106 w. Pecan Lane. Clute Call Mrs. Cora Prather KLECTROLUX Cleaners and Waxen. ^ >"a!cs_ ana ser%-ites. Hemy C. Schutze ! jHYDHAULJC UYT GATE—Used Gallon: ; in good condition. Complete.... J32S.OO' ' BUSTER CURRY. Hwy CSS & Ave. C A-EW DURA COLOR PLASTIC Clapboard! siding, installed r.othing down. Isi pa\'- ' mer.; in November. Up to 60 months' to pa> Free estimates. Call Dando Cor. ft ;ri:t:;ion. CT 7-6W1. KIRBT VACUUM - Polisher and nig shampooer. reposessed $W.5j. Also r«- posessed Hoovers $29.95. Elect rolux M9.95 Our loss, your gain. KIRBY SALES AND SERVICE, 1OS Oranne. La Marque, Texas. Phone WE 5-2019. condition. $'i").00 NO HOME IS COMPLETE nthout chain link fenctng. Free *sti-i mat«s. Call Capitol Fence Co.. DI 5-3J42 i West Columbia. LAWN cac-h. MOWER&—Good BE 3-S198. ChiJ is the i!me io buy while th» selection is tops. Juy pianos for quality and service near Brazosport Shopping Center POWELL PIANOS 215 Plantation Drive (next to Monterrey HOUM) CY 7-4021 nice. Water BE 3-1113. J7. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT JJCHWOOD—A 3 bedroom house In Rtch-i wood on Cypreai Drive. Call AN 5*'223(^ CHARLIE MINTER ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF HIS NEW TV & RADIO REPAIR SERVICE 223 SO A — FREEPORT Charlie Winter is a graduate of Madilon Electronici with 2"2 yean local servicing, He invites his eld friends and j new ones to call him for ... TV—AUTO RADIOS—HOME SETS CITY TV SERVICE BE 3-5132 DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE CY 7-7000 Td2~HOUSES FOR SALf AERIE 3111 DANCE With The EAGLES Saturday Nite August 4th In Our Air Conditioned Hall Music By RON HUGHES And His Dance Orchestra EAGLES HALL Beach Road PUBLIC INVITED Cciipics eittj Parries 15. BEAUT'TsHOPS SEASONAL LO\V PRICES-Paint. body oik. ard a^tomrit]\e lepjiiri. p.or'S ,M:;T -HOP AND GARAGE, i-so LJ -(Ti'1'ii tiothf'. mfr.'t ..ion •fii-:-. la-1 ft a;;[)nrr!. fall ,\N V.':35. TREE CARE FIT* E".r.i3'*•?. Insu:ed and Bonded. SAVINGS STAMPS T. L. HA:;COCK TI s-aiw or cv 7-iwfl TREE SEP.IVCE—Top, trim, remove. In.-,urame. fife estimates HK^KY'S TREE SERVICE CT 7-6C69 WA.VrLn-ir.O.NJNG to do in my .'-I:., .li'iin Jamivin. cy 7-7ir,. 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE AIR rONDITIOXER. Fnuidaire 1 ton; ion away bt-ih :.oi:d mapie student desk and ihmr. CY -.fon'j. ] All: i:oxblTlONER.<—u>td—J50. and up. i -'.(I ^uli .\tw aulunia.ic washer Itjo. 131 Holl>, Lake Jackaun. You Can Own Your Own . . 3 BEDROOM HOME • CARPET FLOORS • CERAMIC TILE BATHROOM • BUILT-IN OVEN AND RANGE • CENTRAL HEATING • ATTIC FAN CLOSE TO SCHOOL & SHOPPING CENTER IN ANGLETON, BUILT ON HIGH AND DRY LOTS. OPEN FOR INSPECTION NIGHTS 7 P.M. 'TIL 9 P.M. MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIOAY OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY AFTERNOON In Beautiful RICHIE all brick SUB-DIVISION South of South Sid* School 0. I. "MAC" McKAY, Braiosport Lumber Company Clute. Texas — AN 5-322 or AN 5-5738 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL! PERMANENT WAVES ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY ONLY THROUGH MOITH AUGUST $500 * RUDDIE'S BEAUTY SALON LOCATED ON CHURCH STREET OLD OCEAN — Ph. 4652 THERE IS NEWS TODAY IN OUR 'WANT ADS' 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES POR SALE PRESENTS ALL BRICK BAVARIAN MODERN D.iign.d to fit t SO foot lot or inu9gf« comforiibiy in < full tut, ttia 3-Biot- room "Bivari«n Modern" il dt picturilqu* tl th* _Bavarian Xlpl. You'll tn- |oy th« cnfry Halt, powdtr room, tpdciout living room, L-ihaped kilchtn, {imily room «no* utility room. STORY AND-A HALF dealer* in Krazoiport area fnt STATEWIDE ROWLAND REALTY MODEL HOME OFFICE- AM 5-2552 CY 7-4543 CY 7-2444 777 Hwy 288—CLUTE HOMES BRICK STAR A STAR VALUE: Including items which are Extras In "Lester Light*". ALL BRICK $8,975.00 3 Bedroom,1 Vi baths, built-in range and oven, central heat, utility, Living room, garage, Nylon carpet, 30 gallon glass lined water heater, Patio Doors, and walk in closets. Also ask about our rent savings plan. Without waiting to buy a lot and wasting money on needless rent, have a brick home built on a beautiful Havenwood Lot for only 5 • It 100 DOWN For further information, Call AN 5-2526 or come by our office at the Wier Model Home at 5000 N Hwy 288 101 HOUSES FOR SALE RBBPOIVr—1777 \V«t tUtl. NfW Bit nrtrk, 3 bfrtroom, 2 bath. c*ntr<il heat- IIR, rteclric kilchrn. FHA flnsnclnff nv*ilM)lp, fliMMONS BLDO. BUTTLY CO.. BB 3-351*. JAW S hprfi-oom, rtpar il. MS(1. ilown Inrluili's rloMnc. BK .15334 or nlnllll ttV. 3-S14". West 8th. 2 hrrtmom. den, !. $300. down, Rood condition. ABO. I-53M nlchlt BB 3-SMT. CTOU-rotir"rhrn'rwit KnH hrst buy. Buy thff home pnrknRC fom- pleti». No !r,w-b«ll hullrl on vour lot rt^nlK. Wn i*p|| hnusp, lot. rirlvp, wntcr, scwpr—nil with onr low ilnwn pnymfnl. No tr»\Tling".no rxlrfl rhnr«M. Chprk our lower Intrrrst rnte (snvp^ yn,, .-inny hundiedn -it itollnrji. No city t«xn. From IR.M to. n. IIP tndiuiim «oiii; hrlck, (ipplldnrpK, limitation, ppnlrnl hPBt. lumlncBlcnl rellinim flnrt mnny othprs. .lust west ot yilchwoml VIII«Rr. Wf will not be undersold, comn out and icr. 102. HOUSES FOR SAL! MKK JACKSON- New hnmfj. J k*4 room. 2 hath, hullt In Move. rtoilWe gniMf. hrlrfc fronl. Mor# un-lei con- stuiftlon. KNOUAVOOl) AtiniTlON Imp rtoafl and Plnf. CV 7-Ufil. (AKP1 .TACKKON --4 bedrooms, 2 h«lh<' family room, central mr dnil Iteat. elpctiie kltrhen. utility room, rail r*T JVKK .lAt'KRON' — 3 heilronnt. It 1 .mini. den. ninny, central he«l, P«ip' % eit. Ifl\v equity. Between w-tinnl i I new ihoppinK renter. CV 7-flftt'i. .\KF1 .lAC'KSON AVTRArTIVB CON- TEMPOKAnv PRSION hy architect. S2« Oak Hrlve. 4 bedrooms, 1 h«IH«, .tinible «»ra«e. Inildf «lau Hnora open In enclosed I'ntln. centrally air ce,n«li- llnned. built-in appll«ncfl, lar«e lot nn O\s!er crfek, circular drlvfway. pecan trees quality custom tealures. Prlo reduced Kiibsinnlially. Call W. II. »«W weekends, cv 7-U7J4. AKB JACKSON--2I1 CMt-le Way. 1 hed- I.AKK JACKSON-IJt "'•'I. *' ' r '™' room, ntwly painted Inlerinr and cv- Way-,1 bedtwim. 2 hatb. '•n; 11 - 1 .'''"™' tenor. lar«e >hady back ynrt. HiRh central air. catpellne. drapn. BX «1" and dry. RW B-2211 for «ppoinlmenl«. iwlnlment^only. r j[_J'_ J *'^_. ; 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE S3. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE REGAL SUPPLY YOUR LOCAL SUPPLY HOUSE Complete line of electrical wire and cable, lighting conduit, fittings, nipples, heaten, ventilation equ p- conduit, fittings, nipples, heaters, ventilation equipment. AIR CONDITION and REFRIGERATION Air filters, copper tubing, tube fittings, pipe Insulation, refrigerants any amount from 145 Ibs. to 1 Ib. cans, descaling acids, capacitors, valves, relays, motors, solder and welding supplies. Let Us Be Your Headquarters Gulf Blvd. next to Morgan's Pharmacy REGAL SUPPLY Gulf Blvd. next to Morgan's Pharmacy YOUR WELCOME HERE WITH PURCHASES LARGE OR SMALL Owners Jack Stockton L. D. McCoslin 57- BUILDING MATERIALS 57. BUILDING MATERIALS LOOK FOR OUR ROADSIDE SIGN 'V i--•• | "Ti>( Srgn at llifh Quality" RETAIL WICKES/ DISTRIBUTION CENTIR OF BUILDING MATERIALS PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL AND AIR CONDITIONING PLYWOOD Fir Sanded Plywood— Interior—4x8 Sheets [Certified Grade Marked) s ' "' '/."—ADGood I Side .$ .7% i/ 4 "_AA Good 2 Sides .11'A %"—AD Good I Side .11 '/z 1 '—AD Good I Side . .l3'/j %"_AD Good I Side . .IS'/< %"— ADGood I Side. .I8'A %"_AA Good 2 Sides .21% %"—AB Cabinet stock .20% Exterior Fir Sanded Plywood— 4x8 Sheets (Certified Grade Market) i/ 4 "—AC Good I Side .. .08% 3/ a "_AC Good I Side .. .12 '/:"—AC Good I Side .l5'/< : :«"—AC Good I Side .17 SHEET $2.48 3.68 3.52 4.32 4.88 5.84 6.96 6.64 2.80 3.84 4.88 5.44 % "—AC Good I Side .20'/< 6.48 Fir Plywood Sheathing— (Certified Grade Marked) so. FT. SHUT 5/16"—4x8 CD 07'/< $2.32 Vi"— 4x8 CD 08'/« 2.64 'V—4x8 CD S-Ply IO'/4 3.28 5 ,i"—4x8 CD 5-Ply _ .Iiy 4 3.76 Plugged One Side „ .13 4.16 %"—4x8 CD ^"—4x8 BB Oiled and Edge Sealed . . .19 %"—4x8 CD ,|6W 3/."_4xB BB Oiled and Edge Sealed 2H/ 2 Paneling Plywood—4x8 Panels I//'—Ash Plain 17 f/ 4 "_V-Grooved Ash I7I/, 5.60 6.08 5.36 6.88 5.44 f/|"_V-Grooved Ash 17'A l/ 4 "_Mahogany Plain I3'/, 4.32 I/,"—Mahogany V-Groove I3'/, 4.32 l/ 4 "—Prefinished V-Groove Mahogany !6l/ 2 5.2i Cabinet and Cupboard Stock—4x8 Sheets Good 2 Sides %"—A2 Birch 39 12.48 3/4"—Mahogany 36 11.52 3/ 4 "—Ash on Lumber Core 44I/, 14.24 TEXTURE 101 —I For Interior or Exterior use) I/I '—4'x8' Sheets 20 Parwood Underlaymint— %"—4'x8' Sheets OS'/, %"—4'«8' Sheets 13 %"—4'x8' Sheets 21 6.40 2.72 4.16 6.72 CONTRACTOR TRADE INVITED Alvin on Highway 6—12 milci from Houston. OPEN All DAY SATURDAY IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE OUR PRICE LISTS REGULARLY. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS COUPON AND MAIL TO: BOX m MANVEL, TEXAS NAME STREET or RURAL ROUTE TOWN or CITY ZONE STATE PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS PLAINLY

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