The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 21, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1897
Page 1
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f , ' 0 Daily Chronicle. future, but I will not Bay wTiat - the* To Fight "Gt»v6rnm*ht by In' ^tt'* Wifk-ft PdWibte General Strike. . Absolutely Pure. =175 t t t$ Confer With the Opeint<»*» of tna Pltt«fc«jrff btetrJct Alone—AH th« Stnt** MCtAt tt« Repreiienteit—OatJieVIng; *tf Be it«lrt X »K* that WJU »«- tor its, great, strength and healttyfofiHmg. " the food against alum and njl forn>& <>t adulteration common to $he" «heap brands. ROY AI, B-VKJSG POWUKH Co,, New York. The Hun-»hln<? Slat*, Is the iitle of a tfeiicroiwly illustrated patn phlet of-eijrfeen pnges in referotiqe to South Dakota, the reading trta«*p-in which was written by an enthusiastic South Dakota lady—Mrs. Stella Hostncr Arnold—whpjiafr been* resident'of the Sunshine'State for o«9T 10 years*. A copy will be mailed to theftddross of any fa finer or fanner * wife, if 80ntmonre to Marry Mercer, Michigan FapscnRcr, Agen', Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, ~ Fort street, WV, Detroit Mich. " Petdr Lockwood, at the Hurd -mill is prepared to exchange flour for wheat, .He handles th6 : Yorkyfllq milling company's flotir, one of tho best hfands made. It only takes ten days by using Qif- , ford's Tobiicco cure to entirely rid a person of the desire tout-so tobacco in any form. It is ifuuranjteed to do BO or tbo money is refunded. Call und' enquire about? it" t _JH. A.~Sn>der hns put UK a line lot of fruit of all 'kinds and s'burted a \vagon > which will tnak« ; trips ove>r the city^dai- ,ly. As he -will not bo able to^go over every street daily he will go. cast and weat.orm. day and north and south the. next.-. Kothinp but the b<^st the-,niarkvt affords will bo handled unU prices will be in' keeping vjith the tiuios. _Yoirci have him ,'citll rejjuhvrlv by leaving : ord«rB at the store. Vurrttioii In-the lake regions of \Viscon8iD r Northern Michigan, Miiincnbta, Iowa and.South l')akota, along the ImoR of tho Cnic-atio, Milwaukee & St. Pmil Railway,'are huiidruds of charming localities preeminently ,fitted for summer homes, nearly ali'of which ate located on or near Inkt's which have not been Unhed out. Thtso resorU range in *»- riety from the "full drosa for dinoer" to the flannel shirt continue, fur .every meal. Among tho list are names ttuuiliur to many •of oujr readers us the perfection of northern sumer resorts, Nearly all of the VViBOonmn pojnts of interest .aro within a short din- tanco fronvChicaifoor.MilwHukee, and none of them are HO far away fru:a the. "buey marts ef-civilization" that they, cannot be reached m n few hour* of frequent traiua.OTor the finest road iu the northwest-^ the Chicago,-Milwaukee A i-it.l'ttul Kailwhy. S«ad e two beat gtAinp for a copy of "V'a- cAtidu D»y»'' givtnif a (ie>«jrrpTA>a of the priBoipai resorts, an&a lint of eumincr hotels anil boarding houtios, and ratt-a for board, "to Qeo. H. Hwifford, i3eneral Xg*ut, Cbi&wj, UL ami 'jtoffcY^lKti., ^tH ttafted Artloh of Organic* the Injunction. w 21.—The national board. «»f the Unitett Mine Workers adjourned 'yesterday after having issued,a call for a eonfeMftga.^ organized, be held In St. Louis Aug. 30. The board reje'ftted the proposition of the Fittsburg operators for a confluence to arbitrate the TVnge dispute In thai district, claiming; that such Action Would be prejudicial lo th« Interests of the miners at large, The board Is ready to consider overtures'for the arbitration of the issues of the great strike only when these overtures come 4 from all the operators in" the competitive district which^ includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and IVnrre- fiyivania. The bt>ard has decided not ,to dcviate-from the eatabllshfd pulley until thtj result of the St. Louis conference Is Known. The aggressive woik in the Held will be continued and the efforts to spread the strikb In West Virginia district 'will be renewed. General Strike* In the TrojMWltton. The success or failure of the strike hangs upon the St. bouH conference, the call for which ha* l»*n Indorsed by GoRipers and Sovereign. Thvy maintain that the light now being waged by the miners la one of common Interest to organized labor throughout the country. At the-St.. Louis conference all labor, organizations V*1H be askf-cl to join issues with the miners. The failure to secure a general<?nsian in".'West Virgin!* has greatly interfered with the prospects of success, as the coal supplied from that jsincl the few' isolated 'districts' is iru'ctinK' the HmUed deniiind. 'The only hope of cutting! off (flits supply apiKafs to'-He in the refusal .of organized labor in. the ordinary channels, of traffic:, and business to refuse to handle or use the cruiL If the object ff the St. Louts conference is accomplished the strike rvyilV "T5iT T eSct?ria'< f «r~Ttr7n5irrly every branch <rf labor ln-tht! country. "GoviM'HiUHjnt l*y Injunction.'* The call.,is issued.,'-'orRanlxed labor, Its various division*', and subdivisions, and' to all reform, social, educational and Hclt'ritltlc "WJdlW who"-condemn goyern- ,mt.'nt by Injunction and the use of force 'to coerce the peojrfe and diprjve tht-m of their rlght» as American .citizens,". It deola'rcB'that "The-,great mlrit-rs'. .strike has gone beyond a ."BtniKg!* 1 for living wages. A c-rlHis in the affairs of the nation Jhaa..arrived In -which -all patriotic pt»<tpU» musT'deterrnine whether they 'will accept and-consent to live under; the rule of an oligarchy of wtalthi or whether the- institution's of free 'government, the- right of free speech and peace-able public assemblages are to -bfe supprei^ed. *' • * The tyrannical and un-American Injunction* of the federal and state courts are revolutionary against the first prlncipk-a of free government and <Jerogo,toiy to the inherent lights of the maHHrs, endangering tlu> public peace and destroying the personal security and indtvtual liberty .of the common people." :w i worfc among the teorktnR rntn- „ r» JEO bfe conttnwe* on a large scale \trie"strikers." There were'no men at la said an effort may be made to resume there. OperaOons are also temporarily '" " at Turtle Creek, fnefe were ar,ched from^'Cam^ iBbltttfon" CteBk ye9ifrda,y 'aftemdon. >ched t6 tTioft* kad werfe ,„ Plum dreek by the deputlea *^.^ inJuTOtiOB ftas read tp ihent, but- they iontlftuect to Center, two nlllea part the "dead Urns." . They theft marched t« fJ«?.*i ^v-Ftut and r^turfied With tho- 'arwerft frf/ftt tMt st-otlon-, who were mc>^ln^ a <3crnanstr«-tlprv in sym- the stiiUi-fP. The strikers were joined by th,ptf wives, And ahrttit SCO ppf»plo wer'! J>res» ent at a m^etinff, .which .was a"ddresiled by'Mrs. Jotios, o".CMc«te?o: Captain McKay, and others. r^ei>wty Sam Young telegraphed for the sheriff to ^ome to the aoehe., '> WhMfeeiale arrests are ex- ptfcted to fallow 'tlfe ' arrival of the a,s both sirtPs ttfft to the highest pitch thi»rp l;s no telling what the r&ult may be. There was trouble at the strikers' carnp near the Btrnclft mine during the morning, and a number ,a( strikes were arrested for violating the injunction, Arrests were also made at "Gamp Victory," near Canonsburg. .A constable appeared In camp with warrants tor twelve men but could onljt find t*o of them. The others hftcl anticipated arrest and left the camp before* th<? officer arrived. ISSt'i: A STATEMENT „__.., 1, Jn"d.,'Al*tTeid» dtltVo^ Again. Tgvansvllle, tnd., Ai»g. &*.— $ost 6t the ocal mth^rs -who were the psrehers to quit work h«cve reM*rned 6 the mines, emit now there !£ only one o* the nMftefi hot in opefatloh. The marchers ar« still here, bttt feel rather Ws«ouf8|jg'ed. One ofrerator salfl that IBreaftet there W«IKT hardly be a coal miners' onion {« this city. He would permit his men to ^W*n to woW, he Bald, 'only on the" ctindltlon that'they qwH tile-union, * t ^ r> «a**«>*** J **4e*'»*»*M^^ x - - — - - . • \ Clarksburg, "W. V«.. Aug. . trary 1 to ejtn,ettation$ the contempt «a«ie against Ttt&rchln^, miners was owrt«?J«ded aat *svfinfhg,"anij Judgffe aoff: announced that he would render his decision today. It Is expected that thfc men will recfelv^ Jtoflninat,. K any, V seht^pce9» and jno further prosecution* wrtll tie made-ot about SKW other men w'fio weftt ar- resied. • ICwtcblurit I» Actina with ,, . an finale Ky« to tlin I'olltirlans. •PittsbUrg. Aug. 21.—The coal operator! In their meeting last night, after wait ing }n vain for an answer- fiom Preai dent liatchfoid to their ttlegram asking for a" Conference hero to<JUiy to arbitral the strike question.' Issued the. fQlHAvtn statement tc> the public shortly aft; midnight.. x \The statement was given ou after a day'-of waiting, and was precipitated by theVfollowing resolution passed yesterday: "Resolved. That a committee be authorized; in case the miners' lead'- era agree to confer and no satisfactory basi? can be;agro«d upon In said conference, to propose that the., matter In dispute, between the 'miners and operators of the Pitts.burg- district be suiirnlt- tert t'o arbitration, provided the rniriers are put to-Work at once pending the'de.- clsionuf said board of arbitration." Dur- otftoe, u£ stationary at the -Chronicle ZINC POISONING can jocts^r. wher(j C^rapHp or Porcel ketUea^ire useil fo? ^wiog,- Call gat tha genuine fo)r 4&j at <]u<Uc|tMry'l)<K > iB r * < f iViintitiiuid. "The judiciary Is prostituted to the bidding of oppressive capital.* *, * That 86o-,<Wm!ner» »hou*ld l»- condemned to. livts of drudgery and starvation by the arbitrary rulings of the cotirta is an Insult t,o,& beneflcent Crealor^anjJiit- 1 jipun free government and a dist« the Christian ^fvfJJuatlon under Wff Ji»t; The rcf.-tnl 1 hi_klfu:Uo;na their ectrcme' appltea-tion against the ta'H'ftti rtghtH 7 eif< the pooir^ the'arresl and ijicarcerstiw of hwodred* of inno- ploymept 'of armed thug* to overawe, harass, ^nd eoerc'e the miners, have so ng the' evening the action of the miners' executive at .Colunibus refuging to. confer with the. Pittshufg; operators aloiw and calling itie^t,, Lf.uis/coriyentlon; a statement waj? 'then issued, which says: "The operators now liaVfc- exhausted ei"c>ry effort to make an amicable settlement, b-at the miners refuse, either to meet M conference or, arbitrate^ The position -taken by Mr. Katcbftord Occa- alpns great surprise to the operatorB. He Insists in bringing'in all competitive stntes when-he- knows the operator^ of ohor state;8 under no circ.umatatict' will attend a joint : conference. In.making this demariaVjtr. "Tlatchford I? seeklrig to delay sf settlement in hope that he may bring to -his aid all the labor organizations of the country and assume such political influence as will llrlghtpn the politicians Into Insisting upon a settlement of the strike w'ltho-ut regard ( to the mwlts of the case. Ho has always in 1 stated that the Plttgburg district 1» the key to th« situation, and. the operators hold out to him an .olive branch from which 19 suspended the key he sought. "Mr. Ratchford la .liaing the Ptttsburg mln«nt aa-'a cafspawto scratch political chestnuts off the idle coal tlpplfs In this district. He knows very we\l that delay' In pettk'ment W HI d«pnvePUt8b«»rfir min- era of work which jtvlll b<» done tJuMng the winter by the miners of the Ob°io, Intl!ana, Illinois and Iowa region* M*. Batbhford must arrange a ciinfer^nee at once (or settlenvent or.arbitration of th« troubles in the Ptttsburg eoaf dlsirlcl; of he must stand, accufed, of "Inconsistency and insincerity, I'ubjic opinion will cet- alnly,ht/W M«5|.,re8p.(mslblK €o^ the fle*.- atution which must Inevitably prevail n the district during the coming winter"" TSfwf Ishpemlng. MltJh,, Aug. 81,-JTHe mine ..lanagera yeaterd&y sent notices, to em- ployes advi*ttir. them that the corn- panies will/not) reedghlae the" union in ariy wa*. This Is theif ultimatum in reply to Secretary Waaley'a note .to the/ effect that the unionists will 6.ult work Monday if the non-unionists are not discharged. ^ Discharge* tor Kefu*tn){ to Work. Moweaqua, Ills., Aug. 21.—Tffe miners at the shaft here having absolutely refused to load coal for the local trade, Supei intendent Combs posted a notice discharging them, one ana all, and ordering them to take their tools from the shaft. ' - L National Kncamntnnnt V. V. IT. Springflld, O,, Aug. 21.—The national encampment t/> V. U. has elected a*s commander-ln-chlef H. L. Street, of New York. IJe^oJutions were adopted for equaliains pensions of all soldiers apd sallofs at $8, with additional 1 cent per diem of service each month (pensions for disabilities at usual .rates). Kock Island, Ills,, was chosen as the place for the encampment of 1898. Adjournment of Wttconoln'i Soions. Madison. Wls,, Aug. zi.-^-u'ne special *MBlon of tb« legislature has adjourned, after agreeing to the statute revision to which was added a bill relating to the collecttri, rtc^\if garbage at Milwaukee. M ir.y of the memb'-i -. had gon^ home bttore the list session. I wi< coiMptetelv covprpcl, with Fi^re*. .Every muRcle in m'y body ached. T|ad been «ick for five yfcarf». Doctors could do ttie no cood. Most of ray time vas opontjor beds was- a oomplote wreck. ISii'dock Blood Bitters have completely *ure,d me in three months," Mre. Annie Zoepeii, CrookHtown, Minn. The neAr littut© IB bi^ with history. 'He whtf would keep posted * Uagefly -jifefuses (he tlftiJy newspapef. „ Evfety' Jamjly, $JjMjWd .tftko luo j, Very best in cbtmection wiih their Ever needful local psper, The Ne*s~TH£ DETROIT EVENING ts an indefatigable tie^egathefeir. . |Mc>w is the accepted tiftie*' / . .Git© us you? subscription* Nothing gained by Baiting;* The Evening Newfih-40 cetits a week. If Want Inrther information, Sgek it of aut-agehlin ynnr own toy ~ —. 3^>«. L^L, yon What if Not Miracles? The great Four-C Kemedy iadouig wtk whercve^ intrc . aa it ever falls to the Jot t»f any huma» Agency to do < 1 will e& i^rn it a • £«.. M ».C n * ^*vu nM<» i««4<*«.Ae^x»rl frn «r«*ltA the nfirs rhercve^ introduced as nearly mir.iculotH i fc ,v. .—. w „• ~., ^-»a» Agency to do <I will e& *ern ita favor for any one interested to write the persons,whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear w . * among tfcWe testimonials.) My aim Isto conilnce tin public of ay tlaccrlty and of ths true merits of tMs remedy. BtNEFACTORS OF .THE RACK. Office of "RnTOMSHtB TIM*" KinftAsher,, Oklft., Dec. * , O*»T«*»w:-l believ* It my duty to Vrlte wo i line in regard to th« benofloial effect of Phelps' "Fori* C Bemedy " so tttt a» I »ni personally eort-, jetned. A week 'ago last Thursday, I WM taken with a severe attack ot la grippe and In a short time became go hoarse I could opt apeak above a »bi«68lr, The night previoiui I h«UI coughed aearw the entire nittht; just before retiring I took i teaiipoonful.and slept the entire nlRhtM sweetly ti ever 1 did In my life, not <»u«hlng one*. I WM tntlrely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelps' Dough, Cold and Croup Cure should be in eWy. SoUsehold lo the' land. I send you thW Wholly insoliolted by anyone, for you arebeiMfMtor* of the r&oe lo giving it the ; antidote for some of the trorst afflictions lo which it U deli. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, Kama*; Deo. 2*, MM ' t»gt Friday, Deo. 19. my nttendiDK physician lined unless I WJM better by raornrBg he could lo notbiite for my relief. That night I com- ,nenced taking Ptwlp'» "FourC" remedy, stopped Ml other medicines, Tbo flrrt do»e stopped ray • '>v\ and rested well; a few more dotes if soreness tram ray lunga; the second - * — out on the Why oontinua to pa»» your nightu in BOratehintr and your 4oy» in misery? Doan'a Ointment bring* inatont relief, and permauqatlv cures the- worst CBBOS of itch- ag pile B.\ It never Garment Cuttlni? School. Would you teach your daughter a trade thai trill protect her during life* Call at the school Wcated in the Watson building State street west. Prom $10, to $5p per yesjr snvefl "each family who will send a pupil to the Dress Tailoring gchopl in the Watson buflding." ^^ Dissolution Notice, On Sept. 1, ISStf. th» flrw of Perrltt A Hinbee will !)<( <M»aolv<Ml by mutual content, All per- »br 8 ba*ln« wheat receipt* or claims of any nature will piewnt tor payment Jjwre that date All bllln due u» nut paid, b«for« Setrt. t» W, Wilt be lett for eoHMtloft. H OTIS CJ, PB 4.* I Washington Ave. and Suimlt St. CROUP CURED. On« doe* of Phelps 1 cough, 'Cold and Group 2ure, K»ve my child in»Unt relief when attacked with the dtdup. W, 6- MOORB, of Moon Broa...QrooeT8> ' Atk»ni«a City,lUnMa. UNBROKEN BEST AT NIOHT. x ' J. te HEOHO, ManaRrr, . t \ Office Commercial Printing Co., V \ 196 Stmtti CUrk Si. » x. Chicago, Nov. Zt, 'M B. R. Pbrtps, Es^Oity, -_ ~ -I-wW> to bear testimony to th« , of your HFour C" remedy la throat and lone ailments. As &• rdie I have been *kcp tlcal of the merits of proprietary medicines, bo1 have to confer that a test fit .your "Four C" It coBVlnctng that at least one rnady mnde- reined| IB worthy of use, My children nUtaku it witl> out Ute leant objection, front oldest to routinesf Add It Is' particularly noticeable thai bejieflt i> almost tmmedialte. A single do«c willcliecli molt coughs In their beginning; it tfivu" an tm> broken reat at night. Sin my family "Four C* *. is •imply indispensable and I recommend It uo nualifitilils', > Yours, J. 11. HutlNO. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicago, Sept. 25, "95 For yeftw.baok each .winter I have Buffered with aouto TLaryngltU. Last plater wag so b*<! I oould not leave my room for two weeks or sjwak above a whisper. -Ttried evory. known oouirh- preparation from cough dropMM> and down Vvlt!) bo relWif, then In desperatloffT wuri inducurt fo M> try Phelp.ri "FourO." Theflrst dose relieved my cough. Riving me th« nr«it uighfs rest f<it week*. Half the bottlo cured me. I have nevec been without this wonderful retnrtiy i<Ince. It 1» e* dlfterent from other like remedien aa niolas>«<« from vinegar ot «ugar frbtn sand. ' v MB».Jo«KpnR OntJBB. 53V8 Mudisou Ave. \IT IS A MIRACLEX Conductor ftohard, the. Railroad "GoweRpon. dent of the Neodasha Kansas RotJ-Uter, has this to »av of "Four €." "Phelps h having »"<yon' derfujSala or bis Cou(?h »ud Cold Remedy. We pcrioniTly know It U just what it is represtmt- ed to oe. Too much can ~t bo niiid In its praise. It to ft mlracfte. WITCH HAZEL OIL of H-emorrhoids & FisioJas. where ro pfeat* wt responsible ft*- il>e putrltc "And to tM^*nd that a *We wttl*flw»t of *hfr twe^n -fcrnployerii and employes may efteiU'4/ ibe pubite persw*, tH% liberty ot iasstts, nthe sacred iiisUtutioB* of government pf«**Fvea, aad tb* «i|lopp£d' from t-hsae EruptkMja. lt Rheum A TetteJf% " Fever- Blister*. 'Laps A Nostrils, or, to «nfi, patriotic In peo.- T always Jrout>\e -artfcee d*ve»u»«?d ?e«ta W *& <jjE"^»nw.B society, W« Appeal fh* 1 UbftjrtiMl&Ying psopl^ oatieq to ae»4 accredited dfeleg»te» t& ftt. l<c«i*, ffo-E **«»» * TO wilt be odd Mwwiay, Aiig. % 189 1 ?. Tfcw otsisct of the <sp»v«8tton wHl be to tormwiate plaas to compel a to^he prteciples «rf *(P«* |»v«canotftt aw puriwid p»*n» Into practta*! operation, las is ei»«ed by EUtchford by dte- Haaeiton, Pa- Aus- 2i.— The comjrnlt- «-,of sWtktJrs in tt»« trlct of OKI t*ftlgh and Goal compSAy Held a'nolhpr a»te)j|»oon with JUwall. committee reported at » ra»ss laat night In addition to c0 o(f6r«cl by the acting president of tne ] ^mvaVI ^autfaorizari, NOTICE tt) DRUCI(1IST5_AND TrtE PL JC. o CONTRAtr.— Druggists are authorized in ALL CA&CSO REFUND THE PUR- matter ow ong stanng, or eep sea a Bronchial or Lung trouble, not .as a Cure-All,but to g»ye unboun Give it a trial on the above condition*.* I take all chances. ^ R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, For sale by W. T. DRAKE. JOB PRINTING at Chroniple pfflee. 5Ta \VTtfnnit May Wh»reaa cay wife, Mary liugfcea, lelt my bed, board and residence with-. out any jijat cause' and provocation, ' _ |«fpw liUewfora all p»raon.a are hereby forbidden 'to harbor' or knfot her- ofi t niy account aa I wtjl pay no debts of her contracting. _ : , By James M. Hughes, guardian of fleary Hughes. - „" that „ , wt U.S. CIGAR CAS STOVES! Reduction in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. - .'/" ,~. , S16XX) ^nd * to $5. acco a INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGHT ar« that t^e coaelu4e<J taday, "v m tk»!8 Beption of put to~* ly feiiiiiKjt to cure wi proten catarrh to. be a , fiaaa, <uid therefore requires treatuiant RaU'tf CAtirrh cure, majauf«c- tuz«d by F. i. Cheney 4 Co., Toledo, Ohio, 19 tb»oaly coMkitutioaal cure on the Bi*r- • ' Ivte te!»B iBtemtf Jy i» OO«>MK«O W pounful. lt«wt« diiectlyon -,-„-„ n?noaw»«ai!lE»flef«»< tfee i«r Tb*y affer oo* hiMMlted dollar* for it faiU to CUM. SendfosaLrOU I disohkrged wuuiw «*=_„,. ,, .^.a the <iriv«rV, 4etw«jds' JW»de onftonor, Hold auttierlt. A wbui4 be'acceded to, and that an («±i - Gre»t 8 CJejwter., Ve*ttgaiion of the charges- against S«-.| Afeife fi»r ftteni aQd ehpw yourilttaleF perlntendont Jones would P* promptly . ^ - mft4»/«"thfe «i*n wouid rerj^m tofwot* 1 Monday. ~ B6ttle(«ent gat A CASTORfft j *S " - "jfa lafeaU (uu| fear AtiA toflti roosplsife* ( " F..J.CHENKY* cb.. Toledo, SoM bj dnjagittto, . mNlfUiSBPAHS. Any time you w«at a gracite dish pan j they will-be tito aiua# price as a tic one. Uto our "W« propoae to in rull U M Ukeu Ot- Me FflWt. $1,30 will otfB ycMt' ftceesw i w* koy Ladies It your 4 $i j» t^ue Reduced in jFrioe From"«2.^5 to S3.OO each. This includesjfoifced shttde wwi cM«aney. ,''; tecting shade. (Seecutsn) Ab»olut«|y 8it«ly, Very Brlllitnt. ^ •trf X we wux sew THBMICfflGAIf COSTCO., i , ^ hour. Gives 60 candle power of light Give* twice the light of ft fift opm g»a burner with | the gaet " Many of the beat lighted atorea i* Marshall use theae light*. Welsbach Lights Always Give Savisiaction. boltb M to light and comsmBption of,gas. Keajrly 300 sold ia Marshal J m MARSHALL UQHTSCO, ^^pSW-W^^WWI^^ill ^^W^*Wwj^^* ocfci^m '. • \ • - <.m ^ *

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